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Breaking First Election Day votes cast at midnight -- and it's a tie in Dixville Notch(NBC)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state legislators will still push for a pay raise if the Legislature holds a post-election special session, the Post’s Fred Dicker writes
Decision 2012: Poll Sites Relocated Due To Sandy Damage(Dicker, NYP) Cuomo and legislators are still pushing for a pay raise for lawmakers — even in the midst of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, The Post has learned. Cuomo wants to link the pay raise — the first for lawmakers since 1999 — to ethics reforms, a higher state minimum wage, and a salary increase for his top aides and commissioners, whose pay has also been frozen for 14 years. Many of Cuomo’s aides make less money than their deputies, and the governor has complained that their pay is often so low that he can’t recruit top-flight talent for the state’s workforce.

Cuomo Moves to Stop the Board Infighting
Breaking : Gov Cuomo signs executive order allowing NYers affected by to vote in any polling place tomorrow * : Gov Cuomo signs executive order allowing NYers affected by to vote in any polling place tomorrow
* Cuomo Signs Executive Order Letting NYers Vote At Any Polling Place
(NY1)  The Board is now saying it has no way to reach their poll workers to retain them * Update: Governor Cuomo Signs Executive Order Allowing Affidavit Ballots for Hurricane Victims(NYO) * Andrew Cuomo Clears Way for Statewide Voting for Displaced New Yorkers(Roll Call) * Cuomo Signs Executive Order To Allow Affidavit Voting(YNN) * New Yorkers allowed to vote in any polling place: Cuomo(NYP) * Officials Rush to Find Ways for the Storm-Tossed to Vote(NYT)
* Cuomo Allows Affidavit Ballots for Sandy Victims(NBC)

True News Count Down Clock 
To BOE Disaster   0 Hrs 

After A Political Fight the BOE Comes Up With A CYA Campaign That Can Only Work If Few People From the Flooded Area Vote

Board of Election Voter Suppression Plan for the Flooded Areas
True News reported yesterday that the BOE delay in coming up with a plan until yesterday, 48 hours before voting  begining of voting was caused by  a power struggle of political leaders who control the board.  There was fighting over were to place the new pollings sites in the very close Addabbo Ulrich distict.  Well yesterday a plan was forced by Albany State BOE fixer Doug Kellner and other dark forces.  Sunday afternoon the BOE released a list of comprimised polling sites (updates hours later), a wonderful PR picture of generators to run the new polling sites in tents, a new policy to swear in who ever shows up at the polls as inspectors
(without training) and last night a promise of shuttle busses.
The NY media showing their training to fetch stickes thrown by the corrupt dark forces who run ny politics, reported in excitement last night the BOE plans without asking why the delay or even how voters will learn about the changes. Not a single question why NY could not do with NJ Gov Christie did: Placing military vans at each flooded out polling place, allowing internet voting and setup the Internet voting at each shelter to allow those floode out by the storm. NJ is going to the flooded out voters to make sure everyone votes, no polling sites were closed in NJ, while NYC voting plan is a CYA attempt by the BOE that works better if few people in the flooded out districts vote. 

Board Update: So many people show up at they Brooklyn board that they forced into the lobby and outside the building. The 500 or so were made up people looking for their poll assisasments, people looking to vote. Most left after and pushing and yelling session.  Computers are down are down.  Board telled everyone can vote anywhere

Ulrich Charges Poll Placement Politics By the BOE
True News First Told You Over the Weekend That The Was Playing Politics With Relocating Storm Wrecked Polling Places
Ulrich campaign accuses BOE of obstruction (CrainsNY) So in advance of Tuesday’s election, Mr. Ulrich’s campaign has furiously been trying to locate alternative sites for voting. But it says the Queens Democratic Board of Elections commissioner, Jose Miguel Araujo, has been obstructing those efforts.* Orthodox Jewish Groups Protest Post-Sandy Poll Site Changes(NYO) * Ulrich supporters in the Rockaways say democrats placed a polling place too far from Republican voters(Capital) * With Board of Elections Scrambling After Sandy, Groups Push for Provisional Ballots(NYO)* Election Poll Sites Relocated Due To Sandy Damage(NY1) * Orthodox Jewish groups, in particular, are upset over the storm-related changes in their poll site, which they insist is being done specifically to supress their votes. * Cuomo Signs Executive Order Letting NYC Voters Cast Ballots At Any Polling Place (NY1)

