Thursday, October 11, 2012

City Protects the Connected and Goes After the Little Guy

A NYC Lesson: If You Going to Be Corrupt, Steal Millions and Be Connected

The Big Guys City Employees Who Help Rip Off Billions in Tech and Pension Funds Are Not Indicted Or Punished, But the City Goes After 2 Old Ladies that Pocketed $445 and A Vendor Tying to Make A Living

City sacks sibs (NYP) $445 scam on 150G salary  Two sisters with a combined 56 years working at the city’s Finance Department have been sacked after being found guilty of ripping off $8.40 a day, the price of a lunchtime sandwich. Laura and Karen Slabinsky got the ax for claiming separate auto allowances on 53 days that they traveled together to work assignments in the same car, according to public records.Street vendor selling cellphone cases fined 2G fine ... - New York Post A street vendor hawking cellphone cases was slapped with $2,250 in fines for selling from a table that stood 1 inch too high and 2 inches too close to the nearest store entrance. 

No Indictment: Billion Tech Funds Rip Off
The Bloomberg administration demoted a high-ranking agency official on Wednesday after she admitted falsifying time sheets and collecting more than $22,000 that she had not earned.(NYT) * CityTime Preet Bharara Where are the Arrests of NYC Gov Officials? The city official who was the project’s point person, Joel Bondy, resigned in December and had close ties to the suspected mastermind of the scheme. More on the CityTime Scandal * CityTime CNN I report Whistle blowing post that called them all out including Jelly Bean

No Fine or Jail Time: Billion Pension Funds Rip Off
No Jail Time For David Loglisci, Top Investment Official In Alan Hevesi Pay-To-Play Scandal(NYDN) As chief investment officer in charge of overseeing the $140 billion pension fund, Loglisci was said to be a “direct link” to scandal ringleader Hank Morris, who was Hevesi’s chief political advisor. Morris used his access and influence to to score at least $19 million in fees from companies wanting to do business with the fund. David Loglisci, disgraced ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s former chief investment officer, was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Bart Stone to a conditional discharge. (No jail time) More  Steve Rattner, MSNBC Analyst, got to pay a $10M fine for pension kickback scheme, others? JAIL! 

Espada & son expected to cop to two fed cases related to looting $500G from non-profit(NYP) * Espada to Plead Guilty to Remaining Charges After Being Convicted of Theft(NYT) * Espada & son expected to plead guilty tomorrow(NYP)

Councilmembers With Poor Attendance Records

Attendance a sore spot for some on Council(NYDN) Councilmembers Gennaro, Mendez, Mealy and Sanders also were frequent no-shows in the previous fiscal year. During his final year as a Bronx lawmaker, Larry Seabrook posted the worst attendance record in the City Council. He skipped out on 30 of his 106 required sessions in the fiscal year that ended in June.  He wasn’t the only Councilmember with an attendance problem: Queens Councilman James Gennaro came in second to Seabrook, missing 26% of his meetings; Manhattan Councilwoman Rosie Mendez was a no-show 25% of the time; while Brooklyn Councilwoman Darlene Mealy and Queens Councilman James Sanders Jr. duked it out for a tie at 24%, according to council records released Wednesday in response to a Freedom of Information Law request. 
Gennaro said he has been the “primary caregiver for an immediate family member who suffers from a long-term, debilitating illness.” Sanders copped to skipping meetings to campaign in his successful primary challenge against indicted Queens state Sen. Shirley Huntley. “The election took its toll, but the election is over, and I will be back to serving ... at the high levels I always have in the past,” he said. * Former Councilman Larry Seabrook was basically a no-show. [Erin Durkin and Tina Moore]

Silver is Well Beyond Accountability to Voters
His District is Wired With Government $$$ and Jobs So He Can Out for More Taxes in the Highest Taxed State

Silver is for ‘rich’ tax hike(NYP) * Silver Supports Higher City Taxes for Wealthy (WSJ)

Out Free Spending Legislature

The numbers crunchers at the Empire Center have released an update to their legislative spending database, showing that the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-controlled Assembly combined have spent $102 million in the last six-month reporting period that ended in March.Assemblyman Richard Gottfried was the highest in his chamber $488,359.  The databases can be found here and here.

