Tuesday, October 30, 2012

True News Live Blogging On the Sandy

After its backup power failed, NYU Langone Medical Center was forced to transfer roughly 200 patients to several different New York City hospitals
Power fails at NYU hospital, 200 patients evacuate(NYP) * Hospital Evacuates After Power Failure(NYT) * Manhattan Hospital Transfers Patients After Losing Power(WSJ) * NYU hospital defends failed generators that forced evacuation during Hurricane * Breezy Point Burns in Floodwaters(NBC)

Cuomo Bloomberg and Christie Leadership Styles
The storm revealed very different crisis leadership styles in Cuomo (“hunky local fire chief”), Mayor Bloomberg (“stern parent”) and NJ Gov. Chris Christie (“his usual blunt self”).
We’ll vote no matter watt: gov(NYT) The power outages could extend through Election Day, but the Cuomo administration will make sure resources are in place so people can vote.  * Three Leaders, All Comfortable, Put Three Different Faces on Storm Response(NYT)

What is Open - Ready Set Go

Bloomberg: NYC marathon will go on as scheduled on Sunday. 

RT : The Tappan Zee Bridge is now open * MTA says all East River bridges are now open. : Limited bus service today starting at 5 p.m., with more service coming tomorrow. Fares will be waived for now. NYC taxis are being told to stop for multiple pickups, if convenient. * PORT AUTHORITY REOPENS OUTERBRIDGE CROSSING, GEORGE WASHINGTON, GOETHALS AND BAYONNE BRIDGES* NYSE Will Be Open Wednesday * NYC Marathon Organizers Assessing Damage, ‘Moving Ahead’ Despite Sandy * Marathon Officials Determining Storm’s Effect on Race(NYT) * New York Stock Exchange Opens For Trading Wednesday; Met Opera Resumes Performances Wednesday * ConEdison executive discusses when power will be restored to parts of Manhattan * Full list of NY-area transit, institutions and airports that are operating or suspended here: * Marathon Officials Determining How to Proceed(NYT)  *Nets’ Opener Against Knicks in Doubt(NYT) * FDR Drive has reopened * Buses "will be almost at normal strength by morning," reports .* Sanitation crews will resume normal pickup routes tomorrow where possible. *The Port Authority says Newark Airport and JFK will run limited service beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow: * JFK And Newark Airports Will Open Wednesday; PATH Trains (WCBS) * Columbia To Resume Classes Wednesday; NYU Closed For Rest (WCBS)

What is Still Closed NYC schools will be closed again tomorrow* Mayor Bloomberg: 4 or 5 days before subways re-open. Mayor Bloomberg: Stay away from the parks. They are all closed. All NYC airports will be closed for at least today. They are checking for signal lights and safety issues. * Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Holland Tunnel remain closed. JFK Airport may reopen tomorrow. LaGuardia Airport will remain closed. Bk and Manhattan should have power back w/in 4 days. All others in areas served by overhead lines will take at least a week.* Rockaway Bridges remain closed * NYC Parks Closed Until Further Notice (NY1) 43 million gallons of water in each tube of the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Hudson River just flowed right into it.* Latest news: Brooklyn & Manhattan customers served by underground electric* Coney Island Hospital Being Closed * No recyle collection until futher notice * Bloomberg Mandatory evacuation remains in effect for Zone A. * Here is a list of the remaining NYC bridge and tunnel closures as of Tuesday night. * Federal courthouse in Manhattan are closed tomorrow.

Halloween Parade Posponed

PM Update
US Army Corps of Engineers to assist in clearing Brooklyn Battery Tunnel(NYP) * US Army Corps of Engineers to assist in clearing Brooklyn Battery Tunnel)(NYP) * New York Aquarium suffers severe flooding during Sandy(NYP)

At least 10 people dead, nearly 1 million without power in New York metro area in Sandy's wake(NYP) * Floodites defy city & take their chances(NYP) * At Least 7 People Reported Dead as Wind and Rain Hit(NYT) * Nearly 2 Million Without Power in N.Y. Alone(NYT) * Interactive Map: Hurricane Sandy’s Path (NYT) * Power Failures and Furious Flooding Overwhelm Lower Manhattan and Red Hook(NYT) * Sandy Carves a Path of Destruction Across the U.S. East Coast(WSJ) * Business May See Losses Exceed Those of 2011 Storm(WSJ) * Few Check Into City Shelters(WSJ) * Parts of Manhattan eerily dark(WSJ)

