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Melinda wants to be BP(Queens Crap)

Artz Puts Together A Citywide Ticket After Dumping John Liu . . .  Liu Who Has Had Ever Power Broker Turn Their Backs on Him Would Be the Most Reform Mayor Owing Nothing to Nobody. Lots of Scores to Settle . . . Thank You FBI . . .  Rivals welcomed Melinda Katz into the race for Queens borough president. [Azi Paybarah]

Quinn Who Does Not Likes to Not Show Her Hand on Controversial Issues is Trapped  and Sick on Sick
Vote nay on sick pay, biz bosses tell Quinn(NYP) City business leaders are pressuring Council Speaker Christine Quinn to vote against a paid sick leave bill requiring five to nine sick days per year for employees * Quinn in a bind on sick days (NYDN)* The News pushes back against the Working Families Party and Moveon.org for “bullying” Quinn into supporting paid sick leave. The fight over paid sick leave in the New York City Council is becoming a battle between the New York Times and conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch. 
 After the Times editorialized in favor of sick leave over the weekend, Murdoch took to Twitter yesterday to write: “Somebody needs to stand up to NYT which today editorialises strongly for absurd city council actions which will truly hurt small businesses.” And Murdoch later tweeted that the effect of the bill on small neighborhoods would be “horrible.” That prompted Brooklyn Councilman Brad Lander to himself tweet that while Murdoch was trying to stop paid sick leave, the Times and Gloria Steinem were supportive. (C&S)

You Think WFP Who Supports de Blasio is Trying to Trap Quinn?
Of course, the main person who will determine the fate of the bill is New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a likely candidate for mayor in 2013. How much does Murdoch’s opposition to paid sick leave mean? One operative supportive of the bill suggested that Quinn no doubt would rather have the backing of the Times than the more conservative Post in a Democratic primary.* Rupert Murdoch weighed in against paid sick days legislation over Twitter.* Business leaders sent a letter to Quinn urging her to block the Paid Sick bill. Among the signatures: Tishman Speyer chairman Jerry Speyer, Partnership for NYC's CEO Kathy Wylde and prominent lobbyist Suri Kasirer. [Sally Goldenberg] * The way around Quinn, if Paid Sick supporters dare to try(Capital)

Campaign 2013 * GOP pols: Bring NYC Chik-fil-A(NYP) * Wendy Long tells Staten Island Tea Party country is at  (SI Advance) * Within the same 24-hour period, Democratic Sens. Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand became the first Senate lawmakers to post their income-tax returns on their official government websites.* THE PEREZ NOTES: Martin Dilan on THE PEREZ NOTES Pt.1:   *  Charlie Rangel already raising money for a possible 2014 re-election run? * Pataki For Long(YNN) * Democratic donor/gadfly Bill Samuels is raising campaign cash for District Leader Lincoln Restler, who is a thorn in the side of Assemblyman/Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez. * Ruben Diaz Sr. will endorse Mark Gjonaj over the incumbent, Naomi Rivera. * Avraham Tischler has “A Real Campaign Website.” * Stringer, Others Call On DHS To Suspend Moving Homeless(WCBS) * Stringer Condemns Opening Of Upper West Side Shelter(NY1)* Pol is grilled in elex fight (NYDN) Former Councilman Sichma Felder questions freshman State Sen. David Strobin over signatures needed to stay on November's ballot  Rivals battling for new 'super-Jewish' seat created by redistricting

* Harsh criticism of Storobin from Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton, oof:
*David Storobin: Petition Issues Just Not My Fault(NYDN) * “There is no question that New Yorkers want strong mayors, to the point that they can be spellbound by self-styled saviors,” Clyde Haberman declared while musing about the city’s next mayor. * David Storobin had his day in court and explained how he ended up witnessing the signature of a dead person. Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton subsequently criticized Storobin for his explanation of petitioning errors.

