Tuesday, August 28, 2012

King Lopez Politcally Dead: Not Running for Reelection

The King is Dead
End Of the Vito Lopez Era
Lopez Will Not Run For ReElection As Party Chair Breaking .: "I am announcing that I will not be seeking the position of party chair of the Kings County Democratic Party."

"The charges made against me are unfair and untrue. Never did I intentionally touch or attempt to kiss the complainants." Vito Lopez

Why You Pay the Hush Money Ass Hole? 

Silver Lopez New York's Joe Paterno Sandusky
Pay to Play Sexual Abuse Cover Up
Albany's Blue Wall of Silence: No Outrage By Members
Lopez, as sketchy a pol as they come, now turns out to be a serial molester. And Silver has been an enabler — and, effectively, his paymaster.  Vito Lopez needs to go. Shelly Silver needs to come clean.  Now. . calls Vito Lopez a "serial molester" & NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon SIlver his "enabler"  * Daily News: Speaker Sheldon Silver’s handling of case against Vito Lopez needs full probe"A hushed up settlement with tax dollars is not in the public interest * Albany’s enforcement mechanisms — supposedly bolstered by Cuomo — broke down badly when it came to Lopez."  * Rumors of an Albany housecleaning have been greatly exaggerated * The Times urges Lopez to resign from the state assembly and demands the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics begin investigating the matter:  The Daily News calls for a full probe of the Lopez harassment incidents and the events that led the Assembly to settle one claim:  * Newsday praises state officials for getting serious about cleaning up Albany, but worries that pols will continue to violate the law or breach ethical standards: * The TU says it’s time for Lopez to go. *State Paid $103,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Vito Lopez(NY Mag) * Vito Lopez Sexual Harassment Claims Settled By Sheldon Silver's Authorization Of Secret Payment(Huff Post) *"this could be worse than the Michael Boxley affair"-- re: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's handling of Vito Lopez case.* Tax $ Settled Assembly Sex Claim: Report(NBC) * “Vito Lopez is a sexual predator who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with both criminal and civil charges against him,” Lincoln Restler said. “His corrupt reign has, fortunately, come to an end.” * Citizens Union would like JCOPE to take a look into the settlement with Lopez’s first sexual harassment allegation. *  Governor Cuomo agreed that the ethics panel needs to do something. * Cuomo Wants Facts In Lopez Investigation(YNN) * Gloria Allred, who represented at least one woman who settled with Lopez, said her firm has “never requested or insisted that a legislative committee or other body not proceed with an investigation.” * (Another Bragg piece): NYC Councilman Dan Halloran is campaigning for Congress on a shoestring budget, and was able to travel to Israel – in style – thanks to funding from a Brooklyn nonprofit, the World Committee.

Bloomberg Doing His Best Sargent Schultz "I know Nothing"On Lopez
., asked whether should resign, says "it's up to the albany legislature to investigate" ., asked whether assembly payment was appropriate, said "I just don't know what laws are"* Bloomberg Declines to Opine on Vito Lopez’s Woes(NYO)

Silver Spokesman Victim Asked for Privacy 
A spokesman for Silver’s office said that the only situation where a complaint isn’t referred to the ethics committee is when a victim asks for privacy. (WNYC)

Gloria Allred Not True
A statement Tuesday from Gloria Allred, an attorney for the woman, said they have “never requested or instead that a legislative committee or other body not proceed with an investigation.”

The DN editorial board says: Spill the Vito Lopez secrets 
The New York Times called on Lopez to step down, while the New York Post and the Daily News put the heat on Shelly Silver instead.
Shelly buys silence(NYP) Was Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s lightning-fast crackdown last week on a powerful colleague charged with sexually harassing two female interns meant to divert attention from his own misuse of public money? * Last night, in response to a FOIL request, the amount was disclosed: $103,080, paid two months ago. * Assembly Paid $103,000 in Harassment Case(NYT) Sheldon Silver, the New York State Assembly speaker, authorized the secret payment to settle sexual harassment claims against Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, according to Assembly records. Assemblyman Vito Lopez denied charges he sexually harassed female staff members and has “no intention of resigning,” but records showed Speaker Shelly Silver approved a $103,080 payment to settle his claim. Lawmaker Denies Sexual Charges(WSJ) *Looks like Vito's grabby tendencies cost taxpayers $103k(NYDN) * copy of "Quick Pay Voucher" suggesting there was a $100K settlement for a prior Vito Lopez case. * The voucher said the money was used for "legal services." [Erik Kriss] * A Silver spokesman said alleged victims can request that sexual harassment cases not be referred to the Assembly's ethics committee. [Jon Campbell] Lots of Buzz about Lopez stepping down (NYO)

