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True News is Fighting the Battle for A 2013 Mayoral Campaign Fought on Real Issues Instead of Campaign Consultants Spin

Yesterday True News Asked
Where is the Leadership in NYC Mayoral Candidates on Power to the People or Stop the Damage From Floods?

True News pointed out in the morning that all were into social media groupthink, No plan for the future, No criticisms of recover efforts or comments on flood victim’s anger, All they do is tell the flood victims where the pampers are being given out.  At 6PM One of the candidates changes his tweets

Thompson Attacks the Mayor's Storm Efforts

  Finishing up delivering food and water on the Lower East Side * Update 6PM A Change .: "This is not indicative of a world-class response 2 a crisis" *Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, those who are powerless and without a voice, living in 23 NYCHA buildings are being ignored.* Councilman isn't happy with Potential Mayor candidate 's attacks on response to hurricane  

Thousands of NYCHA public housing residents are still without power, hot water, or heat, but residents will still have to pay rent until January when they will receive a credit, the Daily News writes * Public Housing Residents Demand Power As NYCHA Promises Rent Credits(NY1) * City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has deployed Council staffers to disaster zone areas, matching each staff member’s skillset to a specific area of need, the News reports The News calls for the ouster of NYCHA Chairman John Rhea, with the final straw being him dragging his feet in helping public housing residents get their power back: * Scrooged: NYC Housing Authority kicks thousands of residents w/o power while they're down(Salon) * Residents, Public Advocate Blast NYCHA For ‘Unacceptable’ Rent Credit Plan « CBS New York

The Real Fight At the Board of Elections is About Control of the Ballot . . .  Will the City Council Hearing Go Beyond Putting Lipstick On A Pig?
Will the City Council Hearing try to put lipstick on a pig by fixing the election day problems at the polls?  Or will they deal with the real corruption problems at the BOE which is their Tammany Hall Function as Gatekeep to protect the incumbents and machine backed candidates, by knocking off challengers * “We need more accountability at the Board of Elections,” Congresswoman-elect Grace Meng said on Inside City Hall. “That’s probably one of the most bipartisan issues stemming from this election. It’s not a very efficient process.” * Congressman-elect Hakeem Jeffries was even more direct in the same segment. “Should the Board of Elections be run by partisan political appointees?” he asked. “I think we need competence; we need sophistication. We don’t need those who have obtained their position by political allegiance or their capacity to support the Democratic county machine.” It should be noted the GOP county organizations also contribute  to the cause *  Courtney Gross At nycboe, where they are deciding what affidavit ballots to count. At some sites, ballots were put in garbage bags when envelopes ran out


NYT: Powell Challenges Mayoral Candidates Ability To Look At the Big Picture and Quinn Bites
The Times’ Michael Powell asks whether mayoral candidates can look at the bigger picture surrounding climate change and work to bolster the city’s storm defenses:*Want to be a NYC mayor for the history book? Gov Cuomo says: Embrace challenge of global warming.* Asked about Katrina lessons to apply to says "how do we do a better job of coordinating and communicating?" * She Sells Infrastructure by the Sea Shore: Chris Quinn’s $20 B. Disaster Plan(NYO) * Quinn: Run overhead power lines underground(NYP) * Council Speaker Urges Stormproofing as the Civic Conversation Shifts(NYT)

