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Holiday Weekend True News Updated 24/7 2013 A Mayoral Campaign About Nothing

Where is the Leadership in NYC Mayoral Candidates on Power to the People or Stop the Damage From Floods?
While Long Island Pols Go After LIPA NY Mayoral Candidates Have Been Silent for 2 weeks About Con Edison. We get flooded with twitter and facebook accounts from the mayoral candidates on how they are helping get blankets and water to the flood victims in Queens and Brooklyn but we know nothing about what they will do to make sure Con Edison gets the power on faster epically for the public housing residents who not only have no lights and heat but no running water for their toilets.  The dummy reporters just retweet the mayoral candidates plea for pampers and never ask them what they would do to prevent this from ever happening again.  Maybe they agree with Brownie  ‘Heckuva job Brownie’: Former FEMA director Michael Brown says New Yorkers should just ‘chill’ over Sandy(NYDN)  * It appears New York’s problem with its utilities pre-dates Sandy. Update NYC to shell out $500 million to repair schools, hospitals damaged by Sandy

The Mayor in the Eye(NY Mag)  Before Sandy, Michael Bloomberg was preparing for his future. But in a way, the storm is his future * Public Housing Residents Demand Power As NYCHA Promises Rent Credits(NY1) * Queens residents mocked a Long Island Power Authority official who suggested customers print out inspection forms as beach outages outraged residents and councilmembers called for hearings, the Post writes * What do the Mayoral Candidates think of Keller Manhattan project idea? : Rebuilding after Sandy is not enough. We need reTHINKING. I propose: New Manhattan Project   

Group Think Candidates Have Not Comment, No Plan for the Future When It Comes to Flood Victims Anger, They are Bringing the Pampers
  THANK YOU to everyone across  who's come out to help in the aftermath of . The outpouring of support has truly been tremendous 
  This pic is from Lahn Street in Howard Beach where the water rose 2 feet from . Lots of damage to homes & cars

  Finishing up delivering food and water on the Lower East Side * Update 6PM A Change .: "This is not indicative of a world-class response 2 a crisis" *Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, those who are powerless and without a voice, living in 23 NYCHA buildings are being ignored.* Councilman isn't happy with Potential Mayor candidate 's attacks on response to hurricane

  Unloading truckloads full of dry goods in Rockaway. Thanks and once again, !

  I'm proud to join Rep. Serrano and AM Stevenson in serving lunch to Far Rockaway families displaced by .

The Race Battle for the State Senate 
spox: Sharpton "is appealing to [NYSenate Dems] to not be so inflexible that they can't agree on whomever is chosen"  

Sharpton Reporter or Political Operator
Sharpton revs up GOP(Dicker, NYP)
Talk-show host and racial agitator Al Sharpton’s “stupid’’ involvement in efforts to put the narrowly divided state Senate back into Democratic hands makes it more likely that four independent Democrats will back the GOP, The Post has learned.*

TAKING THE LEAD? With Democrats picking up two seats in the state Senate and holding narrow leads in two other pivotal races still too close to call, the Republicans may lose their majority. But Senate Minority Leader John Sampson might not be able to savor his party’s triumph:(C&S) *
Bronx Democrat Jeff Klein and Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos met to discuss what it would take to form a coalition government, the Daily News’s Ken Lovett reports:  *
"there's terrible racial tensions in their ranks"-- re: * Responding to Fred Dicker, Sharpton urges Dems not 2b 'inflexible' in leadership fight

The News chides Republicans for back room machinations to retain control of the state Senate, which it likely lost last week, and blames their loss of power on acting like Democrats. State Senate Republicans pay the price for standing for nothing (NYDN Ed) Election leaves Skelos on verge of losing majority control* Former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who met with GOP officials about a possible 2013 run for NYC mayor on their ballot line, is now “open” to helping the Republicans retain control of the Senate.* Sen. Jeff Klein, head of the four-member IDC, met quietly with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos last Thursday. He has not yet met with his former Democratic colleagues.*

There’s talk of making Sen. Adriano Espaillat majority leader if the Democrats re-take the majority to end his rivalry with Assemblyman/state Democratic Party co-chair Keith Wright over Rep. Charlie Rangel’s seat. (See above link).* The DN chides Skelos and his fellow Republicans for cleaving so closely to Cuomo, writing: “For voters in a heavily Democratic state, the natural long-term question becomes: Why vote for a Republican to do what the Democrats are doing?”Based on how the leadership battle shakes out, there’s already speculation both Skelos and Senate Minority Leader John Sampson will be ousted by their colleagues.* In a sign the Senate Republicans may be in serious trouble, even the Daily News is mocking their inability to hold onto the majority and almost made the case for Democratic control. One interesting leadership possibility for Democrats is State Senator Adriano Epsaillat, whom Jeff Klein, the leader of the breakaway Democratic conference, once cited as someone he could support. Other names bandied about include Senators Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Liz Krueger. * New York’s business community is very worried about the Democrats’ potential return to power in the state Senate. * The Democrats continue to be hopeful about a potential upset of Sen. Greg Ball by Justin Wagner. * Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs wishes the party put more muscle behind Daniel Martins’ challenge of Sen. Jack Martins, and believes he still has an “outside chance” to win. * Independent Democrats in state Senate could play kingmaker

Because fo the Flood The Queens Board of Elections has 60,000 paper ballots to open. Untained temps opening ballots.  Wonder who will get that contract? A cousin or business associate of . . . (Classisfied)

Will Hevesi Break Out of Jail?
Pen pals boost Hevesi parole (NYP) He wants out. And nine letter-writing pals are standing with him.  Disgraced former state comptroller Alan Hevesi will appear before a state parole board this week, as early as tomorrow, to make his second annual bid for release, state corrections. * Steven Rattner fined $10M by Cuomo for pension fund scheme

The Case Against John Liu’s Campaign Begins(NYO) Fighting poster fine to the finish(Queens Crap)  Judge Richard Sullivan rejected four pre-trial motions requested by Mr. Pan and Ms. Hou’s attorneys and ordered the trial to begin as scheduled February 4. 

