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True News Sunday Update 24/7: Over Half A Million NYC Voters are Missing

True News Demands The FBI Investigate the NYC BOE for Possible Criminal Activity in the Voter Count of the Presidential Race

In 2008 2,614,669 New Yorkers voted in the presidential elections. This year according to the website politico only 2,053,871 NYC residents voted.  That means 560,798 city voters did not vote this year.  Some of those missing votes may be part of the 330,000 the board says it has in uncounted papers (stored in garbage bags).  Even is half of those paper votes are good that means that 400,000 New Yorkers this year did not vote.  There needs to be an federal investigation to determine if Sandy caused the hundreds of thousands of missing votes or if the incompetence of the BOE causing long lines that caused hundreds of thousands of voters not to vote? Did the internal infighting over where to place polling sites in a highly contested state senate race cause the massive disenfranchisement?, as reported in True News reported. Skelos vs Crowley. fight where to place the polls   If this board fight can be documented then we have a serious criminal case against the BOE. Even more mind blowing is the turn numbers.  There are 4,640,422 registered voters in NYC.  According to the numbers on politico 2,053,871 New Yorkers voted that is a 44% turn out.

2012 vote* 2008 Total Vote # Down f/ 2008 % Down f/ 2008
Bronx  Obama 91.20% 288,378

Romney 8.30% 26,304

314,682 385,397 70,715 18.30%

Brooklyn  Obama 81.20% 503,291

Romney 17.60% 108,630

611,921 768,703 156,783 20.40%

Manhattan Obama 84.20% 417,861

Romney 14.60% 72,300

490,161 673,566 183,405 27.20%

Queens Obama 78.80% 399,970

Romney 20.30% 103,193

503,163 645,946 142,783 22.20%

Staten Island Obama 49.90% 67,524

Romney 49.10% 66,420

133,944 168,057 34,113 22.10%

Total NYC

2,053,871 2,641,669 560,798 22.30%

Reported in True News on Novermber 3. 2012
The Voting Plan for the Flooded Out Polls Has Been Delayed By Political Infighting

For the last few days the there has been talk of creating a queens supper poll at the Aqueduct Racino were all the the voters flooded out could go to vote on elections. True News has learned why that plan has been delayed until today.   The political leaders who control the board have been fighting each other for control or where the new pollings sites are put.  Board watcher cannot believe that the peoples constitutional right to vote was delayed for so long on such an important vote. There is a power struggle going on within the board between the Crowly forces and the senate majority leader Skelos GOP board loyalists on where to locate the supper polls in Queens because of the Addabbo Ulrich close race .  The GOP lead by Skelso does not want the Racino because they say the place is controlled by Crowley and the democrats.  According to BOE insiders that fight has delayed a voting plan for 3 or 4 days.  According to today's NYP the BOE has decided on a comprised plan of 3 supper polling sites in Queens. But that delay means less voters will know were to vote and less time for the incompetent BOE to set up emergency tent polls.  Katy Bar the Door Time Guys.

State Senate Candidate Ulrich Says the Board Was Obstructing Justice
 Ulrich campaign accuses BOE of obstruction (CrainsNY) So in advance of Tuesday’s election, Mr. Ulrich’s campaign has furiously been trying to locate alternative sites for voting. But it says the Queens Democratic Board of Elections commissioner, Jose Miguel Araujo, has been obstructing those efforts.

Top 10 Reasons Why New Yorkers Do Not Care About the Right to Vote
1. No Outrage At the Board of Election Screw Up of Elections Day That Prevented Thousands of New Yorkers From Voting

2. No Outrage At 50% Drop of Voter Participation Over the Last 20 Years

3. No Demand for Early Voting in NYS New York Ranked 42 of 50 in Voting Age Turnout 50.7% 2008.

4. Progressives Used Facebook and Twitter during the presidential campaign to Demand the Right to vote in Pennsylvania and other states, But here in NYC the are silent about the right to vote. Here they use twitter and Facebook to give us traffic reports and asking people to donate pampers for those hurt in the storm.

5. John Liu won a run off election in 2009 where only 2% of the cities registered voters cast their ballots for him

6.  Liberals. Progressive and Goo Goos like the Brennan Center have been silent for decades about NY's restrictive ballot access laws.

