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Board of Elections Flooded Out of Their Headquarters and Backup Headquarters

True News Count Down Clock 
To BOE Disaster   24 Hrs
Where in the World is the NYC Board of Elections HQ?
Not only has the BOE not come up with a plan on how to get the New Yorkers in the flooded out areas,  their departments and top employees are working out of temp offices throughout the city.  There main offices at 32 and 42 Broadway have been been flooded and without electricity  The backup headquarters in Staten Island has also flooded out. Some are workers from 32  are working out of the BOE 33rd Street warehouse. The hurricane also knocked out power to the board’s lower Manhattan and Staten Island offices, and has shot its central phone bank, disrupting preparations that had been underway.  Sunday morning update: 32 Broodway computers and and power is still down. There is no access to the voting lists and there is no backup.

The Voting Plan for the Flooded Out Polls Has Been Delayed By Political Infighting
For the last few days the there has been talk of creating a queens supper poll at the Aqueduct Racino were all the the voters flooded out could go to vote on elections. True News has learned why that plan has been delayed until today.   The political leaders who control the board have been fighting each other for control or where the new pollings sites are put.  Board watcher cannot believe that the peoples constitutional right to vote was delayed for so long on such an important vote. There is a power struggle going on within the board between the Crowly forces and the senate majority leader Skelos GOP board loyalists on where to locate the supper polls in Queens because of the Addabbo Ulrich close race .  The GOP lead by Skelso does not want the Racino because they say the place is controlled by Crowley and the democrats.  According to BOE insiders that fight has delayed a voting plan for 3 or 4 days.  According to today's NYP the BOE has decided on a comprised plan of 3 supper polling sites in Queens. But that delay means less voters will know were to vote and less time for the incompetent BOE to set up emergency tent polls.  Katy Bar the Door Time Guys.

Perfect Political storm(NYP) Ballot-box chaos feared Tuesday

Just A Few Hours Before the Poll Open BOE Officials are Just Starting to  relocating about 60 poll sites

Unusable poll sites will be replaced with outdoor tents housing voting machines and heaters hooked to generators. Paper ballots are being readied just in case the machines fail. Officials are discussing relocating about 60 poll sites. Two tents are going to be erected for outdoor voting, one in The Bronx, one in the Rockaways. Three “super” poll sites are on tap in Queens to handle 10 to 15 election districts from the Rockaways, including one at Aqueduct. While it was badly battered by superstorm Sandy, Staten Island had 90 percent of its voting machines in buildings on high ground, and they should be ready to go, said one official. Doug Kellner, co-director of the state Board of Elections, said there’s concern that some poll workers won’t be able to get to work, so arrangements have been made to allow anyone to be sworn in on the spot to fill unexpected vacancies. * No Plan Yet for Election Day, No Gas to Transport Voting Machines(DNAInfo).
Even the guy that Albany uses to keep the corrupt BOE is worried. Doug Kellner, co-director of the state Board of Elections, said there’s concern that some poll workers won’t be able to get to work, so arrangements have been made to allow anyone to be sworn in on the spot to fill unexpected vacancies. Untrained workers at the polls?  Oh My 10AM Sunday the BOE has released a list of polling changes . has provided a list of poll site changes due to the storm: * Bloomberg: We will do everything to help the . This is not a system we run. There are going to be problems but we're going to help.  NJ Gov Christie is taking votiing to the flood Victims.  He is allowing is opening up internet voting in all NJ homeless shelters.  Christie says there will be "no more" voter fraud in Jersey "than usual" next week.   The press in NY should make sure that the Board does not use consultants like Parkside to hire poll workers Tuesday. The board has relocated 28 polling sites in Queens, 24 in Brooklyn, 3 in the Bronx, 3 in Manhattan and 2 on Staten Island.* NYCBOE says they have secured shuttle buses for #electionday for rockaways, #statenisland and #coneyisland #ny1sandy

The NYT Does Not Believe New Yorkers Have A Right to Vote
The NY Times Gets rightly offended when the GOP tries to fuck people of their right to vote or denying the vote to people who have committed felonies their but have completed their sentences their right to vote, but has not written an editorial or written one news story about how the NYC party leaders who control the BOE are denying New Yorkers their right to vote. Does what Crowly and Skelos did to the flood victims qualify as voters suppression.

Chances of A Second Election Day Not Going to Happen Unless A Federal Judge Orders It
Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver pointed out that there’s a provision in the election law for adding another day of voting if there’s a catastrophe that results in less than 25 percent of registered voters going to the polls.  The problem is that the 25% turnout has to be in the district.  The voters in the rest of the Addabbo Ulrich district will be voting at presidential levels over 50%.  Since the areas of the Addabbo Ulrich district flooded makes up a small part of their district.  The chances of having the entire district under 25% are almost impossible.  But a federal judge can order a second voting chance if he or she thinks the voters in the flooded areas have been denied their right to vote. I can't wait till the losing candidates lawyers get some of these BOE commisioners on the stand.