Progressive Liberal NY Law Suppresses Voting While Activist Blame Flordia and the GOP
New York is only one of 11 states to now allow early voting.  many voters have shown up at the BOE offices in the last few weeks trying to vote.  New York election law does not allow the flexibility that NJ election law does to accommodate displaced voters.  Many other states, including New Jersey, allow no-excuse absentee voting. Not so in New York, where to get an absentee ballot a voter must first prove they will be out of the city, or are disabled, hospitalized, or in prison facing a misdemeanor charge. So voters homeless cannot vote by internet like in NJ.Last June, the city's Campaign Finance Board concluded that New York City has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the nation. In the November 2010 elections, turnout in the city was significantly lower (28 percent) than in the rest of the state (53 percent) and nationally (46 percent). New York City also had lower voter turnout in the presidential elections in 2008 than any other major U.S. city. New York law allows individuals in prison awaiting trial or as a result of a misdemeanor conviction to receive absentee ballots, but not citizens displaced by natural disasters. If that's not a broken system, I don't know what is.

Voter Suppression New York Style
From City and State:
“We really are depending on the good government groups, we’re depending on the media, we’re depending on everyone who lives in the Zone A areas of the city to take the initiative and call their local Board of Elections and ask about their poll sites,” Polanco said. Many election experts say that this is an unacceptable alternative, and that the Board itself should be doing everything within their means to inform voters of last-minute changes. “[The Board of Elections] should call people, they should overnight mail people, they should go into neighborhoods with sound trucks to let people know where polling places are,” said Jerry Goldfeder, an election lawyer.  The media has not even reported that the BOE have no backup to their down computer voter data base which has been down since the flood. * Ballots or Bedlam(Gotham Gazette)

Post-Sandy poll site changes(NYP) * Decision 2012: Poll Sites Relocated Due To Sandy Damage(NY1) * BOE In Disarray As Election Day Approaches (City and State)
BOE CYA Voter Plan and History of Corruption(True News) * A Scramble to Prepare for Election Day(NYT)

