Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily News Says: The city’s not-so-new electronic vote scanners are forcing a wholesale revamp of the way New Yorkers will choose their next mayor. This is nuts.

$100 Million for New Voting Machines and Training And the BOE Can't Count to Allow A Sept Run Off
Moving mayoral primary since scanners can’t handle a runoff does not compute(NYDN)  It's astounding. Somehow the BOE computerized everything, spent millions and made it worse.

The Board of Elections says vote may have to be rescheduled to June.  Imposed on the state and the city by Congress, the machines have become more trouble than they are worth.  They have delayed the reporting of unofficial results on Election Night. They have lengthened vote counting in tight races by days, if not weeks. And now, they are driving the Board of Elections to seek to reschedule the 2013 Democratic primary that will likely decide the next occupant of City Hall.  More BOE Corruption (TN) The time to get the scanners back and fix and refit them is approximately equal to the time to get the 700 pound Shoup mechanical machines back?

Other States Encourage Voter Participation
Voter Participation in the June Congressional Primaries in NY Was Tiny 14% Turn Out
39 States Allow Early Voting, Why Not NY
While the NYC BOE Wants to Dictate When Primaries Are Held, Nobody Is Looking At New York's Anemic Voters Turn Out. Why does a voter in NY need an excuse for an absentee ballot?
In the 2009 runoff primary that gave the democratic nomination (and automatic general election win) to John Liu for comptroller he received just 2% of the votes from registered voter in the city. * New York Primaries Voter Turnout Unsurprisingly Low, Even (Huff Post)

If Nobody Votes, the Machine and Special Interest Win
NY's Falling Voter Participation  * The Mayoral election in 1941 between LaGuardia and O’Dwyer, which took place one month before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor received 1,100,649 more votes than Bloomberg 68 years before mayor won his third term. The 1940 census reported the population of New York City to be 7,454,995. The most recent estimate from the City Planning Commission, as of July 1, 2009, gives the population of New York City as 8,363,710. Two decades before that Mayor John Francis Hylan(1921) Jimmy Walker(1925) both received 200,000 thousand more votes than Bloomberg  in 2990* 50% drop in primary turnout since '89 * Voter Apathy Is Leaving Much of the City on the Sidelines of Democracy (NYT)  1.7% of all the registered voters voted in the city voted for Bloomberg in 2009 general. Before the paper is counted, the mayor received 548,660 out of the 4,657,516 registered voters.

NY Times Congressional Endorsements
Does the NYT Endorsement Of Meng in the Primary Carry On to the General Against Halloran?
Mark Murphy In the 11th Staten Island, Brooklyn
Mr. Maloney  in the 18th Orange, Putnam, parts of Dutchess and Westchester
Mr. Maffei in the 24th the Syracuse area
Ms. Slaughter in the 25th the Rochester area
Ms. Hochul  in the 27th the state’s northwest corner