Bloomberg Has ‘Absolutely No Idea’ if BOE Can Pull Election Day Off “
The Board of Elections tells us that about 143,000 voters in all five boroughs will be assigned to poll sites different from their usual site,” the mayor explained. “Over the next day, it’s going to be critical that the Board of Elections communicates this new information to their poll workers. Unfortunately, as you know, the Board has had a history of not opening all poll sites on time.” Mr. Bloomberg made sure to note the city’s Board of Elections is managed by the political parties, not his administration. “As you know, the mayor’s office does not run the Board of Elections, I’ve always believed the Board of Elections should be overhauled to increase its accountability and efficiency,” he said. “The fact that the board has been unable to agree on selecting a new executive director for two years, shows just how dysfunctional it is. The difficulties that they’ve had preparing for Tuesday, I think further underscores that.” This was not the first time he’s been critical; Mr. Bloomberg called the Board among “the most easily corruptible” in the world in the wake of the primary elections earlier this year.

Board Computers Down Because of the Flooded HQ Compounding Election Day Problems . . . Early Voters Showing Up A Boro Board HQs
Since the Boards computers are down all week (they are located at flooded 32 Broadway) poll workers showing up at the BOE offices cannot get assigned to a poll or check which polls they are working at.

The board is also trying to contact poll workers and finding many of their contact numbrs are not working.  People asking for absentee voting applications cannot there ballots because there registrations cannot be check on the boards commuter. New York voters who were encouraged by Michelle Obama early voting pitch have been showing up at the BOE asking to vote.  Only to be turned away because NY is only only one of 11 states that does not allow early voting.  NJ is allowing voters to vote by email and fax in the flooded out areas.  And you thought N(NBC) * Displaced NJ Voters Allowed to Vote by Email(NBC)

A Lession in Voter Disenenfranchisemen
The press has not reported the BOE headquarters problems  because the Board operaterates in secret. Perhaps the transparency problem starts with the board communication director Valerie Vazquez-Rivera who is the sister-in-law of the outgoing Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera (Bronx Rivera dynasty) who has had the usually boyfriend non profit problems.  A Google Search has found not a word from Ms Vazquez about what voters should do about the unopened poll sites. Yesterday Bloomberg slaped around city Board of Elections, saying the panel hasn't provided city with list of needs for Tuesday. "The ability to vote is something that we fight for and die for around the world," Mr. Bloomberg said. "It's a shame if some bureaucrats were to screw it up. And hopefully that won't happen. At a secret meeting held at in Brooklyn BOE yesterday office was unable to come up with a final plan to help voters in the flooded areas.  The Voter helpline is still not working.

On November 1st True News Warned
Our Right to Vote Is In Danger
We said the BOE has no plan for voting in the flooded Out areas.  Four days later NY1 reporter Courtney Gross who has been cover the voting problem tweeted “: Still no plan for at NYCBOE and reported * BOE Contemplates Polling Sites For Sandy Victims * Storm is forcing NYC's Board of Elections to relocate 80 polling places — but it's not clear which ones(NYDN)

Emergency Plan Needed to Save New Yorkers Democracy
Why Is the Media Silent On the Board of Elections Lack of A Plan to Allow People to Vote in the Black Out Areas?
Every Day That Goes By Means Fewer Voters Will Hear of A BOE Plan Even If Come Up.  Gov Christie on the Day After the Storm Hit Come Up With A Plan to Use Military Trucks At Each Damaged Polling Site.  The NJ Governor is also telling voters to vote this weekend by paper ballots at their local BOE.  New York is one of 11 states that does not allow early voting which would have solved much of this problem. We are 60 hours away from voting and the media and elected officials by not demanding a plan are allowing the proven failures at the NYC Board of Elections to come up with solutions to there very serious problems to all but elections lawyers will be representing the next Tuesday's losing candidates contest their clients lost due to the BOE incompetence.

NY's Baghdad Bob J.C. Polanco
Juan Carlos "J.C." Polanco, a board commissioner, said all of the city's voting machines are operational. The board has requested the city help provide tents, generators, fuel and trucks for polling sites, he said. "We're still working on the details," Polanco said. Not only are there more than 100 polling stations in Zone A, but many sites don't have their voting machines yet as a result of the fuel situation affecting the tri-state area.

Disruptions From the Disaster Could Be Felt on Tuesday(NYT) * Storm Erects Voting Hurdles(WSJ) * Mayor puts onus on Board of Elections to prepare to get elections/polling on track "We'd be happy to help" * Returns to BOE. Says "It's an agency, hopefully their staff knows what they're doing."  * Voting After Hurricane Sandy Might Be a Big Mess(NY Mag)

Bloomberg Home in Bermuda
Bloomberg: "The answer .. is not to build so close to the shore."(Today's news confernece) 

Sunday Marathon Update
NYC Marathon generators needed by Sandy survivors wasted in NJ lot(NYP) * Mike’s Nov. ‘surprise’(Goodwin) Mayor Bloomberg’s tin-eared obstinacy was in full bloom last week when, despite the deadly destruction of Hurricane Sandy and the growing public-health crisis, the Little Emperor insisted that the marathon go on. Only after The Post led the revolt against him did he throw in the towel and call the marathon. Tellingly, he was absent from public view when the announcement came. * Costs of Canceling Marathon Are Uncounted but Immense(NYT) * Running at Grand Army Plaza, and Collecting Cash * New York City Marathon Canceled Too Late for Many * Runners and Cheers in Central Park, Marathon or No(NYT) * 2,000 run canceled ING marathon route anyway   *  Hundreds Of Would-Be Marathon Runners Deliver Relief Supplies On Staten Island
*30,000 to 40,000 Without Homes in City(NYT) * Nowhere to Run (NY Mag) Why Bloomberg fought for—and then caved on—the marathon.* It’s not the first time Bloomberg has been wrong in trying to take the pulse of NYC residents in the wake of a disaster. * For Runners, a Sunday They Hadn’t Envisioned(NYT)


