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Administration Tries to Cover Their Ass As Daily News Continues the Attack
The city’s public housing authority spent $320,000 on a two-day staff rally at the Javits Center in March, even though the agency is mired in debt and unable to repair crumbling apartments
NYCHA spends $325G on a pep talk and $100G to jazz up its website, but major apt. fixes can wait until 2014!(NYDN) Mandatory cheerleading session led by Chairman John Rhea at Javits Center cost $200G in rent and polishing Housing Authority's 'brand' was also at top of to-do list *
The Daily News continues its investigation into NYCHA, this time looking into widespread mold that goes untreated. 

Should Have Been Titled The Fixer and the Press Enables Who Print Whatever the Fixers Spin
The Fixers (City and State)  Carl Kruger Fixer Benjamin Brafman  * Ken Sunshine Kerry Kennedy * SKDKnickerbocker Stefan Friedman * Lupé Todd, a vice president at George Arzt Communications * Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s personal crisis manager * Susan Del Percio Fossella secret family* PR maven Ken Sunshine, a longtime ally of the Cuomo family, says there are no skeletons hanging in the political clan’s closet, insisting they’re “as clean and honest as any public servants in the country.”

NYP Thinks Groups That Are Pushing For the Council's Sick Pay Bill Will Kill Jobs and Businesses in NYC
The Post accuses Quinn and councilmembers of worsening the city’s image as a place to do business by advocating for employers to offer paid sick leave 

A sick job-killer(NYP Ed)  Just what does New York’s City Council have against businesses — and jobs? Not content with having passed two truly awful laws recently that regulate certain private-sector wages — and materially worsen the city’s image as a place to do business — council members are now renewing their drive to force employers to offer paid sick leave. More than a dozen groups backing paid sick leave legislation are emailing half a million New Yorkers to support the measure, turning up pressure on Council Speaker Christine Quinn who opposes the bill *Sic Quinn over paid sick days (NYDN) * The Post cheers Bloomberg for suing the City Council to stop two laws that raise wages for private sector workers: The Working Families Party continues to push Christine Quinn on paid sick leave, planning to target half a million New Yorkers by email about the issue and knock on the doors of 100,000 prime voters.

Campaign 2012 Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is backing several challenges to incumbent senators because he believes Majority Leader Dean Skelos has “sold out” his principals, the Albany Times Union reports * Malcolm Smith has assured his State Senate colleagues that despite his flirtation with running for mayor on the GOP line, he has no intention of caucusing with Republicans in Albany.(He did not say anything about going to jail?) * Halloran Pushes Back, Asks ‘What Does Grace Meng Have to Hide?’(NYO) * Halloran Slams Meng For Not Disclosing Bundlers(C&S) *Jay Otaño Revs Up State Senate Campaign [Video] * Assembly Candidate: Bring Chik-Fil-A To New York(YNN) * Source at Brooklyn Supreme Court says Dov Hikind officially kicked off GOP line* Khari Edwards to Launch Campaign for Tish James’ Seat(NYO) * Rangel Raises for Reelection(NYO)
James Sanders’ Very Politically Well-Timed Member ItemJames Sanders' Very Politically Well-Timed Member Item(C&S) *Hikind Falls 2 Signatures Short of GOP Line * In addition to Hakeem Jeffries, Walter Mosley was also endorsed by Joe Lentol. * Former Assemblyman Barry Grodenchik is also getting into the Queens Borough President race.

Bloomberg Large Soda Ban Get Councilmembers to Push For More Gym Classes While They Look For $$$

Soda Ban Opponents Gear Up For ‘Impact Tour’ While Councilmembers Push For More Gym Class


How the State's Elected Elite Stays in Power (Gotham Gazette) Instead, in the real New York, fair redistricting has been put off for another decade, leaving the same old incumbents clinging to their power in the state Legislature. Campaign finance is being largely ignored, though good government groups are spending time this summer trying to rally support to change how elections are financed. This is, after all, a state with one of the highest incumbent reelection rates in the country.

Liu Moves On From Another Problem

Liu shoos ‘fall guy’ top aide(NYP) Elmer’s forced departure follows a rocky period. In one embarrassing court ruling, the office was slapped down for improperly inflating the wages of furniture- moving workers hired by the city after misreading the law and ignoring the facts.* Jeffrey Elmer, the assistant comptroller for labor in John Liu’s office, is stepping down after his office was reprimanded for inflating the pay of furniture movers paid by the city. Sources insist Elmer’s a fall guy for bad press.

Sidewalk congestion is now a maddening crowd for midtown(AMNY)


On the Upper East Side, Racial Disparity Remains(NYT)

Fredric U. Dicker$tate ‘takeover’(NYP) Cuomo and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli are reviewing proposals for a “super control board’’ that could take over the finances of counties, cities and towns on the verge of bankruptcy, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli are reviewing proposals for a “super control board” that could take over the finances of towns and municipalities close to bankruptcy – in extreme circumstances – would have the power to break union contracts.

