Monday, August 27, 2012

While Albany Pays Hush Money Where is the Investigation?

Silver Pays Hush Money Nobody Notices
How Many Times Has Lopez Attacked Young Woman? . . . Where Are the Calls for An Investigation . . . Most of the Pols and District Leaders in Brooklyn who can start a movement to dump him as county leader are Silent in Hiding not answering reporters calls

Lopez's Member Item Hush Money Possible
NY Paid Update New York Paid to Settle Complaint Against Lopez(NYT) The previous claim was brought by at least one other woman who worked for Mr. Lopez and was represented by Gloria Allred, the prominent Los Angeles lawyer. Other money controlled by Mr. Lopez was used in addition to the $103,080 in state funds, people with knowledge of the deal said — though it was not clear if it was personal funds, campaign funds or funds affiliated with his nonprofit group. 

Lopez Circle His Machine Wagons to Fight Cuomo
Cuomo called on Assemblyman Vito Lopez to resign after being censured for sexually harassing two staff members and allies are urging Lopez not to run for re-election as party chairman next month
Cuomo: Vamoose, Vito!Cuomo: Vamoose, Vito!(NYP) * Cuomo Calls for Resignation of Brooklyn Assemblyman(NYT) * Cuomo Calls on Vito Lopez to Step Down(WSJ) * Cuomo joins chorus calling for Lopez to resign(NYDN) * "instructed [Vito] Lopez that she wud no longer b required 2 show up 4 work but would remain on his payroll" * Lopez had several attractive interns with short stints at his office:(NYDN) * Would private-sector version of alleged harasser Vito Lopez get "fired in a heartbeat" (as per Daily News)? Maybe not if it's Forest City and Jim Stuckey(Atlantic Yards Reports) * Even the establishment-friendly Thomas Jefferson club, headed by Frank Seddio, is set to urge Lopez to step aside.* "I agree with the governor. he should resign"--GOP Leader Skelos to  

Lopez: Charges ‘Unfair And Untrue…No Intention Of Resigning’(YNN)

* Which Races Are Most Affected by Vito Lopez’s Implosion?(NYO) * Robinson, Simon Floated as Next Brooklyn Dem Chair if Lopez is Ousted(YNN) * Onetime Vito Lopez supporter predicts a shutout in Brooklyn(Capital) * Harassment Charges--Not Corruption Probes--Do Most Damage To ...(NYDN) * Bill Thompson and Kirsten Gillibrand piled on the Vito Lopez scandal. * Cuomo declined to comment on reports that Shelly Silver shelved a previous sexual harassment allegation against Lopez. * Betty-Ann Canizio, a district leader who was previously a big supporter of Lopez, declared, ”I can’t condone a predator. As much as I like him, I can’t.”

Who Will Replace Lopez Will That Person Have the Same Power and Unity?
Non of these people have any ability to run an organization or any power of Lopez - Welcome to Lebanon - As for the future, Brooklyn already has political factions, the cracks will become creators and then civil war
Lopez remains the Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman for now, but if he is forced to relinquish that post, a number of candidates including Assemblywoman Annette Robinson or District Leader Jo Anne Simon are being floated as replacements, according to Democratic sources. Robinson remains well liked among party leaders, and could forge a number of alliances across the borough, though it is unclear how seriously she wants the post. Another name often mentioned, Frank Seddio, would be interested in the county leader position, but if he continues to run for City Council to replace term-limited councilman Lew Fidler he would not be eligible for the job. Fidler, who party insiders once suggested could succeed Lopez, may not consider a run because of a recent bout of illness. A number of reform-minded candidates are expected to publicly call on Lopez to step down as party leader during a county meeting on Thursday. (City and State)

Believing Lopez Washed Up de Blasio Makes A Move
1m Proud to endorse — a smart, hard-working reformer who fights 4 our families & neighborhoods!

Huntley steered campaign funds to family members
Below Going to Be Indicted Unconcered
Embattled Queens state Sen. Shirley Huntley steered tens of thousands in campaign funds to her daughter and husband (NYDN)  Huntley is expected to be hit with charges Monday on other allegations of misuse of funds.State Sen. Shirley Huntley steered over $50,000 in campaign funds to her daughter for wages and consulting expenses, separate from state grant money she allegedly gave to two nonprofits she funded, the Daily News’s Ken Lovett writes, * Senator Says She Will Be Arrested(WSJ) * : At nassau court, Sen. Huntley inside da's office. She will head to court shortly. * Queens Senator Arrested On Alleged Corruption Charges * Queens State Senator Surrenders to Authorities(NYT) * Queens State Senator Charged in Corruption Investigation(NYT) * Huntley Indicted, Officially(YNN) * Sen. John Sampson: "...I have removed Senator Huntley from her committee ranking and leadership positions, effective immediately.”* Shirley Huntley’s lawyer said the senator is only charged with a “simple tampering-type charge,” not theft. * Nick Confessore: “Criminal indictments of sitting lawmakers by AG Schneiderman: 1. Criminal indictments of sitting lawmakers by AG Cuomo: 0.” * Dean Skelos said the incidents undermine Democrats’ credibility in New York.

