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Storobin Waiting for A Judge's Decision
Trial transcripts of election cases published by DN Felder V. Storobin
Road trip! In Brooklyn’s “super Jewish” Senate district, Sen. David Storobin invited his Democratic opponent Simcha Felder to join him on a trip to Israel next week. Republican House candidate Dan Halloran is also going. (no link).* Dead Woman's Signature On His Petitions? It Was A Simple Mistake ... New York Daily News (blog)-Aug 8, 2012

Looks Like Brooklyn GOP Leader Wants Felder A Democratic More Than His Hand Picked State Senate Candidate Storobin
Craig Eaton- By our count, there are only two Republican elected officials whose district are solely in Brooklyn: State Sen. Marty Golden and State Sen. David Storobin. Yet this week, Brooklyn GOP chairman Craig Eaton bashed Storobin in the press after Storobin blamed the Brooklyn GOP for petitioning problems. The whole affair is strange since Eaton was the one of the main people who got Storobin elected in the first place. Regardless, when your ranks are that small, it’s not a good idea to have any disunity. (City and State's Loser and Winner of the Week)

Now the Mayor Wants Liu to Pay His Poster Fines
Repo NYP Wants Thompson to Pay His Poster Fines With His Latest CFB Payment
 444G payback just fine by Bill444G payback just fine by Bill(NYP Ed)Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson yesterday got a huge boost in his bank account that could help him pay down nearly $600,000 in old campaign fines from his last run for City Hall. Thompson, the former city comptroller and a Democratic hopeful for mayor next year, received $444,029 from the city Campaign Finance Board — matching funds he still owed from his unsuccessful bid to unseat Mayor Bloomberg in 2009. * Mayor Publicly Prods City Comptroller About Unpaid Campaign Fine (NY1)

Campaign 2012 Rangel rallies with ailin' Alianza  (NYDN) Charlie Rangel called for an end to the investigations that are strangling Alianza Dominicana, the sprawling social service agency headed by his former campaign manager. There is only one problem–there are no investigations.* Meng Outlines Her Position on Israel, Takes Shots at Halloran(NYO) * More than 40 percent of the money going to a Democrat challenging longtime incumbent Neil Breslin can be traced back to IDC chief Jeff Klein.  * Brooklyn pols called on Andrew Cuomo to aid SUNY Downstate hospital.  * Meng Attacks Halloran For His Ron Paul Support (City and State) * Mark Murphy is milking the Times’ story this week on Grimm, who accused the paper of having a liberal bias.* Liu Calls On NYPD To Allow Sikh Cops to Wear Religious Gear(NYO)
* Diaz Gets A Call From Dolan(YNN) * Malcolm Smith Makes His Pitch to Orthodox Voters for His Mayoral Campaign  * Super Jewish District: Storobin Invites Challenger(s) to Israel ( * Don’t read too much into Sen. Malcolm Smith meeting with Republican officials in New York City. * Smith also made a play for the circumcision vote. * Simcha Felder’s campaign is accusing David Storobin of filing fake petition signatures.* Wounded NYPD Officer Leaves Hospital; Police Up Reward For (NY1) * Jay Carney On Obama Campaign’s Links To ‘Cancer Ad’ Star Soptic: ‘We Are Not In Control Of Third-Party Ads’ * Malcolm Smith still has some work to do to earn the support of the city’s GOP chairmen. *  Seven candidates filed for Larry Seabrook’s seat, including former Councilman Larry Warden. *  David Storobin and Craig Eaton shared a hug after Eaton previously leveled some criticisms. * Dov Hikind barely held onto the Conservative Party’s line. * Estrada to Haggerty: You are destructive to the growth of the Hispanic and African American Community!(Queens Politics)

NYDN + NYP VS. NYT On Stop and Frisk
The Post Criticized NYT for Supporting Efforts to End Stop and Frisk . . . Blames Summer of Shooting On Recent Cuts in the Number Stopped

Craig Bier was wounded in both legs Wednesday, becoming the 10th city cop shot this year
Hunt for cop’s shooterHunt for cop’s shooter(NYP) * Summer of guns(NYP) * Police Officer Recovers From Gunshot Injury; Suspect Identified (NY1) * ‘Year of the guns’ in NYC (NYDN) * Police Identify Potential Gunman In Shooting Of NYPD Sergeant(WCBS) * The News condemned a shooting that could have killed a Queens police officer and argued cops must be able to stop and search suspicious people:  * On the statewide level, a senior Senate Republican lawmaker, Sen. James Seward, doubts any gun control measures will pass the GOP-led chamber. * Jim Dwyer has a solution for rising gun violence: higher taxes on bullets.

