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You Don't to Be Mayor the Mayor . . . No Weiner or Stringer
NYC did not elect first Jewish Mayor until 1973 and there have only been three ever
With No Major Jewish Candidate, an Unusual Absence in the N.Y.C. Mayor’s Race(NYT)
In the world of politics, the idea of a New York City mayor’s race without a serious Jewish entrant is hard to fathom. It would be “like the Upper West Side without Zabar’s,” said Robert Shrum, a longtime Democratic political strategist.

Is the Councilman Thinking About Delivering Votes?  For What? For Who? Who Else in the Jewish Commuiity Will Try to Deliver Vote. . .  Koch is already with Quinn

Lack of Jewish candidate for Mayor means J swing vote decides election MT : ; "Where are the Jews?"

Campaign 2013/4 After praising mayoral candidate Bill Thompson the week before, Assemblyman Dov Hikind heaped accolades on one of Mr. Thompson’s electoral rivals, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio Saturday night. ”You’re a doer, that’s what I love about you,” Mr. Hikind said. “That’s why when we first met and you ran for the City Council, I said, ‘This is the guy we want.’” * : MTA board member congratulates "mayor-elect" Laurence Laufer, a prominent election attorney, is juggling three clients in next year's citywide races, while challenging the legality of city election rules he helped write. [Chris Bragg] * None of the major mayoral candidates is standing up to the teachers union. [Daily News] * Democratic state senator Malcolm Smith and former Obama administration member Adolfo Carrion met separately with Staten Island Republican County chairman. [Tom Wrobleski] * Bloomberg's inner circle jumps on Lhota mayoral bandwagon  * Coney Island Residents Cope With Month-Long Wait For Basic Utilities(NY1) * Steve Buscemi Weighs In on the Mayoral Race(NYO)*  Bill de Blasio, who’s all-but-certain to campaign for mayor next year, just rolled out an event with actor Steve Buscemi.Former Gov. David Paterson is hosting a fundraiser for state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli Thursday at Le Parker Meridien. * Sen. Tony Avella will run for Queens borough president next year, setting up a battle with his Albany colleague, Sen. Jose Peralta, among others.

Crowley Who Lost 3 Councilmember Candidates He Endorsed in 2009,  This Year He Plays the Field This Year
* Boss Crowley City Council Loses:  Jerry Iannese (19th); John Choe (20th); Frank Gulluscio
* Only races he can win are the special elections where he gets to pick the democrat candidate
* On Third of All State Representatives in Albany Were Elected by Political Bosses in Special Elections
Queens Democratic Party Chairman Joe Crowley, who scheduled appearances at three different borough president campaign kickoffs, is playing the field for outgoing Councilman Jim Gennaro‘s district too. Mr. Crowley will attend both Assemblyman Rory Lancman‘s fundraiser and District Leader Martha Taylor‘s. Also on Ms. Taylor’s host committee are a few elected officials, like Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng, Assemblymembers Vivian Cook, Barbara Clark, Andrew Hevesi, William Scarborough, Michael Simanowitz and David Weprin, as well as Councilmembers Leroy Comrie, Danny Dromm, Karen Koslowitz and Mark Weprin. * Queens, NY - State Assembly - District 27 - Special Election ... * Queens, NY - State Assembly - District 23 - Special Election ... * 6 of 6 Dems capture NY Assembly special elections * Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry - New York State Assembly - Member ... * Longtime chief of staff to former Assemblymember Nettie Mayersohn, got the Democrats' backing to succeed his former boss as the representative from the 27th district in Queens, won. * Almost one-third of lawmakers have won their post in special elections

Under New York State law, special elections take an end run around primaries, putting the choice of party nominees entirely in the hands of the party leadership. On the day of the special election, voter select among the nominees of any parties -- including smaller ones, such as the Working Families or Conservative parties -- that choose to place a candidate on the ballot. But in a state where many districts feature wildly lopsided party registrations, that comes down to little or no choice at all. * To take an extreme case, in a June 2009 special election to fill an Assembly vacancy in the Bronx, only 2.3 percent of voters turned out, according to a recent analysis by Citizens Union. Democrat Marcos Crespo won 1,457 votes to defeat Republican Leopold Paul, who got a mere 106 votes.