Smith, Allon and Now Carrion Where are the Real Republicans
To NYC GOP Leaders It is All About Winning, $$$ and Jobs, They Stand for Nothing
Adolfo Carrión Jr.Likely Mayoral Hopeful Leaves Democratic Party(NYT) Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Bronx borough president who currently has no party affiliation, is seeking Republican and Independence Party backing, an adviser said But not before he gains approval from three of the five party chairmen * Ex Bronx BP, eyeing mayoral run, quits Democrats(WSJ)* Adolfo Carrion Jr. reportedly poised to enter NYC mayoral (NYDN)  If he’s successful, Carrion would be NYC’s first Latino mayor. He’s being advised by former NY1 anchor Davidson Goldin. *  The Republican mayoral field continues to have more Democrats than they know what to do with. reader at : "adolfo was all over the bfast, smiling and saying hi to everyone" #2013* Paterson: "Leaders are born. They're not negotiated."key detail: "Carrión would decline any matching $ ...and challenged his rivals to do the same." #2013*  Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton: Adolfo Carrion Jr. Could Be 2013 "Gamechanger" * why not? Catsimatidis: "I’ll put in some $ to get it going & then we’ll see if it’s serious" * John Catsimatidis on ethnic voting. “To have blacks voting 93% for Obama—to me, that seems a little bit racist"* Catsimatidis on Carrion's party switch: "hope he's not doing this to avoid running against 5 Dems in the Demo Party"* Brooklyn GOP Chair Backs Carrion(YNN) * The Insider: John Catsimatidis to start account for NYC mayor’s race * Shepherding A Possible Adolfo Carrion 2013 Run: Michael Allegretti * Tom Allon Slams His Newly-Minted Mayoral Rival Adolfo Carrión   * Bronx GOP Chair Savino Signs On To Carrion For Mayor(YNN) * Wanted: GOP Mayoral Hopeful With Vague Conservative Impulses, Massive Personal Wealth a Plus(NYO)
* @BKcolin give me a break! this guy doesn't know his ass from his elbow, never mind his pinkie * Shepherding Carrion’s potential 2013 NYC mayoral run on the GOP line is Staten Island’s Michael Allegretti. * Bill Samuels: “The idea that either Adolfo Carrion Jr. or (Sen.) Malcolm Smith would run for Mayor on the Republican is an affront to the integrity of the Republican Party. Neither is a Bloomberg or a Giuliani.”* Bronx GOP Chair Jay Savino is definitely on board the Adolfo Carrión train. “I love the guy. I think he would make an excellent mayor,” he said. “He is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to announced candidates. I think he could be exactly what the city needs – a centrist or moderate candidate.”

Flashback  Ex Bronx BP Carrion Fined $10K In Conflict | New York Daily News
The city Conflicts Of Interest Board just announced that former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion (fixed, sorry) is getting slapped with a $10,000 fine "in connection with renovating his home with help from the architect of a development project that sought his official approval and causing a two-year delay in being billed for the architect’s work."

A Delusional GOP Cox
 In a letter to supporters, New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox expressed hope that his party will make significant gains during the 2014 midterm elections, the Albany Times-Union writes:  * Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno called 2012 the “worst” election cycle in his memory for the NY GOP.

Promises of Money From A City That Will Have to Cover Federal and State Cuts in 2013 Just to Keep the Hospitals, Schools Going, Etc.
City Unions Waiting Out Mayor's Term(WSJ) Every public employee labor union in New York City is working without a contract from the city, with many unions choosing to wait until 2014 to negotiate with a new mayor. For the first time since the fiscal crisis of the 1970s, every New York City public-employee union – all 152 bargaining units – is working without a contract. They’re all waiting out Mayor Bloomberg, whose third and final term ends next month.

Campaign 2013 Diverse Backgrounds for 5 New Faces Sent to House(NYT) * NY1 Online: Incoming Local Members Of Congress Discuss Plans * Cuomo will hold a campaign fundraiser next month on his birthday, with campaign finance reports disclosing a $19.3 million war chest for his re-election in 2014, the Times-Union writes * Staten Island's Borough President's term is marked by bookends911 to Sandy (SI Advance) * The NYT profiles two of NY’s new House members: Congressmen-elect Chris Collins (NY-27) and Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18).* Cuomo, who was sitting on close to $20 million worth of political cash in mid-July, is celebrating his 55th birthday with a fundraiser. * State opens spigot on political advertising (TU) New state elections rules offer wider opportunity for Super PAC advocacy(TU) * . won't be back in office for months according to testimony at boe hearing * Christine Quinn Vies to Become New York’s Post-Sandy Mayor(NY Mag)RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum: “New York City is ready for a Democratic mayor in 2013. That, by his own choice, will not be Adolfo Carrion.” * Meanwhile, GOP Councilman Eric Ulrich expressed skepticism that Mr. Catsimatidis could, as he claimed, run this city with his left pinkie: “give me a break! this guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow, never mind his pinkie.” It should be noted Mr. Catsimatidis is the favored candidate of the Queens GOP establishment, which has feuded heavily with Mr. Ulrich.