Gevalt. The Senate is a mess. The press should focus on this... RT Queens Sen. Shirley Huntley indicted
There is precedent for such action.
Back in 2003, Silver’s chief counsel, Michael Boxley, plea-bargained his way out of a rape charge leveled by a 22-year-old legislative intern — after which it came to light that two years earlier, another staffer had charged Boxley with sexually assaulting her.he.  The first victim subsequently sued — pocketing a $507,500 payment, plus legal fees, with all but $20,000 of the bill being borne by the taxpayers.

Deep Throat: Follow the Money
Daily News The $103,080 does not represent the full size of the settlement"

NYT leaves out Naomi Rivera when writing about the latest Albany scandals.  Has never talked about  Naomi Rivera
The Bronx establishment is going all-out to save Naomi Rivera.* The Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie is "unwavering" in his support for Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, who is the subject of four ongoing investigations. [Sally Goldenberg]

John Liu is the Only Mayoral Candidate Who Has Not Demanded That Lopez Resign.
Liu is also the one responsible to find out if Lopez's Bushwick non profit paid part or the hush money.  We need an independent auditor

NYT Scandal Needs Outside Investigation Outside the Legislative Cocoon.
Latest Scandals From Albany(NYT Ed) The cleanup has started in Albany, but as the Vito Lopez and Shirley Huntley cases prove, it is far from done. The Lopez case begs for a more thorough investigation by those outside the legislative cocoon. If they have not already started, the state’s new Joint Commission on Public Ethics as well as the local Albany prosecutor should each be opening a file on Mr. Lopez. At least three women have been brave enough to complain officially about being abused by this politically powerful man. Were there others? Mr. Silver’s confidential settlement arrangement also demands a close look. More distressing, however, was Cuomo’s seeming lack of curiosity in the matter. * One of Vito Lopez's accusers deactivated her social media profiles before ethics report released

Albany's Crime Culture
If Outsides Investigated Corruption For Real in Albany 90% Of the Elected Officials Would Be Sitting In Jail
“All I know is what I’ve read in the newspapers,” said the man who so famously tracks the fall of every sparrow in the Empire State. To his credit, Cuomo did call for Lopez’s resignation from the Assembly."NYP * “Albany’s enforcement mechanisms — supposedly bolstered by Cuomo — broke down badly when it came to Lopez,” Bill Hammond opined.* Cuomo on the use of taxpayer dollars to settle a sexual harassment claim: “Well that happens all the time, right? You have a car accident. The state driver was negligent, the state pays damages. So the state often pays for damages of public officials.”*  New York Ethics: Corruption Crackdowns Rising In State(Huff Post) * Gov: Pols wanna raise for THIS? (NYDN)

Four Ways Vito Lopez reshaped New York The New York World

 1. Hello hipsters, bye-bye business * 2. Costly tax breaks for real estate developers 3. Grants for the grassroots 4. Big money for Brooklyn

Shirley Give Our Regards to Kurger, Espada, Monserrate, Spano and Leave the Welcome Mat Out for Smith

State Sen. Huntley hauled off in 30G ‘scam’(NYP) * State Senator From Queens Is Indicted(NYT) Shirley L. Huntley pleaded not guilty to tampering with evidence, conspiracy in the fifth degree and falsifying business records.  * Senator Faces Charges(WSJ) And it was Team Isabel Vincent/Melissa Klein who first reported on Huntley's shennanigans last year.*Queens Senator Arraigned On Conspiracy Charges(NY1)
* Qns. State Sen. Shirley Huntley indicted(NYSN) “It’s been a weird few weeks,” Huntley's campaign opponent campaign manager. “I’ve been working campaigns for almost a decade, and I’ve never been in a race where three weeks before an election the opponent gets arrested.” A spokeswoman for Huntley did not immediately return a request for comment. * JCOPE session adjourns, without public discussion or mention of Huntley or Lopez* Sanders Campaign Says “Character” Matters After Huntley Arrest(City and State)

New City Motto Needed  “Ostende mihi pecuniam.” You probably know it better in its English form: “Show me the money.”
Considering Political Corruption and, Perhaps, a New City Motto(NYT) My colleague Sam Roberts wrote on Monday about a Latin motto woven into the Bronx borough flag. It’s from Virgil. “Ne cede malis,” it goes. “Do not yield to evil.”

