Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Last Minute Polling Day Plan

Barack Obama, Kirsten Gillibrand Win New York

Grimm, Sean Patrick Maloney Win
Felder Beats Strobin
Felder may control fate of New York State Senate MT Dems ahead in races, on track to re-taking majority
Meng Beats Halloran 2 to 1
Vito Lopez 13,279 to 1737
William Boyland 19,816 to 761
Queens Democratic Sen. Joe Addabbo declared victory in SD15, but Republican NYC CM Ulrich has not conceded.
 Ulrich base was in the flooded areas a lot of his votes are on paper or lost the board somewhere.  See you in court.

True News Was the First and Only Media Outlet to Tell You That the Board of Election Had No Plan Because of Political Infighting

Chaos at City’s Polls Amid New Voting Machines and Last-Minute Rules(NYT)

The Last Day Election
The Governor issues an order yesterday afternoon to allow voters who were effected by the storm can vote at any polling site. The BOE has teams of people going around telling the poll workers this AM of the new regulations. Not A word in the media today on why it took to the last day to get a voting plan going. The DN reports the NYC Board of Elections was still tinkering with the list of relocated polling places even late last night. It is clear that whatever happens at the polls today, broken generators, long lines, running out of paper ballots, the BOE has many flacks on hand to blame everyone but themselves for not coming up with a plan last week.  The board also has a willing media to accept any line of BS they give them.  And the board has no plan for informing voters where they need to be today if their polling sites have changed. Officials planned to take out newspaper ads and post signs at closed sites.   Why the BOE CYA Voter Plan Failed(True News)

**** Inside the Board Source

Untrained Poll Workers are allowing people to campaign inside the Polls . . .  This election will be make a lot of election lawyers big $$$ . .  How many people did not vote because of the long waits?

Anecdotal Reports  6:30AM WABC has report on a new polling new site in the Rockaways power from the generators yet * MT : Generator in Rockaways at super poll site out of gas. said to contact office * 6:35 AM No voting yet at Lincoln HS in Coney Island, but a squirrel just ran inside and scared the poll workers setting up. * 7AM WABC Casting ballots in the dark lights not on in the temp Rockaways site *  : Voting in rockaway now going forward with paper ballots would not exactly call it organized but is proceeding* MT : tells us the generators are from fema and ran out of gas. They ran out of gas before voting even began * 7:34 WPIX reporter at new Staten Island poll has not seen as shuttle buses yet
Long voting lines at PS 149 in Harlem. * 7:45 I feel like I'm on a line to buy gas. So many people voting on UWS. They're now open. Was told at least w/one some voters left after arguments w/poll workers* 8AM Getting reports people are being turned away when trying to vote with affidavit ballots at different poll sites. Looking into it.
8:20 AM* voting line at ps 8 for district 7 is ponderously long - an at 250 Cadman as well.   * At a Brooklyn Polling Place, Just the Usual Chaos(NYT) 8:30AM  Dan Halloran Voted at PS 184 already had three people wrongly turned away - BOE needs to do better! — at PS 184 Elementary School. Long line to vote for districts 14 & 15 in Brooklyn Hts. Never seen lines before to vote in this neighborhood.
 8:50 AM NYC BOE has no one at Manhattan College polling site, which is closed, just a small sign telling voters to go to HIR  9:00 AM* Election Day Gets Off to a Chaotic Start in Areas Impacted by Sandy(NYO)
PS  370, which is supposed to be the ‘super’ Coney Isand poll site, there are areas where they don’t have the books to sign in, so people have to vote via affidavit,” one operative on the ground told Politicker. “Every poll site got up late. They don’t even have real police officers here, they have the recruits, police academy. They have no clue what to do, they’ve never done it before. Every site got off late because police academy got off late to open up. One of the new sites….it’s supposed to be a site, but the machines aren’t there.”  Councilman David Greenfield tweeted that, of the three polling sites opened in Coney Island, two were without ballots. * Great idea these MTA Voter Shuttles. Too bad there are only two people on the bus

