Monday, August 13, 2012

Even Albany's Pigs Lick Their Chops: Get Ready for Gambling Pay to Play

Breaking 4 teens wounded in B'klyn as thugs open fire on basketball court(NYP)
Four teens were wounded this evening at a Brooklyn basketball court in the city’s latest incident of gun violence, authorities said. The victims — a 13...   9:58 PM

"When states limit the number of casinos that can operate within their borders, they breed corruption" - Steve Winn

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is eying Coney Island and Willets Point in Queens for a casino, the Daily News learns (NYDN Ed) Silver won't go for a Manhattan location because of dense population * Reports: NY Gov. Cuomo met with gambling lobbyist - Times Union * Lobby dollars and a dream - Cordo & Co. * Catskill Resort Owners Hire Lobbyist To Try Luck At Legalizing ... * Committee to Save New York | Andrew Cuomo | Gambling 

New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Will Be Subpoened to Testify in His Las Vegas Scandal Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may be forced to testify about a below-cost luxury suite he received from a Las Vegas hotel, after the state Lobbying Commission yesterday said it will go to court. The commission voted unanimously to hire an outside lawyer to enforce a subpoena against Silver, who has refused to testify about his Vegas trip.  The commission also found there is enough evidence to warrant a civil-penalty hearing into whether Caesars Entertainment violated a state law that bans companies doing business with the state to give lawmakers gifts worth more than $75.  Silver stayed at a $1,500- a-night suite at Caesars' Paris Las Vegas Hotel for $109. He has said he got a good rate because he went not long after 9/11, when hotels were trying to attract customers.   * NY ethics commissioner "stunned" by gambling lobby - post-journal ... * What is the gambling industry seeking from New York State? | The ... * Lobbyists directed contributions -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NYSilver presents obstacle for city casino(Real Deal) * Catskills casino plan is no sure bet | Crain's New York Business * Mike Bloomberg is pushing Shelly Silver to allow the new casino to be located in Willets Point. 

Like her husband, Sen. Tom Libous’s wife, Frances, chairwoman of the state Workers Compensation Board, has real estate holdings in Florida that she does not want to discuss. 

Can pols attend the US Open for free? Like They Always Do! NYC's conflicting of interest board asked to weigh in after Albany told Tennis Association to stop the pols free tickets
Advantage out: ‘Open’ shut to polsAdvantage out: ‘Open’ shut to pols(NYP) Thanks to an ethics inquiry from Sen. Tony Avella, state lawmakers can no longer accept free USTA President’s Suite seats at the upcoming US Open. NYC lawmakers are awaiting a COIB ruling. 
How Come the NYT Never Show Quinn in Her Free Seat At the Tennis Match
The Legislature’s Ethics Commission told the US Tennis Association to rescind invitations to legislators after state Sen. Tony Avella (D-Queens) questioned whether he was even allowed to attend the sporting event in Flushing and sit in the USTA’s ritzy President’s Suite, which boasts an open bar and great views of the action. Now city lawmakers who have long enjoyed the perk — including Queens members of the City Council and Council Speaker Christine Quinn — are awaiting a decision from the city Conflicts of Interest Board on whether they can attend the event this year for free. Christine Quinn is working on a bill to reduce Health Dept. fines for restaurants. 

Quinn Campaign HQ
NYT never ask why Quinn Never Tried to Expand the City's Business With Minorities and Woman During Her Sick Years As Speak, Why She Waited Until Her Campaign
Quinn Seeks to Expand City Program Benefiting Companies Owned by Minorities and Women(NYT)

Campaign 2012 Quinn’s got fine plan to aid eateries(NYDN)
Sight for sore eyes  (NYDN) Kickstarter Web page allows funding for projects in poor neighborhoods. But the new page, launched by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, instead highlights small businesses and neighborhood projects in low-income areas where entrepreneurs often have trouble getting traditional loans.* The New York City Council Now Using Kickstarter For Community Development

Deputy Mayor/Queen of Pork Quinn needs to stop funneling millions to cronies while punishing those who don't do her bidding. This scheme isn't clever, it's a shameless crock.

