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How Can the World Most Important Newspaper Allow Itself to Get Caught In A BBC Cover Up With A Cunning Liar?
New Times CEO Mark Thompson has been spinning through an army of public relations Representatives that he did not know that a man he employed was a sexual abuser and he how no idea how a 60 minutes type story about the abuse was killed by his own network and he also did not know why the report was killed.  Thompson and his PR team until now were able to use their skills to throw doubt on several reports that Thompson knew all alone, because there has been no smoking gun until now. Today's NYT, yes NYT reports that in the letter, sent 10 days before Mr. Thompson left the BBC in September, lawyers representing him and another executive threatened to sue The Sunday Times in London over contentions in an article it was preparing that they had been involved in killing a BBC investigation of Mr. Savile. Interviews show that the letter included a summary of the alleged abuse, including the allegation that some abuse might have occurred at the BBC.

According to people who have reviewed the private letter, it recounted that the proposed article in The Sunday Times magazine would “look at a number of allegations regarding the behavior of the late television and radio presenter, specifically that he took advantage of a series of young women. Some of the alleged assaults took place on BBC premises.” Suspending Reality Explanation  "An aide to the former BBC chief said that although Mr. Thompson orally authorized the sending of the letter, he had not known the details of its contents. “It’s not clear if he was shown it, but he doesn’t remember reading it,” said the aide, a personal adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity to give Mr. Thompson’s version of events. Mr. Thompson declined to comment." *Mark Thompson Claims Ignorance Of Letter About Jimmy Savile Scandal Sent On His Behalf(Huff Post) * Jimmy Savile Scandal: Net Tightens On New York Times CEO Mark Thompson(Daily Beast) * NYT CEO faces more scrutiny from NYT(Politico)  * Letter Heightens Scrutiny of Former BBC Chief (WSJ)
* Tracy Connor is one of three departing Daily News staffers. [Joe Pompeo]

Local News Does Not Cover Cover Government, Politics and Corruption
They the read the headlines, deliver fluff and ignore the stories about the governing of their views. We are the highest taxed area in the county and not of their views know were the money goes.

This is What Channel 4 Cover This Morning
5:00  Mideast Tensions 5:03  Gas Rationing ends today in LI 5:04  NY AG to investigate gas price gauging 5:05  Queens Midtown Tunnel to open today 5:06  Weather 5:07  Traffic 5:08  Police investigate NJ tow truck scam 5:09  2 cabinet officials to visit NJ today (HUD  Homeland Security) 5:10  Obama's visit yesterday to S I 5:11  Train Crashes in Texas 5:11  NY man to be sentences today for subway plot 5:12  BP to pay record penalty for oil spill 5:12  Commercials 5:16  Weather 5:18  Traffic 5:19  Petraeus to testify in Congress today 5:21  Commercials 5:24  Sports 5:25  Weather 5:26  Traffic 5:27  Preview of next half hour 5:28  Commercials

This Morning The Newspaper and Blogs Covered Government, Political and Corruption Stories that TV News Ignored
1. A Fight For Control of the State Senate
2. Political corruption of Vito Lopez, Jimmy Meng, Hevesi, Steward
3. New City Council Lines and Hearing in Queens
4. Problems with over spending, lack conviction in the Bronx DA Office
5. Covered a Fair Hike Hearing in Queens 
6, Covered the Economic Impact of Sandy

Campaign 2013/6  Control Of State Senate Still Unclear(NY1) * Former Bronx BP Courts GOP For Potential Mayoral Run(NY1) * Politically speaking, the storm and its aftermath was better was better for Cuomo than his potential 2016 rival, NJ Gov. Chris Christie.* City Hall Horse Race: Republican Conundrum Edition(NYO)
* Stringer Said to Abandon Bid for Mayor - Metropolis - WSJ

The Felder Mel Brooks Inquisition Begins

Only Fake and Phony Fidler is Left Going After Felder
Just 5 months after he begged to do anything to get the support of the same Othdox Jews Leaders who support Felder over the top Fidler is slamming Felder for going with the GOP in the state senate. During his campaign for State Senate Filder promised to fight the UFT to get all kinds of aid to the Boro Park Religious schools to win over Felder supporters. Now Filder is outraged that Felder sides with the GOP who supports his views on education aid.  Fidler and a lot of democrat leaders in Sothern Brooklyn make a deal with Senator Golden in 2005 not to run aginst him on the GOP line.  In return Golden did not support the GOP candidate against Filder Susan Goodstein. * Lew Fidler Unloads Further on Simcha Felder(NYO)   There is more Pork Pig Fidler's Media Friends Put Lipstick On Him | Room Eight