You Think The Voters In This Park Slope Poll Want Early Voting in NYS? 
NYS is one of 11 states not to have early voting * 9:AM"Big crowd" in , a reader tells me. * Voting in the Dark on Staten Island (NYT) * tale of 2 cities: nobody waiting here in Coney Island to vote. 9:20 AM* But incompetent as the Board of Elections is, an hour-long line to vote in America is an inspiration for the world.* Voting line at Baruch is through lobby, down steps, into hallway. 9:30AM ELECTION ACTION ALERT: Board member reports that 3 out 4 of the voting machines at her poll were broken! notice t gerritsen beach relief center says advertisement in ny daily news sent voters to wrong place.9:40AM Poll watcher at Cadman Towers in BK is telling a displaced resident of Bushwick that she has to vote there. * long voting lines in Sunnyside Queens... *  
Polling place at Brooklyn Museum
We have recruited & trained 36,000 poll workers. We appreciate your patience in these challenging circumstances. 10:15AM  @sewellchan: Heavy turnout on W 63rd St in Manhattan. About a 45-minute wait.*  RT : The PS3 gym in jammed all morning with voters standing in serpentine lines; waits of more than 30 minutes.10:39 AM At 2 Polling Sites, Problems With Vote-Scanning Machines 11:00 Long Lines at Polling Places as Displaced Residents Find Ways to Vote   * 11:13 AM . I'm hearing there are major problems at 800 Gates Ave in Bed Stuy, hours long lines, 2 of 3 machines broken.
* source in Island: "Every poll site got up late..." v : Dem lawmaker thinks he could lose bec of problems today.
* Missing Machines, Misinformation and Long Lines: Election Day Off to a Rocky Start in NYC(NYO)

Help/media needed massive confusion at Vanderveer Methodist Glenwood/Nostrand Ave 
* Nick Confessore@nickconfessore   A packed house and longish lines at the voting precinct in Chelsea's Penn South development. * `11:20AM  Long lines to vote in prospect heights. Tag your poll pix pls! We'll put them on our election blog   * sounds like but actually is not the official NYC poll locator site: * UWS reader tells me: "Huge lines for everyone but people with last names starting with C who live on west 111. Weird!! Took 5 min."   * 11:30AM   There are 300 or so on line at Friends of Crown Hts daycare center. 2 of 3 scanners broken *   People also seem confused about gov's executive order. Voter was told only displaced people could vote anywhere.* RT : Total chaos @ Penn South voting site. None of scanners r working. Dozens of pl are waiting to cast ballots* Wrapped Around the Corner, a Line Inches Along * 11:37   working night shift 2nite ....on line to vote never seen the line this long....all good!

At 1957 Nostrand, PS 269. Can use some additional workers and some crowd control.
* MS 51 poll-site is worst we've ever seen. Just sent @commoncauseny & NYPD 78th Pct over to try to maintain calm and take complaints @BOENYCDan Halloran At PS58 of Maspeth some poll site issues here of misdirected folks looking for Ed25 of AD30.... — at PS 58 School of Heroes.*
In Storm-Battered Red Hook, Determined to Vote * NY1 On Scene: Generator Glitch Reported At Rockaways Polling Site *
Most problems are because of inspectors doing a lousy job. I don't know if there is any practical way to solve that problem Noon
PS 198 needs serious help. Chaos, no system in place to deal with crowds. One small schoolyard trailer housing machines!*

