Thursday, November 8, 2012

True News Update 24/7

True News Has Reported Exclusively That the BOE Was Incompetent and Corrupt for Years . . .  We Just Need A Disaster Until the Media and Understood and the Pols Who Run the BOE Were Cornered

True News Reported On the Political Infighting between the commissioners of the BOE on where to relocate polls in the Addabbo Ulrich race, delayed for several days the BOE plan for election day  (No Other Media Has Report That Fact) True News also reported taht the BOE is Dumping Ground for the City's County Leaders, For Jobs For Party Loyalists and Family Members. We even had a countdown clock to disaster (Election Day). We also reported missing votes and a criminal attempt to fix the ballot. We reported that Speaker Quinn and the City Council had to confirm each BOE commissioner.  We don't want to tell you we told you so, But we did.   BOE CYA Voter Plan and History of Corruption(True News)

 NYT: Yes Incompetence At the BOE

After a Chaotic Election, City Leaders and Watchdogs Call for a System Overhaul(NYT) Still no editorial The City Council plans to hold a hearing on Dec. 5

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other city officials called for a complete overhaul of the city’s Board of Elections, as the City Council plans to hold a hearing examining the various Election Day problems, the Times reports:  * New York Elections Need a Makeover(NY Mag)

Why doesn't Quinn Get Criticized For the Boards Mess?
. . . She Has OKed Every Commissioner Who Works There
Bloomberg Charges: In New York City, the 10 Board of Elections members are recommended by the Democratic and Republican Party committees in each of the five boroughs and then confirmed by the City Council. The parties also play a central role in installing people in staff positions. The board currently has no executive director in part because the county leaders have not been able to agree on a candidate. NYT distracts and give ammo to fake progressives who are really BOE supporters and who made us buy these crappy machines, by publishing this crapProfessor Skeptical About Integrity of Electoral Process (NYT) Mark Crispin Miller of N.Y.U. argues that relying on electronic voting machines operated by private corporations invites fraud and poses a danger to democracy.

On July 16, 2012 True News Wrote  The City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption At the BOE and Can Reform the Place If It Wanted Too

How Undemocratic is the BOE to Want to Change the Date of the Mayoral Primary Because They Can't Do Their Work
Bloomberg for eliminating the patronage system by which the commissioners are appointed. “It should not be two parties and county leaders picking their buddies to supervise the basis of our citizenship.”  Changing the system, however, would require state legislation, if not an amendment to the State Constitution. And not everyone agrees that a nonpartisan system would be an improvement.“Some people have said we should have the mayor and the City Council appoint the members of the board,” Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh of Manhattan, said. But, he added, “when the mayor and City Council have an interest in the outcome of the election, how is that any better?”* Five ways to make long elections lines shorter (Wash Post)

Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis spoke with Board of Elections Commissioner J.C. Polanco about the long lines and communication problems at the polls on Election Day

NY1 Online: Board of Elections Commissioner Comments on Voting Issues  Baghdad Bob JC Polanco Part II

The critical question that Louis did not ask was why did it take the BOE several day to come up with a plan. JC blames the governor for his last minute order that says storm victims can vote anywhere. Here is what True News said last week: Board of Election Voter Suppression Plan for the Flooded Areas
Another important question Louis did not ask JC:
Why does the board have no way to communicate to the poll sites or its workers?

 True News Has Learned that the Cheep Paper the Ballots Were Printed on Caused the Rollers to Jam and the Scanners to Be Put Out of Service
JC Blames the new machines. Neither Louis or JC talked about the fact that the board uses cheep paper for it ballot that flakes and clogs up the scanners breaking them all over the city.

Louis blames one untrained senior for the delays at his polling site (2hrs)The reporter is talking about a bad system of checking in voters, an incompetent poll worker leafing through a book, trying to alphabetize last names. Why not more books? Why not more inspectors?. Louis suggest someone to check in voters with an Ipad walking up and down the lines like they do at fastfood places. 
JC answers back about controls to prevent voters from signing in twice.  Perhaps JC has never been to a convention where the split the alphabet into two or more lines.  But what True News has learned that papers were missing from the registration boods and many voters were prevent from voting.  JC Answers back that the city needs early voting.  Louis says the training for the poll workers is a joke.  JC says they are going to college students to find better works.  Louis does not asked about the system that district leaders hire most of the poll workers on the basis of a reward for collecting petitions for them.