7. The Next Mayor? You Don't Care, Do You? (Village Voice)

8. New Yorkers returned to office Vito Lopez and William Boyland

9. It has been over 10 years since the Brennan center called NYS the worst run legislature in the nation New Yorkers have reelected 95% state incumbents running for office.

10. New Yorkers have not demanded public financing of state campaigns to stop pols like Espada, Brian Mclaughlin, Tony Seminerio and their colleagues from using member items to help them get reelected for to fatten their bank accounts.

The NYT Gets Bloomberg to Hug and Dress Down 

Bloomberg Puts Soothing Aside as He Rushes to Bring Back City(NYT)  Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson“The people in this city didn’t elect Mike Bloomberg three times to give him a hug. His focus is helping people restore their lives. That’s what he believes government is there to do.” 

The city's Sandy relief nerve center: Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, where city workers and National Guardman have been working to help those hardest hit and still recovering from the storm

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Shake Up in Mayor's Race
Campaign 2013 Stringer May Drop Ambition for Mayor(NYT) * Stringer to Announce Bid for Comptroller(NYT) * Quinn Faults Mayor on Storm Work Days(WSJ) New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the front-runner in the 2013 race for mayor, is calling on Mayor Michael Bloomberg to reverse his administration's plans to dock city employees' vacation or compensatory time for failing to report to work during the week superstorm Sandy hit.* Districting Commission Passes City Council Redistricting Proposal(NY1) * Why Scott Stringer's 2013 mayoral campaign ended before 2013(Capital) * Manhattan borough head Stringer to run for city comptro(NYP) * Manhattan borough head to run for NYC comptroller(Fox5) * Manhattan Borough President Stringer Announces Run For City …(NY1) * Democratic Contenders for New York Mayor Agree Narrowed Field Is a Plus(NYT)

Media Covers the Horse Race Not the Issues in the Mayoral Campaign
is not yet ready to kiss her mayoral hopeful Scott Stringer's bid goodbye - even if he is... * Tom Allon used the occasion of Stringer news breaking to trash talk Scott and the 2013 Democratic mayoral candidates * historic. #2013 = "first time in 35 years that a sitting Manhattan borough president is not running for mayor". on Stringer: "This is a good move for him politically & he would be a good comptroller 4 city government"* Democratic Candidates for New York Mayor Agree Narrowed Field Is a Plus(NYT) * Scott Stringer drops out of mayoral race(NYDN) * . hears each #2013 mayoral candidate spin re: a Stringer-less field is good 4 them also

Sunday Campaign Update
"Cuomo did little to nothing to aid his fellow Democrats in the 2012 election cycle."  * MSNBC's slams "supposedly Democratic," "remarkably cynical" over his silence: *Councilman has a ‘fine’ idea for city merchants(NYP) Councilman Dan Garodnick (D-Manhattan) introduced legislation last week that would require the city to send businesses texts or e-mails alerting them to complaints filed against them. * Commission Approves Revised District Map for City Council(NYT)

State Pay $2 Million to the Dead
This’ll kill ya – NY paid $1.9M to dead!(NYP) ALBANY — Sometimes it pays to be dead — especially when the state keeps on paying and paying. The state Medicaid program coughed up $1.9 million in benefits to 532 dead people between March 2006 and February 2011, auditors found.

NYP Calls the NYC Uemployment Rate 8.8% and the Times Calls It 9.3% Who is the lier?
Pooring it on(NYP) Poverty rate, food stamp use rising in NYC  There are lies, damned lies and statistics. And that’s how Nicole Williams and the rest of the city’s steadily rising number of unemployed feel. The official decline in the city’s unemployment rate, to 8.8 percent in October from 9.1 percent a year ago, isn’t a recovery for a huge number of residents like Williams, 36.

The city’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.3 percent in October from 9.5 percent in September(NYT)

HHC probes its boss(NYP) The municipal hospital system has hired an outside investigator to look into an allegation that its president, Alan Aviles, didn’t act on a complaint claiming a senior administrator was harassing and demeaning female employees.

NYP: NYRR Have Very Little Charity

The road runner racket(NYP Ed) The organization touts itself as a charitable gold mine, churning out millions in donations each year. But as The Post’s Jeane MacIntosh reports, NYRR doled out only $494,000 in direct aid last year — less than the $500,000 salary the group lavished on its tone-deaf CEO, Mary Wittenberg.