If the GOP Keeps Control of the State Senate They Will Do It With A Lot of Democratic and Dark Forces Help
Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos: "I do believe we will be back in the functioning majority."
Touring Wreckage on L.I. Amid Uncertainty in Albany (NYT)  Dean G. Skelos, the State Senate majority leader, visited areas of his Nassau County district severely damaged by the storm, and criticized the federal government for its response. * THE END OF THE GOP? By the time the networks had called the election for President Barack Obama at 11:20 p.m. a week ago, Republicans across New York State were already reeling from the surprising revelation that they were suffering one of their most disastrous defeats in decades. (City and State) *Independent Democrats May Determine Which Party Controls The State Senate(NY1) * NYC Councilman and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron called the four IDC members “traitors” and said their fellow Democrats should take them out through primaries.
In his first interview since Election Day, IDC head Jeff Klein refused to say who his conference will back in the battle for control of the Senate, but did insist the group will be a “permanent third conference” with “a major role in shaping the policy agenda of this state.” * As the Republicans strategize how to retain control of the Senate, Majority Leader Dean Skelos has been on storm duty in his hard-hit Nassau County district.*Councilman Charles Barron weighed in on the State Senate drama as well, asking,“How is it that when the Latinos do it they’re the worst traitors in the world, but when the whites do it they’re getting a pass?” * Paterson said he thinks Cuomo could help decide Senate leadership. 

BREAKING: Democratic State Senator-elect sides with Senate Republicans, bringing their total up to 31 members
Newly Elected State Senator Defects to Republican Party(NYT)
All Eyes On The IDC(YNN) * Paterson: The IDC controls the Senate, and Cuomo wins(TU) * O’Brien: No IDC For Me(YNN) * Multiple political party disorder (New York World)  Newly elected Democratic State Senator Simcha Felder endorsed Romney for president, and which party he'll caucus with is anyone's guess* Survivor: State SenateEdition (New York World)  Episode by episode, Democrats and Republicans battle for control of half the state legislature *  IDC's options if Tkaczyk wins: Side with factious 1-vote Dem majority that includes Ruben Diaz, Malcolm Smith, etcetc. Or pad GOP's margin.* EXCLUSIVE: Felder Sides With Senate GOP(YNN) * Thanks to Senator-elect Simcha Felder, if Republicans can win the canvass of the absentee and affidavit ballots in the Amedore-Tkaczyk race, they would then have a majority no matter what the Independent Democratic Conference does.

Global Strategy's Pollack Takes About Sharpton Being So 80's On NY1 What is Hevesi So 2000's?
Also on Inside City Hall, Global Strategy Group’s Jef Pollack expressed his amusement with this article about “racial agitator Al Sharpton” and the State Senate fight. “I thought that what seemed to be a clear Republican leak to Fred Dicker in the Post today over Al Sharpton, it felt like a 1980′s canard coming back to hit me in the face,” he said. “I have no clue. I’m not even pretending to be involved. I’m saying the notion of fighting a 1980′s racial battle using the specter of Al Sharpton feels old.”

 How Come NY1 Did Not Ask Pollack if Hevesi Should Be Let Free?Global paid $2 Million in pension fine  Hevesi fallout widens to include Rattner, Global Strategy Group * Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Former TV journalist Michelle Smith Hook (wife of SKD Knickerbocker’s Morgan Hook) is now working in Schneiderman’s press office.

Alan Hevesi is where he is because he profoundly betrayed the public trust
Keep Alan on ice(NYP Ed) Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi comes up for his initial parole hearing this week, perhaps today, having served 18 months of a one-to-four-year sentence for a “pay-to-play” scheme involving state pension-fund investments. From those to whom much is given, much is expected. A once-respected leader in city and state government, Hevesi became the quintessential symbol of everything that is wrong with New York politics.He now needs to become a symbol for what happens to those who abuse their office for personal gain. Alan Hevesi’s parole request should be rejected. He needs to stay right where he is for a little while longer.

As We Head to the Trial Will Liu Be A Mayor or In Jail at the End of 2013  Two fundraisers for New York City Comptroller and mayoral candidate John Liu had their motions to dismiss a case against them for steering illegal contributions to Liu’s campaign denied by a federal judge
A Typical 25 Year Old Treasure Won't Talk The Case Against John Liu’s Campaign Begins(NYO) Fighting poster fine to the finish(Queens Crap)  Judge Richard Sullivan rejected four pre-trial motions requested by Mr. Pan and Ms. Hou’s attorneys and ordered the trial to begin as scheduled February 4. 

