Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYP Should Check With An Election Lawyer and Check Google Before Taking Credit

NYP Does Not Understand the Election Law In Lopez Race

The NYP thinks that moving Lopez's seat out of the district will stop his ability to win the seat. They are wrong all he has to do is move into the district before election day. All the redistricting panel did was redraw the maps and moved Vito’s house right into the politically favorable district he craved. The NYP also takes credit for exposing Vito district last week.  On Sept 10th True News wrote: Will Silver Give Lopez Another Soft Landing in the Council?   Lopez doesn’t live at his purported address as it is, and he would only need to get a new address after winning the councilmanic primary.

Praising Quinn For Getting Caught?

The Post writes that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn should be thanked for exploring ways to prevent Assemblyman Vito Lopez from running for City Council


NYP Takes Credit for Story True News Broke About Lopez Running for the Council

Sorry, Vito(NYP Ed)After hemming and hawing for a week, Quinn finally appears ready to act. “Speaker Quinn is actively exploring ways to fix the Vito problem,” a source told Post City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman.  Great news from Brooklyn: Disgraced political boss Vito Lopez likely won’t be able to grope his way to a City Council seat. * NY1 Online: Panel Discusses New City Council District Lines * Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito and Common Cause NY's Susan Lerner discuss problems with the proposed redistricting lines. [Inside City Hall]* Silver also is confident he’ll be vindicated by JCOPE in its investigation of his handling of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal.  * Quinn Says She Did Not Interfere With City Council Redistricting(NY1)

Breaking PM: Cutting Out Lopez's House Has Become the 
Vito Lopez City Council Incumbent Protection Plan
Quinn Wants To the Council  Redrawing to Take Lopez's Home Out Of a District Favorable to Him to Delay the Districts to Help Incumbents and Party Backed Candidates 
 Vito Lopez redistricing mess causing chaos in the City Council(NYDN)  In an effort to eliminate a growing political problem, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is desperately trying to convince city lawmakers to vote down the proposed new map by arguing it will help their chances of staying in office, a source said.  Many of the Council’s 51 members are reluctant to go back to the drawing board to reshape one messed up district that was secretly drawn to help the embattled Assemblyman, the source said.  In response, Quinn's top aides are frantically calling Council members arguing that voting down the proposed lines would help them win re-election by stalling the final maps release until March or April, the Council insider said.Leaving the lines in limbo until that point would handcuff potential City Council challengers who would be left with just a few weeks to figure out what district they reside in and who they are running against before the likely June Democratic primary.  “This is an incumbent protection plan,” the insider said.


Breaking 11PM

Top Breakaway Democrat Favors G.O.P. Coalition in State Senate(NYT)

So if Klein really does form coalition with the GOP, will other Democrats join the IDC? Or will they stick together in burning resentment?

In an effort to eliminate a growing political problem, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is desperately trying to convince city lawmakers to vote down the proposed new map by arguing it will help their chances of staying in office, a source said.
Many of the Council’s 51 members are reluctant to go back to the drawing board to reshape one messed up district that was secretly drawn to help the embattled Assemblyman, the source said.
In response, Quinn's top aides are frantically calling Council members arguing that voting down the proposed lines would help them win re-election by stalling the final maps release until March or April, the Council insider said.
Leaving the lines in limbo until that point would handcuff potential City Council challengers who would be left with just a few weeks to figure out what district they reside in and who they are running against before the likely June Democratic primary.
“This is an incumbent protection plan,” the insider said.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/vito-lopez-redistricing-mess-causing-chaos-city-council-article-1.1209064#ixzz2DTOIQ0G
In SD 46, final count has Amedore leading Tkaczyk by 110, but more than 600 ballots challenged by GOp give Dems a chance in court.

