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True News Reported That The NYC Board of Election Would Suppress New Yorkers Right To Vote and We Were Right

The BOE Repressed New Yorkers' "Right to Vote"

True News Has Also Told You:

That Political Infighting On Where to Relocate Polls in the Addabbo Ulrich Race Delayed For Several Days the BOE Plan for Election Day  (No Other Media Has Report That Fact) Dumping Ground for the City's County Leaders For Jobs For Party Loyalists and Family Members. We even had a countdown clock to disaster (Election Day)

NYP: There is Corruption and Incompetence At the NYC Board of Election?
You Knew That the Board Has Been the Gatekeeper for the Political Party Leaders and Incumbents for the Last 100 Years Since Tammany Hall Created It

Invitation to grand larceny(NYP) Indeed, the BOE suffered a landslide of inefficiency and incompetence that raises serious questions about the validity of future elections here.The Post whacks the New York City Board of Elections for doing little to remedy the confusion over polling sites and voting machines

NY's Tea Party Are the Party Hacks At the Board Who Deny Or Can't Understand Reality Privilege World

Chaos Today Isn't A Problem Because It Only Happens Every Four Years - Jason Write of the BOE



NYP, NYT and Other Trained Money Reporter Tell What Happened on the Election Day But Give No Reason for why the Problems Keep Happening or Investigate the Corrupt At the Board that Caused Yesterday Chaos

Heavy wait pummels NYC voters(NYP) Angry New York City voters yesterday waited hours on frigid lines only to find disorganized polling places on a chaotic Election Day plagued by broken ballot scanners, running out of ballots and yes even pens.*Chaos at City’s Polls Amid New Voting Machines and Last-Minute Rules(NYT) New Yorkers trying to vote encountered long lines, jammed ballot scanners, poll sites that had run out of affidavit ballots and agitated, exhausted poll workers. * Displaced by Hurricane, but Returning Home, Briefly, to Vote(NYT) * WNYC gives a detailed breakdown of yesterday’s elections, both nationally and locally, using numbers and interactive maps: *Ballot Confusion Leads to Voter Ire(WSJ) Voters dealt with long lines at polling stations and mass confusion over the new voting methods, with paper ballots replacing the typical voting machines * On Staten Island, Ballots Cast in Tents(WSJ) *The NYC Board of Elections Has a Few Excuses (Gotham Gazette) * Board of Elections Commissioner Comments on Voting Issues (NY1)

Ulrich Politics and Incompetence At the Board of Election Caused My Loss Until he Conceeded This Morning By Twitter
Storm brewing in Queens contest(NYP) Far Rockaway, Belle Harbor and Breezy Point — areas where Ulrich has a strong following — were slammed by the superstorm. Ulrich, on Monday accused the Board of Elections of disenfranchising voters in parts of the district by moving their sites to hard-to-reach locations, wouldn’t concede. The board provided shuttle buses to the polling sites.* Ulrich Concedes; Dems Look to Add Seats(Gotham Gazette) “This morning I called Joe Addabbo to congratulate him on a decisive victory & pledged to work w/him to unite our community," he tweeted. He followed that tweet up saying, "This was a hard-fought campaign and while I truly appreciate the strong support I received on election day, its time to get back to work." * Ulrich Concedes (And Then There Were Two)(YNN) * The 46th SD fight between GOP Assemblyman George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, who was leading by just 139 votes with 100 percent of precincts reporting. This race is coming down to paper, but both candidates claimed victory last night