Campaign 2012 Republican leaders believe that state Sen. Mark Grisanti’s seat is “critically important” toward their efforts to retain control of the State Senate but Grisanti downplays getting special treatment, the Buffalo News reports * Maine Independent Senate candidate Angus King said he was “startled” to receive money from Bloomberg’s super PAC since he only met the mayor three times, New York World writes: * Staten Islanders surprised by low-key race for Congress(SI Advance) * NYC Councilman Dan Halloran released an internal poll that shows him within the margin of error against his Democratic NY-6 opponent, Assemblywoman Meng. Romney leads Obama in the district, 46-43, with 11 percent undecided.* The Staten Island Advance collected a healthy slew of bipartisan speculation about Mark Murphy‘s bid to take out Republican Rep. Michael Grimm. The publication found both sides surprised by Mr. Murphy inability to make the race more competitive, and presented various theories as to why * Levin Braces for Restler Challenge (City and State) Democratic District Leader Lincoln Restler* Michael Grimm Has Eastwood-Style Empty Chair Face-Offs at Local Debates and Forums (NYO) *
Up Close: Queens Congressional Race (Video ABC) * Grace Meng's camp says Dan Halloran's
 pollsters cherry-picked from respondents who might be more favorable to him (Capital)  
* A blog focused on Brooklyn’s Hasidic politics took a deep dive into the numbers from former District 
Leader Lincoln Restler‘s unsuccessful reelection campaign this summer, and speculated what it might
 mean for Mr. Restler should he challenge Councilman Steve Levin next year. The problem is a lot of Park Slope and Fort Green may be cut during redistricting.  GOP congressional hopeful Dan Halloran released an internal poll showing his race against Assemblywoman Grace Meng to be a dead heat. The survey, which only included 300 voters and a high number of undecideds, seems particularly skewed because the presidential topline numbers have Mitt Romney winning in a district John McCain notched 36% in during the 2008 election. Given its tremendous diversity and languages, this congressional district is probably one of the hardest ones in the country to poll, to be fair. For her part, Ms. Meng’s campaign released a couple details from one of their internal polls in response, but it seemed a tad biased in the other direction. * The details of the push for a publicly funded campaign finance system will change depending on who controls the state Senate after the Nov. 6 elections. * member Joe Seeman launched an on-line petition calling on Cuomo to endorse Democratic Senate candidates that support creation of a publicly funded campaign finance system. * NY1 Online: Explains His #2013 Republican Run For Mayor

CrainsNY Reporter Leaves Out of the Story On Campaign Consultants That They Make Their Real Money As Lobbyist, Given Special Deals From the People They Elect

As pols play musical chairs, consultants become the piper (CrainsNY) Term limits, public financing spark demand and dollars for campaign pros.  Election Day is nearly at hand, but the city's political consultants already have dollar signs in their eyes for 2013. Term-limit turnover has spawned competitive elections next year for all three citywide offices—mayor, comptroller, public advocate—as well as for four of the five borough president posts, two district attorney offices and about 25 City Council seats.  Not since 2001, when pols first vacated their long-held seats, have there been so many elections—or as big a business opportunity for the industry that endeavors to shape them.

As pols play musical chairs, consultants become the piper (CrainsNY) Term limits, public financing spark demand and dollars for campaign pros. Election Day is nearly at hand, but the city's political consultants already have dollar signs in their eyes for 2013. Term-limit turnover has spawned competitive elections next year for all three citywide offices—mayor, comptroller, public advocate—as well as for four of the five borough president posts, two district attorney offices and about 25 City Council seats. Not since 2001, when pols first vacated their long-held seats, have there been so many elections—or as big a business opportunity for the industry that endeavors to shape them.
Another Pol With Unpaid Poster Fines $$$
Assemblyman Keith Wright's fine mess (NYDN) Harlem pol owes city 224G for illegal posters. The city hit two of Wright’s campaign committees with a combined 760 violations dating back at least six years. Wright said he’s trying to settle what he considers an “unconstitutional” debt.

Unofficial Gubernatorial Portrait?
"I don't sit very well," Eliot Spitzer said when asked if he would sit for an official gubernatorial portrait
Spitzer Makes His Return to Albany * Asked whether he could see Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the 2016 ballot, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer said he thinks Hillary Clinton should run and “can’t imagine” there would be a primary if she does. * Spitzer has been critical of Cuomo in the past, but seemed reluctant today to assess how he’s doing in office so far. “I’m learning,” the former governor told reporters.* Back in Albany, Spitzer leaves Cuomo, boosts Hillary ’16(TU)Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, visiting Albany for the first time in four years, said that Sec. of State Hillary Clinton should run for the presidency when asked about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2016 chances, the Albany Times Union reports   * Spitzer Muses on Albany Politics, Past(WSJ) * Spitzer talks politics in appearance in Albany(WSJ) * He was in town to host a fundraiser for WAMC Northeast Public Radio.