From the NY Post:
Comptroller John Liu is making good on his pledge to fight $527,400 in poster summonses to the bitter end. Liu, who ran up the tab during his 2009 campaign, filed papers in Brooklyn state Supreme Court on Oct. 31 charging that the tribunal that leveled the violations was biased and the legal service improper. Those are the same claims that were rejected earlier by an appeal panel of the Environmental Control Board. The court has scheduled a hearing for Dec. 4 before Judge Martin Solomon.* Thompson poster fines stick - New York Post(NYP)

Balancing the City Budget on the Backs of the School Lunch Program?
City wants to raise price of school lunches, parking meter rates to shrink budget gap(NYT) City bean counters want to hike standard school lunch fees from $1.50 to $2.50 to help close the $2.5 billion budget gap for the upcoming fiscal year. Bloomberg plans to cut the city budget by $1.7 billion over two years and increase fees for school lunches and parking meters to compensate losing more than $600 million in taxi medallion revenue*As Shortfall Looms, Bloomberg Plans Cuts(NYT)
* NYC plans $1.7B budget cut over two years(NYDN) * NYC Says Budget Cuts Won't Hurt Storm Relie(NBC) * With his outer-borough taxi plan and the $600 million it would generate still in doubt, Mayor Bloomberg has proposed slashing funds to libraries and after-school programs and increasing fees for school lunches and parking meters. * Bloomberg Defends Balancing the Budget With School Lunches, Libraries(NYO)

Cuomo to Congress Show NY the Money 
: "I think it adds insult to injury for to call for a rate hike"  Cuomo says Con Ed should rebate customers, not increase rates, as proposed
Cuomo to Seek $30 Billion in Disaster Aid for New York State(NYT) Cuomo’s request would exceed the roughly $12 billion in federal disaster aid available without action from Congress, where there is likely to be opposition to additional spending. Sandy caused an estimated $50 billion in damage awesome backstory by . 1 reason didnt have $ 4 upgrades: bailed out energy company under Mario * Cuomo to seek $30 Billion in aid: A.M. News Links(SI Advance) * Laying the groundwork for Cuomo to govern and run(Capital) The breakdown of needs: $3.5 billion for bridges, tunnels and subway and commuter rail lines; $1.65 billion to rebuild homes and apartment buildings; $1 billion to reimburse local governments for overtime costs of police, fire and other emergency personnel; and several billion dollars in federal loans and grants to affected businesses. * The governor’s move comes as President Obama is scheduled to tour NYC storm damage Thursday in his first post-election trip. * Skelos: ‘This Truly Is Our Katrina’(YNN) * Cuomo: $30B A ‘Wise Investment’(YNN) * Greg David: “You are right, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, LIPA is not a God-given monopoly. It was a  monopoly given by your father.”* reporter to : "Do u take responsibility for whats been ?" cc:

The NYT is Hiring A Manager Who Was the Only One to Not Know About A Sexual Abuser Worked for the BBC, He left the Place Destroyed
The Gray Lady’s new CEO, in black and white(Wash Post)  In its long and glorious history, the New York Times has challenged presidents, generals and dictators. At the moment, its journalists are taking on an unlikely figure: the newspaper’s new chief executive. In articles, blog posts and commentaries published over the past few weeks, the Times has questioned whether its incoming CEO is fit for the job, although neither the editorial board nor the paper’s media critic has weighed in.* Mark Thompson starts work at New York Times as BBC scandal grows (Guardian UK) Former director general of the BBC is new boss at the Times as fallout over Savile accusations takes down other executives * Ex-BBC Mark Thompson starts as New York Times boss (BBC) * BBC Fallout Spreads as 2 Executives Step Aside(NYT) * NYT 'Deeply Divided' On New Contract(Huff Post)

MTA Gets High Marks From the NYP
But come on  “performing a miracle”All they did was pump out water and fix the power
Back on Track (NYP Ed)Take a bow, Joe Lhota. You, too, John Samuelsen. The chairman of the MTA and the boss of Transport Workers Local 100 pretty much performed a miracle — and New York noticed.* Remember the M.T.A.(NYT Ed) After the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, city, state and federal officials should need no further reminders about the needs of the region’s transit system.The Times argues that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority needs even more support from the city and state after witnessing the effect of the system’s shutdown after the hurricane

Protecting 9/11 Artifacts From Floods(WSJ) After superstorm Sandy inundated the 9/11 Museum and nearly submerged some of the massive artifacts in an under-construction exhibition space, officials are developing a plan to protect its most fragile and emotionally evocative items.

NY Legalized Pot the Lobbying Begins
“Big Marijuana” has hired Pat Lynch Associates to lobby Albany lawmakers to legalize marijuana for medical purposes but Cuomo has been skeptical, the Post learns: * NY being pressured to legalize marijuana for medical uses(NYP)

Daily News Says Judge Shira Scheindlin should toss Civil Liberties Union suit against the NYPD
Failure of proof (NYDN Ed) Evidence in the stop-and-frisk lawsuit fails to make the case against the NYPD

You Get the Government You Vote For

Albany’s klepto caucus(NYP Ed)

In New York, corruption does pay — or at least is no obstacle to holding on to public office.
Bad behavior was generally rewarded Tuesday as several sketchy lawmakers easily won new terms despite various ethical and legal clouds hanging over their heads. Even worse, it wasn’t a contest (quite literally, in the case of one miscreant) — all enjoyed huge margins of victory. * State Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn) — a 97% winner: The “Ticking Time Bomb” last year received probation and a fine for a physical altercation with a Post photographer, one of several such Parker incidents in recent years.
* Assemblyman William Boyland (D-Brooklyn) — 95%. Boyland had the dubious distinction of being indicted by two separate US attorneys over the last year: He was caught soliciting bribes to help raise money for his legal bills on a separate corruption case. * Assemblyman Vito Lopez — 90%. Despite multiple sexual-harassment claims against him, the most recent costing taxpayers a $103,000 settlement to two Albany staffers, the former head of the Brooklyn Democratic Committee sailed to another win. * State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) — uncontested: As The Post reported exhaustively, Smith co-founded and raised thousands of dollars for a Katrina-related charity that distributed hardly any money to the victims. The feds are investigating the entire affair. * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — 84%. In addition to his official duties, Silver has become Mr. Fix-It, crafting various coverups and payoffs for sexual scandals in his chamber (see the aforementioned Lopez settlement).

 Finally, even when New Yorkers make the right decision — i.e., tossing a bad pol — the state’s corrupt culture tosses a lifeline.The Post’s reporting on Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera getting taxpayer-funded jobs for boyfriends and family members led to a September primary loss. No matter. In swoops the far-left union cat’s-paw Working Families Party to provide Rivera with its line. Thankfully, the public had had enough; Rivera only received 8% of the vote on Tuesday. Alas, that she would even have a second chance speaks volumes of how difficult it is to cleanse New York’s corrupt political culture.

Bloomberg's World Megabillionaires, Storm Victims in the way
Kicked to the curb (NYP) Bloomberg’s obsession with closing and controlling NYC’s streets.
Michael Bloomberg’s infuriating insistence on staging the New York City Marathon until a grudging last minute retreat was too easily dismissed as just the latest evidence of his estrangement from fellow citizens who happen not to be megabillionaires.