Rubin Wills Connection   AG to councilman: Show us the money!

 Queens Crap Comment on Huntley Arrest
"The the product of one such effort — a new partnership between the state attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, and the state comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, who have vowed to crack down on public corruption."
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If this continues, we'll have no elected official left in office! 

Jennings Plays Musical Chairs in Queens
If Sanders beats the  indicted  Huntley in the primary expect former City Councilman Alan Jennings to run for the Sanders special earily next year. Jennings is running on the GOP line against Congressman Meeks.who has his own separate but connected federal investigation against him.  Jennings is not expected to be the congressman.  Jennings plans might change if arrest warrant Councilman Rubin Wills get caught in Huntley's web (others will).  Wills was her former chief of staff of Huntley and got funding for a non profit he controlled Huntley.  Nobody seem to know what Wills' non profit did.  If Wills goes Jennings would run for his seat which has a lot of his former council district

Albany Pay Raises Hit Another Shit Storm of Corruption
Government Funded Hush Money Replaces Pay Raises
Oh, $hoot! Scandals snag Albany raises(NYP) The latest round of scandals in the Legislature involving state Sen. Shirley Huntley — expected to be arrested today — and Assembly members Vito Lopez (found to have sexually harassed two employees) and Naomi Rivera (probed for the misuse of state funds) may have killed chances for lawmakers to get a raise later this year. Scandals involving Lopez, Huntley, who could be arrested today, and Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, who is being probed for allegedly misusing state funds, could kill chances for legislative pay raises this year,

No More U.S. Open Freebies to the Pols
It's outrageous to expect public officials to be treated like "common" folk who actually pay to see the -
USTA pulls free US Open tickets for city politicians(NYP) The US Tennis Association yanked all invitations to elected NYC officials and city employees last week because the Conflict of Interest Board quietly ruled that they can’t accept the freebies.

Campaign 2012  pols who rejected support got >* Rep. Michael Grimm insists the weather, not the FBI investigation into his fundraising, is keeping him away from Tampa.* The NYC pols who promised not to take cash or assistance from StudentsFirst have received $250,000 worth of contributions from the city and state teachers unions. (Sen. Jeff Klein is playing both sides).* Teachers unions gave cash to pols fighting StudentsFirst.* John Messer argued his campaign is all about diversity and outreach. * Skelos: "We are going to pick up even more congressional seats" in New York. "We have a tough race in the U.S. Senate with Wendy Long."* Ola Alabi Nabs RWDSU(NYO) * Skelos Would Welcome Cuomo’s Endorsement(YNN) * Skelos vows stronger GOP control in NY Senate(NYP)  * Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson issued a statement Monday, calling on Vito Lopez to resign. He declined to comment on Friday.* Which Races Are Most Affected by Vito Lopez’s Implosion?(NYO) * Meng Raises off Halloran’s ‘Racism’; Halloran Attacks on NYPD Funding  * Avi Fink was hired by Bill de Blasio.


Chrysler Building and other NY skyscrapers are underpaying for water due to old metersChrysler Building and other NY skyscrapers are underpaying for water due to old meters(NYP)

Rise in July Electric Bills Confuses Even Con Edison(NYT)

From City Limits: How the first Atlantic Yards tower got more $2,700/mo. subsidized apartments (but nobody told the public) * Constructing a Facade Both Rugged and Rusty(NYT)

Legit cupcake vendor closing down over Met food-cart warsLegit cupcake vendor closing down over Met food-cart wars(NYP)

Gals bare boobs on Go Topless Day and guys are mostly OK(NYDN)



A Law to Expose City Parks’ Inequalities Is Neglected(NYT)Disparities persist among local parks, though a 2008 law requires an annual report be prepared to detail, park by park, the contributions of nonprofits and private donors.  Parks advocates say the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation is not complying with a law requiring it to report how much money is flowing into each of its parks citywide annually * Helen Foster spox: she "did not feel she remembered the legislation." she cosponsored it & passed it thru her commtte 


Daily News Says No Jobs At the Ice Rink
The News questions Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz’s choice to back a $275 million plan to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into ice skating rinks because it would create 170 jobs compared with 1,200:  * While the Daily News declared Ruben Diaz Jr. “a danger” for his living wage insistence for Bronx projects.