Approaching the hour-and-a-half mark at the poll now. The line behind me hasn't slacked one bit.* Staten Islanders in flood zone leave their storm-damaged homes to vote * nMy constituent calls me now: "polling site inspector wouldn't let me vote by affidavit, told me those votes 'get thrown out.'" 12:15 AM* Cuomo: patience is requested at polling places, as it has been all week  *
I don't know how many states force inspectors to work 14 hour days. That's main reason for incompetent inspectors* NY1 On Scene: Voters Experience Delay At Coney Island "Super Site" Mayor Bloomberg Has to Help Poll Worker Find His Name on Voter Roster - New York 12:40  Long lines of energized voters turn out in Brooklyn:
* Voters in the Rockaways being told their reassigned polling place is too full, need to go to 3rd place. Not inspiring a lot of confidence.*
Brooklyn BOE refusing to let me speak to anyone about polling site problems without written permission from headquarters* You saw my tweet that 3 of 4 machines broken at Friends of Crown Hts. Why do I have to call too?
* BOE gentleman has arrived. Openly admits it’s chaos here, seems overwhelmed here at
1:25PM * Our Barbara Ross reports on the mayor's girlfriend and countless others dealing with 'organized chaos' at the polls * Huge number of 's provisional ballots could be affected by Sec of State restrictions, Wendy Weiser says in * . on the voting process in NYC: "I kept hearing, 'What's this, a third-world country?'" * Among the problems at the polls: late delivery of machines, late openings & insufficient fuel for generators, according to

*   Mayor Michael Bloomberg describes voting process in NYC as an "inefficient," confusing system.* After a week of having to wait for everything, New Yorkers complain about long voting lines.(NY Mag)* Kate's turn to vote. Line isn't too awful in Bay Ridge.   2:00PM Having Trouble at the Polls?  2:45PM
. spox: "interpreter tell the voter to choose President Obama and other Democratic candidates..." *Bloomberg Says BOE Has Voters Asking, ‘What’s This, a Third-World Country?’ \*
Source tells me he's having troubles trying to use A.G. Schneiderman's voter issue hotline too.*
Dan Halloran At PS31 of Bayside -lots of anomalies here long time voters who are somehow not in the books — at PS 31 Elementary School.

Ross Barkan@RossBarkan  No evidence of shuttle buses b/t Hillcrest HS and Thomas Edison HS, though it's a pretty big walk
* word of the day= Chaos “: witnessed chaos @ 2950 W33...Didnt open until after 9...machines not ready. * RT : Suggestion to . and other reformers: circulate petitions demanding early-vote law at crowded poll sites.* Storm damage forces last-minute setup at Staten Island polling site(NYP)

 * It took >2hr to vote in AD44 @ PS282 in the supposedly slower midday. Lines are a mess, 3 of 4 ballot scanners broken.* Korean interpreter allegedly expelled from Flushing poll site for filling out ballots, alleges poll watcher: * Lines running around the block at polling sites in Wash. Hgts. Waits of up to two hours reported. Many site are short on staff. 5:00 PM That's nuts! RT At PS 198 this auditorium is used just to hold people for hours before they vote.*

They are clueless:’ Long lines, closed polling places and confusion leads to voting chaos in NYC(NYDN)

5:30 PM Did u vote I walked to the poll to save gas. Lines are long be patient. Board elections did horrible plannin
Line almost to the door at PS164 in Boro Park. 6:15PM * All Scanners are down. Middle Village PS174. Everyone voting by emergency ballot. * not enuff affidavit ballots? "this can be a big issue" at "super sites" said to , on . * Lots of voting problems reported in NYC today – including in some districts that were NOT impacted by Sandy. More here, here, here and here. 7:00PM  * : Waited THREE hours in line @ PS 289 in 2 vote & witnessed a fight. * line snakes thru the lobby, out the door & around the corner at Hunter College to ppl getting antsy 7:45PM  “: My polling site on E 14th St is out of affadavit ballots. Woman who's been” tell neighboring poll site to share* Another Election Day horror story from our : Voters waiting for hours at polling station in Brooklyn:
8:15 PM * ALL OVER NYC, POLLING LOCATIONS ARE RUNNING OUT OF AFFIDAVITS; PEOPLE WHO'VE BEEN WAITING IN LINE FOR HOURS ARE BEING TURNED AWAY 8:48PM * RT : You ask us for patience, . It's ! We ask that you do your job!And, once you make it through all FIVE rooms at PS 181, , you can ...if they have any pens!