The Pay to Play  Secret Life of the State Senate GOP #2
Libous's Property Records Highlight Gap(WSJ) Thomas Libous is best known as an Albany power broker, but the state Senate deputy majority leader's financial disclosure report offers a glimpse of a lesser-known role: Florida landlord. State Sen. Thomas Libous declined to provide street names of several rental properties he owns in Florida in his state disclosure reports, an apparent violation of ethics laws. Senator Thomas Libous Is Subject of Ethics Inquiry - The inquiry involves claims made from the witness stand in a Yonkers corruption trial,  Mangone, a felon, said Libous had asked him to give Libous' son Matthew a position in Mangone's law firm about six years ago. He said that a senator would help the law firm get some business. Mangone testified that Libous wanted his son to be paid $150,000 and be provided a car, which the firm did. Mangone said the firm received $50,000 from a business called Hiffa and Matthew Libous was in charge of the Hiffa account. Jimmy Vielkind takes a look at the second career of Carl Paladino as thorn in the side of Dean Skelos.* Tom Libous failed to provide the addresses of Florida rental properties he owns, in violation of the state campaign finance laws. 

Fatal Shootings of 2 Brooklyn Shopkeepers Unnerve Fellow Merchants(NYT) * Police Link Bullets Used in 2 Slayings(WSJ) * NYPD: Shooting deaths of shopkeepers similar(WSJ) * Numbers game for Brooklyn killer(NYDN)


Question to DN Reporter Lovett: How Will More Gun Laws Aimed At Making It Harder to Buy A Gun in NYS Stop the Illegal Guns From Out of State Pouring Into NYC?

  Pol's bill would make N.Y. toughest on gun control
Mr. Lovett how does  limiting purchases to one a month, impose a ten-day waiting period on background checks and close background check loopholes help when most of the gun in shoot out in the city come illegally from out of town

 Virginia gun shops and Shows
NY Already has one of the strongest gun laws and 7000 guns came in last year anyway. How will stronger gun laws stop this? *   Inside The Epidemic Of Illegal Guns In NYC - WPIX * New York must fight a lone battle against illegal guns - NY Daily News *New York Battles Against Illegal Guns * NY thugs’ guns flood in from all over US (NYP) * Mayor Mike Bloomberg and two survivors of the Tucson shooting cut an ad urging federal officials to do something about gun violence. * In the last two weeks, nine more U.S. mayors, mostly of the smaller-town variety, have joined Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns organizatin.* After Shootings, a Push for Tougher Gun Laws(NYT) There had been 1,058 shooting victims in New York City this year, up from 977 in the same period last year. * Bloomberg: No Tolerance For Violence Seen In WI Temple Shooting(NY1) * Harlem Residents Set Up Outreach Patrols To Curb Neighborhood Violence(NY1) * NY1 Online: Rev. Sharpton Calls For Meeting With Mayor On Gun Violence

Once again, @MikeBloomberg says he is for "crime control, not gun control." #queens
Entrepreneur, Mayor of New York City, Philanthropist.

Keep in mind, 85 percent of the guns used here in murders come from out of state,” Mr. Bloomberg said.

NYC Elitist Tennis Court Price
Tennis Fees Ace Out Many(WSJ) A steep price increase for most permits required to play tennis on New York City's public courts has changed the game, pricing out thousands of players while creating shorter wait times for those who can afford to pay.

Pedicab driver ‘tricks’ tourists for $442: ridersPedicab driver ‘tricks’ tourists for $442: riders(NYP)

The News pushes back against parents who want to bring their children to beer gardens and wine bars in Brooklyn that ban anyone under the age of 21

WTC’s last callWTC’s last call(NYP) Faced with a series of construction accidents at Ground Zero and a problem of daytime drinking by construction workers, the Port Authority is going on a public-safety bender, trying to tear World Trade Center construction workers away from the bar * The Port Authority’s high tech emergency response center, designed for use in terrorist attacks and other emergencies, keeps breaking down. * The reason behind construction delays? The Port Authority is cracking down on daytime drinking among WTC construction crews. 

Lehman High School teachers fleeing troubled school(NYDN)
The city’s School Construction Authority is expecting to spend $270 million on construction-site injuries and related liability expenses this year— nearly 10 times more than a decade ago, Yoav Gonen reports.
New Interim Principal Selected At Stuyvesant High School(NY1)

As Harlem Lanes Closes, a Common Neighborhood Refrain(NYT)

Criticism Grows as Check-Cashing Stores Expand in Poorer Areas(NYT) Opponents say the check-cashing industry is trying to burnish its image while also promoting legislation in Albany to loosen restrictions on short-term loans. * Check-cashing centers are flourishing in poorer parts of the city, but are beginning to undertake some reforms that belie their image as entities that taken advantage of the poor. Critics say they are merely trying to be good citizens to get legislation through Albany that would loosen restrictions on short-term loans.