Sources say  exiting comptroller's race & will endorse. Will run for re-election & possibly speaker
Campaign 2013 MTA honcho loves Lhota(NYP) Democratic state Senate candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk picked up more than 200 votes in a recount of Ulster County absentee and affidavit ballots, setting up a potential court battle with her Republican opponent, Assemblyman George Amedore, the Albany Times-Union writes: SD 46: Done for the night in Ulster County; w/ approx 40% of paper ballots counted, Amedore still holds 714 vote lead * Avella eyes Beep(NYP) *  Tom Allon: Who's A Minor Candidate?(Jewish Week) * George Amedore holds lead over Cecilia Tkaczyk in 46th state Senate district * Amedore leads by 700ish after Monday counting (TU) * How to criticize Cuomo's role in the State Senate fight without criticizing Cuomo. [Reid Pillifant]Term-limited Councilman Jim Gennaro certainly isn’t ruling out staying in public life. “I’m focused on winding up my very happy career in the Council for the last 11 years as a member and the 12 years before that as a staff member to the Council,” he said on Capital Tonight. “I guess like anyone, I have my eye on what I could be doing as of January 1st, 2014, but that’s kind of the subject for another day.” * Gianaris Accuses GOP Of Slowing Ballot Count(YNN) * Will Sampson Stay Leader By Default?(YNN) * How Are You Celebrating Shirley Chisholm Day?(NYO) * Challenged Ballot Breakdown(YNN) There are now less than 1,000 votes to count in the hotly contested 46th Senate District and Republican George Amedore’s overall lead against Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk is down to 322. District wide, Republicans so far have challenged about 500 votes, while Democrats have challenged 158.* The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel joins left-leaning critics of Cuomo for his failure to get involved in the Senate leadership fight. * Jimmy Vielkind and Josh Benson debate the merits of the governor heeding the call for him to try to settle the Senate battle in his fellow Democrats’ favor. * Democratic elected officials and their labor allies called for senators elected as Democrats to caucus as such.

Crain’s Insider explored additional dicing of Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito‘s district with regards to Randall’s Island. The commission claimed it was removed to make the seat more Latino, but as the Manhattan island is about 33% Latino and only has a few people total, its exclusion had an extremely marginal impact on the overall makeup of the overwhelmingly Hispanic district.\Ms. Mark-Viverito, very unhappy with her new lines, was directly critical of Council Speaker Christine Quinn on Inside City Hall last night. “It has to be done in a fair and just way, and not politically motivated. That is the concern here. Over 200 people testified at the public hearing; you have testimony that has been submitted. I don’t believe that any of that was taken into account in any serious fashion, once again to be able to accommodate a political interest,” she said. “This is in the Speaker of the City Council’s interest, who is running for mayor. Obviously she’s interested in getting as much support as she can garner for her interest and her goal. But it cannot be done at the expense of communities.”  Ms. Quinn, however, insisted she has nothing to do with the lines. Earlier today she argued she had no contact with the Districting Commission, “Period. End of conversation.” * Are Councilman Leroy Comrie and State Senator José Peralta the frontrunners for establishment support in their Queens borough president campaigns?

Common Cause has petition opposing new Council lines for 3 reasons- 1 is based on bad math. Say lines give Bx & Manhattan = seats.Not true

Under new lines. Manhattan has 9.5 seats - Bx 8.5.

Crowley Who Lost 3 Councilmember Candidates He Endorsed in 2009,  This Year He Plays It Safe by Betting the Field
* Boss Crowley City Council Loses:  Jerry Iannese (19th); John Choe (20th); Frank Gulluscio
* Only races he can win are the special elections where he gets to pick the democrat candidate
* On Third of All State Representatives in Albany Were Elected by Political Bosses in Special Elections
Queens Democratic Party Chairman Joe Crowley, who scheduled appearances at three different borough president campaign kickoffs, is playing the field for outgoing Councilman Jim Gennaro‘s district too. Mr. Crowley will attend both Assemblyman Rory Lancman‘s fundraiser and District Leader Martha Taylor‘s. Also on Ms. Taylor’s host committee are a few elected officials, like Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng, Assemblymembers Vivian Cook, Barbara Clark, Andrew Hevesi, William Scarborough, Michael Simanowitz and David Weprin, as well as Councilmembers Leroy Comrie, Danny Dromm, Karen Koslowitz and Mark Weprin. * Queens, NY - State Assembly - District 27 - Special Election ... * Queens, NY - State Assembly - District 23 - Special Election ... * 6 of 6 Dems capture NY Assembly special elections * Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry - New York State Assembly - Member ... * Longtime chief of staff to former Assemblymember Nettie Mayersohn, got the Democrats' backing to succeed his former boss as the representative from the 27th district in Queens, won. * Almost one-third of lawmakers have won their post in special elections