Chris Christie And His Fleece Visit SNL, Lets Loose On Mayors

Low Crime Record Possible

Just the facts, ma’am(NYDN Ed) The NYPD is closing in on a record that will deserve great celebration. The city is on track to finish 2012 with the fewest homicides since police started keeping reliable figures more than a half-century ago.

The NYPD is closing in on a record that will deserve great celebration. The city is on track to finish 2012 with the fewest homicides since police started keeping reliable figures more than a half-century ago.

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Just the facts, ma’am

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Cuomo Tribesman Jealous At Lhota Success

Twitter dee and Twitter dumb(NYP Ed)An aide to Gov. Cuomo says state Director of Operations Howard Glaser was just “having a little fun” when he took to Twitter to rib MTA boss Joe Lhota.


Hooked on the Bronx, Legally Manhattan’s(NYT) Marble Hill may be physically attached to the Bronx, but it is legally — and at heart — part of Manhattan.

Top Prosecutor in Brooklyn Is Rebuked by U.S. Judge (NYT) A federal judge chastised Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, for defending and promoting a prosecutor in his office whose illegal tactics sent an innocent man to prison for 15 years.* Wrongful Conviction Case Draws A Rebuke(WSJ)

Dozens of 4- and 5-year-olds suspended from schools last (NYDN) * H.S. security guard fired for having sex with student(NYDN)

NYPD sergeants win overtime cash bonanza in court(NYP)

Sunday Storm Update

Billions in bearer bonds could be lost due to Hurricane Sandy: sources(NYP)


Irreplaceable NYC icons destroyed by Sandy (NYP) She was a once-in-a-century storm, but in terms of lost memories and destroyed treasures, Sandy was forever. It obliterated New Jersey’s historic boardwalks and wrecked Long Island’s power lines. Its floodwaters inundated downtown Manhattan and..* New York City Will Demolish Hundreds of Storm-Hit Homes(NYT) * Storm-Tossed Memories(NYT) * Why So Many Nursing Homes in the Rockaways?(NYT) * 6 homes in one family take a hit from Sandy(NYDN)

Gambling $$$ for Sandy
Gambling interests met last week with senior-level Cuomo administration officials over ways to quickly increase revenues from gambling operations in the wake of Sandy.* Meanwhile, Niagara Falls is wondering where all its gambling revenue has gone.* Members of Congress might have their noses out of joint after Cuomo’s failure to alert them before his $30 billion disaster aid ask from the federal government, but Bloomberg’s ready to work with him.

Helping Hands Also Expose a New York Divide(NYT) A clothing donation center run by the Occupy Wall Street movement, this week in Queens. Some storm victims say they do not trust relief volunteers’ motives * At Landfill, Storm Cleanup Is Military-Style Effort(NYT) * Amid the Ashes, a Statue of Mary Stands as a Symbol of Survival(NYT) * What They'd Give for a Drink in Rockaway(NYT) * Some Relief for Displaced Pet Owners(NYT)Mayor says ‘fix’ is in(NYP) * NJ Transit investigating its disastrous hurricane prep(NYP) * Mike’s gas ration-ale(NYP) 