I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see. -JC Polanco, BOE, Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop - Louis, NY1

Louis: Early vote would be a start. Some professional people who have maybe passed some version of a test, before being put ahead of a line– Polanco: They’ve been trained. Louis: Training is not a test! Polanco: And then they pass their test! Louis: Look, I’ve done this. I’ve rounded up volunteers to work at the Board of Elections.You know, and I know, there’s no test. Polanco:Errol,there is! Louis: That says if you can’t find somebody’s name in less than 30 seconds, you don’t get to sit there and hold up a line for four hours.  Polanco: Well, I’ll have to see, that’s a question on the test. But there is a test and there is training. There is training for each one of our poll workers.

Former Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez announced that this might be his last term in the Assembly, with speculation that Lopez might run for a City Council seat in 2013 despite pending sexual harassment charges . . . Meanwhile Speaker Silver Mores to Get Him Out of Albany to End Discussion on Hush Fund As Lopez eyes city council seat. Vito smells a deal
Vito Lopez 22,455 votes to 2564
Gropez bombshell: No ‘Assembly’ required (NYP) A day after sweeping to re-election with a resounding 90 percent of the vote, embattled Brooklyn legislator Vito Lopez dropped a political bombshell yesterday by announcing this might be his last term in the Assembly.  “While I will continue to advocate fiercely for the residents of the 53rd Assembly District through this term with the commitment, dedication and devotion I always have, over the next few months, I will be evaluating my plans to seek re-election to the New York State Assembly,” Lopez declared.

Funny How the Press Spins Seddio the Reformer While the Political Consultant Knows Lopez is Connected to Lopez
From the NYP:“I’m sure he has some sway with the county committee,” chuckled one political consultant. Until he was accused of groping and harassing female staffers, Lopez served as the all-powerful chairman of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.* Bay Ridge Journal: Frank Seddio, Reformer?(Bay Ridge Journal) * The New Leader of Brooklyn’s Democratic Party Hopes Cannoli Diplomacy Can Heal Old Wounds (NYO)

Campaign 2012  Vacca Has his Eye on the Bronx Borough Presidency El Diario NY  * Mayoral Race Heats Up After Presidential Election Ends(NY1) * Anti-fracking candidates did not do well at the polls Tuesday.* defeats for * Three Cuomo endorsees lose (TU) * New York, Meet Your First Asian-American Congresswoman(Huff Post) * MTA Chairman Joe Lhota says he’s barred by the Public Officers Law from addressing speculation that he might run for NYC mayor in 2013.* Meng, Addabbo Celebrate Election Wins (Queens Tribune) * Addabbo, Ulrich results show surprise margin of victory(Queens Tribune)


Senate Dems Say They Have the Majority
On Tuesday, Democrats clearly won 31 seats and Republicans 30 in a chamber that will grow to 63 seats next year because of redistricting... Cuomo: “In the Senate, it’s more complicated than it used to be.” Cuomo on : “They’ll pick their leadership themselves. I haven’t gotten involved … I have no intention of getting involved."Cuomo Has ‘No Intention’ Of Getting Involved In Senate Fight(YNN)
New York Senate Democrats insist that they have won the majority, the focus now shifting to whether the party could win a vote for majority leadership because of fragmentation within the conference,New York Senate Makeup Is Unclear, but Talk Turns to Which Party Will Lead(NYT) The critical result of the 46th Senate district race between Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk and Republican George Amedore will not be known for two weeks because absentee ballots are still trickling in, the Times Union reports: *Democrats May Falter in Senate Power Bid(WSJ) New York Democrats appeared close to achieving a goal that has eluded them in every election except one since 1965: wresting control of the state Senate. 
NY1 Online: Democratic State Senator Speaks About Election Wins(NY1) * New York's GOP leaders hold out hope the party can keep (NYDN) Senator-elect Simcha Felder continues to be coy about what party he will caucus with in Albany. On the front page of Hamodia, under the headline, “Felder: My Loyalty Is to My Constituents,” Mr. Felder “reiterated his firm commitment to continue to consult daas Torah, and he stressed that he was beholden to his constituents and not any political party.” As a kicker for the article, Assemblyman Dov Hikind quipped Mr. Felder’s election “really increases the chances of having a minyan for Mincha on a regular basis when the legislature is in session.”  And the Democrats have leads in the two undecided races: Terry Gipson vs. Sen. Steve Saland vs. Neil DiCarlo, and Assemblyman George Amedore vs. Cecilia Tkaczyk. But the Republicans aren’t giving up in either case.* The Tkaczyk-Amedore race in the newly created 46th SD could take at least two weeks to resolve because the absentee ballot return deadline isn’t until Nov. 19 – it was extended due to Sandy. So far, 8,571 absentee ballots have been received by boards of elections in Montgomery, Schenectady, Albany, Greene and Ulster counties.

