Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"New York may not be open for business after all."

To Run For President Cuomo Needs Fracking and Gambling $$$ to Lower Taxes . . .  Cannot Run For 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Representing the State With the Highest Taxes
Tax hell makes NY dead last for biz(NYP) New York state’s business-tax climate has gone from bad to worst.The Empire State has dropped from an already terrible 49th place to last in the nation in the latest Tax Foundation rankings. Plus a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the county.

N.Y. Ranked Last on Taxes(WSJ) * Wall Street Jobs May Shrink Further(WSJ) * Tax group: N.Y. worst for growth(NYDN) * Profits on Wall Street are going to be up this year, according to a new report from state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, but are still below their pre-recession highs.* Some bad news in DiNapoli’s report: Amid a 17 percent drop in earnings industry-wide, Wall Street shed 4,800 jobs between May and August, bringing the ranks of NYC’s best-paid workforce down to 168,700.* to finalize fracking rules before the Nov 29 deadline * The Cato Institute gave New York a "D" for its tax and spending policies and the Tax Foundation ranked the state 49th out of 50 for its business climate. [Associated Press] * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said Wall Street shed 1,200 since the beginning of the year and more may be on the way. [Brett Philbin] * Tax hell makes New York dead last for businesses (NYP) * Drill, gov, drill(NYDN Ed) * hits back at reports ny's biz climate has gotten worse. “We’ve reduced the tax rate on middle class families in this state."* "Silver Supports Higher City Taxes for Wealthy" (WSJ) * Sen. Liz Krueger took issue with the claim that Cuomo has been given a “long leash” by fracking supporters.* Documentary on Albany anti-fracking concert debuting tomorrow in Woodstock. The title? "Dear Governor Cuomo..." 

Low Paying Jobs Comming
Report Predicts Fastest Job Growth in Hotels and Restaurants, Not Financial Services

City Hospital Will Need Millions From the State and City After Fed Cuts
Hospitals’ Medicare funds at risk(NY World) City medical centers stand to lose millions under new incentives to improve care under government insurance program for the elderly


Etch A Sketch Quinn Flip Flop On Increasing Taxes to Millionaires
‘Candidate’ Quinn: Read my lips . . .(NYP) New Yorkers can count on one tax rate to stay flat next year. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, positioning herself for a mayoral run next year,...  *Quinn Says Tax Hike On The Table(NY1)* Christine Quinn flips on plan to soak rich(NYDN)Speaker Christine Quinn flip flops, now says DON'T tax the rich  Mayor wanna-be used '09 State of City address to call for tax hike on households making over $300,000. She says her '09 proposal came in moment of fiscal crisis. "Quinn said she wasn't ruling out tax increases entirely, but she was ruling out property tax increases, kind of."

Campaign 2012/3/4  De Blasio Calls For Pre-K Debate With Mayor On Inside City Hall(NY1) * Some NYC Voters Want To Switch Parties To Vote In Democratic Primaries(NY1) * For Cuomo, Party Not A Deciding Factor In 2012 Backings(NY1) * Residents Upset Over Calls That Accuse State Senate Candidate Of Supporting Muslim Radicals(NY1) * State Republicans hold a nearly 6-1 fundraising advantage over Democrats in their bid to maintain control over the state Senate, collecting $18.46 million compared with $3.5 million for the Democrats, the Post notes * Outside groups including Super PACs are injecting close to $2 million into both sides of a Buffalo-area congressional campaign between Rep. Kathy Hochul and Chris Collins, the Buffalo News writes: * Quinn introduced a package of proposals to increase the penalties on public lewdness and force some sex offenders to get photographed by law enforcement once a year, the News reports * Former High Times publisher Richard Stratton plans to challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the seat in 2014 and will make legalizing marijuana a top issue, the Post writes: *Museum director running for Brooklyn City Council seat(NYDN) * Scott Stringer for Comptroller Rumors Heat Up * Public Advocate Bill de Blasio's education plan is criticized by one editorial board for "raising the specter of Obama-style class warfare in New York" and possibly "limiting [his] appeal to a small and getting-smaller faction of the Democratic Party." [New York Observer] * De Blasio wants the NYPD to release crime stats for public parks. [WNYC] * Quinn also wants annual photographs of sex offenders. [Erin Durkin] * Brooklyn Senate Candidates Square off in Contentious Debate [Video](NYO) * Joe Crowley Plays the Field for Queens Borough President(NYO) * Rep. Michael Grimm “shut down a debate attendee (who happened to be a Brooklyn Democratic Party staffer) with a thinly veiled threat” after he asked the congressman about his fundraising scandal. Campaign Notebook(NYDN)