NYC Assemblyman Elected in Special Elections: Manhattan: Micah Kellner; Linda Rosenthal; Dan Quart;  Bronx: Vanessa Gibson; Jeffrey Dinowitz; Carmen E. Arroyo; Marcos Crespo Brooklyn: Karim Camara; Joan Millman; Rafael Espinal; William Boyland, Jr.; Annette Robinson  Staten Island: Matthew Titone; Louis Tobacco  Queens: Phillip Goldfeder; David Weprin; Michael Simanowitz; Andrew Hevesi; Michele Titus; Jeffrion Aubry

Nobody in the Press Asks Silver What he Said When He Testified in Front of JCOPE About the Lopez Hush Fund Scandal . . .  DN Is Only Paper That Says Silver Went Before JCOPE . . .  TU Says Silver Weathered the Storm By Picking Up 6 More Assembly Seats

A Silver spokesman refused to say whether the powerful Manhattan Democrat testified, saying only: “We’re cooperating fully.”

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A Silver spokesman refused to say whether the powerful Manhattan Democrat testified, saying only: “We’re cooperating fully.” That is It. Read More About the Hush Fund Scandal (True News)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver testified before the state ethics commission about his role in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal, discussing how he signed off on a large taxpayer-funded settlement for Lopez’s accusers, the News’ Ken Lovett reports:  Speaker Sheldon Silver is called to testify before state investigators in the ongoing probe into the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Investigators wanted to find out more about a secret financial settlement with two Lopez accusers that Silver signed off on *  Assembly Speaker Silver brushed off the scandal that enveloped himself and Assemblyman Vito Lopez and added six seats to an already sizeable Democratic advantage in the Assembly, thanks in part to a solid fundraising base Assembly Democrats weathered Lopez storm(TU) * Despite the Republicans’ best efforts to tar Democratic candidates – and Silver himself – with the Lopez scandal during the election, the speaker grew his majority by six seats.* Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz called on his colleagues to refrain from re-electing Speaker Sheldon Silver due to his handling of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal.

Nobody Follows Up NYP Report That Quinn Caved on Lopez's District  . . .  Press Gives Her A Free Ride
New ‘Vito district’ unlikely (NYP) Council-map ‘redo’ Vito Lopez had better start looking for a real-estate agent if he intends to run for the City Council next year in the Brooklyn neighborhood he most covets. (Lopez controls a housing non profit, so he should have no problem finding a new apartment in the district, anyway he lives in Queens out of both districts)  Sources said Council Speaker Christine Quinn wants to undo the map proposed by the Districting Commission that moved the embattled assemblyman’s home into the district represented by Councilwoman Diana Reyna. * Legal experts are dubious that NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn or the Council could tweak new district lines without sending the entire matter back to the NYC Districting Commission. * Council Speaker Christine Quinn certainly has a redistricting conundrum on her hands. It seems her only option to scuttle a map favorable to Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s potential candidacy is an up-or-down rejection of the new lines by her chamber, surely a difficult pill for some incumbents to swallow while looking at a map designed to protect their reelection bids. Also, any maneuvering could undermine her claims that the map-making process was truly independent of political concerns. Of course, Mr. Lopez can still run even if his house isn’t in the district.

BOE Could Miss the Electrical Collage Vote Deadline of December 17th
Must Count 333,000 Paper Ballots - counting 7 days a week 
One insider said finishing the count to avoid the scandal of throwing away ballots is more important than accuracy (making sure illegal ballots are not counted)
The Election Results the NYT Used This Weekend to Show How Democratic Manhattan Residence Voted for President, Were Not Their Official Results
The Board is expected to fudge the Discrepancy Reports which are required by law to make sure the vote in each ED is correct * NYC Board of Elections finally getting around to counting 18K absentee and affidavit ballots cast on Staten Island(SI Advance)