Comptroller Keeps Up the Heat on SUNY Slush Fund
Comptroller Report Questions SUNY’s Fringe Expenses Including Sabres Tickets, Bar Tab(YNN) * SUNY: Research Foundation reforms already underway(Albany Watch) * Ex-Official at SUNY Charged $131,000 in Personal Expenses to Foundation, Audit Finds(NYT)

* Prosecution or Persecution? The Saga of Joe Bruno (City and State)

Push By Billionaires For Campaign Finance Reform
Groups Push to Highlight Campaign Finance Reform(NYT) At least $600,000 is being spent on advertising in two New York Senate races, and some progressive leaders are urging the governor to more actively support candidates who back fund-raising changes. Two advocacy groups started by George Soros's, Jonathan, and Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes's husband Sean Eldridge are preparing to spend $600,000 on TV ads in two State Senate races to make campaign finance reform a more prominent issue
Pay Medicaid Recipients for Check Ups
Gov offers checks for checkups (NYP)  Gov. Cuomo hasB a prescription to make Medicaid recipients healthier — he’ll pay them to show up for doctor’s appointments.* Cuomo to revamp ‘archaic’ appointment process(Albany Watch)

NYP Says Fracking Mess Stalled and Protests Misguided 
The Post worries that Cuomo and state environmental officials are stalling their review of hydrofracking and argues that natural gas drilling is necessary for job growth
Andrew’s endless stall(NYP)The Cuomo folks were at it again last week — pretending that the governor could possibly maybe one day allow fracking in this state. On Friday, Department of Environmental Conservation boss Joe Martens admitted that experts set to review the “health impacts” of fracking (drilling for gas or oil in underground shale) have yet to be chosen.  * Big fracking mistake (Dicker, NYP)Rival ad shows coal pic – not natural gas Anti-fracking activists led by a woman who says she talks to animals have distributed more than 140,000 copies of a “newspaper’’ that falsely claims a dramatic National Geographic picture of a West Virginia coal mine is a drilling site for natural gas, The Post has found.

Forget Boston and the Ruth, The Curse of the Cuomos lives on!
Curse of the Cuomos haunts Yanks(NYDN) HERE’S ANOTHER way of looking at the Yankees’ playoff debacle: The Curse of the Cuomos lives on! Two longtime Albany insiders noted the Yankees did not reach the World Series during the 12 years Cuomo’s* Cuomo States The Obvious About The Yankees(YNN)

Unemployment woes weigh on New York City’s college seniors
Hire anxiety in Class of 2013(NYP) * Is NYC construction growing? Not really, say experts. explains (CrainsNY)

DOE Paid AWOL Staff
Schools paid AWOL staff(NYP) The city Department of Education lost track of a number of employees who had quietly stopped reporting to work for as long as a year — but continued to pay their hefty salaries anyway, agency documents reveal.

A High School With a New Approach to Vocational Education(NYT)Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Brooklyn is a six-year program tailored to give students interested in the technology industry an advantage, including an associate * Report Tracks Student-Data System Usage(WSJ) Most educators spent less than an hour using the city’s $80 million student-data system that gives them access to student performance data, according to a New York University study * Is gifted testing valid when affluent parent enroll 4-year-olds in $1,300 test prep 'bootcamps'?

The NYC CFB has completed its final audit of Bloomberg’s 2009 campaign.

NYP: Manhattan Surrogate Judge Gets Away With Illegal Campaign Contribution. . .  Calls Committee on Judicial Conduct A Farce
The Post is livid that Manhattan Surrogate Judge Nora Anderson got off “scot-free” for violating campaign finance laws and was only censured for her actions
Judicial panel, heal thy self(NYP) To wit, despite being officially censured for eye-popping campaign conduct, Manhattan Surrogate Judge Nora Anderson essentially gets off scot-free. As a candidate for surrogate in 2008, Anderson accepted a ton of money from her mentor and former law partner, Seth Rubenstein: He gave the campaign $25,000 and loaned it another $225,000.
Still, Anderson’s campaign needed more cash — and Rubenstein had donated the legal maximum. So the two of them did an end-run around campaign-finance laws. He wired a $150,000 “gift” to Anderson’s personal account — then, declaring it her own money (which is not limited by law), she funneled it into her campaign.  A pretty obvious dodge — which is why the two were later indicted on felony charges. But most of the counts were dismissed by a judge who agreed that they should have been brought in Brooklyn, where the transactions took place, instead of Manhattan. Anderson and Rubenstein were later acquitted on the remaining, less serious counts, and Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes never brought any charges. (No surprise there.).  Enter the commission, which bought her argument (among other things) that she’d relied on Rubenstein — her co-perpetrator — for legal advice and that she didn’t intend to break state election law. There wasn’t a single dissent.