Screw the Middle Class
The new jobs New York City is expecting to gain are mostly low-paying and in the service industry. [David Seifman] * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's scary report about Wall Street shedding jobs is not surprising. [Nicole Gelinas]

Celebrity Recruited to Make Case on Campaign-Finance Reform(NYT)







Meeks Guy Talks

Real estate agent with ties to Rep. Gregory Meeks admits to $14 ...(NYDN)*  Meeks associate pleads guilty to fraudQueens Chronicle)



Women's Right Leaders Finally Go After Lopez and Sexual Harassment In Albany
Women’s rights groups and activists gathered on the steps of City Hall this afternoon to sound the warning bell over the still-ongoing investigation into Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s sexual harassment scandal. They focused on Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s new ethics panel’s investigation, rather than the criminal one being conducted by a district attorney.

FBI Pushes Back On Liu and His Lawyers
Prosecutors Deny Effort to Make Up Case Against Liu(NYT) The prosecutors rejected a claim by a fund-raiser for John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, that he had been pressured to implicate Mr. Liu in criminal practices.*
Mr. Liu also gave a pretty great quote on the investigation to the Queens Chronicle, we have to say:
“I’ve got nothing to hide. A couple of weeks ago I was shocked to learn the FBI had been tapping my phone for 18 months. And it’s been more than a year since they finished tapping my phone. Not only my phone, but nine others that are somehow associated with me. I could have saved them a lot of money because if they had told me they were interested, I’ve got unlimited 3-way calling. I could have just dialed them in.”
Could former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng‘s indictment be related to the federal investigation into the federal investigation into Comptroller John Liu‘s fundraising? According to Mr. Meng’s daughter, Grace, “It’s not a crazy theory.”

The Price in Politics for the Post-No-Bills Law(NYT)

Special Interests Pour Money Into A Surrogate Judge Campaign And Everyone Gets Away With It
Judge Censured for '08 Campaign Ethics Violations(NYT) The judge, Nora S. Anderson, was criminally tried and acquitted in 2010 for the campaign irregularities, but the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct has its own disciplinary process. The News wishes Manhattan Surrogate Judge Nora Anderson would get bounced from the bench after she only received censure from the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for committing ethics violations in 2008:

The Surrogate Shame of New York
Mayor Laguardia and Senator Kennedy Tried to Clean Up the Surrogate Courts . .  Now Decades Later A Surrogate Court Race is Being Run in Manhattan and Reform is Not A Campaign Issue
In the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia called Surrogate's Court "the most expensive undertaking establishment in the world." He believed it was control of the Surrogate's Court of New York County, more than any other factor, that kept the Tammany Hall political machine alive

State watchdog recommends removing Bronx judge(NYDN)*
Bronx Judge in Misconduct Case Should Be Forced Out, Head of Panel Says Lee L. Holzman, the Bronx surrogate judge since 1988, was found to have committed official misconduct after accusations of malfeasance by two subordinates. * Surrogate's Court And Why It Should Go (True News) * In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court - * Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg is Suspended From the Bench *Brooklyn Bookkeeper Charged With Stealing Millions From Estates ...

Robert Kennedy Effort to Fix the Surrogate Was Left Undone After His Murder

Senator Kennedy Serious Try to Reform Surrogate Court  * To clean up corrupt Surrogate Courts, wake up and vote - NY Daily ... * Expose Corrupt Courts: Corrupt Courthouse Bookkeeper Stole $2.6 ...


Queens Boss Crowley Plays the Field in BP Race
In State Races He Picks the Candidate in Special Elections
Campaign 2012
Campaign Notebook(NYDN) * Republican state Senate candidate Bob Cohen has been sued by New York City for allegedly allowing drugs and gambling in buildings he owns in Manhattan, but his spokesman calls him a “hero,” the News says: * It looks like Congressman Joe Crowley is truly playing the Queens Borough President field after all. At former Councilwoman Melinda Katz‘s kickoff event last night, Mr. Crowley told Politicker he’s “happy to lend our name” to Councilwoman Leroy Comrie‘s campaign kickoff event too, and he’s in talks to do so. Additionally, Mr. Crowley said he would attend the event for all “Democrats in good standing who ask, who are serious about running.* "[Melinda Katz] said [Rep. Joe] Crowley’s appearance at her event should not be interpreted as an early endorsement from the Queens Democratic Party." [Lisa Colangelo] * Curtis Sliwa Describes His Role on Melinda Katz’s Campaign(NYO)