Vaccaro: NYRR head deserves to be fired for blaming media over canceled marathon(NYP)

Bloomberg makes major U-turn: New York City Marathon cancelled after increasing outcry from critics

Mike’s marathon myopia(NYDN Ed) He just didn’t get it. He just didn’t see that too many people had been killed, too many people had lost their homes, too many people were struggling to get food and water, too many people were without power, too many people were desperate for gasoline and too many people were locked in transportation hell to stage an international sporting festival.
Mayor Bloomberg cancels NYC Marathon after Post blasts use of resources(NYP) * Disappointed runners say canceling New York City Marathon was right decision(NYP) * Strong kick in the ass finally jars Hizzoner into action(NYP) * Wisely Stepping Aside in a Bombarded City(NYT) * After Days of Pressure, Marathon Is Off(NYT) * New York Cancels Marathon(WSJ) * New York Cancels Marathon After Criticism(WSJ) * Marathon runners rip Bloomberg for waiting so long to cancel (NYDN) * Bloomberg cancels New York Marathon(NYDN) * New York City Marathon Canceled Amid Sandy Controversy(WCBS) * ING NYC Marathon canceled for this weekend(NYDN) *NYC Marathon Cancelled; Resources Will Be Redeployed For Sandy Victims(NY1) * Cost of Canceling Marathon: Uncounted but Huge(NYT) * New York City Marathon organizers whine MEDIA caused race to be cancelled(NYP)

Sunday Update Oil and Traffic Subways

Desperate dash for free fuel(NYP) * Graphic: Subway Service in New York(NYT) * A Slow Return to Normal Skips the Gas Station(NYT) * G and L Train Service Will Not Resume Until Sometime Next Week(NY Mag) * Chaos and Community at East Williamsburg's Post-Apocalyptic Gas Station Line(NY Mag) * Majority of subway lines in NYC are running(NYDN) : #3 extended from Times Sq to New Lots Ave in both directions, so full service b/t Manhattan & Brooklyn* More Subway Service Restored Ahead Of Monday Morning Commute(WINS) * "Basic restoration leaves everything just as vulnerable to the next monster storm."    * More Subway Service Restored Ahead Of Monday Morning Co(WCBS) * F and D trains now running into Manhattan; 2 and 3 lines(NYP)

Crowded commute expected, but most trains will run Monday; 5 more crossings added(NYP)

*MTA "service will not be normal tomorrow," says, because of gas shortages increasing subway ridership, and mechanical woes.  * Cuomo: No power to: 7k in Manhattan, 12k in Bronx, 86k in Queens, 20k in Brooklyn, 20k in Staten Island. * Mass transit service, while improved, will *not* be normal tomorrow * MTA plans to truck trains out to Rockaway, and run a shuttle along the peninsula, connecting to the mainland via shuttle bus* Cuomo on fuel: "Continuing issues with fuel delivery & distribution system...we do believe this is short term problem..but a number of days" .: "The South Ferry station, which had been a large fish tank, has now been pumped dry."* Limited Franklin Avenue [S] shuttle train service has resumed operating between Franklin Avenue Station to the Prospect Park Station.* Updated Hurricane Recovery Subway Map is LIVE at * THE F LINE IS UP & RUNNING!!!  *  Staten Islanders Help Each Other As Government Aid Is Slow To Arrive (NY1) * Bloomberg just confirmed: NO HOV restrictions for Monday. You will NOT need 3 people in your car as last week.* Desperation at the Gas Pumps  Alternate side suspended for tomorrow* FEMA Expects Improving Fuel Supply  * Armored Humvees guarding gas stations on the Miracle Mile, Manhasset Sunoco.* inbox: "GOVERNOR CUOMO ANNOUNCES SUSPENSION OF TOLLS ON MTA ROCKAWAYS BRIDGES" * The Q line is open - - not end to end. It stops at Kings Highway not Stillwell. Stillwell still damaged.* Please help the campaign to suspend the tolls on the Verrazano Bridge, and RT my last tweet. And tweet the hashtag #SuspendTolls Thank you!

NYP Says Manhattan Traffic Mess is Made Worse By the New Bike Lanes
Hurricane Janette’s chaos(NYP) Other culprits: Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, Mayor Bloomberg and an anti-car agenda that’s produced bike lanes, pedestrian plazas, mid-street parking — you name it. Anything to make life a paradise for cyclists and pedestrians. And hell for motorists.

Cuomo Gas On the Way
Governor: 8 million gallons of fuel has been delivered, beginning today you will see an increase in the supply

Desperate drivers face gas rationing, mile-plus lines and closed stations(NYP) * Military to Deliver Fuel to Storm-Ravaged Region(NYT)
Survey Finds No Gas at Two-Thirds of Stations in Region(NYT) *Cuomo Waives a Tax to Allow Docking Tankers to Unload Their Fuel More Quickly(NYT) * Rules Bent As Gasoline Hard to Get After Sandy(WSJ) * 15-block line for gas in Harlem(NYDN) *Gas Lines Get Longer Friday In Sandy's Aftermath(NY1) * . and Prez Obama sending 5,000-gal fuel trucks today to Freeport Qns Bklyn Bx and SI.* DoD setting up 5 mobile fuel locations w/ FREE gas* For Many, Gas Handout Turns Into Confusing Ordeal(NY1)* US releases heating oil from New England reserve, for first time, HUD Secretary Donovan says. * HUD Sect'y Donovan says military has started moving 12M gallons of gas, 12M gallons of diesel fuel into the area  