The BOE is Following the Pols in Thanksing Themselves
Thank you for all you guys do to make this system work! 

Thank You Masked Man - YouTube


The BOE Has Hire Some Public Relations Firm to Montor the Internet of any negative comments or problmes

Please call our phone bank at (866) 868-3692 so we can dispatch the proper teams to resolve any issues. Thank you. * BOE openly said this chaos today isn’t a problem because it only happens every four years. This is Jason Wright of the BOE

Lewis Waiting On LineTweets

Am seriously considering asking to send a crew to Crown Hts so we can do here. Otherwise I may miss 7 pm show!* Spoiler alert to NY pols: your next . visit will include question about how you plan to fix this election chaos.

Send True News Tips About Any Problems at the Polls Today

Cuomo Moves to Stop the Board Infighting
Displaced NYers can vote anywhere: gov(NYP) * A Scramble to Help Those Displaced by Storm Cast Ballots(NYT) * Officials Rush to Find Ways for the Storm-Tossed to Vote(NYT) Local and state officials are having trouble conveying information to displaced voters about changes in polling locations, with more than 100 locations having been changed * Voting Rules Eased(WSJ) * Cuomo: Storm Victims Can Vote Anywhere (WSJ) * Cuomo Signs Executive Order Letting NYC Voters Cast Ballots At Any Polling Place * Buses To Polling Sites In Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island(NY1) * Storm damage forces last-minute setup at Staten Island polling(NYP) * Cuomo Allows Affidavit Ballots for Sandy Victims(NBC) * Unlike New York, New Jersey will allow people to vote by fax and email. [David Halbfinger, Thomas Kaplan and Wendy Ruderman]* Eric Ulrich supporters cried foul over a new polling location. [Azi Paybarah] *New Yorkers Head To Polls Week After Storm's Wrath(NY1) *Displaced by Storm, but Returning Home to Vote(NYT)* NY voters endure cold, long lines and no power to cast ballot for next president(NYP) * Broken Machines, Relocated Voters Cause Huge Lines To Vote(Huff Post(

Only 1,945 of the 7,377 911 calls on the first day of Hurricane Sandy were legitimate, as the new $2 billion system flooded w/ thousands of duplicate calls, putting fire department on its heels
$2 billion fiasco: Sandy exposes big flaws with city's new system(NYP)
* Mayor Bloomberg defends 911 like he did SAIC CityTime and 911 bigger corruption(Troy Artist)

Mayor High Paid Flack Was Forced to Go to Central Park and Take Marathon Leftovers to Sandy's Victims
Bloomberg aide delivers marathon leftovers to Sandy's victims after generators taken away(NYP) The Post rips the Bloomberg administration for not allocating the resources that were to be used for the canceled New York City Marathon to areas of the city ravaged by the storm * Callous indifference(NYP Ed) City Hall dithered, storm victims shivered — and so Mike Bloomberg’s main man was compelled to scurry off into the dark last night to try to make things right. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson was patrolling Central Park after sunset, searching out space heaters, bottled water and such — and, with Post City Hall Bureau Chief David Seifman standing witness, loading what he found into a city-owned SUV for transport to Staten Island.* Mayor Bloomberg’s Blind Spot(NYT) The real take-away from the drawn-out decision on the marathon. Joe Nocera says the impromptu marathon that took place in Central Park Sunday was “cathartic in a way that the real marathon could never have been,” and Bloomberg should have been able to own it, but couldn’t because of his “blind spot.”

Giuliani and Pataki Team Up to Get Rid of Silver Using the Lopez Hush Money Scandal
All-out bid to polish off tarnished Silver (NYP) Call it the anti-Silver Super PAC.  A political campaign is being launched to force out Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver over his handling of Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual-harassment scandal.   The group is headed by GOP consultant Jake Menges, a top adviser to Rudy Giuliani. Another officer of Americans for Real Change is Vincent Balascio — who worked for former Gov. George Pataki, who often tangled with Silver. “We’re going to educate the public about this scandal,” Menges said.  Sheldon Silver “It’s outrageous that Sheldon Silver would cover up sexual harassment by an Assembly member.”

