Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snake Oil Mayoral Campaign and Their Reporter Enablers

Tax Stances Separate 2013 Hopefuls(WSJ) Mayoral hopefuls Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson said they no longer support their 2009 proposals to increase city income taxes on the wealthy, separating them from the other major Democrats considering the 2013 mayor's race. New York’s tax climate is once again ranked as the worst in the nation, according to the Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation in its annual ranking released this morning.

"About as dumb a policy as I can think of." Bloomberg

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a potential mayoral candidate, last week kicked off the latest round of political chatter on the subject when he recommended raising city taxes on those making more than $500,000 to pay for education initiatives. Earlier this year, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Comptroller John Liu, both of whom are exploring mayoral bids, proposed cutting taxes for nearly all New Yorkers but increasing them for those earning more than $1 million. * on not wanting to soak the rich after all * Council Speaker Christine Quinn isn’t so interested in taxing the rich after all. She cited Mr. Cuomo’s tax changes earlier this year, as well as the ongoing economic troubles of the country, for her rationale. * Quinn Wobbles On Tax Stance On The Same Day(NY1)
Reality Bites 
According to the comptroller's office, the most affluent 15,000 New York City households, or the top 0.5% of filers, accounted for 26.7% of the city's total income. The top 2,000 households, or 0.05% of filers, represented 18.9% of all income reported in the city. According to a report from the Independent Budget Office, the top 1% of New Yorkers pay 43% of city income tax, a statistic based on 2009 tax data. * Bloomberg said raising taxes on the rich was "as dumb a policy as I can think of" yesterday, but defended raising taxes on the rich when Governor Paterson proposed it in 2008. [Joe Coscarelli]

NY Fantasy Economic Mayoral  Campaigning Unchallenged By the Media
Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the Partnership for New York, a group representing business leaders, said it's premature to propose a city tax increase without knowing what the federal government will do when the Bush tax cuts expire next year. What Wylde and the mayoral candidate are not talking about is that federal cutback have already impacted the city particularly with the homeless. The city's decision to cancel the Advantage rent-subsidy program in March after it lost state and federal funding has already led to more homelessness.   And that right after the election there will be very heavy cuts in federal funds to the city no mater who wins. With a project $3 Billion budget gap next year, a drained rainy day fund and federal cuts not one mayoral candidate candidate has been asked by the media.  how they will save the police, homeless, schools and the city hospitals.  Instated they all allowed the candidates to campaign on wish lists put together by their constants to gain votes.* Still Housing the Needy, In a Changed Manhattan(NYT) New York City organizations use many old buildings in very desirable neighborhoods for people in need. NY will lose $500 million whe the educational stimulis program ends next year. Not one question has ever been asked by a reporter about the city's rising pension costs.  Bloomberg Faces Rising Pension Costs in '13 Budget - Bloomberg
*DiNapoli on CNBC said he expects more Wall Street layoffs DiNapoli: Cash Bonuses To Decline, Profits Grow On Wall Street * Securities industry employment in NYC has fluctuated during 2012, but there has been a sharp decline in recent months.
*NY Comptroller Tom DiNapoli: For Wall Street, Rough Road After Rebound?(NYDN)
* The Cato Institute, a conservative think tank, gave Cuomo a “D” for his fiscal policy.* Business Council, Paternship For NYC Back Cuomo On Taxes