Under New York State law, special elections take an end run around primaries, putting the choice of party nominees entirely in the hands of the party leadership. On the day of the special election, voter select among the nominees of any parties -- including smaller ones, such as the Working Families or Conservative parties -- that choose to place a candidate on the ballot. But in a state where many districts feature wildly lopsided party registrations, that comes down to little or no choice at all. * To take an extreme case, in a June 2009 special election to fill an Assembly vacancy in the Bronx, only 2.3 percent of voters turned out, according to a recent analysis by Citizens Union. Democrat Marcos Crespo won 1,457 votes to defeat Republican Leopold Paul, who got a mere 106 votes.

NYC Assemblyman Elected in Special Elections: Manhattan: Micah Kellner; Linda Rosenthal; Dan Quart;  Bronx: Vanessa Gibson; Jeffrey Dinowitz; Carmen E. Arroyo; Marcos Crespo Brooklyn: Karim Camara; Joan Millman; Rafael Espinal; William Boyland, Jr.; Annette Robinson  Staten Island: Matthew Titone; Louis Tobacco  Queens: Phillip Goldfeder; David Weprin; Michael Simanowitz; Andrew Hevesi; Michele Titus; Jeffrion Aubry

Thompson Wants the CFB to Pay for His Poster Fines
The News admonishes former City Comptroller Bill Thompson for putting in a claim with the Campaign Finance Board to pay outstanding campaign debts incurred from plastering campaign posters on city property*  Thompson to pay fines from his campaign account.(NYDN)

Cuomo Lobby Machine Funded in Part By Firm He Investigated  As AG
Lobbying Group That Backs Cuomo Gets Big Donations From Firm He Investigated(NYT) The Fisher Brothers real estate firm has contributed to a lobbying group set up at Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s urging, and to his political campaigns.* When ‘Super PACs’ Become Lobbyists (NYT Ed) Combining unlimited spending on elections with issue advocacy is a dangerous escalation.

Bloomberg goes after City Council for blocking sale of underused building

The former congressman has co-authored an opinion piece about the suffering in the Rockaways following Hurricane Sandy. The column, written with Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens), appears in Wednesday’s Daily News.

Outlook Grimm

The House Ethics Committee announced that U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm is under investigation for possible campaign finance violations, including soliciting and accepting prohibited contributions, the Associated Press reports: 

House Ethics Committee investigating Rep. Michael Grimm (Wash Post)

Ethics Panel to Scrutinize Congressman From S.I.(NYT) *
House Ethics Committee Probes Staten Island U.S. Rep. Michael (WCBS)

Anthony Weiner takes another step back onto political stage following sexting scandal

The former congressman has co-authored an opinion piece about the suffering in the Rockaways following Hurricane Sandy. The column, written with Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens), appears in Wednesday’s Daily News.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/weiner-takes-step-back-political-stage-article-1.1209191#ixzz2DUMBCb2R

Only 29% of City Student Prepaired for College Work
Schools make grade strides (NYP) The city’s public high schools earned higher marks from the Department of Education compared with last year — with 7 percent more earning “A’s” or “B’s” and 4 percent fewer earning “D” or “F” grades * School Closures Target Widens (WSJ) The New York City Department of Education on Monday named 23 high schools that could be closed due to poor performance, up from 17 targeted at this time last year, which includes poor attendance numbers, low college enrollment, and too few students passing state exams or required courses* City Releases Report Cards For High Schools With Mixed Results(NY1) * Opinion: School progress reports are not enough(NYDN) * Catholic schools on brink(NYDN) * Less than a third of city students college-ready, new data (NYDN) * Archdiocese Releases List of Schools at Risk for Closur(NBC) * "Why is NYC continuing to close, rather than fix pub schools" — @rWeingarten * NY Archdiocese Considers Closing 27 Catholic Schools In June (NY1) * City to save 10 HS(NYDN)

Push to do the ‘rate’ thing (NYP) The City Council and city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission sparred yesterday over a new taxi design that eliminates printed fares from the sides of taxicabs.

