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Sick Conflicting Offers Quinn Can't Refuse

The Big Squeeze On Quinn Continues
Labor plans to ‘sick’ gays on ChristineLabor plans to ‘sick’ gays on Christine(NYP) Labor leaders are courting gay rights activists to pressure Council Speaker Christine Quinn over paid sick leave legislation by threatening not to support her mayoral bidMichael Goodwin(NYP) Get a spine, Quinn The Post’s Michael Goodwin suggests that Quinn should “get a spine” and take stands on issues with competing interests, including paid sick leave and stop-and-frisk, instead of “simultaneously pandering to opposites”* Sick-Pay Vote Demonstrates Quinn's Power(WSJ) Since she took that post in 2006, there has never been a vote on a measure she opposes. * Quinn pressured on paid sick days vote(NYDN) * Michael Goodwin accused Quinn of triangulating.  * Former mayor Ed Koch, a supporter of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, said he supports the Paid Sick legislation in the New York City Council. [NY1] * More on why the Paid Sick bill, which has 36 sponsors, is not yet being voted on. [Michael Howard Saul]

Campaign 2012 To the Polls, Ye Sons of Freedom! And Bring a MetroCard.(NYT) * Stringer Condemns Opening Of Upper West Side Shelter(NY1) * “There is no question that New Yorkers want strong mayors, to the point that they can be spellbound by self-styled saviors,” Clyde Haberman declared while musing about the city’s next mayor. * “My son voted absentee, and his ballot was probably counted against me,” said Rep. Eliot Engel, who has questioned the results of his June 26 primary victory.* Dan Halloran is seeking the Libertarian line in the fall.  * John Liu Hopes Federal Investigation Will Be Over By Early 2013(City and State) * Republican Dan Halloran is looking to get on the Libertarian Party line. Democrat Grace Meng's spokesman pounces. [Lisa Colangelo] * George Pataki Explains His Super PAC’s Lackluster Fundraising * Senate Dems Knock Ulrich for Haggerty’s Courtroom Presence(NYO)* Messer Drops Petition Fraud Lawsuit Against Stavisky(City and State) * Endorsements Pile Up in Race to Replace Hakeem Jeffries *Dems To State Senate Hopeful Eric Ulrich: Why Was John Haggerty In Court With Your Team?(NYDN) * The L Magazine names Storobin’s victory over Lew Fidler as the second worst moment in Brooklyn politics this year.* Brooklyn, Bronx & Manhattan Politics Intertwine El Diario NY

Lobbyists Consultants Are Bundlers?
How About the Million That the Real Estate Giants Gives Lobbyist Political Consultants Like George Artz, Parkside and Mike Nussbaum?  Does Any of That Lobbying $$$ Get Funneled To Candidate They Support?  Sure
 They are Bundlers and should be regulated.  Lobbyist consultants pass pay to play money between themselves and there are no records.  They even pay off bloggers $

Pay to Play Mayoral Candidates
Love Fat Cat Real Estate Bundles  
The campaign finance loophole developers love (NY World) Individuals doing business with the city have bundled almost $1 million for mayoral candidates. Dozens of executives at companies that do business with the city have bundled nearly $1 million for prospective 2013 mayoral candidates, skirting campaign finance restrictionsInterested bundlers raise lots of money for mayoral candidates(Capital*JCOPE is seeking public input on its controversial donor disclosure rules for lobbying groups.

Meng Bundled On What To Do On Pops $$$
At a press conference yesterday at Queen Borough Hall, Assemblywoman Grace Meng responded to attacks from her Republican congressional opponent, Queens Councilman Dan Halloran, about Meng's decision not to disclose her campaign bundlers.  "First of all, that's something we released a statement on already," Meng said, when asked about the charges by reporters, "and the response is pretty much the same for any candidate who understands campaign finance rules at the city, state, and federal level. There is no such thing as bundlers. It is something that is made up for political purposes." Halloran's campaign is trying to make an issue of the fact that Meng's father, Jimmy, was recently arrested by the FBI for allegedly accepting bribes – and may have raised money for Meng's campaign. 
But Meng, at the press conference with Maryland Rep. Steny Hoyer to highlight her plan to create American jobs, said other issues should be of paramount importance. "We're doing what any other congressional candidate has done across the country, in fact, we've actually been using stricter procedures than most candidates across the nation," Meng added of her fundraising efforts. Halloran's spokesman Steven Stites continued to attack in response to Meng's comments: “Assemblywoman Meng is playing a game of ‘can you' top this?’ First she won't disclose her bundlers. Now she says bundlers don't exist. Next, she'll say her money got delivered by a stork.” (City and State) * Grace Meng responded to Dan Halloran’s demand that she release her bundlers by denying she has any, causing Halloran’s spokesman to retort, “First she won’t disclose her bundlers. Now she says bundlers don’t exist. Next, she’ll say her money got delivered by a stork.”
Meng also pushed her plan to jumpstart businesses in New York.
* Harsh criticism of Storobin from Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton, oof: *David Storobin: Petition Issues Just Not My Fault(NYDN) * Dead Woman's Signature On His Petitions? It Was A Simple Mistake, Says State Sen. David Storobin(NYDN)

