Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Silver's Death Bed Confession

1st Woman Who Claims Lopez Was Sexually Hostile

“Vito doesn’t hire ugly girls,” Ms. Friot said

Women Employed by Lawmaker Describe Sexually Hostile Office(NYT) Lopez told some women not to wear bras to work. He requested they wear short skirts and high heels. He gave them cash to buy jewelry and complimented them on their figures, giving special attention to those he called “well endowed.”
 Everyday Was No Bra Day At Lopez's Office
Ms. Friot, 28, said that Mr. Lopez never directly harassed her but that “there was a certain culture where behaviors like that were permissible.” Another woman described “an atmosphere of intimidation,” an environment where she and other former staff members said Mr. Lopez veered between crude jokes and fierce tirades.* 2 Women Received $32,000 From Assemblyman, Beyond Money From State

What Silver Says, What Silver Mean

Mad magazine used to have a recurring feature called what they say what they mean, in which they had two comic strips.  The first one was what they person says.  The second strip explained what that person really meant.  Three days ago a Silver spokesman said, "that the only situation where a complaint isn’t referred to the ethics committee is when a victim asks for personal privacy. (WNYC)  Yesterday afternoon a statement Tuesday from Gloria Allred, an attorney for the woman, said they have “never requested or instead that a legislative committee or other body not proceed with an investigation.” After Allred statement Silver was caught lying and decided to confess to save his job. * Assembly Speaker Under Fire For Lopez Actions (NY1)

The Bear Mountain Pack Is Dead . .  What Happens In Albany No Longer Stays in Albany
Makes shocking confession on Vito deal(NYP) Makes shocking confession on Vito deal. A state ethics committee created by Gov. Cuomo has launched a potentially damning probe into the six-figure Assembly payout to two of Vito Lopez’s alleged sex-harassment victims — a deal Speaker Sheldon Silver now admits he green-lighted, sources said yesterday. The Joint Commission on Public Ethics has launched a probe into the Assembly’s $103,080 settlement for Lopez’s harassment claim, which did not appear before the ethics committee, according to sources* Some candidates are still seeking to tie their opponent’s to Lopez’s woes.

Cuomo’s on the case(NYP Ed) Cuomo yesterday took effective custody of the Sheldon Silver-Vito Lopez sexual-harassment scandal — urging his hand-tooled Joint Commission on Public Ethics to work its way to the bottom of Albany’s latest bubbling cesspool. * ssembly Speaker Admits Fault in Lopez Scandal(NYT) * Speaker Admits Mistake(WSJ) * Embattled Assemblyman Out As Brooklyn Democratic Chair(NY1) * Vito Lopez will give up his Bklyn Dem chairmanship(NYDN) *Silver must come clean (NYDN Ed)  Probe of $103K payout 2 Vito Lopez victim will "focus on the process", i.e. Sheldon Silver's role * Gloria Allred joined the chorus of criticism on Vito Lopez’s taxpayer-funded settlement.

Weiner Confession Failed to Save Him, Will Silver's Mea Copa
“I take full responsibility in not insisting that all cases go to the ethics committee.” “The Assembly (1) should not agree to a confidential settlement, (2) should insist that the basic factual allegations of any complaint be referred to the ethics committee for a full investigation and (3) should publicly announce the existence of any settlement, while protecting the identity of the victims,” Silver said. * "Daily News has filed a Freedom of Information request for all documents related to" $103K Lopez payment * Silver ‘Welcomes’ JCOPE Investigation(YNN) * Common Cause, NOW NYC File JCOPE Complaint Over Lopez(YNN)

 Schneiderman and DiNapoli Involved in Silver Lopez Cover Up
 The deal also was well-known to more state officials than previously thought, The Post has learned. A lawyer in Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office reviewed the settlement and made a recommendation on it, although neither the lawyer nor Schneiderman was involved in its approval, said a top aide to the AG. State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office cut the check for it.

Women's Groups Who Were Silent
The president of the National Organization for Women of New York City, Sonia Ossorio, said Silver’s feet need to be held to the fire. Kevin Mintzer, the lawyer for the two other women whose complaints led to Lopez’s censure, demanded that the Brooklyn kingmaker be immediately forced to give up his Assembly seat.

Silver the Bully?
Feminist 'trailblazer' Maloney backs Silver's coverup(NYDN)'Feminist trailblazer' Carolyn Maloney praises Sheldon Silver for acting 'decisively' to punish Vito Lopez, but makes no mention of $103G payout to make sexual harassment case against Brooklyn Democrat go away Maloney’s endorsement of Silver stands in contrast to her record as an advocate for women’s issues,

Lopez, in resigning his local party post, said he did so because of an “onslaught of character attacks.’’But a Brooklyn party source said Lopez doesn’t want to give up his Assembly seat because he is still hoping to get rid of Lincoln Restler, a fellow district leader who could challenge Lopez’s protégé, City Councilman Steve Levin.