After Sandy, Can the Past Be Rebuilt?(WSJ) * Car Casualties Weigh on Region(WSJ) * Struggling for Schooling(WSJ) * With Substation Repaired, NJ Transit Makes a Step Forward (WSJ) * Report: Utility Response In Wake Of Sandy "Average"(NY1) * DOE: 12 Schools To Open In Regular Buildings Monday(NY1) * Burglaries High In Rockaways In Days Following Sandy(NY1)
* NYC gas rations may last through Thanksgiving(NYDN) * Turn out the lights on LIPA(NYDN Ed) * Members Of FDNY Volunteering Their Time To Help Rebuild (WCBS)  * Volunteer firefighters 'gut & pump' in Breezy Point(WABC) * Food bank sees turkey shortage(Fox 5) * DOT announces next week's Staten Island paving, milling (SI Advance) * Staten Island Ferry riders face long-term subway inconv (SI Advance) * It only seemed like an eternity: Staten Island's power outages (SI Advance) * Unique Challenges for Special-Needs Kids After Sandy(NBC) * FEMA To Extend Temporary Housing Program For NYers Displaced By Sandy * Brooklyn Family Struggles To Rebuild Their Three-Generation Home (NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: A Look At The Post-Sandy Cleanup At The South Ferry 1 Train Station * After Sandy, Trouble Finding Evacuated Seniors(Huff Post) * Far Rockaway Public Housing Residents Still Struggle With Heat, Hot Water * Oil Company Works To Restore Heat To Broad Channel Residents
 Biden tours storm-damaged towns in New Jersey(NYP)
* After Early Criticism, Red Cross Works To Assist Sandy Victims(NY1) * In New York, Hundreds of Storm-Battered Homes Face the Bulldozer(NYT) * ASPCA Opens Emergency Boarding Facility For Displaced New (WCBS) * Church volunteers fan out into Staten Island Saturday, offering (SI Advance)
 Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Cardinal Timothy Dolan visit Staten Island(SI Advance) * Influx Of Volunteers Heads To Areas Hit Hard By Sandy(NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: A Look At The Post-Sandy Cleanup At The South (NY1) * Oil Company Works To Restore Heat To Broad Channel Resi (NY1) * Breezy Point Homeowners Hit With Buildings Violations For Sandy Damage(DNA Info) * Paying to Rebuild After the Storm, Now and in the Future(NYT) * Hundreds of homes destroyed by Sandy to be demolished(Fox 5) * Staten Islanders Ask City Officials To Remove Raw Sewage (NY1) * New Yorkers Recovering From Sandy Seek Household Suppli (NY1) * Time Warner Cable Employees Help Clean Up Debris From S.I.(NY1) * Superstorm Sandy: Bloomberg, Cuomo, And Christie Tested By Disaster(Huff Post) *Viewing Damage, Biden Vows to Help Storm-Battered Areas * A Dozen Public Schools Closed By Sandy Set To Reopen Monday(NY1)
Hundreds of homes destroyed by Sandy to be demolished

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NY’s national duty(NYP Ed) If New York wants to help America toward its energy “golden age,” it had best get cracking on fracking. *  . edit page urges Cuomo 2 approve by Nov.29, or face more delay & lengthy public comment period * Will NY share in the boom? Oil change - via

New York City doctors and nurses are sounding a public health alarm on the stressed hospital network after Sandy . . .  Where Are the Elected Officials?

Veterans Raise Concerns Since Manhattan VA Hospital Is Closed Indefinitely(NY1) NYC Hurricane Sandy - Hospital Evacuations and Berger Commission #EPICFAIL (Video) *  mayor bloomberg king of new york: Christine Quinn St. Vincent's Hospital The Devil's Work? (Artist) * Sandy Relief Rally at City Hall 

Just the facts, ma’am

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MLS poll was actually full of crap(Queens Crap)_

From the Queens Chronicle: Major League Soccer released a poll over the weekend showing an overwhelming majority of Queens residents support a proposal they know little to nothing abou  The results of a survey commissioned by the league claims a vast majority of borough residents support the creation of a 25,000-seat soccer stadium a stone’s throw from the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The full results show a majority of respondents were short on the proposal's details.
The survey was followed by a New York Post report which claimed the mayor has a list of high-profile projects which must be fast-tracked to ensure their approval before Bloomberg’s tenure in office ends in 14 months. The “legacy list” includes the proposed MLS stadium. It was reportedly first started by former Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Dan Doctoroff and is the subject of ongoing weekly progress report meetings. The Fairness Coalition of Queens, a collection of community groups opposing the stadium’s proposed location, is questioning the poll’s methodology. Members of the group said respondents were not presented with the full picture of the project, creating misleading figures meant to whitewash what has been a push to create the proverbial path of least resistance.The survey had 650 respondents in total, 500 from around the borough and 150 selected from Corona and Flushing, which bookend the park.It found 60 percent of respondents had seen, read or heard little to nothing about the plan. Yet 71 percent of respondents supported the creation of a soccer stadium within the borough, with 21 percent opposed. Those figures drop when respondents were informed the stadium’s location would be in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, to 67 percent for and 27 percent against. The survey found a nearly identical level of support in the park’s adjacent communities. How about the fact that this group wants to build a stadium in the middle of the Flushing River? Hello, storm surge?

