Friday, October 26, 2012

Only Jail Will Make Albany Pols Follow the Election Law

Espada Law
File the Campaign Finance Report or Face A Year in Jail
Some Albany Pols Not Think It Takes Threats of Jail Time to Make Their Fellow Legislatures to Follow the Rules
‘Espada’s Law’ takes aim at all piggy pols (NYP) Add poster boy to disgraced ex-state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s résumé. A new bill, dubbed “Espada’s Law,” would make it a crime for any pol to repeatedly fail to file required campaign-contribution and expense reports, as was the case with Espada. The “Three Strikes and You’re in Jail” bill, would turn a politician’s repeated failure to file into a criminal misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.  It’s now a civil offense. The crime would apply to any pol who fails on three occasions to disclose reports of campaign donations and expenses after receiving a 30-day warning that the filing is late. The New York Public Interest Research Group found that more than 2,300 active campaign committees in New York controlling $31 million have failed to file timely reports. * Pols defend their per diem spending (Queens Chroncile) * Report: Albany Pols Float "Espada's Law"(NY1)

Quinn Opposes District Activists On Chelsea Market Expansion Support
Quinn to Her District:
"It is About the Developers $$$, It is Not About You"

Quinn Pushes Deal for Development Atop Chelsea Market(NYT) Despite opposition from many of her own neighbors, Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, brokered an agreement to allow a developer to build offices over the popular market.
Late Deal Helps Chelsea Market Expansion Clear Hurdle(WSJ) Last-minute meetings over a proposal to expand the Chelsea Market yielded a deal in which the Bloomberg administration guaranteed city funding for 150 units of affordable housing near the complex.* Council Zoning Committee Approves Chelsea Market Expansion(NY1) The News embraces Quinn’s decision to push for a zoning change that will lead to the expansion of Chelsea Market with 318,000 square feet of new office space *Council zoning committee gives the OK to Chelsea Market plans(AMNY)

Lame Duck Bloomberg Give Up on Nonpartisan Elections Party Leader safe, Check and Pay to Play Elections Safe
Bloomberg Abandons Push for Nonpartisan Elections (WSJ) Bloomberg has one last shot at his long-time dream of abolishing partisan primaries for New York City's municipal election -- and he's apparently giving up without another fight.


Dysfunctional Halloween
Don't Expect the Treat After They Get Elected
Campaign 2012 Addabbo, Ulrich Spar In NY1 Debate(NY1) * 8th Cong. Candidates in Halloween Debate(Prospect Heights Patch) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be sweeping across the state to campaign for congressional Democratic incumbents and candidates in races critical to the party’s efforts to take back the House, the Post reports * Two state super PACs pledging $500,000 in television ads for candidates supporting campaign finance reform may have violated current fund-raising limits, according to a complaint filed with the Board of Elections, the Albany Times Union learns: *Poll Has Good News For Senate Dems(YNN) * In Congressman Michael Grimm‘s latest “Day in the Life” series, he is a ShopRite grocery store bagger. The photo gallery is available here. *
Former Deputy Borough President Barry Grodenchik certainly seems to be moving forward with his campaign for Queens Borough President in 2013. Yesterday, he registered a campaign committee and stepped down from his government job. * In their debate last night Democratic Senator Joe Addabbo and his GOP opponent, Eric Ulrich, agreed on a gay marriage issue despite it being a line of attack for the Republican in the past. Asked how he would vote on a bill repealing 2011′s same sex marriage legislation, Mr. Ulrich answered, “I don’t think that vote would come up, but if it did come up, I would vote ‘no.’”* Rabbis Pressure Christine Quinn Over Sick Leave(Forward) * residents are unified against a proposal to divide them into 2 council districts. * Betting that voters will still care about Christine Quinn's term-limits deal in 2013 * Who will be in control of the State Senate in #2013? * Legislators Doubt Pay Raise Could Pass in Special Session  (City and State) * City Hall Horse Race: Jumping the Gun Edition(NYO) * Two candidates for Gennaro's and district leader Martha Taylor. There may be more coming.* Halloran disputes Mengs Endorsements(Queens Politics) * Diva state Senate candidate Mindy Meyer was a no-show at a Jewish Channel debate last night. Her campaign said she had “school commitments.” * Unlike in 2010, Rep. Michael Grimm is running with the support of his former father-in-law, Grandmaster Jhong Uhk Kim.* NY1 Online: Decision 2012: State Senate Debate: Golden vs. Gounardes * New York City parents shaken as nanny accused of killing kids | STORY/VIDEO:  * De Blasio Focuses on Small-Business Owners as He Eyes New York Mayor Bid(NYT) * Independent Political Spending High In NY In Advance Of Election(NY1)
NY Times Endorses
STATE SENATE DISTRICT 15 (parts of Queens) State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr., a Democrat, also voted for marriage equality in 2011, and he is now in a close race with New York City Councilman Eric Ulrich, a Republican who is opposed to abortion choice and same-sex marriage. Mr. Addabbo is a cautious legislator who supports women’s rights and works diligently for his constituents. He is by far the better candidate in this race. * NYT endorses Democratic St. Senate candidates, except for Republicans who voted for gay marriage

