Saturday, October 27, 2012

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Largest tropical cyclone to ever develop in the Atlantic basin?
Hurricane Sandy is taking aim to wreak havoc on the Big Apple(NYP)

Breaking Cuomo: All MTA Bus, Subway, Rail Service Suspended As Of 7 P.M 
* Governor Cuomo Announces Plans to Shut Down Buses, Subways and Trains (NYT) * Sandy Forces MTA To Shut Down Mass Transit Tonight(NY1) MTA Chair Joe Lhota: We should have subway service back up by Wednesday* Cuomo: We do not anticipate closing the airports, but check with your carrier. NYC Mayor Bloomberg orders mandatory evacuation of 375,000 residents in low lying areas known as "zone A."
* Mayor has issued mandatory evacuation order for all of Zone A.* School Closed Monday That's how 27% of NY'ers get to work *Live Updates(NYT)
* Shallow Waters and Unusual Path May Worsen the Surge(NYT)

Sandy Brings Evacuations, Suspended Mass Transit, School Closings (NY1) Government offices will be open tomorrow. Of course, without mass transit, most government employees wont be at work.  * Of course, Alternate Side Parking WILL be suspended tomorrow. * NYSE to trade electronically Monday, shut trading floor 
Here's a Twitter list compiled by the desk of official New York area sources of information on NY Port Authority Bus Terminal will suspend all service by early Monday morning. * Panicked Evacuations Mix With Nonchalance in Hurricane Sandy’s Path(NYT)
* Both & closed Monday

pounding bay parkway with the Verrazano in the back 
After the storm, all the leaves will be gone, so no fall foliage season this year.  * Alternate side and meter regulations are suspended for tomorrow* NY gets hit with a monster storm every 75 years - the last one in 1938 was called 'the long island express' killed 700 people. As of right now, there WILL be regular & recycling collection tomorrow. Will let u know if changes.* Officials Order Wide Evacuations; Transit Closing in New York(NYT) * 250 National Guardsmen will be stationed in Manhattan and Queens, with Humvees, helicopters, and engineering equipment. * Public Housing Residents Asked To Leave Zone A Homes (NY1) * Staten Island Railway will shut down at 9PM, to coincide with the closure of the Staten Island Ferry service. * NYC: President Obama Signs New York Emergency Declaration: * View Local School Closings, Event Cancelations, Altered Transit Service (NY1) * NYCHA Buildings in Evacuation Zone Will Have Elevators and Heat Shut Off(DNA Info) * NY Downtown Hospital evacuated(Fox 5) * New Yorkers Scour Store Shelves For Supplies(NY1) * Rockaway Beach Residents Evacuate Area As Storm Approac (NY1) * NY1 reported a few mins ago (8PM) that fewer than a thousand people had gone into the emergency evacuation centers set up by the city for * .'s Transit Tracker on the Google Crisis map page.

Line to enter Westside Market on UWS
We don't want you moving your car. Stay home if you can, Elevator service in all 26 complexes within will be suspended at 7pm tonigh. In case you are heading to a shelter: City says pets will be allowed* NYCHA Evacuation site... * All Of NJ Transit To Suspend Operation By 2 A.M. Monday (NY1) * Predicting NYC's storm surge problem: Will Sandy flood the subway?(The Atlantic) * Amtrak cancels Acela, other East Coast services for Monday.  * All NYC senior centers will be closed Monday and Tuesday. * Powerful Storm Brings Down NY Times Paywall: "The Times is providing free unlimited access to storm coverage..."

Hurricane Center's website for the latest updates on Hurricane Sandy

Too Local TV News Frankenstorm Is A Branding Opportunity

Oh, the weather outside is frightful -- but do we really need every tv stations to tell us that? Nonstop TV weather coverage says as much about TV news as it does about the weather.  Research show that TV  audiences swell when storms approach.   The stations pour on the reporting to position themselves for more than just one passing storm. Their goal of going live all day, in fact, is to reinforce the station's weather "brand" and to establish the station as the go-to place for weather reporting long after the storm passes. Weather is "the driving factor" behind viewers' choice of local newscasts. That's why stations here and across the nation promote the depth and quality of their weather reports relentlessly, particularly during "extreme" weather. After a storm passes, they'll also roll out promos bragging about how well they covered the news.