Huge crowds line up for free gov't gas; public told to stay away, emergency crews go first(NYP)Government tells public to stay away from free gas until after first responders fuel up(NDN) * Metropolitan & varick Brooklyn Sunoco charging $10 a galling for gas. * Free Gas Distribution in NY Shut Down After Overwhelming Crowds Show Up  * Mayor says he's "optimistic" that the the gas shortage will disappear "in a couple of days"   * Mayor says the Buckeye Pipeline pushed 100K barrels of fuel into NYC. Will start finding its way to retailers soon  

SubwaySunday Update
Still hell on the ‘L’ Train pain will continue as commuters head to work tomorrow, with riders of the L and G subway lines forced to seek other transit options and many suburban lines still out of service. * More Than 80 Percent Of All NYC Subway Service Restored(WCBS) * Hurricane Sandy's lessons for flood-proofing a subway (Daily Beast) * 2 train service has resumed with residual delays.

4, 5 , 6, and 7 Trains Are Now Running
80% percent of subway service is back,  DFMJ expected back later today, full service J trian will be running as of this afternoon.
Most commuters to get back on track(NYP) * New York Region Transit Tracker(WSJ)

SEE IT: How the MTA has been working to get the water out of the subway tunnels(NYDN)

Where Ferry Riders Met Subway, the Hudson and Debris Now Block the Way(NYT) * Full service set to resume on the Staten Island Ferry(SI Advance)
All main-branch service on Metro-North to be back up Sat(NYDN) * Staten Island Railway service to resume later this afternoon.  * Limited 6 train service has resumed in both directions from the Pelham Bay Park Station to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Station. Lhota: A train will begin service across the East River Monday morning. 6 train service operates between Pelham Bay and Brooklyn Bridge as a local. Subway problems remain. Lhota, MTA head, says L train tunnel flooded "wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling, * Franklin Avenue S shuttle train service is suspended.* updated map of subway service * City’s Transit and Power Slowly Return(NYT) * C train service is suspended.

Most of Manhattan Gets Back Power On 
Explosions rock manhole covers as Con Ed restores power (NYDN) * Bloomberg Urges People To Seek Shelter, Slams LIPA Over (NYDN) * Bloomberg Criticizes LIPA for Response in Rockaway(NBC) * Buildings in Stuy Town & Peter Cooper Village Remain Without Power: While much of the Lower East Side rejoiced in... * Mayor Bloomberg said L.I.P.A.has been urged to restore power to Rockaways faster.*
Rockaways have some power, but a official wouldn't rule out a month's wait for full restoration along peninsula

Cuomo: "When consumers don't pay the bill, the companies yell. When companies don't provide the power, the consumers are going to yell."* Power to the people (NYDN Ed) Con Ed and LIPA have a lot to answer for


A Crack In the NYT Control of NYC News
The NYT Says "the collective spirit that prevailed in the first few days after Hurricane Sandy gave way to angry complaints of unequal treatment.

The real explinaton that the expanded news coverage of local TV interfered with the NYT monopoly on deciding what is news in NYC

Yesterday's True News
The Anger of a Couple of  Woman Josephine Prestivino Video Showed On WNBC TV Yesterday Was Heard By the Pols Who Were Too Busy Congratulating Themselves on What A Great Job They Have Done

Sunday Update
‘When are we gonna get some f%@#ing Help!’(NYP) * Island of despair(NYP) * After Getting Back to Normal, Big Job Is Facing New Reality(NYT) * Outside Manhattan, Desperation Grows(NYT) * Protecting the City, Before Next Time(NYT) *Essentials remain scare in storm-ravaged Rockaways(NYDN) 
Ray Kelly visits Staten Island homeowners(NYDN) * Urgency added to superstorm recovery as temps drop(WCBS) * Tragedies can't break heroic NY community's spirit(Fox 5) * Storm was Cruel to Elderly Who Refused to Leave(NBC)* Burglar disguise a double Cross(NYDN) * Murder Down, Burglaries Up in NYC After Sandy(NBC) * Mayor Greeted By Upset Residents In Rockaway Beach(NY1) * Hamill: "People .. are screaming to be heard in the maddening void between catastrophe & caring, between horror &help." (NYDN) * Rockaway residents questioned why help took four days to arrive after Hurricane Sandy devastated the area:(Times Ledger) 
Mayor says that 30,000 to 40,000 people will need housing*From nurses who carried newborns to safety to fearless rescue workers, the heroes of Hurricane Sandy. * Governor: "This is going to me a massive, massive housing problem," re: 30k -40k who will need housing post .* Mayor and Governor Disagree on Preventive Measures(NYT)* Murders, robberies down in city, far less looting than during past blackouts: NYPD(NYDN)  * Would-be Staten Island looter posed as Red Cross worker, cops say(SI Advance) * Mayor Bloomberg compares Sandy to Katrina (Caoital) * Gov. Cuomo Order Makes It Easier For Water To Reach Needy New Yorkers(NYDN) * Up to 40,000 New Yorkers Left Homeless After Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Says - \Cold Descends on Sandy Victims(NY Mag)* 40,000 NYers May Need Housing (Daily Beast) * Many Sanitation Workers Cleaning Up The Rockaways Live There As Well(NY1) *Bloomberg Says Thousands Need Homes(NYT) * Latest from NYCHA: Of 390 affected buildings citywide, power restored to 287, heat restored at only four because water has to be pumped out.* Sandy Takes Out Businesses In Rockaways *  Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee helped serve food to the homeless after Sandy, and will donate $25,000 to the Bowery Mission. * VIDEO: Marathon runners volunteer on Staten Island (ABC)U.S. Navy hits shores of Belle Harbor to help Sandy vic(NYDN) * Freezing Temperatures Complicate Storm Recovery(NYT) * Falling Temperatures Put Tri-State Area Residents At Risk WCBS)= * Red Cross carries on despite storm-response flak from Staten (SI Advance) * Cold weather and new storm add to Hurricane Sandy victims' SI Advance)Mass Held In Breezy Point After Destruction From Sandy(NY1) * Ruins, rumors and resilience: Assesing the damage in Sandy-devastated Far Rockaway. * Video: Lights Out in the Rockaways(NYT) * n Brooklyn's Isolated Gerritsen Beach, Slow Recovery For Extensive Damage *New Urgency in Need to House Thousands(NYT)