When Your A City Employee Crime Pays
Only the Daily News Covers the Light Sentencing Of Hevesi Pension Corruption Enabler . . .  Where is the Gray Lady, Protecting Steve Rattner?
Alan Hevesi money man in pay-to-play scandal ducks jail (NYDN) David Loglisci, who was chief investment officer for disgraced state controller, will be in the clear if stays out of trouble for 3 years. Loglisci was said to be a “direct link” to scandal ringleader Hank Morris, who was Hevesi’s chief political advisor. Morris used his access and influence to score at least $19 million in fees from companies wanting to do business with the fund.

AG: No Jail Time for Pension Crook . . . What A Joke
No Jail Time For David Loglisci, Top Investment Official In Alan Hevesi Pay-To-Play Scandal(NYDN) As chief investment officer in charge of overseeing the $140 billion pension fund, Loglisci was said to be a “direct link” to scandal ringleader Hank Morris, who was Hevesi’s chief political advisor. Morris used his access and influence to to score at least $19 million in fees from companies wanting to do business with the fund. David Loglisci, disgraced ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s former chief investment officer, was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Bart Stone to a conditional discharge. (In other words: No jail time). * No jail, no probation for former state pension honcho(NYP)
Loglisci was not said to have benefitted directly from the scam, though his brother, film producer Steven Loglisci, secured several hundred thousands of dollars from those involved in the scandal to help fund his poorly-received movie, “Chooch.”*Steve Rattner Still Has a "Chooch" Problem - The Village Voice Blogs(2010) *Steven Rattner nailed by Cuomo over "Chooch" - City Desk

Connected Steve Rattner Bought Himself Out of Jail and Not He is A TV Pundit

Steve Ratner Pension Mess(True News)

From Gawker:
If there's anyone who'd want to take Steve Rattner—the media-savvy financier-cum-auto-czar who is embroiled in a pay-to-play pension scandal—down a notch, it would be fearless Wall Street bulldog Eliot Spitzer, right? Wrong. MSNBC's Morning Joe had the disgraced former New York governor on this week to talk tough about all those Wall Street scoundrels and tell us how he'd be dragging them all to the Tombs by their starched collars right now if only he hadn't banged that hooker. But Spitzer dropped his Top Cop pose when Scarborough brought up Rattner, the extremely well-connected former New York Times Reporter and friend of Arthur Sulzberger Jr. whose former investment firm is under investigation by New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo for paying off middlemen in order to get state pension money.

"Every time I say Steve Rattner's name and ask why he's still working in any capacity while this investigation is going on, everybody looks down around the table," Scarborough told Spitzer. "Everybody's scared of him. And why is it that it looks like he and his firm was involved in a scheme that you would have busted up... and it seems like they're going after everybody but Steve Rattner?" Instead of tapping into his legendary righteous indignation when it comes to Wall Street excess, Spitzer told an incredulous Scarborough that Rattner is "a very nice" and "extremely smart guy who appears to be doing a very good job" and who most certainly did not commit an "illegal abuse of power." Of course not! How could the vice chair of Spitzer's 48th birthday party [pdf] be guilty of such shenanigans? Of the man who contributed $50,000 to Spitzer's campaign in 2006. (Dick Grasso should have kicked in). No Joe, no one will go after Rattner. He knows everybody. Steven Rattner Campaign Contributions and Donations -- Huffington Post