The devil went up to Albany(NYP)State Senate Democrats are accusing Republican officials of stalling in counting ballots in two close senate races that will help determine which party holds the majority, the Times-Union writes: * Wagner Concedes To Ball (YNN) Though he ran a tight race in the Hudson Valley Senate district against Republican incumbent Greg Ball, Democrat Justin Wagner is conceding this morning.Sen. Patrick Gallivan suggests a committee chairmanship for his newest GOP conference colleague, Senator-elect Simcha Felder.* NYS Senate control vague as goes with GOP * Assemblyman Dov Hikind said Democratic senator-elect Simcha Felder's decision to caucus with Republicans isn't "throwing a knife in the Democratic Party. He doesn't want to do that." [Azi Paybarah]* Still Watching The IDC(YNN) * Color Wars(YNN) * Where We Stand In The 46th(YNN) * Democrats picked up a closely contested seat in Long Island and Assemblyman-elect Ed Hennessey will be on his way to Albany. As Capital Tonight noted, “The conference’s size is the second largest of Silver’s long tenure, the most populated being 109 Democrats, plus one independent.”* Racial politics and the , expertly explained by Liz B.

How Hurricane Sandy Has Upended Politics As Usual in Albany(Gotham Gazette)

Ex-Brooklyn Councilman Stewart hit with $61,000 in fine(NYDN)  * Ex-Brooklyn Councilman Kendall Stewart will be forced to pay a $200,000 bill to the New York City Campaign Finance Board for violating dozens of rules in his unsuccessful bid in 2009 to hold on to his council seat *

A Tail of Two History Making Meng's
NYP Takes A Shot At the Meng Family
All in the family, yet again(NYP Ed)The daughter of a trailblazing political family is elected to the House of Representatives — just as the family patriarch gets ready to head to the, well, Big House.  Rep.-elect Grace Meng’s (D-Queens) “freshman orientation day” in Washington, DC, this week was bittersweet: Back home, her pioneering father, Jimmy Meng, was pleading guilty in a bribery case.

The News admonishes the state Parole Board for their “unwarranted mercy” on Alan Hevesi, saying the former state comptroller should have served out his term in its entirety:
Hevesi, Jailed for Corruption, Is Given Parole(NYT) * Parole Board Springs Hevesi From State Prison(NY1) * Hevesi to crash at his son’s pad when he's paroled(NYDN) * Alan Hevesi to leave prison by Dec. 19(NYDN) * After being granted parole on his jail sentence, former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi will return home to two pensions, both of which he continued to collect while behind bars on corruption charges, the Post reports *Among the conditions of former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s parole: A curfew, no out-of-state without permission, and no association with other figures in the pension corruption scandal, including his former political adviser Hank Morris, who is still behind bars. Hevesi will come home to Queens from his upstate jail cell to enjoy the $166,000 a year he collects from two public pensions.


 Why is the City and State Still Funding Bushwick Ridgewood With Member Items Funds?
Does Fisher Plea Include Ratting on Lopez?
Ex-Director of Agencies Controlled by Lopez Pleads Guilty to Contempt(NYT)Christiana Fisher, the former director of social service agencies that Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez controlled, admitted she had allowed inaccurate documents about a salary increase to be delivered to a grand jury.*
Vito Lopez crony to plead guilty to corruption(NYDN) *  Christiana M. Fisher, former director of the network of social service agencies that was controlled by Assemblyman Vito Lopez pleaded guilty to a federal criminal contempt charge stemming from inaccurate documents that appeared to justify an outsize raise she received.