  280,000 NYers are still in the dark, feel ‘left for dead’ in SI
People arm selves with bats and machetes to protect homes from looters
A long, cold weekend here (NYP)  Residents in the outer boroughs hit hardest by the effects of Hurricane Sandy braved another cold night in blacked-out homes without running water or proper food supplies yesterday. * Raging Staten Islanders ask: Where's our help?(NYP) * Anguished mom gives up trying to pump out her basement(NYP)

B’klyn bat man: Run, looters!(NYP)Residents in Rockaways, Brooklyn complain of lack of assistance after Hurricane Sandy(NYP)
NYTimes: Hardship Strains Emotions in New York  * For Some After the Storm, No Work Means No Pay(NYT) * Anger Grows at Response by Red Cross(NYT) * Relief Efforts of All Sizes and Forms Spring Up Across New York(NYT) * Burglaries Are Up After Storm, City Police Say, While Other Crimes Have Dropped(NYT)In Public Housing, Fears With the Dark(NYT) * Broad Channel Residents Become Their Own Help (WSJ)

In the , a few residents yelled at Bloomberg, complaining about lack of water and help.* 11 busted looting Key Foods in Coney Island(NYDN) * Staten Island says help is slow after Sandy(WABC) * Sandy's tragic toll swells to 23 Staten Islanders, including(SI Advance) * Canarsie Residents Say They Need City's Help To Clean Up From Sandy(NY1) * 'PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US': Staten Island residents plead to elected officials for help(NYDN) * Fire Water: Breezy Point, Trapped Between the Hurricane and the Flames(NY Mag) * Hurricane Sandy Takes Deadly Toll on Staten Island's Vulnerable Seniors (DNA INFO)

Warming centers opened. Locations and times may be found here:  * Bloomberg Tours Far Rockaway, Hears From Angry Citizens(NY Mag) * Foul-Weather Friends: Bloomberg and Cuomo, Bonded in Crisis(NY Mag) * Manhattan Improves but Outlying Areas Lack Basic Needs(NYT) * 2 additional deaths have been attributed to Hurricane , Bloomberg says.* has not acted fast enough; 2 more weeks w/o power in the Rockaways is not acceptable* Bloomberg says two-week timetable for power restoration in the Rockaways is unacceptable.

A mob of marathoners heading over to Staten Island. No race They're going to help out instead. * Bloomberg says there are 55,000 buildings in Zone A that the Dept of Buildings needs to inspect.* Water in Breezy Point is not safe to drink, says. Stick to bottled water.* HUD Sect'y Donovan: We have FEMA centers in Breezy Pt. and the Rockaways * Bloomberg warns flood waters in streets and basements could be contaminated with sewage; warns people to wash their hands. 


Rockaway residents tell Bloomberg off (Queens Crap)

From the NY Post:

Storm-ravaged and weary Rockaways residents cornered Mayor Bloomberg yesterday to angrily demand more aid for their devastated neighborhood. “When are we gonna get some help?” blasted one desperate woman, who had to be held back by the mayor’s security detail as Bloomberg stood by with a deer-in-the-headlights look.  “When are we gonna get some f--king help?” she demanded.  “There’s old ladies in my building that don’t got nothing,” lashed out a man on video caught by a NY1 reporting crew. Bloomberg’s trip to the Rockaways wasn’t announced and wouldn’t have been caught on cameras if the news crew hadn’t happened to run across him. Back in City Hall, he expressed sympathy with the residents’ plight. Bloomberg later told reporters dropping temperatures are “dangerous” and the city is sending 25,000 blankets to the Rockaways, where it could be another two weeks before power is restored.  I don't hold a degree in emergency management, but I would think that setting up warming tents would be a better way of delivering heat to freezing residents than handing out blankets.