Campaign 2012  It’s win-win for state’s GOP(NYP) No matter which candidate captures the “super Jewish” state Senate district in Brooklyn today, the GOP will be the winner. Democratic challenger Simcha Felder (pictured) intends to caucus with the GOP and vote to keep Republican Dean Skelos of Long Island as Senate majority leader, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. * Annual Political Conference in Puerto Rico Canceled(NYT) * Election Day Choices(NYT Ed) * Sandy Halts Staten Island Campaigning(WSJ) * Dozens of races throughout the state will be crucial in determining whether the Republican Party will maintain control of the state senate, the News writes * Between that and the affidavit ballot situation downstate and the extended period for absentee ballots (from seven days after the election to 13) as a result of Sandy, it could be some time before we know the final outcome of races all across New York.  * Hurricane Sandy could decide fate of New York State Senate(NYDN) * Going to Vote, Ulrich Accuses Democratic Party of Obstructing Election (C&S) *  Queens is still recovering, polling places chaotic but Addabbo and Ulrich still want your vote. * Who loves Romney more? Storobin and Felder vie for Mitt's votes, reports : * The Simcha Felder Question(YNN) * Andy King confident but cautious in City Council special election to replace Larry Seabrook(C&S) * Why some journalists don’t vote.  * Sen. David Storobin thinks he’s going to benefit from Simcha Felder’s embrace of Romney. * Some last-minute cash flowing into various New York races. More here. * Storobin and Felder are both working hard to get the Orthodox Jewish vote.* City Hosts Several Hotly Contested Races Besides Presidential Election(NY1) * Democracy and disaster on Staten Island * Generator Glitch Causes Delay At Rockaways Polling Site (NY1)

The Making of A President 2012
Warren Unseats Brown for Senate in Massachusetts(NYT)

Obama, Romney fight for battleground Pa. & Ohio as voters hit polls today(NYP)Willie or won’t he? Obama recruits Bill Clinton, NYers in frantic bid to hold Pa.(NYP) * Early split decision in Ohio(NYP) * State by State, Battle for the Presidency Goes to Voters(NYT) * What Will Swing the Swing States?(NYT)
In Case of a Recount, a Long Wait for Ohio(NYT) Ohio has a labyrinthine recount procedure that ensures weeks of delay and the likelihood of myriad lawsuits.
Barack Obama for Re-election(NYT Ed) * In Battlegrounds, an Eye on Recount Rules(WSJ) * Decision Day in America(WSJ) * Obama Returns to Iowa for Nostalgic Finale(WSJ) * Obama Campaign Manager Admits To CNN: Race In 'Pennsylvania Has Tightened, Absolutely' [VIDEO] * Former President Bill Clinton isn’t the only New Yorker whose help the Obama campaign is seeking in the key swing state of Pennsylvania.