Almost 20 Years Ago the NYT First Wrote About Lopez Government Funded Machine.  Not his ex girlfriend and campaign treasure Christiana Fisher could take it down

Published in 1993 in NYT

Silver, the Comptroller and AG Want Lopez Out of Albany to Kill the Hush Fund Payment Scandal.  Everyone want Lopez out of Albany to let them vote for a payhike during a special session before the end of the year.  Sandy it seems has kill the idea of a special session

Guilty Plea Adds to Woes of Vito Lopez(WSJ)If Lopez jumps to the council to get away from Silver or if like most expect he gets pushed out by JCOPE and then thrown out by the Assembly.  His move to a council race would set off a game of musical chairs in his part of town.  If Lopez jumps into a council race, that could set off a musical chairs-like
switch of offices throughout North Brooklyn. State Sen. Martin Malave Dilan could jump into Lopez's assembly seat, Councilman Erik Martin Dilan could run for his father's state senate seat, and Assemblyman Rafael Espinal could jump into a neighboring council seat, according to a political source. And Reyna is said to be eyeing Lopez's assembly seat, whether or not Lopez runs for re-election. The drama never stops.*
Lopez still has about $1 million in his campaign account. [Bruce Golding and David Seifman]

Redistricting: Incumbent District Protected and Lots of Deals With Political Leaders Throughout the City
Districting Commission Passes City Council Redistricting Proposal(NY1) * Check out the new City Council lines 
* Proposed City Council District Maps Protect Incumbents(Gotham Gazette)

. has a great tool here for people who care about Council redistricting
A quick glance at Brooklyn shows term-limited Councilman Lew Fidler‘s district becoming majority-black, a likely outcome of the borough’s newly-minted chairman, Frank Seddio, dropping out of that race. While neighboring term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson picked up some heavily Russian territory from Councilman Domenic Recchia‘s district. This is good for likely Russian-American candidates there on both sides of the partisan aisle, including outgoing Senator David Storobin

The Bronx District Attorney’s office has racked up the second-highest overtime bill of the city’s five prosecutor’s offices, all while having the lowest conviction rate for major crimes in the five boroughs

$$ for nothing (NYP) Letting criminals off the hook doesn’t come cheap.  Over the past fiscal year, the impotent Bronx District Attorney’s Office has racked up the second-highest overtime bill of the city’s five prosecutor offices — even as it trailed the other boroughs, in convictions for major crimes. Taxpayers shelled out $800,000 for 31,942 overtime hours, documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Law reveal. As The Post exclusively revealed in September, District Attorney Robert Johnson’s office convicted only 42.8 percent of suspects busted for violent felonies, compared with 53.7 percent across the rest of the city in 2011. “Twenty-five percent of the cases never get prosecuted, and nearly 50 percent of the felonies don’t end in a conviction,” a city official said yesterday. “It’s a mystery why they need so much overtime.

In His Final Year Sandy Forces Bloomberg to Meet and Service the Other New York But No Comforter in Chief
Bloomberg Puts Soothing Aside as He Rushes to Bring Back City(NYT)
It Also Forces the NYT to Cover Neighborhoods It Has Not Covered in 50 Years. Since Meyer Burger Worked for the Paper. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson: “The people in this city didn’t elect Mike Bloomberg three times to give him a hug. His focus is helping people restore their lives. That’s what he believes government is there to do.” (Full story here).* "Bloomberg, a proud technocrat, has never embraced the 'comforter in chief' aspect of his job"(Capital)


canuteMayor Bloomberg Says He’s No Canute the Great(NYO) On his weekly radio show with John Gambling this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg delved into history to argue massive coastline protection projects are futile, at least in the face of future storm surges similar to Hurricane Sandy’s. Specifically, Mr. Bloomberg referenced the tale of Denmark’s King Canute, who stood before the waves and ordered the tide to recede.

MTA Fare Hike Hearing Held In Queens(NY1)

Maybe we need more hospitals...(Queens Crap)

From CBS New York:
From Manhattan to Queens, hospitals remained closed Wednesday night while smaller facilities are being forced to pick up the slack. A lack of space at the city’s medical facilities is leaving no room for error.
In Manhattan, the shadow cast by two temporarily shuttered hospitals has many residents concerned about health care. Sandy’s flood waters triggered evacuations at Bellevue and at NYU Langone, two hospitals that may not be able to reopen for months. As a result, many patients are being forced to travel for medical care. Mount Sinai Hospital took in more than 100 evacuees from Bellevue, and Langone and is functioning fine for now, but with winter approaching some people are left questioning how long that will last. Another major concern is money. Rebuilding damaged hospitals could cost more than $1 billion. The city has allocated $300 million for Bellevue and Coney Island hospitals, but neither is expected to be up and running any time soon. NYC Hurricane Sandy - Hospital Evacuations and Berger Commission #EPICFAIL (Video) *  mayor bloomberg king of new york: Christine Quinn St. Vincent's Hospital The Devil's Work? (Artist) * Sandy Relief Rally at City Hall