  I will not flee the Rockways During The Storm! # No Hurricane Katrina On My Watch, Government Must Lead! 

Nanny Mayor Increase Exercise Fees A Mistake
2nd look at rec centers(NYP)The Parks Department is rethinking its decision to double entry fees at 32 neighborhood recreation centers after losing 50,000 memberships in a single year, The Post has learned.
Half of 36,153 senior members bailed between July 1, 2011, and June 30, 2012, when their annual fees jumped from $10 to $25. The qualifying age was also raised from 55 to 62. The 79,357 adults on the rolls plummeted to 44,877 in response to a hike from $50 to $100.

Did Bloomberg Have a Boner at His Hurricane Sandy Press Conference? (Gawker)

Confident Vito expects to coast to Assembly victory  (NYDN) Despite sex scandal, Lopez boasts of beating upstart Richy Garcia. Dems outnumber Republicans by a whopping 14 to 1 in the largely Hispanic 53rd District, where Lopez has spent decades in office securing pork-barrel projects for his constituents. Richy Garcia Vito;s GOP opponent is a 26-year-old college dropout who has barely campaigned. Garcia works for the NYC Board of Elections where Lopez is know to have some power

Good Time for NYPD and Manhattan DA to Hide A Fuck Up
Former suspect in Etan Patz case, Jose Ramos, to be freed * Former suspect in Etan Patz case to be freed 
Former suspect in Etan Patz case, Jose Ramos, to be freed(NYP) *Original suspect in Etan Patz case to go free(NYDN)

Local Impact Of Aqueduct Racino
Local impact of Aqueduct racino(NYDN)In gambling, there are always wins and losses. And Queens’ bet on the Aqueduct racino has yielded some major gains but also some disappointments as the gaming hub marks its first year in South Ozone Park

Yellow Taxis, Rare Brooklyn Sightings, Multiply on Event Nights at New Arena(NYT)

EXCLUSIVE: NYC Medical Examiner has kept brains of more than 9,200 dead New Yorkers for 'tests' families call needless

Strange the NYP Never Did A Single Story During the Time DWI Vito Lawyer Was Knocking Off Candidates For Him? 

Vito’s Parting Shot(NYP) State Supreme Court Justice Carl Landicino was arrested on suspicion of DWI last week near Albany — and it was no surprise to find that the juiced jurist is all wet. Whenever Vito (the former Brooklyn Democratic kingpin and serial sexual harasser) wanted to knock down opponents, he turned to Landicino, whose specialty was filing usually specious lawsuits against upstarts to stop them from seeking office on Vito’s turf.

You Cannot Change the Culture of Albany If You Don't Stop the Special Interest Money That Get Them There
Why Doesn't the NYP Push For Election Law Reform That Will Make It Harder for Machine Lawyers and Incumbents to Throw Challengers Off the Ballot? 

NYP Says Senate Democrats Not Hurt By Scandal . . . Was Joe Bruno A Democrat?

State Dems shaking off scandals in polls (NYP) Scandal hasn’t turned New Yorkers off to putting Democrats back in control of the state Senate. A new poll finds 55 percent of voters would rather have the party of Pedro Espada, Hiram Monserrate and Shirley Huntley running the Senate again, while 36 percent want to keep it in Republican hands.* Report: Albany Pols Float "Espada's Law"(NY1)

Sick Pay Bill City Hall Rally
de Blasio Triangulation Pushes Quinn to Support Sick Pay and Tells Small Businessman I Am Your Guy
Eyeing ’13 Mayoral Bid, de Blasio Focuses on Small-Business Issues(NYT) With a sharpened pitch, the public advocate, Bill de Blasio, is talking and listening around the five boroughs ahead of an expected run for mayor.An outer borough strategy?

Cherry Pick Reporting on Mayoral's Race. . . .  What Budget Gap
NYT reporter David Chen did not ask de Blasio if he is trying to help small business why is he pushing Quinn to support the sick pay bill, that the speaker said would help small business. de Blasio and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer headlined a rally of stroller-pushing parents at City Hall Thursday urging Quinn to back the compromise sick pay bill. * 'Sick leave' bill a job killer(NYP) The bill would require larger businesses to offer workers nine paid days a year, with a doctor’s note required after three days. Employers with fewer than 20 workers would have to offer five days. With the coming city budget gap ($3 Billion) Chen did not ask de Blasio how he would not only close the financial shotfall, but make up additional revenue for the reduction in fines and taxes he is promising business and non profit leaders.