Vito uses Ridgewood-Bushwick as his personal piggy bank for decades and no one cares. Then he touches a girl's leg...

Cuomo Looks to Place Karim As His Brooklyn Boss, Vito Wants Seddio
The politically split boro with saw GOP Turner and Strobin win and is in which Romney can win large sections of the borough can only be held together by a Cuomo backed guy and nicer way of say a puppet
 A former judge and civil rights lawyer lead crowded  pack(NYDN)  Council candidate and former judge Frank Seddio is one of the leading candidates to replace Lopez, who said he would not seek re-election as chairman of the Brooklyn Democratic Party next month

 KARIM CAMARA FLOATED AS NEXT CHAIR OF BROOKLYN DEMS: New York state Democratic insiders are pushing for Assemblyman Karim Camara to replace embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez as chairman of the Brooklyn Democratic Party: * Brooklyn Democratic Establishment Confident in Seddio’s Support * Brooklyn Democratic Establishment Confident in Seddio’s Support(NYO) * Good Government Groups Call for Lopez Settlement Investigation(NYO
* The Plan to Block Frank Seddio(NYO)

Candidate With Deep Pockets See Nothing Wrong With Hiring a Sexual Abuser
Campaign Notebook(NYDN)Advocates call for John Messer to dump Dennis Gallagher from his campaign   Disgraced Councilman Dennis Gallagher does political consulting while in the midst of a civil suit filed by his victim.“This, in my opinion, shows incredibly poor judgement,” said state Sen. Liz Krueger. “I don’t know Mr. Messer but I know quite a bit about the history of Mr. Gallagher. He continues to argue that the woman he violated shared some responsibility for that action.”

Huntley ‘$hare’ eyedHuntley ‘$hare’ eyed(NYP) Investigators are probing whether State Sen. Shirley Huntley received kickbacks from two aides charged with stealing $30,000 in taxpayer funds from her bogus nonprofit, The Post has learned. * Queens Senator Arraigned On Conspiracy Charges(NY1) * Huntley should ‘step aside,’ rival says(NYDN) 


Diaz in the penalty box(NYT) Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz last week announced support for a proposal to turn the long-barren Kingsbridge Armory into a glitzy celebrity-backed ice-sports complex. It’s a decision that grants Diaz points for foolish consistency — even as he again turns his back on his economically deprived constituents. Three years ago, Diaz and retail-union kingpin Stuart Applebaum helped scuttle a development project that would’ve created 1,200 permanent jobs at Kingsbridge. The Post berates Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. for supporting a plan to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into an ice hockey center that would only create 200 jobs as opposed to other plans which would create 1,200 jobs


A top Manhattan Democratic leader claims a Board of Elections clerk told him not to approve poll worker applications for the September primary from Democrats allied with state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, the News’s Juan Gonzalez writes:

Prosecutors subpoena credit card records of Supreme Court Officers Association board members amid allegations they used union funds for food and personal expenses(NYDN) Source says investigation now includes whistleblowing union president Richard Krulish. Probe centers around $300,000 in suspect credit card bills.


Shot boy’s mom: More stop-&-frisk(NYP)A heavily sedated Guillermo Delacruz, 9, could only give a wave when asked how he was feeling a day after he was shot by a thug who opened fire near Yankee Stadium.  His mom, Yolanda, 41, said she is sick of gun violence and added that cops should do whatever it takes to make the city’s streets safer — including continuing the controversial stop-and-frisk tactics.* Shooting prompts renewed calls for security cameras to deter(NYDN)
* Family of gunned down Brownsville teen doesn't have the money to bury their son (NYDN) Cash-strapped family of Ronald Wallace III struggling to come up with $9,000

Bandit hacks in new bridge scam(NYP)




School violence shatters record(NYP) * School Abuse Case May Proceed, Judge Says(NYT) Public school students will no longer be suspended for one-time infractions and younger students will have some suspensions reduced, according to new disciplinary rules from the city’s Department of Education* New Code Aims to Ease Suspensions of Students(NYT)




Bargain Seekers Broaden Manhattan’s Silicon Alley(NYT) Increases in commercial rents in Manhattan have led a range of technology companies to leave hipper neighborhoods for cheaper rents in Midtown.