‘Fare’ strikes out (NYP) Pedicab drivers who overcharge unsuspecting riders are being shut down by the City Council.  A key committee yesterday unanimously approved a bill that forces drivers to charge a per-minute rate — which is laid out on the side of the rickshaws * Brakes on ‘pedi’ larceny(NYDN) A New York City Council committee passed a bill that would force pedicabs to use timers and charge a fixed rate per minute, a rate set by the drivers, to stop pedicab drivers from ripping off tourists with hidden fees * NYC Council to vote on bill setting pedicab rates(WABC) *  City Council Likely To Pass Bill To Standardize Pedicab Rates(NY1) * City Council Votes To Prevent Pedicab Passengers From Getting WCBS)

NYP Praises Cuomo For Pledging to Not Raise Taxes to Pay for Sandy Repairs
.: "affected many, many more people and places than Katrina." In today's NYT:  Cuomo said that the damage from Hurricane Sandy will now cost New York state nearly $42 billion, as he plans to huddle with Mayor Bloomberg, Congressional leaders, and county executives to strategize on lobbying Washington for federal aidThe Post applauds Cuomo for his firm stance in not raising taxes on New Yorkers to help pay for recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy
Cuomo cites breadth of Sandy damage and $42B cost to state; city suffered a $19B hit(NYP) * No quick tax fix(NYP Ed) Gov. Cuomo offered an alarming picture yesterday of New York’s post-Sandy fiscal situation; happily, he seems set on avoiding tax hikes to deal with it. That’s commendable. And all the more so given the huge pressure he’s sure to face to wring yet more tax dollars from the “rich.” Cuomo said it would cost some $32 billion to restore New York to its pre-storm state, and another $9 billion to buttress it from future storms. * Cuomo, in Aid Appeal, Cites Broad Reach of Storm(NYT)
Tab for Storm Repairs Grows(WSJ) * Cuomo, Bloomberg And New York Congressmen Strategize $42 Billion Federal Sandy Aid Request(NY1) * Cuomo, Bloomberg And New York Congressmen Strategize $42 Billion Federal Sandy Aid Request(NY1)
* The News calls for a united front among New York elected officials in lobbying for federal storm aid in the wake of conflicting calculations for federal aid from Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo * Cuomo Gets Flak for Comparing Hurricane Sandy to Hurricane Katrina(NY Mag) * Cuomo’s claim that Sandy was “more impactful” than Katrina from an economic standpoint even though far fewer people were killed here in New York did not get a good response on Twitter.* Cuomo said he’s waiting to hear from Rep. Pete King about how best to court the House GOP leadership in hopes of getting all the Sandy cash he’s seeking.* US Sen. Chuck Schumer predicted the effort to secure New York’s disaster aid will likely take “many months.”* Bill Hammond compares President Lincoln’s wheeling and dealing to get the 13th Amendment passed to Cuomo’s similar actions to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.* "Sandy didn’t create City Hall’s economic and budget problems; it only made them a little worse." [Nicole Gelinas] * Bloomberg's federal aid request includes millions for uninsured private losses. [Dana Rubinstein] * The AFL-CIO outlines the potential harm to New Yorkers if Social Security Medicaid an/or Medicare cuts and/or changes are made by the lame duck Congress.* Crime rates rise in Sandy-sacked areas * "each has to have their own limelight"--Ed Koch on Cuomo & Bloomberg holding separate news events re: via NY1* Fighting to Save the Flavor of New York(NYT)

Make a squish, NYC! Crowded 4 and 5 trains worse since storm(NYP) * MTA Details Post-Sandy List of Priorities (WSJ) * Subway Still Weeks Away From Fully Restored Service (NY1) * Queens School Shut Since Hurricane Is Reopening(NYT) * US Airways Says Sandy Cost $35 Million in Profits(WSJ) * New Orleans firefighters pay back Katrina aid(WSJ) * NY1 Online: Mayor Bloomberg Urges NYers To Use Rapid Repairs Program * Rockaway newspaper The Wave to publish first-storm edition (NYDN)
MTA exploring using inflatable and expandable devices to (NYDN) * MTA to restore R Train service within days(NYDN)