Mayorial Campaigning by Consultant Spin . . . Reports Print Press Releases As News
It is clear that Team Quinn is following the Obama campaign lead in reaching out to women voters
Abort-clinic escorts line up(NYP)Seventy volunteers have signed up to escort women past protesters at abortion clinics, city officials said yesterday.City Council Speaker Christine Quinn launched the effort late last week  

Weak Economic Recovery Causes State Tax Shortfall
NY short $436M in taxes(NYP) Tax collections were $436 million short of initial projections in the first half of New York’s fiscal year and would need to grow 6.4 percent in the second to make up for the shortfall, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned yesterday.

Public Advocate addressing the BPJCC breakfast in Boro Park 
Campaign 2012  Obama and Gillibrand Are Poised to Win New York, Poll Finds(NYT) * Cuomo Hits Campaign Trail for New York Democrats in Tight House Races(NYT) * Independent Political Spending High In NY In Advance Of Election(NY1) * Addabbo, Ulrich Spar In NY1 Debate(NY1) * Barry Grodenchik Steps Down As Deputy Beep (Queens Tribune) * Halloran, Meng Quibble Over Polls (Queens Tribune) * Greenfield & Felder Demand Bloomberg Apologize for Derogatory Comment About Orthodox Jews(Yeshiva World) * In state races, N.Y.C., Albany dominate campaign donations (Democrat Chroncle)  * THE PEREZ NOTES: Peralta enters Queens BP Race with a Bang- El Diar...  * Marty Golden is polling between 60 ang 65%  over Gounardes * To get off the WFP line in the general election so Grace Meng can run on it Rory Lancman is running for judge on the WFP line. * Not everyone loves the current GOP strategy of trying state Senate candidates as closely as possible to the popular Democratic governor. “We’re going to have an identity crisis at some point,” an anonymous Buffalo Republican warned. * Sen. Jeff Klein says the IDC will be a “permanent third conference” over the next decade. The decision of which party control the Senate could be in his hands.
NY Times Endorses
STATE SENATE DISTRICT 15 (parts of Queens) State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., a Democrat, also voted for marriage equality in 2011, and he is now in a close race with New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich, a Republican who is opposed to abortion choice and same-sex marriage. Mr. Addabbo is a cautious legislator who supports women’s rights and works diligently for his constituents. He is by far the better candidate in this race. * NYT endorses Democratic St. Senate candidates, except for Republicans who voted for gay marriage Saland, Grisanti, Addabbo, Wagner. Two Republicans, two Democrats.

Union Bets Cash on Candidate in City Council Special Election(Gotham Gazette)

Daily News Says Board of Hacks and Dopes

Board of Elections fumbles it again, endangering citizens’ right to vote(NYDN) Election hacks can't get it together on sending out absentee ballots

Another former lobbyist to run for Queens BP (Queens Crap)

From the Queens Tribune:

Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik is stepping down from his position to launch a bid for borough president. Grodenchik, who is leaving Borough President Helen Marshall’s executive staff to solely be the director of community boards, will now be able to raise money for his borough president campaign because the New York City Charter precludes deputy borough presidents from raising money for political campaigns. Grodenchik, a former Flushing assemblyman, created a campaign account and recently spoke with Queens Democratic Party Chair U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Jackson Heights) about the possibility of receiving the party’s endorsement. A pivotal decision on which candidate the Democratic Party backs is many months away, but insiders believe Grodenchik would not be running unless he knew he would be receiving Crowley’s endorsement.

Pay to Play Redistricting: Quinn Sell Districts for Mayoral Support
The Perez Notes aired some City Council redistricting rumors this afternoon, writing, “I also heard a rumor that state Sen. Espaillat and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez were trying to make a deal with Quinn in return for their support. The deal is that Quinn would push the supposedly independent commission to redraw the map to include District Leader Mark Levine in the 7th CD. The way the maps are currently drawn, he would have to move to run for this seat.” 

