Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thompson Defies Gravity By Running for Mayor Without Paying Poster Fine

PM Update Council Redistricting 
City’s Proposed Council Map Is Called Unfair to Minority Groups(NYT)

Manhattan Madam prostitute sentenced to no jail(Fox 5)

2 Former Housing Officials Plead Guilty in Bribery Schemes (NYT) 

Diallo’s Mother Asks Why Officer Who Shot at Her Son Will Get Gun Back(NYT)

Our Next Stop, Governor: Another Development Site Helped by Your Policies (NYT) Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is taking trips intended to highlight projects that illustrate his economic development strategy, but which some critics have suggested are a centralized form of pork.
Teachers union chief: City causes brain drain(NYDN)

Gunman Sought in Bronx Bodega Shooting(NBC)

Teen set to join Navy slain trying to make peace in Bronx(NYP)

Eddie Castell Maybe You Can Get Bronx Council for Economic Development to Pay the Poster Fine?

Thompson poster fines stick(NYP)  A city appeals panel has refused to overturn a $594,375 fine slapped on former Comptroller Bill Thompson for illegally putting up 7,925 campaign posters on public property when he ran for mayor in 2009, it was disclosed yesterday. * Thompson Campaign Loses Appeal on Fines(WSJ) * NYC comptroller ordered to pay $590,000 in fines(Fox 5) Bill Thompson has 120 days to appeal his $594,375 fine for illegal postering stemming from his 2009 mayoral race.

Campaign 2012 Qns. GOPer’s ‘fiend’-raiser(NYP) Surprise! Former mob boss John Gotti Jr. showed up at a fund-raiser Sunday for a GOP state Senate candidate from Queens. * JOHN GOTTI, JR. ATTENDS STATE SENATE CANDIDATE’S FUNDRAISER: And radio host Curtis Sliwa, who was shot in 1992 as part of an attack that federal prosecutors accused Gotti, Jr. with ordering, is outraged at Rudy Giuliani, Ed Cox and Mike Long for supporting the Republican candidate:  * Fight For The House: "Blue" New York Is A Battleground For Congressional Races(NY1) * Staten Island candidates' lawn signs stress personal brand (SI advance) * MAVERICK SENATOR Tony Avella MULLS RUN FOR QUEENS BP: The already packed field for Queens Borough President might be getting even more crowded soon (City and State) * Sen. Tony Avella, who is mulling a 2013 Queens borough president run, has a new bill that would restructure JCOPE. * The News argues that Council Speaker Christine Quinn should not be swayed in supporting Councilman Dan Garodnick’s “misguided” paid sick leave bill * NY-11 congressional candidate Mark Murphy continues to hammer away at his opponent, Republican Michael Grimm, with a new 30-second ad entitled “Imagine” that starts running today in heavy rotation on cable television in Staten Island and Brooklyn. In the ad, a montage of headlines recaps a series of allegations that have been connected with Grimm in the press before the voiceover concludes * GOP mayoral hopeful George McDonald says he'll challenge 's contribution limits* The NY Post picks up (without attribution to SoP) the anti-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver mailer sent out in the Bob Cohen vs. Assemblyman George Latimer state Senate race.* Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer surged past Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on Twitter, after getting a shout-out from Lady Gaga. [Dana Rubinstein] * Lauffer, key figure in shaping early NYC campaign finace laws, sides w/ candidate seeking to raise donor limits. *Police Official Mulls Entering Public Advocate Race(NYP) * De Blasio Raids Weinerland in Advance of 2013 Election(NYO) * The Uniformed Firefighters Association endorsed Councilman Eric Ulrich‘s campaign to knock out Democratic Senator Joe Addabbo this afternoon in Middle Village, Queens. In a statement, UFA President Stephen Cassidy saidtook a deeper dive into GOP mayoral candidate George McDonald‘s quest to shatter some of New York City’s campaign finance limits. * George McDonald, founder of the Doe Fund and a Republican candidate for mayor, plans to challenge NYC’s campaign contribution limits. He wants them to be higher. * Former NYC Comptroller and likely 2013 mayoral candidate Bill Thompson has a plan to tackle the city’s growing poverty gap.