From the NY Post: Comptroller John Liu is making good on his pledge to fight $527,400 in poster summonses to the bitter end. Liu, who ran up the tab during his 2009 campaign, filed papers in Brooklyn state Supreme Court on Oct. 31 charging that the tribunal that leveled the violations was biased and the legal service improper. Those are the same claims that were rejected earlier by an appeal panel of the Environmental Control Board. The court has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 4 before Judge Martin Solomon.* Thompson poster fines stick - New York Post(NYP) * Case Against Comptroller Liu's Former Campaign Treasurer, Fundraiser To Go To Trial(NY1) * Liu backer must go to trial, judge rules(NYDN) * Comptroller cronies Liu-sers in court(NYP)

Liu Says He is Quaking in His Boots About Carrion.  We At True News Think He Should Be Pissing In Pants About His 25 Year Old Treasure's Upcoming Trial
@JohncLiu on GOP mayoral candidates: "I’m quaking in my boots" 

Kruger Briber to Join Him Soon
Got a call from Richard Lipsky while I was working out at gym. The soon to be incarcerated Lipsky has to report on the 27 to serve 90 days.



 Borough President tweeding deal in the works(Queens Crap)

From Crains: In the race to become the next Queens borough president, the two most logical contenders to get the crucial support of the Queens Democratic organization would be Councilman Leroy Comrie and state Sen. Jose Peralta.In recent weeks, several Queens sources have told The Insider about the possibility of Mr. Peralta getting the county organization’s backing, with the deputy borough president to be Mr. Comrie, who would line up political support in southeast Queens for Mr. Peralta. Mr. Comrie, who heads the Queens delegation on the City Council, has a tight relationship with the county organization. But he has struggled to raise money, causing insiders to question his viability. Mr. Peralta also has a good relationship with the county organization, and as a former organizer for the Central Labor Council is a strong contender for the Working Families Party endorsement. So it’s possible the county organization could back Mr. Peralta over Mr. Comrie. “One factor is closeness to county. The other is viability. Joe Crowley wants to win,” said one Queens insider, referring to the congressman who chairs the county organization.

: "message from Bloomberg’s world is clear: The mayor is here to stay as a political force"
Mike’s ‘legacy list’ is Priority 1 for projects (NYP) When it comes to new development projects, the Bloomberg administration is closed for business. That’s because the mayor’s people — with an eye toward his legacy — have carefully crafted a special list of high-profile priority projects to fast-track...* Michael Bloomberg’s next (political) move (Wash Post) * New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent upwards of $9 million of his own money in the final ten days of the 2012 campaign in support of candidates who shared his views on gun control and political moderation, a sizable sum that portends how the billionaire envisions his life outside of the mayor’s office after his third term concludes in 2013.

NYPD Shrinks To 'Bad Old Days' Size While Bloomberg's City Workforce Grows (DNAINFO)
There are now roughly 34,500 cops on the beat, about the same number as there were in 1992 when the city was besieged by crime and down from 37,000 in 2002 when Bloomberg took office. But the city's overall workforce has grown, There are now roughly 271,000 full-time employees on the city payroll, up 10 percent from 247,000 in 2002, according to city stats obtained by DNAinfo.com New York.

Pockets of Disaster
In many pockets throughout the city, the effects of Sandy are still being felt. It could be weeks before damaged hospitals reopen and 37 of the city's schools remain shuttered. But Mayor Bloomberg enacted a $500 million emergency plan to reopen them. Public housing residents who still have no power will receive a rent credit for their time without services, but not until January. Rockaway is still a demolition zone and mold is becoming a large concern. The city is launching "one-stop restoration centers" that will provide recovery services and disaster relief. But the extra money Gov. Cuomo requested from the federal government is far from definite

Cold, Dark and Damp, Pockets of Misery Persist two Weeks Later (NYT) * Flood Insurance, Already Fragile, Faces New Stress(NYT) * Federal Aid for New York Faces Hurdle in Congress(NYT) Despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plea for more federal storm assistance, any aid is likely to be obstructed by conservative lawmakers, who feel that the existing disaster aid must first be exhausted * uomo Asks Feds For At Least $30 Billion In Disaster Relief(NY1)  * For Congregation Leaders, Hurricane Is Taking a Toll(NYT) * Storm's Toll Compared to Katrina's(WSJ) * NYC is launching '1-stop restoration centers'(WSJ) * City Earmarks $500 Million To Fix Storm-Damaged Schools, Hospitals(NY1) * Teary-Eyed Community Buries S.I. Father, Daughter Killed By Sandy(NY1) * Bellevue, Coney Island Hospital Expected To Operate Again During Winter (NY1)
 New Yorkers Displaced By Sandy Shuffled Between Shelters(NY1) * FEMA sets up in Forest Hills(NYDN) * Surviving in the Rockaways(NYT) * CBS 2 Exclusive: A Look At The Post-Sandy Portable Hospital (WCBS) * NYPD takes to the skies to look for looter(WABC) * Frustration boils over at Hoboken Sandy meeting(WABC) * Cuomo to seek $30 billion in federal aid for Sandy(WABC) * PATH Service at 9th Street in Manhattan Resumes(NBC) 