The state’s Department of Financial Services is investigating whether 80 life insurers are potentially masking their financial health through dealings with affiliated companies, the Journal writes:

The Marcellus Shale is about to become the most productive natural gas field in the United States, according to new data from energy industry analysts and the federal government. * According to the TU’s Fred LeBrun, top state officials are briefing selected environmental groups on a hydrofracking plan.  * Fracking may cause more earthquakes than initially thought, according to an article in this week’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. * “As the United States enjoys a natural-gas boom thanks to a process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, producers are taking a page from the tobacco industry playbook: funding research at established universities that arrives at conclusions that counter concerns raised by critics.”

Carnival group cuts back, seeks revelers' aid(NYDN)

Cuomo: More Park Land
State to Buy 69,000 Acres in Adirondacks(NYT) Cuomo said the $49.8 million acquisition would preserve a significant portion of the upper Hudson River watershed and boost tourism. The state acquired 69,000 acres in the Adirondacks for $49.8 million, opening a large section of the Hudson River watershed for public use for the first time in 150 years

A New Theater Is Much Ado About Something in Brooklyn(WSJ) The new theater going up in downtown Brooklyn is still just a shell of steel beams and concrete, but already Dorothy Ryan can point out where fairies will fly, armies will march in and gravediggers will hand up skulls.

The Making of A President 2012
Mike’s ad targets Bam & Mitt on guns(NYP) Bloomberg and his group Mayors Against Illegal Guns unveiled a new national TV ad demanding that both presidential candidates explain specific plans for combating illegal weapons * Outside Cash in Missouri Race Could Be a National Model(NYT) * Embracing Sheldon Adelson(NYT) How can Mitt Romney justify his alliance with the casino operator who used to back Newt Gingrich? * Romney raises $101 million in July(TPM) * The GOP is doing something once unheard of. They're staying quiet on gay rights. (Politico)* AFL-CIO gets behind Reid in fight over Romney taxes(The Hill) * For the Democratic National Convention, is Elizabeth Warren a plus or minus? (Politico) * Plouffe Took Fee From Iran-Tied Company(Daily Beast) * How does Mitt Romney deflect bad news? By talking about his veep pick.   * The WaPo takes a look at the final five possibilities: Christie, Jindal, Ryan, Portman and Pawlenty. * Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was defined by small money contributions; Ben Smith looks at how Mitt Romney’s is defined by big money contributions in 2012. * Condi Rice and Nikki Haley are slated to speak at the RNC.   * Reince Priebus stands by ‘dirty liar’ charge: (Politico) * Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is hosting a fund-raiser for Obama at his Connecticut estate tonight. Anne Hathaway and Aaron Sorkin are expected to attend.  * Obama Reacts To Wisconsin Shooting(Huff Post) * Republican Convention Speakers Announced(Huff Post) * RNC slams Obama adviser over speaking fee from firm with Iranian ties(The Hill) *Romney’s Fund- Raising Outpaces Obama’s in July(NYT) * John Heilemann on Morning Joe: President Obama ‘Should Never Have Talked Up the Economy’ * New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan is under fire from abortion opponents for inviting President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner. * Steve Kornacki explains why Cuomo can afford to keep a low profile during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.* If you wonder why Andrew Cuomo isn’t more actively positioning himself for president in 2016, look to Mario Cuomo, circa 1988. * Mega-donor Sheldon Adelson is pressuring Romney to support the release of Jonathan Pollard. * will launch a new politics page. * Chris Christie said no one votes for the vice presidential candidate.


Law and Order
Cop focused on saving others during Wis. Sikh temple shooting(NYP)

Times Photographer Is Arrested on Assignment(NYT) Robert Stolarik, a freelance photographer for The New York Times, was taking photos of a fight in the Bronx and suffered injuries in an encounter with the police.

Woman whose body was found in attic of Qns. suicide home was stabbed 22 times: policeWoman whose body was found in attic of Qns. suicide home was stabbed 22 times: police(NYP)

WATCH: Ferrari fool floors it onto tix cop’s footWATCH: Ferrari fool floors it onto tix cop’s foot(NYP)

Thug slams stolen SUV into Bx. car, leaving woman with critical injuriesThug slams stolen SUV into Bx. car, leaving woman with critical injuries(NYP)

 1 killed, another injured in Brooklyn drive-by(WSJ) * Medical Examiner: Murdered Woman's Body Found In Queens Attic(NY1) * HORRIFIC FIND: Possible 2nd human body at Queens suicide (NYDN) * Simply getting home safe is lucky these days(NYDN) * Drunk slams car Drunk slams car(NYDN) * NYPD Increases Coverage Around Sikh Temples In Wake Of Wisconsin(WCBS) * WATCH: Stephanie Pratt's Ferrari fool boyfriend busted for (NYP) * 1 killed, another injured in Brooklyn drive-by(Fox 5) * Police Enforcing Unposted Rules at Zuccotti Park, Memo Indicates * Queens couple pleads guilty to roles in largest ID theft scam in US history(NYP) * Driver Claims Delayed NYPD Response To Fender Bender Led To Bigger Accident(NY1)