Senate in Their Hands
The Senate Republicans’ best hope at retaining control of the chamber is to convince five renegade Democrats (the IDC plus newly-minted Senator-elect Simcha Felder) to join their conference – or at least support Dean Skelos as majority leader. * An Albany possibility: a State Senate with a Democratic majority, but controlled by Republicans.  * In Contested Senate Races, Absentee Ballots Look Good For Democrats(YNN) * State Senate Democrats Grasp For Control Of Chamber(Gotham Gazette) * Upstate Dem unsure on Senate leadership question (CrainsNY) * “Just from an outsider’s perspective, this is an opportunity to impose a kind of discipline and order on your conference,” Former Cuomo aide Steve Cohen said of the situation. “If they don’t want to do that, then I have a hunch that whatever the numbers are, the Republicans are going to be in control. If they can do that, there are going to have to be structural changes. They’re going to have to impose a method to actually make decisions and govern.”

In the past thirty years just 53 to 56 incumbents have been voted out of office, according to a NYPIRG analysis. 

It’s Mayor Do-Wrong(NYP)

Monday morning, 1 million city schoolkids returned for the first day of classes in a week. But in some flood-ravaged areas, heat wasn’t pumping and classrooms were freezing. This was Bloomberg’s advice: “Please dress your children accordingly . . . If they’re chilly, extra sweaters for the kids is something that should make some sense.’’ By the next day, a nor’easter approached, and people from Staten Island to the Rockaways suffered in the cold. On this occasion, Bloomberg told weary New Yorkers what a great job he’s doing.There’s always somebody who screams, ‘I didn’t have coffee for 24 hours. 

Killed in her home: Angela Dresch and her father George died on Staten Island because George was afraid to abanded their house because of looting.  George house was looted when he left in advance of last years storm
What an outrage!’ ’’ he Bloomberg actually said. “But for most people, they understand we’re in this together.’’Seriously? For decaffeinated and hungry New Yorkers, the mayor’s “let them eat cake’’ response to what’s shaping up as a humanitarian emergency reached a flash point last week. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz begged him to call for the National Guard to come to Sandy-scarred areas of Brooklyn, including Coney Island, where looters ran free. But the gun-loathing Bloomberg, more accustomed to dealing with bike lanes and Big Gulps than loss of life and light, issued a knee-jerk answer that left one government source I spoke with gasping.* Mayor Backs Vote Winners(WSJ) Rep. Joe Baca, a Democrat who has represented the suburbs east of Los Angeles since 1999, said he lost his bid for re-election because he was "hit with a tornado"—New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.* Don’t blame Irene(NY World) any New Yorkers ignored evacuation orders as Sandy approached — but hurricane experts say past false alarms had little to do with it.