On a Largely Blue Island, an Exception: Trump Tower(NYT) A precinct-by-precinct examination of how New Yorkers voted showed Mitt Romney suffered a resounding defeat in the city and won only one precinct outright in Manhattan.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is called to testify before state investigators in the ongoing probe into the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Assemblyman Vito Lopez  

Investigators wanted to find out more about a secret financial settlement with two Lopez accusers that Silver signed off on

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Cuomo Heads to Washington to Get Sandy $$$, No New Taxes
Cuomo will not raise taxes or fees in the next state budget to make up for losses incurred by Hurricane Sandy, as state legislators await a midyear report on state finances that will include Sandy’s impact on the current budget
Gov rejects taxes to fix Sandy deficit(NYP) Cuomo plans to adhere to “his basic approach’’ of reining in the high cost of state government even if the federal government fails to cover all of New York’s losses from the storm, a decision that could grow the state’s already-projected $1 billion deficit for the fiscal year beginning April 1, an aide to the governor said. Cuomo has suggested Sandy could double the projected deficit — noting that its disruption of the New York City-area economy has already added 50,000 people to unemployment rolls. Even before Sandy hit, state tax collections were trailing projections. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said last week that pre-Sandy tax collections were almost $171 million behind estimatesthat had been made in a three-month budget update in July. * Cuomo to Meet With State's Congressional Delegation on Storm Aid(NYT) * Temporary Jobs in Storm-Affected Areas(NYT) $15 Dollars an Hour  * State Labor Dept. Offers More Than 5K Jobs In Sandy Recovery Efforts(NY1) * After praising mayoral candidate Bill Thompson the week before, Assemblyman Dov Hikind heaped accolades on one of Mr. Thompson’s electoral rivals, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio Saturday night. ”You’re a doer, that’s what I love about you,” Mr. Hikind said. “That’s why when we first met and you ran for the City Council, I said, ‘This is the guy we want.’”*
President Obama reportedly told Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg during his pre-Thanksgiving tour of New York’s Sandy damage that they should include as many states as possible in their federal disaster request to increase the chance that Congress would pass it.* 
FEMA has already approved $664 million worth of aid for New York residents impacted by Sandy.* Uncertainty in Albany over an expired $430 million rebate is fueling confusion in the city, where hundreds of thousands of condo and co-op owners fear a 20 percent spike in tax bills. [Andrew Hawkins] * . scheduled to meet Congressional leaders Wednesday in DC to press for NYC's $9.8 billion requestNYC breakdown: $5.7B "gross city product"; $4.8B uninsured private losses; $4.5B city agencies; $3.8B insured private losses* 3m More problems for : NY still hasn't released midyr financial update, as law requires by 10/30. * No Good, Very Expensive Hurricane to Cost New York City $19 Billion(NY Mag) * Cuomo to ask feds for nearly $42 billion for Sandy aid  * Cuomo: Sandy Had More Of A Wallop Than Katrina(YNN) * A photo sent out by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office of today’s meeting with fellow elected officials about the Sandy recovery plan captures Mayor Bloomberg either asleep or completely disinterested.* EJ McMahon takes Cuomo to task for being late for the second straight year in releasing a quarterly update to the state’s financial plan. * SD 46: Done for the night in Ulster County; w/ approx 40% of paper ballots counted, Amedore still holds 714 vote lead

The Daily News conducted an extensive point-by-point analysis of all of Mr. Cuomo’s mistakes and possible faux-pas after the storm. One interesting nugget:
“Cuomo also has made just three joint appearances with Bloomberg since the storm hit, though he and the mayor insist they are working very closely. A source with close ties to Cuomo said a key reason for the split media briefings is that Cuomo remembers how he believed then-Gov. George Pataki played second fiddle to Mayor Giuliani at their joint events after the 9/11 attacks.”