The Only Way to Reform the Board Of Elections Is To Allow Everyone to Run for Office
The only way to reform the BOE is to take away their gatekeeper function of deciding who is qualified to run.  New York has the most restrictive rules for ballot access in the county.  Thousands of challengers to incumbents over the years have been knock off the ballot by the political parties who control the BOE to protect incumbent from their parties. 

Right now the opponents who are against reforming the structure of the BOE say what difference does it make if the mayor/council or the political parties are controlling the BOE.  They say by allowing either group to control the board you will allow political interest to control who gets on the ballot (the gatekeeper), and they are right.  To reform the board you have to take away the power to decided who is qualified to run away from it. 

By allowing everyone to run you can have professional civil servants in the city run the elections not the hacks appointed by the political party leader throughout the city. To prevent everyone from running you can have non returnable fees if a candidate does not get 10% of the vote. Petitioning to ballot which some say strength in the community really does not.  Incumbents us BOE inspector job as a reward for those who collect petitions. Both incumbents and challengers in recent years have increasingly used paid collectors of petitions to get on the ballot.  If you allow a system where everyone can run the state and city would need a runoff system for every office to ensure every candidate elected to office has the supported of a majority of the district he or she is running in. Getting rid of petitions will also same money in court costs. Stop payoff to party party leaders for ballot access.  No petitions will reduce the criminality of politically active people who produce forged petitions.  Most elected officials receive no opposition.  Letting everyone run will at least allow at least some discussion of issue where are non when incumbents are unchallenged.

Instead of Using the BOE FU of Election Day to Build Public Support the Goo Goos Cut Them Some Slack And Then Media Silence On the Election Day Problems
Where are the Facebook and Internet Petitions to Demand Changes At the BOE and build public support?  Instead good government leaders give them slack to protect pols.  So called progressive leaders and pols as usual hid from the issue
Some voting rights advocacy groups cut the Board of Elections some slack due to the hectic circumstances in the wake of the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy, but pointed to inexperienced polling workers and a shortage of paper ballots at polling sites as indicative of the Board’s systemic problems. “I don’t think I would fully blame the Board of Elections, in this instance they get more leeway than a normal situation, but their inherent limitations are still pretty obvious and they’re even more stark in an emergency situation,” said Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause New York. True News asks what does the floods have to do with the the poorly trained poll workers, the break downs of the scanners all over town, the lack of poll watchers at many sites, even running out of pens.

An Auction To Determine Which Party Leads the State Senate

‘Center’ Felder bids for NY party favors (NYP) ALBANY — The courting of Simcha Felder has begun now that the Brooklyn Democrat holds one of the keys to control of the state Senate. Republican and Democratic leaders jockeying for control of the Senate have contacted aides to Senator-elect Felder, according to the Brooklyn Democrat — who can help tip the balance of power to either party. Felder says he could side with Republicans or Democrats depending on which party will help his heavily Orthodox Jewish district more. * "Obama's strong performance hurt our down-ballot candidates"--NYS GOP Chair Ed Cox. #2012 * As the battle for control of the state Senate shifts from voting booths to the final ballot counts, the fate of major policy issues in New York will likely rest on whether Democrats or Republicans come out on top.

Queens GOP stuck on stupid (Queens Crap)

From The Independent Sentinel:
Democrats have spent years building up their party in states and counties where they once were weak, and are reaping the electoral benefits of these efforts. States that once were safe for Republicans have rather dramatically become swing states. Compare that to the Borough of Queens where Republican County Chairman Phil Ragusa saw fit to challenge Eric Ulrich’s candidacy for State Senate, by promoting Juan Reyes. Reyes was the candidate of Ragusa’s choice, and chosen only after Ulrich announced his interested in the State Senate race. Focusing near exclusively on this bruising primary Ragusa’s Republican Party failed to recruit even the faintest of challengers for my local State Assembly seat! Where there could have been synergy from a competitive candidate for State Senate and another for State Assembly, we had a primary that became nationally notable for its extreme negativity. This primary was held because Phil Ragusa was upset by the prospects of a challenger coming from outside his approved structure of leadership. Eric Ulrich prevailed in the primary, but lost to the incumbent in November, no doubt hurt when all summer long Republicans were told not to vote for him.More GOP grumbling about the NYS GOP chairman. “: delusional. He needs to step aside quickly!” * More GOP grumbling about the NYS GOP chairman. “: delusional. He needs to step aside quickly!”

Monday Storm Update
LIPA exec tells customers who have no power to download forms on the Internet(NYP) * Homeowners face insurer sandbagging(NYP) * Utilities Push Ahead With Restoring Power After Storm(NYT) * U.S. Asks New York Landlords for Vacant Apartments to House Displaced Families(NYT) City, state, and federal officials are trying to assemble a pool of vacant apartments that could help house hundreds of families displaced by storm damage and power outages * Storm Inflicted a Beating on City Trees(NYT) * Officers ‘Risked Their Lives’ Making Rescues on Staten Island, Police Say(NYT) * A New Manhattan Project(NYT) The misery of Hurricane Sandy has created a fleeting moment of political will, a chance to assure the survival of our greatest metropolis. The Times’s Bill Keller wishes government agencies would come together and seriously address the effect of climate change on the city, and suggests Bloomberg is the man to lead the job 

Home Damage Compounds Power Loss(WSJ) * Utility companies are working to restore power to 55,000 customers living in Queens and Long Island, but officials said there is little that can be immediately done because of damage to homes there, the Wall Street Journal writes:  * It's Déjà Vu for the Financial District(WSJ) * New Stars Arise After Sandy(WSJ) * LIPA reports about 64,000 outages(WSJ) * Parts of PATH Service Knocked Out for Weeks(WSJ) * Hugh Carey-Brooklyn Battery Tunnel To Open For Monday's Rush Hour Buses(NY1) * New "Rapid Repairs" Program Expected To Speed Up Rockaways' Home Repairs(NY1) * A Train's Return To Howard Beach Another Landmark Of Sandy Recovery(NY1) * Bensonhurst day laborers can't find work after storm(NYDN) * Battery Tunnel reopens Monday morning but only for express Buses (NYDN) *  