On August 23rd True News Said Quinn and Bloomberg Were Selling Council Districts in Return for Support for Quinns Mayoral Bid
Many of his fellow reformer felt that Citizens Union puppet general Dick Dadey sold out last year when he supported Albany's compromise to put off independent redistrict for 10 years.  But nothing can compare to Dadey and the rest of the goo goos, editorial boards and reformers silence on the corruption going on with the city council redistricting operation.  For starters the appointed council redistricting commission is controlled by two people supporting Quinn for mayor in 2013.  The council speaker herself and her puppet master the mayor.  Although the redistricting commission work has just begun there are already reports that county bosses Crowley and Lopez, ethic and minority leaders are already dealing with Quinn operatives to cut districts favorable to them or those they support in exchange for their endorsement for Quinn's 2013 mayoral bid.

The national weather service issues high wind watch, flood watch and coastal flood watch for NYC for Monday - Tuesday 
City weighs shutdown as Sandy prepares to haunt New York City weighs shutdown in Sandy’s path * MTA Eyes Possibility of Subway Shutdown(WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo Declares State Of Emergency With Hurricane Sandy (WCBS) * Gov. Christie declares state of emergency for NJ ahead of Hurricane Sandy. 65 shelters in NYC open as of 9 AM Sunday, Bloomberg says. But first option for people should be to stay w/family & friends * Breaking: No decision yet on whether NYC schools open on Monday, Bloomberg says. Will be made on Sunday. *M.T.A. Chief Announces Storm Plan for Subways, Buses and Commuter Trains

Kings of a Small-Batch Empire in Brooklyn(NYT) From atop their borough’s artisanal scene, the Brooklyn Flea partners Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler are eyeing the future, with a $25 million boost from Goldman Sachs.

For Asians, School Tests Are Vital Steppingstones (NYT) As Asian students succeed in the test for admission to New York City’s elite public high schools, they point to family motivation. But others complain that the test discriminates against some students. * \Rise of the Tiger Nation(WSJ) Asian-Americans are now the country's best-educated, highest-earning and fastest-growing racial group. They share with American Jews both the distinction and the occasional burden of immigrant success. * Brooklyn School Chess Team Works To Support After-School Programs(NY1) * Washington Irving Teachers, Parents Protest Success Academy Charter School(DNAINFO)

With Team’s Move, Pondering Tailgating on Train (NYT) The New York Islanders move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, an arena designed to discourage driving, will bring a shift in routine for a largely suburban fan base.

Statue of Liberty reopens today after $30 million interior renovation (NYP) * Birthday gift to New York(NYDN Ed)

The Cuomo administration, which last year scuttled as too expensive a plan to construct the nation’s first wind energy farm in the Great Lakes, is putting its offshore focus in an area 15 miles into the Atlantic Ocean off New York City.

NYC subway turns 108 today! (NYP) * NYC Subway Celebrates 108th Anniversary Of First Underground Line (NY1)

Judge: Lawyers chomping at bit to cash in on Coney Boardwalk trip-and-falls (Brooklyn Paper)

Battle of sidewalk bulge(NYP) Residents have launched a campaign to bring down storm enclosures at restaurants — saying the plastic coverings are clogging sidewalks.

Heating Oil Spills Into Bronx River(Bronx Times)

The Making of A President 2012
A Troubleshooting ‘Wingman’ Plotting Romney’s Trajectory(NYT) * G.O.P. Incumbents, Ex-Outsiders, Run on House Record(NYT) * Political Perceptions: Still Little Clarity in Ohio(WSJ) * Big Early-Voting Crowds in Florida(WSJ) * Obama Zeros In on Romney’s Record as Governor(WSJ) * Romney Pushes Bipartisanship in Pensacola Stop(WSJ) * Schizophrenic Wisconsin again in the middle of the political conversation(Politico) * New poll suggests perhaps Minnesota is a swing state...  * Polling averages show swing state races remarkably stable...  * Partisan lawyers mobilize under the radar in battleground states  * Why Do Undecideds Break for the Challenger?