The News says the United Federation of Teachers’ New York chapter should back off arm-twisting politicians who take money from reform group, StudentsFirstNY: 

Murder, they wrote, was caused by the West Indian Day Carnival; not so, say parade organizers (NYDN) West Indian American Day Carnival Association officials say its 'unfair' to blame the annual Eastern Parkway parade for gun violence that happens blocks away

Indian Point shutdown could trigger blackouts: studyIndian Point shutdown could trigger blackouts: study(NYP)The closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant in Westchester County could bring electricity shortages and blackouts to the city, Long Island, and upstate New York as soon as 2016, according to a new study.

The city has forked over $134 million in medical malpractice suits, some of which resulted in patient disabilities, at its 11 public hospitals last year, the News writes:

Even ConEd is confused about why utility bills were so high in July.

NYCHA Overhaul Bill Possible By End of Year

The New York Times would like more federal investment in train service for New York.

The Making of A President 2012
NJ Gov. Christie turned down Mitt's VP offer due to loss fears: sources(NYP) *G.O.P., a Party in Principle, Fears Dangerin Factions *   Party time for Republicans in Tampa despite looming tropical storm(NYP) *Republican Script is Rewritten as Storm Splits Media’s Focus * Media Equation: Viewers Don’t Want Conventional(NYT) * Akin Stumbles, but His Opponent Still Watches Her Step(NYT) * Do Party Conventions Matter Anymore?(NYT) * Romney Seeks Image Boost at Convention(WSJ) New York’s delegates are enjoying themselves at the Republican National Convention in Tampa despite the threat of a tropical storm dampening the festivities, the Albany Times Union writes * Breaking rules: Obama, Romney try to rain on each other's parade - * "A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Romney at 47 percent among registered voters and Obama at 46 percent... *
Four NY House members made the annual list of the 50 richest members of Congress, but Rep. Nita Lowey lost big money last year. (Rep. Nan Hayworth’s wealth increased, while Rep. Carolyn Maloney and Richard Hanna remained steady) * Isaac Could Hinder GOP Chance to Define Romney at Convention(WPIX) *Arizona Lawmakers Dream of 200-Mile Border Fence, Raise Just 0.05 Percent of the Money(NY Mag) * Americans might be paying more attention to the storm hitting Louisiana than the GOP’s Tampa party. *Part of Mitt Romney’s task is unifying a factional Republican Party. * Former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida will speak at the Democratic National Convention, officials say.  * Mitt Romney dismisses his likability problem: "I am who I am"(TPM) * RNC to Donald Trump: You're fired. He's been booted from the compressed schedule. 
PHOTO: New Yorker Cover Showcases GOP 'Bromance'(New Yorker) * Christie insiders undercutting Romney anonymously on the eve of GOP convention.. * At Convention, 2 Disruptions: Tropical Storm and Ron Paul(NYT) * Before the Convention, a Hometown Rally for Ryan (NYT) * When the Vice Presidency Was a Job for New Yorkers(NYT) * The DCCC launched a robocall campaign to attempt to link Republicans — including some from New York — to Todd Aki. *  Bobby Jindal now has a chance to prove himself. * Mitt Romney’s adviser insists the candidate wants to talk about his religion. * Romney’s campaign isn’t where he wanted it to be in August, and he has bailed on his original plans for a more aggressive approach. * Nate Silver’s forecast has shown little movement since last week. * Romney To CBS: ‘I’m In Favor Of Abortion Being Legal In The Case Of Rape And Incest’ * Trump Scolds Cavuto For Asking If He’s Supporting Romney Or Just Promoting The Apprentice * As Storm Disrupts Plans, G.O.P. Takes Up Tensions(NYT) * New York Rabbi’s Prayer Will Open G.O.P. Convention(NYT)

NYT Fire Sale

2 Troops Killed By Rogue Afghan Soldier(Huff Post)



Law and Order 

Family Of Slain Brooklyn Teen Presses For Stronger Gun Control Laws(NY1)


The Post urges a parole board to not release four men convicted of killing a 22-year-old cop in Queens in 1988

Remembering Eddie ByrneRemembering Eddie Byrne(NYP Ed)It’s been nearly a quarter-century since Edward Byrne, a 22-year-old rookie NYPD officer, was gunned down in cold blood while guarding the Queens home of a drug-case witness.