Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Monday News?

News and Politics is Also Standing Still

This is not much news today, unless you enjoy watching weathermen and ladies give the same forcast every 10 minutes.  If you enjoy watching reporters in Far Rockaway watching waves or standing in a puddle on the FDR Drive telling you it has gotten worse over and over again.

The Banding That Goes On During A Strom Helps Both Pols and Media Outlets
 If you get a thrill up you legs getting an email from a pol tell you how to put together a go bag or giving us weather reports you will have fun. Both the pols and media know that today is a day full of branding opportunities for them.  Where they can improve their poll numbers or viewership with a good preformance and show how much they care.  Today True News will also give agive you storm updates but well we will also give you some reading on corruption issues that have not gotten much media attention lately. As you sit at home watching the coverage of the storm you may want to ponder if someone is trying to send us a message that it is not a good idea to leave out talk of the environment from a presidential race. * As Sandy Takes Its Time, TV News Is an Endless Loop of Anticipation(9PM NYT)

More Storm Crap

Hurricane Sandy STRENGTHENING as it closes in on NYC; Mass transit shut down, millions evacuated(NYP) *375,000 told to flee Sandy trap(NYP) * US stock trading could be closed through Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandy(NYP) Despite Gov. Cuomo’s insistence that New Yorkers stay home while Hurricane Sandy makes its way through the city, Mayor Bloomberg told city employees to report to work today* Officials Order Wide Evacuations; Transit Closes in New York(NYT) * For Evacuees, Panic, or Nonchalance(NYT) * Sandy Could Be a Toxic Shitstorm in Gowanus [Updated] (NY Mag)
Expecting the Worst, Utilities Will Focus on a Rapid Recovery(NYT) Utility companies in New York prepare to shut off power in networks at risk of large storm surges, but Con Ed did not estimate how long customers might be without power * Shallow Waters and Unusual Path May Worsen the Surge (NYT)  New York’s extensive shallow water near its coast means that the height of the storm surges from Hurricane Sandy could cause massive flooding. Weather Channel: NYSE floor NOT flooded, as per rumors

 Markets Go Dark Ahead of Storm(WSJ) * A review of published reports and statements from last year’s Hurricane Irene show that city and state officials have responded slower in preparing for Hurricane Sandy,  The New York World reports:   *Why NYC employees told to go to work when everyone else told to stay inside: $$$. Via 2011* : 21,598 Con Ed customers without power in the .* Bellevue Hospital on backup generators. No Elecricity. * 250,000 Con Ed customers without power. 34th Street and on south in the dark: Bloomberg.

 Evacuations as Hurricane Edges Closer(WSJ) * Storm Forces a Holiday(WSJ) * Hurricane's Silver Lining: A Day Off(WSJ) * City's Evacuation App Sees Some Glitches (WSJ) * Decaffeinated Storm: Sandy Shutters NYC's Starbucks Stores * Transit Systems, Schools Closed Ahead Of Sandy's Arrival(NY1) * Coney Island Residents Wait For Sandy To Arrive(NY1) * Wind Picks Up As Sandy Sets Sights On Staten Island(NY1) * Sandy Worries Residents Of Flood-Prone Springfield Gardens(NY1) * Gearing up for Hurricane Sandy(NYDN) * Red Hook Prepares for Sandy(NYT) * New York City Marathon’s Biggest Concern: Weather(WCBS) * NY-NJ bridges, tunnels open  * Bloomberg wants city employees — including non-essential ones — to report to work. [Sally Goldenberg] * t's expected to be the worst storm since 1938. [Sally Goldenberg] * Holland Tunnel and Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will close at 2pm ET today - New York Governor Cuomo, Bridges Could be Next  

The Same Company Responsible for the Crane Bovis Lend Lease Got Off With A Fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Fireman

Crane hanging from Midtown building; Tappan Zee Bridge clos ing at 4(NYP)

Police Evacuate Buildings Near Midtown Crane Collapse (NY1) * Crane Collapses From Building Under Construction In Mid (WCBS)  * WATCH NOW: Sandy Threatens Crane On NYC High-Rise(NBC) * FDNY Responds To Midtown Crane Collapse(NY1) * Crane Dangling Off Luxury Skyscraper(NYT) * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways - 
 and a surging wall. * Crane Is Dangling Off Luxury High-Rise(NYT)

Chelsea building partially collapses (NYP) A four-story apartment building in Chelsea New York Daily News * Lend Lease Admits Overbilling Millions on Major New York City ...(NYT)

This live wind map is amazing and you should check it out now:  * 3106 NYers at city's storm shelters as of 10am  There are also 73 pets there, too. 