Storobin Political Future Rests In the Hands of A Judge
David Storobin had his day in court and explained how he ended up witnessing the signature of a dead person. Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton subsequently criticized Storobin for his explanation of petitioning errors. * Pol is grilled in elex fight (NYDN) Former Councilman Sichma Felder questions freshman State Sen. David Strobin over signatures needed to stay on November's ballot  Rivals battling for new 'super-Jewish' seat created by redistricting. State Sen. David Storobin disputed charges from political rival Simcha Felder about petition signatures collected to stay on the ballot in November, * GOP Sen. David Storobin and Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton are at odds over Storobin’s petition signatures, which have been questioned by his Democratic opponent, Simcha Felder.* Craig Eaton said that David Storobin was scapegoating him when a judge questioned the State Senator about falsified signatures on his petitions. They are Bundlers and should be regulated.  Lobbyist consultants pass pay to play money between themselves and there are no records.  They even pay off journalist.

Here is more proof of Senator Stavisky and her team playing dirty politics

The politics of unfair play, and perhaps a corruption investigation(Queens Politics)

Citywide 8 Shoot On the National Night Out

Cuomo now gunning for stricter lawsCuomo now gunning for stricter laws(NYP) Cuomo is vowing to pass the stricter laws proposed by Senate Democrats to crack down on illegal gun use in the wake of shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin  * Cuomo wants new laws vs. guns (NYDN) * Cuomo vowed to address gun violence and form a “consensus” on new laws in next year’s legislative session, but much depends on whether the Republicans retrain the Senate majority.* Dan Janison notes how Lawsky, a former top Cuomo aide and longtime ally to the governor, keeps intruding on territory traditionally belonging to the state attorney general. Ben Lawksy is grabbing headlines and stealing the spotlight from Eric Schneiderman, The Post says.* Cuomo says he has a “lot to do” as governor, which is why he’s not attending the Democratic National Convention until the very last day.

Memo to DN Hammond: Cuomo Trust Nobody . . .  He Makes Deals With the Two Others in the Room Giving Them Some Things They Want to Get What He Wants

Newsday argues that public disclosure for lobbying is important for the state and proposes a path for Cuomo and the Committee to Save New York to support transparency:

Who Knows Hot To Get Away With Crime Better
Former Gov. David Paterson, who was the target of multiple ethics probes during his tenure, has a new job as chair of Icon Group Compliance Services, in which he will be providing advice on investigations and risk management to construction companies.

The Board Said They Did Fine June 26th, Quinn Says No

awesome. NYC Board of Elections Exec Dir. Dawn Sandow says media no longer trying to report accurately.
Fact former BOE Steve Graves office were raided by the FBI 

Fact former head of the BOE was fired for trying to fix a ballot in a special election
. now attacking media for not reporting facts in testimony defending itself against allegations about screwups in race.
So There were right election night Rangel won by 20%?* SallyGold @unitedNYblogs @BOENYC I imagine someone will ask them that.
. starts agressively questioning : "You think you did well, except for the election night results?"

. to BOE: "you feel you performed well; Why did you change your process if y

  In NY, party bosses appt not members ad employees of the Bd of Election

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Is Working Already

Instead of Industrial Giants, Brooklyn Has Niche Factories(NYT) * Wireless Center for NYU Poly(WSJ) * The future of manufacturing in New York is in places like the Greenpoint Manufacturing Design Center which allows Brooklyn to retain some of its remaining industrial spaces for small-scale, small-batch manufacturing.

Luxury Living in Old Temple of the 5 and Dime(NYT)* W’worth Bldg. to go condo (NYDN)

Fake Reporter (News Reader) for 30 Years Playing A Fake Reporter On Law and Order

Collision course: Bid to widen B’klyn Bridge walk-bike laneCollision course: Bid to widen B’klyn Bridge walk-bike lane(NYP) * Council Members Call for Widening Walkers’ Path on the Brooklyn Bridge(NYT) * Bridge Traffic on Walkway Stirs Concern(WSJ)

Post-9/11 Expertise Helps Put Names on Cold Case Corpses(NYT)





When Pedicab Overcharges  the NYP Attacks the Whole Industry, When Taxi Drives Overcharge the Same Paper Says Remove the Drivers

Crane-slay wrist slapCrane-slay wrist slap (NYP) He got a slap on the wrist for causing the deaths of two people in the 2008 East Side crane collapse — but the words of his victims’ families will haunt him forever. * Mechanic Avoids Jail Time for Role in Crane Collapse(NYT) * The mechanic who was responsible for an Upper East Side crane collapse four years ago avoided jail time and was sentenced to community service. 

Barclays Center makes it official(NYP) Construction crews using a crane spent several hours yesterday slapping the name “Barclays Center” along a side Atlantic …

Fraud in Special Education(NYT Ed) Given the abuse found recently, New York State needs to conduct a full review of the preschool special education program and create an effective oversight system.* NY1 Exclusive: City's High Needs Schools Failing, Scores Show

A Name Is Toast in H&H Dispute(WSJ) Its bagel shops and manufacturing plants are shuttered, its global wholesale business ground to a halt. But there is one last piece of H&H Bagels' shattered empire left: the name.

