Friday, October 19, 2012

Lui Wants You to Pay City Fines Which He Ducks

Do As I Say Liu Says Pay All Your Parking Fines
Don't Do As I Do Liu Does Not Pay His Poster Fines
Controller John Liu says no more ticket to slide for businesses hit with parking fines (NYDN) Liu wants to fix program that allows companies to pay discounted rate if they agree not to contest the tickets. Liu wants the city to fix a program that goes easy on big companies when their workers rack up parking tickets but has recently been exploited by many businesses. John Liu vows to fight $527,400 in campaign poster fines from 2009(NYP)

Why Didn't The Daily News Reporter Erin Durkin Ask Liu About His Hypocrisy on Fine Paying
 The News slams City Comptroller John Liu for trying to “weasel out” of paying $527,000 in campaign poster fines during his 2009 comptroller run while also releasing an audit showing the city failed to collect parking ticket fines: 

Setting the Table for A Pay Raise
Cuomo suggested that more state records, such as Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s confidential sexual harassment settlement, receive the same public scrutiny as executive agency records
Cuomo’s ‘secret’ pol offer(NYP)  He suggested subjecting more state legislative records — like the “secret,” taxpayer-funded $103,080 payment to settle sex-harassment charges against Assemblyman Vito Lopez  — to the same public scrutiny as executive agency records. It’s part of his price for a potential legislative pay raise, along with hiking the minimum wage, decriminalizing minor pot possessions during stop-and-frisk procedures and partial taxpayer financing of state elections. * Sunlight on Lobbying in Albany(NYT Ed) The new ethics law should not be undermined by lobbying organizations that don’t want to identify their major contributors. * Cuomo added FOIL reform – specifically that the Legislature be subject to the law, which it now is not – to the growing list of things he would like to see lawmakers pass before they get a pay raise. * Brooklyn State Supreme Court Judge Carl Landicino, Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s former counsel, was arrested for driving drunk on the Northway near Colonie.
GOP Candidates Continue to Hit Silver on the Lopez Hush Fund Sex Harrassment Payoff 
Katz Knocks Silver As “Joe Paterno,” Settled Own Sexual Harassment Case(Politics on the Hudson)

NY1 Covers the Horse Race Over the Issues With A Marist Pollster Organization Who Showed Bloomberg Winning by 16% the Last Week of the Campaign (He Won By 5%)
NY1-Marist Poll Shows More Undecided Voters In Mayor Race(NY1) 23 percent of the city’s registered Democrats support Quinn, according to the latest NY1-Marist College poll. That’s just eight points ahead of former City Comptroller Bill Thompson. Current Comptroller John Liu places third with nine percent, followed by Public Advocate Bill de Blasio 8% , Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer 6%  and publisher Tom Allon 2%, who announced this week that he’ll run as a Republican instead. A whopping 37 percent of voters, meanwhile, are undecided.  Meanwhile, enthusiasm has cooled for a Ray Kelly candidacy. Where voters were about evenly split in April, 46 percent now say they don’t want the police commissioner to run, versus 35 percent who do. As for speculation that one-time mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner could mount a comeback, voters aren’t having it. 58 percent don’t want him to run again. Just 25 percent do. NYC voters aren’t enthusiastic about a potential Alec Baldwin candidacy for mayor in 2013.   The media reports on  the Marist Poll  without examining the accuracy of a poll which showed the mayor beating Thompson in 2009 by 16% a week before the election. * City Hall Horse Race: Marist Mania Edition(NYO)

NYP Warns Quinn to Stick to Her Gun and Not Allow A Vote On the Sick Pay Bill . .  She Throw A Bone to Bill Supporters By Scheduling Another hearing On the Bill
The paid sick-leave tax(NYP Ed) The question is whether the council should force private business owners to provide paid sick leave to workers. The Post cheers Council Speaker Christine Quinn for resisting calls to pass paid sick leave and calls it a “crushing new tax on small businesses”

