Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan's The Ticket, Sunday Update

A view of Ryan from Florida Paul Ryan worked his way up the political ladder following tough childhood(NYP) Mitt gets the Paul rollingMitt gets the Paul rolling(NYP)
* Michael Goodwin(NYP)The plan truth: Mitt was on ropes * Romney’s Pick Gives Obama a Chance to Press the Offensive(NYT) * A Pair at Ease With Their Contrasts(NYT) * Elevating Ryan, and His Budget Details(NYT) * An Upbeat Budget Cutter, Eager to Joust With Democrats(NYT) * Outwitting the 24-Hour News Cycle(NYT) * Likability Index(NYT) One elitist, establishment, introverted candidate versus another. How refreshing.* Did Mitt Romney Finally Win Over Rupert Murdoch?(NY Mag) * In choosing Ryan, Romney picks his path(Wash Post) * A career built on plucky charms(Wash Post) * Could Ryan selection reshape race for control of Congress?(NYT) * How did the Romney campaign keep the biggest secret in Politics? They hid it in the woods.(NBC) * Where Paul Ryan helps, and where he doesn't.(Politico) *REVEALED: How Romney Kept Ryan Secret From The Press(Huff Post) * Paul Ryan's Deep Connection To Ayn Rand(Huff Post) * GOP looks to distinguish Romney from Ryan budget(nyp) * Paul Ryan gave Romney camp several years of tax returns (Reuters)*Both Sides Focus on the Republican Ticket’s New Face(NYT) * Romney/Ryan Talk Bain, Budget Plan And Campaigning In 60 Minutes Interview * Obama ‘Welcomes’ Paul Ryan To Race, Deeming Him ‘Ideological Leader Of The Republicans In Congress’

Paul Ryan’s First Speech As Mitt Romney’s Running Mate  * .'s winners and losers from the Paul Ryan VP pick (Wash Post)
* Mitt Romney and vice-presidential running mate Paul Ryan vow to 'restore the greatness of this country'(NYP) Less Interesting Person Than Romney Found in Wisconsin:(New Yorker): according to Romney internal talking points, Romney will not embrace the Ryan plan  * My take on the Paul Ryan rollout, his speech this morning and the potential downside for Romney * * Romney introducing Ryan as a Catholic who believes in life * Sarah Palin, Star of 2008's Republican National Convention, Won't Speak at This Year's(NY Mag) * The First Leg of the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan Road Show Was Painfully Short(NY Mag)
* How the Ryan pick shakes up the Romney battle plan: 

Romney to Announce Running Mate on Saturday(NYT) *  * Shorter reax so far: wiseguy GOP strategists worried abt focus moving away from econ; media obsessed w/budget+bold;fiscal hawks delighted* Wisconsin law allows to simultaneously run for vice president and re-election to Congress* Paul Ryan’s Influence on the G.O.P. : The New Yorker * Months before vaulting to the top of the veepstakes, Ryan got under Obama's skin:(Politico)The Times noted, “If Mitt Romney wins in November, a Tea Party favorite will be a heartbeat from the Oval Office.”
is up  * Who is Paul Ryan? Asked and answered:(Fix) * Paul Ryan is 42 years old. That's the same age Al Gore was when Bill Clinton picked him for VP in 1992.* Ryan will be first pure Gen X'er on a national ticket -* Op-Ed columnist on Paul Ryan: "He's a transformative choice-and a seriously, seriously risky one." * What Paul Ryan's VP pick means for his House seat(Wash Post) * Love the goofy roadmap graphic * Paul Ryan pick sends media racing late into the night(Huff Post) * Romney Announcement Caught Press Off Guard (Buzz Feed) * Ryan will split off from Romney as early as Monday for solo campaigning in CO.  * Over past few months, Ryan has quietly been receiving foreign policy/national sec briefings from Elliott Abrams, Kim & Fred Kagan & others

