Thursday, August 9, 2012

Quinn's Brain Freeze On Sick Leave Bill . . . Does Not Know What To Do . . . Does Nothing

QuinnIndecision 2013
Quinn’s quandary(NYP Ed) The Post worries that Council Speaker Christine Quinn will cave into political pressure from her Chelsea constituents and support paid sick leave * Christine Quinn’s Risk-Averse 2013 Strategy (NY Mag) * NY1 Online: Public Advocate Pushes for Sick Pay Bill * Sick Leave Softening(C&S) *De Blasio Nudges Quinn on Paid Sick Bill

Quinn Bullies Incompetent Corrupt BOE To Move the Media Off Sick Pay Bill

Media Distractions Are Easy
City Council Berates Elections Board and Voices Concern Over Future Voting(NYT)Citing a list of problems with past elections, legislators expressed frustration at the errors and delays that were plaguing “the foundation of our democracy.” New York City Council members said at a hearing that they doubt the Board of Elections can expeditiously tally results during the fall’s elections, but board leaders blamed the media for its troubles * BOE Takes Heat From City Council For Primary Night(NY1)

Media Jerks Ignore the Fact That Quinn Appoints the BOE Commissioners . . .  Allow Her to Vent On the People She Put Into Their Positions
The problem however, seems to be that the board is mostly appointed by the City Council at the discretion of county leaders, potential appointees are rarely about their administrative experience, knowledge of election procedure, or relevant job qualifications.True News: The City Council Is Responsible for the Corruption At the BOE and Can Reform the Place If It Wanted Too

Liu and Thompson Continue to Break the Poster Law
Liu fights ‘po$ter’ boy image(NYP) Fined $527,000 Liu will fight to the bitter end before paying.  Thompson owes $600,000 in fines he is not paying. * Bill Thompson, a 2013 mayoral hopeful, was hit with more than $17,000 in fines for violations stemming from failed his 2009 campaign.

Malcolm Smith Under Federal Investigation Meeting With GOP Leaders to Run for Mayor
Malcolm eat & greet with GOP(NYP) A possible fusion ticket will be on the menu when state Sen. Malcolm Smith dines with the city’s five county Republican bosses on Monday to discuss his potential mayoral bid, sources said. * Dem Malcolm Smith 2 meet w/ NYC's 5 GOP chairman Monday

Former Liberal Party Boss Ray Harding has died  
Raymond B. Harding News - The New York Times * Ray Harding, Former Liberal Party Chief, Dies At 77(YNN) * More on the death of Ray Harding.* After his family fled the Nazis, they came to America and he "changed his name in a hat tip to his favorite radio show, 'David Harding, Counter Spy.'" [Celeste Katz] * "His endorsement was known to make or break candidates in either major party and his support of Rudy Giuliani in 1993 was seen as instrumental in his victory." [Nick Reisman] * Harding avoided jail by cooperating with the investigation that led State Comptroller Alan Hevesi to prison. [NY1] *  The investigation was conducted by Andrew Cuomo, who, in 2002, cost the party their ballot line when he dropped out of the governor's race. [Associated Press] * Raymond B. Harding, Ex-Liberal Party Leader, Dies at 77(NYT)

Campaign 2012 Congressman’s Report of Trip Is at Issue(NYT)At first NYT's story looks like small potatos.Then you see the guy who bankrolled tripto Cyprus just got arrested by Feds in Brooklyn. Big $ involved. Grimm did not file required paperwork about a trip to Cyprus last year but amended his campaign filings after the president of the group that paid his trip was arrested on federal corruption charges* Officials Seek a Single Date for Primaries(WSJ) New York election officials recommended that state and local primaries next year be moved from September to June, which would dramatically effect the 2013 mayoral race. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: To fix NYCHA, change state law and basically make it a mayoral agency with the mayor appointing its seven-member board. [Daily News] * Senator Storobin and Councilman Halloran are set to emulate Mitt Romney and got their plane tickets to Israel * Hakeem Jeffries Backs Lincoln Restler(NYO) * Where I Agree And Disagree With President Obama On Israel (Jewish Week)

The NYT Worries Some Officers Would Flout the Law During Stop-and-Frisk Procedures
Stop-and-Frisk in New York City(NYT) Lower numbers of people detained under the stop-and-frisk program are good, but the real question is whether the searches are productive and legal.  * Children March For Peace In Harlem(NY1) * Anti-violence event by neighborhood group in Tremont  takes (NYDN) * Teen's formula for easing crime(NYDN) * Lawmakers: NYPD May Be Training Officers To Do Illegal Frisks (NY1)