Toll Hike Update
More than 3 1/2 months after the Thruway Authority board last met and six months after unveiling its plan to increase tolls, an expected end-of-the-year meeting with a major rating agency looms large as the authority struggles to maintain its credit rating.

The Future of Campaigns
Beware the Smart Campaign(NYT)  The new winning formula: very expensive voter research.

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

White House says it did not heavily edit talking points on deadly Libya attack

 Is Rice Cooked?(Dowd, NYT)

Why can’t women named Rice, yearning to be secretary of state, stop spinning?* Sen. Saxby Chambliss tells Fox News Sunday he thinks Susan Rice should testify(Politico)Attn Cuomo. “: NY state, as broke as CA...frustrating efforts to develop huge oil & gas opportunity for jobs,fortune. Explain" * John McCain says he wants U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to say ''I was wrong''(Politico)(NYP)  * Congress investigating Libya explanation
Petraeus: we knew from Day One that Benghazi attack was hatched by terrorists(NYP) * Petraeus leaves questions(NYP Ed) * Hacking General Petraeus (NYT) Why is David Petraeus’s private life the business of the F.B.I. anyway? * Petraeus Raised Terror Link(WSJ)Talks Bring Hope of Budget Deal(WSJ) Groupie gal snagged trips to Oval Office(NYP) *
CIA's language on Benghazi was barely edited, White House says, via (Politico) * Diplomat on the Rise, Suddenly in Turbulence(NYT)* John McCain Could Have Skipped David Petraeus's Benghazi Testiomony(NY Mag) * The media’s vixen problem(Columbia Jouralism Review)
* The Rise of David Petraeus(Vanity 'Fair) * Was Petraeus Borked?(New Yorker) * Joe Lieberman splits from his 'two amigos’ on a special committee for Benghazi  * EXCLUSIVE: Paula Broadwell was 'considering a run for office' during Petraeus affair(NYP0 * Senator Joe Lieberman breaks with McCain and Graham; says there is no need for a special Benghazi committee. * Jill Kelley Tried Parlaying Her Honorary South Korean Consulship into $80 Million(NY Mag)

Obama in Thailand today on first leg of post-election Asia trip(NYP)

Obama offers House Speaker Boehner a birthday drink in bid to end ‘Fiscal Cliff’(NYP) * At Start of Budget Talks, Old Hurdles but a New Attitude(NYT) * Whether ‘Cliff’ or Debtpocalypse, It Spells Austerity(NYT) * In Thailand, Obama Asks Monk For Prayers On Budget (Bufffeed)

President Obama Goes to Asia(NYT) Security is important, but the president must also address human rights on stops in Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia *A Test for Obama’s ‘Light Footprint’(NYT)
* Obama’s Road to Asia Is Paved With New Intentions(NYT) * Romney becomes persona non grata to a shellshocked Republican party(Wash Post)
Regulators Above the Law - George Will, Washington Post
Obama Won. Now It's Time to Change System - Dreier & Cohen, The Nation
Still More Questions Than Answers on Benghazi - Peter Brookes, NY Post
GOP Drags Country Down Conspiracy Path - Andrew Rosenthal, NY Times
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The Wages of November 6 - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
A Soldier's Last "Lonely Walk" - Michael Daly, The Daily Beast

Romney, on that call, blames primary debates, says NBC & CNN shouldn't get them all. Is that why he lost? And has he forgotten Fox debates

The GOP Talent GapFixing the Republican Party's technology issues will require human capital(The Atlantic)