Assemblywoman Grace Meng and Councilman Dan Halloran clashed in front of a Republican-leaning crowd at a congressional debate in Middle Village, Queens on Thursday night. Halloran earned cheers for his positions on the economy, taxes, health care and immigration, where he said that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to become citizens and that their children should not be eligible for college scholarships. Meng allowed that the country must strengthen its borders, but reiterated her support for the DREAM Act. When given the opportunity to ask a question to the challenger, Meng asked Halloran to name the bills he sponsored in the City Council, which he did easily, and Halloran asked Meng to justify her poor attendance in Albany since she declared her bid for Congress this spring. Meng stammered that her attendance prior to April was above 90 percent. “I had to make a choice to meet constituents and talk with them about their issues,” she said. “I had to make a tough choice. I’m still paying rent in Albany. No one wants to be there more than I do.” Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, who lost a primary race to Meng, said that Meng held her own among a tough crowd. “This is the most conservative part of the district, and they received her warmly,” she said. (City and State) * Here’s a quick snapshot of the Juniper Park Civic Association debate, which also happened last night, between Assemblywoman Grace Meng and GOP Councilman Dan Halloran, both congressional candidates.

Showdown at Howard Beach

Recap of last night's debate between Ulrich and Addabbo
(Gotham Gazette)

The underfunded and little-known Long called the question by upstate YNN anchor and former Daily News columnist Liz Benjamin inappropriate
 Senate candidate smarting over 'Grey' question(NYDN) A debate question about a best-selling but racy book has left Republican U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long turning 50 shades of red. Long objected Thursday to a question asked during her Wednesday night * Here It Is, Your Moment Of Zen on 50 Shades of Gray) * Insight into presidential campaigns comes from all sources (NYDN Ed)  Perhaps Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and challenger Wendy Long should have read '50 Shades of Grey'' after all

Christine Quinn turns down Pamela Anderson date

Christine Quinn has turned Pamela Anderson down
Christine Quinn has turned Pamela Andersondown. As Page Six reported, the busty former “Baywatch” babe asked the City Council Speaker to be her date for a gala next week promoting a ban on horse-drawn carriages in New York. Anderson even playfully added Quinn could bring her wife because, “Three’s company!” But Quinn replied in a staid letter, “Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I won’t be able to join you.

Campaign 2012  Poll: Can you believe these Staten Island political lawn (SI Advance) * “I think the governor has established a new paradigm in Albany where there is bi-partisan, results-oriented action,” Republican Sen. Steve Saland said after receiving Cuomo’s endorsement.* Joe Addabbo Jr. talks 15th state Senate District race (Queens Chronicle) * Campaign heats up at the printer’s shop (Queens Chroncle) Out of state, or unknown, sources do mailings for SD 15 campaigns * Long Campaign Wants Debate On Womens Issues(YNN)\ * "Ulrich Campaign: Addabbo Revealed His Two Faces in Last Night's Debates"  * NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio questioned whether NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn has the “guts” to hold a vote on the Paid Sick Leave bill.* US Sen. Chuck Schumer endorsed state Sen. Joe Addabbo.* De Blasio questions Quinn's 'guts' and independence, and Quinn shrugs

The Making of A President 2012
Obama and Romney's jokes at Al Smith dinner are a welcome break from bitter campaign(NYP) * Obama and Romney's jokes at Al Smith dinner are a welcome break from bitter campaign(NYP) * Obama and Romney Joke at Charity Dinner(NYT) * Amid Brutal Campaign, a Respite. With Jokes.(NYT) * Obama, Romney Enjoy Some Comic Relief(WSJ) *Romney: Biden Will Laugh At Anything. Governor hits at the VP's debate performance during the Memorial Dinner