Education Most School To Open
Sunday Update  Back-to-school chaos is looming(NYP) * School canceled for more than 100K NYC students(NYDN) * Most NYC schools to open Monday(WABC) * Thousands of NYC Students Displaced (Daily Beast) * Some schools have been relocated due to power/damage/shelter issues. Check in before you go back tomorrow.  * Mayor Expects a Rocky Back-to-School *Conditions In Some New York Schools 'Appalling'(Huff Post)

Storm-Tossed Schools Prepare for Students(WSJ)* HS housing evacuees a mess before classes resume(NYDN)'There's urine everywhere' Hundreds of storm refugees camped out at the Graphic Communication Arts school were forced to live in close quarters with an army of homeless --- mostly men --- who were treating the school on W. 49th St. like a pig sty. *Schools Update: 90 Percent Of Schools To Open Monday(NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: Poor Conditions At High School Serving As Evacuation ShelterNYC schools opening on Monday - and kids may be sharing classrooms with evacuated mental patients(NYDN) * Mayor says 96 percent of school buses will be running Monday morning but there may be delays in making pickups * RT : Mayor says DOE is calling on substitute teachers to make sure all classrooms are covered   * . has updated its website with new info on school relocations for next week. Check for your child's school.  * Bloomberg says 65 schools will not be open Monday, but "we will have a seat for every child."  *Schools Update: 90 Percent Of Public Schools To Open Monday

Media Limits Crane Cover to Removal, Could Care Less Why It Happened Again
The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman and Not One Newspaper is Asking Questions

Securing the Dangling Crane(NYT) If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be able to re-open West 57th Street to traffic tonight.* Street Where Crane Collapsed Is Reopened (NYT)
Flashback * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways * Lend Lease admits US fraud, faces $US56m payout | The Australian * Bovis Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...

After Hurricane Sandy, Coney Island's Future Hangs In The Balance(Huff Post)

An absolute disgrace(Queens Crap)

From Crains:

Since Hurricane Sandy struck on Monday, more than 500 largely elderly and disabled patients had been living without heat or power in a public nursing facility and hospital on Roosevelt Island. For four days, Coler Nursing Facility patients had been marooned in unlit rooms, fighting the cold with extra blankets and socks. Power was partially restored to the facility on Friday evening, according to a Bloomberg administration spokeswoman, and this afternoon it has been fully restored, she said. Space heaters are being used, and heat and hot water is also set to be restored this afternoon as temperatures are expected to drop to the 30′s tonight.

Floodwater Pours Into 9/11 Museum, Hampering Further Work on the Site(NYT)

Gougers looking to profit off of storm victims - by charging $700/night for rooms(NYP)


NYU Hospital to Begin to Reopen 
NY hospital that evacuated during storm to reopen(Fox 5) NYU's Langone Medical Center, evacuated during , begins reopening on Monday * Bellevue employees "received an e-mail threatening them with dismissal if they spoke to the news media," talked anyway * Last Two Bellevue Patients Evacuated   NYU hospital outpatients back Monday, emergency room closed  

Economic Impact
Few Tax Breaks for Sandy Victims(WSJ) * Don’t make us pay for Sandy: city workers(NYDN) * Man Behind FEMA’s Makeover Built Philosophy on Preparation(NYT) * Nearly $23 million was raised for the during Friday's benefit telethon. Thanks to all who donated. * Kathy Wylde says econ impact could be worse than 9/11 in long term Sandy's impact | Crain's New York Business   * A Storm-Battered Supply Chain Threatens Holiday Shopping(NYT)

Cellphone Users Steaming at Hit-or-Miss Service(NYT) * Cellphone Service Creeps Back as Power Returns (WSJ)





The Making of A President 2012  
Sunday Update Final Push
Foes’ ‘sandy’ pitch (NYP) President Obama weaved superstorm Sandy and its impact into his closing re-election pitch yesterday, making a call for unity even as he faced criticism for campaigning during the cleanup from the horrific disaster. * A Study in Contrasts as 2 Campaigns Get Out Ohio Vote(NYT) * Beck Acts as Bridge Between Romney and Evangelicals(NYT) * Obama-Romney: Too close to call (USA Today) * In final days before 2012 presidential election, Giuliani has become Romney's new attack dog in swing states(NYDN)
Sprint to Tight Finish in a Nation Deeply Divided - Paul West, LA Times

Sandy and the Suitors(NY Mag) The storm swept one candidate toward the finish. But whoever loses has only himself to blame.

Can Obama Reheat Cooled Voters? - Margery Eagan, Boston Herald
Main Street in Revolt - Salena Zito, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Obama Camp Touts Historic Ground Game - Sam Stein, Huffington Post
Ground-Glass Election: Who Wants It More? - Glenn Reynolds, Examiner
America and the World Still Need Obama - Jesse Jackson, The Observer
Dispatch Poll: Ohio's a Toss-Up - Darrel Rowland, Columbus Dispatch
Turnout Will Tell Who Wins Pennsylvania - Itkowitz & Kraus, Morning Call
The "Marriage Gap" Wild Card - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
Romney Closes Big: 'Love of Country' vs. 'Revenge' - Byron York, Examiner
You're Stupid If You Think It's Close - Paul Krugman, New York Times

Whites, Independents Will Sink Obama - Ben Domenech, The Transom
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Seniors still out of Obama’s reach (Politco)
Mitt Romney campaigns today in Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Paul Ryan has rallies in Ohio, Minnesota and Colorado.
John Kerry mocks Romney as robot
Dispatch Poll: Obama up 2 points in Ohio(Wash Post)
Mitt Romneys play for Pennsylvania a desperate ploy, David Plouffe says(Wash Post)
Wisconsin State Journal flips for Romney 
Ohio Poll: Obama 50, Romney 48
This retiring Congressman's crime? Compromise  