Staten Island man loses everything in Sandy, then again in fire(NYP) * Gated Enclaves Seek to Let In Storm Aid  Damage from Hurricane Sandy was so great that gated communities like Sea Gate, which hold the city at arm’s length, are seeking the financial embrace of government.* Beating the Odds, and a Storm, to Get a Transplant(NYT) * Mayor Urges Fast Action for Tenants (WSJ) New York City will launch enforcement proceedings against owners of storm-damaged multifamily residential buildings who fail to take immediate action to restore electricity, heat and hot water for their tenants. * Bloomberg Urges Landlords To Join Rapid Repairs Program To Restore Utilities(NY1) 

Two Queens Schools Damaged By Sandy Set To Reopen Tuesday(NY1) * City workers still reeling(NYDN) * PATH service resumes, hit by power outage(NYDN) * Cold Nights Become The Norm For Many Sandy Victims Along (WCBS) * Another LIPA Executive, Trustee Announce Resignations(WCBS) * LIPA top executive, board member resign(WABC) * Health threat after Sandy in the Rockaways(WABC) * Bloomberg calls on landlords to restore power, heat after(WABC) * Top LIPA exec, trustee announce resignations(WABC) *
Top LIPA Executive, Trustee Resign(NBC) *  I-TEAM: Main Contractor For LIPA Criticized by State Re(NBC)\ * Bloomberg Urges Landlords To Join Rapid Repairs Program(NY1) * Hurricane-Ravaged Neighborhoods Face Serious Health Risks(Huff Post) * Rescue Dog A Lifeline For Residents After Sandy(Huff Post) * Post-Sandy Sinkhole Endangers BK Homes * Five Brooklyn libraries severely damaged by Sandy are still shuttered nearly a month after the storm.Four Weeks After Sandy, Students Return To Two Queens Schools(NY1) * Attorney General to Track Sandy Relief Charities(NYO) * Clear conscience: NY AG wants Sandy nonprofit disclosure(NYP) * Lights out for two more LIPA execs(NYDN) *
Early Reopening of P.S./M.S. 114 in Queens Prompts Comp (NYT) * Students Back In Class At Sandy-Damaged Schools In Quee(WCBS) * Some complaints about Rapid Repairs program(Fox 5) *
Sandy Cough Plagues Homeowners Cleaning Up(NBC) *  More Performers Added To Star Studded Lineup For '12-12-12' (NY1* Rapid Repairs Contractors Work To Restore Homes Damaged NY1) * Disabled Riders Say Access-A-Ride Shutdown Stranded Them Before Sandy * M.T.A. Seeks Aid Not Just for Repairs, but for Improvements(NYT)
SI Man Helps Residents Clean Up Damaged Homes For Free
* New Orleans Firefighters Head To NY To Help With Sandy Recovery  

Play to Pay Teck Shades of Citytime?
Free Perk-Filled Yankee Seats Cost Ex-City Official $3,000 Fine(NYT) *  City big’s foul ballpark perk(NYDN) A top official at the the city Human Resources Administration took luxury seats at a Yankees-Red Sox game from a tech company vying for city business, the Conflicts of Interest Board revealed

Crane collapses in Hells Kitchen(NYDN)

For Statue of Liberty, a Lonely End to the Year(NYT)

New York Racing Association officials called their third-quarter results “very good”, but refused to disclose the full quarterly financial report, marking it as confidential and unaudited, the Times-Union writes * NYRA officials publicly called third-quarter performance “very good,” but held onto a long-held position that their financial data is confidential.