* Bloomy to city workers: Get to your job(NYDN) * Obama Signs Disaster Declarations for NY, NJ * Fire Destroys 50 Homes In Flooded Queens Neighborghood(WCBS) * Obama declares NYC a major disaster area in wake of Hurricane (SI Advance) * Bloomberg to city employees: "NYC needs your help  * Cuomo: NY needs new protection from natural disasters(NYP)
* Sandy Stalls NY’s Economic Engine(YNN) * Red Cross steps up to provide shelter and aid (NY World) * Reckoning With Realities Never Envisioned by City’s Founders(NYT) * Off-Duty Officer Dies While Rescuing Family From S.I. F(NY1) * For years, warnings that storm damage could ravage New York:

  • Bloomberg: 911 System Swamped by Calls(WSJ) With New York City's emergency-call system overrun in the midst storm, Mayor Bloomberg asked the public not to call 911 save for life-threatening situation and he urged motorists to stay off city roads.* 6000 people in city shelters * 's optimism, says "overwhelming majority of [local] government's costs" shud be picke up by feds.
NYC area airports are still closed(WSJ)

Congressman Bob Turner House Burned Down In Breezy Point Last Night
and State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long
the Congressman and his family are safe 
Representative Bob Turner's home is among those that burned down in Breezy Point, Queens (NYT) *In Statement, Turner Urges Volunteerism(YNN) * “I’ll get through this,” Congressman Bob Turner said of his house, which has been reduced to rubble. “My wife and I are pretty tough cookies. This is disappointing, but we can look around us and say this could been a lot worse and for some others it really is.”
Breezy Point Out of Control Fire and Flood 80 Homes Gone
At least 50 flooded houses burn as blaze rages in Breezy Point, Queens(NYP) * Fire Spreads in Rockaways(NYT) * Massive fire destroys dozens of homes in Queens(Foxn 5) * FDNY: 50-Plus Homes Destroyed In Breezy Point Fire(NY1) * Fire Officials: 15 Homes On Fire In Breezy Point(NY1) * Massive fire blazing in Breezy Point, Queens (NYDN) 

 Bellevue Hospital didnt have to evacuate last night, as fuel for generator arrived. Human chain brought fuel up 13 flights of stairs. * Breezy Point fire that destroyed 50 homes is still smoldering. (Queens Courier) * "Bad news from Breezy Point, FDNY reporting well over 60 houses burnt to the ground and still more on fire. Busiest day since 9/11- 6 Alarm call- The rest of the homes are under at Least 4 feet of water" — Dan Halloran *Wind-Driven Flames Reduce Scores of Homes to Embers in Queens Enclave(NYT)

New York Goes Dark

The dark night: City’s bright lights bow to Sandy(NYP) * ConEd officials say this is the largest storm-related outage in the utility’s history. Throughout the Northeast, that number is considerably larger: More than 7.5 million in the dark. * A Far-Reaching System Leaves 8 Million Without Power(NYT) *Power just went out in Midwood, Brooklyn. Signing off for the night!”* Con Ed: Power Could Be Out At Least A Week In Some Area (WCBS)

PM Update 
Flooded Tunnels May Keep City’s Subway Network Closed for Several Days(NYT)
"By midday tomorrow, we will be able to discuss a timetable for subway service restorations." -MTA Chairman Joe Lhota 
It may be a while before the subways are working again. MTA Chairman Joe Lhota described the flooding damage as “serious.”
MTA chair says 'wreaked havoc' on 'entire' system in 'every borough.' Previously called it the worst disaster in MTA history.
That does not commute! Flooded NY transit system could be out of service four days(NYP) Worst Disaster in Subway's History, M.T.A. Chief Says(NYT) Storm surges from the hurricane flooded at least six subway tunnels, with the salt water inundation possibly forcing the MTA to cut some service through the weekend * Salt Water Puts Subway 'in Jeopardy'(WSJ) * Floods Reach Subway System, With Damage Likely to Linger (WSJ)* MTA chairman: Storm devastates subway system(WSJ) * PATH service is suspended and remains suspended until further notice. * Thousands of MTA workers are now inspecting and repairing our region's vast transit network* So What Happened to All of the Subway Rats? (NY Mag) Mr. Lhota said at a press briefing earlier today, describing the water level at the South Ferry as “literally up to the ceiling.” * MTA Video Release: Hurricane Sandy - South Ferry and Whitehall St Station Damage

Hurri-crane: Luxe high-rise crisis forces evacuations(MTA) * Crane Dangling Off Luxury Skyscraper(NYT) * Crane-Arm Snaps In Tower Mishap(WSJ) * Crane collapse in Manhattan(NYDN) * Crane dangles from Midtown high-rise, clears streets(WABC) *Police Evacuate Buildings Near Midtown Crane Collapse(NY1) * One57 Crane Collapse Sends Neighbors Fleeing Midtown