In NYC, identifying the dead, and finding closure(WSJ) * NYC seeking to identify Potter's field bodies with help of DNA(CBS)


Despite Outcry, No Changes on 'Soda Ban'(WSJ)Bloomberg said his administration is not contemplating any changes to his proposal to ban large-size sodas from restaurants and theaters despite heavy pressure from the beverage industry

The Making of A President 2012
Fiery Chris turns the key(NYP)* ‘Slur’ spurred hammer man(NYP) * After 6-Year Quest, Romney Becomes G.O.P. Candidate(NYT) * A Fast Rise Built With Discipline and Sense of Purpose(NYT) * Conservatives Cheer Platform’s Sharp Turn to Right(NYT) * How the Republicans Built It(NYT Ed) The delayed Republican convention begins in Tampa with a blast of propaganda.* Republicans Anoint Romney(WSJ) * Cardinal Sets Stops at Both Conventions(WSJ)
Cardinal Dolan To Deliver Closing Prayer At DNC(NY1) *TRANSCRIPT: Chris Christie's RNC Speech in Tampa * Ohio Governor Claims Biden Stinks at Golf But Says He's Good * Why the GOP is winning the battle over Paul Ryan (WashPost) *Christie's Blunt Style Tested In Convention Speech(huff Post) * Ryan to Take the Stage, Making the Case for a Conservative Agenda(NYT) * Nomination Secure, Romney Pitch Starts - Jeff Zeleny, New York Times * Speeches a Perfect Blend of Heart & Spine - John Podhoretz, NY Post * Republicans Finally Fall for a Romney - Ann - John Cassidy, New Yorker * Chris Christie: The Statesman - Robert Costa, National Review * Ladies Night: GOP Speakers Answer Dems - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCPGOP Adults Begin Takedown of Obama - Charles Hurt, Washington Times * Ryan's Nasty Ideal of Self-Reliance - Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic *  Why Romney Is Winning on Welfare - Mickey Kaus, Daily Caller * Christie Calls for "2nd American Century" - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics * Who Built This Country? We All Built It. - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times * America Isn't Buying What Obama's Selling - Mia Love, The Daily Caller * Rick Santorum's Dishonest, Race-Baiting Speech - Joan Walsh, Salon * Obama Approval: Gallup: 43% | Rasmussen: 50% | RCP Average: 47.7% * Romney Turns Focus to Obama's Unpopular Policies - Josh Kraushaar, NJ * The Ryan Reset: A Vision Worth Fighting For - Luigi Zingales, City Journal * Christie's Dark Vision for America - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect * Will Unhappy Obama Voters Change Minds? - Beth Reinhard, Natl Journal * Obama's Ground Game Advantage - Aaron Blake, Washington Post * Hard Truth About Romney's GOP - Robert Borosage, Huffington Post * The Racism Smear: Liberals Should Be Ashamed - Tim Carney, Examiner * Ann Romney's Speech: Not Really a Home Run - Keith Koffler, WH Dossier *
Who's the Real Romney on Foreign Policy? - Jacob Heilbrunn,Foreign Policy *  How Gov't Unions Became America's Shadowbosses - John Tamny, Forbes * Rick Perry would run again in 2016. * Previewing Paul Ryan’s speech tonight.  * Sarah Palin claimed Fox cut all of her interviews tonight because she wanted to thank John McCain on his birthday. * Make sure to also watch Condi Rice, John Thune, and Mitch McConnell speak.* McCain says Obama has 'emboldened our enemies'(NYP) * Best Ryan line, hands down: "College grads shouldn't have to live out their 20s in childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters."* Transcript: Rep. Paul Ryan's Convention Speech * RNC 2012 crowd embraces Condoleezza Rice (Politico)* Paul Ryan Accepts Republican Vice-Presidential Nomination  

Utterly brilliant speech by Paul Ryan. Leaders like him needed in many countries today.

Jon Stewart Slams Melodramatic Media Analysis Of Hurricane Vs. GOP Convention

 Law and Order

 Cops bust man for stealing silver Torah crowns from Queens (NYDN) * Wall Street mortgage broker settles with feds for $3.5 million (NYDN)
* Hammer attacker: I did it because they called me ‘gay’(NYDN) * VIDEO: Men pummel each other with crutches in Times Squ (NYDN)Before Lifting DNA, Meticulous Protocol(NYT) * Cops bust man for stealing silver Torah crowns from Queens (NYDN)* Shot Bystander Defends NYPD(NBC) * Levi Aron faces sentencing for kidnapping, dismembering Leiby Kletzky. *Funeral Held for Victim of Empire State Building Shooting(NYT) *In Parole Transcripts for Lennon's Killer, a Familiar Account, and Decision(NYT) * Police: Teen Punched MTA Bus Driver In Face, Fled(NY1) * Homeless schizo found unfit for trial in UES mug-stab of cop's daughter(NYO) * Man Killed In Midtown Is Eulogized By His Sister(NYT)