Here is more proof of Senator Stavisky and her team playing dirty politics

The politics of unfair play, and perhaps a corruption investigation(Queens Politics)

Dan Looking For Taxi $$$ . . .  What About the City 10% Unemployment . . . Not Everyone Father is Rich Dan
Councilman Dan Garodnick wants tougher regulations on city pedicab drivers who gouge customers with hidden fees, the Post reports: 

JAMES SANDERS' WELL-TIMED MEMBER ITEM: Queens Councilman James Sanders, who is trying to mobilize South Asian voters in his primary race against Sen. Shirley Huntley, gave a $5,000 member item grant to a South Asian voter registration group earlier this year. Though the non-profit is not even in his Council district.(C&S)

Sanders disputed that the funding had anything to do with helping his Senate campaign: . . .  So did Seabrook and Miguel Martinez Now or Soon Living in Jail

NYP Goes After Albany Senate Pols Who Tried to Hide the Member Items Pork
Another Albany porkfest(NYP Ed)  Uh-oh: The little piggies in the state Legislature have been sticking their snouts where they don’t belong — again. This time, they found $31 million in taxpayer cash to spread among themselves. * The Post criticizes legislators for approving $31 million for 130 pork-barrel projects throughout the state:

(photo: letsfixalbany.org)In Testy Exchange, Committee to Save New York’s Spokesman Defends Its Non-Disclosure(NY0) * Save NY: We Disclose Our Agenda(YNN) * New ethics rules spark strong dissent from commissioner (NY World) * A spokesman for the Committee to Save New York tries unsuccessfully to convince a NY1 host that the group is, in fact, transparent about its donors. [Colin Campbell

Pay to Play Mayoral Candidates

Love Fat Cat Real Estate Bundles  

The campaign finance loophole developers love (NY World) Individuals doing business with the city have bundled almost $1 million for mayoral candidates *  Interested bundlers raise lots of money for mayoral candidates(Capital)

The BOE Strikes Back At the Council
The City Council is looking at changing the Board of Elections’ structure, prompting Steve Richman, the board’s general counsel, to declare, “None of these people have ever relied on facts.” * Sometimes, it's hard correcting inaccurate voter information (and reaching officials after 5 p.m.). [Brigid Bergin]

Sharpton Should Ask the Mayoral Candidates How They Will Stop the Shootings of Children We Need A Comprehensive Answer
NY1 Online: Rev. Sharpton Calls For Meeting With Mayor On Gun Violence

Stop and Frisk What is Going On
The Post blames the city’s 12 percent rise in crime between April and June on a corresponding 34 percent decrease in police stop-and-frisks, and called for police officers to search people more often. NYT Says woman stop suffer deep humiliation.

Stops down, crime up (NYP Ed) Major crime in the city rose 12 percent from April through June. The number of stop-and-frisks fell 34 percent. * For Women in Street Stops, Deeper Humiliation(NYT) New York City police officers stopped 46,784 women and frisked nearly 16,000 of them last year, leaving many women searched to complain of embarrassment and sexual intimidation* Frisks up, complaints drop (NYDN)

True News Said If Your Want to Stop the Shooting Stop Guns From Coming In From Outer State  . . . Bloomberg Agrees
 . . .  Media Lost in Pols Trying to Look Important

Keep in mind, 85 percent of the guns used here in murders come from out of state,” Mr. Bloomberg said. 

Democratic state senators are pushing a new package of gun laws limiting ammunition sales per customer, but Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver predicts the bills won’t pass the Republican-controlled senate, the New York Times

Question to DN Reporter Lovett: How Will More Gun Laws Aimed At Making It Harder to Buy A Gun in NYS Stop the Illegal Guns From Out of State Pouring Into NYC?

  Pol's bill would make N.Y. toughest on gun control
Mr. Lovett how does  limiting purchases to one a month, impose a ten-day waiting period on background checks and close background check loopholes help when most of the gun in shoot out in the city come illegally from out of town*

At Sikh Center, Bloomberg Advocates for Gun Laws (WSJ) * Bloomberg: No Tolerance For Violence Seen In WI Temple Shooting(NY1) * Harlem Residents Set Up Outreach Patrols To Curb Neighborhood Violence(NY1) * Bloomberg, Others Condemn Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shootin (WCBS) * "[Bloomberg] keeps saying the most outlandish, unsupported, even hysterical things" re: guns--NY Sun * Perhaps the most jarring anti-gun-violence radio ad ever. [Azi Paybarah] * Mike Bloomberg got testy with a WPIX reporter who (persistently) asked about selling spent casings to a Georgia gun manufacturer. * Dave Weigel knocks Mike Bloomberg for “Friedmanism” on gun control–which he says is arguing that “‘neither party is doing anything about this issue’ when one party clearly is” * Gov. Cuomo says gun violence has reached 'undeniable point'(NYP) * Bloomberg uses National Night Out to tout lower crime numbers(NYP)