Democrats Could Take Over the State Senate

The sheer numbers of Democratic voters in New York is becoming overwhelming, threatening to put the Republican Party into a near permanent minority
Democrats managed to hold onto, or win, a large number of seats in the New York City area. (Photo: Have a New York State Government Takeover in Their Sights(NYO) G.O.P. in Surprise Fight to Hold New York Senate(NYT) Republicans did not concede defeat, and Albany watchers said it could be days before either party is able to assert control of the Senate, because the Democratic caucus will include five members who have not ruled out backing Republican leadership of the chamber.  *  SENATE DEMOCRATS CLAIM CONTROL: State Sen. Michael Gianaris said late last night that Democrats had gained as many as five seats in yesterday’s state Senate elections, a “historic” turn of events(City and State) * Senate Control Hinges On Uncounted Ballots(WSJ) Control of New York's state Senate now rests on tallying thousands of absentee and provisional ballots in upstate areas, campaign officials said. * Control Of New York State Senate Deemed Too Close To Call(WCBS) * State Senate ‘D’light(NYP) * NY Senate Control Still Not Decided After Election(NBC) *  Senate Democrats Say They Have 32 Votes And The Majority (LoHud) And even in the newly created 46th Senate District in the Capital Region, Republicans failed to achieve a convincing win, with Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk holding a 139-vote lead over Assemblyman George Amedore in a contest that will go to paper. They failed to make in-roads in Westchester County for the district being vacated by Democratic Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer — an area that Bob Cohen narrowly lost two years, but appears headed for a sound defeat this year. This isn’t to say Republicans made glaring errors. Indeed, they did a lot of things right. They have hugged the popular Gov. Andrew Cuomo as tight as possible and even endorsed one of their own candidates, Sen. Stephen Saland, who now trails by 1,600-some odd votes. The Senate GOP, as usual, raised a ton of cash and vastly outspent Democrats, who couldn’t dream of matching their resources blow for blow. And of course Republicans had their greatest strength: Drawing their own legislative districts.GOP Marty Goldin Beat Andrew Gounardes 60% to 40%
Remaining questions: * A Democrat-controlled state Senate could prove very problematic for Cuomo – but more problematic than dysfunction? That is the critical question.
 * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos continues to insist the Republicans will have an “operating majority” on Jan. 1 – whatever that means.
- What will the four-member IDC, led by Bronx Sen. Jef Klein, do in the event of a closely divided Senate, which appears to be where we’re heading? The Assembly Democrats won big last night, appearing to grow their conference by another five seats. * Silver’s Big Night(YNN)
-A direct take on the Senate Democrats’ calculation needed to retake the majority: So here’s how it all looks, if Tkaczyk hangs on: You have 28 actual Democrats, 4 IDC members, 1 Simcha Felder, and 30 Republicans. If the IDC sticks together, then they’ll hold the balance of power and Felder won’t matter. * Democratic State Senator Speaks About Election Wins(NY1)

Campaign 2013 Senator David Storobin, defeated yesterday by Simcha Felder, is now considering running for term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson‘s seat. Possibly referencing the quiet Republican support enjoyed by Mr. Felder, Mr. Storobin quipped, “First I had to beat one political party, and then I had to try and beat both of them.” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand impressively beat her colleague Chuck Schumer‘s 71.2% statewide record last night. *And the election between Congressman Michael Grimm and challenger Mark Murphy may be over, but the war of words isn’t. After winning, Mr. Grimm told the Staten Island Advance Mr. Murphy hadn’t called, but, because of his Democratic rival’s negativity, he “wouldn’t take his concession call, even if he called.”

Christmas came early for Queens GOP Leader Phil Ragusa with Ulrich dead, Skelos hanging by a cunt hair

Felder the Boss of the Senate . . . Who Knows If He Do It As A Republican or Democrat?  Oy Vey
Felder may control fate of New York State Senate MT Dems ahead in races, on track to re-taking majority

Felder Beats Strobin
Democrats dominated Assembly elections throughout the state, maintaining their grip on power, although some tight races were still too close to call the Times-Union writes: * Felder in line for catbird’s seat(CrainsNY)

3 Winners Who Will Not Make It to the Finish Line
Vito Lopez 22,455 to 2564
Speaker Silver wants him out of Albany to bury the hush fund scandal story
Embattled Assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez won re-election, defeating his token opposition handily despite his sexual harassment scandal, the News reports * Brooklyn pol Vito Lopez reevaluates political future(NYDN)
William Boyland 26,705 to 865
Faceing retrial for bribery corruption
Gregory Meeks 146,278 to 15640


Kirsten Gillibrand wins big in New York race as Democrats keep control of US Senate(NYP) * New York Democrats Are Poised to Gain Two House Seats After Costly Races(NYT) New York Democrats followed President Obama’s re-election victory by picking up two key Congressional seats and holding on to some hotly contested seats upstate Kirsten Gillibrand Win New York  U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand cruised to re-election for her first full term on Tuesday, defeating her opponent Wendy Long by a healthy margin *Gillibrand Elected To Full Term In Senate(NY1)

Meng Beats Halloran 2 to 1
Grace MengNew York’s First Asian-American Congresswoman on Her ‘Historic’ House Victory(NYO) Meng Wins Seat In Congress While Grimm* Grimm Hangs On to Seat(WSJ) * Meng Wins Seat In Congress While Grimm, Addabbo Are Re(NY1)