2013 Positioning Dance on Sick Bill: Quinn Vs. de Blasio 
De Blasio is pushing Quinn to support the sick pay bill to cut her off from the business community support and to win support among the activists.  At the same time de Blasio is spinning to become the champion of the small businessman by cutting red tape regulations.
 "not the right time" for -- * . on : "a well intentioned bill but it's one that I believe if we were to put into law right now would cost us jobs." . said she doubts the best way to find the best students is through a single test. cc: * "we all know really smart people who don't do well on tests"-- *
 . says FDNY OT is "extraordinary" when discussing fire exam controversy over diversity.  Color the Daily News unimpressed with Councilman Dan Garodnick‘s attempt to water down the proposed paid sick leave legislation to make it more palatable to business leaders and Council Speaker Christine Quinn. “His proposal is all about that run, and not about the health of struggling entrepreneurs,” the publication opined about Mr. Garodnick’s 2013 campaign for comptroller.

A Billion $$$ Sinkhole Subway Station
$1.4 billion subway station to nowhere(NYP)Surprise: The new Dey Street entrance for the Fulton Transit Center, to open this fall, won’t take you anywhere but to the subway station on the other side of Broadway — not to the R train’s Cortlandt Street station, as the MTA had promised for seven years. At least not for a long time: The agency admitted this week that not enough people would use the new underground corridor, perhaps as few as five per hour, to justify opening the $200 million link. n fact, $847 million in US dough was just fine — until it turned out to be not nearly enough, causing the MTA to pull the Fulton project’s plug in January 2008. By then, the agency had evicted scores of viable stores and businesses, tangled traffic on Broadway and made the old station’s mere inconveniences into a true horror show.

 The Hush $$$ Cover Up Continues
The fallout from Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s implosion continues to batter high-ranking elected officials. Notably, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli insisted that his staff had a “very limited” role in the sexual harassment settlement. “So, because of all the concerns that have been raised, I said, ‘Staff, do we need to do things differently, should there be more red flags?’” he explained. “And we’re reviewing that and perhaps there’ll be some changes in our policies that will come out as a result of that.” * Remember Michael Bragman? Former Assemblyman reminds Democrats what happens to those who challenge Speaker Silver

A group of taxi medallion owners say the city “conspired” with the Taxi Workers Alliance to get the union to drop its opposition to its outerborough livery plan in exchange for a fare hike, according to a lawsuit
Mike bribed cabbies with hike: taxi owners (NYP) The city struck a secret deal with cabdrivers in order to sway their support for the now-dead outer-borough street-hail plan — and to stick it to the medallion owners who opposed it, court papers charge. In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court

NYFD: White Vs. Black 
Hire fight over bias in FDNY(NYP) New York firefighters criticized a judge’s plan to award retroactive seniority to applicants who weren’t hired due to discrimination and argued that “experience counts” at a federal court hearing yesterday* A Day to Speak Out on Fire Dept. Bias Case(NYT) * Battle Erupts Over Who Gets First Dibs In FDNY Hiring Effort(NY1) * NY1 Online: Vulcan Society Updates Fight for Diversity in FDNY * "I feel I'm being discriminated against because I'm Caucasian," said firefighter Michael Butt. [John Marzulli

Cuomo Punts Fracking 
Bill Hammond praises Cuomo for the cap, saying it is “delivering as advertised.” 
Cuomo’s latest stall(NYP Ed) Gov. Cuomo claims that his decision to impose yet another review of fracking won’t delay the process further, but speed it up.  Except that Cuomo has been reviewing fracking — a process for extracting natural gas and oil from deep underground — since the day he took office. He casually blew his own deadline for a decision, and this latest review is open-ended and doubtless good for another two years of delay — if not longer. * The Post howls that hydrofracking is not happening in New York State and calls Cuomo’s remarks calling for further environmental review “preposterous” and “sophistry” The New York Post calls Cuomo’s claim that a DOH review of the potential public health impacts of drilling might actually speed up the process by staving off litigation “preposterous, a sophistry” and accuses him of “faking” on fracking.” * Cuomo: No Walking Back On Fracking(YNN) * Elected Officials to Protect New York, a bipartisan coalition of more than 440 local elected officials from 52 counties, is still trying to get a meeting on fracking with Cuomo. * At least one person who attended a quiet meeting on campaign finance reform with Cuomo at the Capitol last week was disappointed to learn he won’t push the issue until next year.