Campagin 2012  NYTimes: State Senate Races Tighter After the Storm  Candidates Step Back Into Ring(WSJ) * I-TEAM: Deceased Voters On The Tri-State Rolls(NBC) * Superstorm Sandy Could Be Deciding Factor In Tight State Senate Races (NYDN)Republicans fear that Queens City Councilman Eric Ulrich’s once-promising chance for defeating incumbent Democratic Sen. Joseph Addabbo will be upended because several GOP voter strongholds were severely damaged by the storm. They also fear that support for Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis in her battle against Democrat John Mancuso will be sharply reduced because of Sandy-related damage in the hard-hit borough. * "we work better with Andrew Cuomo than the Democrats do"--GOP lawmaker Libous  * MTA Chairman and Executive Director Joseph Lhota, described by Cuomo administration insiders as a “superstar’’ for his handling of the Sandy disaster, is being talked up in state Republican circles as a possible candidate for New York City mayor next year. * Candidates around the state made their last campaign stops and held their final round of fundraising this weekend as Election Day approaches, the Times-Union reports: * said he's skipping Somos conference in Puerto Rico #2013  * Congressional Campaign Accuses Local Paper of Selling Its Endorsement(NYO) * The storm could prove decisive in a number of local races, especially between incumbent Senator Joe Addabbo and his GOP challenger Eric Ulrich. “* On Sunday, Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm received the endorsement from his district’s notable local paper, the Staten Island Advance. The publication also endorsed President Barack Obama the same day. * Below is a full-page Hamodia ad from Democratic State Senate candidate Simcha Felder. Here’s another ad on the next page featuring him with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr. Felder’s campaign urges voters to back Mr. Romney on the Conservative line and stay there to vote for him on the same third-party ticket.* Elected officials who represent impacted areas (and happen to be running this year) are worried about voter disenfranchisement.* A Superstorm at the Ballot BoxStringer, (Huff Post) * Wendy Long: Let The Sandy Victims Cruise(YNN) * Simcha Felder "a lock" to caucus with GOP  * Superstorm Sandy Recover Leads to Cancellation Of Annual Somos Conference *New sex scandal brewing in the race for the “Super  Jewish” state Senate seat covering Borough Park  (NYDN) * City Limits profiled the Bronx’s role in the city, especially in light of the upcoming elections. Notably, there’s a special election to replace corrupt former City Councilman Larry Seabrook. “Union man” Andy King is the frontrunner to replace him. * No surprises here: Democratic senate candidate Simcha Felder is reportedly “a lock” to caucus with the Republicans if he’s elected tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a jingle from his opponent, incumbent Republican Senator David Storobin. * Former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino‘s contribution to GOP Assembly candidate Joseph Hayon‘s campaign is apparently paying for a mailer attacking the Democratic incumbent, Helene Weinstein, for voting to legalize gay marriage “in concert with Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos.”* Pataki declined to predict whether the Republicans will retain their majority in the state Senate.

Getting to Work
B, G & Z lines out 
All others on normal or limited service, says MTA . . .  Long lines to pay $4 for East River Ferry in WBurg, which is still without L or G train service.

Subways And Traffic Trains and buses will be packed during today's commute(NYP) * Graphic: Subway Service in New York(NYT) * Tolls Suspended on Bridges to the Rockaways(NYT) *Major Subway Lines Return to Life(WABC) * What Could It Cost to Repair the Subway System?(WSJ)* Most Subway Service Back, But Slow Go Expected Monday (WCBS) * Current Subway Status (NYT) * Cuomo has finally, unequivocally, taken ownership of the MTA, reports * Penn Station a mess during morning commute(WABC) * Port Authority Gives Update On Holland Tunnel, PATH  * Limited PATH Service Resuming Tomorrow(NYT) * BREAKING: Gov announces tunnel open TUES for during 6-10am into , 3-7pm out * It took Sandy to make Cuomo a mass transit governor.

In some schools, the heat might not be operating. Mayor Bloomberg advised kids to wear extra sweaters.
Some Schools Openings
City school openings are cold comfort(NYP) * City school openings are cold comfort(NYP) Back to School, Bundled Up, But With Lingering Questions(NYT) In New York City, 57 schools are too damaged to reopen and 29 remained without power, as the city scrambles to find new locations for displaced students *Map: New York's Battered Schools(WSJ) * Many Schools Remain Closed, Some Used As Shelters For Storm WCBS) * Most public schools on Staten Island are back in busine(SI Advance) * Most NYC Students Headed Back to School Monday(NBC) * Back to school, except if it's been trashed by , or houses the thousands she displaced (NYT) * The UFT estimates 40 to 45 schools were most likely too damaged to reopen by the end of the school year.  * Schools Reopen to Snarls; Transit Headaches Persist(NYT)

Still No Power
Bloomberg: 115,000 households remain without electricity, mostly in the Rockaways, Staten Island and south Brooklyn
Power problems continue for 130,000 in city(NYP) * Bloomberg Criticizes LIPA for Response in Rockaway(NBC) * "lights that finally flickered back on...over the weekend could be knocked out again by an expected nor’easter"(NYP)  * It could be weeks, or even months, before some water-logged Lower Manhattan buildings are sufficiently rehabbed so residents and employees can return. Businesses big and small have been displaced.* Con Ed Defends Itself (NYT)