The Weiner Wants In So Bad
Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)Sandy Brings Anthony Weiner Back to Twitter(NYO)

Lower NYS Voter Turnout Than 2008
Newsday Calls State of NY voters: An impressive turnout overall despite Sandy Not very impressive to call 51% impressive turnout considering how low regestration is* Voter Turnout Was Lower Than in 2008, According to Early Count


The Making of A President 2012
President Obama won almost all the swing states in play. Still waiting on Florida
Democrats now hold a 53 to 47 majority in Senate, but fail to win House  
Demographics, ground game and hurricane sandy
President Obama takes key states to win second term(NYP)This was night that swinging Dems joyfully sang the blues(NYP) * Loser Ryan also winner(NYP) * A brilliant victory(NYP) * G.O.P. Retains House; Democrats Keep Senate Control(NYT) * Question for the Victor: How Far Do You Push?(NYT) The next battle for President Obama is to decide what he wants to accomplish in a second term and how to go about it.  * Democrats Grab Senate Seats in Mass. and Indiana(NYT) * Republicans Stand Firm in Keeping Control of House(NYT) * Republicans Face Struggle Over Party’s Direction(NYT) * Hope and Change: Part Two(Friedman, NYT) * Obama Wins Second Term, Faces Divided Congress(WSJ) * Big Bet Six Months Ago Paved Way for President's Win(WSJ) Obama won re-election, amid persistent economic anxieties, in significant measure because of a risky bet to spend big to define Romney early in the campaign. 

Democrats Keep Control of Senate(WSJ) * Republicans Retain House Control(WSJ) * Economic Unease Looms After Win(WSJ) * Gay Marriage Gets First Ballot Victories(WSJ) * Romney Campaigns to the End(WSJ) * Economy's Fate a Central Concern of Voters(WSJ) * Transcript: Obama’s Victory Speech(WSJ) * Losses For Romney, Long Leave NY GOP Supporters Dejected(NY1)
Rasmussen and Gallup's final had Romney up one; seems he is down by two. Pew, despite missing the sample, had O 50; R 47
Divided Nation Votes to Give Obama More Time - Zeleny & Rutenberg, NYT
The Strategy That Paved Winning Path - Wilson & Rucker, Washington Post
Stunned Romney Backers Search for Explanation - Byron York, Examiner
21 Reasons for Obama's Victory & Romney's Defeat - Cannon & Bevan, RCP
Tough Loss Leaves GOP at a Crossroads - Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal
Obama Victory Comes With No Mandate - Ron Fournier, National Journal
Yes, Obama Won a Mandate - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Numbers Defined Romney -- & Did Him In - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
Can the Same President Build a New Landscape? - Dan Balz, Wash Post
Catastrophe for Conservatives, But Not the End - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier
Reelection Signals Rise of New America - Howard Fineman, Huffington Post
What Obama Hopes to Achieve Now Is a Mystery - Holman Jenkins, WSJ
Mitt Lost Winnable Race Thanks to GOP Extremism - Jacob Weisberg, FT
Hindsight Won't Be Kind to Candidate Romney - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
Romney's Next Move Is an Open Question - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Status Quo Ante - Erick Erickson, Red State
Kaine, Donnelly Lead Dems' Senate Wins - C. Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
Final Election Results: President | Senate | House | Governors
Obama Wins Big Victory, Bigger Challenge - USA Today
Obama's Policies Won the Day - New York Times
A Divided Country Gives Obama a 2nd Chance - Wall Street Journal
Task of Governing Divided Country Will Be Difficult - Los Angeles Times