While Many New Yorkers Still Suffer From Sandy Pols (Not Just Quinn) Hold News Conferences to Improve their Brand and Poll Numbers and Congulating each other while providing the public with much need information
4.7" of Snow. Earliest Every 4" Snow Total in City's History
Despair deepens, transportation snarled as Nor'easter strikes Sandy-blasted NYC(NYP) A northeaster swept through New York yesterday, compounding the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, slowing recovery efforts and leading to more power outages * Northeaster Adds to Misery, Dumping Rain and Snow(NYT) * Many Police Officers, Even as They Responded to Storm, Were Also Affected(NYT) * Business Owners Tally the Storm Damage and Ponder Its Lessons(NYT) * Front Row: Some Stores Struggle to Reopen(NYT) * Mighty Oaks, and Very Old Ones, Are Among Hurricane's Victims in Central Park(NYT) * 'MacGyvers' Born in Storm(WSJ) * For Public Housing, Pockets of Darkness(WSJ) * After Sandy, Small Businesses Surviving(WSJ) * Latest Nor'easter Storm Could Slow Power Recovery Efforts (WSJ)

Heck of a Job Brownie II?
It’s a bad ‘sign’ for Staten I.(NYP)

Cost of Sandy
$1 billion deficit to state budget, due to , said .
Cuomo: Sandy doubles deficit, estimated cost $33B

Cuomo Fires Director Of Emergency Management

 Timber!! Gov axes crisis big  (NYP) The state’s emergency-management chief knew whom to help after Superstorm Sandy — himself. Office of Emergency Management boss Steven Kuhr was fired after allegedly sending workers to clear a tree in his Long Island driveway as other victims of the...  * Emergency Office Chief Fired for Misusing Staff(NYT) * Cuomo Fires Director Of Emergency Management(NY1)\ * Official: Cuomo fires emergency boss in Sandy flap(NBC)

AG goes after greedy bastard price gougers(NYP) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed Craigslist, demanding to know the identity of over 100 users who offered to sell essential emergency supplies for outrageously high prices 


Hurricane Filled New York Aquarium With Dangerous Substance: Water(NYT)




Cuomo :One or two broken pipelines could shut down the system. All owned privately, Cuomo says. Al Qaeda taking notes

Gas Rationing in NYC
Mayor Bloomberg signed an emergency order to establish an odd-even license plate system for gasoline and diesel purchases to reduce wait times and lines at gas stations in the five boroughs. * Fuel rationing to hit NYC, LI tomorrow as residents deal with latest storm(NYP)

Dropoff in taxi cabs when they were needed most(NYDN)

Gas, Trains and Power

Attention Turns to the Distribution Network for Gasoline as Shortages Persist(NYT) * Losing Power but Finding a Way to Connect(NYT) * More Trains Chug Back to Life - Including (WSJ) * In Rockaway Park, Cleanup Hits Home (WSJ) Jimmy McGovern, operations chief with New York City's Sanitation Department, is tasked with clearing what superstorm Sandy left smashed onto the streets of this neighborhood, where he has lived for the last 20 years.* L yeah! Subway service returns to Williamsburg and Bushwick (Brooklyn Paper)
Cops: Angry NY man drove into officer in gas line(WSJ) * LIRR is back on track after a tough evening(WSJ) * Airlines take no chances during nor'easter(NBC) * Power outages spike due to Nor'easter(NY1)  * Cops: Angry NY man drove into officer in gas line(NY1) *  I-Team: Sandy Gas Crisis Could Last for Weeks(NBC) * Nor'easter Knocks Out Power to 55,000 Customers, Con Edison Says(DNAINFO) * shocked, i'm shocked. said "privately i have used language my daughters couldn't hear" in talks w/ utility companies. * FEMA: "I would hope that we could have a supplementary appropriation from the fedgov't that would understand the damage here." Cuomo   * - Tunnel will reopen to the public Friday, says * Post world: long gas lines, short tempers * BREAKING: Ladies and Gentlemen: The L train is back.* FEMA to use manufactured housing for Sandy victims * Skelos Wants More Help From The Feds(YNN) * WFAN’s Mike Francesa blames Cuomo for the ongoing power outages on Long Island.* Frustration mounts about lingering power outages after . * More Albany rage at utilities: Speaker Silver says Con Ed response has been "unacceptable." *Brooklyn Councilman Nelson Needed to Be Rescued After Braving Hurricane Sandy(NYO)

Sandy’s criminal consequences (NY World) Past natural disasters suggest a post-hurricane lull may be the calm before a second storm: a coming spike in crime

 How the Limousine Liberals At the NY Times See New York
 People living in tents in the snow in NJ, SI, Rockaways. The NYT covers the horror of gaining 5lbs from stress-eating.'Sandy Five' - Weight Gain Due to Storm -