The Times’ Michael Powell writes that top public officials tried to undermine investment professional Tarrus Richardson after Richardson successfully lobbied for legislation that opened the doors of the financial sector to blacks, Latinos, and women:

 Pros smoke out talk of legal pot windfall(NYDN)Experts say that New York’s efforts to legalize medical marijuana will lead to minor revenue gains and not the tax windfall that advocates hope for, while advocates maintain that a higher number can be reached

Fracking Update
The Journal News supports the latest delay on a fracking decision, writing: “Being “No. 1” in energy, with all its pluses and minus, certainly won’t amount to much if we are too dirty and unhealthy to enjoy it.”* Cuomo: State Will Extend Fracking Review(YNN)

A Nascent Rivalry for the Fans, Too(NYT) * Nets take 1st Brooklyn matchup with Knicks in OT(WSJ) * Knicks Fall To Nets In Overtime At Barclays Center(NY1) * It's 'treason' to back the Knicks over the Nets, says BP (NYDN) * Yesterday afternoon, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Spike Lee beefed a little over Twitter over the then-upcoming Brooklyn Nets game against the “Manhattan Knicks.” Mr. Markowitz, who’s met and praised Mr. Lee in the past, attempted to start a Twitter bet with the filmmaker but apparently he was too preoccupied to engage.

How Are You Celebrating Shirley Chisholm Day?(NYT)


Susan Rice and John McCain Will Settle Their Benghazi Feud Face to Face(NY Mag)

Efforts to Curb Entitlement Spending Face Resistance(NYT) * Tax Proposal Could Create a ‘Bubble’(NYT) * Mortgage Interest Deduction, Once Sacred Cow, Faces Scrutiny(NYT) * Susan Rice Set to Meet GOP Critics(WSJ) * Elected, but Still Campaigning (WSJ) President Obama plans to meet Wednesday with a second batch of chief executives as part of his efforts to mobilize support for changes to reduce the deficit. * Seoul long, Jill(NYP) * Norquist: ‘Shame On’ Peter King, ‘Hope His Wife Understands Commitments Last Longer Than Two Years’ * Grover Norquist Makes ‘Tony Soprano-Like’ Threats to Republicans Who Dare to Break His Pledge * Jill Kelley Loses Meaningless Honorary Consul Title(NY Mag) * Obama to hit the road to address fiscal cliff  * Poll: Obama holds 52 percent approval rating ahead of deficit talks(The Hill)
Washington Post: “On ‘Fiscal Cliff,’ Both Sides Lay Groundwork for Debate’s Next Phase”
Wall Street Journal: “Elected, but Still Campaigning”
Associated Press: “Despite Talk of Compromise, Fiscal Deal Elusive”
Politico: “The Other Fiscal Fight”
The Hill: “House, Senate Republicans Split Over Next Moves on ‘Fiscal Cliff’”
Fiscal Cliff Compromise: Devil Is In The Definition Of Revenue(NPR)
CNN: No follow-up White House meeting scheduled yet in fiscal cliff talks
Young vote helped Obama win four key states(Wash Post)
Efforts to Curb Social Spending Face Resistance - Robert
Obama Shouldn't Back Down vs. the GOP - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
For Starters, Put ObamaCare on Table - James Capretta, National Review
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Christie Eyes Re-election But '16 Prospects Uncertain - Scott Conroy, RCP
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Susan Rice to Meet With McCain on Benghazi - Brian Montopoli, CBS News
Questions for the President: Benghazi Edition - Peter Kirsanow, NRO
Disaster Economics: US Needs a Delta Plan - James Surowiecki, New Yorker

Grover Norquist Is Not the Problem in Washington - Wall Street Journal
Anti-ObamaCare Foot-Dragging Must Stop - San Francisco Chronicle
The Legal Fight Against ObamaCare Lives On - Washington Times
Obama has been calling congressional leaders. [Zachary Goldfarb]
Harry Reid said the filibuster is "not part of the Constitution" in a fight on the Senate floor. [Jennifer Steinhauer]
A defense of Grover Norquist, with a caveat for Republicans living in Democratic-controlled Washington. [Wall Street Journal]
Obama Returns To The Campaign Trail For Tax Push(Buzzfeed)
GOP senators more troubled after Rice meeting(NYP)
3 Republicans Not Satisfied as Rice Concedes Error on Libya(NYT)
Obama Goes Back on the Trail Ahead of Debt Talks(NYT)
Did Grover Norquist go too far by dragging Rep. Pete King’s wife into the fiscal cliff debate?
King said Norquist is “being a low-life.”