DUMBO Under Water, Jane's Carousel Threatened

*South Street Seaport Sets Up For Sandy's Worst(NY1) * : Labor Department might delay Friday's October jobs report due to Sandy. No decision yet(WSJ) New York City Schools Will Remain Closed on Tuesday(NYT) *CUNY, NYU, public schools closed Tuesday; Holland, Battery Park tunnels to close at 2 p.m.(NYP) * MTA chairman particularly concerned about subway damage in Lower Manhattan: (NYT) * Amtrak cancels Tuesday service throughout the Northeast for 2nd day due to :  n*Sandy turns LaGuardia Airport into ghost town

Coney Island Under Water * BREAKING: Gov announces #TappanZee to close at 4PM today (Mon) #sandy * 7PM bridge closures GW, Verrazano-Narrows, Throgsneck, Whitestone, Henry Hudson, Cross Bay Veterans ”  * Many NYCHA Residents Stay Put in East Harlem Despite Evacuation Order(DNAINFO) * Tourists stranded by Sandy(NYDN)* Greenpoint woman injured by tree(NYDN) * Public Schools, NY Stock Exchange To Be Closed Tuesday(NY1) * Con Ed shut down power for 6,500 in Lower Manhattan and another 28,000 in Brighton Beach and Coney Island.   

Lady Liberty Goes Dark * Man in Flushing, Queens is 1st New York City fatality from the storm * Queens midtown tunnel Closed  * Airports Closed) * Wine Glasses in Hand, Red Hook Renegades Defy Warnings(NYT) * Three Leaders, All Comfortable, Put Three Different Faces on Storm Response(NYT) * WNBC reporting: Reports of homes with water up to attics on Staten Island. NYPD doing rescues.
* Video of Con Edison Explosin that Lost power for 250,000 in Manhattan * Taxis, but Not as Many as Usual, Are Among Only Options(NYT) * Hurricane Sandy a Chance at Redemption for FEMA * Hurricane Sandy’s Breakout Star: Mayor Bloomberg’s Sign Language Interpreter(NY Mag)

True News Top Stories That Are Cover Up By the Media
1.  Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline 
2.  CityTime Scandal  
3.  Journalism Dumbing Down 
4.  New York's Corrupt Political Parties
5.  Goo Goos: Reformers Have Their Press Conferences,And Nothing Happens

Campaign 2012 Super PACs have focused their efforts in New York on eight competitive House races throughout the state, spending more than $25 million, the Times-Union *For his part, Republican State Senator David Storobin, who has been criticizing his Democratic opponent, Simcha Felder, for insufficiently supporting of school vouchers for yeshiva education, is now being criticized by Mr. Felder for not having a family to provide him the experience of tuition payments. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with talking about the issues, but I will not stoop down to the level of an opponent who has been spending his time attacking me,” Mr. Felder said during an hour-long campaign commercial on post-Shabbos Jewish radio Saturday night. “I hope at some point in time, God willing, he will get married and he will be able to go ahead and have the opportunity to work through paying tuition….We will keep it positive.” * In a recent debate, Republican congressional hopeful Dan Halloran dropped some Occupy Wall Street rhetoric while criticizing his Democratic adversary Grace Meng, declaring at one point, “She keeps talking about the 99% like she’s one of us, she’s absolutely not. She’s part of the 1%” * Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro endorsed incumbent Democratic Rep. Mike McMahon in 2010, but this time around, he’s endorsing Mr. McMahon’s former rival, GOP Rep. Michael Grimm for his first reelection challenge.

Addabbo's Gay Change 
Democratic state senator Joseph Addabbo Jr. — who voted for same-sex marriage after voting against it — said he would vote against it now if that's what a majority of his district wanted

 New district, new gay-nups stance for Sen. Addabbo (NYDN)* State Sen. Joseph Addabbo has reversed his pro-gay marriage stance to conform to his newly conservative district and to keep pace with his anti-gay marriage opponent, City Councilman Eric Ulrich, the Daily News

Gratitude of the fortunate who got apartments, jobs and social service help from the Lopez government funded political machine

 Confident Vito expects to coast to Assembly victory  (NYDN)

The News examines how embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez will maintain his grip on power in Brooklyn despite a litany of public scandals:  How Vito clings to power (NYDN Ed) Lopez remains because the state Legislature is an immense incumbent-protection racket. Like Espada, Lopez is a master at drawing on taxpayer money to bolster his political career, including being Democratic boss of Brooklyn before he quit last month. He remains the power behind the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council, a social services colossus that provides publicly-funded assistance in many forms to Lopez’s constituents, elderly and otherwise.

The Daily News Says the Leader of Albany
Are the architects of the incumbent-protection racket that protects the good and the bad from competition in a one-party town
Like the rest of New York’s lawmakers, Lopez will be able to claim the imprimatur of the voters as evidence that he is a member in equal good standing with everyone else. He will be an embarrassment to himself and to the body, but that’s what Silver and the rest deserve.

Not Only Does New York Not Have Early Voting They Can't Even Process Legitimate Absentee Voters
Absentee Voting Hits Major Snag In New York(Huff Post)Some New York voters who requested absentee ballots may receive them late because the New York City Board of Elections faces a backlog of applications, according to CBS New York. The broadcaster reports that 100,000 New Yorkers plan to vote by absentee ballots this year, but the volume of applications may overwhelm the city's ability to get all the ballots mailed out.