NY’s idiotic DMV take$ the ‘high’ way(NYP)An official from the Cuomo administration fired back at lawmakers who railed against the state for soliciting a high-bid Canadian company to produce the next round of state driver’s licenses, the Times-Union writes:  * State Operations Director Howard Glaser blasted Republicans criticizing the DMV’s contract with a Canadian company for the next generation of driver’s licenses, saying the new licenses will cost more because they’re tamper-proof.


SI students ‘devastated’ by lost SATs(NYP)
Teachers union sues to see Joel Klein emails(NYDN) * Troubled students get back on track(NYDN)

  28th Bronx Veterans' Day Parade this Sunday(NYDN)


A state audit of the New York Racing Association showed that the agency overcharged bettors by $7.4 million, a lower figure than what was originally estimated to be around $8.5 million, the Times-Union reports: * An audit by the Office of the State Comptroller said NYRA took improper commissions during 15 months ending in December 2011 — but the sum is $1.1 million less than the state Racing and Wagering Board had previously said was overcharged.


 The Post lauds Wal-Mart for being on the front lines of Sandy relief efforts and donating over $2 million despite their losing battle in opening a store in New York City:

The New York State Department of Health has named three environmental experts to review the environmental impacts of shale gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing, the Associated Press reports:

New York’s unemployment rate dropped statewide from 8.9 percent to 8.7 percent in October as 5,900 new private sector jobs were added to the economy.  Median family income in New York dropped nearly 6 percent between 2008 and 2011, while the income share of the wealthy has rebounded, according to a report from the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute.

The News applauds President Obama for his stern warning that “turf battles” will not win out in receiving aid and his pledge to find a common solution for New York and New Jersey
‘My heart to heart with O’ (NYP) Staten I. man bares his pain to Bam * Prez swoops in on NYC disaster zones(NYP) * Obama, Visiting New York, Pledges Help in Recovery From Storm(NYT) Obama toured the areas of New York City that were hit hardest by Sandy, and appointed HUD Secretary and former New York City housing official, Shaun Donovan to oversee the city’s recovery * Clash Over Future of Wood From the Storm-Torn Rockaway Boardwalk(NYT) * Lower Manhattan’s Recovery Is Patchy, With People Still Barred From Their Homes(NYT) * Storm's Damage Extends to Nation's History(NYT) * President Tours Staten Island(WSJ) * Early Signs of Sandy’s Toll on Regional Economy(WSJ) A lack of flood insurance policies has made it difficult for homeowners to recoup money from storm damage * What's in a Name? A Lot, for FEMA's Housing Units(WSJ) * Obama Tours City's Hard-Hit Areas, Names Former HPD Head To Lead Rebuilding Effort(NY1)

“I’m very proud of you, New York,” Obama said after walking through a Staten Island neighborhood that was devastated by Sandy. “You guys are tough. You bounce back.”

WATCH as Superstorm Sandy floods PATH stations(NYP) * Landlords Offer Homes to Displaced(WSJ)* After Flooding, Left Out to Dry(WSJ) * Veterans Raise Concerns Since Manhattan VA Hospital Is Closed Indefinitely(NY1) * Cuomo's Three Commissions Tackle Improving Infrastructure For Changing Climate(NY1) * Some Red Hook Residents Continue To Deal With No Heat, Spotty Electricity(NY1)

Slow Recovery Continues For Broad Channel, Howard Beach Businesses(NY1) * With Rebuilding Necessary, Rockaway Residents Look For Jobs(NY1) * Survey of Rockaway boardwalk destruction(NYDN) * Gonzalez: Bloomy flunking with school moves(NYDN) * AG suing gas stations that hosed N.Y.ers(NYDN) * One of Brooklyn's last blacked out buildings(NYDN) * Housing for FormerlyHomeless AIDS Patients Needs $1M to Reopen After Sandy (DNAINFO)
Housing for Formerly Homeless AIDS Patients Needs $1M to Reopen After Sandy