Pay to Play Redistricting: Quinn Sell Districts for Mayoral Support
The Perez Notes aired some City Council redistricting rumors this afternoon, writing, “I also heard a rumor that state Sen. Espaillat and Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez were trying to make a deal with Quinn in return for their support. The deal is that Quinn would push the supposedly independent commission to redraw the map to include District Leader Mark Levine in the 7th CD. The way the maps are currently drawn, he would have to move to run for this seat.” 

On August 23rd True News Said Quinn and Bloomberg Were Selling Council Districts in Return for Support for Quinns Mayoral Bid
Many of his fellow reformer felt that Citizens Union puppet general Dick Dadey sold out last year when he supported Albany's compromise to put off independent redistrict for 10 years.  But nothing can compare to Dadey and the rest of the goo goos, editorial boards and reformers silence on the corruption going on with the city council redistricting operation.  For starters the appointed council redistricting commission is controlled by two people supporting Quinn for mayor in 2013.  The council speaker herself and her puppet master the mayor.  Although the redistricting commission work has just begun there are already reports that county bosses Crowley and Lopez, ethic and minority leaders are already dealing with Quinn operatives to cut districts favorable to them or those they support in exchange for their endorsement for Quinn's 2013 mayoral bid.

Dan Halloran: “Mega-Jew”?
Queens Councilman and congressional hopeful Dan Halloran has been called a lot of things in his career, but a “mega-Jew”? That’s what Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz labeled him when she saw that he posted photographs of famous rabbis and political leaders on his Facebook page after a three-day trip to Israel in August. “He went to Israel and now he thinks he’s a mega-Jew,” Koslowitz told a crowd of Democratic voters at the Forest Hills Jewish Center (C&S)

NYP Attacks For Paying People to Take Better Care Of Themselves
Cuomo’s welfare stipends(NYP Ed)Redistribution and lingering dependency — it’s not just an Obama thing. Case in point: Gov. Cuomo is launching a program that’ll give $2 million in taxpayer cash to Medicaid recipients who take good care of themselves.

Not Only is Albany Cover Up the Sex Case the NYT has Done A Single Story on the Hush Funds Since August
Daily News  1 Stories Since August, NYP 1 Story
The Senate Republicans are running an ad taking the Vito Lopez scandal to the next level, attacking Democratic candidate George Latimer for a “SEX CASE COVERUP.” Mr. Latimer also released a Daily News-citing ad against GOP’er Bob Cohen, and said Mr. Cohen being elected “would be a crime.”* State GOP: Latimer’s Silence On Silver ‘Speaks Volumes’(YNN)

Bloomberg Dumb Down Reporters Hurts Journalism and Democracy
Bloomberg rips social media for dumbing down society in candid interview(AMNY)
Bloomberg, who runs one of the largest business news networks in the world, said the quality of journalism is going down dramatically. Inexperienced reporters, microblogging and social media are not only killing the industry, but also hurting the population as a whole, according to the mayor.
"I think we've dumbed down, and it's not good for society," he said. "It's hard to argue that we aren't going more towards an instant-gratification, sound-bite kind of world." * Bloomberg Unimpressed With Bin Laden Raid(NY Mag)

Team Baldeo Keeps On Fighting

Embattled Baldeo fires back at feds(NYDN)  Democratic district leader Albert Baldeo lashes out, dismissing federal fraud rap as 'discriminatory and vindictive crusade' Backers of disgraced political operative, who has been tarnished during several unsuccessful bids for elected office, say fraud charges are part of 'witch hunt.  Prosecutors say Baldeo used straw donors in an effort to qualify for matching campaign funds when he ran for City Council in 2010. They also said he threatened contributors who cooperated with investigators.

Swinging With the Gonzalez Family
An office manager for the state Senate Democrats is moonlighting with her husband, the son of former state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez, to run an erotic dance events business for swingersThe couple, Janis and Carlos Gonzalez, are the son and daughter-in-law of convicted ex-Bronx state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez.