Oil Waiting Continues

Waiting in gas lines now a ‘fuel’-time job(NYP) * While Fuel Is Pledged, Drivers Wait Hours for Gas(NYT) * Cuomo: Gas Shortage ‘Getting Better’(WSJ) * NY region's gas crisis continues as drivers kept waitin (NYDN) * The Black Market for Gasoline Is Booming(NY Mag) * Cuomo's floats idea of gas rationing, odd-even sorts thing. h/t * New York Looking To Other States For Gas (NYDN) * Tempers flaring as gas lines continue to frustrate drivers(NYP)
* Gas Lines Ease, but Shortages and Closed Stations Persist Across New York Region(NYT)
Cabbies Demand Express Lane For Fueling Up, Complain Of(WCBS)

The Unrecovered  in Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn
A storm this week could bring more flooding, but not as much as Sandy did, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

Marines begin Hurricane Sandy relief work in Queens and Staten Island(NYP) * NYTimes: Housing Nightmare Looms in Wake of Storm Mayor Michael Bloomberg estimates that up to 40,000 New Yorkers were made homeless by Hurricane Sandy, increasing concerns as the temperature drops to freezing levels at night *Living Forlorn and in the Dark(NYT) * Feeling Abandoned, in Sight of Manhattan(NYT)Sixth Day on the 10th Floor in Coney Island(NYT) * Video: Lights Out in the Rockaways (NYT) * In Sight of Manhattan Skyline, Living Forlorn and in the Dark(NYT) * Volunteers Flock to Disaster Areas, Overwhelming City Relief Centers(NYT)
Future Is in Limbo for the Damaged Buildings Close to the Water’s Edge(NYT) * Engineers’ Warnings in 2009 Detailed Storm Surge Threat to the Region(NYT) * New York Scrambles to Find Homes for Thousands(WSJ) * Wave of Death on Staten Island(WSJ) * For One Breezy Point Family, Situation Is 'Sickening'(WSJ) * Cold Menaces Crippled Area(WSJ) * Trying to Salvage Mementos in Staten Island (WSJ) * In the Rockaways, Preparing for a Long, Cold Night (WSJ)* U.S. Navy hits shores of Belle Harbor to help Sandy vic (NYDN) * Residents Of Storm Fire-Devastated Breezy Point Gather For Services(WCBS) * Volunteers Come All The Way From Texas To Help Storm-Battered(WCBS) * Falling Temperatures Put Tri-State Area Residents At Risk(WCBS)
* Looters & the NYPD (NYP) Will the NYCLU face reality? In the Post, Heather Mac Donald, a contributing editor for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, examines the battle against the NYPD’s trespass patrol program in the wake of the looting from Hurricane Sandy:

Staten Islanders deal with the emotional damage caused by (SI Advance) * * Evacuee stats don’t abode well(NYP) "This is going 2b a massive massive housing problem" * Long lines for food & blankets in Rockaways. Shades of Katrina in recovery. * Ten of the 40 Hurricane Sandy casualties lived along a stretch of the Staten Island coastline that ignored the city’s evacuation orders, the Wall Street Journal writes: * The News lauds New York City’s volunteer network in the days after the storm, while touting its own relief drive and lamenting the increase in the homeless population: * Breezy Point, Trapped Between the Hurricane and the Flames // See reader comments about this segregated enclave *EMA director Craig Fugate said 86,000 New York area households have already registered for federal disaster assistance, at a cost of $97 million.