The Making of A President 2012
Romney goes deep(NYP) * Cheese! Mitt tied in Wis.(NYP) * In Memos From Employers, Suggestions on How to Vote(NYT)

Long lines in FL this morning as early voting begins

In Virginia, Romney Scours Coal Country for Advantage(NYT) * Slow but Steady Improvement(NYT Ed) The signs of growth are better than expected, but the economy still needs help * Biden Looks for Blue Within Red(WSJ) * Obama warns GOP not to undo Wall Street law(WSJ) * Campaigns Upgrade, But Political Button Endures (NYDN) * Romney's road to Ohio victory(Politico)
Spotlight on Five Ohio Counties - Dante Chinni, Wall Street Journal

In Iowa, Disappointment With Obama Runs Deep - Ivan Couronne, AFP
Axelrod: Trajectory Is Set, We're Winning - Sam Stein, Huffington Post
Echoes of 1992 in Obama's Desperate Campaign - Andrew Ferguson, TWS
News Flash: This Was Always a Close Election - Steve Erickson, Am Prospect
Mitt Romney's Strong Closing Case - John Podhoretz, New York Post
Romney's Real Poverty Plan: Soak the Poor - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones

The Incredible Shrinking President - Mark Steyn, National Review
Election's Most Important Issue: ObamaCare - Ezra Klein, Washington Post
Young Americans' Enthusiasm Declines - Lara Seligman, National Journal
Lena Dunham: Four More Years! - Jim Treacher, The Daily Caller
Women Can't Trust Mitt Romney - Robyn Blumner, Tampa Bay Times
Does Obama Think Women Are Stupid? - Mary Kate Cary, U.S. News
Mitt Romney's Extremist Energy Plan - Michael Klare, The Nation
This Is Obama's Green Energy Future? - David Harsanyi, Human Events
What America Will We Pick? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
America Has Finally Seen the Real Obama - Peggy Noonan, Wall St Journal

The Sprint to Election Day - New York Times
Mitt Romney for President - Florida Sun-Sentinel
Four More Years for President Obama - Washington Post
Obama 2nd Term 'Plan' an Empty Stage Prop - Investor's Business Daily
Bill Maher Warns Voters: If You Elect Romney, ‘You’re Electing Every Right Wing Nut He’s Pandered To’
Does Todd Akin still have a chance in Missouri?(Politico)
Philadelphia Inquirer poll: Obama up 6 in Pa.: (Politico)
. says he's canceled plans to campaign for Mitt Romney in Nevada on Tuesday: "I am here and I'm going to be here."
Maher And Panel Trash Debates, Challenge Michael Steele Over GOP Logic On Abortion 

Fla. insiders: Romney will win state(Politico)
In Final Days of the Race, Fight Moves County by County(NYT)
Storm Forces Romney to Cancel Events in Virginia (NYT) 
: Outside spending in the 2012 election has now exceeded that of the '10, '08 and '06 elections combined. 
For Obama, a Tricky Balance of Campaigning and Storm(NYT)
Colin Powells former chief of staff: GOP is full of racists (Wash Post)
Obama makes push for New Hampshire's four electoral votes (CNN)
; Of Mad Men, Mad Women and Meat Loaf(Dowd, NYT)
Ryan's blue-collar appeal in Ohio (Politico)'
New York Times: "There is no doubt that he (Romney) would appoint justices who would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade."
Tracking Voters’ Clicks Online to Try to Sway Them(NYT)
New York Times endorses Obama 'enthusiastically'
In weekly addresses, Obama warns GOP not to undo Wall Street reform; GOP calls for changing the US tax code. WATCH:
endorsing O, says he "created & preserved 2.5M jobs & prevented unemployment from reaching 12%" #2012
Chicago Tribune endorses Obama: Our children's America

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Weekend Newspaper Endorsementst 
Cool feature: NYT presidential endorsements back through the years.
In Final Days, Fighting County by County - Zeleny & Rutenberg, NY Times
Independent Voters Are Why Obama Is Losing - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
2012 May Hinge on Get-Out-the-Vote - Ron Brownstein, National Journal
Are the Polls Undercounting Latino Voters? - Adam Serwer, Mother Jones
Team Obama Sees the Writing on the Wall - Josh Jordan, National Review
President Obama Has Earned a Second Term - New York Times
Mitt Romney Offers a Fresh Economic Vision - Des Moines Register
WashPost Poll: Obama clings to slender lead in Virginia, 51-47.
The New York Times Definitely Doesn't Endorse Mitt Romney(NY Mag)
The Des Moines Register endorsement: Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision
Jay Leno's Halloween Costume Idea: Wear 'Re-Elect Obama' Pin, Be A 'Journalist' (VIDEO)