UWS shelter-shocked by 200 homeless units(NYP)

On the Upper East Side, Racial Disparity Remains(NYT)

City’s 1st Chinese charter weighed(NYP) Open in Queens *Interim Principal Named for Stuyvesant High School as Cheating Inquiry Unfolds(NYT) *New Principal Tapped for Stuyvesant(WSJ) * Cheats out — Stuy boss (NYDN)* Elite School Details Steps to Address Sexual Abuse Cases(NYT) * Horace Mann Draws Fire for Response(WSJ) * Horace Mann School Trustees Respond To Sexual Abuse All (WCBS) * NY1 Exclusive: City's High Needs Schools Failing, Scores Show

Luxury Living in Old Temple of the 5 and Dime(NYT)

[image]Tech's Boom Taps Queens(WSJ) New York's technology boom has a new beachhead, and it's in Queens.

Street Sweeping Leads to More Driving: Study(WSJ)

Below Ground, Blessing a Fresh Tunnel Where Diggers Risk Their Lives(NYT)


Earth Day Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir + Environmental Cuomo
A Governor’s Gift to Nature(NYT Ed) Gov. Andrew Cuomo deserves credit for stepping forward to protect 69,000 acres of timberland in the Adirondacks from commercial development.The Times cheers the Cuomo administration for purchasing 69,000 acres of land in the Adirondacks from the Nature Conservancy in order to preserve the Hudson watershed * Not everyone is thrilled with the state’s recent purchase of 69,000 acres of forever wild land in the Adirondacks.

Pol: Put brakes on bike-cab gouging(NYP) * Warning about high priced pedicabs(WABC)

Idiots raged over a turban in Queens(NYDN)

Gov’s got Rx for Medicaid  The Cuomo administration is seeking a waiver from the federal government to keep $10 billion in Medicaid savings in order to restructure the state's health care system for the poor * "It would include a half-billion dollar gift for the powerful health-care labor unions, which would see $125 million a year for four years for workforce recruitment, retention and training initiatives." [Ken Lovett]