IS HIS FAMILY READY?* In naming Paul Ryan as VP, Romney is sending a simple message to Democrats: Bring it.(Fix) * Marco Rubio: Romney made "a great pick"(TPM) * * *VP Pick Sparks Strong Reactions(Huff Post) * You can now follow .*  Romney told Beth Myers that he'd chosen Paul Ryan on August 1, and then called Ryan.* 10 harsh Ryan attacks on Obama: (Politico) * VIDEO: Paul Ryan took apart Obama and Obamacare -- in 6 minutes! * Romney camp schedules 10 fundraisers for Ryan in August: (Politico) * last VP to come directly from the House: Speaker John Nance ("VP isn't worth a bucket of warm piss") Garner, 1932.
* Ryan: 'We Will Restore The Dreams And Greatness of This Country': (Politico) * Paul Ryan's Career(NYT) * My take on Ryan: Can see the rationale for Romney taking a risk. But think risks weighted to downside here.* 3 key takeaways from the New Yorker's Paul Ryan profile: (TPM) * It's Paul Ryan's Party: With Romney VP Pick, Movement Conservatives Openly Control GOP At Last(NY Mag) * Romney seeks to distance himself from Ryan's claim to fame(Huff Post) * Rupert Murdoch Weighs In On VP Pick(Huff Post)*A Risky Rationale Behind Romney’s Choice(NYT) * President Obama landed in Chicago Saturday and headed straight for campaign headquarters:(Politico) * Paul Ryan's biggest source of campaign $ is hedge fund run by Paul Singer -- GOP rainmaker and gay marriage supporter (Open Secret) * Top Dem: Mitt may have just given us our "majority maker"(Huff Post) * Mr. Ryan’s Cramped Vision(NYT Ed)Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, the architect of budget cuts that would shred basic services, shows where the Republican Party is headed.* A cautious Romney rolls the dice(Wash Post) * Why Paul Ryan is no game changer(The Atlantic) * Obama camp video: Get to know Paul Ryan -- (Politico)
* How Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Tricked the Press (ABC) * Obama camp video: Get to know Paul Ryan --(Politico) * Ryan Shakes Up the November Contest - Zeleny & Rutenberg, NY Times * Real Solutions Will Take Leadership and Courage - Rep. Paul Ryan * Romney Makes the VP Pick Obama Wanted - David Corn, Mother Jones * Substance & Style: How Paul Ryan Exposes Obama - Deroy Murdock, NRO * Democrats Are Practically Giddy at Ryan Choice - Steve Benen, MSNBC * Evaluating the Paul Ryan Pick - Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics * In Economic Election, Ryan Was the Only Choice - John Tamny, Forbes * The Plutocrat Ticket - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast *  Smart Democrats Should Be Worried - John Fund, National Review * Ryan, the 1st VP nominee born in the 1970s, is tied for 7th youngest major party VP nominee * VISIT GestetnerUpdates .Com () for news, opinion, Background of Paul Ryan and Jewish Vote/Israel 

Other Presidential Election News
Election 2012 App(NYT) * GOP braces for Senate primary upset in Wisconsin(Politico) * AP *90 More Celebrities Want To Give You 90 Reasons To Vote For President Obama * Pro-Obama Super PAC Scrapes Bottom With Ad - Chicago Tribun

The Hottie  Assemblywoman From the Bronx Gets Aide
Two-face'd!(NYP) Bronx pol’s secret F’book page with staffer boytoy * The Rivera Facebook page discovery might have something to do with the ongoing political war between Rep. Nydia Velazquez and the Dilan family.

Painter pulls in taxpayer greenPainter pulls in taxpayer green (NYP) This pay package is a masterpiece.  Hannah Achtenberg Kinn, head of a taxpayer-funded Brooklyn nonprofit for autistic kids, rakes in almost $700,000 in salary and benefits, plus six weeks’ vacation — time often spent in the Hamptons

Pol says feds must probe NYCHA(NYDN) hrs agoBrooklyn Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is demanding that the feds launch an immediate probe into the city Housing Authority’s inability to aggressively spend the taxpayer money it’s given for crucial apartment* Assemblyman Calls For Federal Investigation Of NYCHA Spending(NY1)

Harbor gaps like ‘Swiss cheese’ for terrorists(NYP) * Stranded jet-skier saunters through JFK safeguards(NYP)

Knife-wielding man gunned down after taunting cops(NYP) * Police Fatally Shoot Knife-Wielding Man in Times Square(NYT) * Police Shoot, Kill Knife-Wielding Man Near Times Square(NY1) * Man Killed By Cops After Allegedly Threatening Police And (WCBs) * Police shoot, kill man near NYC Times Square(Fox 5) * Police Shoot and Kill Man Near Times Square(NBC) * Officials Defend Fatal Shooting of a Knife-Wielding Man Near Times Sq.(NYT)
* Family of deranged man fatally shot by cops in Times Square(NYDN)* Family: Cops Didn't Have to Kill Man(NBC) *Police commissioner Kelly defends cops who put down knife madman, as family questions use of force(NYP)


DN McCarren Pool Too Small, Everything Else Wonderful

Triumph at McCarren (NYDN Ed)  The reopening of McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn has proven to be a wonderful milestone in the city’s history of providing parks and recreation to all comers.