I Got the Press To Cover Me to Help My Mayoral Campaign
"I stirred up controversy"-- defends his plan to tax high-income earners 2 help pay 4 universal pre-K   * Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t seem like Mayor Michael Bloomberg will debate Public Advocate Bill de Blasio on his tax-the-rich policy proposal. “I don’t think you’re going to be seeing that debate happening,” his new communications head, Marc Lavorgna, said on Inside City Hall. “The public advocate’s running for mayor, so are a number of other people. The mayor is the mayor and has to run the city.”  * “When you’re an elected official and you get that title of politician, this is unfortunately what happens; you become a very big target,” Congressman Michael Grimm told WNYC of his controversies. * Republican Dan Halloran filed two and a half years worth of campaign finance data with state officials. [Josh Margolin]

Giuliani can run: NYC charter(Cindy Adams) Swirling around martinis faster than the olive is an unconfirmed — also, so far undenied — rumor. Maybe just maybe just only possibly conceivably could be who-the-hell knows for sure but Giuliani might fleetingly far-flungedly casually lightheartedly consider peut être think of diving back into City Hall’s waters. * Mayor Bloomberg Would Be ‘Shocked’ by a Rudy Giuliani Comeback Campaign(NYO) * Spokeswoman For Rudy Giuliani Says He’s ‘Not Running For Mayor’ Again(NYO)

2013 Race? Mayor Says Don’t Ask About It(NYT)

Wall Street Still Wants to Buy Pols They Just Don't Want You To See Who is Doing the Buying
Wall Street Faults State Lobby Law(WSJ) Wall Street and insurance groups are organizing an effort to overturn a New York ethics regulation requiring trade associations that lobby state government to publicly disclose their sources of funding.

A New York City Council hearing yesterday on the Community Safety Act, a package of reforms to the city’s police department, was marked by polarizing viewpoints, passionate grandstanding and at times a notable lack of decorum
Pols get into war of words at stop-and-frisk hearing(NYP) * Sharp Words at Hearing Over Tactics of the Police(NYT) * Clash Over 'Frisk' Limits(WSJ) * Council's Stop-and-Frisk Hearing Gets Heated(WSJ) * City Council, Mayor's Lawyer Spar Over Need For NYPD Reforms(NY1) * Fireworks at City Council hearing and shrugs in the Bronx(NYDN)
* Fiery stop-and-frisk hearing(NYDN) * Stop And Frisk Debate Gets Heated At City Council Hearing (City and State) * "Ray Kelly has become NYC's very own J. Edgar Hoover, answerable to no one in particular. Mayor Mike gets rolled"--Michael Powell * Quinn said problems with stop-and-frisk are "a danger" to good policing and safe streets. [Azi Paybarah]* The hearing on four public safety bills was "nearly six hours, featured a series of outbursts, squabbles and sharp exchanges." [Wendy Ruderman] * "NYPD brass declined to testify." [Joe Kemp] * Suspect in Soccer Coach’s Killing Left Apology, Police Say(NYT) * WATCH: City Council Clashes Over Stop-And-Frisk: A New York City Council hearing on the NYPD's stop-and-frisk...

NYT Reports Less Police Shooting On the Day Of the Wake Of Noel Polanco Who Was Shot By A Cop
Report Sees More Restraint in Shootings by City Police Officers(NYT) Police shot and killed nine suspects and injured 19 others in 2011, the second lowest yearly total in recent history, according to a New York Police Department report noting police restraint

Wake of Noel Polanco
Unarmed shooting victim's mother to meeting with Queens DA (NYP) * Manhunt for Stab Suspect(WSJ) * Wake Held For National Guardsman Shot By Police(NY1) * Wake Held For Man Killed By NYPD Detective On Grand Central (WCBS) * Family of NYPD shooting victim demands justice(WABC) * NYPD shooting victim's mom to meet with Queens DA(Fox 5) * Emotional Wake for Noel Polanco, Shot by Cops(NBC) * Mother Of National Guardsman Killed By Police To Meet With Queens D.A.; Al Sharpton To Speak At Funeral(Village Voice) * Lawyer: Grand Jury "Likely" To Hear Case Of Fatal Queens Traffic Stop(NY1)

