Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quinn and Bloomberg Endorse to Play Redistricting

Council Redistricting Corruption Silence
Many of his fellow reformer felt that Citizens Union puppet general Dick Dadey sold out last year when he supported Albany's compromise to put off independent redistrict for 10 years.  But nothing can compare to Dadey and the rest of the goo goos, editorial boards and reformers silence on the corruption going on with the city council redistricting operation.  For starters the appointed council redistricting commission is controlled by two people supporting Quinn for mayor in 2013.  The council speaker herself and her puppet master the mayor.  Although the redistricting commission work has just begun there are already reports that county bosses Crowley and Lopez, ethic and minority leaders are already dealing with Quinn operatives to cut districts favorable to them or those they support in exchange for their endorsement for Quinn's 2013 mayoral bid.

Now the FBI is investigating claims that Rivera hired her unqualified former lover to run a Bronx nonprofit she controlled, and then used the group to pay for romantic outings
Feds on Naomi’s Bx. tailFeds on Naomi’s Bx. tail (NYP) Naomi Rivera now has the feds after her.  The FBI is investigating claims that the scandal-scarred Bronx assemblywoman hired her unqualified then-lover to run her taxpayer-funded nonprofit, and used the charity as her personal piggy bank * Bronx politicians continue to be at center of investigations for using nonprofits as piggy banks (NYDN) Bronx is notorious for abused nonprofits * FBI agents visited the home of Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s ex-boyfriend, whom she reportedly put on the payroll of a taxpayer-funded nonprofit and then had fired after he dumped her.* Bronx Assemblywoman Suspected Of Employing Boyfriends On Taxpayers' Dime Faces Uncertain Future (NY1)

Silver, Unions and the NYT Blue Wall of Booty Silence on Rivera Corruption
See-no-evil Shelly(NYP Ed)Shelly Silver? He remains as uncurious as ever about the woman he hails as a “hard-working member” of his legislative fiefdom.

JCOPE Does Not Discuss On-Going Probes

One would hope that JCOPE — Gov. Cuomo’s hand-crafted Albany watchdog, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics — has gotten involved, too.  Although JCOPE refuses even to discuss ongoing probes — unless and until any action is taken — it certainly has grounds to proceed. And we certainly hope the agency has stepped in.

While the NYT Does Nothing On Rivera They Are Doing Puffy Crap on Smith . . . Has the Former Paper of Record Ever Looked At Smith's Problems?
Snub to City By Lil Wayne Outrages An Official(NYT)Snub to City By Lil Wayne Outrages An Official * Lil Wayne NY slap irks pol(NYP)
Smith “If you don’t like New York, you don’t have to come to New York. You don’t have to sell your products here. And perhaps we won’t come to your concerts.” The rapper’s spokesman had no comment.  * Lil’ Wayne’s spokesman had no comment on Malcolm Smith’s activities.* New York - State Sen. Smith Voices Support for Metzitzah B’Peh.

 NYT Makes Smith's Corruption Disappear

Campaign 2012 State Sen. Shirley Huntley listed several unions and a clergy member on her campaign material as backing her, though the groups say they are remaining neutral in the race, the Daily News learns: * NY1 Online: Leaders of Effective New York Call For Term Limits In State Legislature(NY1) * Thousands of political campaigns in New York sitting on a total of $31 million missed a July filling deadline or reported no activity, according to public records obtained by NYPIRG, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports: * Fashion mogul Donna Karan will be hosting a fund-raiser for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at her Hampton’s home this Saturday.* Two candidates exchanged shots in the race to replace Grace Meng.* Two candidates exchanged shots in the race to replace Grace Meng. * David Storobin Wades Into the Circumcision Debate  * Laurie Cumbo Eyes Tish James’ Seat(NYO) * Restler predicts close win over Lopez-backed opponent(C&S) *CSEA’s ‘Limited’ Endorsements Include No Senate Republicans * NARAL New York rolled out a handful of endorsements for the State Legislature. * The Civil Service Employees Association offered limited endorsements in the wake of the Tier VI vote.* Sen. David Storobin (who’s running in the so-called “Super Jewish” district) criticized Bloomberg’s proposal to regulate and discourage metzitzah b’peh, a controversial circumcision rite practiced among Orthodox Jews.

Quinn makes public appeal to help find man accused of attempted rape in Village(NYP)

Call Meng Maybe
What is the Matter Joe the Surrogate Court is On Vacation?
Cong. Joe Crowley front and center at the Carly Rae Jepson concert on the today show. Why yes, it is.  [Skip to 1:20]

The News questions Cuomo’s plan to use the Department of Motor Vehicle website for voter registration since the agency’s computers are not linked with the Board of Elections: * Bill Mahoney explained how the New York Board of Elections is largely powerless in stopping people from simply ceasing to report campaign filings and doing whatever they want with the money.

NY's online voter registration is stupid; abuses the time of Bd of Elections clerical workers.

One Shot Budget Balance May Be Shot
Mayor Mike’s taxi dance(NYP)Those depending on a cash one-shot to balance a budget should make sure the one-shot is, well, actually in hand. Mayor Bloomberg didn’t, and so the city faces a three-year, $1.4 billion shortfall from taxi medallion sales that may never occur.