 Obama and Romney trade barbs at annual charity roast (Gawker) * Miss last night’s comedy jam with President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the Waldorf-Astoria? You can catch up here and here. * Obama Roasts Himself, Jabs At Romney And Even Elbows Chris Matthews During Al Smith Dinner (VIDEO) * This six best Al Smith dinner jokes. (Cuomo was the target of several barbs).Romney Roasts President Obama, Himself At The Al Smith Dinner * Obama Roasts Himself, Jabs At Romney And Even Elbows Chris Matthews During Al Smith Dinner * President Obama on The Daily Show: ‘We Weren’t Confused’ on Libya (NY Mag)

 Polls This point in 2000, Bush led by 2.9% nationally (poll avg) but tighter in states. Talk then was poplr vote to Bush & electoral vote to Gore.* Poll: Obama Leads in Iowa, Wisconsin(WSJ) * Rasmussen has Romney and Obama tied at 48% (was R+2 yesterday). Obama gained back some of his base and indys tightened.

WATCH: Obama discusses Libya response on 'Daily Show'(NYP) *Jon Stewart Challenges Obama On Libya Response In Wide-Ranging Daily Show Interview * Crowley an Obama shill? There’s no debate about it(NYP) * Cuomo to Travel the U.S. on Obama’s Behalf(NYT) * Political Donor in Missouri Thrives With No Limits(NYT) * Campaigns See Latino Voters as Deciders(NYT) * Orlando Sentinel Endorses Romney(NYT) * Big Lead for Romney? It’s Gallup vs. World(NYT) * Suspect in Libya Attack, in Plain Sight, Scoffs at U.S.(NYT) * Snow Job on Jobs(NYT) Mitt Romney says he has a plan that would create millions of jobs. It’s a five-point plan to nowhere. * The Issue That Goes Ignored(NYT Ed) The presidential candidates remain evasive about the need for effective and sane gun control laws.* Spin cycle on in Ohio for Obama, Romney camps(Wash Post) * Early Uncertainty on Libya Account(WSJ)` * Cuomo Hitting the Trail(WSJ) * Decision 2012: Cuomo To Up Campaign Efforts For Obama(NY1) * NY1 Online: Google Helps Examine Online Political Trends

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MSNBC's War on Women - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Newsweek Mag Goes in Bonfire of Tina's Vanities - Michael Wolff, Guardian

Video Highlights: Obama Smith Dinner | Romney Smith Dinner | More
Hillary Clinton can’t stand “whining” women who complain they can’t have it all.
Obama Bounces Back in Round 2 - Los Angeles Times
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Spin cycle whirring in Ohio for Obama and Romney camps(Wash Post)
Evangelical Latinos warmer to Romney(Wash Post)'
At Al Smith Dinner, Romney And Obama Both Rib Cuomo(YNN)
Strike may have been aimed at driving US out of eastern Libya: report(NYP)
Romney edges ahead in New Hampshire poll.
NBC/WSJ/Marist and totally disagree on Iowa. One has Obama up by 8%; the other Romney up by 1%.

New Yorker Cover Highlights Mitt Romney's 'Shifting Positions' (PHOTO)

Obama Resilient in Swing State Polls(NYT)
Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama:(Politico)
Fox News Poll: Romney leads by 3 in Florida
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D.C.-Region Bureaucrats Rake In Big Bucks - Ben Giles, DC Examiner
Election 2012: RCP Electoral Map | No Toss Ups Map | Create Your Own
An Obama Adviser Straddles a Line (NYT) Anita Dunn’s corporate and campaign roles show the limits of President Obama’s efforts to change the culture of Washington.
FiveThirtyEight: Obama’s Swing State Resiliency(NYT)
Lieberman requests documents on Benghazi attack(Fox 5)
CIA Linked Libya Attack To Militants Within 24 Hours, CNN Panel Points To White House Contradictions
Strategizing for the President, and Corporate Clients, Too(NYT)

The Times argues that Cuomo and state legislators should not listen to lobbyists and gut state ethics laws