Adult Campaign Analysis: The Real World
NY1 Online: Voter Analyst Talks 2012 Campaigns(NY1) Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis spoke with Prime New York's Jerry Skurnik about his business and several of the 2012 State Senate races he is following.* Ryan pick satisfies pundits-like Mondale,Bush,Gore,Kemp,Cheney,Lieberman. Under the radar trend in VP picks

Campaign 2012 2012 THE PEREZ NOTES: Brooklyn, Bronx & Manhattan Politics Intertwine El...  * For Bike Advocates, Delayed Gratification (NYT)Transportation Alternatives, the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group, is bracing for a new administration less friendly to the agenda it has pushed for decades.* Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick(NYO) * There’s a new potential GOP contender for mayor in 2013: George McDonald.* While the Post complained that Liu “just won’t go away,” concluding, “Liu’s sleaze is becoming truly disquieting. If he won’t quit altogether, can’t he just see fit at least to . . . shut his trap for a change?”

Daily News and Bloomberg Continue Pressure On Liu and Thompson to Pay their Poster Fines
Do the sign, pay the fine (NYDN Ed)  One mayoral aspirant insults New Yorkers’ intelligence while another slams them in the wallet. Both continue to weasel out of paying fines for plastering the city with illegal campaign posters.  Controller John Liu and his predecessor, Bill Thompson, have waged long, hypertechnical legal challenges to summonses issued to their campaigns by the Sanitation Department in 2009. They don’t dispute that they put up the signs; they just don’t want to pay.
Bloomberg, Liu Trade Barbs(WSJ) * Mayor Publicly Prods City Comptroller About Unpaid Campaign Fine(NY1) * Bloomberg scolds John Liu for failing to  pay $527,000 in(NYDN)

NYP Calls Liu Opposition to Stop and Frisk Lunacy, Liu Calls It Racial Profiling
"last week: Liu praised San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee for nixing a plan to have cops in that city stop and frisk suspects, as they do in New York. He told the Frisco mayor that the invaluable policing tactic is “nothing more than governmental racial profiling.”

10% Unemployment Causes Rising Homelessness
Report: City Opened Nine Homeless Shelters In Two Months

New York Acts Quickly Amid Rise in Homelessness(NYT)
New York City has turned 316 West 95th Street in Manhattan and other buildings into shelters.  Responding to a surge in the homeless population, New York City has rapidly opened nine shelters in the last two months, and local officials say they were blindsided. * Report: City Opened Nine Homeless Shelters In Two Months  * New York City Battles Rise In Homelessness (CBS)

How to Return NYC to the Street Gangs - Heather Mac Donald, Wall St. Jrnl * NY Senate GOP: No new gun control laws(NYDN)

Talking Points and Transparency

Cuomo Defends 'Talking Points'(WSJ) Cuomo brushed aside a report that his administration had ghostwritten speeches delivered by elected officials praising his record * Fred Dicker Urges Andrew Cuomo To Ignore Transparency Critics (NYO)

Cuomo: Ray Harding’s death a 'tragedy'(NYDN)

NYP" The bill represents a giant and costly step toward a mini-voucher system — and New York just isn’t ready for that
Cuomo’s voucher Veto(NYP)  Still, you’ve got to sympathize with parents — particularly those with special-ed kids: On recent state tests, only 30 percent of these kids in public schools passed math; just 16 percent did so in reading.  Those at charters, by contrast, did far better: At the Success Academy, for example, 92 percent of special-ed kids made the grade in math, and 70 percent passed English.

Ex-CNN Anchor Joins Debate vs. Unions Over Teacher Misconduct(NYT) Campbell Brown has become a vocal participant in the debate over the role of unions in disciplinary actions against teachers accused of sexual misconduct.

