Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Double Dipping Naomi's Beau

Where is the Media Besides the NYP On This Very Important Pay to Play Booty Issue?

Double-job probe of Naomi’s beau(NYP) The Department of Investigation is probing Council candidate and Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy Torres, who was a full-time teacher while receiving a salary in Rivera’s Bronx office


NYP Say Bloomberg and Liu Compete for Delusion Ethics Champ
The Sheekey delusionsThe Sheekey delusions(NYP)Who’s suffering from City Hall’s biggest delusion: Mike Bloomberg or John Liu?  Bloomberg, for insisting that the winning bidder on the lucrative Tavern on the Green franchise did “exactly the right thing” by not disclosing he’s the brother-in-law of one of Mayor Mike’s top confidants? Or Liu — for thinking for a moment that he has the moral standing to investigate the situation? According to Bloomberg, the Emerald Green Group — co-owned by former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey’s brother-in-law, Jim Caiola — shouldn’t have told officials about the family relationship.  Former city Parks Commissioner Henry Stern noted: “This isn’t some hot-dog stand on Delancey Street that the guy is getting a deal on. 

Another Liu Attacks On Bloomberg
*Liu rips Bloomy over privatized parking(NYDN)

Bloomberg Hits Liu Back
 . spox: "If the controller had it his way, city govt would function as a full-time employment agency"

de Blasio Joins Liu In Bashing Bloomberg
The Post's Michael Goodwin, on one reason why is heaping praise on his Transportation Commissioner. * De Blasios bike warpath  New York Post‎ - 3 days ago

The Final Amigo Begins His Fall
Fiscal officer of state Sen. Diaz-founded non-profits is charged with stealing $532,000 from needy (NYDN)
Clement Gardner pleads not guilty in Bronx Supreme Court. The financial head of two nonprofit agencies linked to state Sen. Ruben Diaz plead not guilty on Tuesday to embezzling more than half a million dollars from the taxpayer funded groups


Imprisoned former state Sen. Nick Spano’s legal bills top $150,000, three times the amount he allegedly cheated the government out of in taxes, but his campaign committee has paid it all off, the Journal News writes:

  Bronx safe — for criminalsBronx safe — for criminals(NYP) * Criminal Prosecutions at a Low Rate in the Bronx, a Report Finds(NYT) * The Bronx DA’s office declines to prosecute thousands more cases than the city’s four district attorneys due to a policy that cases should be dropped if a victim doesn’t give a statement within 24 hours, WNYC writes: * Who initially tipped off to fact BronxDA doesn't prosecute about 1/4 of all their cases? "angry cops." cc:  

Not for Ticket Fixing Cops

Campaign 2012/13 The News taunts politicians for condemning StudentsFirstNY, the local arm of a bipartisan, charter-friendly PAC that the United Federation of Teachers loathes: * What About Us?: Dems Who Flipped on Gay Marriage Aren’t Quite Feeling the Financial Love(NYO) * Yen Chou Touts Picking Up UFT Endorsement(NYO)  * Democratic state senators Joe Addabbo and Shirley Huntley are disappointed they took the same risk as four GOP colleagues in voting “yes” on gay marriage last summer, but didn’t see the same love from LGBT donors.* Former Staten Island BP Guy Molinari accused Sen. Chuck Schumer of siccing the FBI on Rep. Michael Grimm. A Schumer spokesman called that “one of the silliest statements to come down the pike in some time.” * Young voters aren’t as enthused with Governor Cuomo as the rest of New York. * The Brooklyn GOP opened up their campaign HQ * Yen Chou made her pitch to various constituencies on The Perez Notes. * Unshackle Releases Legislative Report Card(YNN) * The state teacher’s union isn’t endorsing Republicans senators in tight races. * DC-37′s endorsements just don’t seem to go Hakeem Jeffries’ or Adriano Espaillat’s way. * Rubén Díaz, Sr. declared his low ranking by a pro-business group to be “Definitely a badge of honor!”* Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Senate candidate Simcha Felder filed petitions to create the “Tax Cuts Now” ballot line. * Malcolm Smith Makes Sad, Desperate Plea for Attention(NY Mag)

We Ought to Send Out NYPIRG to Find Out If There is Gambling At Rick's Place

Two-thirds of New Yorkers say bike lanes are a good idea and only 27 percent said they were a bad idea

Bicycle Lanes Draw Wide Support Among New Yorkers, Survey Finds(NYT)




A judge ruled the MTA payroll tax unconstitutional.