Bloomberg Sock Puppet CFB Allows Him to Break the Law  . . .
Mayor Broke Election Law, Admit His Own Lawyers (2010, Village Voice)* The CFB said Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign “contravened” the spirit of New York City’s public-disclosure rules by secretly funneling $1.2 million  to the Independence Party, but did not penalize him for that.
NYCCFB dismisses complaint against 2009 campaign. Votes 3 to 1 -- Rich Davis votes no
The $1.1 Million Gift Bloomberg Made to the Independence Party and Haggerty Got Was Away Considered Illegal . . .  Now the CFB Finally Rules
Bloomberg Honored Letter, but Not Spirit, of Campaign Finance Law, Board Finds(NYT) The city’s Campaign Finance Board said that an undisclosed $1.2 million payment to the Independence Party by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign broke no rules. The $1.1 was deposited in the independence party Westchester house keep account and $750,000 was forwarded to Haggerty for election day security.  Which is an illegal used of housekeeping account.  No much from the House Keeping account according to the election law can be used for campaigning. But Laurence D. Laufer, the election lawyer and former general counsel to the board who filed the 2009 complaint on behalf of Mr. Thompson, said that the board merely “passes the buck” to Albany. Don't expect the State Board of Elections go after Bloomberg any time soon or ever. * No Penalty for Bloomberg’s Secretive Re-Election Spending(WSJ)

Elex board eyes ‘Indie gift’(NYP) The city Campaign Finance Board is probing a $1.1 million payment Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign made in 2009 that was largely ripped off by a political operative, who was tried and convicted last year. The board will hold a hearing today on a complaint against the campaign’s “pre-election payments to the Independence Party.” The complaint — which spokesman Eric Friedman would not discuss ahead of the hearing — could result in a fine to the billionaire mayor’s self-financed 2009 re-election bid. The CFB will hear a complaint about Mayor Bloomberg’s $1.1 million to the state Independence Party in 2009, $750,000 of which was funneled to GOP operative John Haggerty, who was convicted of grand larceny and money laundering in December. The NYC Campaign Finance Board found no punishable violation committed by Mayor Bloomberg in connection to the $1.1 million he contributed without disclosure to the state Independence Party in 2009, determining there was no evidence the money was spent to assist his campaign because GOP operative John Haggerty stole it. 

Bloomberg Sucessful Effort to get Out of and Election Law Fine Created  A New Loophole to the State's Election Law
In an email to CrainNY, a spokesman for the board wrote that the rule election law rules, “just doesn’t apply to the facts” because “there is no evidence there were actual expenditures for ballot security or poll watchers.” (That’s because Mr. Haggerty ended up stealing Mr. Bloomberg’s money instead of running a ballot security operation.) The spokesman said that the BOE rule would not apply because no poll watchers were actually hired by the Independence Party. * Bloomberg campaign ruling could open spending loophole (CrainsNY) * Regulators Issue No Violations for Bloomberg's 'Secret' Donations Gotham Gazette  * Finding Jobs, but Working for Less Pay(WSJ) Economists and business leaders are increasingly troubled by a trend in New York City employment statistics: The lion's share of job growth has come in high-wage and low-wage industries, while middle-income work has lagged. * As the rest of the state continues to add jobs at a moderate pace, WNY lost jobs for the second straight month during September.

associate, Edul Ahmad, pleads guilty to fraud  * Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY) Named One of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress(


Meet the New NYSRA Bosses the Same As the Old Bosses
Cornell President to Lead Horse Racing Board(NYT) As chairman of the New York Racing Association Reorganization Board, David Skorton, president of Cornell University, will be in charge of overseeing new drug rules for horse racing.* Nine of the 17 trustees of the New York Racing Association Reorganization Board are former board members criticized by the Cuomo administration, the Albany Times Union reports:  * The new board of NYRA trustees will be dominated by former NYRA members and led by the president of Cornell University. Of the 17 trustees, nine come from the old board that Cuomo has been criticizing.