Two Weeks After Sandy, Tens Of Thousands Still Without Power (WCBS) * More LIRR, NJT Trains As Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel Opens To(WCBS) * 1-day Girl Scout Cookie sale aids Sandy victims(WABC) * New York City resumes recycling after Sandy(WABC) * Brooklyn "Zone B" residents assess flood damage(WABC) *  Gawkers head to NY's storm-ravaged neighborhoods(Fox 5) * Sandy Struggles Linger Two Weeks After Storm(NBC) *Team of Veterans Bring Relief to Rockaway(NBC) * Displaced Hurricane Victims Probably Can’t Afford Manhattan(NY Mag) * The LIRR is returning to 83 percent service in time for this morning’s commute, but officials warn it could be some time – perhaps even next year – before full service is restored.LIPA now says 99% have power back on in Long Island. So, if you're still without power, at least you can now say you're part of the 1%.* Rental Search, Caused by Storm, Is Complicated by Pet Chickens(NYT) * Hurricane Sandy left Sheepshead Bay a war zone, merchants say (Brooklyn Paper) * New York State’s road to recovery from Superstorm Sandy will run through Queens: The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be coordinating all relief efforts out of JetBlue’s former headquarters in the Forest Hills Tower, officials told the Daily News on Monday.* Oregon-Based Company Donates Over 2,000 Boots To S.I. Sandy (WCBS) * Two Weeks After Sandy, Tens Of Thousands Still Without Power(WCBS) * Residents, officials demand answers from LIPA(Fox 5) * Bloomberg: Gas rationing eases fuel crunch in NYC(SI Advance) * $500 million Hurricane Sandy repair plan for NYC schools(SI Advance) * Sandy-Damaged NY Hospitals to Be Closed for Weeks (NBC) * New York City Has Seen Disasters and Will See More(NBC) * Sewage Leaks into Waterways After Sandy: Officials(NBC) * Rockaway Ferry Bridges Transit Gap For Weary Commuters(NY1) *
Sheepshead Bay Residents Seek Return To Normalcy(NY1) * City Earmarks Millions To Fix Storm-Damaged Schools, Ho NY1) * service resumes at 9th Street Station in Manhattan starting 5 a.m. Tuesday. Details forthcoming @

Queens gas station owner spills on shortage and line lunacy(NYP) * B'klyn man tried to skip gas line using a phony badge: sources(NYP)

Sandy's Aftermath
Post-Sandy relief for New York City as new supplies arrive, gas-rationing enforced(NYP) * Behind Gas Lines in New York, Warnings and Crossed Fingers(NYT) * A History of Impatience Around Odd-Even License Plate Rules(NYT) * Damage From Storm Could Cost Hospital Millions(NYT) The storm damage sustained by NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan, with its combination of clinical, research and academic facilities, could cost up to $1 billion.* Nursing Home Is Faulted Over Care After Storm(NYT) * For Elderly, Extra Peril Accompanies Power Loss(NYT) * Weighing Dangers of Cold Classrooms Against Risks of Missing Class(NYT) * Special Parking Rules in New York City(NYT) * Rations Ease Gas Lines(WSJ) * Zoo's Debt Deal on Hold in Sandy's Wake(WSJ) * Drivers grapple with NYC gas rationing after Sandy(WSJ) * Lawyers in Sandy's Path Offer Free Help to Storm Victims (WSJ)

From DNA Info: * After Sandy, Sharing Schools is a Delicate Balance(WSJ) * Ferry Services, Shuttle Buses To A Trains To Bridge Rockaway Gap(NY1) * DOE: Some Relocated Schools To Open In Regular Buildings Tuesday(NY1) * Recycling Services, Out Since Sandy's Start, Will Resume Soon(NY1) * New ferry service from Rockaways to Manhattan(NYDN) * NYCHA buildings hit by Hurricane Sandy to have power this weekend(NYDN) * Queens calls for faster recovery efforts(NYDN) * Half of city's downed trees in Queens(NYDN) * Wiseguy: Help me, FEMA!!(NYP) *  1,000 wedding dresses donated to Sandy victims(WABC)

Outrage as Mini-Storage customers find storm-ruined stuff trashed, claim no warning given(NYP)Obama to travel to New York next Thursday(WABC) * Drivers grapple with NYC gas rationing after Sandy(Fox 5) * Darkness in the Rockaways(Fox 5) * Staten Island FEMA boss Patrick Hernandez works to get everyone (SI Advance) * Obama to Visit Storm-Ravaged NY Next Week(NBC)  * Nursing Home Is Faulted Over Care After Storm(NYT) * Frustrated Brooklyn Residents Wait For Power To Return(NY1)

* . says Sandy will hit city finances hard (Queens Chronicle)  * Rockaways fire fighters work 24-hour shifts as blaze dangers(NYDN) * Gerritsen Beach, Home to Emergency Workers, Is Still Reeling(NYT) * NY Girl Scout Troops Will Use Day Off To Help Families Affected (WCBS) 

Lines Shorter At New York Metro Gas Stations — At Least(WCBS) * Volunteers tackle devastation in Staten Island's Midland(SI Advance) * Obama to Visit Storm-Ravaged NY Next Week(NBC) * Frustrated Brooklyn Residents Wait For Power To Return(NY1) * John Legend Visits As Sandy Cleanup Continues In Rockaw(NY1) * The Storm and the Disaster Economy(NYT) * Neighborhood That Emergency Workers Call Home Is Still Reeling From Storm(NYT) * After the Storm, a City Full of Stories(NYT) * Swift as a Storm, Merchandise Arrives(NYT) * New Tools for Disaster Aid(NYT) * Frustrated Brooklyn Residents Wait For Power To Return(NY1) * City Organizes Day Of Service To Help Sandy Recovery(NY1)

DOE: Some Relocated Schools To Open In Regular Buildings Tuesday(NY1) * Midland Beach Residents On Flooded Street Worry About Electric Work(NY1) * Ferry Services, Shuttle Buses To A Trains To Bridge Rockaway Gap(NY1) * Man arrested for skipping gas line with fake badge(NYDN) * Still no power for residents in Knickerbocker Village(WABC) * Generator, gas leak eyed in NY fires after Sandy(Fox 5) * Felled by Sandy: At the River Cafe, assessing the losses of the finer things. (Brooklyn Eagle) * Staten Island business leaders unite to help Sandy victims (SI Advance) * NYC gas-station owner says he's been cursed at, spit on and nearly punched in the face in the wake of Hurricane Sandy(NYP) * Borough of Queens pushed to the brink... * Sandy Claims 43rd Life In NYC; Officials Urge NYers To Get Tetanus Shots(NY1) * Con Ed: 55,000 Remain In The Dark After Hurricane Sandy, Nor'easter(DNAINFO) * Gas Station Owned by Taxi Tycoon Hoards Fuel for Cabs Only(DNA INFO) * Why Hess Stations Recovered Faster From Sandy (Business Week) * Many Public Housing Units In Red Hook Still Dank And Dark  * Storage Company Helps Customers Affected By Chelsea Flooding * Upper East Side Bar Collects Goods For Sandy Victims   * A Train's Return To Howard Beach Another Landmark Of Sandy Recovery  
* Public Housing Residents Demand Power As NYCHA Promises Rent Credits  
* Hugh Carey (Brooklyn Battery) Tunnel Open To Limited Bus Service During Monday Rush Hours, Closed At Other...   * PATH rail service to Manhattan will resume at the Newark Penn and Harrison stations in NJ starting Monday at 5 a.m.   *Sandy's latest victim: Queens man, 77, falls to death in dark apartment building — city's death toll rises to 43(NYP)
Jesse Jackson, Jr. plea deal likely to include resignation(CBS) * 125,000 Customers Still Lack Power(NYT) * The Bloomberg administration and FEMA have launched NYC Rapid Repairs, a new service that will help homeowners hobbled by the hurricane get the help they need rebuild.* Red Hook public housing residents demand answers: After two weeks without lights, Red Hook residents have gone f... * No date set to reopen hospitals that evacuated during Hurricane (NYDN) * Thousands of students to return to their classrooms Tue (NYDN) * Napolitano Tours Storm-Ravaged Staten Island(WCBS) * Red Hook residents furious after 2 weeks without lights(WABC) *  Team of Veterans Bring Relief to Rockaway(NBC) * Howard Beach will be the end of the line on the A-train for months during the MTA’s restoration from Sandy:...(Times Ledger)