Son of Citysource Will Also Cost the City Millions More
City system taking an even bigger budget byte(NYP) The city’s much-hyped personnel computer system — already burdened by delays and mammoth budget overruns — is expected to cost 10 percent more than the most recent City Hall estimate. NYCAPS, the New York City Automated Personnel System, was originally budgeted at $66 million. Now the city Independent Budget Office says the cost of NYCAPS is $377.2 million, up from $343 million.

 "Another CityTime" — Letitia James
“Another CityTime” is how Councilwoman Letitia James (D-Brooklyn) described the benefits-tracking system, comparing it to the fraud-ridden $700 million automated-payroll project that has become the biggest scandal of Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure. “Same problem, same lack of oversight, same lack of transparency, and we, the taxpayers, pay the price again and again,” she said. CAPS is supposed to replace paper records for benefits and human-resource functions for more than 330,000 city workers.  A Bloomberg spokeman said  It’s “a fully functional system used successfully every day by thousands of city employees, and the system has increased the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our human-resources operations,” he said.


The "fiscal cliff" could cost New York millions Mayor Candidates Have No Comment, Opinion?
D.C. stall could cost Big Apple $800M(NYDN) New York City and its institutions stand to lose as much as $800 million in precious federal dollars if Congress fails to save the country from careening off the “fiscal cliff,” a new report obtained by …

State Catching Up With the City in Online Service
Cyber-Cuomo launches NY 2.0(NYP) Aides to Gov. Cuomo are completing a sweeping new plan to permit New Yorkers to use the Internet to obtain a variety of licenses and conduct nearly all other state business online while encouraging software developers to create a “New York app store’’ to automate services even further.

NYS Court of Appeals rules that city school authorities violated environmental law on Mott Haven Campus (NYDN) Concerned Bronx residents notch a victory after 5-year court battle over toxic ground

Yellow Taxis, Rare Brooklyn Sightings, Multiply on Event Nights at New Arena(NYT) * Taxi Apps Face Bumpy Road(WSJ)

Delayed Reopening
Statue of Liberty reopening sidelined by Hurricane Sandy(NYP) The much-anticipated reopening of the Statue of Liberty to the public will be delayed for a few more days because of Hurricane Sandy.

Kimmel parties at Grimaldi's despite storm(NYDN)

US stock trading could be closed through Tuesday due to Hurricane Sandy(NYP)

Bike lanes are causing problems for buses in Park Slope, Brooklyn(NYP)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new super PAC will contribute to candidates that support gun control, but his past campaign contributions call into question his record of backing gun control advocates (City and State)* Bloomberg‘s Super PAC is targeting Syracuse Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, widely considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents country-wide. Howard Wolfson, who’s managing the PAC for Mr. Bloomberg, said the  expenditure was due to Ms. Buerkle’s “extreme” position on gun laws. 

Romney pulls even with Obama in Ohio polls as election (NYP) * Obama Is Even in Ad Race Despite PACs(NYT) * With Less Time, Black Churches Redouble Efforts(NYT) * Late-Night Television Longs for Romney(NYT) * Senate control up in air(NYP)   * Bloomberg's PAC Could Decide the White House Race(NY Mag) *The Zombie Election (NY Mag) Four ways the campaign may be undead on November 7.* As Mitt Goes Moderate, Ryan Recedes(Daily Beast) * Hurricane Sandy: 5 political questions (Daily Beast)

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For the third straight day, Obama and Mitt Romney are within one point of each other in the Washington Post tracking poll. [Washington Post]
Obama has a big problem with independent voters.
Obama cancels Wisconsin campaign trip (WP)
Obama cancels Florida campaign trip, returns to DC(NYP)
Political messages struggle amid storm’s howl(Politico)
Clinton is in OH right now for Obama campaign, doing the things that Obama normally would have done; thanks the local pols etc.
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Mysterious Docs Found in Meth House Reveal Inner Workings of Dark Money Group(Frontline)


Rocker Gary Glitter busted in connection to Jimmy Savile child-sex scandal: reports(NYP) * Jimmy Savile rumours: Mark Thompson's BBC office 'had TWO alerts about child abuse claims'Daily Mail‎ * Mark Thompson's Office Was Reportedly 'Warned' About Jimmy Savile Child Sex Ab(Huff Post)

Law and Order
‘Killer’ nanny Yoselyn Ortega awakens in hospital, asks questions about her family(NYP)

Good Time for NYPD and Manhattan DA to Hide A Fuck Up
Former suspect in Etan Patz case, Jose Ramos, to be freed * Former suspect in Etan Patz case to be freed 
Former suspect in Etan Patz case, Jose Ramos, to be freed(NYP) *Original suspect in Etan Patz case to go free(NYDN)

Technology sends perv-cam cases soaring(NYDN)

Sendoff salute for icon cop(NYDN) * Man fatally beaten in Bath Beach: cops(NYP)

Sex abuse accusations by teen stir uproar in Brooklyn Hasidic sect(NYDN) Hundreds of members in Satmar sect backing Nechemya Weberman, 53, who is set to be tried on charges of forcing girl to perform sex acts

NYU terrorism class asks students to plot terrorist attack(NYT)