Ryan hits Obama on auto bailout (CNN)
WP-ABC tracking poll: 49 Romney, 48 Obama, as Republican keeps economy lead 
Andrew Sullivan To ABC: If Romney Wins Florida And Virginia, It's The 'Confederacy' (VIDEO)
Obama and Romney campaigns alter plans as nears
2012 newspaper endorsements are stacking up(Huff Post)

Romney Wins All 4 Major Iowa Newspaper Endorsements
WEEKINREVIEW: John Sununu: 's Race-baiting buffoon.
Mitt Romney Gets Desperate in Ohio (Mother Jones)
Polls Present Obama With Possible Swing State in Minnesota(NYT)
Why Turnout Is the Key to Obama Win - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
Obama's Amateur Governance - Edward Klein, New York Post
If You Succumb to Cynicism, Regressives Will Win - Robert Reich, Huff Post
Axelrod Downplays Polls, Touts Early-Voting Edge - Alexandra Jaffe, Hill
A Newspaper Endorsement That May Matter - Michael Barone, Examiner
The Ohio Presidential Equation - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
A Virtual Tie in Minnesota? - Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
Chronicling Mitt Romney's Medacity - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Did Obama Refuse To Aid Our Men In Benghazi? - Streiff, Red State
A Flat Earth Theory of Job Creation - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
PPP Poll: Obama By 4 Points In Ohio
It Looks Like Hurricane Sandy Is the Presidential Race's October Surprise(NY Mag)
Andrew Sullivan To ABC: If Romney Wins Florida And VA, It’s The ‘Confederacy’
Maddow Blasts Romney’s ‘Truthfulness Problem,’ David Brooks Calls 2012 ‘Worst Campaign I’ve Ever Covered’
For the first time in 40 years, Iowa’s most influential paper – The Des Moines Register – is backing the Republican presidential candidate. That’s a big boost for Mitt Romney in a key battleground state.
Joe Biden Slams GOP For Relying On Voter 'Amnesia,' Proceeds To Flub Senate Candidate's Name Twice (VIDEO)

Benghazi rescue nixed(NYP) * Bill O’Reilly Tears Into Brian Williams For Giving Obama A ‘Pass’ On Libya * Libyan witnesses recount organized Benghazi attack (CBS) * Obama on Benghazi: 'Ultimately ... I am responsible'(Politico) * McCain says Obama’s Libya handling either a ‘massive coverup’ or gross incompetence(Wash Post) * Chris Wallace Corners Two Dems Over Whether Drones Could’ve Aided Libyan Consulate, Gets No Answer

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. talks about business impact of angering govt w/ article on Wen Jiabao riches. * Public Editor: Business Impact of China Reporting(NYT)

American Museum of Natural History fabulously restored and renovated (NYDN Ed) Go see exhibits honoring New York’s own Teddy Roosevelt

Rachel Carson’s Lessons, 50 Years After ‘Silent Spring’ (NYT) * Rachel Carson's Silent Spring(Video)

‘Hustle’ master still in mortgages (NYP) This is the face that launched thousands of foreclosures, according to the feds, and billions in losses for Bank of America, but she still works on Wall Street. Rebecca Mairone put the “Hustle” into motion as chief operating officer at Countrywide.

Law and Order
A to Z: Deadly slang by gangs of New York (NYP)The crab got a biscuit and is drinking the bumble bee’s milk. Translation: a Crip gang member has a gun and is looking to kill a Latin King rival. New York gangs aren’t just a frightening menace driving up crime in the city. 

Stop and Frisk On Trial
Trespassing on the truth (NYDN Ed) The New York Civil Liberties Union is asking a federal judge to rein in the NYPD based on the accounts of 11 New Yorkers who say cops unfairly targeted them for stops, frisks or arrests. The case is pretty shaky, except if you take every complaint of police overreaching at face value and presume that cops who take the stand are generally perjurers.