Dispatch From The Rockaways: Volunteers Struggle With Red Tape * Taxis Should Have Priority During Gas Shortages, Advocates Say * “Cold, thirst, fear.” A Queens nursing home fails its residents during Sandy. (via*  Bellevue Hospital Won't Fully Reopen Until February, Officials Say * AP: Gov. Cuomo to announce opening of Hugh Carey Tunnel, aka Brooklyn Battery Tunnel * City launching '1-stop restoration centers', FEMA opens in 19 NJ counties(NYP) * The Free Republic of the Rockaways(NY Mag) Where the storm never ends, anarchy reigns, and people find their own ways to survive.* Emergency Loan Program Can Help Small Business Owners Recover From Storm Damages * FreshDirect Cancels Some Deliveries Until After Thanksgiving Due to Sandy(DNAINFO) Elderly Queens Couple Not Fazed By Storm's Inconveniences * Powerless in Red Hook(Brooklyn Paper)
* Group of handymen help neighbors in Broad Channel(NYDN)
* Mormon Helping Hands in Queens(NYDN) * Price gouging fears for electrical inspections(NYDN) * As More School Buildings Reopen, More Students Return(NY1) * City launches restoration centers to help Sandy victims(WABC) * City Council to vote on $500 million for Hurricane Sandy SI Advance) * Red Hook Businesses Suffer After Sandy(NBC) *
Hugh Carey-Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Partially Reopens; Cuomo(NY1)
* Bronx Health Care Facility Provides Shelter For Sandy E(NY1)
* NY1 On Scene: Chinatown Businesses Struggle To Get Customers(NY1)
* NY1 On Scene: Sandy Causes Mail Service Interruptions In 
* A Thousand Backpacks Distributed To S.I. Students
* Defier of Police and Storm, Tender of Residents' Cats and Fish(NYT)
* Christie Reverses Stand on Tax Increases After Storm(NYT)
* Evacuated in Hurricane, Woman, 93, Reunites With Family After 2 Weeks(NYT)
* Occupy Wall St. Offshoot Aims to Erase People’s Debts(NYT)

LIPA Board All Political Appointees 
Gov: We’ll probe LIPA and others(NYP) * Cuomo Says Most Homes Still Without Power Are Too Damaged for Electricity(NYT) * Staten Island QuikStart power program expanded(WSJ) * Cuomo asks utility companies to give rebates to Sandy-ravaged (NYDN) * Outpost of comfort for storm-ravaged Long Beach(NYDN) * Class Action Lawsuit To Be Filed Against LIPA For Its Sandy(WCBS) * After Sandy, Armed Looters Creating Fear For Garden City(WCBS) * Still Without Power, Long Islanders Bemoan Finger-Pointing (WCBS) * New York’s Power Is Mostly Fixed, Except Where It Isn’t(NY Mag) * About 80,000 homes remain without power, but Cuomo says many are too damaged to have their electricity restored.* The governor kept up his verbal assault on LIPA, saying he “will make every change necessary to ensure it lives up to its public responsibility” – including removing management at the state-owned authority.* Bill Hammond writes: “Failing to take proper charge of the Long Island Power Authority is proving to be Gov. Cuomo’s worst screwup to date — and it’s a doozy.”Cuomo gets criticized for not fixing LIPA before the storm* Cuomo: LIPA "regulated by the state of NY, primarily by the Public Service Commission" : "LIPA is not regulated by" the PSC * NY attorney files lawsuit over LIPA power failures(NYP) * Fla. utility worker attacked on Long Island(NYP) * Cuomo re LIPA: "I don't believe you can fix it. I believe it has to be overhauled, and you need a new system."