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Jay-Z Replaces 'B*tch' With 'Mitt' During Obama Rally Performance
Denied: Mitt Romney Asked Chris Christie To Appear At Sunday Rally In Pennsylvania
Robert Gibbs Has Extremely Uncomfortable Interview With Fox & Friends Hosts [VIDEO] 
Sunday was President Obama's best day in the Washington Post-ABC tracking poll, giving him a three-point lead, 50-47, but it's still a "margin of error" election. [Washington Post]
20 Key Houses Races To Watch(Huff Post)
Obama will play his traditional game of pick-up basketball today. [SFGate]
Mitt Romney casts ballot in Massachusetts(Wash Post)
Comparing Election Day plans for President Obama and Mitt Romney
When will we know about Ohio?  
Chris Christie lashes "know-nothing, disgruntled" Romney aides:  
Bloomberg says Obama will win election - but not by much: report(NYP)
$2.6 Billion Race Comes Down to a Few Swing States(NYT)
Most visited state by Pres Obama in 2012: Ohio - 22. State in which he held the most campaign rallies: Ohio - 26.
RNC's final count is 46 newspaper editorial boards flipped from Obama in 2008 to Romney.
Ron Paul On Today’s Election: ‘I Assume The Victor Today Will Be The Status Quo’
Empire State Building To Light Up Red Or Blue Depending On Who Wins Election 3:45PM Councilman Says There is a 'Complete Breakdown' With Voting in Flatbush (NYO) * votertold 2 go to ps282 by BoE website, then told her poll site was ps10. She had 2leave 4work,voted affidavit  
Top Pollster Scott Rasmussen: 'I Have No Idea Who's Going To Win' [VIDEO]  
The Fundamentals of Election 2012 - Major Garrett, National Journal
How Obama Wins - John Cassidy, The New Yorker
Dem Confidence Doesn't Match Closing Polls - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
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Obama Team, Confident Until the End - Greg Sargent, Washington Post
Axelrod Touts Advantage With "Cold, Hard Data" - Mario Trujillo, The Hill
GOP Energy, Indies Will Doom Obama - Steve Lombardo, Huffington Post
Romney's Key to Victory - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Why I'm Not Freaking Out About the Result - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
The 2012 Catch-22 - Charles Lane, Washington Post
More on RCP: Best Lines of the 2012 Presidential Election  

Nate Silver Accounts For 20% The New York Times' Web Traffic On Monday  
Romney campaign out-advertises Obama in the final week:(Wash Post)
Florida GOP: Romney already beating McCains 08 tally
Some Schools Used As Shelters To Reopen For Students
Battle for Senate reaches finale  


 Jon Stewart Tears Apart Cable News Pundits For Pre-Election 'Musical Chairs' Game Of
On Cable News Channels, a Battle of Bitterness(NYT) why pols lie easier now? "most news organizations (w/ notable exceptions) abandoned their roles as political referees."*  mNY Times Critiques Cable News: MSNBC Hosts 'Recycle Talking Points'

Subway ‘lines’: Squeeze to ease, but waits remain(NYP) * Airline Shuttles, Amtrak and Long-Distance Buses Are Back to Work in the Northeast(NYT) * Crowding Adds Strain to Commute(WSJ) * NYPD Limited Passengers on Some Subway Platforms(WSJ) * PATH Resumes From Jersey City * Limited PATH service resumes as commute concerns linger * NY1 Exclusive: MTA Crews Show How They Pump Water From East River Tunnels * Path Service Resumes as Commute Concerns Linger(NBC) * L train tunnel is dry, MTA says. Checking for equipment damage now.
Fare Hike We're holding a public hearing tomorrow at 5pm in (333 Adams St.) on the proposed fare/toll increases. * Limited E train service has resumed b/t Jamaica-Parsons and World Trade Center. Details at   * Some southbound B and Q trains, according to MTA, end at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center or run on the D line to 36th St (BK) and terminate  * J trains run b/t Jamaica Ctr & Chambers St, making local stops. Z train service is suspended.* Holland Tunnel reopens Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. after Hurricane * Some in Brooklyn Left Behind as Subway Is Revived L&G

Oil Waiting Continues

New week of gaso-lean times(NYP)* Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced that he would investigate the alleged price gouging of gasoline and other essential goods in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Post writes: http://bit.ly/YOEEEl
* Cabbies Demand Express Lane For Fueling Up, Complain Of …(WCBS) * Cuomo says current gas problem is "panic buying" that's increasing demand: "You see a line, you get nervous."