Railway ad war spreads(NYP) Pro-Palestinian billboards have sprung up at 54 Metro-North stations — displaying a map of Arab areas they say have been “depopulated . . . and razed by Israel.”  


City contest will award free cable wiring to 240 local companies across the city by providing free fiber cable wiring(NYDN)* Google helps small businesses get online(NYDN) *City, Cable Companies To Provide Free Wiring To Local Businesses(NY1)

Subway escalator fixed after 6 years out of service (Fox 5)

State's Jobless Rate Falls for First Time in Nearly a Year(NYT)

In and Around Lower Manhattan, Population Growth Since 9/11(NYT)

Some See Little Room for Large, Poor Families in Mayor’s Housing Plan(NYT)

Judge Halts Annual Race of Skateboarders(NYY) A State Supreme Court justice ruled that a race of nearly 2,000 skateboarders could not take place in Manhattan. * Judge Halts Skateboard Race Down Broadway(NBC) * Skateboarding (Down Broadway Tomorrow) Is a Crime(NY Mag)

At Driver’s Trial, Bus Rider Recounts Losing Arms(NYT)



 Fines for bad questions on state tests(NYDN) * Controversial new Park Slope school zoning lines revealed (Brooklyn Paper) * Evacuated From Their Building, Students Will Remain Displaced for Months(NYT) A building that housed Girls Preparatory Middle School and East Side Community High School in the East Village is now blockaded, and will stay that way until late February.
 Mayor: Ridding city of 'rubber rooms' a flop(NYDN)

What Happen to the No Metal Detector Policy At Barclays Announced 5 Days Ago?
Barclays forces fans to walk through metal detectors to pick up tickets(NYP) * Barclays abandons big metal detectors after rap flap - New York Post * Barclays Center Patrons Urinate All Over Park Slope, Locals Say(DNAINFO)

Cell charges ‘socket’ to the city (NYP) There’s simply no denying a New Yorker with a dying cellphone. Crafty East Village pedestrians have found an ingenious way to charge their devices on the city’s dime — by using the electric outlets in light poles.

MTA to rename Brooklyn Battery Tunnel after late Gov. Hugh Carey(NYP) *

Challenging the Reputation of Hospital Food on a Rooftop Farm (NYT) Although hundreds of hospitals across the country host a farmer’s market or have a garden on their grounds that supplies fresh produce, hospital rooftop gardens are still rare in New York.

The Department of Health is in negotiations with outside experts to help assess the state’s report on shale-gas drilling and is expected to reach a contract agreement “soon,” according to DEC Commissioner Joe Martens.

 Mixed reaction to Harlem Whole Foods(NYDN)

Board Approves Measure to Create 'George Carlin Way'(NYT)

Straight through the Rockaways, Oversight of New Pipelines is Split(Gotham Gazette)

Workers Move Closer to Lower Manhattan(NYT)

Cheers, jeers at forum for competing Kingsbridge Armory (NYDN)

Brooklyn College Project To Preserve School's History, Culture Brooklyn College Project To Preserve School's History, Culture(NY1) The Brooklyn College community is connecting to future generations by turning back the pages of time, using digital technology to make sure the school's story is not lost.

City Council Weighs Plan to Rein In Pedicab Fares(NYT)Calls for sidewalk vendor crackdown(NYDN) * Pedicabs Are Where Fun Trips to the City Go to Die(NY Mag)

9/11 victim ID'd(NYDN)

Law and Order

Bx. landlord hails stop-by-and-frisk (NYP) A South Bronx landlord had nothing but praise yesterday for an NYPD “stop-and-frisk” program that’s under fire from civil-liberties groups. * 'Clean Halls' is OK with Bronxites(NYDN)

A tale of two trials at a Bronx courthouse(NYDN) The news cameras flashed like strobe lights this week on the sixth floor of the Bronx Hall of Justice as imprisoned ex-NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik made his way to the witness stand.