Read more:
And So It Begins: FEMA Starts Issuing Financial Aid Rejection(WCBS) * Businesses On Front Street Struggling To Recover Post Superstorm (WCBS) * Police: Looter hit same storm-battered Staten Island house(SI Advance) * Trashed Rockaway Boardwalk Boards Are Surprisingly Valuable(NY Mag) * “There’s no question,” Congressman Michael Grimm said of whether Staten Islanders felt neglected after Sandy. “We feel like the forgotten borough time and time again. There’s little things that happen. Just little things like when you see the National Guard leaving before the storm to head into Manhattan….We feel like we fight for the basic necessities sometime and it is frustrating.” * President Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit Staten Island in more than a decade. Overall, he was the 7th White House occupant to travel to the county since 1900. * The Staten Island Advance interviewed a number of residents after they met Mr. Obama, including a conversation he had with one local resident’s small dog. The dog, Maddy, “barked a bit and jumped on the president’s leg.” * With Thanksgiving looming, Bloomberg thinking about extending NYC gas rationing(NYP) * At Towering Landfill, Storm’s Cleanup Effort Is a Military-Style Operation(NYT) * A Madonna That Survived the Storm in Breezy Point(NYT)
* What They'd Give for a Drink in Rockaway(NYT) * CNN report on NYU Med Center damage. Estimates cost of cleanup at $700 million. * ‘Partially Treated’ Waste Continues Pouring Into New York Harbor After Sandy(NY Mag) * When Congress repeatedly stalled a study to shore up the Rockaways’ beaches, a local electrician decided his community couldn’t afford to wait for action any longer(NY World)* Bloomberg: Gas Rationing Could Extend Past Thanksgiving(Huff Post) * Canarsie Locals Think They Should Have Been Evacuated(Huff Post) *Hurricane Sandy And Red Hook(Gotham Gazette) * National Grid’s unionized employees are suing their company, allegeding they haven’t been compensated properly for all the extra work they have been doing since Hurricane Sandy struck. * The U.S. Department of Commerce declared a fishery resource disaster for New York as a result of the coastal devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.
Housing for Formerly Homeless AIDS Patients Needs $1M to Reopen After Sandy

Read more:
City Turns to Coach Buses to Shuttle Kids From Schools Closed by Sandy

Read more:

City Turns to Coach Buses to Shuttle Kids From Schools Closed by Sandy

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Benghazi Attack Details Aired(WSJ)
Petraeus will testify at Benghazi hearings today - and could be grilled about affair(NYP) * Petraeus gal was belle of the ‘gall’(NYP) * No shirt, Sherlock!(NYP) * Scrutiny Emerges on Two Fronts for Petraeus(NYT) * CBS has a copy of the CIA talking points for Susan Rice re:Benghazi attack * Eric Holder said the FBI handled the Petraeus investigation "in the way we normally conduct a criminal investigation." [Sari Horwitz, Carol D. Leonnig and Greg Miller]
 Petraeus testifies he always believed terrorists behind Libya attack: Rep. King(NYP)
* Jill Kelley Has Been to the White House Three Times in the Past Three Months(NY Mag) * The political ties of Jill Kelley and her sister (CBS) * Petraeus Testifies On Benghazi: Reference To Terrorism Was Edited Out Of CIA Talking Points * According to Rep. Pete King, former CIA Director David Petraeus told lawmakers at a closed-door briefing the agency believed the assault on the U.S. Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack from the beginning.* Jill Kelley Visited White House Three Times Since September * Dems: GOP Criticism Of Susan Rice 'Character Assassination'(Huff Post)