These cars appear to have floated around, @ 101 & FDR.
Facade is ‘blown off’ in Chelsea(NYP)



Principals union all worked up(NYP)Many city employees heeded Mayor Bloomberg’s order to show up to work yesterday, but the principals union did not take the edict in stride. * Graphic: Wind Speeds in Storm’s Path(NYT) * Cooped Up at Home, Energetic Children and Their Anxious Parents(NYT) * Taxis, but Not as Many as Usual, Are Among Only Options(NYT) * Insurers Estimate $10 Billion in Damages(NYT) * Hurricane Sandy a Chance at Redemption for FEMA * Scary Storm Puts Halloween Plans on Hold(WSJ) * Nuclear plant shuts down unit as storm hits coast(WSJ) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered state offices in the New York City area to close, but other state employees upstate and in the Capital Region are expected to report to work today, the Times-Union reports:  * Tourists stranded by Sandy(NYDN) *

 Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights (WABC) * Deadly Hurricane Sandy shuts down Staten Island & New York (SI Advance) * Lower Manhattan Plunged into Darkness(NBC) * FDNY Responds to Building Collapse on 14th Street(NBC) * Sandy Causes Flooding, Downed Trees Across Manhattan(NY1) * Sandy Knocks Out Late-Night Shows (Daily Beast)  * About 2 million families without power in New York State, Cuomo says. 90% of people on Long Island without electricity. * Nursing and adult homes in the Rockaways struggle after the storm (NYT) *  

The death toll from has climbed to 35, many of the victims killed by falling trees. *How Brooklyn Restaurants Are Dealing With The Hurricane(Huff Post) * City Council email outage slowed Sandy response (CrainNY) * NASA Warned New York About Hurricane Danger Six Years Ago (Mother Jones) * Time-lapse of NYC's skies before and during the storm from the NYT building's 51st floor (NYT) * After Hurricane , a trickle of evacuees at a Brooklyn shelter   Brooklyn: Multiple NYPD Officers enroute to the 60 Precinct to help out with Mobs who are looting storefronts in several neighborhoods.* WATCH: Front Of Building Collapses In New York Following Hurricane Sandy (VIDEO) * Bloomberg says there were 18 deaths city wide due to storm * NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly says there will also be a lot of portable lights in dark areas, in areas where it's most needed.* MTA Video Release: Hurricane Sandy - Hugh L. Carey/Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Damag One of 's tunnels under the East River is flooded. * A TALE OF TWO CITIES: Life after above and below 39th Street. *Flood victims may find their damage isn't covered by insurance:(NYT) * Silicon Alley tried not to lose a step after knocked out power, devastated transit and left the city flooded. * Lower Manhattan After the Storm(NYT) * Prospect Park After Hurricane Sandy(NYT) * Sandy flattens houses in NYC's famed Coney Island(Fox 5)


The insurance industry could be responsible for paying for $5 billion to $10 billion in property and casualty claims from Hurricane Sandy, but experts say it has the resources to make the payouts.  * State Sen. Malcolm Smith tells NY1 he has received reports of looting in Queens.

CNN, Weather Channel Falsely Report NYSE Flooding(Huff Post)

Behind Plan to Close Markets(WSJ) The decision to close the NYSE and other U.S. equity markets renewed questions about the industry's disaster preparedness.* NYSE to Test New Contingency Plan Tuesday(WSJ) * On Wall Street, It's Business as Unusual(WSJ) * NYSE official tells us they will do systems tests today ..... with goal of opening tomorrow.

TV News Endless Loops. . .  Sandy and the Media
As Sandy Takes Its Time, TV News Is an Endless Loop of Anticipation(NYT) * TV reporters battle Hurricane Sandy(NYDN) * Sandy media coverage shifts from disaster to aftermath(Huff Post) * Hurricane Sandy takes down Gawker, Mediaite, The Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed. * New York Newspapers Maintain Suspended Paywalls  * Writes Andrea Bernstein: “Neither Cuomo nor Christie is holding anyone’s coat” when it comes to Sandy response.*Hurricane Sandy Gives Cable Channels Ratings Spike(Huff Post)

Cuomo Worries About the Day After Tomorrow
  In an unprovoked statement at a press conference earlier today, Governor Andrew Cuomo hinted at global warming being one of the roots of Hurricane Sandy. “There has been a series of extreme weather incidents. That is not a political statement, that is a factual statement,” he said. “Anyone who says there is not a dramatic change in weather patterns is denying reality.” * Is Sandy the Face of Climate Change? (Newswer)

Bloomberg doesn't see flooded Gowanus as a problem(Queens Crap)

From The Politicker: With Hurricane Sandy hitting New York, flooding has already occurred along the heavily polluted Gowanus Canal.