MTA Holds Fare Hike Hearing As Questions About Sandy Remain(NY1)

Chaos at SI school(NYP)Students at a Staten Island high school were warehoused in the auditorium with no instruction yesterday because Hurricane Sandy evacuees were occupying their classrooms — until the refugees were booted with little warning. * More Students Return to Classroom, at Strange Schools in Strange Places(NYT) * In the Post, Charles Sahm, the deputy director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for State and Local Leadership, praises a documentary about IS 318’s championship chess tea, as an important message for education reformers: * DOE Says All Schools Open Thursday; Damaged And Powerless Schools To Be Relocated * The Scramble to Get to School(WSJ) *Students at Schools Destroyed by Sandy Pack Into Temporary Locations(DNAINFO)

 Former Mayor Koch to march in Vets Day parade?(NYDN)


The Making Of A President 2012
What does Boehner's statement signal? Capping deductions, Romney-style?  A day after his decisive triumph, Obama returns to Washington and finds Republicans who may be willing to deal
Debt Express set to slam Bam(NYP) * Econ at the edge(NYP) Fiscal free fall worries plunge marts into red* Back to Work, Obama Is Greeted by Looming Crisis (NYT) * Focus on 'Fiscal Cliff'(WSJ)
our More Years: What to Expect - Susan Page, USA Today
How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama - Adam Nagourney, NY Times
The Case of the Missing White Voters - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Victory Should Settle a Bitter Argument - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Do Dems Really Have an Emerging Majority? - Megan McArdle, Daily Beast
A Triumph of Values: Why Obama Won - Joel Benenson, New York Times
Prince of Bain Routine Just Didn't Fly - Peter Gelzinis, Boston Herald
The Survivor in Chief - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal
Welcome to Liberal America - Ben Smith & Zeke Miller, BuzzFeed
Back to Work, Looming Fiscal Crisis Greets Obama - Calmes & Baker, NYT
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
How Bernanke Got Obama Re-Elected - Alan Draper, USA Today
GOP Got the Electoral Rebuke It Needed - Joan Walsh, Salon
The Polls Were Right - Allahpundit, Hot Air
Obama's Daunting Demographic Message for GOP - Juan Williams, WSJ
I Was Wrong -- Where It Counted - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
Happy Days, Even With the Cliff - Gail Collins, New York Times

The Tough Road Ahead - Los Angeles Times
A Nation Upset With Status Quo, Voted for It - Orange County Register
Obama's Second Term: Change He Can Believe In - The Guardian
Labor's Bad Night in Michigan - Detroit News
Sheldon Adelson and the Super-Rich Drying Their Romney Tears With $100 Bills(NY Mag)
Boatloads of Romney-Ryan shirts headed for Latin America "I don't see a market for this stuff," says sad t-shirt dude  
The Knives Come Out for Christie | The American Conservative  

GOPers sí the future – and it's Latino vote(NYP) * When Republicans start losing Cubans in Dade County
* 5 Romney Ideas Obama Should Steal (US News) * Chris Christie: Don't blame me for Mitt Romney's loss.(NY Mag) * A day after his decisive triumph, Obama returns to Washington and finds Republicans who may be willing to deal:  * National Rifle Association shut out on Election Day(Wash Post)
Take A Look At The Romney Transition Website That Briefly Went Live
Rove warned the GOP about Latinos(Wash Post)
Schumer piles on Rove:
Handicapping the 2016 presidential field:  
Eric Holder undecided about staying on as attorney general  
Women won roughly 1/3 of 33 Senate seats up for grabs on Tuesday:  
Romney team: We lost Florida  
Rudy Giuliani called immigration reform a “hurdle” Republicans have to get over in order to woo Hispanic voters. 
. News Exclusive: to : Raising Tax Rates "Unacceptable"  
Chris Christie Called President Obama, Sent Mitt Romney an E-mail(NY Mag)
Air Balls and Slam Dunks: Grading Political Pundit Predictions(NY Mag)
The Abrupt End of the Romney Campaign(NY Mag)