Staten Island gets help from some of America's best; 'Can't believe' the destruction (NYP) * Ten of the 40 known to have died in New York City lived along a roughly one-and-a-half mile stretch of the Staten Island coastline. Most of the dead were elderly and lived alone.* Life isn't Fairway: The supermarket's Red Hook location will be closed for 8 weeks: by .* NYCHA has also received generators to bring power back to Carlton Manor, Beach 41st, Ocean Bay & Red Fern * NYCHA has 114 buildings without power.* Nearly all of New York City public housing developments should have power within the next three days, the mayor said. * Manhattan's power is back, but the hubbub is missing from restaurant scene after * Bloomberg has named a director of housing recovery operations, who will be in charge of finding shelter for everyone displaced by Sandy. * Cuomo 'angry' at pace of power recovery(NYP)
* Where Boardwalks Beckoned, a Way of Life Lies in Splinters(NYT)
* With $200 Million in U.S. Housing Aid, Officials Begin Relocating the Displaced(NYT)
 * Many Flooded Manhattan Buildings May Stay Closed(NYT)
* City Approves Contracts for Storm Cleanup(NYT)
* Staten Island Tries To Clean Up Under Threat Of Impending Storm (WCBS)
* Tenants at Red Hook housing projects still without power,(NYP)
* Bloomberg aide delivers marathon leftovers to Sandy's victims (NYP)

NYU,Coney Island to take outpatients, Bellevue closed(Reuters)

New York City left many critical supplies such as generators and warm clothing from its canceled marathon stranded in Central Park instead of diverting it to areas in need
Marathon canceled, but generators and supplies still sit unused in park(NYP) * Along the 26.2 Miles, No Hordes or Cheers, Just Odd Tranquillity(NYT) * A Marathon Runs Its Course(WSJ)

A Storm-Battered Supply Chain Threatens Holiday Shopping(NYT) * Banks Going Low-Tech in Aftermath of Sandy(WSJ) * Ex-Gov. Pataki slams rabbi-rousing over same sex marriage(NYDN) Upstate rabbi made 'offensive' remarks, blaming New York's permission of gay nuptuals for Hurricane Sandy* The News lays out some options for storm-proofing New York City in light of the possibility that climate change could bring more catastrophic flooding

John Liu issues statement condemning on power outages n the Rockaways, which is not served by Con Ed.



Where the hell is Helen Marshall? (Queens Crap)

"I've lived in Queens my entire life and never, have I seen such destruction. Destruction along with such abandonment by the very people sworn to represent us. From the news out there currently, 80% of manhattan has had power restored. Whereas, 80% of Queens residents without power are still without power.
Rockaway, Howard beach, and Breezy Point are all in QUEENS! Just to name a few of the communities in QUEENS that have been devastated if not completely wiped out due to SANDY! Some of our local politicians have been out there assessing and helping. Others have had their offices open on a 24 hour basis handling its constituents issues. Local senators, assembly members, council members, and even a district leader (one who actually lives in the area he is the district leader of) have been out and about. Visible, helpful, lending a hand. Molinaro, of Staten Island has been visible and rightfully vocal. Markowitz, of Brooklyn out there visible and vocal. Springer of Manhattan out there visible, helpful, vocal.So my question and my concern is: If all of these Boro Presidents are out there, working for their community, their constituents. Where the hell is the Queens Boro President? Is she ok? I hope so, if she is ok, why isn't she out there advocating for us? Why isn't she making sure that Rockaway, Howard Beach, Breezy Point, and the rest of Queens are taken care of? If she is not ok: Where the hell is the deputy Boro president???Either way, she and or her office, have abandoned us!" - Alfredo Centola

Media Limits Crane Cover to Removal, Could Care Less Why It Happened Again
The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman and Not One Newspaper is Asking Questions

Crane pain is finally over on 57th St.(NYP) * Street Where Crane Collapsed Is Reopened(NYT) * High Drama With Crane Comes to an End(WSJ) * With Crane Secure, Nearly All Of West 57th Street Reope(NBC)

Flashback * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways * Lend Lease admits US fraud, faces $US56m payout | The Australian * Bovis Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...

A-train bay crossing needs to be rebuilt (City and State)

From The Politicker:  At a press briefing Thursday night, MTA chief Joe Lhota said it would be some time before A-train service could be restored to the Rockaways due to extensive damage to the Broad Channel crossing that carries the train between Howard Beach in Brooklyn to the Rockaways.