Jane’s Carousel Surrounded by Water and Other Photos and Tweets from #BrooklynSandy

Though the worst floods are expected to occur this evening when high tide combines with the strongest part of the storm surge, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his deputies don’t expect the toxic waters to do serious damage. Politicker asked the mayor whether he expected heavy flooding on the Gowanus tonight and what environmental or health risks the waters might pose for residents at his press conference at the Office of Emergency Management in Downtown Brooklyn early this evening.

NY Politics 
Long for US Senate(NYP Ed)The Post endorses U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long, praising her as “more substantive” on the issues despite her lackluster campaigning against incumbent Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand * When it comes to the state Legislature, the Kingston Freeman calls on voters to “Just throw the incumbent bums out. All of them, Assembly and Senate.” * Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer reiterates his early education plan, which is paid for by "social impact bonds" rather than taxes. [Daily News] * THE PEREZ NOTES: Peralta enters Queens BP Race with a Bang- El Diar...

Bill’s just gotta be bill(NYP) * Bill Clinton will be in Minnesota. [Maggie Haberman] * Clinton heads to Minnesota as poll show race tightening (CNN) * Job data due for elex(NYP) * Plenty of Libya Warnings, but Not About Compound(NYT) * A Big Storm Requires Big Government(NYT) * Medicare Fails to Sway Senior Voters(WSJ) * Campaigns Shift Plans(WSJ) * Fiscal Cliff Forces All Sides to Jockey(WSJ) Poll: Neither has edge in early voting(Politico) * Presidential campaigning put on hold as hits
All Quiet on Campaign Trail One Week Out - Talev & Lerer, Bloomberg
Which Candidate's Narrative Will Prevail? - Gerald Seib, Wall St. Journal
Race Just Got Tighter in Key State of Ohio - Jonathan Easley, The Hill
Thank Obama for the Auto Rescue - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
Barack Obama and Other Has-Beens - Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
Foolproof Plan for Obama Victory - Will Marshall, Politico
Why Obama May Be in Big Trouble - Ben Domenech, The Transom
What Nov. 6 Means for the Supreme Court - Erwin Chemerinsky, LA Times
Barack Obama: What Could Have Been - Richard Cohen, Washington Post
Perfect Storm: Race-Baiting and the 2012 Election - Carl Cannon, RCP
The Progressive Case for Obama - Peter Coyote, Salon
Libya: No Mere "October Surprise" - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
What's Dragging Down the U.S. Economy? - Neil Irwin, Washington Post
Romney--an Independent Choice for President - David Walker, Wash Times
The (Likely) GOP Senate Disaster - Jonathan Bernstein, Washington Post
Storm Barrels Ashore, Leaving Path of Destruction - James Barron, NYT
Race Plows Ahead in Critical Ohio - Murray & White, Wall Street Journal