NYPD Gang Up Social Media and Thug Territory . . .  Gang Fights About What Block U Live On
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will announce that the NYPD is doubling its Gang Division from 150 officers to 300 in order to combat street crews responsible for 30 percent of the city’s shootings, the News writes
Street 'Crews' Get New Focus From NYPD(WSJ) Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is expected to announce that the agency will double its antigang division. Street 'crews' responsible for nearly 1/3 of NYC shootings, are subject to new NYPD operation * Gang cops cast a wider ’Net(NYPD) * NYPD doubles anti-gang unit 'Crew Cut' crackdown(WABC) * NYPD's Anti-Gang Unit to Double(NBC) * The NYPD is doubling its anti-gang division.* Homicide rate in New York is near historic lows: Ray Kelly * NYPD To Double Gang Unit, Combat Social Media Fueled Crime(NY1) * NYPD explores moving Staten Island Gang Unit to Brookly(SI Advaqnce)

NYPA Vs NYPD: Journalist's Letter to Kelly Denouncing NYPD Assault On Media: The National Press Photographers Association...

Two former supervisors at the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Michael Provenzano and Luis Adornopleaded guilty today to federal bribery charges. In the press release touting the conviction

Schools’ Failure to Improve May Lead to More Closings(NYT) Education officials said a rising number of schools faced intervention, even closing, after their annual progress reports, although some parents and educators said current grading methods were unfair. More than 150 elementary and middle schools posted mediocre efforts on their annual progress reports for the third straight year, which triggers the city to scrutinize them * DOE Releases Annual Progress Reports For Elementary, Middle Schools(NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: Former Asst. Principal To Be Fired For Inappropriate Contact With Student * PS 234 in Tribeca went from an A grade last year to a C grade this year. [Amy Stretten and Yoav Gonen]* Reports On NYC Schools Show Mediocre Progress(WCBS)

The Times’s Michael Powell questions the Bloomberg administration’s plans to put a mall and soccer stadiums in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

With a New M.T.A. Ad Policy, Thinking About the First Amendment(NYT)

Council Member Tish James said her office was “pleasantly surprised that we did not receive as many complaints as I had anticipated” during the opening of the new Barclays Center in Prospect Heights. The much-maligned developer of the project, Bruce Ratner, went on Inside City Hall  last night to discuss, among other things, whether he will deliver on his promises of affordable housing. “People of course have their doubts. But the housing is going to start, it’s going to be architecturally beautiful, we’re going to make sure it’s a community,” he argued. “Look I’ve been doing this for twenty-five years in New York City, … it’s what we do.”

New Brooklyn Arena Serves as a Test: Will Fans Accept Smaller Sodas?(NYT) The opening also served as a test of the city’s latest controversial policy–Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s new soda cup restrictions. Barclays Center had agreed to preemptively adjust their concession stands to sixteen ounces, provoking several amusing reactions. Asked one annoyed woman, “Is this the Bloomberg thing?”

Point of contention(New York World) Willets development expansion in Queens prompts new review and protests by holdout businesses

Manhattan Choices Narrow(WSJ) The number of apartments listed for sale in Manhattan shrunk to the lowest level in seven years, creating yet another challenge for would-be buyers, market reports say

The Post wonders why city officials were unaware of the dangers of reselling a set of master keys that allow control of every elevator in the city
Locksmith lockdown (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg yesterday said he’d try to plug the legal loophole allowing anyone to buy keys to sensitive city locations — even as officials said they have no idea how many keys are out there.
Keys to catastrophe(NYP Ed) So let’s get this straight: Master keys that could facilitate untold havoc throughout the city are being sold to the public online — and there’s nothing that can be done about it? Moreover, city officials didn’t even realize such items are on sale — until two Post reporters actually bought a set? The Post wonders why city officials were unaware of the dangers of reselling a set of master keys that allow control of every elevator in the city:

 Village club is Cast-away(NYP)

In Search for Drugs, Something Unexpected(NYT) *Brooklyn Couple Kept Guns, Gator In Their Home, Police Say(NY1) * Duo Busted With Alligator, Guns in Brooklyn(NBC) * No, You Can’t Keep a Pet Alligator in the City(NY Mag)

DN editorial: Horse deaths at Aqueduct are the latest scandal for NYRA


Mink Weiner
There’s a new top dog in town(New York World)

Defending The Marshland Of Jamaica Bay(Huff Post)

Jim Lehrer, the former anchor of “NewsHour” on PBS, has moderated debates since 1988. Of his preparations, he said, “If I’m not physically doing it, it’s in my head.”During Debates, Moderators Are Both Referee and Target (NYT) A role that once stood as a crowning journalistic achievement is subject to partisan vitriol.Jim Lehrer is seething, outraged and offended that anyone would call him a "safe" choice to moderate the first debate. *2012 Debate Moderators And Topics Continue To Draw Scrutiny; Jim Lehrer 'Seething' Over Criticism (Huff Post)