New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal(True News)

Is the NYT Telling Us A Drug Store Replaces St. Vincent's Hospital to Protect Quinn Who Is Being Attacked For Allowing the Hospital to Close?
New Style of Health Care Emerges to Fill Hospital’s Void(NYT)  The demise of St. Vincent’s Hospital in Greenwich Village two years ago has led to a struggle for health care supremacy, offering a glimpse at what might be the future of urban medicine. *Loser of Bid to Overhaul Hospital Logs Files a Claim(NYT) Allscripts, one of the country’s largest providers of electronic medical records, lodged a complaint against the city’s public hospital system for awarding a $303 million contract to a rival, Epic Systems

Quinn using taxpayer resources to promote herself(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Tribune:

The show, the Queens scenes and the food held my interest until around 2:20 p.m. when a “Diversity” commercial was aired. “Hello, this is Council Speaker Christine Quinn” or something like that said the recognizable voice of the council boss and Mayoral wanabe. It was a 30-second, multi-cultural lovefest with terrible production values – as bad as you ever see on network television. But the message of “Love Love” and “Hate Hate” is of course a seller in our great city. At the end of the painfully bad commercial with a solidly good message, was the City’s logo (NYC) taking ownership for the spot.  

Redistricting Commission proposes blatantly gerrymandered Council districts(Queens Crap)

QCC received several complaints from member civics that the Commission’s first draft boundary map did not take the opportunity to fix some towns that were separated in the 2003 redistricting. On the contrary, the Commission has proposed additional changes that in some cases further divided traditional, contextual and geographical communities. QCC has submitted a comprehensive proposal that addresses these guiding principles: meet charter population requirements; keep traditional towns and “areas of common interest” together; utilize natural boundaries or straight lines wherever possible; and, consider demographic distribution in the districts. Following are links to QCC’s Report and supporting maps and charts. See how the tweeders wanted to divide your community.

Today's pols are reincarnations of Manes(Queens Crap)

From a letter to the editor of the Queens Tribune:

In 1895, Frederick Law Olmstead - the genius who created Central and Prospect Parks in this city and other famous parks elsewhere - said: “The survival of our park system requires the exclusion from management of real estate dealers and politicians and that the first duty of our park trustees is to hand down from one generation to the next the treasure of scenery which the city placed in their care.” The huge increase in our urban population and the technological congestion in modern cities makes it clear Mr. Olmstead’s admonition over 100 years ago is even more pertinent today. But when it comes to Flushing Meadows Corona Park, it not only falls on deaf ears, but upon a large group of donkeys who masquerade as public officials, oblivious to the fact that even during the great depression of the 1930s, public parkland was considered sacred and inviolate, not for sale or barter. Since the administration of the late former Queens Boro President Donald Manes through and up to our current Bloomberg administration, FMCP has been up for grabs by all sorts of fat cat real estate and special interests aided and complicit with so called politicians who have not the vaguest understanding of what urban parks are all about and that once parkland a non renewable resource is given away, it is lost forever.Residents of Queens and indeed of this city have every right to be concerned and to protest the malfeasance being inflicted on FMCP.(Residents Protest Park Plans- Queens Tribune-Sept. 20-26).

The state Commission on Judicial Conduct has determined that Surrogate Court Judge Nora Anderson should be censured for accepting $250,000 in “disguised contributions” for her 2008 campaign and failing to report the contributions as required. * Judge Censured for '08 Campaign Ethics Violations(NYT)

According to latest court filing in @johncliu fundraiser fraud case, both #2009 and #2013 fundraisers pleaded fifth before grand jury- Gross NY1 *  Government Defends Action in Latest Liu Filing(YNN)

Attendance a sore spot for some on Council(NYDN)Before corrupt former City Councilman Larry Seabrook got the boot from the legislative body, he was its worst member in terms of attendance   Councilmembers Gennaro, Mendez, Mealy and Sanders also were frequent no-shows in the previous fiscal year