  "A" Train service extended to Howard Beach Station today. A Rockaways shuttle bus service will connect to Mott Ave–Far Rockaway Station.


Riders Alliance opens line between straphangers, politicians(NYDN) The Riders Alliance is organizing — neighborhood by neighborhood — around local problems that need to be fixed.

Except for the NYP Reporter Have Amnesia That Cuomo Appoints LIPA Board
Albany’s power vacuum(Gelinas, NYP) NY pols & post-Sandy outages As Cuomo said of the Long Island Power Authority, which handles the Rockaways, too, “I believe they were unprepared,” with “archaic and obsolete” systems. It’s a “management issue,” the governor said, in dealing with “a nameless, faceless bureaucracy that is a monopoly.” Last week, Newsday noted that LIPA had outdated equipment and had never invested enough in “storm hardening.” LIPA’s customers agree that the utility has been a bust, with 300 people staging a protest outside its office Saturday. But LIPA is a state authority, with the governor in charge of naming 9 of 15 board members. So Cuomo is blaming himself.

No Power NYP Says Cuomo and Skelos to Blame Yourself
Cuomo’s LIPA fail(NYP Ed) Gov. Cuomo charged full-tilt-boogie into New York’s public utilities this week — and none of them has his knickers twisted tighter than the hapless Long Island Power Authority.  Now Cuomo’s searching out the guilty parties — but he would do well to look in the mirror before he travels too far down that road.  Then he needs to call in state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who yesterday was in blame-deflecting mode. Calling the policy shots is LIPA’s 15-member board of directors — whose members are all non-utility professionals and are named by the governor and two legislative leaders.In fact, the governor — who controls nine seats — has made just one appointment to LIPA’s board since taking office; five of his six current appointees are holdovers. Skelos has yet to fill the vacancy in one of his three slots.* LIPA Takes Heat for Sandy Response(WSJ) * National Grid On Power Restoration: Under Circumstances(WCBS) * Cuomo’s power failure (NYDN Ed) The fuel and power situation in parts of New York is dire * White House says Christie's people easier to deal with than Cuomo's people(NYP) * Manhattan Mini-Storage customers upset after belongings(NYP)
Sunday * Cuomo’s LIPA fail(NYP) * Why has it taken Andrew Cuomo so long to do something about LIPA?(Capital)

No Heat Till Christmas?(NYT) Mayor Bloomberg once said New York City didn’t need FEMA’s help. A visit to the Rockaways shows the city needs all the help it can get. * Sandy Absences Are Docked(WSJ) * Mayor Announces Effort To Help Repair Homes Damaged By Sandy(NY!) * CBS 2 Investigation: NYC Employees Hoarding Free Gas For First Responders (WCBS)

The Main Reason Brooklyn Pols Wanted the National Guard Was to Protect Against Looting
Killed in her home: Angela Dresch and her father George died on Staten Island because George was afraid to abanded their house because of looting.  George house was looted when he left in advance of last years storm * Family Remembers Father, Daughter Who Died During Sandy(NY1) * Don’t blame Irene (New York World)  Many New Yorkers ignored evacuation orders as Sandy approached — but hurricane experts say past false alarms had little to do with it
NYT From the Manhattan's Rich Makes Light on Looting Concerns

Chasing a Boogeyman in Dark Neighborhoods(NYT)  After Hurricane Sandy, the hunt was on for looters, and the police were not the only ones on the lookout.

The Dead From Sandy and 911
Staten Island boys torn from mom’s grasp by Sandy’s raging waters are laid to rest(NYP) * Swept Away by Storm, Two Boys are Laid to Rest (WSJ)
 Funeral For SI Father, Daughter Killed During Sandy To Be Held Monday(NY1) * Death of S.I. man may be Hurricane Sandy-related(NYDN)*  A Belle Harbor woman dries out photos of her son who was killed on 9-11  * SI man found dead in flooded living room is latest Sandy fatality(NYP) * How a Beach Town Became a Deathtrap(NYT) Eight deaths in a Staten Island enclave during Hurricane Sandy have raised questions about why the victims were in their homes when the storm hit. * Thousands Mourn Boys Killed When Sandy Tore Them from Mom's Arms(DNAINFO) * Father, Daughter Who Died During Sandy Are Buried On Staten Island(NY1)

City partners with illegal rental website to house Sandy victims(Queens Crap)

From The Huffington Post: New York City officials and Airbnb said Wednesday they had struck a partnership to help connect victims of Hurricane Sandy with free short-term housing. Airbnb, which launched four years ago as a way to aggregate short-term rental listings, makes money by taking a commission from rentals on its site. But in a blog post, the San Francisco-based startup said it would not recoup fees from the free listings in New York City offered by Good Samaritans in the wake of the superstorm. The partnership is notable because New York City and Airbnb have often been at odds. Under a 2011 New York state law, short-term rentals like those offered on Airbnb are illegal, and city officials have been cracking down.

Road Runners Cheap on Charity

New York Road Runners, organizers of New York City Marathon, paid only $494,000 to charity last year(NYP)

The Times believes the city must “re-examine its discredited admissions process” after the federal Department of Education investigates a civil rights complaint about elite city public high schools:

UWS Stores Not Handicapped- Accessible
Wheelchair crusader Linda Slone sues 39 stores on UWS (NYP) She’s hell on wheels for Upper West Side merchants. Wheelchair-riding Linda Slone, 64, is suing 39 shops in her neighborhood for not being handicapped-accessible.