Taxis Lose Their 'AXI'(NYT) * NYC Taxis to Use Only 'T' as Logo, Just Like Boston(NYT)

To Build A Subway They Have to Destroy the Village

Millions to Relocate the Homeless for Cornell
Mike’s $330M plan to relocate patients at Cornell’s ‘genius’(NYDN) Money earmarked to house homeless people could go toward relocating disabled patients currently housed at the future Cornell tech campus at Roosevelt Island, the News learns, but a city spokesman said that’s “nonsense”

Another Hospital Become Housing

Obesity Debate Over Where to Serve School Breakfasts(WSJ)

The News cheers City University for opening its seventh junior college, the first campus expansion in four decades

Cut back on school-cheating force(NYDN)

Brooklyn College ranked the 7th most sober school in the(NYDN)

As Decision Nears on Gas Drilling, Ad War Heats Up in New York State(NYT) Groups on both sides of hydrofracking are running TV ads in the Southern Tier as the Cuomo administration finishes new regulations on where and how to allow drilling * State Department of Environmental Conservation officials, expected to decide about hydrofracking this summer, may postpone its decision as activists ramp up pressure to ban the practice in the state, the Post reports: * The DEC may be delaying a decision on hydrofracking as anti-drilling advocates step up their pressure on the Cuomo administration.  * Fracking supporters and opponents are stepping up their efforts -including dueling TV ads – thanks to a sense that a DEC decision will come soon.* An anti-fracking group released a gloomy TV ad, and in an accompanying statement, told Cuomo that “the road to the White House isn’t paved with drilling rigs.”

Young voters aren’t as enthused with Governor Cuomo as the rest of New York.* Gov. Cuomo argues government can 'make your life better'(NYP) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo has moved from “I am the government” to the “government is us.”

Cuomo and his Cabinet aides spent six hours yesterday listening to a “progress report” of 10 regional economic development councils he convened last year

Nicole Gelinas asks: “s the Cuomo administration’s rough justice for a British bank meant to fight global money-laundering — or grab cash to plug New York’s bottomless budget hole?”.

Via Kingston, a Look at State's Jobs Picture(WSJ)





 In the Age of Video Cameras Robbers Adopt



Judge card sharp: Nixes poker rap(NYP) * Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Casino wants $1.5M back from winners(NYP) *Poker Is More a Game of Skill Than of Chance, a Judge Rules(NYT)
* Poker not a gamble, judge rules (NYDN)



Staten Island Outlet Mall Is Proposed(WSJ)

Rockaway Work Never Finished

The Making of A President 2012
Ryan hits prez with guns blazing(NYP) * A Politician Whose Faith Is Central to His Persistence(NYT) *Controversy May Endanger G.O.P. Chances in the Fall(NYT) * We Need a ‘Conservative’ Party(NYT)
Just Think No (NYT Dowd) Why do Republicans have a gender gap when they ascribe superpowers to women, like the ability to block rape sperm with sheer willpower?* What the G.O.P. Platform Represents(NYT Ed) * Akin, asked on why he is letting his ego get in the way of the greater good of the GOP: "It's not about me."
Dems Announce Prominent Lineup Of Women For Convention(Huff Post)* Michael Jordan to host Obama NYC fundraiser Wednesday(Fox 5) * Cops: Man tried to lure 2 NY girls into minivan(Fox 5) * Poll finds Akin with slim lead over McCaskill after rape comments - The Hill's Ballot Box * Todd Akin On GMA: ‘I’m Not Apologizing For The Fact That I’m Pro-Life’ *Sarah Palin Urges Rep. Akin To Step Aside: ‘Take One For The Team’  