Model who killed lover is crazy: shrink(NYDN)

School hires DWI-slay cop(NYP) A former NYPD cop who served more than a decade behind bars for killing an entire family in a notorious DWI accident is now working as a janitor at a Catholic school on Staten Island. Joseph Gray started Monday as a member of the maintenance staff at St. Clare’s, which sent a letter to parents explaining that it was hiring Gray because of a “faith of forgiveness and mercy.”

NYPD detectives return from Mexico empty-handed in soccer (NYDN) * Man tries to hang self inside holding cell(NYDN) * A pregnant woman chased after an armed robber who took her iPhone in Brooklyn (NYDN) * S.I. woman accused of plot against doctors, nurses(Fox 5) * Pregnant Mom Robbed at Gunpoint as She Took Daughter to McCarren Park(DNA Info) * Friday Afternoon March Planned For Man Beaten by Police in Crown Heights(DNAINFO) * Grand Jury to Hear Evidence in Fatal Stabbing of Red Bulls Soccer Coach(DNAINFO) * BREAKING: Man who set woman on fire in an elevator after dousing her with gas takes 50-year pleam * Jewish charity staffer sentenced to at least 6 years for selling donors' info as part of huge ID theft ring(NYP) * Community Rallies Behind Man Shown Being Beaten By Police On Tape(NY1) * 44 Newark Airport Workers Accused of Screening Luggage Improperly(NYT) * Police: Man Robbed, Shot During Bronx Bank Drop(NY1) * Convictions Conditionally Vacated For Pair In Case Of Murdered Livery Driver(NY1) * Pregnant Woman Robbed Of iPhone, Chases After Thief In McCarren(WCBS) * Man Shot for Bag of Cash in Bronx(NBC) * An Arrest in the News, an Exoneration in Silence(NYT) * IDEO: Violent Manhattan Rape Suspect Now Sought In Queens Attack

  NYPD sergeant on trial for courting murder suspect(NYDN)

Finch smuggler Marlon Hariram pleads guilty(NYDN)

Wrongly convicted inmates finally cleared, forced to wait 5 days before release due lack of ankle cuffs(NYP)

NYPD hit for $1.6M in brutal beer busts(NYDN)

 WATCH: Barclays-area 7-Eleven clerks strip shoplift suspect in struggle over candy bar(NYP)

Chief of an Elite Police Unit Involved in Two Fatal Shootings Is Reassigned(NYT)

Luchese crime family captain sentenced 1 year(NYDN)

eroin-addicted teacher sent to 'rubber room'(NYDN)

 Cuckoo castration 'killer' Renato Seabra was cold hearted in the sack, testimony reveals(NYP)

Bangladeshi family shocked at terror bust of ‘gentle’ son(NYP) * F.B.I. Arrests Second Suspect in Bomb Plot Against Bank(NYT) * Queens Man Held In Federal Reserve Bomb Plot(NY1)* Feds must track international students: Schumer(NYDN) * ‘Perv’ eyed as accomplice in terrorist's Federal Reserve(NYDN) * FBI Helped Orchestrate Bomb Plot, Then Foiled It(NBC) * Accused Federal Reserve bomber's home country wants to trade info on case(NYP) * Possible Bomb Plot Accomplice Faces Child Porn Charges (NY1)

Not the Best Timing

Bill Responding To NYPD Spying Advances In New Jersey(Huff Post)

Cranky terror mastermind KSM wins bid for shorter court days, more sleep time(NYP)

‘Perv’ eyed as accomplice in terrorist's Federal Reserve bomb bid(NYP) * U.S Attorney Talks About Terror Plot(NBC)

KSM kept in the no by ruling (NYP) A camouflage-cloaked Khalid Sheik Mohammed was back in court yesterday, and up to his old tricks. A day after disrupting a pretrial hearing with a rambling, anti-American rant, the 9/11 plotter frustrated a military judge with a bizarre request to attend private scheduling sidebars. 

Possible Bomb Plot Accomplice Faces Child Porn Charges(NY1)