Campaign 2012
In Departure, Cuomo Backs A Democrat(WSJ) Gov. Andrew Cuomo publicly endorsed a Senate Democratic candidate, state Sen. Joe Addabbo Jr., for the first time in a fierce battle for control of the state Legislature * Cuomo: Vote Addabbo for his 'political courage'(NYDN) * Campaign Notebook(NYDN)  * The state Senate could stay in Republican hands as polls show few Democratic candidates leading their GOP opponents less than a month before the election, the Albany Times Union writes * A state law allows super PACS to remain anonymous while helping bankroll campaigns across the state and make a bevy of false and misleading claims, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports
Of. Talk about less-than-desirable front page covers is this one from the Buffalo News bashing Governor Andrew Cuomo: “Cuomo’s travels as governor have included Batavia and Plattsburgh, but not the Falls, and a city in crisis is wondering when he’ll stop by. Issues like casino revenues and ties to unpopular developer would greet Gov. Andrew Cuomo if he visited the Falls.” * In the same link, Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny confirmed he’s considering staying in the State Legislature instead of the all-but-assumed run for term-limited Councilman Domenic Recchia‘s seat. Sources say Speaker Shelly Silver is fond of Mr. Brook-Krasny, which the assemblyman hinted at in the article. “The main factor is that I’m so quickly getting into a senior position,” he explained. * Thanks to four recent Siena polls and a big cash advantage, the Senate Republicans remain confident in their ability to retain the majority – no matter who Cuomo backs.* After budget cuts, @ChrisCQuinn says sexual assault response teams need to be restored #nyc * Senate Republicans Have Big Fundraising Advantage(YNN) * Cuomo wants to talk about pay raises for legislators after the elections. [David Seifman] * Siena poll numbers yesterday "could now give the governor some political breathing room to endorse some Senate Republicans" like Mark Grisanti. [Tom Precious] * Senate Democrats "believe the GOP's lead will disappear when they begin a final blitz of campaign spending." [Jimmy Vielkind]* A 2014 Challenger For Cuomo? * Document Drop: The NY State Senate Cash Wars  * New York Takes Steps to Help the Homeless Vote(NYO) * Melinda Katz Kicks Off Queens Borough Prez Bid(NYDN) * Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani defends Rep. Michael Grimm in a new campaign ad.* New Evidence Contradicts Post Story(Queens Poltics) According to a press release, the State Board of Elections spokesperson quoted in a recent story in the New York Post denies that he told the Post reporter that the Board sent Halloran’s campaign filings to the Albany District Attorney and that the D.A. was “eying” Halloran’s filings.* Former Councilwoman Melinda Katz‘s campaign for Queens Borough President kicks off tomorrow with Congressman Joe Crowley, and the press release announcing the event shows she’s hired communications guru George Arzt.

"Brain Drain" in PA Bill de Blasio's office

 7of Bill de Blasio's 8 top staffers have left since 2011(City and State) "Of the 25 current staffers serving Public Advocate , only 16 worked in the office b4 this year" Crain’s Insider looked into all of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s many staff departures and arrivals, dubbing it a “brain drain.”

Where Are Stories About the Media Sells Sex and Sensationalism Rather Than Informing the Public

After the hype, "Diva" Senate candidate reports raising $0, $840 in debt * After gaining widespread attention for her “diva” campaign against Sen. Kevin Parker, Mindy Meyer hasn’t raised a dime and is $840 in debt.

AG: No Jail Time for Pension Crook . . . What A Joke

No Jail Time For David Loglisci, Top Investment Official In Alan Hevesi Pay-To-Play Scandal(NYDN) As chief investment officer in charge of overseeing the $140 billion pension fund, Loglisci was said to be a “direct link” to scandal ringleader Hank Morris, who was Hevesi’s chief political advisor. Morris used his access and influence to to score at least $19 million in fees from companies wanting to do business with the fund. David Loglisci, disgraced ex-state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s former chief investment officer, was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Bart Stone to a conditional discharge. (In other words: No jail time). * No jail, no probation for former state pension honcho(NYP)

Loglisci was not said to have benefitted directly from the scam, though his brother, film producer Steven Loglisci, secured several hundred thousands of dollars from those involved in the scandal to help fund his poorly-received movie, “Chooch.”*Steve Rattner Still Has a "Chooch" Problem - The Village Voice Blogs(2010) *Steven Rattner nailed by Cuomo over "Chooch" - City Desk

New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal(True News)

Bronx residents lambast City Council redistricting at public(NYDN)

‘Bagel’ pol kept up $chmear campaign (NYP) A bill for a $177 bagel isn’t the only outrageous expense claimed by former City Councilman Larry Seabrook. The Bronx Democrat — whose doctored bagel receipt was part of a federal corruption case that ended with his conviction in July — plopped down $4,004 in taxpayer money on three new computers as he was facing trial, according to council spending records obtained by The Post. Seabrook also plunked down $400 on professional photography services.City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office approved some of the $4,004 in taxpayer expenses requested by then-indicted councilman Larry Seabrook, who bought new computers and hired a progressional photographer. [Sally Goldenberg]