The Political Fight At the WTC

Fund raising for the 9/11 Memorial hurt by dispute with Port Authority, Bloomberg saysFund raising for the 9/11 Memorial hurt by dispute with Port Authority, Bloomberg says(NYP)

Unicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossedUnicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossed(NYP) * Brooklyn bicyclist David Segal may have set a record for two-wheeled lawlessness(NYDN) Racks up four citations for running red lights in less than a week


Cuomo Against $14 Tappan Zee Toll(NYT) * Cuomo Down on Tappan Zee Toll Hike Plan 

Ironman Swim Will Go On Saturday As Sewage Leak Stops(WSJ) The swim race will go on Saturday in the city's first Ironman U.S. Championship triathalon after a sewage pipe in Westchester County stopped leaking and officials for the Ironman Race say the Department of Environmental Protection showed the water is safe for swimming. *Ironman Triathlon a GO! Hudson safe to swim in(NYDN) * Ironman to Close Some Streets in NY, NJ(NBC) * Ironman athlete dies in Hudson River swim(NYP)* Swimmer dies during NY/NJ Ironman Triathlon(Fox 5) * Athlete Dies Competing in Swim Leg of Triathlon(NYT) * Officials Report Death In Saturday's Ironman Triathalon(NY1) * Participant Dies After Experiencing ‘Distress’ At Ironman (WCBS)

Here Comes the Bride Scam
You may now switch the bride(NY World) Hundreds of applicants for marriage licenses are getting turned away at the City Clerk's office, and many are learning something about themselves they never knew: they've been married before, courtesy of identity thieves and green card scams.

Walmart Reaffirms Interest In NYC Location(NY1)







Path Clears for H&H(WSJ)

Banks Are Wary of New York Regulators(NYT)
Law and Order
Back to the barricades(New York World) A new order of steel barriers is just one item on the NYPD's latest equipment shopping list

Cops chase down knife-wielding man & shoot him dead, blocks from landmark(NYP) * Sources: Police Shoot Man With Knife Near Times Square(NY1) * Cop fatally shoot knife-wielding man in Times Square(NYDN) * Man Killed By Cops After Allegedly Threatening Police And …(WABC) * Police Shoot and Kill Man Near Times Square(NBC)

Hero NYPD cop cheered on as he leaves hospital after treatment for gunshot woundsHero NYPD cop cheered on as he leaves hospital after treatment for gunshot wounds(NYP) * Shot NYPD Officer Released From Hospital (WSJ) * Wounded NYPD Officer Leaves Hospital; Reward Raised For Shooter(NY1)

Cowardly crooks heist jewelry from another bling-toting city pre-schoolerCowardly crooks heist jewelry from another bling-toting city pre-schooler(NYP)

Kiddie crime waveKiddie crime wave (NYP) A heartless monster attacked and robbed a Bronx boy who had just bought a bar of soap at a bodega — in the latest in a shocking series of crimes against city youngsters.  Jacky Saunders, 9, was returning from an errand for his aunt

ME On Scene As Police Search For More Possible Clues In Patz CaseME On Scene As Police Search For More Possible Clues In Patz Case(NY1) The New York City Medical Examiner's Office is joining NYPD investigators at the site of a former SoHo bodega where 6-year-old Etan Patz is thought to have been killed more than 30 years ago. * NYPD crime scene van back at possible Patz crime scene(WABC)

Queens, N.Y., suspect sought in sex assault on girl, 10(NYDN)

Teen stole fantasy coins for 'RuneScape' with gun threat: cops(NYP)

 B'klyn cop shot twice in NJ domestic dispute: police(NYP) * Court Asked to Nullify Convictions in ’95 Killing(NYT) Evidence recently discovered by an investigator for prosecutors suggests that different people were responsible for murdering a livery-cab driver seventen years ago in the Bronx. * Officer Charged With Aiding Drug Ring(NYT) Devon Daniels, 30, was indicted on four counts of accessing a computer database without authorization and four counts of making false statements to federal agents. * Judge: Man Fit to Stand Trial in Parents' Murders (WSJ) * Duo busted in Brooklyn iPhone heist, break-in(NYDN) * Frank confession from Brooklyn man, cops say (NYDN) * Rash Of Jewelry Robberies In The Bronx Have Store Owners(WCBS) * Alleged Attack Of Young Girl In Queens Draws The Ire Of (WCBS) * Man hit with taser, robbed on Bronx subway train(WABC) * Video released in Midtown slashing(WABC) * Girl sexually assaulted in Queens elevator(WABC) * Bronx Man Robs Boy, 9, Flees on Bike(NBC) * Cold-Hearted Thieves Steal Seniors' Air Conditioners, A (NBC) * NYPD Officials Honored By Brooklyn Church For Community Work  * Police search for man who robbed 9-year-old boy(Fox 5) * Man Dies From Stab Wounds In BK Hospital(NBC)