Corruption and the Surrogate Court(True News)

Neo-Nazi group based in Greece
Mobilizing against neo-Nazi Golden Dawn(NYDN) Queens elected officials and liberal groups are mobilizing against a neo-Nazi group based in Greece that is rumored to be trying to gain a toe-hold in Astoria.

MTA Chairman Seems To Favor 25-Cent Base Fare Increase, Keeping Bonus For Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards (NY1) * $2.50 Base Fare for Subways and Buses Is Likely, Transit Chairman Suggests(NYT)

Hudson Yards developer tries to amend MTA deal(NYP)

The Making of A President 2012
Obama And Romney Think Locally at Foreign Policy Debate(NYO)  * What we learned tonight: President Obama does not want to play Battleship with Mitt Romney.(NY Mag) * The final presidential debate: 4 memorable moments (VIDEO) (Wash Post) * Obama tears into Romney at last debate (Politico) * All of our fact checks from tonight's(Wash Post) * CBS debate insta-poll: 53% Obama win, 23% Romney  * Romney: Lack of White House leadership has prolonged Syrian civil war * poll of uncommitted voters: 64% say Obama wins, 36% say Romney wins* Our lead story: "Obama keeps Romney on his heels" * Complete video and transcript of the final debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney:(Wash Post) * Mitt mirrors Barack? Precisely. Probably smart tactic, pure jiu jitsui * 10 million tweets during first debate, 7 million in 2nd debate, only 6 million during tonights debate * CNN poll of debate viewers. Who won? 48% Obama, 40% Romney* PPP Poll of voters in ten swing state: Obama won 53-42.* Efforts to Turn Talk From Foreign Policy to Domestic Issues(NYT) * Campaign Moods Shift as Contest Tightens(NYT)

Arab Unrest Rears Up as Issue in Election
New POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Tracking Poll: Mitt Romney takes lead(NYP) * This race is starting to look like 1980(NYP) * After Benghazi Attack, Talk Lagged Behind Intelligence(NYT) * Arab Unrest Rears Up as Issue in Election(NYT) * Candidates Face Hard Choices on Exit From Afghanistan(NYT) * Intelligence Stressed Libya Protest Scenario(WSJ) * Romney, Obama in Dead Heat(WSJ) * Pennsylvania: A Game-Changer?(WSJ) * A Bipartisan Guide to Complaining About Moderator Bob Scheiffer’s Bias(NY Mag) * The New Yorker’s Full-Throated Obama Endorsement Also Kind of Lukewarm(NY Mag) * Politics and money--the $4 billion campaign and what to do about it. 
* Democrats face 'fight of our lives' to win Florida(Politico)

Mitt looks like a shore thing(NYP) * FiveThirtyEight: ‘Gender Gap’ Near Historic High(538) * The Myth of Job Creation(NYT) Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have said government does not create jobs. But the government does in fact create jobs, millions of important jobs. * Obama holds a 5 point lead ove Romney in the latest Quinnipiac/CBSNews Poll in the battleground state of Ohio."* Romney Leads Obama 49%-47% * Romney campaign advisor gets very cocky: “We’re going to win. Seriously, 305 electoral votes.”