Many Queens Schools Shut Until 2013
Queens school’s student exodus (NYP)  Hurricane Sandy scattered hundreds of students from one Queens school — to locales as far away as Nashville. At least 230 students from Belle Harbor’s PS 114 have enrolled in public schools in other parts of the city — the most by far of any storm..*
Most City Schools Damaged by Sandy to Open by January (WSJ) * Process Of Reopening Sandy-Damaged Schools To Stretch Into 2013(NY1) * I-Team: Feds Investigate Admissions to Top NYC Schools(NBC)

Money Taking Agency
Monthly MetroCards will not be reimbursed after Sandy(NYP) * MTA holds public hearing on bus, subway fare hikes (Queens Chronicle) * MetroCards After Storm: M.T.A. Says No Refunds(NYT) * No refunds for unlimited NYC MetroCards(WSJ) * Toll Hikes Also The Democrat & Chronicle makes a final plea to the Thruway Authority to reject the proposed 45 percent toll hike for commercial vehicles. Ditto, says the Poughkeepsie Journal.* MTA Holding Public Hearings On Proposed Fare Hikes CBS Local * Thruway Authority Board Vice Chair Donna Luh thinks she and her fellow members are “looking foolish” after all these meeting cancellations with no explanation and little warning. She’s ready to vote “no” on the 45% toll hike. * MTA: No MetroCard Refunds For Superstorm Sandy Service  (WCBS)

MTA cops, workers stranded on bridge the night Sandy storm(NYDN)

Housing Leaders Charge City and NYCHA Still Dancing With Stanley Schlein

Activists say deal was tainted by politics(NYDN)Garden activists continue to protest Bronx housing but project moves forward without Stanley Schlein   Morning Glory Community Gardeners ask for probe of project in Mott Haven. Otero and other opponents claim HPD gave Schlein and two partners a sweetheart deal, an allegation that the agency denies. Schlein is a formidable election lawyer who has worked for countless politicians, including Bronx elected officials who signed off on Crossroads Plaza. He served as chairman of the city Civil Service Commission but was fined $15,000 by the Conflicts of Interest Board for conducting private business from his Commission office in 2006. In August, the Mott Haven Herald noted his involvement in Crossroads Plaza. The same month, HPD completed a review of the development team and required Schlein to withdraw. The gardeners believe HPD selected Schlein and his partners for political reasons. They argue the team lacks housing experience and claim the public review process was tainted because it involved officials tied to Schlein.

Gowanus floodwaters nontoxic, feds say(NY World)

Where is the Fluoride in This Crazy
Everyone Spinning to Protect Their People 
Coming Soon the Reality Show Hosted by Trump
Aided whistleblower's 'unstable' twin in nasty custody fight(NYP) * FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Is Scrutinized(WSJ)  * Jon Stewart Rips Petraeus Conspiracy Theories: ‘We Don’t Have Facts, But We Do Have Feelings’ * Report: FBI Agent Sent Shirtless Photos To Petraeus Friend(Huff Post) * Joe Scarborough: I Know, Personally, That Some In DC Knew About Petraeus Investigation '3, 4 Weeks Ago' [VIDEO] * BREAKING: Senior Defense official: Emails between Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley were 'flirtatious' The triangle is now a quadrangle* Petraeus Case Raises Fears About Privacy in Digital Era(NYT) * Tampa Is Seen as Social Link for Unfolding Petraeus Case(NYT) * Online Privacy Issue Is Also in Play in Petraeus Scandal(NYT)



Stewart Rips Petraeus Conspiracy Ideas: 'We Don't Have Facts, But We Do Have Feelings' * Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer says he “understands” why David Petraeus resigned, but wonders if the president might have kept him on.

 Fiscal Cliff
 Conservatives propose BamCare cuts in ‘cliff’ talks (NYP) WASHINGTON — President Obama will have to give to get. Opponents of Obama’s signature health-care law are pushing for costs of the plan to be part of the negotiations over preventing the so-called fiscal cliff,* Democrats Like a Romney Idea to Cap Tax Deductions(NYT) * A New Chance for the Senate(NYT Ed) A larger and feistier Democratic majority could finally spell an end to filibuster abuse.