The $27 Million for Jobs Will Last Less Than the 3 Months Claimed . . .  We Did the Math
$15 Dollars an Hour for 5000 workers working 8 hours a day is $40,000 a day
$40,000 will only pay for 68 days or less then 3 months $27,200,000
If Supervisiors Get More Than $15 an Hour Then It the Fed Money Will Last Less Than 2 Months 


NYP Dicker Says GOP Will Continue State Senate Contoll
* George Amedore 900 votes ahead
Remaining absentee and affidavit ballots in Ulster County, where Tkaczyk won 61 percent of the vote
Last week’s absentee-ballot tally ended with GOP Assemblyman George Amedore leading Democrat Cecelia Tkaczyk, a little-known school-board member, by more than 900 votes. Absentee ballots have been counted from the sections of Albany, Schenectady, Green and Montgomery counties that are part of the district.  But Ulster County’s absentees are expected to produce a strong Democratic margin for Tkaczyk. Republicans are expected to retain control of the 63-member Senate if Amedore emerges as the winner — with a bare one-vote majority. They’ll have 31 Republicans plus the support of Sen.-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn, a Democrat who says he’s backing continued GOP control. Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Klein of The Bronx, leader of the four-member “Independent Democratic Conference,’’ hasn’t been a profile in courage since Election Day. While he has strongly hinted the IDC will back continued GOP control of the Senate if Amedore is defeated, he has repeatedly refused to say flatly that it will do so.

 Paper ballot counting starts today in Ulster County – the fifth and final county in the 46th SD to undertake this tally since Election Day. The results could decide the balance of power in the Senate.* Gianaris, Libous Duel Over SD-46(YNN) * BREAKING: New York Mayor's Office sees total loss from Hurricane Sandy at around $19 billion* Will Amedore and Tkaczyk still end up in court? (TU) * WFP, Labor Groups To Hold Rally For Democratic Senate(YNN) * Probably Not The Best Way To Win Over Jeff Klein The Metropolitan Council on Housing (where there’s no love lost for Espada) from comparing the IDC leader to the erstwhile leader of the four amigos.* Senate Minority Leader John Sampson and IDC head Jeff Klein met quietly Sunday and “cleared the air on some of the personality differences that have cast a shadow over their relationship over the past two years.”

MTA Alice In Wonderland Time Keeping

Letters of credit (NYP) In a hurry? Don’t play it by the numbers. The numbered subway lines — the system’s busiest — are slower than their lettered counterparts and routinely arrive at their terminals behind schedule, according to new MTA statistics.* MTA: Numbered Subway Lines Late More Often Than Lettered Lines (NY1)

MTA Spins Fare Beaters Crackdown As Fare Increase Approaches
Donohue: MTA gearing for crackdown on fare-beaters(NYDN)

Daily News Lovett Writes One for Team Cuomo for Future Tips
Cuomo’s leadership through Hurricane Sandy has put him in the spotlight as a presidential contender in 2016, despite several missteps during the recovery process, the Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes:

Pension Scandal: The One Who Got Caught Supports Public Financing of Campaigns . . .  The One That Paid His Way Out Wants to Change the Capital Gains Tax
Hank Morris, disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi’s longtime political consultant, was sent away for masking his role as ringleader in a state pension fund pay-to-play scandal. Buthe also was charged with arranging campaign donations for Hevesi from firms inexchange for fund business. 
Pension Scandal: The One That Got Away 

More Chips For Tax Reform By STEVEN RATTNER As we scurry around looking for new revenue to help address the yawning budget deficit, let's zero in on the proper rate for capital gains and dividends.

Sex abuse trial starts for B'klyn rabbi accused of molesting 12-year-old girl(NYP)

Paramedics’ Union: FDNY EMS Chief Failed During Sandy (WCBS)
The New York Post report that fire stations in flood zones were not ordered to evacuate when they were already flooded, even though the FDNY requires crews to begin preparing for such events three days ahead of time.

Hank Morris, disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi’s longtime political consultant, was sent away for masking his role as ringleader in a state pension fund pay-to-play scandal. But he also was charged with arranging campaign donations for Hevesi from firms in exchange for fund business.

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House Ethics Committee investigating Rep. Michael Grimm (Wash Post)

Ethics Committee: No Evidence Of Grimm’s Wrongdoing Post-Election(YNN)

Ominous news for Congressman Michael Grimm, whose case is apparently still under investigation by the Department of Justice. “The Department of Justice has asked the Committee to defer consideration of this matter,” the House Ethics Committee announced.