The Opening Statement(NYT) * Trembling Before Mitt(NYT) In advance of the first presidential debate, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney try on the unfamiliar garb of exaggerated humility.  * Mr. Romney’s Government Handout(NYT Ed) Mitt Romney has proposed making the dysfunctional tax loophole system, which provides benefits only for the very rich, even more unfair. * President's 'No Drama' Style Is a Debate Asset(WSJ) * Look for Duel on Energy in Debates(WSJ) * New Romney ad: Obama raised middle class taxes to pay for health law (The Hill) * Romney prepared for ’47 percent’ debate question(Wash Post) * COLUMN: The "October Surprise' happened in September.(Wash )Post *Charles Krauthammer Calls Out Romney Campaign’s Missed Opportunities On O’Reilly   * Poll: Obama holds 4-point lead nationwide, up 18 with female voters (Hill) * Frank Rich on Joy Behar: Could Obama and Romney Be Even More Boring Together?(NY Mag)Poll: Obama leads 18 points among women: (Politico) * An 18 point lead among women puts President Barack Obama ahead of Mitt Romney 49-45 percent among likely voters nationwide, according to a new Q poll, which is in keeping with the findings of other polls released this week.* The Mitt Romney Who Might Have Been(NYT) * Senator Chuck Schumer said Romney didn't have the guts to turn toward the center after the primary. [Reid Pillifant]
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Florida (29)49.846.8Obama +3.0Toss UpObama +2.8Bush +5.0Bush +0.1
Virginia (13)48.044.6Obama +3.4Toss UpObama +6.3Bush +8.2Bush +8.1
North Carolina (15)47.348.0Romney +0.7Toss UpObama +0.3Bush +12.4Bush +12.8
Iowa (6)48.545.0Obama +3.5Toss UpObama +9.5Bush +0.7Gore +0.3
Nevada (6)49.045.0Obama +4.0Toss UpObama +12.5Bush +2.6Bush +3.5
Colorado (9)48.845.7Obama +3.1Toss UpObama +9.0Bush +4.7Bush +8.4
Ohio (18)49.343.8Obama +5.5Leans DemObama +4.6Bush +2.1Bush +3.5
Arizona (11)43.048.7Romney +5.7Leans GOPMcCain +8.5Bush +10.5Bush +6.3
New Hampshire (4)50.044.0Obama +6.0Leans DemObama +9.6Kerry +1.3Bush +1.3
Wisconsin (10)51.044.3Obama +6.7Leans DemObama +13.9Kerry +0.4Gore +0.2
Missouri (10)43.050.3Romney +7.3Leans GOPMcCain +0.1Bush +7.2Bush +3.3
Minnesota (10)49.741.3Obama +8.4Leans DemObama +10.3Kerry +3.5Gore +2.4
Oregon (7)50.041.5Obama +8.5Leans DemObama +16.4Kerry +4.2Gore +0.5
Pennsylvania (20)50.242.2Obama +8.0Leans DemObama +10.3Kerry +2.5Gore +4.2
Michigan (16)52.042.0Obama +10.0Leans DemObama +16.4Kerry +3.4Gore +5.2
New Mexico (5)50.340.3Obama +10.0Leans DemObama +15.1Bush +0.7Gore +0.1
Connecticut (7)53.039.3Obama +13.7Likely DemObama +22.4Kerry +10.3Gore +17.5
Georgia (16)39.052.3Romney +13.3Likely GOPMcCain +5.2Bush +16.6Bush +11.7
New Jersey (14)51.438.6Obama +12.8Likely DemObama +15.6Kerry +6.7Gore +15.8
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1 US patrol agent killed, another wounded in shooting near notorious Ariz. drug route(NYP)
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Pelosi Accuses GOP Of Holding Up Funds Which Would Have Provided Security For Libya Consulate
A new report found state debt amounts to $13,425 for every man, woman and child in America. New York, which has the second largest total debt, has the 12th largest debt per capita.
A judge has struck down the voter ID law in Pennsylvania- at least for the upcoming general election in November.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is ready to cooperate “closely” with Congress in investigating the attack in Benghazi.
Biden: Middle Class Has Been ‘Buried The Last Four Years’
Obama campaign takes over Ohio newspaper (sort of) (Wash Post)
. adviser Castell laughs off notion BT over-performed in 2009 race vs
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Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama Admin’s Contradictory, Uncoordinated Response To Libya Attack