Nobody in the City's Government Knew Schlein Was A Crook?
The Times’s Michael Powell needles Bronx Democratic power broker Stanley Schlein and the city for allowing him to develop a small parcel of land in the Bronx.  This tale could soon end, as the city plans to break ground on a mixed-income residential and commercial development on this site. Douglaston Partners, a large developer, will handle the construction and marketing of what will be known as Crossroads Plaza. 

Nobody Knew. . .  Bull Shit
And Mr. Schlein and his friends, who are listed as partners of Douglaston, stand to make a nice little bundle, all for placing dibs 17 years ago on a vacant city-owned lot. Neither Mr. Schlein nor his partners returned phone calls requesting interviews. Douglaston also declined to comment. Asked recently about Mr. Schlein’s missteps, Catie Marshall, the spokeswoman for the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, said city housing officials learned of Mr. Schlein’s checkered background in August when they conducted a “sponsor review.” A few weeks ago, she said, they told him to withdraw from the project. What remains unclear is why city officials were so solicitous of Mr. Schlein’s struggles with this lot, and remain so unaware of his later troubles.* Bronx Lawyer Is a Power Behind Several Thrones(NYT)

The Gonzalez Schlein Cover Up
The City's Knew Schlein Was Involved With the Ballot Fixing At the Board in 2010 . . .  He Appointed the Commissioner Who Was Forced to Resign

In October, 2010, the Board of Elections booted executive director George Gonzalez after revelations that he had incorrectly placed Wills on the Republican ballot line beneath GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, rather than beneath Democrat Andrew Cuomo, among other mistakes. The error would likely have cost Wills votes in the heavily Democratic district, but ballots were eventually fixed. A number of people close to the situation suspected the ballot placement was politically motivated, given Gonzalez’s close connections with election lawyer Stanley Schlein, who was serving as the attorney for Nicole Paultre-Bell, Wills’ chief rival in the Council race. * Election Board's "Bungle George" Gonzalez Was Mayor Bloomberg's Baby(Village Voice)

Mayor Pays Off A Campaign Debt 
The Department of Investigation launched an investigation, but the outcome is unknown. (C&S).   Voting Machine Smack-Down: Lobbyists Brawl(Village Voice)  The architect of Gonzalez's promotion was Schlein, a charming and perennially troubled lawyer who has been helping make the big decisions for the Bronx Democratic Party for decades. The general consensus was that Schlein wanted George in the job for a simple reason: He did what Stanley asked him to do. Mr. Schlein has spent a career collecting political i.o.u.’s the way collectors scoop up prized stamps. He was a protégé to the former Bronx Democratic boss Stanley Friedman, who was convicted in the corruption scandals of the late 1980s. He lobbied for the Yankees when they wanted to build on a public park and for election-machine companies. He advised the Rev. Al Sharpton during his presidential campaign and handled an apartment purchase for the former mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer. 

Schlein A Career Political Criminal
 He was also in the hotel suite with Mr. Bloomberg on election night 2001, calling in chits. Afterward, the new mayor appointed Mr. Schlein as the $63,000-per-year chairman of the city’s Civil Service Commission. A few years back, the city Conflicts of Interest Board fined Mr. Schlein $15,000 for using his city office as a de facto law office, making more than 2,000 phone calls related to his private business. Mr. Schlein resigned in 2006. Mr. Schlein also served as a court-appointed fiduciary, a lucrative billet open to loyal Democratic Party worthies. That too ended badly. In 2006, the Office of Court Administration barred him from taking new assignments, as he had apparently badly handled the finances of the infirm and the elderly.* *In an investigative profile in The Village Voice, Tom Robbins delves into Stanley Schlein's record * Schlein the Lawyer Making Bronx Judges -- Again (Village Voice) * Bronx City Council member Larry Seabrook's go-to guy was longtime powerbroker Stanley Schlein(NYDN)