Sandy Recovery Continues
Many Cemeteries Damaged, but Green-Wood Bore the Brunt of the Storm(NYT) *NYC's Green-Wood Cemetery loses 292 trees in Sandy (WSJ) * Despite Ruin, Library Offers Books and Community(NYT) * Recovery Efforts Left Many Towns Adrift(WSJ) * Post-Sandy Survey Ranks Transit Rancor(WSJ) * LIRR, PATH and ferry service added(WSJ)* Photo restorers volunteer for Sandy victims(NYDN) * Security guard's family mourns his death during Hurricane(NYDN) * Groups help Sandy-hit illegal immigrants(NYDN) * Coalition: Halt evictions of Superstorm Sandy victims(NYDN) * Piggy bank thieves beyond greedy in Breezy(NYDN)
* Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway on point for Sandy storm cleanup(NYDN) * Councilman Dan Garodnick, running for comptroller, called for a moratorium on Sandy-related evictions.*
State set to give Sandy recovery jobs to 5K unemployed(NYP) * For Hurricane Sandy victims on Staten Island, rebuilding begins, but "normal" seems a long way off(SI Advance) Bloomberg & Cuomo Should Revitalize the Rockaways After Hurricane Sandy (Daily Beast) * Bloomberg Vaguely Threatens Landlords Who Don’t Get the Lights Back On(NYO) City Restoration Centers Offer Various Ways To Help Sandy Victims (NY1) * SI Borough President Wants New Great Kills Ferry Service Made Permanent.(CBS)

Crane Collapses In Hell's Kitchen: Fire officials say a crane collapsed this morning on West 38th Street between 9th...  * Hell’s Kitchen crane collapses: It’s been several weeks since the crane dangling from the top of Extell’s One57...

The News criticizes the Education Department for its "absurd" policy of testing four-year olds for gifted and talented programs in New York City public schools, and calls for a lottery system instead: * City says it is considering closing 24 high schools this year Boys & Girls HS, DeWitt Clinton and Lehman are among them*   Less than a third of city students college-ready, new data show * NY Archdiocese Releases List Of Elementary Schools ‘At-Risk’ Of Closure

NYT Tries to Erase Desent Against Atlantic Yards

Opponents of Atlantic Yards Are Exhausted by a Long, Losing Battle(NYT) Many living in the shadow of the arena, who fought against its developer’s use of eminent domain, wonder if they can disentangle themselves from the confrontation.

Atlantic Yards Report Writer Oder Exposes the NYT Game
As predicted, Times reports on how Atlantic Yards opponents are exhausted by losses; neglects to cite court win, other news validating critique(Atlantic Yard Review) * The Brooklyn Rail, A Brand Called Brooklyn, on the use of "Brooklyn" to sell the arena and team. *City Journal, The Barclays Center's Media Enabler, on the New York Times's erratic, inadequate coverage. (And more here.)

Gotham Gazette Discovers Disorderly Development on SI 50 Years Too Late

Council Delivers to Developers And Parking Space Owners
City Takes Up Zoning Changes to Erase Downtown Brooklyn’s Glut of Parking Spots(NYT) A City Council panel will consider new regulations that affect garages built by residential developers in the neighborhood, which has many public transportation options.

Council Delivers to the Taxi Industry  
 Council Set For Pedicab Crackdown (WSJ)The New York City Council is poised to approve legislation this week that could clear up a mystery that has flummoxed and frustrated tourists for years: the actual cost of a pedicab ride.

A federally funded New York Medicaid program will create incentive for participants statewide who are smokers, diabetic, or who have high blood pressure to get healthier by giving them debit card payments of up to $250, The Journal News reports:

DN editorial says NYS should debate full legalization or nothing. "No posing as Florence Nightingales with joints"
Even with Cuomo hesitant to take up the issue, medical marijuana legislation could move to the forefront of Albany’s legislative agenda, owing to a powerful marijuana lobbying arm and support from state legislators, the News reports: * The News calls the legislative push for medical marijuana a cover for full-on legalization, citing other states that have passed medical marijuana laws and have found that most patients use the drug for recreational use rather than pain: * Proponents of pot medical marijuana have renewed their push for legalization in New York, arguing that licensing fees and taxes could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year in new revenues for the cash-strapped state.