Conflict in Pink Mafiaville: Quinn and Taxi Lobbyist Giske
Quinn, now vital to the city's taxi overhaul, dodges questions about it(Capital) * Quinn's Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid(NYT) * Christine Quinn Mayor NYC: Christine Quinn Emily Giske Scandalous!

A Bronx Tail or Corruption
A Bronx Tale for the Bloomberg Era: Politically-wired development deal for an eternal Bronx Fixer
They did not disclose that Levine’s partners in the project include Stanley Schlein, who has been a key political aide to Bronx Democratic political leaders for more than 25 years, and two other Bronx political players. Schlein, who since 2009 has provided legal services to the likes of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, has also served as an attorney to the New York Yankees and a lobbyist for the real estate industry. He played a key role in lobbying the City Council to vote to approve the new billion-dollar Yankee Stadium.

City Sets Up a Corporation to Oversee Tech Projects(NYT)



Bronx BP Shows Support For Armory Ice Rink Plan(NY1)

Media Wimps
A columnist said reporters go soft on Bloomberg because he can buy their company. [David Sirota]

When Your Lose An Outer Boro Taxi Case You Spin

Governor Cuomo’s former secretary kvetched about the media’s “gotcha” coverage of his administration. * Ex-Cuomo Aide Attacks Press Coverage as Scandal-Focused(NYT)

Judge Overturns a State Tax Meant to Assist the M.T.A.(NYT) * Court Rebuffs MTA, State on Payroll Tax (WSJ) A Nassau County judge struck down the state Payroll Mobility Tax, a blow to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which derives roughly $1.5 billion annually from the levy. * State Court Determines MTA's Payroll Mobility Tax Unconstitutional(NY1) A judge struck down a state tariff meant to provide $1.26 billion in revenue for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, declaring it unconstitutional, but the agency will appeal * Legislation To Change Way NYPD Reports Fare Evasion(NY1) * The decision is a significant blow to the MTA, which derives $1.5 billion annually from the tax, even though it was partially rolled back last year.* Joe Lhota said the ruling striking down the MTA’s payroll tax will be “devastating” if upheld. * Liz Benjamin looked at the politics surrounding it, and pointed out that the judge in question is elected, and a Republican from Long Island. * Michael Bloomberg responded sarcastically about the MTA’s new revenue problem, ”Why don’t we toll people, I got it! Let’s toll people coming into the city, OK?” * The Politics Of the MTA Payroll Tax Ruling(YNN) * Cuomo Calls MTA Payroll Tax Ruling Wrong(YNN)

Mayor Cites Better Shelters and Slow Economy for Need for More Beds(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg said fewer people are leaving the city’s homeless shelters because being there is a “much more pleasurable experience” than in the past.

2nd Ave. blast blame2nd Ave. blast blame(NYP) * Ka-boom!(NYP) * Steel Plate Above Subway Blast Site ‘Opened Up Like a Trapdoor’(NYT) * Steel Plates Are Eyed in Blast(WSJ) * MTA: Blast Angle May Have Caused Second Avenue Subway Explosion(NY1) * The Post teases MTA chairman Joe Lhota for contractors not covering an access hole before an underground explosion went awry on Tuesday at a Second Avenue Subway construction site:

Soda Lobbyists Spin Their Polls While Others In City Hospitals Have Their Legs Removed for Diabetes

MTA’s pay tax tossed(NYP)

‘$ick’ NY fans fear Conn. job‘$ick’ NY fans fear Conn. job (NYP) Activists pushing for a bill that would force most city businesses to offer paid sick days to their workers are worried sick themselves that the City Council will copy a weaker Connecticut law in a compromise move * Ralliers For Paid Sick Days Draw From Supermarket Worker's Death(NY1)

NYC shelter system is under serious strain as it scrambles to deal with the highest number of sheltered people in city history
Shelter System Under Strain(WSJ) The average length of stay for families with children at New York City homeless shelters increased more than 30% during the fiscal year that ended in June, placing additional pressure on an overloaded system, testing a system with the highest number of sheltered people in the city’s history

Prokhorov math: value of investment in Nets has jumped upon move to Brooklyn, but how much?(Atlantic Yards Report) Yes, the move of the Nets to Brooklyn has caused the team value to soar--another outcome not factored in as city and state agencies negotiated subsidies with the developer Forest City Ratner.

Water we to do? NYC gears for a climate-change swamping, tasking scientists with figuring how city can stay above rising waters and temps (NYDN) Plans already designed to cope with sea levels expected to rise 55 inches by the end of the century

A case of ‘hives’A case of ‘hives’ (NYP) Authorities last night raided a Queens home where a man was storing 3million bees, which he kept in 45 hives in his back yard.

Bronx politicians are supporting a proposal to turn the Kingsbridge Armory into a celebrity-backed hockey rink, instead of a Chelsea Market-style indoor food complex, the Journal reports:

Anti-fracking protestors demonstrated at and disrupted Cuomo’s policy summit in Manhattan yesterday, and are expected to greet him at the State Fair today. * While at the State Fair, Cuomo complimented an anti-fracking demonstrator on her T-shirt, which read: “Love New York? Don’t Frack it Up.”