Hurricane Exposed Flaws in Protection of Tunnels(NYT)

The early years of the subway: Rome wasn't built in a day and these photos prove neither was New York City's subway system(NYDN)

Lights Return To Statue Of Liberty After Sandy Damage Lights Return To Statue Of Liberty After Sandy Damage(NY1) After nearly two weeks in the dark, the Statue of Liberty shone again Friday night in New York Harbor, thanks to temporary lights donated by Musco Lighting.

Aqueduct racino revenue seems hurricane proof(NYDN)

Hosp union’s griping drama(NYP) In the middle of one of the worst calamities in New York history, officials at the city’s largest municipal union fired off a four-page gripe memo to the Health and Hospitals Corp.Some of those concerns were serious.A dietary aide apparently died of a heart attack at Bellevue Hospital and wasn’t discovered for hours. Bellevue’s morgue flooded, leaving bodies “in effect drowned, unrefrigerated and decomposing.” Infectious materials in plastic bags “leaked in the stairway” at Bellevue “resulting in a dangerous situation.” Some of the not-so-vital issues: * “Lack of respect” by the labor-relations director for Queens Network . . * Ditto for the labor-relations director at Sea View Hospital on Staten Island.* Before it was evacuated Oct. 31, workers at Bellevue “had to go up and down stairs to go to the first floor for the bathroom.” * “[Bellevue] was cold and workers are all bundled in sweaters.”

Hearing officers dole out wrist-slaps to teachers the DOE wants fired(NYP)

Cabbies fume over high cost of hybrids(NYP)Yellow cabbies driving green taxis are seeing red.  Hacks who planned to save money on gas when they went with hybrids are now fuming because repair costs have far exceeded savings at the pump. “

Shades of Watergatge the FBI Investigating the CIA?

Lawmakers still want Petraeus to testify on Benghazi as mistress bares details of CIA probe(NYP)

Paula Broadwell was voted ‘most likely to be remembered’ in high school(NYP)  

Officials Say F.B.I. Knew of Petraeus Affair Over Summer(NYT) * This is a great compendium of the real issues of Benghazi. *FBI Faces Scrutiny on Petraeus(WSJ) * Rep. King Questions Timing Of Revelations That Brought Down (WCBS) * Gawkers head to SI's storm-ravaged neighborhoods(WCBS) * "Every journalist knows this Petraeus story is super weird."(Wolf)
*Gen. Petraeus' wife 'furious' over cheating scandal with Paula Broadwell(NYP) * Timeline Shows F.B.I. Discovered Affair in Summer(NYT) * Officials: Petraeus told Broadwell to stop harassing family friend (Wash Post) * Here's the e-mail trick that Petraeus + Broadwell used to communicate: | chats using the Draft folder of shared account* New details emerge about Petraeus timeline(Wash Post) * Daily Beast report on Paula Broadwell's emails to Jill Kelley: "Basically catfight stuff," "Who do you think you are?"   * Broadwell's father, in today's Daily News: "This is about something else entirely, and the truth will come out." * Eugene Robinson: A spy tale with missing pieces - The Washington Post * Broadwell's coauthor: "I always wondered why Petraeus was granting her the access that he did."   * Breaking: FBI agent in Petraeus case under scrutiny for alleged questionable conduct  


The 'Other Woman' In The Petraeus Scandal Is State Department Military Liaison Jill Kelley * Jill Kelley, State Dept. liaison, is mystery woman Paula Broadwell harassed via email leading to FBI probe: AP
Why Did FBI Keep White House and Congress in the Dark About Petraeus Investigation? * Rep. Pete King thinks the timeline of the FBI investigation “doesn’t add up,” and “has to be looked at.”* “This is a very convenient way to get the administration out of a very very difficult situation,” former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani said of Petraeus’ resignation.

Petraeus has to go, Pres Obama will not have a man who had an affair working for him. His chief campaign spokesman? - Bill Clinton. 

Looking Back: Paula Broadwell’s January Daily Show Appearance Included Her Husband, Push-Ups

Petraeus resigns over covert affair(NYP) * Petraeus Quits; Evidence of Affair Was Found by F.B.I.(NYT) * Woman Linked to Affair Is a Lifelong High Achiever(NYT) * CIA's Petraeus Resigns Over Affair(WSJ) * Obama: Americans Agree With My Approach On Deficit(WCBS)* Meet Paula Broadwell, Petraeus biographer (and mistress) *E-Mails From Biographer to a Third Party Led to Petraeus(NYT) * A Meteoric Rise and an Abrupt Fall(NYT) * Did General Petraeus’ Lover’s Husband Ask Ethicist Chuck Klosterman For Advice? (NYO) * Resignation timing ticks off O critics(NYP) * Biographer’s E-Mails to Woman Led F.B.I. to Petraeus Affair(NYT) * With a Digital Trail, No Hushed Affairs(NYT) * Feinstein: "Absolutely not" a link between Petraeus' resignation and Benghazi.(NYP) * Leon Panetta says the U.S. military “did everything they were in position to do” about the attack in Libya  * Rep. King says Petraeus story 'just doesn't add up'(CNN)

Obama cover-up claim over CIA chief's affair: Was the relationship discovered by FBI months ago, but hushed up due to election? (Mail online) * We Now Know Who Petraeus' Other Other Woman Is * Paula Broadwell served for more than a decade in the Army, attaining the rank of major before leaving: *F.B.I’s Petraeus Investigation Draws Fire(NYT)

CNN's Candy Crowley interviews hooker loving Sen. Menendez on Petraeus affair? PUH-LEEZ