John Boehner will make a statement about the fiscal cliff today(Wash Post)
John Boehner to rally his troops on fiscal cliff(Politico)
How He Did It: Obama Sweeps Battleground States, Gets Boost From Hispanic Voters(NY Mag)
As result of election, more women (at least 18) will serve in the U.S. Senate than any time in history.
64 percent of Americans approve of raising taxes on incomes of more than $250,000, writes Pew's Bruce Stokes on GPS 
It was a good night for many Democratic pollsters and prognosticators, particularly FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, who took a bit of a victory lap.
Christie: I campaigned harder than anyone for Romney(NYP)
Back to Bargaining Table, With Fiscal Cliff Dead Ahead(NYP)
Republican strategist Mathhew Dowd: GOP has become a "Mad Men party in a Modern Family world." 
Day After Election, a Sharp Loss on Wall Street(NYT)
Obama Fine-Tuned 2008's Winning Formula - King, Lee & Nelson, WSJ
A Vote for the Status Quo - Dick Meyer, BBC News
Hope and Change: Part Two - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Obama's Win Defies Economic Reality - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Turnout Shaping Up to Be Lower Than 2008 - Josh Lederman, AP
Romney Lost the Race in the Summer - Lisa Lerer, Bloomberg
After Election, the Argument Continues - George Will, Washington Post
How Gay Equality Became the New Normal - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
MI Unions Lose, Right-to-Work Revival Looms - Shikha Dalmia, Bloomberg
How Chicago's Data-Driven Campaign Triumphed - Michael Scherer, Time
What Happened - Tucker Carlson & Neil Patel, The Daily Caller 

Mayor Bloomberg’s PAC had mixed results in its first election cycle. 
More election results - Dow closes below 13,000 for first time since August
Christie ‘Extraordinarily Disappointed’ Over Election Outcome(WCBS)
Boehner Extends Olive Branch on 'Fiscal Cliff'(NBC)
Did Social Media Help Swing the Vote?  
Fiscal cliff: Boehner's opening gambit - CNN) 
Everything you wanted to know about the money behind the 2012 election:  
Will Republicans learn the lesson of Todd Akin that saying crazy things will cost you elections?  
Why Romney fell short (Wash Post)
Mitt Romney underperformed John McCain in Ohio by ~90k votes  
Boehner Strikes Conciliatory Tone in Talk of Fiscal Cliff(NYT)
John Heilemann on NOW with Alex Wagner: Harsh Realities for the GOP After Obama Victory(NY Mag)
Californians actually voted for HIGHER taxes on Tuesday:
20 women, a record 20 U.S. Senators:  
O’ yeah! Barack enjoys big Brooklyn win (Brooklyn Paper)
Florida Still Counting Votes(Daily Beast)

Top 10 Wrongest Election Predictions From Cable News Pundits 

Chris Matthews, the bullhorned-voiced MSNBC commentator, was so overjoyed that President Obama won a second term that he credited Superstorm Sandy for making it happen. “I’m go glad we had that storm,” Matthews said, not because of the damage, but because it allowed for “good politics.”  Chris matthews apologizes...Matthews Apologizes For Saying He Was ‘Glad’ East Coast Hit By Hurricane Sandy: ‘Not Just Stupid, But Wrong’


Transportation And Gas
Holland Tunnel reopens (NYP) The Holland Tunnel is reopening today for all commuter traffic. The Queens Midtown and Brooklyn-Battery tunnels remain closed to cars. Buses are allowed in the Midtown Tunnel. * Some Brooklyn Riders Are Left Behind in Revival of the Subway System(NYT)With the L train operating at only a handful of stations in the borough and the G line closed since Hurricane Sandy, some commuters are turning to alternatives like bikes and ferries.* With new storm pending, airlines take no chances(WSJ) * Holland Tunnel Reopens To All Traffic(WCBS) *
Holland Tunnel reopens to commuter traffic(SI Advance)* Hundreds of Bronxites waited hours outside the Kingsbridge Armory on Saturday to receive gas promised to them by Cuomo, but it never arrived *
Amtrak Tunnels Flooded During Sandy To Reopen Friday(WABC) * L.I.R.R. Resumes Limited Departures

Fare Hikes Flood or No Flooding
MTA fare-hike hearings back on track(NYDN) *
When will the L, G trains start running? MTA isn't sure - but motorists can(Brooklyn Inc) 
* MTA Restores G Line in Brooklyn and Queens(Limited Services) * Entire LIRR system shuts down in storm 

$oak’s on Con Ed customers (NYP) Shocking Con Ed rate increases will follow Sandy’s massive cleanup, utility-industry analysts warn.* A Sales Surge for Generator Maker(WSJ)

Today's Strom 
Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered New York City’s parks and beaches shut down, as an impending Nor’easter storm approaches the city this evening, the News writes:

The Unrecovered
Home Is Gone, and the Structure Is Destroyed, Too(NYT) * Units Unlivable, Renters Review Options(NYT)* Why Downtown Needs Diners Now(NYT) * Cleanup Poses Towering Task(WSJ) * Tales of Survival In Storm Shelters(WSJ) * Storm-Battered Rockaways Prepare for Second Storm (WSJ)* Sandy brings out the best in some storm ravaged Brooklyn (NYDN) * Nor'easter expected to wreck Staten Island commute home *Northeaster Rubs Salt in the Wounds From a Hurricane(NYT) *New Challenges to Recovery, Including a Northeaster(NYT) * City Teams Up With AirBnB to Find Sandy Victims a Place to Stay(NY Mag) * Consumers Complain Of Post-Sandy Price Gouging At Many Area (WCBS) * Man in Darkened Stairwell Is City's 41st Storm Victim Thousands More Lose Power as Nor'easter Blows Into New York(DNAINFO) * 'We've Been Forgotten,' Howard Beach Residents Say After Sandy(DNAINFO) * More Than A Shelter (NY World) At the Park Slope armory, volunteers care for hundreds of people with special needs displaced from the Rockaways by Sandy

Gov. Cuomo fires chief of Emergency Management after selfish Sandy clean-up order(NYP)Cuomo Fires New York’s Emergency Management CHief(NYDN)Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo dismissed the official, Steven Kuhr, after learning that Mr. Kuhr deployed government workers to clear a tree from his Long Island home during the hurricane.

As Students Move Back In, Some Evacuees Are Set Adrift Again(NYT)*
NYC schools to open for all students Thursday(Fox 5) * A Push For Students To Make Up Days Missed From Sandy(Huff Post)\ * Bloomberg -- and corporate reform -- lose big in last night's elections via NYC Public School ... * Attendance is low as storm-battered schools reopen in new sites * Students at Schools Destroyed by Sandy Pack Into Temporary Locations(DNAINFO)

Let them ‘heat’ cake: luxe NJ hotel  (NYP) While powerless Staten Islanders shivered in freezing-cold houses, a ritzy New Jersey hotel’s patrons were kept toasty with a generator that staff said was shipped there from the canceled New York City Marathon — instead of being kept in the city. * Marathoners lend Staten Island helping hand(NYP)
Today 66,000 electrical customers in NYC remain w/out power. That’s down from 91,000 this time yesterday, but that’s still too many.

The Times writes that in light of Hurricane Sandy, hospitals need to be better prepared and re-examine their evacuation plans:

Media Limits Crane Cover to Removal, Could Care Less Why It Happened Again
The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman and Not One Newspaper is Asking Questions

As Crane Hung in the Sky, a Drama Unfolded to Prevent a Catastrophe Below(NYT) * Rescuing the Crippled Crane(NYDN)

Flashback * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways * Lend Lease admits US fraud, faces $US56m payout | The Australian * Bovis Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...

Statue of Liberty Remains Shuttered After Sandy (WNYC)

The Post chides the city’s disjointed 911 system, questioning whether the $2 billion spent to upgrade the system was money well spent:

Plucking pedals! Cyclists squeezed to boost walkers (NYP) Drivers and bicyclists lose — and pedestrians win — under the city’s new plan to revamp the cluttered bike and walk paths south of Times Square.

Law and Order
Bruised tot found dead (NYP) A 4-year-old Brooklyn girl, with bruises on her head and chest, was found dead in her crib yesterday, police sources said. Little Halii McCord was put to bed by her mother

  End of her rope: St. John’s 'Dean of Mean' hangs herself(NYP) * Ex-Dean of St. John’s, on Trial for Stealing Over $1 Million, Is Found Dead at Home(NYT) * Dean on Trial Found Dead(WSJ)

Rookie cops nab armed suspect(NYDN)



Deranged Bronx dad kills kids, attempts suicide after wife breaks up with him(NYP) * Man Indicted On Charges Of Murdering Girlfriend, Daughter In Bronx Home: A grand jury indicted a Manhattan man...

Longtime Etan Patz suspect Jose Ramos released, then immediately arrested
Longtime Etan Patz suspect Jose Ramos released, then immediately(NYP) * Patz Suspect Is Released From Prison, Then Immediately Arrested(NYT) * Jose Ramos, Longtime Etan Patz Suspect, Back In Custody (WABC) * Former Etan Patz suspect freed in Pa., held again(Fox5)

Man who killed B'klyn woman by setting her on fire pleads guilty, faces prison(NYP) * Guilty Plea in Elevator Torching Murder of 73-Year-Old(NBC) * Man Indicted On Charges Of Murdering Girlfriend, Daughter (NY1)