Schlein Espada Lawyer 
The lawyer, Stanley K. Schlein, a well known lobbyist who representing Senator Pedro Espada, he was the lawyer representing D.A. Johson against accusations that he live in Westchester County. Sound familiar? (see article by Sam Roberts NY Times July 26, 2005).Pedro Espada Jr. live in Westchester County too. * A Bronx fixer's scandalous history doesn't bother Yankees or Democrats Schlein was there representing the three renegade Democratic senators who are demanding a fat share of the spoils before they agree to give their own party its long-sought majority in the state senate.* Why is Eric Schneiderman Using Pedro Espada's Fixer? Village Voice) * RECENT ALLIES PEDRO ESPADA, STANLEY SCHLEIN HAD ...(NYP) * Robert Giuffre sent out a press release last night saying that Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera's (and lawyer Stanley Schlein's) objections against his petition signatures had been officially dropped.

U.S. Ties Legislator’s Ex-Associate to Mob(NYT)Federal prosecutors say Rep. Michael Grimm’s former business partner has ties to a member of the Gambino crime family and object to the man’s contact and offers to pay bail for Grimm fund-raiser Ofer Biton* Rudy Giuliani Defends Michael Grimm’s Honor(NYO)


 MTA's four fare-hike options all hit riders hard(NYDN) Bus and subway riders would pay as much as $125 for a monthly MetroCard — a $21 increase — under one of four fare-hike schemes the MTA is mulling, the Daily News has learned. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is mulling raising subway and bus fares to as much as $125 per month from $104, and $34 a week from $29, but may leave the single ride price at $2.25 * MTA considers raising fares again(NY1) * MTA Considers Fare Hike Options, Including $125 Monthly (WCBS) * MTA Considering 4 Fare Hike Proposals(NBC)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that a City Council effort to appoint an inspector general to oversee the NYPD will "politicize" the police, the Post writes: http://bit.ly/PRjSxP

MLS Queens Stadium
Major league lobbyists spending millions(Queens Politics)

Gatcha Traffic Cameras
 Light was speeding! Lawyer victim of 'gotcha' camera(NYP) * NYC Red-Light Cams Snap Too Quicklv: Study(NBC)

'Concerned New Yorkers' leaving fake parking tickets on 14th street(Metro NY)

Mr. Mayor, Please Save the Majesty of Midtown(NYT)

City Adds Online Permits for Small Projects (WSJ) It is getting easier for a licensed professional to get a permit to do building work on homes and business spaces in New York City—a development that could ultimately reduce costs for property owners.

Get Tourist To Visit Update . . .  Why?
Cuomo orders revamp of state's tourism approach(NYDN) Gov. Cuomo is restructuring the state’s Division of Tourism to get more people from the city and overseas to visit upstate, the Daily News has learned. Cuomo plans to overhaul the state’s Division of Tourism to get more people to visit the Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls and other attractions upstate

 East Village Preservation Plan Up For A Vote | City & State The city’s Landmarks and Preservation Commission is poised to approve a new plan today that will conserve about 330 historic buildings across 15 blocks in East Village and the Lower East Side. Preservationists say it is the first step in a long process to protect the city’s historic neighborhoods. Update Commission Approves New Historic East Village District (NY1)

Rubber Room Live Video Show Canceled
DOE bars SI tech teacher from bringing computer equipment to rubber room(NYP) * "The nation’s first union-run school is one of the lowest-performing schools in the city."  * UFT charter's current leader "is a former DOE superintendent who resigned after being accused of sexual harassment"

The News chastises the Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson for not prosecuting a homeless man who allegedly brought a container of gasoline with him on the No. 6 Train in May due to insufficient evidence:

Playing with fire  (NYDN Ed) After giving the Fire Department the green light to start hiring in January, Brooklyn Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis moves on to impose remedies for discrimination he found in FDNY personnel policies.

Grand Plan for a Toxic Site Is Scorned and Celebrated(NYT) A proposal to erect two buildings containing 700 apartments overlooking the Gowanus Canal has made some residents apprehensive about living in the next big neighborhood.