Monday Obama Congress Update
Amid Upheaval, Obama Loses ‘Source of Stability’(NYT) For Obama administration officials, the search for a new C.I.A. director comes at a challenging time. * In Debt Talks, Obama Plans a Push Beyond Beltway(NYT) * Cracks in the Republican Obstruction Wall(NY Mag) * Fiscal Cliff Talks Will Likely Target Medicare, Social Security, Programs For The Poor (Huff Post)How a nerd named Nate Silver (aka ) changed political reporting forever
The Newly Empowered Obama - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Obama's Lukewarm Victory - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
We Just Had a Class War. Democrats Won - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
The Obama Disaster - Part II - Conrad Black, National Post
Congress Wants Answers on Petraeus Probe - Welch, Johnson, Leger, USAT
How Did Petraeus & Obama Keep the Scandal Secret? - Ben Stein, Am Spec
Can Republicans Connect With Hispanics? - Ryan Lizza, The New Yorker
Shadegg to GOP: Embrace Hispanics, Don't Go Squishy - Matt Lewis, DC
The Right Has Lost the Culture War - Thomas Edsall, New York Times
Young Voters Won't Be Euphoric When Bill Comes Due - Scott Atlas, NRO
The GOP's Electoral Map Problem - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post
Californians Give PIN Numbers to Dems - Steven Greenhut, Human Events
Hawks and Hypocrites - Paul Krugman, New York Times
It's the Welfare State, Stupid - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
A Cold Shoulder for Cold War Vets - Barry Newman, Wall Street Journal
The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor - Jake Tapper, ABC News
The Guardians - Ralph Kinney Bennett, The American
Sunday Panels: This Week | MTP | FOX News Sunday | Face the Nation
Obama's cabinet: Who's in, who's out(Wash Post)
The Hard Fiscal Facts - Wall Street Journal
Alienating Latinos Gives GOP Rude Awakening - Miami Herald
GOP Should Let Obama Deal w/Obamacare Mess - Washington Examiner
Thanks to All Those Who Have Kept America Safe - Columbus Dispatch
Graham and White House to clash over Susan Rice?(Wash Post)
President Obama’s trip to New York City to view Sandy damage will reportedly include a visit to Staten Island.
Obama Plans Broader Push for Budget Deal - Jackie Calmes, NY Times
Can Obama Avoid Bush's 2nd-Term Errors? - Al Hunt, Bloomberg
The Problem Was Romney Himself - Rick Moran, American Thinker
A Petraeus Puzzle: Were Politics Involved? - Jane Mayer, The New Yorker
Why Did He Resign Just Now? - Jed Babbin, The American Spectator
The You're-on-Your-Own Society - Katha Pollitt, The Nation
Who Won the Battleground Counties in 2012? - Christian Heinze, The Hill
The GOP's Media Cocoon - Jonathan Martin, Politico
Liberal Media Aims at Conservative Media - Michael Warren, Weekly Std
The GOP Is No Party for Minorities - Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post
The Demographic Excuse - Ross Douthat, New York Times
. to stay mum on her plans for the 113th Congress until Wednesday
Ryan says Obama won 'fair and square,' describes loss as 'foreign experience'(CNN)
Panetta signals he's staying on, at least for a while..(Politico)
: Obama considering John Kerry for defense secretary  

Obama tops Romney, 332-206, in final electoral vote tally(NYP)
The Florida Secretary of State's Office said that with almost 100 percent of the vote counted, Obama led Republican challenger Mitt Romney 50 percent to 49.1 percent, a difference of about 74,000 votes. * Florida to Address Delays as It Says Obama Won(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Which Election Polls Fared Best(NYT)

52 days away til the cliff
Sunday oehner Looks to Corral House Republicans Before Talks(NYT) * The Cliff Is a Hard Place to Compromise(NYT)

Saturday  President Obama calls for 'fiscal cliff' talks with congressional leaders at the White House(NYP)* The Fiscal Cliff Opener(NYT Ed) * Boehner's Opening Gambit(NYT) * Obama, Boehner Open to Bargain(WSJ) * Obama's back in the saddle on taxes for rich in weekly address(Daily Kos)


A New Senator, Familiar and Often Feared(NYT) Elizabeth Warren, the new Democratic senator from Massachusetts, will become a member of the very club that sought to dilute the consumer bureau she created.



W. House loves Chris(NYP) * McCain immig push(NYP) * Election Data Dive(NYT) * A Supreme Test on the Right to Vote(NYT Ed) * John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Campaign Was ‘Stuck in the Past’(NY Mag) * Frank Rich: 'Denial Has Poisoned The GOP'(Huff Post) * David Axelrod: "From last spring forward, and our battleground polls really didn't fluctuate much."
Why Romney Never Saw It Coming - John Dickerson, Slate
The Lesson of 2004 - Jonathan Last, The Weekly Standard
Denial Has Poisoned the GOP - Frank Rich, New York Magazine
The Edge of the Abyss - Mark Steyn, National Review
A Warrior's Star Tarnished - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Will the Media Now Be Interested in Benghazi? - Jon Tobin, Commentary
Higher Taxes to Start With Flip of Calendar - Catherine Rampell, NY Times
Obama's Message to GOP: I Won. Get Over It - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Don't Go Wobbly, GOP - Larry Kudlow, Investor's Business Daily
Obama's Pursuit of Greatness - David Maraniss, Washington Post
Romney's Tech Failure on Election Day - Michael Kranish, Boston Globe
How the GOP Can Return to Its Roots - Craig Shirley, Washington Post
How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business - Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg

Memo to Obama: Fix the Economy - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald
Businesses in CA Brace for Dem Supermajority - Andrew Ross, SF Chronicle
How the GOP Helped Obama Win - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast
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Petraeus's Surprising Departure - The Economist
Petraeus Let Down His Country as Well as His Family - NY Daily News
What's the matter with Florida?(Politico)

The Oracle’s Debacle(NYT) Karl Rove’s awful election was a study in the limits of bluster and money. *
Karl Rove claimed that Obama "suppressed the vote." He just can't admit that his old, white base is shrinking
* What’s The Point Of Having Pundits If You Don’t Give More Credence To The Accurate Ones?
The face of America is changing in a demographic shift; Elections will look different, too(AP)
Why Obamas trip to Burma is such a big deal(Wash Post)
The Romney Campaign’s Ground Game Fiasco (Daily Beast)
Messina: Obama Won On The Small Stuff
GOP crumbles in New England where Republicans lost every congressional and gubernatorial race. 
No to Israel, yes to Obama(NYP)

V SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)
Allen West Will Not Admit That He Lost(NY Mag)
Fantasyland(Rich, NY Mag Denial has poisoned the GOP and threatens the rest of the country too. 
NY Post: Some in Kiryas Joel Voted for Obama Because he is Not Pro-Israel(NYP)

Media fight on the right over GOP(Politico)
My President Is Busy(Friedman, NYT) Israelis should understand that the United States isn’t their grandfather’s America anymore. 
Romney Is President(Dowd, NYT) Listen closely and hear the death rattle of the white male patriarchy 
Romney's Hispanic chairman says candidate made mistakes(CNN)
If you missed Garry Wills' great final shaming of Romney--his long "crawl" and "loss of honor."  