Campaign 2012  Republicans have seen increased numbers in some areas of the outer boroughs.* In his new blog, Chris Bragg reports that Jerry Iannece’s nonprofit is rather supportive of Jerry Iannece. * Crain’s Insider outlined some more possible Vito Lopez replacements. * Simcha Felder is still trying to kick David Storobin off the ballot.* Avi Tischler pitched his candidacy while emphasizing school vouchers.* Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hired a new deputy chief of staff, Avi Fink. Fink is best known for running the district office of Rep. Anthony Weiner, and more recently he worked on Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley's congressional campaign. Fink will be working on small business outreach and policy development. He tweets at @AviFink.* Halloran Insinuates Meng Would Have Been Complicit in Father’s Alleged Crimes [Video * Where Are New York City’s Republicans? Right Here!  * The “Manhattan Madam” took another step towards running for mayor of New York City. * Adriano Espaillat and Guillermo Linares took shots at one another in a Washington Heights debate last Friday. * Huntley Election Rival Calls On State Senator To Resign(NY1) * Manhattan Madam Registers Campaign Committee For NYC Mayoral Run

Composer’s Unknown Political Oeuvre As Lin-Manuel Miranda was writing songs for the musical “In the Heights,” he supported himself in part by creating music in local candidates’ advertisements.

Dear the People's Judge
Noach Dear’s twilight zoneNoach Dear’s twilight zone(NYP Ed)  Welcome to Brooklyn Civil Court, Room 706, where “justice” is dispensed by a hack politician-turned-judge without recourse or reference to actual law. Dear hears more than 100 cases a day involving credit-card deadbeats — but he’s decided that 90 percent of them are faulty, so he’s been dismissing nearly all of them and wiping out millions in credit-card debt.The Post whacks Judge Noach Dear for “ignoring evidence and tossing cases” involving consumer credit card debt and calls him “unfit to sit in a courtroom”: 

Probe on misuse of judicial plates (NYDN) The News demands the city abolish vanity license plates and parking placards for judges, allowing them to park wherever they want

Remember the Good Old Days Were Guns Were Bats At Yankee Stadium . . .  Another Kid Shot

Stray Bullet Injures Boy Near Yankee Stadium(NY1) * Boy shot in the leg just blocks from Yankee Stadium  (NYDN) * Police: Boy, 9, Struck By Stray Bullet In The Bronx; Suspect WCBS) * Boy, 10, Shot in Leg Near Yankee Stadium(NBC)

DOE: City Sees Slight Increase In "Satisfactory" TeachersAbout 97.4 percent of city public school teachers were rated satisfactory this year, which is a slight increase from last year, according to the Department of Education.
DOE: City Sees Slight Increase In "Satisfactory" TeachersTeach-grade system is ‘unsatisfactory’(NYP) 

Coney Island courts Hooters: Surf Avenue landlord asks beer-and-babe(NYDN)

MTA wants payback for IreneMTA wants payback for Irene(NYP) * M.T.A. Seeks $65 Million for Cost of Tropical Storm Irene Last Year(NYT) * MTA: Irene cost agency $65 million(WSJ) * MTA submits $65M insurance bill for Hurricane Irene dam(NYDN)

New York state got a bit of good news on the financial front yesterday when the Standard & Poor’s rating agency upgraded the state’s bond rating outlook from “stable” to “positive” for general obligation bonds.