Romney: Instead of building bridges, Obama has widened the gap between the two parties  
Elizabeth Warren leads Scott Brown by four in new poll  
Haley Barbour Says Sandy Broke Romney's Momentum  
Staten Island Advance endorses Barack Obama for president  
More early voters in Ohio give Obama better odds, polls say  
Final Denver Post poll has Obama 47, Romney 45 in Colorado  
Getting very literal here: Vote With Your Vagina… For Barack Obama(Buff Feed
If Romney loses, what will the Republican Party do?(The Atlantic)
Romney pledges bipartisanship in final push, also promises to repeal Democrats’ priorities (WP)
Unions Recruit New Allies for Obama in Battleground States(NYT)
Candidates Make Final Dash as Race Winds Down(NYT)
Roundtable of experts discuss Hurricane Sandy's impact on the presidential election
Did the media's coverage of hurricane (and Christie!) boost Obama? And is climate change reporting overdue?

Bill Clinton op-ed in Iowa newspaper makes closing argument for Obama -  
Nervous Campaigns See Two Different Universes - Major Garrett, NJ
Ohio Voters Flock to Cast Ballots Early - McPike & Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Romney Wants to Undo Progress Obama Made - Bill Clinton, DM Register
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I'm Young, Female and...Voting for Romney - Cat del Valle Castellanos,CNN
Do Businessmen Make Good Presidents? - Robert Shiller, New York Times
Sunday Roundtables: This Week | FOX News Sunday | Face the Nation 
Biden touts Ohio's economic comeback(Politico)
Clinton References Sandy In Robo For Maloney(YNN)
Obama 49, Romney 48 in today's WaPo-ABC tracking poll.
Of 4.3-mil votes cast in Fla so far Dems have cast 133k more than GOPers  
WaPo-ABC tracking poll: Obama up on strong leader, but contest still basically deadlocked  
Biden Tells Matthews Republicans Will Work With Obama In 2nd Term Because Their 'Fever Will Have Broken' (Video) 
Ryan campaigns in traditionally blue Minnesota 2 days before election  
Final national NBC/WSJ poll before Tuesday: Obama 48 percent, Romney 47 percent 
On CNN, Giuliani debated former Gen. Wesley Clark, who called out the former mayor for the “politicization” of the attack in Benghazi.'
Newsday endorsed Mitt Romney, saying he’s a “flawed candidate,” but Obama “squandered the support of the nation.” 
"Obama be interviewed tomorrow by Chris Berman for a piece that will air during Monday Night Football"
After Des Moines, the Pres and First Lady head home to Chicago to await the results and respond to victory or defeat on Tuesday night.   
In last Pew poll, Obama up 53-40 among women. Gender gap reemerges.  
Elizabeth Warren-Scott Brown are basically tied (49-48 Brown) in Boston Herald poll just released  
Savannah Guthrie: Hurricane Sandy Handed To Obama ‘From Above’ To Let Him Appeal To Independents

Jabs over jobs COLUMBUS, Ohio — A new report showing the nation’s unemployment rate inching up to 7.9 percent despite a modest rise in jobs last month had President Obama and Mitt Romney trading jabs as they campaigned across battleground Ohio yesterday.(NYP) * Jobs Are Growing, Not Stagnating(NYT) The trend in unemployment is promising, but the politics of job creation remain clouded.  * Obama Leads in Florida, Ohio Polls(WSJ) * GOP's Brown Plays a Different Tune(WSJ) * Obama, Romney Spar Over Economy(WSH) * Romney Poll Deniers Contemplating Possibility of Defeat(NY Mag) * Obama commits to storm recovery and rebuilding(Fox 5) * Video: The Ohio Ground Game(NYT) * Ryan, Quiet for Now, Said to Be Planning for an Active Role(NYT) * With Time Tight, Candidates Zero In(NYT) * Attack in Libya Shows Pentagon’s Limits in the Region(NYT)

Daily News Endorses Romney
Our choice for America’s future: Mitt Romney  America’s heart, soul, brains and muscle — the middle- and working-class people who make this nation great — have been beset for too long by sapping economic decline. The "NY Daily News" endorses Romney, after backing President Obama in '08.

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Want a Strong Economy? Vote Democrat - Larry Bartels, Salon
Fundamental Unseriousness of the Obama Era - Mark Steyn, OC Register
Obama, Romney Make Last Mad Dash - Rucker & Markon, Washington Post

Florida: TBT/Mason-Dixon: Romney +6 | NBC/WSJ/Marist: Obama +2
The Romney Turnaround - Wall Street Journal
We Endorse Obama, Who Still Has Promises to Keep - Philly Daily News
Benghazi Blunder: Obama Unworthy Commander-in-Chief - LVRJ
Romney Versus the Automakers - New York Times
Bill O'Reilly Takes On Geraldo Over Criticism Of Fox News Benghazi Coverage [VIDEO]
Romney begins marathon campaign day in New Hampshire (Wash Post)
Personal Cost for Two Senate Bids: $100 Million(NYT) Linda E. McMahon, a Republican in Connecticut, has broken a record in personal spending to seek a federal office.
How Warren turned it around: By nationalizing the race
Rudy Giuliani Calls on Obama to Resign (Buff Feed) Says he should quit over Libya, economy, and that McCain would have helped prevent the Benghazi attacks.
Another 360 degree look at the high school gym in Mentor, OH near Cleveland for Obama event. 
Giuliani: Obama dropped the ball on Sandy (CNN)