For Obama, Survival Is the New Winning (Time)

Jesse Jackson Jr. Negotiating a Plea Deal, Could Face Jail Time(NY Mag)
Obama's Second Chance - David Shribman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Why Mitt Romney Lost - Neil Swidey, Boston Globe Magazine
The Voters Who Stayed Home - Andrew McCarthy, National Review
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Biographer's E-Mails Led FBI to Petraeus Affair - Shane & Schmitt, NYT
He Betrayed Us on Two Fronts - Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Libya Attack Back on Front Burner in Congress - Pecquet & Yager, The Hill
Hillary's Next Move - Gail Collins, New York Times
How Obama Used Wedge Issues to Unite Dems - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Canada, Now More Economically Free Than U.S.? - J.D. Tuccille, Reason
Obama's Auto Bailout Good Policy & Politics - Steven Rattner, Politico
Romney, GOP Looked Out of Touch w/Middle Class - Henry Olsen, NY Post
GOP Voter Suppression Fueled Black Turnout - Roland Martin, CNN
McCain Beats Romney! - Paul Kengor, The American Spectator
Obama's Pursuit of Presidential Greatness - David Maraniss, Wash Post
A Progressive Surge - The Nation
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One Nation Indivisible? - Las Vegas Sun
Obama's Foreign Policy Opportunity - New Jersey Star-Ledger
John Boehner is Back to Being Himself(New Yorker)
The Rise of Gay Politics(New Yorker)
Why This Election Was Historic(Vanity Fair) Counting 13 things of note about the 2012 presidential race, national editor Todd S. Purdum says electoral scholars will study the results for years to come.
A Vote for Unlimited Campaign Financing(NYT)
FYI - GOP lost 5 Senate races in states Romney won - Dems lost to GOP in only 1 Obama state - Nevada plus lost to Indy in Maine 
Republican Adviser Lashes Out at Her Party's Rape Caucus(NY Mag)
President Obama marked Veterans Day, and promised benefits for service members once they return from overseas. 
Chris Wallace: Republicans ‘Squandered’ Shot At Senate, Asks If They ‘Have A Tea Party Problem?’
The GOP gets another crack at taking control of the US Senate in 2014, when 20 Democrats have to defend their seats, compared to just 13 Republicans. 
G.O.P. Strains to Define How to Close Gap With Voters(NYT)
Journalism Won in a Rough Night for Fox(NYT)

Veteran’s Day 2012: New York City war heroes, from Revolutionary War to Iraq(NYDN) From George Washington to Dimitrios Gavriel * Veterans Honored With Fifth Avenue Parade(NY1)
City Council Almost No Vets
When Sanders becomes a state senator in January the council will have on on Veteran on it, Al Vann (not very representative)

Hillary’s Next Move(NYT) When she’s no longer secretary of state, Hillary has an intense desire to not do anything — for a year.

On SNL, A Defeated Mitt Romney Drowns His Sorrows In Milk

A NYP Payoff Bribe to their Writers to  Cover-Up New CEO's BBC Sexual Scandal At the Old Gray Lady

So former BBC DG starts at the NYT Monday just as his successor resigns.
George Entwistle Resigns as Head of BBC (NYT)

The BBC and George Entwistle face inquisitors in the UK Parliament members are also expressing disbelief that Entwistle’s predecessor, Mark Thompson, who is slated to head the New York Times Company starting next month, knew nothing. P.D. James, the famous crime novelist, said the other day that “Thompson has dropped George Entwistle right in it by stepping down as the BBC’s director-general when he did.” James added that “It seems everyone knew about Jimmy Savile.” Everyone, apparently, but Thompson. Just recently the head of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, Esther Rantzen, admitted that she knew Savile had abused children, but never did anything about it. “We made him into the Jimmy Savile who was untouchable, who nobody could criticize.” Now that Savile is dead, there is less justification for not telling the truth. Which is why Thompson is sure to be grilled by Parliament.

Wan Welcome for New Times Boss (NY Mag) Newsroom wonders: Are we sure about this guy? * BBC chief quits over report that falsely tied politician to child sex- abuse scandal(NYP) * From CNN- UK: Arrest in Jimmy Savile sex probe* BBC Head Quits in Furor Over Coverage of Abuse(NYT) * BBC Director General George Entwistle Resigns Over Sex Abuse Scandal(NY Mag) * George Entwistle Resigns: BBC Director-General Steps Down Over False Child Abuse Report(Huff Post) * Sweeping child abuse scandal shakes BBC and other British ...(NBC) * NYT leads coverage on incoming CEO(Politico)

Wall Street Keeps Itself Up by Low Interests Not by Providing Jobs
Millionaires chase returns, storm into stocks (NYP)  What’s keeping the markets up in a down economy? The “super rich,” according to a battery of new studies, as they find that stocks are the best investment in a time of low interest rates. 

Law and Order
Officers remain optimistic that they'll find evidence that links suspect to Patz murder * Police Still Have Nothing on Pedro Hernandez, Won’t Call Off Investigation(NY Mag)

No bail for accused ‘cannibal cop’(NYP)

 Teen gropes jogger(NYP) * Teen gropes woman, 24, at Central Park: cops(NYDN)
* Police: Jogger groped in NYC's Central Park(Fox 5) * Cops Hunt Teen Who Allegedly Groped Jogger in Central Park(DNAINFO)

Fencing perv foils justice(NYP)

'Boozed-up' Brooklyn ADA busted after Brooklyn Bridge attack: sources(NYP) * Brooklyn ADA Arrested for Drunken Assault: Police(NBC)
Boozed-up Brooklyn assistant DA attacks EMT worker on Brooklyn Bridge: sources(NYP) * NYC prosecutor charged with punching, choking EMT(Fox 5)

Outrage as Facebook support page proclaims innocence of accused child-killer nanny(NYP)

Career criminal busted in Midtown gourmet food delivery heists(NYP) * Self defense: Man charged with killing boyfriend(NYDN) * VIDEO: Police Looking For Suspect Accused Of Sexually Abusing(WCBS) * Pepper-spray attack on bus driver, latest assault on MTA(NYP) * 2 stabbed, 1 fatally, in East Harlem building(Fox 5) * Cops collar shoot suspect hiding in closet(NYP) * Son held in arson, stab slay(NYP)
* Harlem mom killed and fire erupted(NYDN)* Fencing perv foils justice(NYP) * 2 stabbed, found in fire in East Harlem apartmen(Fox 5) * Restaurant Worker Arrested Following Manhattan Gasoline Fire *Seven Hospitalized After Exposure to Toxic Substance on NYC Bus(DNAINFO) * Accused Killer Nanny's Stress Spiked After Son Moved to NYC, Sources Say(DNA Info) * 16-year-old girl fights for her life after being shot in The Bronx(NYP)
* 16-year-old girl shot in the chest(NYDN) * Police: Alleged car thief made food deliveries(Fox 5)Man Admitted Stabbing Mom and Brother Before Setting Apt Ablaze, Cops Say * Accused mom-killing Harlem man Daniel Elias held without NYP)

Jury finds sergeant neglected duty in Chen suicide(NYDN)