Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Will Albany Be Good For A Pay Raise

Terrorist hails Osama bin Laden in foiled attack on Federal Reserve Bank(NYP) * Man Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Federal Reserve Bank *Man Is Charged With Plotting to Bomb Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan(NYT)

Going Against the Culture and Nature of Albany
Midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature. Cuomo said he won’t even consider a legislative pay raise in a post-election special session unless the “people’s business” is being done by legislators. 

Pay for Good Play
Cuomo ‘raises’ doubts on pols’ pay-hike plea(NYP) Forget about a state legislative pay raise this year. That is, unless lawmakers boost New York’s minimum wage, decriminalize pot possession during stop-and-frisk procedures, and tackle other “reforms,” Gov. Cuomo signaled yesterday. * Per-diem pocket-padding(NYP Ed) We’re not kidding: As last Sunday’s Post reported, state lawmakers routinely bill taxpayers for “per diem” payments — reimbursements they can get for the cost of sleeping overnight in Albany while on official business. Problem is, nobody seems to know what

“official business” actually means — so lawmakers have been putting in for cash even when they’re not in Albany. The Post encourages Cuomo to end a “per diem” policy that allows state lawmakers to bill for reimbursements for spending the night in Albany on official business while they are often elsewhere * The News roots for Cuomo to “squeeze” state legislators in order to get the legislation he wants in exchange for his support of a pay raise * Pay fight in Albany(NYDN) * The Cuomo Condundrum: Searching for Andy on the Campaign Trail(NYO) * That would include a minimum wage increase and decriminalization of possession of small amounts of pot, among other things that were on Cuomo’s to-do list this year but didn’t pass before lawmakers left town in June.

Lincoln Restler Pulls Out of A Court Fraud Case

Lincoln Restler Loses to Chris Olechowsk by 6037 to 6019 votes for district leader in the 50th Assembly District.   Lincoln's lawyers  Martin Connor, Jerry Goldfedder, Aron Maslow and Larry Mandelker will not dismiss the Octorber 19th court date. Restler letter to the community  *Lincoln Restler has officially lost his reelection bid by 19 votes, or 0.16% of the 12,055 total ballots cast. After perhaps $100,000 spent and countless campaign hours invested, Chris Olechowski, supported by the county establishment, will take Mr. Restler’s unpaid, little-known position for the next two years. * Recount Ousts Incumbent in 50th Assembly District by 19 Votes(NYT)

Zombie Vito Lopez is Frank Seddio Keeping Him Alive
Restler Court Case is Friday . . . Will He Push A Fraud Case . . .  Stay Tuned  
Vito Lopez arch nemesis Lincoln Restler loses Brooklyn District Leader race by 19 votes to Chris Olechowski  (NYDN) Lopez scores two out of three wins in local Brooklyn races* Vito Lopez Continuing to Look at Potential City Council Campaign(NYO)

Broke NY Mayor's Go After Unions
Unions Face Pushback From Mayors(WSJ) A coalition of New York mayors is debating whether to push for changes to state labor law that would give fiscally troubled cities more negotiating leverage with public-safety unions before binding arbitration.

Election 2012
Attack Ads, by Outside Groups With Murky Ties, Shape 3 New York Senate Races(NYT) Groups not affiliated with any political party have produced a blizzard of advertisements, and under state campaign-finance laws, such organizations’ origins can remain mysterious. * Wendy Long’s Burn Rate Remains High(YNN) Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long has $68,212 heading in to the final 20 days of the general election, going up against the behemoth $13.5 million spent so far by her Democratic rival, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.* Brooklyn Candidates Forum Gets Heated (NY1) * Did Espaillat Smoke the Peace Pipe with Rangel? (Perez Notes) * Actual U.S. Senate Debate Question: "Have You Read Fifty Shades Of Grey?"(Buff Feed) * In Sole Debate, Senate Rivals Don’t Agree on Much(NYT) * Anxious Brooklyn Parents See Proposed Redrawn School Boundaries(NYT)


Queens congressional race has a clearcash winner (New York World) Democrat Grace Meng outraises GOP rival Dan Halloran nearly ten-to-one in last three months

Where is the Beef On Liu Case?
Excerpts of Wiretaps in Liu Case Are Release (NYT) The documents suggest that John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, was engaged in his campaign on a granular level.* Newly released documents in the ongoing federal investigation into NYC Comptroller John Liu’s fund-raising seem to reveal excerpts of conversations in which his voice was captured on wiretaps.
Liu Aids Spin Crap for the Press
Controller urges workers to claim unpaid wages(NYDN)

The Making of A President
Hey, O shows up this time (NYP) Gives as good as he gets vs. Mitt * Angry exchanges on economy * Romney onward & upward: Leads nationally by 4 in Gallup poll(NYP)Biting Tone Shapes 2nd Debate for Obama and Romney(NYT) * For the President, Punch After Punch(NYT) * In Debate’s Dance, Romney Has More Missteps(NYP) * A Closer Look at Some of the Disputed Assertions(NYP) * Video Feature: The Second Presidential Debate(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Instant Polls Show Narrow Obama Edge(NYT) *Mr. Obama Comes Back(NYT Ed)The president offers a strong case for his policies, and puts Mitt Romney on the defensive. * Candidates Tangle in Tense Debate(WSJ) * Obama Takes Responsibility for Deaths in Libya(WSJ) * Debate Again Changes Campaign's Arc(WSJ) * Squabbles Viewed as a Turnoff for Undecided(WSJ) * GOP Super PACs Defend House(WSJ) * Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested outside the debate locale.* Candy Crowley Fact Checks Mitt Romney On Libya (VIDEO)
Candidates Tangle in Fractious Debate - Hook & O'Connor, Wall St. Journal

President Obama Turns It Around - Greg Sargent, Washington Post
Obama's Record Wins It for Mitt - Again - David Harsanyi, Human Events
Obama Bares His Teeth - Frank Bruni, New York Times
Not the Game Changer Obama Needed - Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
Moderator Helps Obama Rebut Romney on Libya - Julian Pecquet, The Hill
So Obama Knew It Was Terrorism on Day Two...... - Michael Walsh, NRO
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President Obama's Campaign "Ecstatic" - James Warren, The Daily Beast
New, Improved Obama Won't Halt Romney's Mo - Toby Harnden, Dly Mail
Obama Earned Trust With a Comeback Performance - Colbert King, WP

Obama, Romney Battle to Draw, War Goes On - Michael Barone, Examiner
Your Economic Health? It's All Relative - Eduardo Porter, New York Times
Al-Qaeda Again on the Rise - Peter Brookes, Boston Herald
Sanctions Won't Stop Iran - George Jonas, National Post
Hillary: The Missed Opportunity - Bill Keller, New York Times
Electoral Terrain Has Shifted Heading Into 2nd Debate - Erin McPike, RCP
Second Debate a Split Decision - USA Today
Mr. Obama Comes Back - New York Times
Romney Wins on Points - New York Post
Another Obama Green Favorite Goes Belly Up - Wall Street Journal
Fox & Friends: Candy Crowley 'Bailed Out' Obama On Libya [VIDEO]
Romney campaign emails out Observer endorsement * Libya Debate Question Involves Sharp Attacks, Murky Facts (NY Mag) * Candy Crowley Responds To Criticism Over Libya ‘Fact-Check’: I Wanted To Move Conversation Along * Paul Farhi: Candy Crowley “was an active, aggressive and prominent presence” at the debate. ( | (

The Gallup daily tracking poll shows Mitt Romney has opened up a six point lead over President Obama among likely voters, 51% to 45%.
Obama: I'm getting the hang of debating:(Politico)
The Amazing Story of What Happened in Libya (The Atlantic)
Questions and Answers on the Benghazi Attack (NYT)
last night.
Will the Presidential Debate Change Poll Numbers?

Cuomo Makes a Surprise Appearance in Spin Alley(NYO)* Here’s video of Governor Andrew Cuomo reacting to last night’s debate. And here’s his formal response * Cautiously, Cuomo Eases Himself Into Obama Surrogacy(YNN)

NYPD waging war on lazy DA or DA that arrested crooked cops?

In fight over refusal to go forward with cases, cops will track prosecutor inaction(NYP) The NYPD is waging war on apathetic prosecutors.
Department brass issued a new directive ordering cops to carefully document instances where an assistant DA refuses to take a case — and the inaction will be reported up the chain of command and tracked by the NYPD legal bureau

Bronx DA Going After Cops on Stop and Frisk and Ticket Fixing 
First Plaintiffs Testify in Federal Challenge to Police Stop-and-Frisk Policy(NYT) The six people recounted being arrested on trespassing charges outside the homes of friends and loved ones — even outside their own apartments. Plaintiffs arrested by police on trespassing charges began testifying on the second day of a federal hearing on the lawsuit against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, as city lawyers questioned Bronx prosecutors * City Questions Prosecutor in Stop-And-Frisk Lawsuit(WSJ) * Witnesses bare their stop-&-frisk woes(NYP) *  NYPD Waging War Lazy DA or DA exposed Ticket Fixing?(Troy Artist) * The N.Y.P.D.'s Ticket-Fixing Scandal -

Accelerating key infrastructure projects will allow us to improve ’s roadways, waterfront, & schools: * Effort to Speed Up Repairs Will Save the City $200 Million(NYT)

Best of the worst: Readers pick fare-hike plan(NYP)

Taxi-Hailing App Pulls Out of New York After 6 Weeks(NYT) The city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission said it had not authorized the use of any taxi apps for cab-hailing or payment, citing its existing contracts with payment processors. The cab-hailing app company, Uber, will shut down its service citing the city’s “obstacles and roadblocks” six weeks after its launch vexed New York’s taxicab industry* Electronic taxi hailing app halted in NYC(WSJ) * Electronic taxi hailing app halted in NYC(WABC) * City E-Mails Outline Policy Debate on Street-Hail Apps(NYT)

 Violent cabdriver is cut off (NYP) A cabby was stripped of his license after Midtown security cameras caught him getting physical with a rider. *Cabbie stripped of license for 'angry' assault(NYDN) * NYC Cabbie Suspended After Tossing Passenger(NBC)

Education News: City Wants Hire Authority, Curriculum Fight, Tests and Minorities
City schools want hire authority(NYP) City Department of Education officials said they’re planning to seek state approval to certify teachers on their own for the first time, without the aid of colleges or universities.  * Fight Flares Over School Curriculum(WSJ) The head of the New York City teachers union said the city failed to provide classrooms with broad curricula to prepare primary school children for more challenging state exams arriving this spring * The Times worries that the city is not doing enough to ensure that students of color get access to its elite public high schools *Educators Worry About New State Test Results(NY1) * Schools chief Walcott says(NYDN) Don't call them “rubber rooms,” city Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said. * Teacher Fined for Rewarding Pupils for Buying Soap From Him(NYT) * NY1 Exclusive: After Mistakes, State Officials Amend Contract With Test Producer (NY1)

Four food companies moving to or expanding in Bronx(NYDN)

Most expensive nabe in the country(NYDN) A triple-digit jump in housing prices has turned an already pricey slice of the East Side into the nation’s most expensive ZIP code. * Upper East Side tops list of most expensive ZIP codes on the country: Forbes(AM NY)

Prospect Park Renews Ties With Its History(WSJ) In a case of what's old is new again, Prospect Park on Friday will open the first phase of a $74 million restoration, a project intended to return the most formal portion of the park to the original vision for its design.

FDR 4 Freedoms: Freedom of speech and expression, Freedom of worship, Freedom from want, Freedom from fear
Donors to Roosevelt Monument Agree on Acknowledgments13 hrs agoA court ruled that the exterior of the enclosure of a bust of Franklin D. Roosevelt could bear the name of one donor; a second donor agreed to a less prominent location.* Opening Ceremony Held For FDR Memorial Park (NY1) * A Statue Arrives at Ground Zero, While Another Still Seeks a Home(NYT) * Decades late, FDR memorial park dedicated in NYC(NYP)

Brave$t helmet headache(NYP) Firefighters are blazing mad over a new requirement that they turn in their beloved helmets after 10 years as the FDNY upgrades the equipment — or pay..

The State University of New York and its employees mishandled millions of dollars from the school’s research foundation and two prosecutorial agencies are looking into irregularities, according to an audit, the Times Union writes:

Mexico Loves New York
NYC’s tourism agency, NYC & Company, plans to open a promotional office in Mexico City. * City's tourism department opens Mexico office(AMNY)

Halloween Canceled 

Trinity Church cancels Halloween celebration because of OWS group(AMNY)

Solar trash cans tested out in Manhattan(WABC) * Boston is buying 400; Philly has already saved $$. Why won't NYC invest in corner trash bin of the future?(NY World)

Law and Order 

Kerik Offers Contradictory Words at Trial(NYT)

  • Torch-slay deal is due (NYP) The sicko who confessed to burning an elderly Brooklyn woman to death as she cowered in her apartment-building elevator is working on a plea deal with prosecutors, his attorney and law-enforcement sources said

Gun ‘play’ shock: Weapons sold at B'klyn day-care center, feds charge(NYP) * ‘Killer’ rats self out: DA(NYP) * Members of Brooklyn Motorcycle Gangs Arrested on Weapons Charges(NYT) * Baggage Handler Who Smuggled Cocaine in Planes Is Sentenced to Life(NYT) * Sketch Released in Sexual Abuse of 10-Year-Old Inside Queens Library(NYT) * 3 NYC motorbike gangs accused of weapons dealing(WSJ) * Queens junior high students get pepper-sprayed(NYDN) * Search for library sex attack suspect(Fox 5) * Man Wanted for Touching, Lewdness in BK Subway(NBC) * City pharmacist admits to selling black market meds: Officials(AMNY) * Bed-Stuy man sentenced in pimping of runaway girl(AMNY) * Crime Wave Makes Murray Hill Block a No-Go Zone for Locals(DNAINFO)

Cop union probe plea(NYDN) Union officals for the NYPD detective who shot an unarmed man to death on the Grand Central Parkway met Tuesday with the Queens district attorney to ask for a fair and impartial investigation 

War-drobe: Guantanamo judge rules 9/11 beast KSM can don camo at trial(NYP)

Man Charged in Assassination Plot Is Expected to Plead Guilty(NYT)
Mansour J. Arbabsiar was accused of conspiring to hire assassins to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States.* Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Murder a Saudi Envoy(NYT)