2000 Flordia, Flordia, Flordia
2012 Demographics, Demographics, Demographics
GOPers sí the future – and it’s Latino vote(NYP) * About that $6 billion campaign bill(NYP) *Demographic Shift Brings New Worry for Republicans(NYT) * Little to Show for Flood of Cash by Big Republican Donors(NYT) * How a Race in the Balance Went to Obama(NYT) * Can Republicans Adapt?(NYT)
* An Invigorated Second Term(NYT) Having won decisively, President Obama can now expand his agenda and isolate his opponents. * Values, Not Demographics, Won the Election(NYT) * How Race Slipped Away From Romney(WSJ) * Vote Data Show Changing Nation(WSJ) * What Obama's Win Means for Business(WSJ) * What Obama's Win Means for Business(WSJ) * How Team Obama clawed its way back to victory from the president’s bad performance in his first debate.* The president must also re-tool his cabinet, finding a replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is emerging as the leading candidate.

With Storm Response, Christie Earns Scorn, Praise and Much Attention(NYT)

Senate Races Show G.O.P.’s Gender Gap(NYT)

Chris Matthews’ ode to joy (NYP ED)s there a smaller, more unprincipled man in the national political debate than Chris Matthews of MSNBC?
Long: Fire Chris Matthews(YNN) Chris Matthews, the bullhorned-voiced MSNBC commentator, was so overjoyed that President Obama won a second term that he credited Superstorm Sandy for making it happen. “I’m go glad we had that storm,” Matthews said, not because of the damage, but because it allowed for “good politics.”  Chris matthews apologizes...Matthews Apologizes For Saying He Was ‘Glad’ East Coast Hit By Hurricane Sandy: ‘Not Just Stupid, But Wrong’ * Staten Islanders furious with 'Hardball's' Chris Matthews (SI Advance)
 LISTEN: Ann Coulter In Despair Over Obama Win(Huff Post) * NY Times Leaning On Fox To Reexamine Its Relationship With Karl Rove

Weiner is Dying for His Close Up and the Media Will Give It

Weiner pops up on Twitter again(NYP)



 Judge Upholds Convictions in Yonkers Corruption Case(NYT) Jurors were "entitled to conclude" that a city councilwoman changed her mind about supporting a development project in order to benefit an operative who had showered her with gifts, a judge ruled.Convictions in Ridge Hill case upheld; judge's summation a reminder of Forest City's not-so-honorable behavior; in memo, Annabi's lawyer calls for probation, citing smothering family and ongoing responsibilities(Atlantic Yards Report)

Rattner Hush Money?

After leaving Forest City Ratner, Bender and Cantone rely on old ties for new clients: Prokhorov's Onexim, Viola's Virtu, and maybe even the Nets

Sandy Makes the Daily News Homeless 
Daily News’ 4 New York Plaza Offices Could Be Uninhabitable For Year (NYDN)

Law and Order

Bx. dad in kid-slay horror(NYP)

Man who killed B'klyn woman by setting her on fire pleads guilty, faces prison(NYP) *Fiend put away (NYP) Admits torching old lady * Guilty Plea in Elevator Torching Murder of 73-Year-Old(NBC)

Stop and Frisk
The News congratulates two New York City police officers for conducting stop-and-frisk the correct way in a Bronx subway station and turning up an illegal .38 caliber revolver: * Judge to Rule in First Stop and Frisk Case(WSJ) * Stop-frisk cops ripped in court(NYP)

A ‘walk’ for jew basher (NYP) Accused anti-Semite Detroit Tigers star Delmon Young pleaded guilty in Manhattan yesterday in a random, drunken bias attack on a male Midtown tourist back in April.* Man Indicted On Charges Of Murdering Girlfriend, Daughter In Bronx Home(NY1)

Longtime Etan Patz suspect Jose Ramos released, then immediately arrested
Exiting Prison, Man Linked To Patz Case Is Arrested(NYT)

Pizza delivery teen pleads not guilty to rape as cops release creepy handwritten confession(NYP)

Where’s the fire! (NYP) Two FDNY trucks responding to the same 911 call collided in Brooklyn yesterday after blowing through a four-way stop — plowing through a yellow cab and a brick home, authorities said.

Two men face prison, deportation, after being busted for selling fake social security cards

Appeals panel upholds misconduct convictions of ex-cops who were acquitted of rape(NYP)