Tuesday, October 16, 2012

True News Wags the NY Media Again and Again

NY Media Leading From Behind
Read the Important News First In True News And Watch the Tweety's Follow Our Lead - Wag the Dogs

1. Yesterday True News Hit Subway Hike
We Need An New Edition of Jacob Riis 1890 Book How the Other Half Lives

Nobody Cares About Transit Fare, Con Edison Increase Effect On NYC Growing Poor

The CBC could care less how the 74,000 more New Yorkers fell into poverty last year come up with the money to pay for the 21% increase in transit increase they are calling for. The City Council limits their attempts to help the poor to programs like minimum wage and sick pay which are good to keep the troops in line but in realty help few poor and non of the city growing unemployed now close to 10%.* More Evidence rich live different reality. Pay lower property tax rate than East NY homeowner. Great :

Today's NY Post & DN Hit MTA Subway Boss For Hurting the Middle Class
Tip for transit bosss: Don’t throw city’s middle class under the bus(NYP)
The MTA can keep its decision simple, though, by following a handy maxim: Don’t worry about protecting the $2.25 fare. Instead, protect New York’s middle class.* Keep MetroCard Bonus, Transit Chief Says(NYT) MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, who presented four fare hike proposals on Monday, said he would recommend to the authority’s board to keep the MetroCard discount at least partially intact * MTA Details Fare Increases(WSJ) * MTA Details Upcoming Fare Hike Proposals(NY1) * The News urges the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to only hike the base fare for MetroCards by a quarter and adjust discounts to equalize fares among a broad spectrum of passengers:(NYDN)

On This Story  True News Wags the NYT
2. True News Wednesday October 10,2012
To Run For President Cuomo Needs Fracking and Gambling $$$ to Lower Taxes . . .  Cannot Run For 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Representing the State With the Highest Taxes
Tax hell makes NY dead last for biz(NYP) New York state’s business-tax climate has gone from bad to worst.The Empire State has dropped from an already terrible 49th place to last in the nation in the latest Tax Foundation ranking. Plus a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the county.

Tuesday NYT & DN Discovers Uemployment Test for Cuomo
 New York’s Rising Jobless Rate Poses Test for Cuomo (NYT) "in last 12 months, NY has been the only state w/ a statistically significant increase in its unemployment rate" * Off Year on Wall St. Drove Down Manhattan Wages, Data Show(NYT) * Manhattan's Average Wages Drop on Wall Street Woes (WSJ)* The News’ Bill Hammond argues that Cuomo must fight harder for tax reform to make the state more competitive for business:

True News Has Asked Over and Over What Are the Mayoral Candidates Going to Do About Rising Poor and Unemployment

3.  NYT Blames the Mayor
Where Mayor Sees Clear Fiscal Skies, Clouds Gather (NYT)To take just one example: The teachers’ contract expired some years back. The Citizens Budget Commission, a business-backed fiscal watchdog, estimates that if the union achieves merely the same 4 percent raise given to other unions, the next mayor will face a $4 billion hit in the first year. And the near-death experiences of 2008 brought few titans closer to God. Revenues on the Street rose in 2009, but have contracted since then, in part because the barons are cannibalizing their profits to push up salaries that are already 5.3 times as much as other private-sector salaries in New York. * Manhattan Borough President Seeks Bonds to Expand Head Start(NYT)

Hard times go on (and on) for many city workers (NYDN) It’s been three years since some city workers who are members of District Council 37 received a raise. And they say it’s getting tougher and tougher to make ends meet

Campaign 2012 Mayoral Hopeful Switches to G.O.P.(NYT) Tom Allon, a newspaper publisher and a longtime Democrat, said he would switch parties to increase his odds of making it to the general election ballot. * Brooklyn District Attorney Has a New Rival(NYT) Kenneth P. Thompson, who represents the hotel housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault, is challenging the incumbent Charles J. Hynes. * Manhattan Borough President Seeks Bonds to Expand Early Education(NYT) * Party Switch Could Alter 2013 Race(WSJ) * Bloomberg Opposes Earlier Primary Elections(WSJ) * Fight For The House: Meng, Halloran Look Beyond Race Matters In Their Heated Campaign(NY1) * Mayor, Board Of Elections At Odds Over Rescheduling Next Year's Primary(NY1) * Queens candidates getting ready to rumble(NYDN) * Primary on Staten Island yielded paltry return for 140G(SI advance) * Democratic U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has spent $13.5 million so far in her bid to win a full six-year term.* Foundation fuels push for paid sick leave * More on a judge's ruling to block the Working Families Party from replacing its candidate in the SD-60 race with incumbent Republican Mark Grisanti, calling it "an abuse of the process." [Robert McCarthy]* "Mayor Michael Bloomberg's monumental disdain for the city's dysfunctional Board of Elections may be more powerful than his desire to see his ally, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, elected mayor next year." [Dana Rubinstein] * State Senate candidate Mindy Meyer had about 25 people at her fund-raiser, along with a live elephant and film crew from Bravo. [Tara Palmeri] * B.O.E. staffers "will be using laptops to read portable memory devices" to count votes faster. [Ivan Pereira] * Assemblywoman Grace Meng, who beat Mr. Lancman, raised more than a half million dollars in the last three months, an impressive sum in a very Democratic-leaning district, while her GOP opponent, Councilman Dan Halloranraised about a tenth of that. But, as he only raised pennies in previous filings, that’s a relatively solid total for Mr. Halloran. * Rep. Michael Grimm‘s filing didn’t show any new legal bills, but he raised noticeably less than previous quarters. His Democratic opponent, Mark Murphy, actually raised more than him, but with a total that’s still unlikely to be a game changer. As a side note, Mr. Grimm, who still has a significant cash on-hand advantage, transferred over $140,000 to the National Republican Campaign Committee. * Board of Elections details progress with vote tally system(AMNY) * Cuomo: Party Labels Less Important Than Positions(YNN) * Rep. Michael Grimm has “re-donated” $2,500 to the Romney campaign after his contribution was returned.* Top cop group supports Staten Island's Grimm for another SI Advance) * Legislature pay hike, other deals brewing, Gov. Cuomo s (SI Advance) * Attack Ads, by Outside Groups With Murky Ties, Shape 3 New York Senate Races(NYT)

Cuomo Starts To Frame Special Session(YNN) * Cuomo: No pay raise for legislators until they do “the people’s business”(Albany Watch) * Cuomo: Hike Minimum Wage Before Legislative Salaries (Gothamist)

Excerpts of Wiretaps in Liu Case Are Released(NYT) The documents suggest that the New York City comptroller was engaged in his campaign on a granular level.

 Lipsky Kruger Reunited in Jail

Lipsky lands in posh prison—with pol he bribed (CrainsNY) First, lobbyist Richard Lipsky received a mere three-month sentence for paying up to $200,000 in bribes to ex-state Sen. Carl Kruger of Brooklyn. Now, Mr. Lipsky will get to spend his short stint in the cushiest federal prison in New York—which happens to be Mr. Kruger’s new home

What: Council Can Block BOE Commissioners

Council to Board of Elections: Poll yourselves together(NY World) The party-appointed board faces demands for better ballots and public transparency * The City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption At the BOE and Can Reform the Place If It Wanted Too(True News)

MTA to NYC: Pick your poi$on (NYP) Decisions, decisions.  The MTA yesterday released four competing fare-hike plans — including one that features a once-unimaginable $125 monthly MetroCard. 

Proposals to Redraw School Lines Raise Alarm NYT) In two New York neighborhoods, the regions from which popular schools draw may change, and some parents are upset. * The Times follows up on DNAinfo's scoop about the school zoning changes in Park Slope and Washington Heights proposed by the city Department of Education. [Vivian Yee] 

 \Schools chief Walcott says(NYDN) Don't call them “rubber rooms

Nobel's New York Moment(WSJ)Man Behind City's High School Admissions Wins Nobel Prize
Signing up to attend high school, a seemingly mundane task, used to be a nerve-racking game of strategy for more than 90,000 New York City students. * Nobel winner a city product, but never graduated high s(NYDN)

We Were Told No More Rubber Rooms
Troubled public school teachers are still languishing in revamped “rubber rooms,” a practice supposedly shut down two years ago, as the city will pay $22 million to teachers for doing nothing, the Daily News learns: *City Agrees to Shut the 'Rubber Rooms' - WNYC(2010) * Once-Respected Teacher Banned From NYC Schools After Admitting(NYDN)

More on New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's office investigating Assemblyman William Boyland and other legislators' travel reimbursements. [Erik Kriss]

Advocates Protest Potential Congressional Cuts To Zadroga Health CoverageAdvocates Protest Potential Congressional Cuts To Zadroga Health Coverage (NY1)Supporters of the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act appeared by the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan on Monday to ask Congress to avoid cuts to the law's health programs, which first responders and September 11th survivors

Fannie Mae ❤ SkyView Parc(Queens Crap)

From Crains:

The massive Sky View Parc condominium development in Flushing, Queens, has received a key thumbs up from Fannie Mae. The federally backed institution will insure mortgages in two of the development's three buildings, according to their owner Onex Real Estate Partners on Friday. The news marks an important milestone for the long-troubled project. The two towers, at 40-26 and 40-22 College Point Blvd. in downtown Flushing, are 75% sold or in contract, according to Onex. Sales at the 448-unit development have rebounded since last year when the sponsors settled a lawsuit with dozens of buyers at the development. The buyers had sued to get out of their contracts to buy $50 million worth of apartments. The settlement gave them more than $3 million.Two years ago Related Cos. was tapped to manage the residential property to boost sales. Marketing of Sky View Parc began four years ago. Originally, Muss Development was a partner in the project but it is unclear if Muss still has a stake in the project. Onex took over in 2010. Sales of 134-unit Tower 2, the last building to rise at Sky View Parc, have not begun yet. The status of that building could not be determined immediately. Muss couldn't be immediately reached for comment.

Roosevelt Created Fannie Mae to Increase Home Ownership and Provide Afforable Rental Housing

True News reported in October that the Stuy Town developers used their political connections to get Fanny and Freddie Mac hand over to them $1.5 billion to buy the complex at a highly inflated price so the only way Tishman Speyer and BlackRock could make money was was to push out all the low rent tenants. Fannie Mae created in 1938 as part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal mission is to tear down barriers, lower costs, and increase the opportunities for homeownership and affordable rental housing for all Americans

Former JCOPE commissioner Ravi Batra said the commission’s attempt to secure all his records and notes all his records and notes amid an investigation into press leaks is illegal and “stinks to high heaven.” The Joint Commission on Public Ethics is seeking former JCOPE member Ravi Batra's notes, as part of its investigation of leaks to the media. [AP]

Trash diver reveals tricks of living almost free(NYP)

FRACKING FREEZE: In the wake of delays in the state’s review of hydraulic fracturing, elected and appointed government officials and industry experts are at odds over the benefits of extending a process that has already taken more than four years: 

Taxi driver tosses passenger into street -- allegedly over ride to Queens(NYP)

The Cuomo administration is strongly considering Syracuse University’s surprise bid to run a new federally funded nonprofit agency to monitor the treatment of people with developmental disabilities, the Times writes: 

New York's Yogurt Success Becomes Idaho's Gain(WSJ) As the upstate yogurt maker Chobani grows up, it's moving beyond its roots in a former cheese plant in New Berlin, N.Y.

[image]Domino Site Heads for Next Chapter(WSJ)Two Trees Management Co. has closed on the $185 million purchase of the site of the former Domino Sugar factory following months of court battles. But that may be just the beginning of challenges for the developer.

 Development deal for Yankee Stadium parking lots strikes (NYDN)

Brooklyn Cablevision customers say internet lags(NYDN)

Refugees farm crops along Bronx River(NYDN)

The Making of A President 
Tone Is Biting as 2 Vie for Upper Hand(NYT) * Expiring Tax Cuts and Small Business(NYT) * Romney’s Position on Pell Grants for College   *  A Promise of 12 Million New Jobs(NYT) * Romney And Obama Get In Each Other’s Faces Over Gas Prices During Debate * CNN: 46% Obama 39% Romney* Romney Surrogates Lash Out At Candy Crowley * Obama, Romney aggressive in rematch (Wash Post) * Candidates clash over jobs, immigration, foreign policy(Wash Post) * Moderator makes her presence known(Wash Post)

Hill takes the fall for Libya debacle(NYP) * Election-Year Stakes Overshadow Libya Investigation Details(NYT) * Clinton Accepts Blame for Benghazi(WSJ)

High Attrition Clouds Afghan Military as U.S. Plans Its Exit(NYT) * Debt Impasse Shadows Race for Presidency(NYT) * China and Its Trade Tactics Are Coming to the Debates(NYT) * If Roe v. Wade Goes(NYT Ed) A Romney-Ryan victory could result in re-criminalizing abortion in much of America. * Mr. Romney Needs a Working Calculator(NYT Ed)  Mitt Romney’s claim that he can lower tax rates by 20 percent and pay for it by ending deductions has run into a wall. * Romney, Obama Hone Debate Messages(WSJ) * Romney Aides Get a Time-Out After Missteps(WSJ) * Obama Debate Task: Focus on 'Vision Thing'(WSJ) * GOP Bigwigs Attend Paul Ryan Fundraiser At Intrepid Museum(NY1)
Electoral Terrain Has Shifted Heading Into 2nd Debate - Erin McPike, RCP
Obama's Task Tuesday Night - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
Why Americans Are So Polarized on Obama - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO

The Tea Party Movement Isn't Dead - Frank Rich, New York Magazine
Weak Economy Awaits Either Obama or Romney - John Schoen, NBC News
Can Obama Woo Back Women Voters? - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
The Truth About Medicare - Rep. Nancy Pelosi, CNN
Romney Aiming for Reagan-Like Foreign Policy - Paul Richter, LA Times
It's Scary How Much NYT Is in the Tank for Obama - Pat Caddell, FOX News
Right Wing's Benghazi Madness - Joan Walsh, Salon
Why Romney Has the Advantage Tonight - Mark Salter, RealClearPolitics
Obama's Chance to Stand for Main Street - Harold Meyerson, Wash Post
The Curtain Has Been Pulled Back on Obama - William McGurn, WSJ
Getting Back the 47 Percent - Page Gardner & Stanley Greenberg, Politico
Democrats' Green-Energy Contradictions - Charles Lane, Washington Post
Unions Dominate California Ballot Propositions - Brian Calle, OC Register
Nigel Farage, Europe's Fiercest Critic - Nick Paumgarten, The New Yorker

Latest State Polls: New Hampshire: Tied @ 47 | Pennsylvania: Obama +4
Obama Administration's Libya Story Keeps Changing - Chicago Tribune
At Second Debate, Obama Must Defend His Record - Boston Globe
Schumer to Tax Reform: Drop Dead - Wall Street Journal
Inequality and the World Economy - The Economist
Ross Perot endorsed Romney, saying the nation “can’t afford four more years in which debt mushrooms out of control, our government grows and our military is weakened.”
At least a half-dozen professors who gave political donations to Obama have been quoted in news articles opining about his administration and the 2012 race for the White House.
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani accused the Obama administration of a “cover-up” in Libya.
Obama has turned to Hollywood A-listers to help him make his closing argument. 
Jon Stewart Rips Fox’s Outraged, Sore-Loser Response To Vice Presidential Debate
John Heilemann on Last Word: Sorry Cuomo, Democrats Want Clinton in 2016(NY Mag)
Does Romney Give Wayward Staffers Time-outs?(NY Mag)
Heilemann: The Once and Future Clintons(NY Mag)
Romney donors and bundlers to discuss strategy, fundraise in New York - (CNN)
Tho attending debate, not expected to be a surrogate for the president tonight in spin room.

GOP Senators Won't Let White House Off Hook For Benghazi 
Reince Priebus has accused Hillary Clinton of letting Barack Obama off the hook on Libya: (Politico)
in today's NYTimes: 73,000 Political Ads Test Even a City of Excess. That's Vegas, baby
Clinton on Benghazi: "Everyone had the same information"(CBS)
Poll: Romney has big lead in rural swing counties (Wash Post)
"We don't interfere in American elections," the Israeli ambassador told a crowd in Park Slope last night. "What has been perceived that way here is because everything in this country is glimpsed through the prism of elections." [Reid Pillifant]
Flashback: Clinton says "the buck stops in the Oval Office." [Andrew Kaczynski] 
The full "memorandum of understanding" laying out the groundrules for the debates. [Mark Halperin
Graham On Impending Strikes In Libya: This Is What Obama Does When He Gets 'Lot Of Criticism' [VIDEO]
Ross Perot endorses Mitt Romney(Wash Post)
Obama camp deploying 22 surrogates to the Hofstra spin room, a realization that the campaign failed at post-debate spin
Charity president unhappy about Paul Ryan soup kitchen ‘photo op’(Wash Post)
Cuomo Says He’ll ‘Cheer The President On’(YNN)
Robert Gibbs: ‘Shamelessness’ Of GOP Senators Attacking Obama Over Benghazi ‘Is Startling’
NBC calls the debate a "showdown", ABC a "duel", CBS calling it "the second presidential debate." I'm calling it a joint press conference
Moderator Candy Crowley of CNN will be permitted to ask follow-up questions during tonight’s town hall-style debate, despite reservations from the Romney and Obama campaigns. 
Are Voters Looking for "Change" in 2012? - Jon Healey, Los Angeles Times
Round 2: Obama vs. Romney Sequel - Catalina Camia, USA Today
Romney's "Reverse Robin Hood" Agenda - Robert Reich, Salon
Obama Loses Lead in Battleground States - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail
Radical Tea Partiers Aren't Going Anywhere - Frank Rich, NY Magazine
ObamaCare's Rationing by Another Name - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
Behind the Benghazi Cover-Up - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

With Libya Claim, Clinton Moves to Protect Obama - Sean Sullivan, WP
Lobbyists Ready for a Comeback Under Romney - Anna Palmer, Politico
Actually, Obama's WH Is Stocked With Lobbyists - Tim Carney, Examiner
Texas Tries to Make College Cheap - Thomas Lindsay, RealClearPolicy 
Influential New York Newspaper Endorses Romney(Obsever)
Jon Stewart Mocks Paul Ryan’s Soup Kitchen Story: Add Some ‘Oomph’ To ‘Manipulating People’s Emotions’

Law and Order
Trespass ‘fail’ for stop-frisk(NYP) The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactics were on trial yesterday, with a Bronx district-attorney bureau chief testifying that cops illegally stop minorities outside low-income apartments in the borough. A Bronx prosecutor testified at a federal court hearing that she believed police wrongly stopped and arrested minorities for trespassing outside public housing projects.* Prosecutor Testifies on Stop-and-Frisk Tactics(NYT) * First Plaintiffs Testify in Federal Challenge to Police Stop-and-Frisk Policy(NYT) * NYC Stop-And-Frisk Controversy Gains Political Spotlight As Number Of Stops Rise Over A Decade(Huff Post) * 2012 presidential debate: President Obama and Mitt Romney’s remarks at Hofstra University on Oct. 16 (running transcript)

NY1 Follow-Up: Family Of Man Killed By NYPD After Pulling Gun Files Suit(NY1)

Cop union probe plea(NYDN)

Slimmer ex-commish weeps, whimpers & whines on the stand(NYP) * Former NYPD boss Kerik has ‘scam’nesia during pals’ trial(NYP)
* Kerik gets cut down to size (NYP) Slimmer ex-commish weeps, whimpers & whines on the stand * Ex-Leader of Police Takes Stand, With Tears(NYT) * Kerik Cries on the Stand(WSJ) * Kerik Takes Stand In Bronx Perjury Trial(NY1) * Ex-top cop Bernard Kerik testifies at trial(WABC) * Ex-NYC police boss breaks down at trial(WABC)

Crooked cop melts down over ‘corrupt’ NYPD(NYP) A veteran NYPD officer pleading guilty to a civil- rights violation had a dramatic breakdown in court — accusing the department of corruption and saying he couldn’t take it anymore Admir Kacamakovic, a seven-year vet, stunned onlookers in Brooklyn.  After a brief recess, Kacamakovic, 33, regained his composure and admitted without emotion that he deliberately violated a man’s civil rights by handcuffing him tightly and detaining him without cause after the man threatened to file a complaint against him. * Missing From an Officer’s First Guilty Plea: A Crime(NYT)A police officer, Admir Kacamakovic, tried pleading guilty to civil rights violations, but a federal judge, at first, said his acts were not criminal. * Guilty Brooklyn cop: 'I don't know why I didn't commit suicide(NYDN)

Ex-cop guilty of strangling wife(NYDN)

Cops’ gun warning(NYP) NYPD cops have been warned to brush up on their firearms tactics after two unarmed civilians were recently shot dead by police

Suspect Arrested in Counterfeiting and Theft From A.T.M.’s (NYT) NJean Carlo Pena was accused of loading automated teller machines at two Chase branches in Manhattan with crude counterfeits of bills and stealing $78,000 from them. * Arrest in ATM fake bills at 2 NYC banks(WSJ) * Man Charged In Connection With Midtown(NBC)

Suspect Charged In Shooting That Killed Man On Lower East (WCBS) * Weapons charges for DJ(NYP)* Suspect in clumsy robbery of bank ATMs is arrested(SI Advance) * Sketch Released in Sexual Abuse of 10-Year-Old Inside Queens Library(NYT) * Man sexually abuses girl, 10, in Queens library(WABC) * Cops arrest four in SI high school football attack(NYP) * Qns. middle schooler pepper sprays cafeteria(NYP) * Queens junior high students get pepper-sprayed(NYDN)
Cops in temple beating (NYP) The Brooklyn DA and NYPD Internal Affairs are investigating cops caught on tape beating a man wrongly suspected of trespassing in a Crown Heights synagogue, authorities said yesterday. * 2 Officers Being Investigated After Video Shows Them Beating Man(NYT) * Crown Heights Leaders Blast NYPD Over Rough Arrest At Jewish Youth Center(NY1) * Politicians wants cops fired after Crown Heights synagogue(NYDN) * Probe into video of man being beaten in Brooklyn(WABC) * Probe into video of man beaten by cops in Brooklyn(Fox 5)

Baggage handler slammed with 3 life sentences for masterminding smuggling ring using AA jets(NYP)

Members of Brooklyn Motorcycle Gangs Arrested on Weapons Charges(NYT)
‘Fraud’ way is busted! Show’s over for 'Rebecca' ‘scammer’(NYP) * Middleman in Financing of ‘Rebecca’ Is Arrested on Federal Fraud Charges(NYT)

Castrate slayer’s hangup(NYP) The killer switched in and out of three pairs of shoes. He fiddled with his victim’s cellphone, coating it in blood. And even a post-slaughter shower...

Harlem man gets 40 years for abusing teen girl(NYDN)

Curse’ fiend admits slay(NYP) No witch doctor can help him now. A Senegalese man will serve at least 25 years — and as much as the rest of his life

 Renato Seabra accused of killing boyfriend Carlos Castro (NYDN)

Harlem's 'Gangster Granny,' 72, sentenced to 5 years(NYDN)
Pimps gets prison time for peddling runaway(NYDN)

‘Cab stab’ banker is cut loose(NYP) * Taxi Stabbing Case Dropped(WSJ)

Busted in barbershop killing(NYDN)

Terrorism Sept. 11 Suspects Can Boycott Hearings(WSJ) * Pretrial Hearings Resume In Trial Of Accused 9/11 Terrorists(NY1)