Fewer than 10 percent of 8th graders at the U.F.T.-run charter school passed this year's state English exam, the worst among charter schools in the city.
Making the Grade in New York City(NYT Ed) Do the progress reports really help develop good schools? Or do they simply confuse parents and irritate teachers and principals? * Stuyvesant Student Punished for Cheating Sues City(WSJ)  A Stuyvesant High School senior suspended for participating in a massive cheating ring has sued New York City over damage done to the student's prospects for admission to an elite college. * Union Defends Charter School(WSJ) New York City teachers union officials on Tuesday defended a charter school founded by the labor union as the school undergoes a crucial review period that will determine whether the struggling institution stays open. New York City teachers union officials defended a Brooklyn charter school founded by the United Federation of Teachers that has received poor marks from the city for student performance* UFT Charter School In Danger Of Closing(NY1) * The News is not impressed by a new test for primary school students to qualify for gifted and talented programs in New York City, saying testing 4-year-olds is “arbitrary and borderline absurd”: * Union charter is in danger(NYDN) * Analysis: City grades can be misleading(NYDN) * Homeless sex offenders housed near school(WABC) * How could the Supreme Court affirmative action case affect New York colleges? (NY World) * Bronx Science snags its 8th Nobel but its 1st in chemistry: Robert Lefkowitz '59.(NYT)

‘Labor’ pain for school (NYP) It’s no lesson in leadership. The city teacher union’s bid to show it could run a charter school as well as any non-unionized shop has blown up in its face, the latest school results show. Fewer than 10 percent of eighth-graders at The UFT Charter..

Cornell 'geniuses' check city school's startup plans(NYDN)

Faced with unprecedented overcrowding in NYC’s homeless shelters, Bloomberg has cut through the bureaucracy to open up new shelters across the city, pushing some into wealthy areas where residents fear their new neighbors will bring in crime and dru

A plainclothes officer called a Harlem teen a “f------- mutt” during a stop-and-frisk last year in an audio recording released the day before a New York City Council hearing on the policy, The Nation reports * The News picks up a video essay in The Nation about a menacing stop-and-frisk incident in Harlem caught on a two-minute audio recording. The "officers appear to repeatedly harass and threaten the teenager after he asks why he's been stopped." [Shane Dixon Kavanaugh] * .@jummaanewilliams calls out Commissioner Ray Kelly & the NYPD for failing to show at the hearing. "Absences is the opposite of leadership."* ‎.@ChrisCQuinn opening statement: We need "very careful balancing of the rights of citizens and the needs of the officers" to do their jobs. * "There is no room for local law" in field of says rep for admin.* On , says: if we regulate how NYPD conducts stops, then we could regulate how teachers teach, ff fight fires * Tempers flare at City Hall hearing over stop-and-frisk policy(NYP) * Cops by Day, Targets by Night Voice) * It’s almost like NYPD reform is a contentious City Council issue or something. In a heated debate this morning with Councilman Peter Vallone, Councilwoman Helen Foster at one point shouted, “Peter, I don’t work for you. I’m not one of your boys! You will not talk to me like that.” * Advocates flock to stop and frisk hearing(WABC) * Man Wanted for Queens iPhone Robbery Spree(NBC) * City Council Holds Hearings On NYPD Oversight, Reforms(NY1) * City Council, Mayor's Lawyer Spar Over Need For NYPD Reforms: The City Council discussed Wednesday tightened... * Sharp Words at Hearing Over Tactics of the Police(NYT) * Report Sees More Restraint in Shootings by City Police Officers(NYT) * City Council hearing on police practices(Fox 5)

Before hearing at , says creates a tale of two cities. One on the UES, another in East New York

Bronx to Queens: Be wary of stadium deal(NYDN)