Gloves Off on Wall Street
J.P. Morgan Sued on Mortgage Bonds(WSJ) New York's attorney general filed a civil complaint against the company, alleging widespread fraud by the company's Bear Stearns unit in the sale of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis. Under the auspices of the federal mortgage task force he co-chairs, AG Eric Schneiderman filed a civil suit against Bear Sterns & Co., citing a broad pattern of misconduct in the packaging and sale of mortgage securities during the housing boom. * It's the first complaint against a big bank from the federal mortgage task force formed by the White House and led by Schneiderman. [Gretchen Morgenson] * Schneiderman: Bear Stearns Knowingly Misled Investors(YNN) * Schneiderman: More Lawsuits From Other Attorneys Possible(YNN) * There’s some question about whether AG Eric Schneiderman’s Bear Sterns lawsuit is overreaching.

Law and Order

City Subpoenas Film Outtakes as It Defends Suit by Men Cleared in ’89 Rape(NYT) * NYS Corrections Commissioner Reacts To NYCLU Solitary Confinement(WCBS)

NYPD returns gun 13 yrs. after slay(NYP) One of the four cops involved in the fatal shooting of unarmed Bronx immigrant Amadou Diallo finally got his NYPD gun back yesterday  

Pizza kid’s ma: Rape accuser drunk (NYP)

A federal judge ruled that the New York Police Department illegally arrested scores of demonstrators during the 2004 Republican National Convention but upheld how the city handled aspects of the arrests 
Judge Rules That Mass Arrests at a 2004 Protest Were Illegal(NYT) * Judge Rules NYPD Wrongly Arrested Protesters At 2004 GOP Convention(NY1) A federal judge ruled that 226 arrests made at once during the Republican National Convention in New York City back in 2006 were illegitimate, and more than 1,000 people were wrongfully fingerprinted after being charged with only a violation. Expensive lawsuits may follow.

Kerik bro’s $weet deal: Testifies pal gave him 5 months’ pay(NYP)

Killer’s sick confession(NYP) * ‘Syringe’ bus driver fears HIV(NYP) * Gang cops cast a wider ’Net(NYP) * Park body find(NYP) * Lured by Promises of Wealth, F.B.I. Agent Was Drawn Into Fraud Scheme, Prosecutors Say(NYT) * State Pays $2 Million to Settle Man’s Wrongful Conviction(NYT) * Prisoners’ Letters Offer a Window Into Lives Spent Alone in Tiny Cells(NYT) * Arrest Made in Robberies Using Hypodermic Needle(NYT) * NYPD investigating $36,000 jewelry store heist(WSJ) * Dolan Makes Case For Low-Income NYers' Civil Court Needs(NY1)* Girl Struck By Stray Bullet While Doing Homework Returns(WCBS) * 4 shot, 1 fatally, on the street in the Bronx(WABC) * Brooklyn Subway Phone Robber Slashed Victim: Police(NBC)* City Bus Drivers Call for More Protection(NBC) * Gunman wanted in death of 19-year-old (News12BK) * One Dead, Two Injured In Overnight Bronx Shooting (NY1) * Solitary Confinement Used Too Often In State Prisons, NYCLU Finds(NY1) * Video: NYPD Seeks Perp Caught On Tape Shooting Bodega Worker * Teen set to join Navy slain trying to make peace in Bro (NYP) * Wrongly convicted man speaks out(WABC) * Man Set Fire to Ex's Apartment Twice in 2 Days: Cops(NBC)

Suspect Charged With Bronx Robberies Involving NeedleSuspect Charged With Bronx Robberies Involving Needle (NY1)Police arrested Monday a man in connection with a series of eight Bronx robberies, including three incidents where victims were threatened with a needle.


Murder Trial For Former Police Officer Has A Rocky StartMurder Trial For Former Police Officer Has A Rocky Start (WSJ) Opening statements began Monday in the trial of a former police officer charged with murdering his wife in their Bronx home and dumping her body miles away, but at one point the judge made jurors clear the courtroom over how the prosecution handled testimony from the victim's son.
WATCH: 2 'armed' men in Midtown Rolex heist(NYP)
kSHAMEFUL: Thief steals Park Slope library branch’s new iPad (NYDN)