Koch the Movie
Sponsor By CitySourse ‘Koch,’ the Movie, Captures Koch, the 3-Term Mayor(NYT) The film about former Mayor Edward I. Koch does not sugarcoat New York City’s failures or scrimp on recounting its triumphs. 

Follow the storm
Sandy warning: "The MTA Hurricane Plan calls for an orderly shutdown of service before the arrival of sustained winds of 39 mph or higher." * MTA precautions for Hurricane Sandy could include 'orderly shutdown' of service
(NYP) * : Governor Cuomo declares State of Emergency for New York ahead of .* SATELLITE...
* SANDY TRACK... * Bloomberg updates NYC on 'Frankenstorm' preparations(SI Advance)

Tavern on the Greed

Tweeding on the Park?(Queens Crap)

From A Walk in the Park:

The city has finally announced the compensation it will receive from the controversial new Tavern On the Green and not surprisingly it is far less than what it was previously offered, NYC Park Advocates has learned.  The fees to be paid to the city begin at just $1,000,000 a year and rise to $3,273,000 for the final year totaling $ 38.7 million over the twenty year agreement. By comparison, Jennifer Leroy whose family had operated the iconic eatery since 1974 - agreed to pay the city $86 million in fees over a 20-year lease according to financial documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Law. Mayor Bloomberg rejected that proposal two years ago and instead awarded the license to Dean Poll who offered $57.3 million. Mr. Poll, who runs the nearby Boathouse Cafe - was unable to open the restaurant.  In addition to losing tens of million of dollars in lost revenue the City is also spending $ 10 million dollars in capital improvements fixing up the building for the new concessionaire who will then build out the space. The dramatic renovation has completely gutted the property. The Bloomberg administration awarded the twenty-year Central Park bar and restaurant concession to the Philadelphia-based Emerald Green Group, where Jim Caiola, a brother-in-law of ex-deputy mayor - and current Bloomberg LP. employee Kevin Sheekey - is a partner. Mr. Sheekey is also the older brother of former Parks Department spokeswoman Megan Sheekey who was appointed by Bloomberg as the president of the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City. I think an investigation is in order.

Jewish Pols Demand Bloomberg Apologize Over ’10,000 Guys in Black Hats’ Remark(NYO) 
A comment the mayor made about new consent form requirement for a controversial circumcision practice, metzizah b’peh, often used in the city’s Orthodox Jewish community has caused two candidates running against each other to demand Bloomberg make an appology to the community.  Both candidates Storobin and Felder supported the mayor in 2009.  In fact Felder led the effort for the mayor in the council to repeal term limits. “I think it’s fair to say that nobody else would take that on. I mean, come on!” Mr. Bloomberg exclaimed of the political fortitude needed to even touch the issue. “Who wants to have 10,000 guys in black hats outside your office, screaming?”

Huff Post Discovers NIMBY in Brooklyn

It’s My little Coney(NYP) Don’t try to tell this no-nonsense Brooklyn judge about the Coney Island boardwalk! Judge Martin Solomon turned his courtroom into a seaside sideshow yesterday, sternly lecturing activists suing the city to preserve Coney Island’s rickety wooden walkway with cement and plastic planks, the judge fired back, “I would say I know a little more about this than you do.” * Hearing Held Over Plans For Coney Island Boardwalk(NY1)  “You know, when they built this boardwalk 100 years ago, they didn’t envision cars on the boardwalk or hypodermic needles underneath it,” added the judge, who even noted that seven homeless people living under the boardwalk have been documented by Census workers.  “Has the Parks Department considered the slip-and-fall lawsuits? There’s a bunch of trial attorneys in here; they’re just waiting for the plastic to go in,” he said.

MTA Countdown Clocks Mixed Results
We'll Have To Wait Years For More Subway Countdown Clocks(Huff Post)
Bus Time arrives in Bronx by end of month(NYDN) * What really happens when a city makes its transit system free? (the Atlantic)


School Networks Confuse Politicians, But DOE Says They WorkSchool Networks Confuse Politicians, But DOE Says They Work(NY1) Since the mayor won control of the city's public schools more than a decade ago, the organizational chart linking City Hall with school principals has changed again and again. Who do principals report to, and who supports them? Education reporter Lindsey Christ found they're questions that have politicians and parents very confused. * Some Specialized High School Tests To Be Administered Saturday(NY1) * A Grueling Admissions Test Highlights a Racial Divide(NYT)



Statue of Liberty to Reopen
Lady Liberty back in biz (NYP) The Statue of Liberty is set to reopen to the public on Sunday,...