A Test of A City Special Schools Excellence
EIGHTH Bronx HS Science alum wins Nobel Prize(NYP)* Bronx Science alum wins Nobel prize(NYDN) The News lauds Bronx Science alumnus Robert Lefkowitz, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, making him one of a record eight Nobel laureates to have graduated from the high school: 

NYP Goes After Poor Performing UFT Charter School
The UFT proves a point(NYP Ed)File this under “TP” for Totally Predictable: A charter school run by the United Federation of Teachers isn’t cutting it — and may soon be shut down. The charter saw a mere eight of its 82 eighth-graders pass the state reading test this year, one of the worst rates of any city charter. Just 28 percent passed math. The Post relishes the problems of a United Federation of Teachers-run charter school that may soon be shut down, saying that charter schools weren’t meant to bypass union rules The president of the American Federation of Teachers wrote a letter to the Post about the movie Won't Back Down, saying "We share the film's sense of urgency" but disagree with their "false stereotype of teachers and their union." [Randi Weingarten]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg compared his governing style in New York with the Conservative Party and praised Winston Churchill during the party’s annual conference in Birmingham, England, the Times writes:

Staten Island aghast at suggestion of successive toll hikes(SI Advance)

Changed Brooklyn Awaits Streisand’s Homecoming(NYT) The ethnic stew that Brooklyn has become may help explain why Barbra Streisand’s return to Brooklyn this week inspires such divergent responses.* Streisand To Play First Of Two Sold-Out Barclays Shows Thursday (NY1)

Council passes bike delivery crackdown(NYP)

Firefighter in court fight vs. FDNY suspended after positive pot test: sources(NYP)

Petition against Glendale homeless shelter(NYDN)

Flights Won't Change, but Bus to La Guardia Will Get Easier(NYT)

AD WAR: City putting up subway billboards touting diversity(NYP) The Commission on Human Rights is countering controversial billboards that call enemies of Israel “savage” with a new ad campaign promoting the city’s diversity.

Farmer's market opens -- at night -- in Harlem(NYDN)

Brooklyn ice skating rinks on ice this winter(NYDN)

The Rat-Hunting Dogs of New York City(NBC)

Neighbors Question Plan To Beautify Traffic Islands Near Holland Tunnel(WCBS)

Port Authority forgets to inform community about JFK runway expansion (Queens Crap)
From the Queens Courier:

John F. Kennedy International Airport has some angry neighbors to the north, thanks to a proposed plan by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to extend a runway closer to a nearby residential community.

New York State Parks Use Infusion of Money Toward Backlog of Repairs(NYT) State Parks officials are spending $143 million in new funds from state and private sources on capital improvements, although the agency identified $1 billion for parks rehabilitations,

A Texas natural gas company has started drilling exploratory wells in the Marcellus Shale in anticipation that fracking will get the go ahead in New York.

Vandals damage stately trees in Bronx' Pelham Bay Park(NYDN)

The Making of A President 2012
Paul Ryan and Joe Biden are pumped up for tonight's VP debate(NYT) * Cable channels score big ad bucks on tight race(NYP) * Christie ‘life’saver for Romney in Ohio(NYP) * In Polls, Voters Give Romney Better Grades on Leadership(NYT) * Direction on Health Care Awaits Verdict of Presidential Race(NYT)