All’s fare on MTA’s hike cams(NYDN) * MTA Considers Fare Hike Options, Including $125 Monthly …(WCBS) * MTA Debuts a Whole New Way for You to Yell at It(NY Mag) * MTA has a more than $2 billion deficit, according to watchdog agency(NYP)
* The CBC says the MTA is facing a $2 billion deficit and recommends it increase transit fares by at least 21 percent by 2016. Other funding suggestions: Congestion pricing and additional fees on driver’s licenses and registrations.* MTA Seeks Candid Thoughts On Upcoming Fare Hike(NY1) * Citizens Budget Commission Says MTA Riders Should Pay More (NY1)

 Midwood's Pomegranate dishes fancy eats to famous Jews(NYDN)

Brooklyn ice skating rinks on ice this winter(NYDN)

The Times’ Mark Bittman believes that a soda tax, which could be instituted in a California town, may be more effective than a soda ban that the Bloomberg administration is pushing:

Superheroes, Stitched Together in Spandex (NYT) The New York Comic Convention, starting Thursday, is a pinnacle event for costume enthusiasts like Stephanie Darius, above as Mystique, who invest heavily in outfits.

The Making of A President 2012
Poll-vaulting Mitt shakes off the Rust(NYP) * U.S. Military Is Sent to Jordan to Help With Crisis in Syria(NYT) * Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce(NYT) * Schumer Shakes Up Deficit Talks With Call to Raise Taxes on the Rich(NYT) * Barry Trails Off (Dowd, NYP) The lesson Barack Obama never learned: leadership and salesmanship are intertwined. * Romney Targets Obama Voters(WSJ) * Obama Test-Drives a New Tone(WSJ) * Schumer: Higher Tax Rates For Richest Americans Could Help Reduce Deficit(NY1) * Voters prefer Michelle Obama and Ann Romney to their husbands(Wash Post) * Jon Stewart Mocks Romney’s Vague, Magical Plan To Cut Deficit By…Listing Things He Won’t Cut * Romney Says Abortion Isn’t on His Agenda, Campaign Disagrees(NY Mag) * ABC News Pushes Back On Debate Moderator Bias Claims(Huff Post)

Romney Surges Into Lead in Latest Polls - Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times
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Election '12: RCP Average: Romney +0.7 | Race 4 Years Ago, 8 Years Ago

Behind California's Gas Spike - Los Angeles Times
Supreme Court Should Save Affirmative Action - Washington Post
Doubts About Administration's Honesty & Competence - U-T San Diego
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Romney's campaign makes and books its television ads in-house, which gives them greater flexibility, but might cost more money. [Maggie Haberman, Alexander Burns and Emily Schultheis] * Obama may need to re-motivate black voters to have any chance of winning North Carolina again. [Susan Saulny]
Senate GOP forced to play plenty of defense, despite majority hopes (Wash Post)
Pelosi's Advice To Biden Ahead Of V.P. Debate Consists Of One Word: 'Women' [VIDEO]
Breaking with other agencies, the State Department denies connecting Libya attack to anti-Islam video protest(NYDN)
ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding, gave her husband a job
VP debate will again feature generational gap (CBS)
Biden vs Ryan: Why this debate really matters (NBC)
State Dept. says it never believed Libya attack that killed US ambassador was film protest(NYP)
Romney’s Trade Message and Bain’s China Ties(NYT)
Ann Romney Likens Obama Team’s Post-Debate Reaction To Petulant Child Losing Game In Sandbox
GALLUP: R 49% O 47% in first 'likely voter' poll.
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Jake Tapper Grills Carney On Libya: ‘Didn’t President Obama Shoot First And Aim Later?’
Romney keeps gaining in 538 forecast. Up to 32% chance of Electoral College win. (538)

NYT Vs WSJ On Labor Numbers

Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report(WSJ) The economy would need to be growing at breakneck speed for unemployment to drop to 7.8% from 8.3% in the course of two months * Conspiracy World(NYT Ed) Behind every nonpartisan institution, the right sees the malevolent hand of a liberal cabal. Just look at the latest outrageous charge by the far right that an improvement in the jobs report must have been manipulated.