The Making of A President 2012
Weak Economy Puts Spotlight on Votes of Single Women(NYT) * Ducking The Donald(NYT) The big tents of the political conventions can’t fit every clown. * Early Voting in Ohio(NYT) * Rick Santorum To Speak At Republican Convention(Huff Post) * Romney sets sights on quartet of Obama-won swing states (Tuesday’s Trail Mix video) (Wash Post) * Romney set to assail Obama for welfare change(CNN)  * Dick Cheney Seeks to Clarify Sarah Palin ‘Mistake’ Remark(ABC)* Obama camp downplays fundraising gap, but donors are nervous (The Hill) * Pollster Doug Schoen takes both President Obama and Mitt Romney to task, saying neither candidate wants to address serious issues “with anything beyond superficial gestures and political grandstanding.” * Pushback by Plouffe's camp to : C'mon guys, ALL the senior ex-officials trade on their public service w/paid speeches to industry.* Obama declared Mitt Romney’s policies to be an inverse of Robin Hood, or, in his words, “Romney-hood.” * Both Obama and Romney are looking to court single women. *Pollsters are struggling to lock down cell phone numbers.* Radical Tea Partiers Won't Negotiate - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal * Why 2012 Is Not 1980 - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * On Success, Obama Has Forked Tongue - Arthur Brooks, Wall Street Journal * Mitt Romney's Dilemmas - Charles Kesler, Claremont Review of Books * Protecting the Voting Rights - Al Sharpton, Los Angeles Times * Romney's VP List Seems to Get Shorter - Felicia Sonmez, Washington Post * Romney Misses the Arab World's Great Cultural Shift - Roger Cohen, NYT * In Egypt, Anti-Semitism Is Back in Fashion - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg * Why Israel Thrives, Unlike Its Neighbors - Richard Cohen, Washington Post * WH Press Goes Seven Weeks Without a Question - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier * Romney's Secrecy Is Hurting Him - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * With Friends Like Reid, Does Obama Need Enemies? - Carl Cannon, RCP * What Harry Reid Is Trying to Hide - New York Daily News * Abortion foes are angry that Cardinal Timothy Dolan invited Barack Obama to the annual Al Smith dinner. (Religion News Service) * The speakers list at the GOP convention still leaves a field of speculation for the VP nomination. (WP) * Mega-donor Sheldon Adelson has asked Mitt Romney to take several hard lines on Israel. (Daily Beast) * Senator Chuck Schumer explains why the Baileys--his important, fictitious suburban family--would side with Obama rather than Romney. [Reid Pilifant] * Here's a flashback to the '08 welfare debate * Romney Camp Tweaks Obama Over Carter Convention Speaking Slot(NYO) * Outside Group Targets Obama in $25 Million Ad Campaign(NYT) * Congressional Primaries to Watch(NYT) * Five reasons why the GOP VP rumor du jour - Gen. David Petraeuscan’t happen.* The latest Obama campaign contest offers supporters an opportunity to attend an event with basketball stars Carmelo Anthony, Patrick Ewing, and Michael Jordan. * There are a number of primary races in other states tonight, including Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington. * Obama inched ahead in the latest polling in North Carolina. * Ohio senator and potential veep Rob Portman once worked as a registered foreign agent for the regime of a Haitian dictator. * Karl Rove says the Romney veep pick could come “as early as Friday.”* Romney wants Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to reveal the source for his claim the Republican candidate hasn’t paid his taxes in a decade.* Class War and Romney’s Welfare Counterattack(NY Mag) * Cardinal suing Obama invites him, Romney to dinner(Fox 5) * Dolan Will Let Obama and Romney Joke It Up at the Al Smith Dinner(NYT) * The Tea Party's Plan to Cripple Congress - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * No End in Sight for Race's Negative Focus - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Harry Reid's Baseless Drivel - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times* Romney's Mendacious Welfare Counterattack - Jonathan Chait, NY Mag *Paul Ryan a Real Contender for VP Spot - Robert Costa, National Review

Stewart Calls Out Fox News’ Judith Miller For Hypocrisy On National Security Leaks

Using its New York-based operations, “rogue institution” Standard Chartered – a major British bank, schemed with the Iranian government for nearly a decade to launder $250 billion, leaving the US financial system vulnerable to terrorists and corrupt regimes, according to the state Department of Financial Services.

The new website AdKanEnough.com is shattering the taboo topic of sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community, but the fact that it even exists could be considered by some to be something of a miracle.
<i>Tangled Web, Part 2:</i> Woman Behind Outspoken Website Addresses Sexual Abuse Among Orthodox Jews Tangled Web, Part 2: Woman Behind Outspoken Website Addresses Sexual Abuse Among Orthodox Jews(NY1)

Law and Order
Police do a number on killerPolice do a number on killer (NYP)  Brooklyn cops yesterday stood guard at a storefront whose address has the same four numbers as two shops where a thug murdered the owners.

Cops to go after Twitter after it shields theater-threat sicko(NYP) The New York Police Department will subpoena Twitter forcing the social media company to identify a tweeter threatening to shoot people at a Broadway theater showing Mike Tyson’s one-man show

Son Is Charged in Case of Faked Drowning(NYT) * A Proclamation of Innocence for a Prisoner Who Never Gave Up(NYT) * Son of Long Island man suspected of faking his own death (NYDN) * Suspects wanted in string of Brooklyn robberies(WABC) * Man Sought in LES Rooftop Sexual Assault(NBC) * Fake pot will now be illegal in New York State. ( Parole officer testifies he didn't see attacker after parolee allegedly shoots him(NYP)
No jail for mechanic in deadly NYC crane collapseNo jail for mechanic in deadly NYC crane collapse(NYP) * Gov. Cuomo announces state-wide crackdown on bath salts(NYP) * No Jail Time For Mechanic Who Worked On Crane That Collapsed * "National Night Out" Gets New Yorkers, Police To Build Stronger Community Ties  * UPDATE: confirms turns over information it was seeking in threat case.