Romney Campaign Looks to Capitalize on Moderate Image(NYT) * 6 Things to Watch For in Biden-Ryan Debate(NYT) * Race Tightens in Two States(WSJ) * Biden and Ryan to Take Center Stage(WSJ) * 5 things to watch for in the vice presidential debate(WSJ) * Michelle Malkin Goes Off On 'Den Of Lying Liars And Crap Weasels' In White House Over Libya Attacks [VIDEO] * New NYT/CBS polls. CO: Romney 48, Obama 47, VA: Obama 51, Romney 46, WI: Obama 50, Romney 47.* . Four More Years: If we want a new plan, we need a new President. * Some 90% of voters in Florida, Ohio & Virginia say the debate did nothing to change their mind. But 6-7% say it did - crucial in tight race * The story behind the biggest Obama donor you've never heard of * 46 percent of voters disapprove of how Obama is handling Libya(Politico)  * Axelrod on CBS: "I don't think there's a slide in the polls... I don't think there's big momentum" for Romney. 
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Both the AP and Politico have 5 things to watch for in tonigh’t Vice Presidential debate. NYT came up with 6 things.
Daily News looks back at the 10 biggest gaffes from Vice Presidents.
According to the NY Post, Chelsea Clinton’s low profile during the campaign is due to her contract with NBC and not because she is disillusioned with President Obama.
Corporate Lobbyists Run Almost Every Pro-Romney Super PAC(Nation)
Pew poll: Obama leads with Latinos 69 to 21 percent(Wash Post)
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ABC wants you to get to know VP Debate moderator Martha Raddatz.
Biden vs. Ryan: What to Watch For in Debate - Lesley Clark, McClatchy
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Destroying the "Moderate Mitt" Mirage - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
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Is Romney Actually Leading Right Now? - Nate Silver, New York Times
Under Pressure Gallup Drops White Vote to 68% - Rick Moran, Am Thinker
The Phenom: Why Romney Picked Ryan - Michael Crowley, Time
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The Economic Case for Romney-Ryan - Robert Tracinski, RealClearMarkets
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Cutter stands by statements about Romney politicizing Libya attack:(Politico)
Romney now a 60/40 favorite in Florida after addition of Mason-Dixon poll. 
Romney Visits With Rev. Billy Graham, Calls It A “Tremendous Honor” 
interactive 2012 swing-state map -- (Politico)

Split screen: Brit Hume says Biden was rude with all the smiling and smirking. Ed Schultz on MS: It was a man against a boy.  * said Paul Ryan seemed very well prepared on foreign policy, but much less prepared on taxes.* Trippi: Biden had a strong debate the smirking killed him.* Biden goes after Ryan in lone VP debate (Politico) * Logical question: Did Biden do so well that he made Obama's historically awful performance look even worse?* Chris Matthews isn't bummed this time: "Clear victory for Joe Biden."* Biden proved the superior debater, raising his voice, directly addressing the audience, but Ryan held his own   *  My take: Biden dominated, for better or worse * Obama: 'I thought Joe Biden was terrific tonight. I could not be prouder of him.' *Both candidates found to be knowledgeable in the CBS News poll: Biden got 85% support on the knowledgeable question, Ryan 75%. Poll: 56% think Biden has the ability to be an effective president, if necessary. 49% say Ryan has that ability.* VP DEBATE TOPIC BREAKDOWN: Foreign Policy- 26%, Economy- 21%, Taxes- 16%, Abortion- 12%, Health Care- 10%, All Others- 15%* BS poll of Undecided Voters: Who won ? BIDEN: 50% RYAN: 31% TIE: 19%* Winners and losers in the vice presidential debate(Wash Post)

Authorities Use Tapes to Build JPMorgan Cases(NYT) * Ina Drew, Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase’s $6B Mistake (WNYC) * Newsday takes issue with the timing of Rep. Steve Israel’s home sale. 

Sulzberger Will Shows Heirs Want to Sell his New York Times Stock(DNAINFO)

Law and Order 

Fallen Police Officers Are Remembered(NYT)

iPhone thief prowls Qns.(NYP) * Bad cop a far ‘cry’ from dad(NYP) * Remains Found in ’05 Are of Harlem Girl, Authorities Say(NYT) * NYPD Searches for Queens Rape Suspect(NBC) * Cops seek suspect in seven Brooklyn Heights break-ins. * Judge slams woman for 'outrageous' $1M theft from Archdiocese, sentences her to 4 1/2 years(NYP) * Banker won't be prosecuted for allegedly drunkenly stabbing cabby(NYP)

Three Sentenced for Roles in Police Smuggling Ring (WSJ)  Two former NYPD officers and one retired officer have been sentenced to prison for their roles in a smuggling ring that transported untaxed cigarettes, slot machines, counterfeit goods and guns.
Stabbed coach ‘a hero to kids’(NYP) * Slain Soccer Coach Remembered As Search For Killer Expands To Mexico(NY1)

 Bernie’s bribe job plain ugly(NYP)

Cops hunt iPhone bandi(NYDN)

Pedophile faces new charges after getting only two year (NYDN)

Three charged with covering up Harlem girl's death(NYDN)

Witness: Murder, castration suspect flipped after admitting(NYDN)

Bronx students set up fake web page to prove school IT staffer was 'creepy'(NYP)

Brooklyn woman guilty in Holocaust fund scam(NYDN)