Plans For Wheel, Mall At St. George Ferry Terminal Taking Shape(NY1)

Remembering a Film About Brooklynites Who Were All About Streisand(NYT)

A happy vending for Mike(NYP) Mayor Bloomberg is winning the soda wars. Coke, Pepsi and Dr Pepper are bringing out new vending machines that put calorie counts at your fingertips — literally. The American Beverage Association, which represents the soda giants, said the calorie counts will be on the buttons people press to select a drink.

The Making of A President 2012 

Leading from the front(NYP Ed) * O foreign policy a disaster: Romney(NYP) * With a New Vigor, Romney Resets Ohio Campaign(NYT) * New ‘Super PACs’ Alter Landscape for House Races(NYT) * Goldman Turns Tables on Obama Campaign(WSJ) * Romney Leaps Past Obama in Pew Poll(WSJ) . on : Obama Big Bird TV ad shows "a paucity of ideas and ways to criticize Mitt Romney."  * The post-debate campaign: What’s changed and what hasn’t(Wash Post) * After weeks of struggles, a horse race for Mitt Romney(CNN) * Key battleground state polls 'swing' to Mitt Romney(NYP)* Poll: Scott Brown leads by 3 points: (Politico)
Seeking to Rebound, Obama Is Urged to Get Tough - Nicholas & Lee, WSJ
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Bankrupt California - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review Online
High Court to Revisit Race & College Admissions - Adam Liptak, NY Times
Post-Debate Polls: Pew Research: Romney +4 | Rasmussen, Gallup: Tied
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Mitt erases Obama's 18-point lead among women voters: poll(NYP)
“It’s going to be very difficult for a guy like Cuomo to go into Ohio with his record and say, ‘I’m pro gas.’”
Elmo is not tickled. Sesame Street wants Obama Big Bird ad taken down(Huff Post)
Chuck Todd On MSNBC: Possibility Of Staff Shakeup In The Works In Obama Campaign (VIDEO)
Schumer calls Bowles-Simpson 'trap' for middle class (CNN)
Brian Lehrer says "the job of president is not to match wits with opponents," and Jim Lehrer disagrees. [WNYC]
: Obama Campaign says its considering Sesame Street request to take down campaign TV ad that includes Big Bird video. 
Dem pollster delivers wake up call to Obama(Wash Post)
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Election '12: RCP Average: Romney +0.7 | Race 4 Years Ago, 8 Years Ago
VP Joe Biden’s debate against Rep. Paul Ryan Thursday will be the first time he has appeared on national TV since he announced his support of same-sex marriage on “Meet the Press” in May.
Jack Welch, the former GE CEO who recently suggested the Obama administration had manipulated last week’s jobs numbers, has resigned from his role as a contributor to Fortune magazine.
Polls show Partisans lining up behind their candidates as election nears (Wash Post)
John Heilemann On MSNBC: 'Flailing' Obama Campaign 'Has Been Horrible Since The Debates' (VIDEO)
Romney’s unusual in-house ad strategy:(Politico)
Matt Taibbi Bashes Election Coverage(Rolling Stone)
UPDATE: Jack Welch, writing in WSJ, says reaction to his questioning of jobs data was like a page from "Soviet Russia."(NYT)
Who are the "undecided" voters? And what are they waiting for? (Wash Post)
Obama Campaign Tells Supporters: Steady On(NYT)
Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce(NYT)
State Dept Offers New Details About Libya Attack: There Was No Protest At Consulate

Jon Stewart Takes Fox To Task For Suggesting BLS ‘Cooked The Books’ On Jobs Numbers

Congressman Israel Gets Mortgage Debt Wiped Out While Others Lose Their Home
The Post questions a mortgage deal Rep. Steve Israel received from JP Morgan Chase that wiped out $93,000 of debt on his Long Island home
Countrywide redux?(NYP Ed) Looks like Countrywide Financial may not have been the only bank with a most-favored-borrower policy for members of Congress. As The Post’s Carl Campanile reported yesterday, Rep. Steve Israel (D-L.I.) had $93,000 worth of mortgage debt wiped out, courtesy of JPMorgan Chase. That’s because the mortgage on his two-bedroom Dix Hills house is higher than the home’s current value.