Movement on Tappan Zee(WSJ) Gov. Cuomo's administration has winnowed its search for the builder of a new Tappan Zee Bridge to a single team of bidders, according to people familiar with communications between the New York Thruway Authority and the contracting teams.

The Making of A President 2012: Ohio
On One Ohio Street, Voters Weary of Promises(WSJ) Conversations on this middle-class block suggest voters have made up their minds about the Nov. 6 election. But many fear neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama can end their worries over health-care, stagnating incomes and jobs.

Taking ‘O’ from Ohio(NYP) New York Times: “Bad Luck and Missteps Make G.O.P.’s Senate Climb Steeper” Washington Post: “Polls Show Widening Racial Gap in Presidential Contest” Wall Street Journal: “On One Ohio Street, Voters Weary of Election Promises” Associated Press: “Romney Pressed on Abortion Question” Politico: “Obama Tries to Regain Women Voter Edge” Endgame Takes Grunt Work and Math For Obama Aides(NYT) * Missteps and Bad Luck Make G.O.P.’s Senate Goal Harder(NYT) * The Sprint to Election Day(NYT Ed) The appeals made by the two presidential candidates provide a stark contrast in the final days of the campaign * Blocking the Vote(NYT) The Republican Party cut ties to a consulting firm after cases of voter registration abuse arose in several swing states. A thorough federal investigation is needed. * Poll: Colorado Race Deadlocked(WSJ) * Romney's Team Makes Push in Ohio(WSJ) * Post Endorses Romney For President, Cites Economy(NY1) * Meat Loaf Endorses Mitt Romney To Win Cold War * Sununu: Colin Powell Endorsed Obama Because Of Race  * To watch the 58,235 political ads aired this month in Ohio would take 80 days of consecutive viewing * President Obama Asked For I.D. While Voting In Chicago *Jon Stewart Tears Into GOP Over Richard Mourdock’s Rape Comments * Brian Williams Asks Obama About Libya Attack, Lack Of Visits To Israel On Rock Center * Frank Rich on Maddow: Romney Still Trying to Win Over His Base(NY mag)

What America Will We Pick? - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
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Will Mourdock's Blunder Be as Costly as Akin's? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
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Paul Ryan Outlines Approach to Fighting Poverty - Washington Examiner
Student Debt Debacles - New York Times
U.S. Economy Grew at 2% Annual Rate in Third Quarter
We’ve seen so many political ads this year, but do they actually work?
The pending “fiscal cliff” at the end of the year is already hindering job growth.
 Blake Zeff explores why ex-President Clinton is a better surrogate for Obama than he was for his own wife back in 2008.
Obama to hit more battleground states(CNN)
The Obama Campaign says the pres is doing ten interviews today. Ten! An effort to mobilize swing state supporters to vote early if they can.
Obama: Stay Out of Women’s Health(Daily Beast)
WATCH: O'Donnell Rips Media For Lack Of Third Party Coverage
Romney wants to put PA in play, Tom Smith closing in on Casey, & half of Santorum's schedule back home next week is book signings.