More criticism of Cuomo's foot-dragging on fracking. [Brad Gill]

McCain has change of heart toward Susan Rice(NYP) * Time Slipping, U.S. Ponders Afghan Role After 2014(NYT) * Trying to Turn Obama Voters Into Tax Allies(NYT)
* A Minimum Tax for the Wealthy By WARREN E. BUFFETT(NYT) * U.S. Targets Post-2014 Troop Levels in Afghanistan(WSJ) * More Republicans Abandon Grover Norquist's Anti-Tax Pledge(Huff Post)
Why the Recovery Is Feeble - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Fighting Fiscal Phantoms - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Ben's Debt Binge to Detonate Retirement Funds - Jonathan Trugman, NYP
Back to Drawing Board for ObamaCare Foes - Jennifer Haberkorn, Politico
ObamaCare's Implementation Iceberg - Howard & Parente, Manhattan Inst.
What Obama Won - Hendrik Hertzberg, The New Yorker
The New Politics of Discrimination - Keith Koffler, White House Dossier
A Minimum Tax for the Wealthy - Warren Buffett, New York Times
States Choose Own Paths - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Our Responsibility in the New Middle East - Dennis Ross, The New Repubic
Another Laughable Benghazi Lie - Michael Walsh, New York Post
The GOP Will Spend Years in the Wilderness - Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast
The Right Will Rebound - Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Abbas's Dangerous U.N. Move - Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
Obama's Brief Worry About His Murderous Power - Matt Welch, Reason
The U.N.'s Internet Sneak Attack - L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal
The Greatness of Lincoln's Faith in Freedom - Mark Salter, RealClearPolitics
Sunday Panels: Face the Nation | FOX News Sunday | MTPThis Week

Re-elected Obama Rewards Big Labor Buddies - Washington Examiner
Close Guantanamo Bay Prison - New York Times
Get Rid of the Iowa Straw Poll - National Review
Don't Mess With the Electoral College - Denver Post
Obama is preparing to shuffle his cabinet.
Billionaire Warren Buffett continues to advocate for higher taxes for rich people like himself.
Dems Prep Super PACs for 2014(Daily Beast)
Amb. Rice to meet with McCain, other senators(NBC)

Ray Kelly Calls Out Obama on Gun Violence(NYO)
“Maybe the city most affected (by guns) is Chicago,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “The president’s hometown. But barely a peep out of him.” [Mike Lupica
White House Sees Stunted Growth if Tax Cuts Expire
Ray Kelly calls out Obama on gun control(Huff Post)
Speaking of Chicago gun violence, gang member killed at funeral for another gang member shot last week. 

The Drum

The Drum

Is Murdoch out of danger? Nopers

Deadline Looms for Long-Term Unemployed(WSJ) More than 40% of the nearly five million Americans who receive unemployment insurance are set to lose those benefits if federal programs expire as scheduled at year-end.

Man killed by Gaza militants and dragged behind motorcycles was Palestinian loyalist, not traitor: family(NYP) * Egypt’s protests deadly(NYP) * Israel Battled to Build Iron Dome Defense(WSJ)

Law and Order

Cops Seize $5M In Cocaine During Times Square Drug Raid(NYP)

Documentary Provides New Look At Infamous Central Park Jogger (WCBS)

Is cop killer competent enough to be put to death?(NYDN)

Stray bullet hits 5-year-old Bronx ‘ballerina’ sweetie(NYTP)

Three-time accused rapist wants to sue the city for $3 million over extra jail time(NYP)

Limo driver charged in deadly Brooklyn accident(WABC)] * Teen Charged With Bronx Shooting That Wounded Young Girl (NY1)

New York’s civil commitment program, designed to house and treat mentally unbalanced sex offenders, is taking in a smaller percentage of criminals than in past years, records show.

Terrorism Terrorism Law Is a Niche for a Deepening Pool of Defenders in New York