Board of Election Reform
State Senator Adriano Espaillat's overhaul of the New York City Board of Elections would include the mayor and Council speaker directly appointing commissioners. [Chris Bragg] 

Cuomo Staff Penned Praise for the Boss(WSJ) As New York Gov. Cuomo toured the state to promote his budget plan, local officials greeted him with a chorus of praise on each stop that sounded almost identical. That wasn't an accident: Some of their speeches were written by Mr. Cuomo's staff. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s staff wrote several speeches for local officials that heaped praise, some of which was identical, on the governor * WSJ’s Jacob Gershman takes an in depth look at how the Cuomo administration has controlled the message by preparing remarks for other politicians who are introducing the Governor.

Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make . . . NYPD Will Always Be Watching You
NYPD rolls out new high-tech program that can target terrorists, criminalsNYPD rolls out new high-tech program that can target terrorists, criminals(NYP) * New Tracking Tool for NYPD(WSJ) * New Crime-Analyzing System Expected To Aid NYPD Sleuthing(NY1) * The NYCLU isn’t too enthused about the new high-tech Microsoft collaboration with the NYPD: “We fully support the police using technology to combat crime and terrorism, but law-abiding New Yorkers should not end up in a police database every time they walk their dog, go to the doctor, or drive around Manhattan,” says an official there. *A Columbia law professor writing for the Council on Foreign Relations delves into privacy concerns stemming from the NYPD's new surveillance program. [Matthew Waxman] * "Bloomberg, Microsoft Team Up to Spy on New Yorkers" []

What About the Olympic Jobs For A City That Has 10% Unemployed?
Farewell to the Subway Olympics That Never Were(NYT) A look at some of the sites that were to be transformed had New York City been selected for this year's Summer Games, along with the official descriptions of what was envisioned there.


Dilapidated N-line subway stations are dangerous - especially (NYDN)

Chicago Delay Fuels Concern About New York Bike Sharing(NYT) Chicago’s delays rolling out its bike share program due to a troublesome software glitch is fueling doubts in New York City that its ambitious bike share network will not arrive on city streets this year * Chicago, Like New York, Facing Bike-Share Delay (WSJ) * The News urges Bloomberg to give a full update about the city’s highly anticipated bike share program, which has been beset with delays:

Andrea Peyser Continues the NYP Attack on Pedicabs
Like sheep to the $laughter (NYP)

A Store With Shelves Full of Crime Faces Its Demise(NYP) Partners and Crime, after 18 years on Greenwich Avenue, will close its doors Sept. 20. The closing will leave the Mysterious Bookshop in TriBeCa as the city’s only mystery-specialist bookstore. * Greenwich Village mystery bookstore closing(WSJ)

City officials pull the plug on vibrator giveaway, leaving thousands dissatisfied(NYP) New York City officials yanked Trojan’s vibrator giveaway in Manhattan yesterday because the condom company did not have a proper permi* NYC vibrator giveaway shut down due to crowds(WSJ) * Trojan’s Free Vibrator Giveaway Is Back On After City Shuts(WCBS)

The Making of A President 2012
Romney Campaign Completely Validates Obamacare While Defending Against Controversial Ad (VIDEO) * Groups’ Campaign Spending Scrutinized in New York(NYT) Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is requesting tax returns and other financial documents from two dozen tax-exempt “super PACs” that are spending heavily in this year’s elections * Eric Schneiderman requested tax returns from "social welfare organizations" which appear mostly to spend money on politics, like Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, American Action Network, American Future Fund, and Priorities USA. [Nicholas Confessore] * Coulter Explodes At Romney Spokeswoman For Response To Priorities USA Ad: She Needs To Be Fired * Frank Rich On Piers Morgan: Smear Ads Are ‘Playground Material’(NY Mag) * Al Gore will be appearing at the Democratic convention, but on behalf of his TV network, Current. ] * The campaign seems to be getting even dirtier, with SuperPACs affiliated with both sides running ads that aren’t true.  * Obama holds a small lead over Romney in North Carolina.   * Romney ad: Obama is waging "war on religion" (Wash Post) * Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has stepped up efforts to request tax information from dozens of tax-exempt ”social welfare” groups founded by Karl Rove and by former Obama administration staffers who are believed to be spending millions on 2012 campaigns. * James Wolcott reads the right-wing Obama canon(Vanity Fair)* Where are Reagan and Goldwater when you need them? My new POLITICO column: 'A deficit of leadership' *Romney says New York is going to help him win election(NYP) * A Golden State Train Wreck - George Will, Washington Post * Wacky Tea Partiers Giving Dems Hope - Gail Collins, New York Times * Obama Dramatically Alters Welfare Reform - Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller *Romney and His Fictional Obama - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post * For Romney, Even Means Ahead - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal * 'Morning Joe' slams Obama camp for 'scam' *Romney Faces Pressure From Right to Put Ryan on Ticket(NYT) * Obama remains more popular than Romney before the conventions (Wash Post) * Trump won’t be among featured speakers at GOP convention: …(NYDN)In Real Estate Deal, Romney Made His Loss a Couple’s Gain(NYT) * Romney's Tsunami of Regressive Legislation - Eric Alterman, The Nation * Obama Would Love to Run vs. Ryan - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect * Romney-Ryan: Bring It On - Stephen Hayes & Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard * Romney Goes Racist on Welfare - Matthew Rothschild, The Progressive * Obama, the Most Coddled Pol in Modern History - Walter Russell Mead, TAI * National Polls: CNN: Obama +7 | FOX: Obama +9 | RCP Avg: Obama +4.4