Re-Elect Barack Obama - San Francisco Chronicle
Romney Best Choice to Heal Economy, Dysfunction - Cincinnati Enquirer
Top Reasons to Re-Elect Obama - Detroit Free Press
ID Please, Mr. President - New York Post 
The question of the political campaign is whether it froze yesterday, or whether it changed 
The stakes are higher for President Obama than for Mitt Romney, because he’ll take the blame if anything goes wrong.  
They’re an important – and much courted – voting bloc this year, but women are fed up with politics.
Chris Christie: Obama ‘outstanding’ in response to Hurricane Sandy(Wash Post)
NPR led off 2nd segment at 6 AM w Clinton blasting Romney on jeep stuff, then note Romney holding a fundraiser for hurricane victims  
Gallup suspended its daily tracking poll due to Hurricane Sandy. [Gallup
Politico’s take on the storm: “Hurricane Sandy forces anti-politics politics.” 
Columbus has busiest day of early voting (Wash Post)
President Obama seizes the moment as Hurricane Sandy's savior(Daily Beast)
Team buys air time in by   
Romney Held a Campaign Event ‘Storm Relief Event’ in Ohio Today(NY Mag)
Whatever Happened to Obama the Storyteller?(NYT)
Obama Praises New Yorkers’ ‘Spirit’ and ‘Resilience’(NYT)
Ohio early voting survives storm(Wash Post)
Anyone Who Claims to Know Winner is Blowing Smoke - Joe Klein, Time
Romney's Closing Con Game - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Obama's Early Voting Strategy Flops? - Alana Goodman, Commentary
NPR: 8-Point Swing Puts Romney in Front - Paul Bedard, DC Examiner
McConnell & Boehner's Strategy Worked - Ezra Klein, Washington Post
The Folly of Axelrod's Turnout Model - Keith Backer, Battleground Watch
"Moderate Mitt" and His Mendacity - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
Why Americans' Trust in Obama Has Eroded - Steve Huntley, Chicago ST
The Ideal Time for "Big Government" - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Careers Will End Over Libya Coverup - Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
What's Dragging Down the U.S. Economy? - Neil Irwin, Washington Post
Election 2012: RCP Average: Romney +0.9 | Obama 201, Romney 191
More on the Obama Michigan TV ad buy and what it might mean.
Obama cancels third campaigning day to oversee storm response
Romney 49, Obama 48, still, in new @ABC/WashPost tracking. And it's Obama 49, Romney 48 in the battlegrounds.
Ryan budget could hammer storm aid, critics say
President Obama singled out New York City for its ”spirit” and “resilience” in dealing with Sandy.
McCain attacks Obama on Libya at storm relief event (Wash Post)
Mitt Romney has a FEMA problem, and only he's to blame(Daily Beast)
As per the White House: Obama will tour areas in New Jersey that were hard hit by Sandy with Christie tomorrow.
FEMA faces almost $900 million in funding cuts if sequestration occurs.
Bloomberg says he turned down Obama request to visit NYC: 
Distribution of Billions in Aid to Storm Victims Will Test FEMA(NYT)
Race Narrows as Campaign Enters Its Final Week(NYT)
About 78% of presidential spending by super PACs and nonprofits benefited Mitt Romney:(Open Secret)
CBS/NYT poll: Obama 48, Romney 47 --
NYT Poll: In tight race, more voters view Romney as stronger on economy & Obama as better for middle class
Bloomberg: Now not the time for Obama NYC visit(Fox 5) 
Auto companies hit back against Romney ads -(CNN)

More Illegal John Liu Posters, There are Everywhere

City Ends Sibling-Preference Rule in Gifted Admissions(NYT) * At an Overcrowded School in Park Slope, No One Wants to Leave(NYT) * School-Zone Reshuffle(WSJ)

The Times’ Michael Powell chides the Bloomberg administration for accepting a private $100 million donation to Central Park while the city’s other parks lack the private funding for improvements:

Alternate Polling Sites Possible
How will New York handle the election in seven days? (Capital)
NYC BOE is "analyzing which poll sites have the electricity and viability to serve the public on election day."* On election day, storm damage could force alternate polling sites in some parts of N.Y.(NYT)

Crane collapse in midtown Manhattan And Nobody Noticed It Was the Same Builder Bovis Land Lease who got away with paying a fine When A Deutsche Bank Fire Killed Two New York City Firemen
Inspectors on Aug. 29 discovered hydraulic fluid leaks throughout th e crane and ordered fixes. No citations were issued, but inspectors were back at the site two days later. This time they found defects in the wire rope that holds up the crane's massive boom. That day they halted work on the site, and the crane was out of commission until Sept. 10. Eleven days later, the project's site safety manager notified the city that the oil from the crane had leaked on to the building next door. A loose-fitting hose connection was repaired and no citations were issued, records show. * Bovis Land Lease, same company in charge of 57th crane collapse, has history of trouble including Duetchebank tragedy. (WNYC) * Bovis Lend Lease's cheating ways -   and a surging wall. * Crane Is Dangling Off Luxury High-Rise(NYT)

NYT writer accuses Mark Thompson of 'wilful ignorance' over Jimmy Savile

Joe Nocera pulled no punches in his piece on the incoming boss on Tuesday, headlined The Right Man for the Job?, which questioned whether the family that controls the paper, the Sulzbergers, had made the right choice in appointing Thompson. Mark Thompson, the former BBC director general, has been accused of "appearing wilfully ignorant" about the Jimmy Savile scandal by a New York Times columnist, just weeks before he takes over as chief executive of the paper. * The Jimmy Savile scandal, Mark Thompson and the New York Times
Savile is unknown in the US. The real issue is Arthur Sulzberger Jr's judgment in embracing the BBC's former director general (Wolf, Guardian)

As the storm more down on New York, city officials announced controversial new rules about taxi apps. [Dana Rubinstein]

Long Island Envisions Life After the Islanders(NYT)


Law and Order
'Killer nanny' will be arraiged from hospital bed(NYDN) * 31-year-old man beaten to death in Brooklyn(NYDN)