The Other Tax Breaks for the Rich - New York Times
Europe's Double Dip Teaches a Lesson About Taxes - IBD
Stop Playing Games With ObamaCare - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Give Us Truth on Benghazi - Arizona Republic
A Bad Idea Resurfaces (NYT ed) Republican efforts to eliminate a crucial cost-control board for Medicare are shortsighted.
Which is a better forum? RT Big Saturday in the early 2016 GOP sweepstakes: Rubio in Iowa; Christie on SNL. And so it begins
New York Times: “Diplomat on the Rise, Suddenly in Turbulence”
Washington Post: “Petraeus Scandal Puts Four-Star General Lifestyle Under Scrutiny”
Wall Street Journal: “Barber, Giffords’ Successor, Declared Winner of Arizona Seat”
Associated Press: “Obama, on Asia Trip, First Pays Visit to Thailand”
Politico: “Rubio Takes Message to Iowa”
The Hill: “Retiring Ron Paul to Take His Case for Liberty to College Campuses”
Six Keys to Obama's Second Term - Martha Kumar, Baltimore Sun
Iran Must Be Obama's Top Priority - Henry Kissinger, Washington Post
Is Susan Rice Cooked? - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Now We Know the Truth Obama Tried to Hide - Michael Goodwin, NY Post
Tax Reform? We Need a Revolution - Bruce Ackerman, Los Angeles Times
Tax Cuts Didn't Starve Big Govt - Andrew Ferguson, Weekly Standard
If You've Got Skills, She's Got the Job - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
U.S. Is Future Energy Superpower - Thomas McClanahan, Kansas City Star
A Hidden Tax That Hurts Small Business - Lyle Beckwith, RealClearPolitics
Republicans Quickly Turn Page on Romney - Michael Falcone, ABC News
Rubio, Eyes on 2016, Pays Iowa a Visit - Alex Leary, Miami Herald
New Hampshire 2016 - David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Lindsey Graham to Romney: ‘When you’re in a hole, stop digging’(Politico)
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GOP Strategist: Party Needs Views That Aren’t ‘Right Out Of Rush Limbaugh’s Dream Journal’
 Rebellion of the French CEOs - Alvaro Vargas Llosa, FOX News
Merkel's Day of Reckoning Looms - Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
Healthcare Reform: It Lives! - Dan Weintraub, Sacramento Bee
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Sunday Roundtables: This Week | FOX News Sunday | Face the Nation
President Obama on why Congress should act now to extend middle-class tax cuts:

SNL’s Paula Broadwell Reads Sexually Graphic Passages From Her Book All In


Nixon Question Dogs Times C.E.O.: What Did He Know and When Did he Know it?

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How Can the World Most Important Newspaper Allow Itself to Get Caught In A BBC Cover Up With A Cunning Liar?

For his sake, I hope that Mark Thompson, the former BBC bigwig who recently took over as chief executive of the New York Times Company, rented an apartment rather than buying one. The way things are going, he could well be back in London pretty soon. A piece in Friday’s Times—the paper of record that Thompson is now overseeing, at least on the business side—has raised new questions about his role in the BBC sex scandal, which has already cost his successor his job. * Mark Thompson Claims Ignorance Of Letter About Jimmy Savile Scandal Sent On His Behalf (Huff Post)

For his sake, I hope that Mark Thompson, the former BBC bigwig who recently took over as chief executive of the New York Times Company, rented an apartment rather than buying one. The way things are going, he could well be back in London pretty soon. A piece in Friday’s Times—the paper of record that Thompson is now overseeing, at least on the business side—has raised new questions about his role in the BBC sex scandal, which has already cost his successor his job.

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Maher And Panel Clash Over GOP Post-Election Soul Searching, Fox News, And Benghazi

* Lessons Still Unlearned(NYT Ed) The new Republican House caucus leader should push her colleagues to value diversity.

Plutocrats' Dilemma(NY Mag) Can the GOP bring itself to ditch any of its unpopular, pro-rich economic ideas?

Israel-Gaza conflict grows as ground invasion looms(NYP) Israeli troops on border poised to invade Gaza after airstrikes * Israel Warns of ‘Expansion’ as Attack Widens to Media Sites(NYT) * Arms With a Long Reach Help Hamas(NYT) * Arab Leaders Scramble to Contain Gaza Conflict(WSJ) * President Obama on Israel: "There's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders." * An Outgunned Hamas Tries to Tap Islamists’ Growing Clout(NYT) * Brigades That Fire on Israel Show a New Discipline(NYT)

    Speaker's a consistent supporter of Israel MT having presser Tues "in support of 's right to self-defense"