‘We still can’t believe she did this to people she loved so much:’ EXCLUSIVE interview with sister of killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega (NYDN) * Nanny Who Stabbed Kids in 'Catatonic State,' Sources Say(DNAINFo) * Moms and nannies mourn(NYDN)

Nanny accused of killing children had been unraveling in recent months: sources(NYP) * Madness on W. 75th street(NYP) * Life Was in Chaos for Nanny Accused of Killing 2 Children(NYT) * Nanny Searches, Already Intense, Become More Fraught(NYT) * Parents, Nannies Reel After Children's Deaths(WSJ) * Neighbors Describe Nanny as Religious, Friendly(WSJ) Mourners Grieve Following Children's Fatal Stabbing Deaths(NY1) * No Charges Yet for Hospitalized Nanny After Killings(NYT) * Nanny's family in Dominican Republic weeps over murder of Manhattan children(NYP) * Caretakers fearing tragedy’s aftermath(NYP) * Nanny who police said killed 2 kids in NYC has not yet been charged. Here's why.(NYT)

Nightmare comes to posh nabe(NYDN) * A History of Major Storms in NYC(NBC) * Nanny tragedy in New York City(CBS) * Police: Nanny Accused Of Stabbing Kids May Have Sought Psychological Help (NY1) * Medical Examiner Reports On Stabbing Deaths Of UWS Children (NY1)

Women who knew 'cannibal cop' worried they were on his 'cook list'(NYP) * Neighbors share in the horror of UWS stabbing(NYP) * New York Cop Accused in Plot to Kill and Eat Women(WSJ)

Commissioner Kelly, Mayor Bloomberg promote shot hero cop to detective(NYP) * Wounded Off-Duty Bronx Officer Promoted, Released From Hospital; Suspects In Custody(NY1) * Hero cop promoted to detective(NYDN) * Wounded officer released from hospital(Fox 5) * Wounded officer released from hospital(NYDN)

2 Arrested in Shooting of an Off-Duty Officer(NYT)

Bronx ‘fire slay’ dad: Cops are mean(NYP)
Boyfriend Is Questioned in Killing of Woman and Death of a Baby(NYT) * Cops grill father of baby killed with her mother in Bronx fire(NYP) * Child Dies, Father Questioned in Bronx Fire (WSJ) * Cops questioning father of baby killed in Bronx blaze(NYDN) UPDATE Man Charged With Killing Woman, Baby; Setting Fire To Their Bronx Apartment (WINS) * Man Arrested, Charged With Murder Of Woman, Baby(NY1) * Police Arrest Man in Bronx Fire Homicide(NBC)

One man killed, another wounded in Brooklyn shootout(NYP) A wild shootout in front of a motorcycle club on the border of Park Slope and Boerum Hill left one man dead and another wounded * Man dead in wild shooting at Brooklyn motorcycle club(NYP)

Bullied Staten Is. teen sent text to foster mother moments before her suicide(NYP) * Memorial Set Up In Wake Of Allegedly Bullied SI Student's Death(NY1)

Model's 'slave' lawsuit(NYDH)

Police: Alleged Attempted Rape Suspect Allegedly Connected To Two Other Incidents Police: Alleged Attempted Rape Suspect Allegedly Connected To Two Other Incidents(NY1) Police say the man who attempted to rape a woman in Manhattan earlier this week has also tried to assault two others.

Dognap dame on loose (NYP) She’s a dog-gone thief. Cops are sniffing around for a young woman caught on video with a beloved pooch she had just brazenly stolen from a Manhattan man when he briefly ducked into a Starbucks.* Elderly Man's Pooch Stolen Outside Midtown Starbucks(NBC)

Exoneration for a Man in Prison for 2 Years(NYT)* 2 Staten Islanders among 25 arrested in gambling ring(SI Advance) * Man Sought in Rape Attempts in Upper Manhattan(NBC) * Burglar Discharges Gasoline Pumps at Car Rental Office(NBC) * Shots fired during wild wrong-way car chase ending with crash in East Harlem(NYP) * Three Arrested Following Alleged Robbery, Car Accident(NY1) * 3 shot in the Bronx, but none badly hurt(NYDN) * Cop-shot ‘muggers’ held(NYP)


Terrorism [image] D.A. Says FBI Balks at Terror-Case Request (WSJ) A Manhattan prosecutor told a judge that the FBI has stonewalled repeated requests for information about a probe the agency conducted into a suspect who now faces rare state terrorism charges.* John Jay College President Calls Out NYPD for Spying on Muslim Students(NY Mag)
* John Jay President 'Deeply Troubled' By NYPD Spying Program(Huff Post)