National Daily Tracking: : 50%, : 47%.
Daniel Webster: You cant change the culture in Washington if you dont change how you get there (Wash Post)
Swing State Tracking: 50%, 46%...
3/4 of electorate likely to be Non-Hispanic white. 
Another swing state paper dumps Obama for Romney (Huff Post)
Ohio Poll: Obama 49%, Romney 47% 
It's official: outside groups have now spent more than $1 billion this election
In Father’s Footsteps, but Not Into Politics(NYT)
Election Overload?(NYT)David Carr and A. O. Scott argue about how much is too much in covering politics.
President Obama's 11th-hour strategy shift - Glenn Thrush -
Mitt Romney's very long odds of winning. MAP: (Atlantic Wire)
Miami Herald backs Obama -
US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was in a car accident in Nevada. He was hospitalized, but reportedly walked in on his own steam and did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.
Father Of Navy SEAL Killed In Libya Accuses Obama Administration of Lying and Murder
bama's Road to Victory in Ohio - Nate Cohn, The New Republic
The Inflection Point: Obama Won't Catch Romney - Rick Wilson, Ricochet
The State of the States: Obama's Odds Still Over 70% - Nate Silver, NYT
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CIA Requested Help, Were Denied Three Times - Bryan Preston, PJ Media
Gallup, ABC/WP, Rasmussen: Romney +5,+1,+3 IBD/TIPP: Obama +2
Obama May Not Need To Repeat 2008 Support From White Voters To Win (NPR)
WATCH: Dem Senate Candidate Hits Opponent Over Iran Stocks
Obama campaign: Romney momentum narrative not grounded in fact
Hillary Clinton says she has told Obama that she will not leave until successor is in place: 
Senate Democratic and Republican campaign arms pulling out of Maine race(Wash Post)
Obama: Election 'has nothing to do' with Libya deaths(Politico)
Find the latest polls for president, Senate, House and governor races in our polling center (Politico)
Obama refuses to answer reporter's question about Benghazi(Blaze)
10% donate to presidential campaigns via cellphone, Pew study finds(Wash post)
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Obama courts young voters in MTV interview (CNN)
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Obama courts young voters in MTV interview(CNN)
Bill O'Reilly Tears Into NBC's Brian Williams For Giving Obama A 'Pass' On Libya (VIDEO)
Which newspapers have changed their endorsements to Romney from Obama? Track them here: (NYT)
: the candidate leading in EVERY state today is same one we had leading when 538 forecast launched in June”
CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack,sources say| Fox News
Romney Poaches ‘Change’ Mantra(Daily Beast)
'My first time was with Obama'... * Pols’ memorable MTV moment(Politico) * Lena Dunham talks about first time for Obama (Wash Post) * Lena Dunham, Reagan and ballot box virginity(Wash Post)
  Romney looking better and better while Obama seems devoid of anything new. May try October surprise, bomb someplace! Remember Clinton?


NY Polls

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 59-35 percent in the state, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand leads Wendy Long 67-24 percent, and voters support the state allowing hydrofracking to move forward 42-36 percent, according to a new Siena College poll:  In a coincidence, 10% more of the electorate also knows who Ms. Gillibrand’s challenger, Wendy Long, is, but it’s evenly divided among people supporting and opposing her. * Obama and Gillibrand Are Poised to Win New York, Poll Finds(NYT)

Tattered Times(NYP) It was an ugly day for the New York Times Co.  Shares of the newspaper publisher finished down $2.38, or nearly 22 percent, to $8.31 — the biggest one-day drop in nearly three decades, according to Bloomberg data. The dismal report added to the pressure on incoming CEO Mark Thompson, the former BBC boss under scrutiny for his handling of a sexual abuse scandal that has engulfed the UK public broadcaster.
TV Host Denied Sex Abuse Allegations in 2006 Interview(NYT) * The New York Times, the BBC and the Savile sex scandal(Reuters)

Wall Street Corruption
Libor Probe Spreads to More Banks(WSJ) Nine more banks have received subpoenas in connection with a probe into alleged widespread interest-rate manipulation by banks. * Nine more banks received subpoenas in connection with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s probe into alleged interest-rate manipulation and breaches of antitrust and fraud laws, according to a source, the Journal writes:
* The News cheers U.S. Preet Bharara for bringing justice against Wall Street tycoon Raj Gupta, who was sentenced this week to two years in prison:

Law and Order
Horrific news day in NYC. Cannibal cop didn't make the tabloid front pages after all
Manhattan nanny accused of stabbing toddlers to death, trying to kill herself: police(NYP) * 2 Siblings Killed in New York City; Nanny Arrested(NYT) * New York Parents Rattled by Fatal Stabbing of Two Siblings(NYT) * Nanny Suspected in Murder of Two Children(WSJ) * Police Say Two Children Stabbed To Death By Nanny In UWS Apartment(NY1) * Deranged nanny kills 2 kids: NYPD(NYDN) * A Mother's Diary of Intimate Moments Becomes a Public Memorial

"Seeing these two kids playing in hall, and now two are dead, it's a nightmare." Upper West Siders react
NYPD: 2 Children Stabbed To Death In Nanny Rampage On U(WCBS) * Mother's blog serves as haunting tribute to Manhattan stabbing (NYP) * Nanny Stabs 2 Kids to Death on Upper West Side: Police(NBC) * UWS Nanny Accused Of Fatally Stabbing Kids In Critical Condition (NY1) * Slain tykes 'dancing' just minutes before nanny allegedly stabs them to death(NYP) * Remembering Leo and Lulu Krim (NYP) * In Our Nanny, We Trust(NYT) * Upper West Side Nanny Suspected In Stabbing Deaths Of 2(WCBS) * Nanny slashing case shocks NYC parents(Fox 5) * Mourners Grieve Following Children's Fatal Stabbing Dea NY1) * Sister of accused child-killer nanny Yoselyn Ortega: 'I would like to die'(NDN) *Nanny Searches, Already Intense, Become More Fraught(NY1)