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The News’s Mike Lupica waxes on what would happen if Bloomberg were running for president alongside Obama and Romney
Former Governor George Pataki will continue his role as a surrogate for Republican Mitt Romney. According to a media advisory, Mr. Pataki “Will Attend and Provide Analysis” in Florida for the final presidential debate tonight.
Matt Taibbi: Mitt Romney 'A Salesman And Bullshit Artist Of The Highest Order'(Huff Post)
New Yorker Announces Presidential Endorsement(Huff Post)
Poll: Obama 50%-Romney 45% in Ohio 
How the election will change NYC real estate(Real Deal)
Ohio Race Tightens in New Poll (NYT) 
Good news for Romney in two new polls(Wash Post)
Obama leads Romney 70-25% among Latinos in new Telemundo/WSJ/Univision poll, with voter enthusiasm up since September  
This week's new line on Benghazi from the Obama administration(Daily Beast)
Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Says Candy Crowley 'Took Over' Debate (Q&A) 
O’Brien Blasts Giuliani: ‘You Like To Push Back’ As If Question I Ask Is Unfair, But ‘It’s Not. I’m A Journalist.’
Obama-Romney battle for blue-collar white women.(NY Mag)
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State Polls Show Edge for Obama in Electoral College(NYT)
Poll: Romney closes foreign policy gap(Politico)
CBS News poll out tonight shows tight race among likely voters: Obama 48%, Romney 46%, Undecided 3%. Margin of error + or - 3%age pts.
New York Democrat to campaign for Romney in Florida (Huff Post)
Romney Campaign, Media Collude in Unprecedented Politicization of Benghazi Attack(Barrett, Nation)
Mitt Romney had a veggie burger, Cajun fries and a vanilla shake for his pre-debate lunch. President Obama plans to have steak and potatoes for dinner (the same meal he ate before his aggressive performance at Hofstra). Make of this what you will.
Transcript: Third presidential debate

Assemblyman Dov Hikind heads to Florida for Romney
Dov Hikind (Photo: Getty)Democratic Assemblyman to Stump for Romney in Florida

The NYT New CEO Problems Continue

BBC crisis deepens as new allegations emerge (Yahoo) Its new head, George Entwistle, is now under pressure to explain why the BBC dropped an investigation by its Newsnight program into Savile last year. Mark Thompson, now the New York Times Co's chief executive, was in charge of the BBC at the time.* Peter Rippon, BBC 'Newsnight' Editor, Steps Aside Over Jimmy Savile Scandal(Huff Post) * New York Times Staffers Consider Byline Strike(Huff Post)  * BBC Editor Steps Aside in Abuse Scandal (NYT)  On Oct. 13, Mr. Thompson said: “I was not notified or briefed about the ‘Newsnight’ investigation, nor was I involved in any way in the decision not to complete and air the investigation. I have no reason to doubt the public statement by the program’s editor, Peter Rippon, that the decision not to pursue the investigation was entirely his, and that it was made solely for journalistic reasons.” * Jimmy Savile - why BBC Panorama is investigating BBC Newsnight (BBC)

This is Weird the NYT Workers Are Asking Thompson Might be Involved in the BBC Scandal for A Raise
The people who make the NYT gather to welcome a new CEO -- & to tell him we won't accept less than fair wages.

Clark Kent Unemployed
Another sign of print’s slow demise: Clark Kent quit The Daily Planet.

New NYPD the Out of Towners

Cop-out? NYPD hiring out-of-towners at twice the rate of locals(NYDN) Department recruiters administer police exams at colleges in New Jersey and upstate New York, and nearly 7% of recruits who pass are hired. Just 3% of New Yorkers who pass are hired.

Despite Wide Agreement That Fare Increases Hurt the Poor and Middle Class No Real Political Opposition to the Increases Are Evident

B'klyn woman seeks transit glory in fare-hike stunt (NYP) Here’s one way to get your money’s worth before the MTA’s fare hike.  A Brooklyn woman will attempt to break the Guinness record for the fastest trip through the entire city subway system tomorrow, part of a protest against the 2013 fare increases.It's about time MTA makes more than a token move(NYDN) No tokens? No kidding. The “No Tokens” display on turnstile screens — a mildly irritating symbol of bureaucratic inertia — is finally about to completely disappear, the MTA says.