Israel and Gaza on verge of war after Hamas missile targets Jerusalem(NYP) * As Battlefield Changes, Israel Takes Tougher Approach(NYT) * Israel Destroys Hamas Prime Minister's Office(NYT) * Siren Disturbs Start of Sabbath in Jerusalem(NYT) * Israel’s Shortsighted Assassination(NYT) * Israel Hits Hamas PM's Office(WSJ) * White House fears violence, & rising civilian casualties, will damage 's standing in region. * NYPD Puts Blanket Protection On Israeli Government Buildings(WCBS) * NYPD beefs up security at synagogues(NYP) * Just let our kids sleep through the night in peace(NYP) 

Bomb Explodes Right Near Anderson Cooper During Live Report From Gaza(NYP)

Can't Obama stop his friends in Egypt shelling Israel?*
Rupert Murdoch lashes out at 'Jewish owned press.' Truly offensive * Rupert Murdoch offers a familiar semi-apology after 'Jewish owned press' Twitter flap

NYC could have less than 400 murders this year, notes edit page.

Law and Order
 Cops eye ‘8’ link to string of murders in Brooklyn(NYP) * Same Pistol Used to Kill Three Merchants in Brooklyn, Police Say(NYT)* Robbery unlikely to be killer’s true intent(NYDN)

B'klyn boutique owner shot dead — and killing could be related to 'address' slayings: sources(NYP)*

Brooklyn shop owner shot dead(NYDN) * Man fatally shot inside Flatbush store(WABC) *Man shot dead at B'klyn boutique in what could be latest address-based killing(NYP)
* Store owner's murder linked to other killings(NYDN) * Store owner killed in Brooklyn; possible connection to address (Fox 5) * Police: Gun In Brooklyn Shop Owner's Death Linked To Two (NY1) * Same .22-Caliber Pistol Used to Kill Three Brooklyn Merchants, Police Say(NYT) * Looking for Motive in Shopkeepers’ Killings(NYT) * Cops eye ‘8’ link to murder string, release photos of passers-by wanted for questioning(NYP) * 4 wanted for questioning in Flatbush shooting (WABC)


Elmo accuser got $125G to recant sexual liaison: report(NYP)

JFK worker busted in $1.9M iPad mini heist(NYP)

The NYPD paid this employee $650K last year — and he doesn't even carry a badge!(NYDN)

‘Cannibal’ cop indicted, could spend the rest of his life in prison(NYP) * NYPD Officer Indicted In Alleged Plot To Cook, Kill Women(NY1) * Cannibal Cop' faces life in prison(NYDN)

Chelsea dog snatched from owner is returned home after two months(NYP) * Driver Charged In Connection With Fatal Accident That Killed 4 Queens Teens(NY1) * Fake Electricians Rob Queens Holocaust Survivor(NBC) * Police hunt suspect in Bed-Stuy rape attempt(WABC)  
* Prosecutors Accuse Environmentalist Of Vandalizing Trees In Bronx Park (NY1) * Third New York City Officer In A Week Arrested For Driving Drunk  * Man dead in Brooklyn hit-and-run(NYDN) * Third New York City Officer In A Week Arrested For Driving (WABC) * Robbers Hit Cell Phone Store, Tie Up Employee, In Clinton WABC) * Police search for rape suspect in Brooklyn(Fox 5) * Brooklyn Man Charged With 4-Year-Old Girl's Murder(NY1)
I was a ’70s porn star – DA(NYDN) * Queens HS basketball coach eyed in 'perv' case(NYP)Coach put on leave * Police: Man Abducts His Two Young Boys From The Bronx In Stolen Vehicle(NY1) * Man attacked in possible bias incident(NYP) * Kids found after father allegedly takes them from Bronx home, steals car to escape(NYP)
* NYPD: Stabbing outside Queens mosque may be bias attack Queens mosque stabbing may be bias attack(WABC) *3 shot near Bronx funeral home * Dead baby found at illegal daycare center in Queens(Fox 5) * 3 People Shot In Unionport, The Bronx(WCBS)

Queens al Qaeda thug sentenced to life in prison(NYP) * Man Convicted of a Terrorist Plot to Bomb Subways Is Sent to Prison for Life((NYP) * Man Convicted In City Subway Attack Plot To Spend Life In Prison(NY1) * Life in Prison for Failed Subway Bomb Plotter(NBC)

Twinkies will likely live on post-bankruptcy (CBS)