The Hard Hit Strugle to Recover
Hell for folk hung out to dry(NYP) * Manhattan garbage days cut as sanitation workers head to Sandy-stricken boroughs(NYP) * Where Boardwalks Beckon, Way of Life in Splinters(NYT) * Officials Begin Relocating the Displaced(NYT) State officials began the process of relocating displaced residents into temporary homes, as 45,000 families have been approved for over $200 million in federal funding, the Times * Police Pitch In on Relief Effort(NYT)In Coney Island, Waiting in Line for Food and Supplies (NYT) *  NYTimes: In Brooklyn, Worrying About Not Only Flooding but Also What’s in Water * Midweek Northeaster May Stymie Recovery Efforts With Floods and Loss of Power(NYT) * With $200 Million in U.S. Housing Aid, Officials Begin Relocating the Displaced(NYT) * Gas Lines Ease, but Shortages and Closed Stations Persist Across New York Region(NYT) * City Approves Contracts for Storm Cleanup(NYT) * Many Flooded Manhattan Buildings May Stay Closed(NYT) * The News applauds Bloomberg for recognizing the daunting task of finding shelter for the tens of thousands of New Yorkers rendered homeless due to the storm: * Lawmakers Lack Agreement On How To Approach Local Housing Shortage(NY1) * Storm-Ravaged Neighbors Face Long Wait For Insurance Ad (WCBS) reduces trash pickup in areas unaffected by storm to increase collections in harder hit areas.  * Staten Island Tries To Clean Up Under Threat Of Impending (WCBS) * Helping hurricane victims on Staten Island(SI Advance) * Staten Island's grueling road to recovery(SI Advance) * Residents of Tottenville, Staten Island say it has become Forgottenville(NYDN) * Hero firefighter strapped mom to a surfboard, towed her to safety during Sandy (and 82-yr.-old 'cool as cucumber' in raging waters)(NYDN) * Broad Channel In Need Of More Than Emergency Relief * In about a third of the 90,000 NYC buildings that don't have power, the problem is internal with the building, the mayor said.* Bonfires Warm Displaced People On Rockaway Beach * Elderly Tenants Return To Peter Cooper Village * What a three-hour line to vote looks like: via   * 4:20PM candidates taking issue with the result ahead of time(Capital) * An enrollment milestone: as of this month, Democrats now outnumber Republicans in New York State more than 2 to 1 * As Students Move Back In, Some Evacuees Are Set Adrift Again(NYT) * Home Is Gone, and the Structure Is Destroyed, Too(NYT)

Poor kids freezing classes off, Mike!(NYP) * Schools Reopen to Snarls; Transit Headaches Persist(NYT) * Slow Reboot for Schools(WSJ) * Most Schools Reopen, But Thousands Of Students Must Be Relocated By Wednesday(NY1) * Rockaway Parents Prefer Homeschooling to Relocating Kids to Other Schools - New York * Mayor: Roughly 47 schools have sustained damage preventing them from being open tmrw. Check for info.  

‘Visitors’ spark Con Ed’s efforts(NYP) * Con Ed Defends Itself(NYT) * Cuomo issued an ultimatum to utility companies throughout the state, threatening to revoke their franchises if progress was not made to restore power throughout the state, the Times-Union writes: * Cuomo sharply reminded the state’s utility companies he feels are moving too slowly in restoring power after Sandy that they don’t have “God-given monopolies.” * Wanna laugh? Con Edison just beat their earnings. Margins up on decreased giving-a-shit.

Bellevue Hospital Is on Lock Down

Park Closed Again
Mayor Bloomberg: All city parks, playgrounds, beaches to close 12 pm Wed - 12 pm Thu because of approaching nor'easter  

As Crane Hung in the Sky, a Drama Unfolded to Prevent a Catastrophe Below(NYT)

In the News, Editor-in-Chief Colin Myler details how the paper was able to put out a quality product despite its editorial office and printing plant being incapacitated: http://nydn.us/U6cqA1

COA Judge Theodore Jones Has Died(YNN)

 Law and Order

Set free to ‘shoot again’ (NYP) An elderly Bronx woman was shot nearly to death on her way to church Sunday — allegedly by a gunman previously acquitted of attempted murder at least partly because of the ticket-fixing scandal,
Longtime suspect in Etan Patz case to be released Wednesday(NYP)
 St. John's 'Dean of Mean' Cecilia Chang commits suicide(NYP) * Ex-Dean of St. John’s, on Trial for Stealing Over $1 Million, Is Found Dead at Home(NYT)