Hannity Confronts Akin For Not Stepping Aside: ‘Your Political Interests Are Above The Party?’ * Newt Gingrich Finally Releases His Delegates(NY Mag) * Everything changing for 2012 convention coverage (Huff Post) *  Eva Longoria will be among the speakers at the Democrats’ convention. Caroline Kennedy, Sandra Fluke and others will join her. * Ed Koch said Mitt Romney failed his “Sister Souljah moment” with Todd Akin. * Ryan pressed on rape exemption: (Politico) * Roger Stone labeled Paul Ryan’s ideology an “odyssey” and asked in his headline, “What Is Paul Ryan?” * The New York Observer took a look at Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand in its cover story this week. * Heading Into Conventions, Obama Has Lead - Mark Murray, NBC News
Jump on the Rand Wagon! How Ryan Resurrected Ayn (NYO) * Mitt Romney's Litany of Falsehoods - Robert Shrum, The Daily Beast * Dems Unprepared for Medicare Debate - Yuval Levin, The Weekly Standard * Paul Ryan Moves the Needle - John Stossel, FOX Business * Romney Camp Sees Upper Midwest Coming Into Play - Erin McPike, RCP * Elizabeth Warren Taking the Low Road - Michael Graham, Boston Herald * GOP Doesn't Have the Answer on Economy - Jennifer Granholm, Politico * Paul Ryan's False Premise - Ben Adler, The Nation * Time for Obama to Get Serious About Debt - Jay Ambrose, OC Register* Latest Polls: AP/GfK: Obama +1 | NBC/WSJ: Obama +4 | Electoral Map * Disillusioned Obama Voters Reconsider - New Hampshire Union Leader * Romney's Tax Plan Tease - Washington Post* Michael Goodwin: Press pussies soft on Obama (NYP) * Tampa Mayor on the GOP Convention: ‘We’re Prepared to Call It Off’(NY Mag) * Tropical Storm Isaac on GOP convention radar(NYP) * Report Sees Risk of Recession if Budget Stalemate Persists(NYT) * * Governor Cuomo said this Democratic National Convention is different from conventions past, where he was a more vigorous attendee.
President Obama arrives in NYC Wednesday to show he’s got game on the basketball court, and to raise millions in campaign cash (NYDN) Obama is attending three basketball-themed cash grabs in and around Lincoln Center* Cardinal Timothy Dolan will be giving the benediction at the Republican National Convention. * Andrew Sullivan thinks Paul Ryan is “more extreme on abortion than Todd Akin.” * If Todd Akin exits after a certain point, somebody will have to foot the ballot-printing bill.* All the GOP members of New York’s congressional delegation voted “yes” on a forcible rape bill in 2011, and five of them co-sponsored it. * CNN nabbed pre-convention interviews with Mitt and Ann Romney, President Obama and Clinton, among others. The White House is giving MSNBC VP Joe Biden, but not Obama. * Will Obama Push GM Into Bankruptcy Again? - Shikha Dalmia, Reason * Romney Tries to Obscure Reality on Medicare - Steve Benen, MSNBC * Can Obama Neutralize Romney on Economy? - Greg Sargent, Wash Post * Romney Rises in Swing States - John Nolte, Big Government * Romney's Agenda: Class Warfare - Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times * State Polls: WI, NV, NM, MT, MI, VA | Senate Polls: WI, CT, MA, MI, MT * All Major Media Companies Donated More Money To Obama, Says NYT * Obama fundraises with help of his NBA friends(NYP) * Hannity And Coulter Blast ‘Selfish Swine’ Todd Akin For ‘Hurting The Republican Party’ * CNN Lands Lengthy Interviews With Presidential Candidates, Romney Declines NBC Mormonism Special

Best Headline of the Day
Fyi! Press pussies soft on O,

Wall Street's Summer of Scandal (NY Mag)


NYC's Summer of Shooting Continues

 Loved Ones Remember Teen Gunned Down In Crown Heights(WCBS)


US Open tennis ump kills hubby — with a coffee mug(NYP) * U.S. Open Umpire Arrested in Murder(WSJ) * Overhead smash! Tennis ref arrested in husband’s slay(NYDN)* U.S. Open Referee, 70, Arrested In NYC For Alleged Murder(WCBS)

Law and Order
‘Pot king’ charged in 5 hits(NYP) * Teen slain at party(NYP) *Suspect sought in ice pick attacks in the Bronx(WSJ) * Cops: Man tried to lure 2 NY girls into minivan(WSJ)
* Ice pick-wielding attacker stabs two men in the Bron (NYDN) * Cops hunt hit-run driver after fatal accident in Bronx (NYDN) * NYPD: Suspect Beat Woman Unconscious Before Sexually Assaulting (NYDN) * Robber Sought in Violent Sex Assault: Cops(NBC) * Thief shot by transit officer while trying to flee: cops(NYP) * Breaking: Another NYPD Officer Charged With Rape * B'klyn traffic cop busted for raping teen * Murder rap for janitor NYDN) * S.I. chat perv busted for going to hookup with '13-year (NYDN) * Silver items stolen from Queens synagogue(Fox 5)

Legal bulls-eye is drawn on lawyer-targeting judge (NYDN)


Police Search For Alleged Manhattan Sexual Assaulter(NY1)


Terrorism Secretive Police Unit Sought to Map Terrorist Havens in City, Official Testifies(NYT) * A secret police demographics unit that eavesdropped on conversations of Muslim groups throughout the city has not generated an investigation in six years, according to a deposition in a lawsuit, the Associated Press reports: * AP: NYPD Muslim Spying Effort Never Aided Terror Cases (NY1) * PA Knew of Missing Jet-Skier Ahead of JFK Security Breach: (NBC)