NYCHA told to pay fine for repairs it hasn’t made at the(NYDN)
Crime rose as NY Housing Authority sat on taxpayer $ for security cameras
. notes murders down in public housing but chastises DN for not reporting it because "it doesn't fit" their story line

New Code Aims to Ease Suspensions of Students(NYT)

City Revives a Lunch Program That Takes Chefs Into Schools(NYT) The city is reviving a program that brings in professional chefs to prepare school lunches when a new school year begins next week, but some officials worry the program may not comply with federal standards

Regional Bank Lands Big-City Deal(WSJ)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg released a study finding that more natural gas is critical for improving the city’s air quality, pressuring Gov. Andrew Cuomo to allow shale gas drilling in the state, the Associated Press reports: http://on.wsj.com/Om5ZZx

Christie on convention speech: "This has basically got to be a 20 min version of the Gettysburg address or I’m in huge trouble"
Big speech must sway in tight race(NYP) * Keynoter Christie Is a Skilled Speaker and Tea Party Pleaser(NYT) * Christie did not like the Post‘s front-page story where he reportedly dismissed Romney’s chances.

The Making of A President
[image] Rising Rabbi Gets Big Role at GOP Meet(WSJ) * New York Republicans see several opportunities to be part of Mitt Romney’s administration.* Crossroads canceled another $700,000 they had booked for the Missouri Senate Race. * Romney’s five sons are campaign surrogates as well. * The Congressional Black Caucus is not a fan of Artur Davis’ Republican metamorphosis.* Dolan To Deliver Closing Prayer at DNC(YNN) * Romney Adviser Lowers Expectations For Post-Convention Bump (Buzz Feed) * RT : Boehner: "The only way Nancy Pelosi is going to get the Speaker's gavel back is to pry it from my cold, stone hands"  *GOP Convention: Huggability and Helium - Frank Bruni, New York Times * Obama's Policies: Why He's in Trouble - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times *
GOP's Reform Governors Are Showing the Way - Kimberley Strassel, WSJ * Nature's Joke on the GOP - Dana Milbank, Washington Post * Obama's Team of Idolizers Has Drunk the Kool-Aid - Roger Cohen, NYT * GOP's Rising Generation of Wis. Stars - Cannon & Bevan, RealClearPolitics * A Rational Discussion of the Federal Budget - Thomas Sowell, OC Register * Can Sandoval Pull Latinos to the GOP? - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP * Romney Cribs From Willie Horton Playbook - Timothy Noah, New Republic
The Real Romney - David Brooks, New York Times * 1976's History-Making GOP Convention - Craig Shirley, Washington Times* Election 2012: CBS News: Obama 46, Romney 45 | RCP Electoral Map * With Eye on Storm, G.O.P. Set to Anoint Romney * Pete King couldn’t find any other New York congressmen at the convention. * Jeb Bush Blames Mitt Romney's Relatability Problem on Negative Ads, Mitt Romney(NY Mag) * Romney Wins Nomination as Convention Gears Up(NYT)  In Keynote, Christie Asks Country to Face Hard Truths(NYT)

New York Times Reporter Shared Unpublished Maureen Dowd Column With CIA [Updated] (NY Mag)

Jon Stewart Slams Melodramatic Media Analysis Of Hurricane Vs. GOP Convention

Law and Order

Teach gets a pass to avoid jail (NYDN)A Manhattan high school teacher busted for forging a note to get out of jury duty will not have to serve detention.

‘Family’ court: TV show based on dad-kid att’ys‘Family’ court: TV show based on dad-kid att’ys(NYP)

 Cop sues over ‘sex harass’(NYP) * Cops acted like dildopes, says lawsuit(NYP) * Suit over rap melee(NYP) * 1-800-IDIOTIC: WTC ‘drunken dialer’ arrested * 2 Courts Cite a Vague Rule in Rejecting State Laws(NYT) * Right Unites Behind Romney(WSJ) * How Ryan Found the Spotlight(WSJ) * Police Seek Teen Suspect in Brownsville Murder (WSJ) * GOP still frets about Romney's image:(Politico) * Poll: Ahead of speech, Romney faces empathy gap(CBS) * New lawsuit in Chris Brown-Drake melee(NYDN) * Union crook gets 5 years for $1.86M extortion plot(NYDN) * Ex-con got grub, dough and booze in eatery spree (NYDN) * 10G heirloom recovered in Menorah heist bust (NYDN) * NYPD: Staten Island thief is up to his old tricks(SI Advance) * In '96, Pres Clinton spent the GOP Convention playing golf in Jackson Hole. In '04, GWBush spent the Dem Conv. out of sight at his ranch.* Cops Arrest Brooklyn Man in $10K Menorah Theft(NBC)