More Campaign 2012
New York’s retiring House members and several former members of the state’s congressional delegation are using their leftover campaign cash to help candidates running in key House races around the state.*Larry Warden, Larry Seabrook’s predecessor in the City Council, is running for his old seat. * Storobin's Twitter Tactics Spark Feuding With Felder Campaign (C&S)& The founder of the Doe Fund is considering a run for NYC mayor on the Republican line. *  The press is asking whether there will be a Republican candidate in the 17th SD. (Gatemouth) The real question is whether there will be a Democrat in the race. Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick   * Kirsten John Foy Leaves Public Advocate’s Office(NYO) * Grace Meng Lands Ed Koch’s Backing(NYO)  Adriano Espaillat Continues Ree(NYO)

Storobin On the Ballot
The campaigns of Sen. David Storobin and Simcha Felder are engaged in a Twitter war.* Storobin Beats Back Fraud Lawsuit, Felder Vows to Appeal(NYO)

Half of the New York state senate is running for re-election unopposed.   Of the 63 state Senate seats up for grabs, 31 senators are running unopposed in November. In 2010, only nine candidates had no major-party opposition. 
*NYSUT Endorsements Likely To Include Many Incumbents(NYDN)* Senate Republicans Spend On Safe Seats(City and State)

Naomi Rivera’s opponent wants to know why she put her boyfriend on her office payroll.

Locked & loaded in AlbanyLocked & loaded in Albany(NYP) ALBANY — If Gov. Cuomo’s appetite for more gun control is serious, there’s no shortage of bills on the menu. From microstamping shell casings and banning assault weapons, to toughening penalties for lax storage, teaching anti-gun violence in schools...  * If Cuomo is serious about pushing new gun control measures through the Legislature nest year, he has a lot of bills to choose from. But the Senate Republicans aren’t on board with most of them.* Former Spitzer administration aide Lloyd Constantine is disappointed that AG Eric Schneiderman didn’t get involved in the Cuomo administration’s ex post factor removal of documents from the governor’s AG archives.

Tom Precious writes: “Unlike any other group, Seneca Nation leaders have not only done battle with the governor, but they have held their own, and been largely unmoved by rhetorical barbs coming from the Cuomo administration.”

Media Never Tires of the Weiners

Anthony Wiener and wife move into $3.3M Manhattan apt.(NYP)Manhattan apartment owned by a longtime Clinton donor. A spokesman insists they’re paying market rate rent. 

NYC Has No Teacher Evaluation Agreement Months After Albany Agreement , , ,  DN Compares NJ Progress to NY's . . .  Cuomo Gets An "I"
Fmr. prostitute and stripper is back in the classroom as writing instructor(N YP) * ‘I’ for incomplete(NYP) In February, recall, Cuomo came up with a new system to grade teachers, and he was roundly lauded for getting all the parties, the teachers unions included, to sign on.
Trouble is, his system left the details to be worked out by local school and union officials in some 700 districts statewide. * New York gets left back (NYDN Ed)Thanks to union resistance, teacher performance ratings — critical to improving student achievement — are languishing* Across the Hudson, Gov. Chris Christie and the New Jersey Legislature have just nailed the point. To compare the tenure and rating system just approved in Jersey with New York’s is to understand clearly how the unions here have hamstrung administrators.
Power Peeking at One World Trade(WSJ) New Yorkers with connections are increasingly asking each other this question: Have you taken a tour of One World Trade?

 More trees cut down behind Queens Borough Hall; environmentalists (NYDN)

Hundreds of One World Trade Center tours have quietly been arranged in the past year as the new building has taken shape on the downtown skyline, mostly through the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the site’s developers and designers.

Major League Soccer is closing in on a final deal with state and city officials for a $300 million, 25,000-seat, state-of-the-art soccer-stadium complex in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens.