Kelly Calls Out Obama On Gun Control(Huff Post)

Jon Stewart Shreds Apart Media Coverage Of ‘Winners’ And ‘Losers’ In Truly Unwinnable Israel-Gaza Conflict

CEOs: Cut Programs For Poor, Elderly... And Give Us Tax Breaks


SEC Chief's Exit Opens Void(WSJ)

Christie 77% Approval Ratting

Law and Order
Rabbi abused girl, 12, DA says(NYP) * Sexual Abuse Trial of Brooklyn Man Begins(NYT) Prosecutors accused Nechemya Weberman of molesting a girl who had been sent to him for counseling in their ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. *Sex abuse trial of prominent Orthodox leader begins(NYDN)  Today in the Weberman trial: the alleged victim's mom scheduled to take the stand followed by her daughter, time permitting.* Woman testifies that Satmar member molested her(WABC) * Hasidleader in sex molest trial 'abused girl who questioned sect's teachings onhosiery,' and for 'reading forbidden magazines'(NYDN) * Teen Accusing Orthodox Jewish Leader Of Sex Abuse Testifies (WCBS Video) * At Abuse Trial, Support for Orthodox Jewish Girl(NYT)

Hasid leader in sex molest trial 'abused girl who questioned sect's teachings on hosiery,' and for 'reading forbidden magazines'

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york#ixzz2DTa5MBKU

NYPD continues search for alleged subway sex assault suspect. See video.

City Is Amassing Trove of Cellphone Logs (NYT) Subpoenas for call records of stolen cellphones have allowed the Police Department to store the information of thousands of victims a year.

Lawyers: Man Unfit to Face Death Penalty(WSJ)

Pregnant plea from death ma(NYP) A Queens woman indicted on charges she killed her 2-year-old son asked a judge for more lenient jail conditions yesterday — because she’s pregnant.

Dance-feud stabbing (NYP) A family team of break dancers was attacked by rival street entertainers in a battle over turf on Fifth Avenue Saturday afternoon

 Maybe it's time for Bx DA to move on "Bronx D.A.'s Bungled Rape Cases Could Cost City $3 Million" 

 Police Search For Suspect In Subway Chemical Attack (NY`1)

Cops hunt wild-eyed lunatic who 'sprayed subway conductor with chemicals' (NYDN)

Molloy: Dad of slain officer stares down cop killer(NYDN)

Albany County DA David Soares’ office — which stoked controversy when it announced it would not prosecute peaceful Occupy Albany protesters last year — could be held in contempt of court if it doesn’t move ahead with a case against a protester arrested in June, a city judge ruled. 

Prospect Park Robberies Have More Than Doubled In The Past Year(Village Voice)

Jury Hears Closing Statements in Bus Driver’s Trial(NYT)

Shot tot's mom 'living' at hospital as girl struggles in drug-induced coma(NYP)

Conductor attacked with chemicals(NYDN)

Coke bust’s Times Sq. powder outage (NYP) There’s no business like snow business! Six alleged cocaine traffickers were indicted yesterday for taking the name “the Great White Way” literally — wheeling more than 100 pounds of cocaine out of Times Square’s Crowne Plaza hotel

'Killer' ma screams denials at arraignment for stab death of boyfriend(NYP)

Kin’s rap in ‘DWI’ limo slay(NYP) * Mobster: I’ve got ‘rat’ idea(NYP) * NYPD Impersonators Sought in Queens Robbery Attempt  * FBI busts 'trifecta' of organized crime allies in loan-shark ring(NYP)
B'klyn shopkeeper 'killer' indicted by grand jury(NYP)
B'klyn shopkeeper 'killer' indicted by grand jury(NYP) * Bronx man convicted in 2008 rape(NYP) *
'Killer' ma screams denials at arraignment for stab death (NYP) * FBI busts 'trifecta' of organized crime allies in loan-shark (NYP) * Staten Island's Salvatore Perrone indicted in slayings of …(SI Advance) *
Jury Deciding Fate Of Driver Charged In Fatal Bronx Bus Crash