We Like to See City And State Put Brewer and Quinn in Classroom With 10 Small Businessman from Different Boroughs And Debate the Sick Leave Bill Rather Than There Silly Winners and Losers of the Week Forums That Have Losers Lobbyist Crooks Like Parkside (Weprin) Talk About Politics

City and State Winner of the Week
Gale Brewer - The prime sponsor of paid sick leave has been leading the council’s progressive push for the employment legislation. And Council Speaker Christine Quinn has had to deal with pressure from constituents demanding that she bring the bill to the floor for a vote. Not bad for legislation many prognosticators thought had died last year.  Why we reject sick-leave bill (NYP) this bill, in this economy, does more harm to small businesses and small-business employment than it does to advance the laudable goal of providing paid sick leave to hardworking breadwinners. on paid sick leave: "The economy can't stand it"”* Mother Jones takes a look at the paid sick leave fight. 

Principles for principals(NYP)  Good news, Stuyvesant HS cheaters: Your new principal sees nothing amiss at your school — despite a massive cheating scandal recently that involved 71 students.* Seven charter schools seeking to open in Queens(NYDN)

Ray Harding, 1935-2012(NYP) * Raymond Harding, 77, Dies; Liberal Party Power Broker(NYT) * Former State Liberal Party Leader Ray Harding Dies At 77(NY1) *The Times on Ray Harding: “He wore the tin crown of political kingpin with relish: a jowly, obese man with heavy eyelids, fingers stained yellow from unfiltered Camels, a rumbling voice and bespectacled gaze that many found intimidating. He was curt, and often spoke as if writing tabloid headlines aloud — ‘L.P.’ for the party, ‘Libs’ for the faithful. * Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the death of Ray Harding a tragedy, but had no regrets over his office’s aggressive pursuit of his corruption case.

250 Years of Campaigns, Cash, and Corruption (by

At Hearing, Customers Complain of Unfair and Inaccurate Water Bills(NYT) Nine New Yorkers recounted their frustrations with the city, with a small-business owner saying his bill jumped to $10,000 from $1,000. * Water Bill Confusion Flows At Public Hearing(NY1) * Forum taps into Staten Islanders' anger over water mete(SI Advance)

Refreshments, in Timed, Water-Saving Soakings(NYT) Overhead sprinklers in city playgrounds are being retrofitted to curtail water use. * City Installs Timers On Playgrounds To Conserve Water Supply(NY1)

Ironman Hits the Shit?

Writes Democratic Sen. Bill Perkins in the Amsterdam News: “The bottom line is this: The Cuomo administration’s proposal to protect New York City’s watersheds is inadequate to ensure the safety of our water.”

NY commission says 11 to pay lobbying fines(WSJ)The Joint Commission on Public Ethics reached an agreement with 11 entities to pay a total of more than $20,000 in fines to settle allegations they did not file lobbying disclosure forms, the Associated Press reports

Cops return to former bodega in Patz caseCops return to former bodega in Patz case(NYP)

9/11 Memorial Sees 4 Million Visitors Pass Through(NY1) * Bloomberg says site fight making it hard to raise funds for 9/11 memorial(NYP)

Queens residents complaint that noise from Laguardia and JFK airports is getting worse as both hubs welcome more air traffic and a transit redesign is directing planes over a narrower flight path, the News writes:

Start-Ups Set Up Outside(WSJ) About a dozen designers, developers and other tech entrepreneurs toiled outside underneath the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn in an effort that was part public-relations gimmick, part vision of the future.

Walmart Reaffirms Interest In NYC Location(NY1)

No Economic Win For the Community
Off to Fast Start but Not Yet Local Winner(WSJ) New York City's first casino along Rockaway Boulevard in South Ozone Park has generated jobs and state tax revenue, but people in the Queens neighborhood say they are hoping the electronic-gambling operation will provide more direct economic help for the area.