Bloomberg: The Lord of the Neighborhoods

There are some who think Bloomberg is a master urban planner

From WNYC:  Justin Davidson, New York magazine’s architecture critic, looks at the ways development has changed the city’s character during the Bloomberg years. We’ll take calls on how neighborhoods have changed through new zoning, historic districts, and new construction in the last decade.

WHAT THE CLUCK! Yuppie newcomers clash with Brooklyn natives over urban chicken coops

Chickens Threaten to Divide Brooklyn Community(NYT) The decision by a community garden in Park Slope, Brooklyn, to build a chicken coop has angered some residents who say the club has ignored their concerns.


 Photo Exhibit Celebrates Transit System's Former Beauty Queens

 Borrero Thanks the Daily News For Cams at Amsterdam Houses
SLOW-MO: NYCHA finally gets crime cams (NYDN) Fifteen cameras have been installed at the crime-plagued Amsterdam Houses. The News reported in July that NYCHA was sitting on $42 million for cameras in high-crime projects.* NYCHA Installs Security Cameras In Upper West Side Housing Complex (NY1)

Law and Order 
Law Banning Masks at Protests Is to Be Challenged(NYT) A lawyer for three women who were arrested in August will challenge an arcane provision in the loitering law that makes it unlawful for three or more people to wear masks in public. Attorney Norman Siegel is challenging law that bans masks at protests, arguing that the costumes are integral to demonstrators’ message of communication,

At a Bodega in Brooklyn, Candy and Contraband(NYT)The owner of Ralph’s, a Fort Greene grocery store known as a community anchor for nearby residents, has been arrested on charges of selling illegal drugs.


Pregnant Brooklyn bride’s killer left note demanding release of DC sniper Malvo: sources(NYP) The fiend who killed a pregnant Brooklyn bride-to-be left a chilling note under her body — vowing that more expectant moms would die unless “the DC sniper” is released from jail * Medical Examiner: Pregnant Brooklyn Fiancee Died From Neck Wounds(NY1) * Blood in B'klyn apt. where bride-to-be was slain may have come from multiple people(NYP)

B'klyn prosecutors drop charges against man in synagogue beatdown video * Charges Dropped Against Man Seen Beaten by Police in Video(NYT)

Suspect In Alleged Plot Against Local Synagogues Does Not Accept Plea Deal(NY1)

New Gristedes slap (NYP) The feds want the owner of Gristedes supermarkets to pay $3.8 million in legal fees racked up by dozens of workers who sued him for allegedly shortchanging them.

FBI wants Big Apple's help in catching 10 most wanted criminals(AMNY)

Top surgeon was allowed to continue operating after positive cocaine test: court records(NYP)

Cops: We have massage fiend(NYDN)

Brazen Manhattan hooker ring busted (NYO)

Rocky Visits NY Former Top Cop in Prison 
Kerik celeb ‘pen’ pals(NYP) A-listers visit Kerik in clink

Ex-cop gets 15 1/2 years in plea deal for selling 4 swiped NYPD guns to drug ring(NYP) * New York Officer to Serve 15 ½ Years for Stealing Police Guns(NYT)

 'Rape Cops' look to have records cleared and misdemeanor convictions dismissed(NYP)

No charges in hit-run case, according to sources.

Man Is Charged in Queens Rape(NYT) * Police Probe Woman's Death(WSJ) * NY man gets watch back 53 years after theft(WSJ) * Bouncer slain at club(NYDN) * Peacemaker killed in fight(NYDN) * Man charged in Queens massage parlor rape(WABC) * NY man gets watch back 53 years after theft(Fox 5) * Man Stabbed to Death Outside Bronx Building(NBC) * Arrest made in fatal Bronx stabbing(Bx12) * Brooklyn bouncer killed outside club in gunfight: Reports(AMNY) * Former NYPD Officer Sentenced For Selling Stolen Police Guns(Huff Post) * Charges Dropped Against Man Seen Beaten by Police in Video(NYT)