Hurricane-relief Guardsmen tossed out of armory - for Victoria's Secret show(NYP)


The Making of A President 2012: Final Day
Surging Mitt says Obama ‘blue it’ in once-loyal Keystone State(NYP) * GALLUP SWING: O 48% R 48%... *As Candidates Make Final Pleas, Legal Battles Begin(NYT) * Voice Is Strained, but Support on the Trail Unstinting(NYT) * Obama and Romney Deadlocked, Polls Show(WSJ) * An Election Nail-Biter in 3 Key Counties(WSJ) * Independent Votes Could Be Key(WSJ) * In Final Lap, President's Team Turns Nostalgic(WSJ) * Military Cuts Loom Large in Virginia Race(WSJ) * Bill Clinton to barnstorm Pennsylvania with stops in Montco, Philadelphia for ... - Delaware County Daily Times * Mediaite's Guide To 2012 Newspaper Presidential Endorsements 

Sandy and the Suitors(NY Mag) The storm swept one candidate toward the finish. But whoever loses has only himself to blame.* Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth? | Mother Jones (Mother Jones)
It's All Over But the Vote Counting - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Obama, Romney Deadlocked Ahead of Vote - King & Meckler, Wall St. Jrnl
Will Romney's Pennsylvania Push Work? - Dan Hirschhorn, The Daily
As Ohio Counts, So Waits the Nation - John Fund, National Review
Obama Camp Exudes Confidence in Stretch Run - Nancy Cordes, CBS News
How Romneyworld Sees Mitt Winning - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
The Outlook for 10 Key Senate Races - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics

Country Will Reject Gilded Age GOP - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Obama: From Hope to Bitterness - Kyle Smith, New York Post
A Race to the Bottom - Howard Fineman, Huffington Post
The Problem With Obama's "Revenge" - Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Much of the Media Is Calling It for Obama - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast
Wave Goodbye to the Obama Media - Carlson & Patel, The Daily Caller
Campaign 2012: The End of Political Truth? - David Corn, Mother Jones
Obama Lied to America About Benghazi - Ralph Peters, New York Post
The Republican Id - Bill Keller, New York Times
I Didn't Leave the Dems. They Left Me - Sheldon Adelson, Wall St. Journal
Election 2012: Obama 47.9, Romney 47.4 | Obama 201, Romney 191
Chris Christie's New Obama Friendship Doesn't Extend to Voting Booth(NY Mag)
Obama Bet His Presidency on Big Government - Wall Street Journal
Republican Tax Priorities - New York Times
Obama the Wiser Bet for Crisis Hit U.S. - Financial Times
November Surprise: An EPA Crackdown on Coal - Washington Examiner
Americans far more satisfied with Romney’s campaign than they were with John McCain’s effort four years ago: (Politico)
Candidates set to visit 8 states on election eve(Wash Post)
National Daily Tracking: 49%, 48%...
* : 50%, 48%...
Early voting in Nevada hits record high (Wash Post)
Win or lose, this campaign has been a series of “lasts” for Obama.  
GALLUP: R 49% O 48%
RASMUSSEN: R 49% O 48% 

Knocking doors for Romney in Wisconsin, and wasting no time (Wash Post)
Axelrod: Dick Morris Is “Delusional”  
Romney adds Election Day stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania  
Mitt Romney to campaign on Election Day in Ohio and Pennsylvania  
BREAKING: Officials say Romney to campaign in Cleveland area, Pittsburgh area on Election Day.  
RT : Pres. Obama has done 101 campaign rallies in just 9 states: He's done 221 fundraisers in 24 states plus DC and Puerto Rico.
Brokaw: 'The Tea Party Is Not Going To Go Away,' 'It's An Insurgency' [VIDEO]   
Final early vote numbers suggest a very close race(Wash Post)
RT : President Barack Obama holds 48% vs 46% lead over Mitt Romney in national poll of likely voters - Reuters / Ipsos
Who Will Win? Turnout Is the Key - Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times
What We Already Know About This Election - Thomas Edsall, NY Times
Romney's Quiet Rise - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
The Obama Landslide Scenario - Steve Kornacki, Salon
Why Romney Will Win: Tie Goes to the Challenger - Fred Barnes, Wkly Std
Turnout Turnout Turnout - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Future of the Welfare State Is at Stake - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Why Obama Doesn't Deserve to Win - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Romney for Ike-Like Peace & Prosperity - Kevin Ferris, Philadelphia Inquirer
Romney Win Would Reward Bad GOP Behavior - Gary Younge, Guardian
What the President Really Said on "60 Minutes" - Bret Baier, FOX News 