Only one panel at the Cuomo conference generated heat: A discussion about public campaign financing. 

Cut back on school-cheating force(NYDN)


A Wife Recalls Her Estranged Husband's 1972 Failed Bank Robbery(NYT) * FBI Agent on Infamous "Dog Day" Robbery(NBC)

The Making of A President 2012
Ryan & cookie monster(NYP) Ryan stumped in Roanoke, Va., beside baker Chris McMurray, who made national headlines last week by rejecting a visit by Vice President Joe Biden at his Crumb and Get It Cookie Co. in nearby Redford. * Dolan’s blessed event(NYP) * In Poll, Obama Is Given Trust Over Handling of Medicare(NYT) * Ties to Obama Help Give Utility Clout With Government(NYT) * Romney Plan Would Expand Oil Drilling(NYT) * Victory for Akin Seen as Difficult, but Possible(NYT) * Dolan to Give Benediction at Gathering of the G.O.P.(NYT) * The Governor Hosts His Own Party(WSJ) "Cuomo insisted, however, that the forum was about moving NY forward, not advancing his presidential aspirations." * Cuomo's Limited Presence At DNC Fuels Speculation About 2016 (NY1)* Decision 2012: NBA Stars Hold Basketball-Themed Manhattan Fundraiser For Obama * Washington Beat: Hispanic Leaders To Share Their Policy Priorities With National Convention Organizers(NY1) * A murder and three stabbings in Bedford Park on Tuesday(NYDN) * Obama's hoops night in NYC(NYDN) * Hannity And Coulter Blast ‘Selfish Swine’ Todd Akin For ‘Hurting The Republican Party’ * Paul Ryan Rapidly Losing the Aging Rocker Vote(NY Mag) * Leading POLITICO: 6 hidden fault lines in President Obama's campaign:  Bill Clinton Stars In New Campaign Ad * Utility's Close Ties To Obama Reportedly Led To Better Access(Huff Post) * Romney Campaign's Cold Shoulder To NBC News(Huff Post)*   The Romney Medicare plan is deeply unpopular in FL, WI, OH, per Quinnipiac/NYT/CBS swing state poll. My story: * The church is stressing that Dolan’s appearance at the convention is not intended as an endorsement of Mitt Romney.  * All by itself, network TV cut in prime-time convo coverage will reduce R & D poll bounces.* Todd Akin has a difficult path to victory, but it’s still seen as possible.* The poll also found Obama leading in Florida.* Romney squeezes Obama in key states of Fla., Wis.: poll * President Obama has slight edge in ' latest electoral map estimate: *McCaskill Opens Up Big Lead Over Todd Akin In Latest Poll  * Rudy Giuliani accused The New York Times of bias in the presidential race. * Abe George continued critiquing Joe Hynes’ performance as D.A. * Mike Huckabee, who endorsed Akin in his primary, vouched for him.  * This was not the first time Huckabee defended a politician caught in a rape gaffe.* Romney Unveils Plan for Energy Independence(NYT) * Akin Is In, and if He Wanted Out, It Would Be Hard(NYT) * Obama’s Truth Squad isn’t telling the truth about the the GOP convention platform plank on abortion.* President Obama's Imaginary Recovery - Conn Carroll, DC Examiner * Obama, Romney and the Empathy Gap - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Romney Widens Lead Among Small Business Voters - J.D. Harrison, WP * Ryan Revives "Death Panels" Canard - Jesse Singal, The Daily Beast * Lawyer: Holder Is Biggest Enabler of Financial Crime - Rick Santelli, CNBC * Romney Plan Would Give States Control Over Drilling(NYT)

2 Are Shot Near Yankee Stadium(NYT)

Aspiring actor busted for trying to extort millions from Harvey Weinstein(NYP)

Law and Order  
No Charges for Officer Accused by Judge(NYT) * At Sentencing, Judge Puts Twins’ Crimes in Perspective(NYT) * S.I. chat perv busted for going to hookup with '13-year(NYDN) Queens granny on thief's case(NYDN) * Murder rap for janitor (NYDN) * ransit cop holstering his gun accidentally shoots Harlem(NYDN) * Police Recover ‘Large Quantity’ Of Child Porn During Search (WCBS) * Poker Ruling Doesn't Change Much(NBC) A pending bill that would extend New York’s statute of limitations on sex crimes would enable the woman who accused Hedges, who is also her uncle, of having sexual contact with her over 40 years ago could sue him if she acted quickly. * Victim in Brooklyn cab shooting dies from injuries * Dumb thug admits to crime on Rikers Island phone call(NYT) * Mark David Chapman was denied parole for the seventh time since he was convicted of murdering John Lennon in 1980.* Local Tennis Referee Accused Of Murder Enters Custody Of CA Police(NY1)

Terrorist Jailed terrorist wants company(NYP) * PA Knew of Missing Jet-Skier Ahead of JFK Security Breach:(NBC)