The number of towns, cities, counties and other governments borrowing from the state pension fund to make their annual pension payments has more than tripled from last year, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office. 

Woodhaven residents waging war on mailbox graffiti(NYDN)

Fresh Meadows hotel plan shot down(NYDN)
 Marriott checks in the Bronx (NYDN)

Developers sue over Randalls  Island water park (NYDN)

Private Library Labors to Be Relevant Again(NYT)





Jewish gal shows up IOC with salute to slain Israeli Olympians(NYP)





The Making of A President 2012
Dolan Will Let Obama and Romney Joke It Up at the Al Smith Dinner(NYT)Gen. Veep(NYP) * Polls Underline Stubborn Splits From Voters in 3 Key States (NYT) * Cuomo to Attend Only Last Day of Democratic National Convention(NYT)* The Ungrateful President(NPresidents who don’t need people are the loneliest presidents in the world, especially come election time * Archdiocese Defends Obama's Invite To Alfred E. Smith Dinner(NY1) * NY1 Online: Examining Presidential Polls with Nate Silver * President Obama: 'I'm Not The President Of Black America'*Top Republican Lashes Out At Press Over Leaks(Huff Post) * Now We Know What Kind of Dancer Hillary Clinton Is(NY Mag) * Bill Clinton Does Not Think Obama Is ‘Gutting’ Welfare Reform (NY Mag) * Mitt Romney mistakenly (?) sent a fundraising pitch to major Democratic donor and DNC committeeman Bob Zimmerman.* Scott Walker will be speaking at the GOP convention.  *  Obama is targeting women in Colorado. * Romney's VP search down to three(NBC) * Gov. Christie heads west to fundraise for Romney(WABC) * Taxpayer-funded White House videographers make videos that look campaign-y. [Phillip Swarts] * Another polling lead for the president, following Romney's rough July: (Politico) * Frank Rich on the National Circus: Harry Reid Is No Joe McCarthy(NY Mag) * How a Running Mate Could Swing a State(NYT) * Decision 2012: Obama To Hold Chelsea Piers Fundraiser With NBA Stars (NY1) *Pataki Won’t Be Romney’s ‘Boring White Guy’(NYO) * Memo to Andrew Cuomo: Eric Schneiderman will be attending the DNC, thank you very much.* Tim Pawlenty named nearly a dozen other people--besides himself–who would be qualified to be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential pick. * Truth in off-messaging? Mitt Romney’s spokesperson countered an attack by Democrats saying that Bain Capital laid off steelworkers by pointing to Massachusetts’ universal health insurance plan. * The Obama campaign denied knowing the story of a steelworker laid off from a Bain-owned company despite the fact he appeared in one of their ads and one of their conference calls.* The Democrats are preparing to attack whoever Romney picks as his VP runningmate. * Nate Silver explains why the VP selection matters. * During a campaign stop aimed at wooing women voters, President Obama accused Republicans of wanting to take the nation “back to policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.” * Al Gore to Play Keith Olbermann on Current TV(NY Mag)

After Madoff It is Clear That the Sun Coming Up in The Morning Surprises U.S. Regulators 



A longtime CBS reporter complains about media conglomerates. [Dan Rather] * New York Times set to sell for $270m to


Law and Order 

Rikers Con Job(Village Voice) With jail violence out of control, a bogus task force only made things worse


Court Prompts Twitter to Give Data to Police in Threat Case(NYT) * Twitter Complies With NYPD Subpoena Following B'Way Threat(NY1)


Cocaine sugar ring busted (NYP) JFK drugs hidden in candy: feds * 6 Hid Drugs in Diplomas and Candy, Officials Say(NYT) * Man's Son Charged in Faked Death(WSJ) * Police Shoot Dog Walker(WSJ) * Chocolates, Empanadas Used to Smuggle Drugs From Ecuador(WSJ) * Sources: Police Bullet Strikes Man During Brooklyn Drug Bust(NY1) * Officials: 3-Month-Old Boy Fell Out Of Window In Bronx(NY1)* 4 dopes nailed in Columbia con (NYDN) * State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos wants the Assembly to take up a bill making the sale and possession of designer drugs, including bath salts and synthetic pot, a felony, the Daily News reports: * Baby In Stable Condition After Fall From 2nd-Story Window (WABC)
* Charges in deadly Brooklyn hit-run(NYP) * 3-month-old baby girl falls out Bronx window(WABC)
* Armed suspects rob livery cab in Brooklyn(WABC) * 2 Staten Island men face burglary charges(SI Advance) * Baby Falls Out Window, Lands on A/C(NBC) *
Police Return to Basement Linked to Etan Patz Murder Suspect(NYT)
* Etan Patz Search Continues in Soho Basement(NYP)

Bumbling bandit busted after trying to rob 3 Midtown banks: copsBumbling bandit busted after trying to rob 3 Midtown banks: cops(NY1)

Tangled Web, Part 2: Woman Behind Outspoken Website Addresses Sexual Abuse Among Orthodox Jews