Obama keeps Holder as Attorney General(NYP) * Top Candidates for State Department Face Hurdles (NYT) Senator John Kerry and Susan E. Rice, the United Nations ambassador, are considered front-runners.* John Kerry Is Losing His Campaign to Be Secretary of State(NY Mag
Christie facing GOP storm(NYP) * NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s post-Sandy support of President Obama hurt his chances in 2016 among Republican activists, according to GOP consultant John McLaughlin. * Michael Steele On Running For RNC Chair Again: 'It's Not A Bad Idea' * Hannity Takes On Dick Morris Over Romney Landslide Prediction: ‘People Are Furious With You Right Now’ * Chris Christie: Mitt Romneys loss hit me hardest(Wash Post)

A Stalemate, Not a Mandate - James Ceaser, Claremont Review of Books
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Rice, Albright Share Concerns on Drones, China - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Petraeus Didn't Intend to Resign - Horwitz, Kindy & Wilson, Washington Post
Who's Getting Fired Over Petraeus Investigation? - Nick Gillespie, Reason
Video Highlights: Petraeus Timeline | Feinstein | Krauthammer
Change is afoot at the White House.
Improper Silence Over Petraeus' Improper Affair - Cleveland Plain Dealer
Petraeus Was Right to Resign - Philadelphia Inquirer
Time to Tell the Truth - New York Post
Moving Forward on Immigration - Denver Post
Bobby Jindal,who supports teaching the evolution is false doesn't want GOP to be "the stupid party" via
Obama actually won both New Hampshire Cong. districts- 50%-48% and 54%-44%. He won both in '08. Bush won in '00 and '04.  
How 's elelction day operation melted down 's -job  
Will President Obama visit Brooklyn when he comes to town Thursday? Marty Markowitz hopes so. (Brooklyn Paper)
Mitt Romney reportedly got 0 votes in 59 Philadelphia districts (NBC)
Frank Rich on the GOP's Denial(NY Mag) 
Gallup defends its polling:(Wash Post)
Gallup Defends Pre-Election Polling, Takes A Swipe At Nate Silver
Shocking. RT : Dick Morris admits he predicted a landslide to help Mitt Romney win the election.
Obama's "Grand Bargain"-ing Leverage - Robert Reich, Salon
Facing Our Political & Financial Realities - Richard Epstein, Defining Ideas
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Massachusetts Nominees Have Nasty Losing Streak - Jim O'Sullivan, NJ
The Grover Plan: More Cowbell! - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller
U.S. Oil Output to Overtake Saudi by 2020 - Lananh Nguyen, Bloomberg
Video Highlights: Carney | Faber | DWS | Ryan | Robinson | Carolla


NYT Now Owns Thompson and Any Scandal That Follows Him

 A rough landing: New Times CEO faces twin threats on first day(NYP)While Thompson claims to know nothing about the reasons the Savile segment was killed, his hiring adds to the pressure on Times Chairman Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger, Jr.“For the Times, this is a case of borrowed trouble, in the most basic sense,” said news industry analyst Ken Doctor. Indeed, journalists at the Times are openly questioning why Thompson didn’t delve more deeply into the claims after the Savile show was killed. Last week, columnist Joe Nocera pointedly asked in a Times opinion piece whether Thompson was “the right man for the job.” “Thompson winds up appearing willfully ignorant, and it makes you wonder what kind of an organization the BBC was when Thompson was running it — and what kind of leader he was. It also makes you wonder what kind of chief executive he’d be at The Times,” Nocera wrote.At the same time, union unrest is increasing at the Times, with some prominent voices angrily calling for the 1,100 Newspaper Guild members to reject a tentative pact that goes to a vote today. * BBC to Discipline Employees (NYT) * Thompson starts as NY Times CEO amid BBC scandal(TU) *  UPDATE 1-Thompson takes helm at NYTimes, faces stiff challenges(Chicago Tribune) * Will BBC abuse scandal taint New York Times?(Opinion) * New York Times Labor Deal Gets Done(NY Mag) * Wan Welcome for New Times Boss (NY Mag) Newsroom wonders: Are we sure about this guy?

Law and Order
SI cops’ killer eyed as too dumb for death (NYP) They say he’s too dumb to die for his heinous crimes. A federal judge has scheduled a series of hearings later this month for testimony about whether a man convicted of the execution-style murder of two undercover NYPD officers is mentally competent.

'Killer' nanny hit with throw-away-the-key indictment in slashing deaths of UWS kids(NYP)

Red ‘devil’! Voice of Elmo in teen-sex shocker  (NYP) Say it ain’t so, Elmo! Kevin Clash — the puppeteer who transformed a furry red Muppet named Elmo into an international sensation — has taken a leave of absence from TV’s “Sesame Street” to deal with allegations that he had been involved in a.minor. * Man who accused Elmo puppeteer of teen sex recants(Fox 5)

Terrorism  Documents Show Extent of F.B.I.’s Role in Terror Case(NYT)