Law and Order
Grand Jury Probe Likely in Shooting(WSJ) *  Grand Jury Expected To Look At National Guardsman's Shooting Death(NY1) * Bloomberg says having an IG at NYPD would make NY less safe. "Think about that," he says. (NYP)  * Questions swirl about NYPD's firearms training after shooting death of Noel Polanco(MetroNY) * Man Convicted in Fraud Is Charged With Trying to Have Judge and Prosecutor Killed(NYT) * Authorities Release Video Of Brooklyn Subway Flasher(NY1) * DNA from a cigarette butt left near a rape scene in 2011 links a Staten Island man to a brutal 1998 rape  * According to , PC Kelly will not be at hearing tomorrow.   * WIll Tougher Penalites Curb the Uptick of Rape in the City?(WNYC) * Transient accused of raping elderly woman in Central Park(NYP)
* Lawmakers weigh new rules for NYPD street stops(Fox 5) * Drifter arraigned on Central Park rape indictment(Fox 5) * F Train Rider Sought in Lewd Act, Caught on Video(NBC) *Suspect, 21, Sought in Violent Brooklyn Robberies(NYP) * Assailant Sought in Stabbing(WSJ) * Beloved Soccer Coach Affiliated With Red Bulls Brutally(WCBS) * NYPD focusing probe on 14th Street bars after Red Bulls staffer brutally murdered(NYP) * Police: Stabbed Soccer Coach May Have Been Victim Of Mistaken Identity(NY1) * DNA from cigarette solves 1998 rape(NYDN) * Suspect, 21, Sought in Violent Brooklyn Robberies(NBC)

‘Killer’ was obsessed(NYP) She was always on his mind — so he allegedly killed her. Jury selection is due to start today for the Manhattan rape-murder trial of love-obsessed. * ATMs had fake bills(NYP) * Teen niece ‘rape’ ordeal(NYP) * Dean trial opens(NYP) * Stacks of Counterfeit Bills Found in Teller Machines at 2 Midtown Banks(NYT) * Lawsuit filed in dismissed NYC rape case(WSJ) * Police: Victim Fights Off Would-Be Rapist In Queens Par(WABC) * Counterfeit bills found in 2 ATMs in NYC(Fox 5) * Cops Seek Attacker in Rape Attempt at Queens Park(NBC) *Cops Seek Armed Livery Cab Robber in Bronx(NBC) * Latest New York City park rape occurs in Tompkins Square Park(Metro NY) * DNA on cigarette butt sends rapist away for 15 years(NYP) * Queens Man Cleared Of Stealing Police Weapons For Cash(NY1) * Man Convicted in Fraud Is Charged With Trying to Have Judge and Prosecutor Killed(NYT) * Police: Stabbed Soccer Coach May Have Been Victim Of Mistaken (NY1) * Heads for Mexico after coach's murder (NYP)The psycho who fatally slashed a youth soccer coach in Greenwich Village over the weekend has fled to Mexico, law-enforcement sources told The Post tonight.*
Judge in Brooklyn Orders Closed Hearing in Informer Case(NYT) * Sources: Detectives Search In Mexico For Suspect In Soccer Coach's Stabbing(NY1)

Queens perv assaulted 11-year-old on her bike: cops(NYP)

Transient accused of raping elderly woman in Central Park pleads not guilty as prosecutors say he was on spree(NYP)

Man linked to slay at barbershop(NYDN)

Diallo mom: NYPD insensitive(NYDN)

Thug puts us on hook for 16G(NYP) Feds will pay for jailed terror fiend’s hands * One-Eyed, No-Handed Terror Suspect Had Hook Removed for Arraignment(NY Mag) * 2 terror suspects appear before NY judge in plot to blow up US embassies(NYP) * Egyptian-born terror suspect pleads not guilty in plot to blow up US embassies(NYP) * Muslim Cleric, Abu Hamza al-Masri, Pleads Not Guilty to(NYT) * Muslim Cleric Pleads Not Guilty in Terror Case