The Making of A President
Mitt Romney loves NY(NYP) * In Real Estate Deal, Romney Made His Loss a Couple’s Gain(NYT)* Trump won’t be among featured speakers at GOP convention:(NYDN) * Greta Van Susteren Grills Rep. Allen West Over Ohio Military Voting Law * Hannity, Sarah Palin Slam Obama’s Hypocrisy In Not Condemning Priorities USA Ad * AG Eric Schneiderman is widening his investigation of groups that have tax-exempt status but are clearly political in nature.* Outgoing or retired (aka “defeated”) House members are still dipping in to their campaign funds to help current candidates. * “New York is going to make it happen,” Mitt Romney told 620 donors at an upper east side breakfast fundraiser yesterday. * A look at vice-presidential picks that worked, and those that didn’t. *Romney said he wants a running mate with “vision.” *  In a new ad, Barack Obama pushed back on Romney’s attacks on his welfare record.  * Another poll has Obama up by seven over Romney.  * So much for Mitt Romney’s discreet, low-drama vice presidential selection process * Can People as Rich as Romney Escape Taxes? They Can.(NYT)* Jon Huntsman Sr. calls on Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, but insists he’s not Harry Reid’s secret source. * The stage is being set in Washington for a heated tax and spending cut battle. * Who had the worst week in Washington? This pro-Obama super PAC: * Mitt Romney and the Return of the Repressed - Joan Walsh, Salon * What President Obama Did Wrong on Jobs - John Carney, CNBC * The President's Trump Card: Ohio - Theo Anderson, In These Times * Obama the Uniter Has Diminished Himself - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh TR * Obama Administration Approached Arnold Schwarzenegger About Cabinet Position  * First Read says it’s not an even race–President Barack Obama is ahead * The Romney staff’s top five gaffes. *  White House press secretary Jay Carney dodged questions about an ad produced by a pro-Obama super PAC that tied Mitt Romney and Bain Capital to the death of a steelworker’s wife. * Though the ad hasn’t appeared on TV, it is being watched by a high number of YouTubers in swing states. * Romney Renews Push to Close Empathy Gap (NYT)

Jon Stewart Mocks Conservative Outrage Toward Priorities USA Ad

Regulator Shines a Spotlight on a Bank, and on Himself(NYT) Federal officials believe Department of Financial Services chief Ben Lawsky jumped too quickly in charging British bank Standard Chartered with laundering billions of dollars to Iran * Ben Lawsky’s decision to accuse a British bank of doing business with Iran brought him a firestorm of criticism, invoked comparisons to Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer, and left some wondering if the top Cuomo lieutenant is planning to run for office himself.

Hey, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes? You Need to Go. Here Are 8 Reasons Why.(Brooklyn Magazine)

Law and Order  How I killed little LeibyHow I killed little Leiby(NYP) * Man Pleads Guilty to Killing Brooklyn Boy Last Summer(NYT) * Man Admits Killing Brooklyn Boy(WSJ) * NYC man admits dismembering boy in 'panic'(WSJ) * Levi Aron Pleads Guilty To Fatal Kidnapping Of Brooklyn Boy(NY1)* Levi Aron Pleads Guilty In Murder Of Leiby Kletzky(WCBS) * Aron Pleads Guilty to Kletzky Slay(NBC)

Community Searches For Solutions In Aftermath Of Bronx Teen's Death(NY1)

Enough to make you sickEnough to make you sick (NYP) *Cabbie accused of hitting two young kids(NYDN)

NYPD crime scene van back at possible Patz crime scene(WABC)

Prison for ex-Finest in arms ring(NYP) * Prison for Ex-Officer(NYT) * Gunman Sought in Queens Shooting(WSJ)* Transgender grifter being sought (NYDN) * Ex-cop gets stiff sentence(NYDN) * Knock out in S.I. neighbors’ feud caught on tape!(NYDN) * Police: Suspect Sexually Assaulted Girl, 10, In Queens (WCBS) * Girl sexually assaulted in Queens elevator(WABC) * hots fired as kids play near chickens(WABC) * Cops Seek 3 Robbers Who Tased Man on Subway(NBC) * Man Tried to Kidnap Girl on UWS, Fled: Cops(NYDN)

Cop charged with leaking info to drug thugsCop charged with leaking info to drug thugs(NYP)Queens, N.Y., suspect sought in sex assault on girl, 10(NYDN) * Mobster refuses plea deal(NYDN) * Frank confession from Brooklyn man, cops say (NYDN) * Two Men Wanted For Impersonating Police Officers, Robbing (NYDN) * Man hit with taser, robbed on Bronx subway train(WABC) * Video released in Midtown slashing(WABC) * NY man gets 30 days for duct-taping sick dog(Fox 5) * NYPD Searching For Alleged Robbers Who Posed As Police Officers(NY1)