Networks help Obama, Romney make their last pitches(Huff Post)
Final early vote numbers suggest a very close race: -- stats from NC, CO, FL, OH, VA  
Provisional ballots could be key if Ohio margin razor thin -  
New Hampshire: 50%, 48%...  
Romney campaign leaking "internal polls" showing them tied or a bit ahead in swing states. 
A list of poll closing times, races to watch: (Wash Post)
How AP counts the votes and calls the races  
Romney wins support of Americans in Israel   
Mayor Bloomberg’s PAC dropped another $1 million on a Connecticut House race.
Sandy-themed attack ads lobbed at Mitt Romney by the environmental movement – too soon? 
A group of Republican US senators say thousands of voter ballots are unlikely to reach military service members until after Election Day. 

Obama Campaign Manager Admits To CNN: Race In ‘Pennsylvania Has Tightened, Absolutely’
Battle for Presidency Goes to Voters - Rutenberg & Zeleny, New York Times
Turnout, Racial Composition Will Decide the Election - Gerald Seib, WSJ
Obama Will Win With 290 Electoral Votes - Ezra Klein, Washington Post
Independent Voters Give Romney Chance to Win Big - Josh Jordan, NRO
What Obama & Romney Should Be Worrying About - Bill McKenzie, DMN
Frank Rich on Maddow: GOP Changing Its Tune on Latino Voters(NY Mag)

State by State, Battle for the Presidency Goes to Voters(NYT)

Romney internal polls show him 3 points up in New Hampshire, 2 points up in Iowa and dead even in Wisconsin & Pennsylvania.  No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote (The Atlantc) How Mitt Romney could be better for the economy than Obama (The Atlantic)

You See Bloggers Matter
In Year of Mistakes, a Wary News Media(NYT) After several missteps, news organizations have adjusted their safeguards and tried to prepare for a huge influx of social media reaction

A NYP Payoff Bribe to their Writers to  Cover-Up New CEO's BBC Sexual Scandal At the Old Gray Lady

A gathering storm at the Times (Goodwin, NYP)
After nearly two years of deadlock with The Newspaper Guild, The New York Times says its has a possible settlement with reporters and photographers. The timing smells. A revolt is brewing in house over the hiring of Mark Thompson to be the new CEO, and management might be hoping staff raises will temper the outrage. Both the public editor and a columnist for the paper voiced doubts about Thompson’s claim that, as head of the BBC, he knew nothing about the decades-long sexual abuse carried about by TV host Jimmy Savile or why the broadcast organization killed a program containing lurid accusations about Savile.
It doesn’t take a gumshoe to believe the doubters are on to something. To give Thompson credit for his ignorance is to make it a virtue, and reward someone for ducking responsibility by looking the other way.
Here’s a test for the Times and Thompson. They should announce that a team of the paper’s top reporters will dig into his claims and the results will be published. If he comes up clean, he keeps the job.
One way or the other, a cloud over the Times will be gone * Incoming Times CEO Mark Thompson Doesn’t Read His Morning Briefings(NY Mag)

Law and Order 
New York City has experienced a drop in murders, theft, and assaults but a slight increase in burglaries in the days since Hurricane Sandy hit, the News reports: