Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speaker Silver Get Hit By War On Woman

Senator Attacked Over Vito Lopez Sex Harassment And Silver Cover Up With Government Funds

It Took A Senate Debate Breaks NYC Media Cover Up of Albany Hush Scandal 

 The Media has not written about the Albany hush fund scandal in weeks. It took a debate to get an elected officials to say anything about the Albany sex scandla. Is everyone waiting to the must criticized JCOPE to report on the matter and end the problem by getting rid of the body (Vito) and a public flogging of Silver, AG and the comptroller. Oct 3 Vito Lopez told to lie low, Sep 27 Vito Lopez Sex Scandal Unravels 'Bear Mountain Compact' If Albany is going to get its pay raise then Vito Lopez has to be gone by the time the special session is called.  That Could be why Lopez is looking at a council run.

Long Outspent 10 to 1 Uses Her 1 Debate to Connect the Albany Pay Hush Fund Off to the War on Women
Wendy Long chided Gillibrand for pushing the concept of a Republican "war on women" while cutting Silver slack. Long also noted Gillibrand's wait-and-see stance on fellow Dem Silver is counter to her calls six years ago as a congresswoman on former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert to resign over his handling of a sex scandal involving then Rep. Mark Foley. "Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, instead of addressing the matter, instead of bringing it to light and trying to remedy it, instead took over $100,000 in taxpayer money and used it as hush money to try and keep these young women quiet," Long said. "To my way of thinking, this is a big scandal."

Gillibrand Will Not Call For Silver to Resign, Waiting to Hear the Results of the Two Investigations
Senate debate: Kirsten Gillibrand rips Sheldon Silver for using $100,000 in taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment claims against Vito Lopez  Gillibrand, who made the comments during a televised Senate debate with Republican challenger Wendy Long at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, is the highest-ranking member of her party to criticize Silver for using public money to settle the allegations. "Vito Lopez should have paid those fines himself," Gillibrand said. "Taxpayer money should not have been used." But Gillibrand stopped short of Long's call for Silver to resign over the matter, saying she first wants to see the outcome of two investigations. Gillibrand criticizes Silver during Senate debate (NYDN) * In Sole Debate, Senate Rivals Don't Agree on Much(NYT) * In Debate, Gillibrand, Long Tackle Jobs, Economy — And '50 Shades of Grey'(WSJ) * Long and Gillibrand clash on fracking, abortion(TU) * Gillibrand, Long Face Off In US Senate Debate(NY1)* calls stories on "secret" Lopez settlement "worst case of reporting ever"* Republicans get the Senate debate they wanted, but so does Gillibrand(Capital) * Ulrich hits Addabbo for funding Vito Lopez's organization.

Other Issues in the NY Senate Debate

Long called it a threat to religious liberties to require people of faith and religious institutions who view abortion and contraception as “evil” to include them in insurance coverage. Gillibrand shot back that the overwhelming majority of women use some type of contraception. eanwhile, while Long criticized Obama for setting a 2014 withdrawal date for troops in Afghanistan, Gillibrand said she believes America should leave now. Gillibrand said Al Quaeda has "metastasized" to other parts of the world.  The two also battled over natural gas hydrofracking, with Gillibrand calling for environmental studies and the publicizing of the chemicals used in the controversial process before moving ahead in New York. Long called the senator's concerns "phony" and argued the process is being used safely in other states. She called it a job generator for upstate. * The debate – the lone head-to-head match-up of the US Senate race – was the one opportunity for the under-funded, little-known Long to score points against Gillibrand. She was aggressive and combative, but didn’t land any knock-out punches.* Senate Candidates Asked If They've Read 50 Shades Of Grey During Debate

Ravi’s latest letter: JCOPE as weight loss aid (TU) "I have kept a copy as a souvenir of time spent, some well and some unwell,” Batra wrote. “My doctor has repeatedly told me to lose some Weight. Now, thanks to Ms. Stamm’s prodding, I’ve actually shed at least 1/2 an ounce in my Wallet.”

The underfunded and little-known Long called the question by upstate YNN anchor and former Daily News columnist Liz Benjamin inappropriate
 Senate candidate smarting over 'Grey' question(NYDN) A debate question about a best-selling but racy book has left Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long turning 50 shades of red. Long objected Thursday to a question asked during her Wednesday night

Campaign 2012 Recount Ousts Incumbent in 50th Assembly District by 19 Votes(NYT) * Dan Halloran wants to protect Jerusalem from Obama and Arabs (Capital) * Bill Thompson thinks a rushed Grand Central rezoning is a recipe for disaster(Capital) * Cuomo To Endorse Republican Saland(NYO) * Sen. Golden Comes Out Against Counterterrorism Surveillance of Mosques @ Arab-American Candidate’s Forum"

New Mayoral Poll
NY1/Marist Poll: Quinn Leads Mayoral Primary - NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn continues to lead the large field...

Lincoln Restler Pulls Out of A Court Fraud Case

Lincoln Restler Loses to Chris Olechowsk by 6037 to 6019 votes for district leader in the 50th Assembly District.   Lincoln's lawyers  Martin Connor, Jerry Goldfedder, Aron Maslow and Larry Mandelker will not dismiss the Octorber 19th court date. Restler letter to the community  *Lincoln Restler has officially lost his reelection bid by 19 votes, or 0.16% of the 12,055 total ballots cast.* BREAKING: Olechowski beats Restler in Williamsburg district leader race(Brooklyn Paper)

Elex Board ‘walks’ it back(NYP) A blunder by the Board of Elections has thousands of voters in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, thinking they’ll need to trek nearly seven miles across the borough to East New York if they want to vote in the presidential election. Asked about its mailing, a BOE spokeswoman said the agency would send out new notices immediately informing voters of the mistake and giving the correct address

Bloomberg Sock Puppet CFB Allows Him to Break the Law  . . .
NYCCFB dismisses complaint against 2009 campaign. Votes 3 to 1 -- Rich Davis votes no
The $1.1 Million Gift Bloomberg Made to the Independence Party and Haggerty Got Was Away Considered Illegal . . .  Now the CFB Finally Rules

Bloomberg Honored Letter, but Not Spirit, of Campaign Finance Law, Board Finds(NYT) The city’s Campaign Finance Board said that an undisclosed $1.2 million payment to the Independence Party by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign broke no rules. The $1.1 was deposited in the independence party house keep account and $750,000 was forwarded to Haggerty for election day security.  Which is an illegal used of housekeeping account.  No much from the House Keeping account according to the election law can be used for campaigning. But Laurence D. Laufer, the election lawyer and former general counsel to the board who filed the 2009 complaint on behalf of Mr. Thompson, said that the board merely “passes the buck” to Albany. Don't expect the State Board of Elections go after Bloomberg any time soon or ever. 

Elex board eyes ‘Indie gift’(NYP) The city Campaign Finance Board is probing a $1.1 million payment Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign made in 2009 that was largely ripped off by a political operative, who was tried and convicted last year. The board will hold a hearing today on a complaint against the campaign’s “pre-election payments to the Independence Party.” The complaint — which spokesman Eric Friedman would not discuss ahead of the hearing — could result in a fine to the billionaire mayor’s self-financed 2009 re-election bid. The CFB will hear a complaint about Mayor Bloomberg’s $1.1 million to the state Independence Party in 2009, $750,000 of which was funneled to GOP operative John Haggerty, who was convicted of grand larceny and money laundering in December. The NYC Campaign Finance Board found no punishable violation committed by Mayor Bloomberg in connection to the $1.1 million he contributed without disclosure to the state Independence Party in 2009, determining there was no evidence the money was spent to assist his campaign because GOP operative John Haggerty stole it.

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson asked Quinn to be her date to next week’s NYClass gala to promote replacing the city’s horse-drawn carriages with classic cars, the Post reports:

Albany Pay Raises - A Special Session Maybe
Suggests may trade imposition of FOIL law for legislature for pay raise* Cuomo now saying the salaries for the commissioners he appoints aren't competitive. This could be linked to lawmaker pay raise.* Governor says "how you define business climate is subjective," responding to stories on high jobless rate and taxes in NY * Cuomo: "The pro-hydrofrackers tend to live in the community ... The anti-hydrofrackers tend to be more activists."* RT : Open to a special session to do the Peoples' Business "we have campaign finance we haven't done."

 No New Jobs In NYC

NYC unemployed rate falls but job growth slows(CrainNY) The city's unemployment rate plunged nearly half a percentage point last month to 9.5%, a drop that appears to more closely track with the past year's strong job growth. However, total job creation in September was weak, as the city showed a net gain of 900 jobs. The drop in the percentage of unemployed city residents could be tied to changes in employment patterns among students who normally go back to school at the same time, as The New York Times posited earlier this month.

Some pols using campaign funds to fund charities (Queens Crap)

From the Times Ledger:

Some Queens state legislators said using campaign funds to donate money to struggling local nonprofits is not necessarily a good practice — even though campaign records indicate many engage in the activity.  “Technically, it’s probably not a good idea to use campaign funds to fund nonprofit groups,” said state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside). “But on the other hand, we’re desperate.”  He said nonprofits have been hit hard financially since the downturn of the economy left less for people to donate and a 2010 ban on member-item spending in Albany gave state legislators few other ways to help out. says lottery $$ are "not taxpayer money, but funds from a game people choose to play"

Sharp Reaction to Plan for Shelter in Brooklyn (NYT) Residents of Carroll Gardens say a 170-bed men’s shelter that the city recently announced was coming to a tidy residential block could disrupt the area’s hard-won safety. * Carroll Gardens residents: Don’t give us homeless shelter(Brooklyn Paper) * Politically liberal Brooklyn neighborhood seethes about plans for homeless shelter(NYT)

Anxious Brooklyn Parents See Proposed Redrawn School Boundaries(NYT) * NYC teacher fined in soap-selling scheme(WSJ) * NY1 Exclusive: After Mistakes, State Officials Amend Contract With Test Producer(NY1) * Parents Say Principal Failed To Notify Them Of Mold Problem(NY1)
*Bronx parents grapple with poor school options(NYDN) * Schools Chancellor promises to ease overcrowding(NYDN) * Gifted program dustup in District 30(NYDN)Dirty side job for teacher(NYDN) 38.9 percent of 6940 teachers hired in 2006-2007 have left the system, according to data. Rate higher for ESL, Science, and English 

Do As I Say Liu Says Pay All Your Parking Fines
Don't Do As I Do Liu Does Not Pay His Poster Fines
Controller John Liu says no more ticket to slide for businesses hit with parking fines (NYDN) Liu wants to fix program that allows companies to pay discounted rate if they agree not to contest the tickets. Liu wants the city to fix a program that goes easy on big companies when their workers rack up parking tickets but has recently been exploited by many businesses. John Liu vows to fight $527,400 in campaign poster fines from 2009(NYP

Look Who Is Coming To Al Smith's Dinner 
The archdiocese’s Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation annual dinner, hosting both President Obama and Mitt Romney, is expected to raise more than $5 million tonight to help poor and needy children in the church 
A Night of Laughs Amid a Bitter Run for President(NYT) John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, flanking Cardinal Francis J. Spellman, spoke at the Al Smith Dinner in 1960. It was the first year a pair of presidential candidates attended the dinner and exchanged quips. With President Obama and Mitt Romney as draws, the annual charity gala of the Archdiocese of New York is expected to raise a record amount. * Obama, Romney Poised For Moments Of Levity At Al Smith Dinner (WCBS)

Obama and Romney continue fight in battleground states after feisty LI debate(NYP) * Rising College Costs Pose Test for Obama on Education Policy(NYT) * Campaigns Raise Focus on Women(NYT) * For 90 Minutes, Only the Accents Separate New Yorkers From Swing-State Voters(NYT)

Mr. Romney’s Version of Equal Rights(NYT Ed) During the debate, Romney bumbled his way through a cringe-inducing attempt to graft what he thinks should be 2012 talking points onto his 1952 sensibility.* Candidates Zero In On Women Voters(WSJ) * Mitt Romney is winning the white vote — by a lot(Wash Post)Obama chooses indoor venue for election night rally(Politico) * Tagg Romney jokes about taking a ‘swing’ at Obama(Politico) *  Team says they won't rein in candidate in third debate * Paul Ryan defends ‘binders of women’(Wash Post) * GOP’s problems exposed in struggle for Senate:(Politico) Pres Obama does a campaign rally in Manchester, NH and then heads to NYC to tape an appearance on The Daily Show.  * Mitt Romney leading President Obama by six in Gallup poll (Wash Post)* Bruce Springsteen posted a message on his website explaining why he’s supporting – and campaigning for – Obama to be re-elected.*Jon Stewart Praises Obama For Actually Showing Up, Tears Apart Romney’s Debate Performance
Obama's Challenge: Not-So-Optimistic Voters - Joan Vennochi, BostonGlobe
Comeback Kid: Obama Delivers in Debate - Bob Shrum, The Daily Beast
Why Romney Is Winning the Argument - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

A Fierce Ground War for Votes in Nevada - Fredreka Schouten, USA Today
Obama's Hope Fades in Virginia - Robert Stacy McCain, American Spectator
Chicago Circling Wagons Around Ohio, Iowa, NH & NV - Major Garrett, NJ
Romney Quest Haunted by George W. Bush - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
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U.S. Borrowing & Spending Is at a Crisis Point - Satyajit Das, MarketWatch
The Sketchy Math of the Last Four Years - Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Scott's Story, Obama's Health Law & the Election - Nicholas Kristof, NYT
The Fed's Mission Creep - George Will, Washington Post
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Obama Coalition Is Alive--But for How Long? - Ruy Teixeira, New Republic
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Romney Politicizing Libya: Just Shameful - Richard Clarke, NY Daily News
A Bright and Shining Libyan Lie - Victor Davis Hanson, Investor's Biz Daily
2012 Election Maps: Electoral College | Senate | House | Governor Races
It’s Unconstitutional to Be Rude to the President, According to Chris Matthews(NY Mag)
Obama Bounces Back in Round 2 - Los Angeles Times
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Europe Must Do More to Save Its Currency Union - Bloomberg
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Jonathan Chait on Piers Morgan: Focus on Romney’s ‘Binders’ Trivializes Campaign(NY Mag)
An Obama buy in Minnesota(Politico)
Obama’s youth vote complication (Wash Post)
FLORIDA: 540K already voted absentee. Breakdown: 240,825 GOP voters; 212,281 Dem votes, 83,584 Indies. - Miami Herald
Cuomo Says He’ll Hit the Swing States for Obama(NYO)
Mitt opens up 6-point lead over Obama as campaigns hunker down in swing states(NYP)
Gallup (52-45 Romney) and all other pollsters are in two different universes right now. Guess we'll find out which is real.

With today's Gallup Tracking numbers Romney 52% & Obama 45% -- I do not think Gallup is an anomaly. Dems should take it seriously.
North Carolina going to 'Leans Romney," Romney now leads on the RCP Electoral Map 206-201
New Stump Speech Boils Down to One Word: Vote(NYT)
Romney and "Trickle-Down Government" - Timothy Noah, New Republic
Obama's Struggle to Bring Back Jobs - Michael Fletcher, Washington Post
Romney Opens Up 7-Point Lead in Gallup Poll - Jonathan Easley, The Hill
The Candidate Who Wins Ohio Will Win - David Morris, Kiplinger Letter
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Obama's Inner Circle Knows Defeat Lies Ahead - Hugh Hewitt, Townhall
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Would Romney Be Able to Break DC Gridlock? - Lindsey Boerma, CBS News
The Un-President - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
A Theory of a Divided Nation - Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic

Romney's NC spokesman being moved to OHIO
Auto industry titan Lee Iacocca endorses Romney 
Springsteen Helps Obama Lure Blue-Collar Votes in Ohio (NYT)
In new interview, Hillary Clinton says she "can't stand whining" and looks forward to having her own time back: (Wash Post)
Orlando Sentinel, which endorsed Obama in 2008, goes for Romney in 2012
Romney pulling staff out of North Carolina: 
Suspect in Libya Attack, in Plain Sight, Scoffs at U.S.(NYT) Days after President Obama vowed to apprehend those behind the Sept. 11 attack on American diplomats, a suspected ringleader spent an evening at a luxury hotel full of journalists. 
A Night of Laughs Amid a Bitter Run for President(NYT) On ‘Daily Show,’ Obama Talks of Libya (NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Gallup vs. the World 6:29 PM ET
Cuomo to Travel the U.S. on Obama’s Behalf(NYT)
Rivals Obama And Romney Quiet Hostilities For Al Smith  (WCBS)

Debate moderator Candy Crowley draws fire for stepping in to contradict Mitt Romney(NYP) * A win for the good guys(NYP Ed) * Debate Exchange Escalates Libya Feud(WSJ) * Obama, Romney sharpen their arguments for rematch over Libya (Hill) * Rush Limbaugh's wild allegation against Candy Crowley (Huff Post) * Conservatives are criticizing CNN’s Candy Crowley for correcting Romney and giving more time to Obama during the Hofstra debate.*
CNN Top Exec Defends Crowley: Republicans Just Upset About Performance Of ‘Their Man’

Bloomberg rips candidates' gun violence 'gibberish'(NYP) * Bloomberg Starts ‘Super PAC,’ Seeking National Influence(NYT) "None of ['s] super PAC $ would be aimed @ helping presidential candidates, said" *Mayor Sparks Pricey Campaign To Mold Moderates(NY1) * Mayor forms million-dollar super PAC(NYDN) *Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson will take a leave of absence from City Hall to run the new PAC.* By getting involved at this late stage in the campaign, Bloomberg is betting he’ll be able to sway the small number of still undecided voters in close elections.

Stop the Presses
Newsweek to Go Online-Only After 80 Years

BREAKING: Newsweek says it will cease print publication, go all-digital at end of the year. -BW 
Social Media Continues To Change Political Landscape(NY1) With social media tools like Facebook and Twitter gaining thousands of users by the day, NY1's Josh Robin takes a look at how the presidential campaigns are using them to reach voters in their race for the White House
Tina Brown announces this morning that the last print edition of Newsweek will be the Dec. 31 issue. The magazine will continue online as Newsweek Global, “a single, worldwide edition targeted for a highly mobile, opinion-leading audience who want to learn about world events in a sophisticated context.” * Newsweek set to end print publication, switch to all-digital version in 2013(NYP) * Newsweek to Cease Print Publication at End of Year(NYT)
* Chicago Tribune is putting up a paywall:

City E-Mails Outline Policy Debate on Street-Hail Apps(NYT) Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky said the city has done “exactly the right thing” in declining to endorse a taxi-hailing smartphone app, but supported the use of apps in the future

City Council Weighs Plan to Rein in Pedicab Fares(NYT)

New York building construction to top $30B for first time since 2008: study (NYP) New York is in a building boom as construction in the city is expected to top $30 billion this year for the first time since 2008, a new study found. New York building construction will top $30 billion this year for the first time since 2008 thanks to $12.6 billion in nonresidential construction, * Effort to Speed Up Repairs Will Save the City $200 Million(NYT) Bloomberg joined Council Speaker Chris Quinn and City Comptroller John Liu to announce more than $1 billion in spending for infrastructure improvement projects one to three years ahead of schedule * New York City will speed up $1 billion in spending on “critical” infrastructure, including bridges, roads, schools and libraries.  * Grand Plans Surround Iconic Rail Terminal(NY1)

Whistle While You Work
Plans submitted for Grand Central Terminal area(WSJ) *City Plans To Accelerate Capital Commitment Plan(NY1) * City paves way for its $1B fix up(NYDN)

After a yearlong review of pink-ribbon-themed breast cancer ad campaigns, AG Eric Schneiderman will release a set of guidelines for greater transparency in the billion-dollar industry of charitable-cause marketing.

Former President Clinton,  Cuomo and other officials dedicated a park to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on Roosevelt Island four decades after it was first planned
Park dedicated to FDR on Roosevelt Island finally opens(NYP) * Dedicating Park to Roosevelt and His View of Freedom(NYT) * NY1 Online: Exclusive Tour Of Four Freedoms Park * FDR Memorial opens(NYDN)

Halloween Canceled 

The News sneers at Occupy Wall Street for forcing Trinity Church to cancel a popular Halloween event(NYDN)

Nobody Can Say This Brooklyn Landmark Looks Its Age(WSJ) Some gaudy things have happened on the way to preservation for the New York gem, Gage & Tollner.

Liquor License Restrictions Seen as Hampering Harlem(WSJ)

Hot-sheets motel finally nixed(NYDN)
 Nude club heads to court for liquor license(NYDN)

Law and Order
Court Hearing Turns Into a Debate Over Trespassing in Building Vestibules(NYT) Inspector Kerry Sweet of the New York Police Department testified that someone could be arrested even if the person never made it past the building’s exterior lobby.
Bernard Kerik says he lied to two judges in 2006 to cover for pals(NYP) * Kerik Offers Contradictory Words at Trial(NYT) * Kerik Testifies For Second Day At Bronx Perjury Trial(NY1) * Bernard Kerik on stand again at perjury trial(NYDN)

2 former NYC hospital execs sentenced(Fox 5)

Wounded NY cop to be released from hospital(Fox 5)
Sicko who set elderly woman ablaze in Brooklyn elevator may get plea deal(NYP) * Possible plea deal coming in elevator burning death(WABC)

Manhattan woman suing pizza delivery boy, pizza shop and doorman company over 'rape' nightmare(NYP)

Pelham Parkway Houses murder solved with arrests of four(NYDN)

 Brooklyn 'smuggler' busted with 154 guns(NYP)Presenting Another Big Haul From Gun Seizures(NYT) * Brooklyn DA: 11 Indicted, More Than 150 Weapons Seized In Alleged Sting(NY1)

Jury-duty dope busted for bringing heroin to court(NYP)

Heights of criminal activity in Marcus Garvey park(NYDN)

Crown Heights video leads to heightened tension between (NYDN) A video showing cops in Crown Heights beating an unarmed Jewish man is prompting more bad blood between Hasidim and neighborhood police,

Bronx motel double-slay suspect kills himself in Florida home surrounded by police(NYP)
Should’ve Left That at Home, Teacher Is Told at Jury Duty(NYT) * Bail Sought for Suspect in 'Rebecca' Fraud(WSJ) * NY ordered to pay $600K to prison rape victim(WSJ) * Feds eye city cop in rob gang(NYDN) * Family wants plea deal in grandmother's death(NYDN) * NY ordered to pay $600K to prison rape victim(Fox 5) * 4-to-12 years in prison for lawyer from Staten Island who SI advance)

KSM’s camo slammo(NYP)
* Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Murder a Saudi Envoy(NYT) * Texas man pleads guilty to Saudi assassination plot(NYDN)