Senate ‘Gang of 8’ Looks to Others to Lead Deficit Talks(NYT) * School Districts Brace for Cuts as Fiscal Crisis Looms(NYT) * Capitol Hill leaders huddle with Obama as clock ticks on fiscal cliff (NBC) * U.S. Mayors Concerned About Fiscal Cliff Cuts (NPR)
Republicans' Listening Problem - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
The Audacity of 51 Percent - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
Romney's Sneering Farewell to '47 Percent' - Joe Conason, Truthdig
The President's Benghazi Problem - Peter Wehner, Commentary
First Step Toward a GOP Revival: Acceptance - Ron Brownstein, Natl Jrnl
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Can Jerry Brown Restrain Dems & Save California? - Lou Cannon, RCP
DC Fiddles as Global Dangers Mount - Matthew Continetti, Free Beacon
Semper Fi, Honey? - Jacey Eckhart, New York Times
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This Time, Obama Has Leverage - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Middle East Peace Takes a Beating - Los Angeles Times
Obama Must Explain Benghazi Terror Attack - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Welfare Spending, in Its Many Forms, Mushrooms - Orange Cty Register
Obama Makes a Strong Case on Taxes - New York Times
The Tarnish of the Electoral College(NYT Ed) No party, including the Democrats, should benefit from a defective political system.
At the RGA meeting, Republicans backed away from Mitt Romney’s “gifts” comment, with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal calling it “dumb.” And former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour saying the GOP needs to “give our political organization a very serious proctology exam.” 
The Republican Party's leadership vacuum (and who might fill it):
At White House, Top Lawmakers Say They Expect Budget Deal(NYT)
GOP congressman concedes in California and Dems gain 6 House seats:(Wash Post)
WATCH: Christie Sounds Off On Romney's 'Gifts' Comment(Huff Post)
Arne Duncan implies in speech he will remain at Dept. of Ed for second term
Prominent Republicans are launching a new super PAC they hope will help begin repairing the political damage left by years of anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric that has dominated GOP primaries and alienated crucial Hispanic voters.  

Congressional leaders express confidence they can reach a deal with Obama to avert 'fiscal cliff'(NYP)Why the U.S. Job Market Remains Terribly Bleak - John Goodman, Forbes
Tax Haters Figure Out They're Screwed - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
A "Center-Libertarian" Nation? - James Rainey, Los Angeles Times
Petraeus Testifies Libya Attack Was Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorism - CNN
Who Changed Susan Rice's Talking Points? - Roger L. Simon, PJ Media
Republicans Have Scandal Envy - Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Sometimes a Conspiracy Really Is a Conspiracy - Jennifer Rubin, Wash Post
Feminists for the Win in 2012 - Jessica Valenti, The Nation
Republican Balance of Power Shift to Governors - Byron York, Examiner
Romney Needs to Shut Up and Go Away - Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger 


Israel offers to suspend Gaza Strip offensive as tension builds in the region(NYP) * Bolder Hamas Tests Alliances in a Shifting Arab World(NYT) * Egypt Sends Prime Minister to Gaza in Show of Solidarity(NYT) *Israel Mobilizes Troops(WSJ) *Egypt's Leader Shows Support for Hamas(WSJ) * Protesters Take To NYC Streets As Israelis, Palestinians (WCBS) * How some New Yorkers reacted to the violence in Israel and Gaza. [Azi Paybarah]* Palestinian rocket aimed at Jerusalem for 1st time(NYP) * Rockets Target Jerusalem; Israel Girds for Gaza Invasion(NYT) * Hamas, Emboldened, Tests Its Arab Alliances(NYT) * NYPD Steps Up Security Amid Mideast Violence(NBC)

Law and Order

Etan kook ’fess mess (NYP) He no longer believes his own confession — and he’ll take that to a jury. Pedro Hernandez, the mentally troubled accused killer of iconic missing child Etan Patz (inset photo), was formally told of the murder and kidnapping indictment against him in. * Lawyer Says Patz Suspect Will Plead Not Guilty(NYT) * Suspect in Patz Case Will Plead Not Guilty, Lawyer Says * Two Tied to Patz Case in Court(WSJ) * Ex-Patz suspect & convicted pedophile planned trip to New(NYDN) * Pedro Hernandez recants confession of Etan Patz murder and (NYP)

 B'klyn tot 'slayer' told girlfriend he would kill girl: court papers(NYP)

Police Officer Charged with Filing False Report (WSJ) A New York City Police officer who reported he was stabbed by an intruder inside his Queens home in September has been charged with falsely reporting an incident.

Body found in Forest park(NYDN) * Off hook in actress slay(NYP) * Two Bodies Discovered in Separate Parks in Queens(NYT) * Police arrest man for yesterday’s deadly hit-and-run(Brooklyn Paper)

TerrorismGrand jury indicts Nafis on Federal Reserve bomb plot(NYDN) * Al Qaeda-trained wannabe subway bomber gets life in jail(NYP)