Wounded NYC Cop Promoted In Bedside Ceremony(Huff Post) * Screen ‘shots’ vid (NYP) Dramatic video released yesterday shows an incredibly brave cop holding one hand over a bleeding bullet wound in his chest — and a gun in the other as he chases down three armed robbers in The Bronx. *Video: Shot Officer Chases and Kills Suspect(NYT) * Wounded Off-Duty Bronx Officer Promoted; Suspects In Custody(NY1)

Possible Queens Hate Crime Victim Dies: A Queens man and prominent figure in the local gay community who was beaten...

NYPD stew as cannibal cop plots to cook and eat women: feds(NYP) * Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them(NYT) * New York Cop Accused in Plot to Kill and Eat Women(WSJ)

Feds: NYPD Officer Plotted To Kill, Eat Female Victims(NY1) * Cop arrested for plot to kidnap women and cook them(NYDN) * NYPD Officer Accused In Monstrous Plot To Kidnap, Cook(WCBS) * Feds: Cop's cannibal plot was more than fantasy(WABC) * Was the cannibal cop's ghoulish plan just a twisted fantasy? Or did it pose a real danger? 

‘Killer’ fired at officer in fear of Tase (NYP) The thug who went on a deadly rampage in Queens opened fire on a Nassau cop because he was scared he’d be Tased, law-enforcement sources told The Post.* Rampage Suspect Had Help Disposing Gun, Authorities Say(NYT) * Second Arrest in Shooting of Police Officer, Motorist(WSJ) * Never let this scum see the light of day(NYDN) * Slain cop to be laid to rest Saturday; 2nd arrest made(WABC)

Baby dead in Bronx apartment fire likely set to cover up mother's murder: sources(NYP) * A Woman and an Infant Are Dead After a Fire in a Bronx Apartment * Woman, Child Dead In Bronx(NY1)
* Newborn dies after being pulled from burning apartment(NYDN) * FDNY finds woman dead; child later dies in Bronx(Fox 5) 
Cops questioning father of baby killed in Bronx blaze(NYDN)  * Cops Questioning Man in Killing of Mom and Baby in Burning Bronx Apartment(DNAINFO) * Sources: Father Questioned In Possible Double Bronx Murder(NY1)

 Pimp suspect William Thomas, accused of running chain of (NYDN)

'Central Park Five,' a documentary about the Central Park jogger rape case and New York(Capital)

  Former Police Officers Sentenced In Case Connected To Traffic Stop (NY1)

Sex-vid torment (NYP) The Staten Island high-school girl who leapt in front of a train and killed herself had been humiliated by classmates after a video of her in an orgy with four football players went viral, sources said. * On Staten Island, Relentless Bullying Is Blamed for a Teenage Girl’s Suicide(NYT) * SVU probing SI high schooler's suicide after learning orgy may have been filmed (NYP) The NYPD’s sex-crimes unit is probing the events surrounding the suicide of the Staten Island high-school girl who leaped in front of a train and killed herself after she participated in an orgy with four football players -- and learned that her sex...* Memorial Set Up In Wake Of Allegedly Bullied SI Student's Death(NY1)

 Wrongful shooting suspect officially cleared(NYDN)

Fugitive in 1996 wife slay pleads not guilty(NYDN)

Gal guilty in Queens subway slash attack, will get 2 years(NYP)
 NYPD Sgt. Hadid found guilty of perjury(NYDN)

Twice-convicted NY man to be released on bail(WSJ) * NYPD sergeant found guilty of perjury(WSJ) * NYC attack victim taken off life support(WSJ) * Son of 'Vinny Gorgeous' among 25 busted in sports-gambling (NYDN) * Report: Cops more likely to harass non-white LGBTs(NYDN) * NY toughens laws against repeat domestic violence offen (NYDN) * NYC school worker on life support after attack(Fox 5) * Twice-convicted NY man to be released on bail(Fox 5) * Cuomo signed a bill to get tough on repeat domestic violence offenders. *It's official: Brooklyn man jailed for shooting he didn't commit is cleared(NYP)* Man Sought in Off-Duty BX Cop Shooting Surrenders(NBC) * F.B.I. Names New Leader of Its New York Office (NYT)
Terrorism Islamic Cleric Held on Terror Charges Will Be Given New Prostheses(NYT)