Conservative Star’s Small-Town Roots Shaped a Career(NYT) * As Ryan Aims at Economy, Spotlight Is on Other Views(NYT) * Ryan and Obama Have Familiar Rivalry(NYT) * Both Sides Focus on New G.O.P. Ticket(NYT) * In ’12 Race, Mayor Seeks Immigration Discussion(NYT) * The Romney-Ryan Plan for America(NYT Ed) With no plan of his own, Mitt Romney can’t distance himself from Paul Ryan’s extremist vision.* The Romney Package(NYT Ed) Here is a short guide to what you’re voting for if you vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.
Finding the Roots of Ryan's Beliefs(WSJ) * Ryan Pick Jolts Race(WSJ) * Romney/Ryan Talk Bain, Budget Plan And Campaigning In 60 Minutes Interview * Tim Pawlenty: I Gave 'A Bunch Of Tax Returns' During Romney VP Vetting * New Romney TV ad second straight to attack Obama on welfare (CNN)Mitt's chemistry experiment(Politico) * Paul Ryan VP pick rattles congressional campaigns(Politico) * Heilemann: Romney Changed to Obama's Game(NY Mag) * Chait: It's Paul Ryan's Party Now (NY Mag) * FiveThirtyEight: What Are Paul Ryan's Chances of Becoming President?  * Ryan brings Romney campaign new energy(CNN) Pres Obama flies from Chicago to Omaha, then boards his buscapade and heads into Iowa. He has campaign rallies in Council Bluffs & Boone.  * On the Ryan budget plan, Romney said on , "I have my budget plan...and that's the budget plan that we're going to run on."* Still chuckling over Mrs Obama's assertion that her husband needs help from supporters to win re-election: "He's not Spiderman," she said.* The Collins/Hochul race quickly became about Paul Ryan.   
Paul Ryan is making his first solo campaign swing through Iowa.  * Ex Bush adviser Karen Hughes said that the message of the Ryan pick is “We can fix this.”  * David Axelrod meanwhile compared the pick to John McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin.  * Eric Fehrnstrom: “I don’t think a world champion limbo dancer could get any lower than the Obama campaign right now.” * Like Romney, Ryan will release only two years of tax returns.  * Rightbloggers Rejoice as Ryan Revives Romney, Reaganesquely(Village Voice) * Who is Congressman Paul Ryan's wife? Meet Janna Ryan. Video:(Today) * Biden Shrugged RT : What Paul Ryan's admiration for an Ayn Rand character tells us about his view of the Fed
* With Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP pick, Democrats pounce on GOP budget plan(Wash Post) 2012 Presidential debate moderators: 1) PBS's Jim Lehrer for 1st debate 2) CNN's Candy Crowley for 2nd 3) CBS's Bob Schieffer final * 60 MINS edits out Ryan talking about Medicare mom in Florida...  * CNN’s Crowley to moderate October presidential debate, first woman in 20 years:(CBS) * NRCC advice to GOP House candidates following Mitt Romney’s choice of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate: “Don’t say entitlement reform.” * Paul Ryan's real record? Two minor bills, lots of high-profile talk, and a ton of gridlock (Atlantic)* Mitt Romney once proposed a constitutional amendment requiring any president to have business experience. This would disqualify Ryan. *At Iowa fair, Ryan criticizes Obama on economy(NYP)

CNN First You Fire King, Then You Try to Save Yourself With His Format?
Report: CNN Plans to Save Itself By Featuring Less News, More Reality Shows(NY Mag) CNN "seeking out reality-show ideas...begun working on a late-night talk show" 

Law and Order
NYPD Videotaping in Virtual Pause(WSJ) The New York Police Department's pilot program to record some interrogations of suspects is being expanded a bit after a slow start.

The case for forming a city-wide task force to fight firearms traffickers and end violence on our streets  (NYDN)  Guest columnist Abe George argues for expanding the jurisdiction of Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor

Pot kids not on A sugar high, MikePot kids not on A sugar high, Mike(NYP) The percentage of city teens who get high on weed jumped to 17.7 percent last year — by far the highest rate during Hizzoner’s 10-year tenure, according to a new health survey obtained by The Post. The blunt figure is up from the 12.3 percent who smoked weed in 2005.

 Want to report a crime? Well, politician says, there's an (NYDN) * Crime-Fighting Smartphone App Unveiled To The Public(WABC) * Politician Introduces New App for Reporting Crime(NBC)

Hot spot on NY gore tour (NYP) It’s the Big Apple’s newest — and goriest — tourist attraction. Visitors flocked to Seventh Avenue between 37th and 38th streets yesterday to take pictures of each other standing next to bloodstains on the sidewalk — left by the knife-wielding...*    Times Sq. shooting victim also threatened officers in 2008 incident(NYP) * Officials Defend Fatal Shooting of a Knife-Wielding Man Near Times Sq.(NYT) * Police Fire 12 Shots, Fatally Killing Man(WSJ) * Family of deranged man fatally shot by cops in Times Square (NYDN) * Long Island Knife-Wielding Man Shot And Killed By Police (WABC) * Family: Cops Didn't Have to Kill Man(NBC)

Man accused of stabbing his mother more than 40 TIMES in B'klyn slayMan accused of stabbing his mother more than 40 TIMES in B'klyn slay(NYP) * I just killed my mother’: 911 caller(NYP) * Man Charged in His Mother's Death(WSJ) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Stabbing Mother To Death(NY1)* Brooklyn man charged with stabbing his mom  to death after(NYDN)* 64-Year-Old Woman Stabbed to Death by Son(NBC)

A “riot” erupted on the streets of Williamsburg yesterday after the Dominican Day parade.
The city’s homeless shelters have become safe harbor for a growing number of convicted sex offenders.

No-pants shot cop ‘lies’ lowNo-pants shot cop ‘lies’ low(NYP)

Police Seek Crown Heights Groper *  
Man killed in cop crash hailed(NYP)* Recent attacks strike fear in Bronx seniors(NYDN)* New York solitary’s confinement are considered some of the harshest in the nation.  
Terrorism  Agency probes JFK security breach by jet skier(WSJ) *  full scale security review at after stranded jet skier in bay walks across runway, tarmac and into terminal for help.* JFK security system is 'junk,' says PA union head(NYP)