Birdbrain Bam’s big blunder: Ruffles feathers with ad starring Muppet(NYP) * Bam’s Big Bird blather(NYP Ed) * Big Bird, Small President(WSJ Ed)
* Matt Lauer Scolds Robert Gibbs Over Big Bird Ad: Is This A Campaign With 'Ideas And Solutions On Its Side?' [VIDEO]

Law and Order
2 raps after park rape(NYP) * Sick ‘sex after slay’ claim: DA(NYP) * ‘Gun thief’ beats rap(NYP) * U.S. Alleges Plot to Kill a Prosecutor and a Judge(NYT) * Judge in Brooklyn Orders Closed Hearing in Informer Case(NYT) * FBI: Conman hired hitmen to torture, kill judge(NYDN) * Central Park rapist groped two other women that day, prosecutors(NYDN) * DNA from cigarette solves 1998 rape(NYDN) * Wife-slay suspect in child-welfare mystery(NYP) * Sick ‘sex after slay’ claim: DA(NYP) * DNA nails ’98 rapist(NYP) * 11-year-old girl sexually assaulted(WABC) * Cyclist Asks Girl for Help, Assaults Her: Police(WABC) * F Train Rider Sought in Lewd Act, Caught on Video(WABC) * Suspect, 21, Sought in Violent Brooklyn Robberies(WABC) * Sources say Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's office has declined to prosecute Alec Baldwin for his scuffle with a photographer. [Laura Italiano]* A man whose highly publicize rape charge was ultimately dismissed has filed suit against Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and the city. [Alan Feuer] * Teen who allegedly punched bus driver charged * 1 thief behind string of Queens iPhone thefts: cops(NYP) * Three New Yorkers Charged In ‘Baby Bones’ Case(WCBS) * 1 thief behind string of Queens iPhone thefts: cops(NYP) * Woman shot in shopping center parking lot(WABC) * NYPD Searches for Queens Rape Suspect(NBC)

Ex-Defendant Sues Prosecutor After Rape Charge Is Dropped(NYT) Darrell Dula, who had charges against him in a case involving a young Orthodox Jewish woman dismissed, claims malicious prosecution and false imprisonment.

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Central Park Rape(WSJ) * Park Suspect Is Arraigned(WSJ)

Cops release sketch of Queens pervert suspect(NYDN)

 Gas can man goes free(NYDN) Our columnist asks: What do you do with a homeless nut-job caught riding around on the subway with an open jug of gasoline? If you’re the Bronx district attorney’s office, you drop the case and let him go.

Coach’s ‘killer’ flees to Mexico(NYP) * Suspect in Fatal Stabbing of Soccer Coach Flees to Mexico, Police Say(NYT) * Stab Suspect Fled U.S.(WSJ) * Sources: Detectives Search In Mexico For Suspect In Soccer Coach's Stabbing(NY1) * Dispute at bar may be linked to brutal slaying.(NYDN) * Authorities: Man Suspected Of Killing Soccer Coach Near(WCBS) * Slain Soccer Coach Remembered As Search For Killer Expands To Mexico(NY1) * Slain Soccer Coach Remembered As Search For Killer Expands(NY1)

‘Heads will roll’ jail plot: Bid to decapitate judge & prosecutor, feds 

Cops hunt iPhone bandit(NYDN)

Pedophile faces new charges after getting only two year(NYDN)


Online maps reveal CIA's US training ground for bin Laden mission: report(NYP)
Jailers stump hook worm(NYP) * Hand Masri off to Gitmo(NYP Ed) * Terror trial set for August(NYDN)

Taliban thugs fear this tiny teen! Fanatics shoot 14-year-old girl in head(NYP) * Girl Shot by Taliban in Critical Condition After Surgery(NYT)

Court Asks if a Gang Member Is a Terrorist(NYT) * NYPD on alert for Iran terror(NYP)