Obama gets storm update at FEMA headquarters, sends Cabinet members to check on recovery:
Romney camp telling allies to talk up "GOP enthusiasm" and chances in Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania:  
Chris Christie Was Romney's First Choice For VP 
A look at what could go wrong when the votes are counted on Tuesday:
Rove, predicting Romney win, called it (roughly accurately) for Obama in '08 
Karl Rove and Nate Silver saw eye-to-eye in 2008. Not so in 2012. (cc
Obama visits FEMA for storm update, sends officials to NY, NJ, Conn.
Minorities, especially Latinos, have donated little to presidential campaigns this year: (Wash Post)
Over 1 million early votes cast so far in Ohio (CNN)
Nevada moves to lean Obama
Our final election weekend analysis: A virtual tie, but Obama holds an electoral edge
Romney’s Reason to Make a Late Play for Pennsylvania(NYT)
Chris Christie: I support Mitt Romney; critics don't get Sandy destruction -- (Politico)
Early Voting Lines in Florida and Ohio Were Super Long(NY Mag)
Miami Herald has detailed account of "voting debacle" today with absentee ballots in Miami-Dade.
Last CNN poll has the race tied, 49-49.  
Romney leads Indies by 22 yet the race is tied? Obama won Indies by 8 and won over by 7?  
Senate gets the 60 Minutes treatment  
As Candidates Make Final Pleas, Legal Battles Begin(NYT)
Voice Is Strained, but Support on the Trail Unstinting(NYT)

Romney’s Final Pitch On SNL: ‘Nothing I’ve Said In Past Should Be Any Indication Of My Positions In Future’

So if Obama wins, second most enhanced reputation of election will be Nate Silver's. If O loses, most devastated reputation will be Silver's

A NYP Payoff Bribe to their Writers to  Cover-Up New CEO's BBC Sexual Scandal At the Old Gray Lady

A gathering storm at the Times (Goodwin, NYP)
After nearly two years of deadlock with The Newspaper Guild, The New York Times says its has a possible settlement with reporters and photographers. The timing smells. A revolt is brewing in house over the hiring of Mark Thompson to be the new CEO, and management might be hoping staff raises will temper the outrage. Both the public editor and a columnist for the paper voiced doubts about Thompson’s claim that, as head of the BBC, he knew nothing about the decades-long sexual abuse carried about by TV host Jimmy Savile or why the broadcast organization killed a program containing lurid accusations about Savile.
It doesn’t take a gumshoe to believe the doubters are on to something. To give Thompson credit for his ignorance is to make it a virtue, and reward someone for ducking responsibility by looking the other way.
Here’s a test for the Times and Thompson. They should announce that a team of the paper’s top reporters will dig into his claims and the results will be published. If he comes up clean, he keeps the job.
One way or the other, a cloud over the Times will be gone.* Mark Thompson: Incoming New York Times CEO to be grilled over growing BBC paedophile presenter scandal (Daily Mail) * Jimmy Savile: Mark Thompson's old boss says he must have heard the stories‎ * RT : Mark Thompson and BBC Missed Red Flags in Savile Scandal

 Flooding From Sandy Has Closed The Statue Of Liberty Indefinitely: Poor Lady Liberty. After a year of extensive...

Nets win as Brooklyn returns to the majors(NYP)

It's the people's park. Period.(Queens Crap)

Dear Editor (Queens Chronicle): When one thinks of Flushing Meadows Corona Park there seem to be different opinions on exactly what the park is. Some see it as multiple soccer fields connected by green space and others see it as a park that has soccer fields in it. These opposing viewpoints are really  Flushing Meadows Corona Park doesn’t have $100 million donors to ensure it remains a people’s green park (try putting the stadium in Central Park!). It is the park of the working and middle classes. Unfortunately, many of our politicians seem to have abandoned us. We need to all speak out to ensure that our park remains just a park that has soccer fields in it.

Campaign 2012  THE PEREZ NOTES: Is Jose Rivera Sowing Seeds of Dissent? El Diario ... *NY1 Online: Halloran, Meng Square Off In Debate * Staten Island Advance endorses Michael Grimm for Congress (SI Advance)

Media Limits Crane Cover to Removal, Could Care Less Why It Happened Again
The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman and Not One Newspaper is Asking Questions

The NYPD says with the crane collapse secured, effective immediately, West 57th Street and vicinity is open(Fox 5) * Midtown buildings near dangling crane reopened.(NBC)

Flashback * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways * Lend Lease admits US fraud, faces $US56m payout | The Australian * Bovis Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...

 Law and Order
 [image] New Verdict on Crime That Transfixed City (WSJ) Anyone who lived in New York in 1989 has never forgotten the case of the Central Park Jogger. On April 19, Trisha Meili, a then-28-year-old investment banker, was raped and beaten nearly to death while taking a routine evening run through Central Park.

Nanny rage before kid slayings(NYP) * ‘Kid-slay’ nanny charged(NYP) * Upper West Side Nanny Is Charged With Murder in 2 Children’s Deaths(NYT) * Hospitalized Nanny Charged In Stabbing Deaths Of Upper West (NYDN)

  First murder after Sandy: Bronx man, 49, beaten to death (NYDN) *Deadbeat dad tab at $1.6m(NYP)