The ravings of one idiot columnist trying to cancel out the votes of millions via

Jon Stewart Rips ‘Conservatives And Their Media Division’ (Fox News) For Exaggerating Voter Fraud

colbert_pizza-300x187 Colbert Compares Papa John Pizza To 'Ass Of Raccoon That Drowned In Your Birdbath'

007 Wall Street License to Steal
SEC drops probe into Goldman Sachs' role in selling subprime mortgage securitiesSEC drops probe into Goldman Sachs' role in selling subprime mortgage securities(NYP) * Goldman Is Cleared in Mortgage Investigation(NYT)

British bankers pushed back against Department of Financial Services regulators who charged Standard Chartered schemed with the Iranian government to launder billions of dollars for the support of terrorist activities, the Times writes: * Crain’s says Cuomo Financial Services Superintendent Ben Lawsky has made a splash by going after Standard Chartered bank for their close ties to Iran, as British bankers push back against the charges.* NY Post suggests Lawsky is the new badge in town, alongside NYAG Schneiderman.

Law and Order
Man accused in Brooklyn boy's dismemberment due in courtMan accused in Brooklyn boy's dismemberment due in court(NYP) * Man accused in boy's dismemberment due in court(Fox 5) * Aron expected to plead guilty in Kletzky murder(WABC) * Guilty Plea Likely Today in Kletzky Slay(NBC) 

Levi Aron admits to abducting and murdering Leiby Kletzky in 2011(NYP) * Full Statement By Nachman Kletzky On Behalf Of His Wife & Family(YW) * Levi Aron pleads guilty to killing little Leiby Kletzky and (NYDN) * Leiby Kletzky’s Killer, Levi Aron, Pleads Guilty to Murdering (NYT) * Aron Pleads Guilty to Kletzky Slay(NBC)

SI chicken lady ‘fires’ at girl and motherSI chicken lady ‘fires’ at girl and mother(NYP)

Qns. butt surgeon jailed for failing to pay restitutionQns. butt surgeon jailed for failing to pay restitution(NYP)

Bx. thieves rough up tot(NYP)* Police Sergeant Shot in the Leg in Queens(NYT) *NYPD Officer Shot by Gunman in Queens(WSJ) * NYPD sergeant shot in leg in Queens, police sources say(NYDN) * Police Officer Shot In Queens (NY1) * Statement on shooting by NYPD Commissioner Kelly(NYDN)* NYPD Cop Recovering After Being Shot In Both Legs(WCBS) *Police Officer Recovers From Gunshot Injury; Person Of Interest In Custody (NY1)* NYPD officer shot in both legs during Queens chase(WABC) * Police Identify Potential Gunman In Shooting Of NYPD Sergeant (WCBS)* Police Return to Cellar Tied to Patz Suspect(NYT) * New Search in Etan Patz Probe(WSJ) * Days After Parole, Career Bank Robber Strikes Three Times: Police (WSJ) * Police Talking To Alleged Suspect In Midtown Theater Twitter Threat(NY1)
* S.I. man busted in Maserati-torching (NYDN) * Police hunt baby-bash thugs (NYDN) * Defend alleged gangbangers, rip DA at Wagner Houses (NYDN) * Lawyer gets eight years for stealing from Thruway toll takers’(NYDN) * Man brutally attacked, caught on camera(WCBS) * SI Neighbor Dispute Leads to Attack(NBC) * Man Tried to Kidnap Girl on UWS, Fled: Cops(NBC)