Friday, August 24, 2012

For a moment real journalism returned to New York

Now is the Time to Reform the Political Parties in NYC

The Last Person to Try to Reform New York's Political Machine was Senator Kennedy in the 60's

Calls for Lopez's Resignation(Gotham Gazette)


Are the phones in Brooklyn Broken?

District Leaders and Elected Officials Are not Answering their phones, reporters are calling

SOURCES: Jeffries Has Support to Topple Lopez as Brooklyn Dem Chair! [Updated]

053Vito Lopez Losing Housing Committee After Sexual Harassment Allegations(NYO)

Stripped of chairman's post, perks after panel finds verbal, physical harassment(NYP) * Brooklyn Assemblyman Is Censured for Sexual Harassment(NYT) * NEW KINGS DEMOCRATS DEMANDS RESIGNATION OF BROOKLYN DEMOCRATIC BOSS VITO LOPEZ *

New York - Powerful Assemblyman Vito Lopez Loses Post In Sex Harassment Case


Vito Lopez, powerful Brooklyn assemblyman, stripped of leadership post after committee finds he sexually harassed 2 employees  

The powerful Brooklyn Democratic boss created a hostile work environment through “unwelcome verbal and physical conduct” that escalated over time, including one instance where he placed his hand “as far up between [a staffer’s] legs” as he could go, according to an Assembly ethics committee report made public Friday * “Vito Lopez was accused of sexual misconduct?” Lew Fidler said, after being informed of Vito Lopez’s allegations. “You could knock me over with a feather right now. Of all of the things that I would expect to hear about Vito Lopez, that was the last.” * ”We have reached out to Assemblyman Lopez’s office, and are awaiting a response.” A state Democratic Party spokesman declined to comment. Gatemouth wrote Lopez’s swan song. * “I’ve never seen Vito Lopez act inappropriate,” District Leader Betty Ann Canizio tweeted. “He has always shown me kindness & respect. Still have doubts about harassment allegations.” * Assemblyman Vito Lopez told the DN the sexual harassment charges against him are “unfounded” and he has no intention of resigning. * Assemblywoman Deborah Glick: “This was surprising because it wasn’t the first thing I’d have thought of (about Vito Lopez), but the fact that men behave badly? That’s kind of endemic and not just to Albany.” * Amid Calls To Quit, Vito Lopez Says He Won't(NYDN)
Several likely 2013 NYC mayoral contenders – Manhattan BP Scott Stringer, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, publisher Tom Allon, and Council Speaker Chris Quinn – were quick with calls for Lopez to resign. A state Democratic Party spokesman had no comment. Nothing from Cuomo, either…yet. * Assemblyman Vito Lopez Removed From Housing Committee Chairmanship Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations [UPDATED] * Vito Lopez, Powerful Brooklyn Democrat, Faces Sexual Harassment Claims(WSJ)  * Naomis next, Shelly(NYP)

  New York's Corrupt Political Parties


NY Political Parties for Sale: Ballot Corruption (True News)


Breaking 11 People Shot At Empire State Building
NYPD confirms that shooter at Empire State Building has been killed.Work place dispute
Live ABC VideoSeveral Shot, One Fatally, Outside Empire State Building(NYT) * Gunman kills coworker and bystander, wounds 7 others before cop shoots him(NYP)
* Empire State Building gunman killed his boss, wounded seven others in rampage .: "we have on tape" suspected shooter "trying to kill the police officers." Ray Kelly says shooter was 53 yrs. old. Person killed was 41. No children or elderly people were shot. 2 women and 7 men injured.  Kelly says shooter and vic had cross complaint workplace harassment claims against each other. NYPD to WNBC, revised genders of victims: Four were women, five were men in shooting near Empire State Building* Fired man kills boss, 9 others wounded at Empire State Building; gunman dead * Some of the Wounded May Have Been Hit by Police During Shootout * Eleven People Shot Outside Empire State Building(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg discussed gun control on the radio right before the shooting.

NYC's Summer of Shooting Continues
13 Year Old Boy Shot Dead

Boy, 13, shot dead in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Police: 13-Year-Old Shot, Killed In Brooklyn(WCBS) * BK Boy, 13, Dies After Being Shot in Back(NBC
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cops arrest water vendor who 'opened fire' on busy Bx. cornerEXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cops arrest water vendor who 'opened fire' on busy Bx. corner(NYP) *2 Are Shot Near Yankee Stadium((NYT) * Two Men Shot Near Yankee Stadium, Alleged Gunman In Custody(NY1)* Victim of weekend livery cab shooting dies in hospital (NYDN)
Ex-con, 24, charged in Rucker Park shootings (NYDN) Residents of Illion, NY – the “town that Remington built” – are worried talk of tougher gun laws will cause the iconic firearms manufacturer to pull up stakes.  * Apparent Beef Between Food Cart Vendors Leads To Wild Shootout (WCBS) * EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Cops arrest water vendor who 'opened fire'(NYP)

Meanwhile RT : Police say 13 people were shot and wounded in a 30-min spate of violence in Chicago. :

Errol Lewis Reaches Back to His Jack Newfield Days And Takes Malcolm Smith Apart

In this sudden flood of interviews and articles coming from Malcolm Smith and his secret handler Hank Sheinkopf part of a so called listening tour to convince GOP leaders to make him their pick for mayor a real interview by NY1's Errol Lewis to cut through the public relations crap and uncovered the real bum, dummy and liar Smith NY1 Online: State Senator Malcolm Smith Speaks About Possible Mayoral Run(NY1)


Errol Lewis: You Hired Gerald Shargel and paid him $50,000  to protect you from a grand jury probe

Malcolm Smith: The probe was aginst New Directors and not me?

Lewis: You hired an attorney to protect yourself.  The probe was against you.

Smith: You have to ask people handing New Direction

Lewis:  New Directions is a group you help fund and establish.  What Happen

Smith: Some people took over, You know the rest as well as I do


Smith: I don't know because I did not run the operation

Lewis:  You want to be the mayor of the city and you were involved in starting a group that is under federal investigation a criminal investigation and your response is you do not know anything about it? the group you started and funded with public money

Lewis: Do you know if they did some good for the people in your district?

Smith: That i could not tell you I was not there every day

Lewis: Do you know what happen to the public money you gave them did it do any good for the people of your district

Smith: No I do not know

Lewis: Do you know what happen to the public money you gave New Directions? Did it do any good for the people of your district?

Smith: No I do not

Lewis:  Your Idea of funding community groups  is to get them the money and whatever happens is what ever happens happens 

Smith: It is not our responsibility to monitor them.  I would hope it did some good

Called him on the the deal he cut Pedro Espada to keep the Democrats in charge of the senate
Lewis: 3 members 4 of the members behind that deal are now convicted criminals

Smith: If I had to do it over I would not have done it again. lessons learned

How is the world is smith involved in this issue
New York - State Sen. Smith Voices Support for Metzitzah B’Peh.

Smith Got GOP Support Because of Deal Between Queens Dem and GOP and he paid for it  . . .  What Does That Have to Do With A Mayoral Run?
Smith Makes His Pitch to Republicans, Forgets Supporting Bill Thompson(NYO)
  “Even my first three terms in the Senate I was cross-endorsed by the Republican Party, I even had the Independent line, so it’s not something that’s unusual,” Mr. Smith said

State Sen. Malcolm Smith says bldg. shooter was newly fired worker
The Return of Chucky Pedro?
State Sen. John Sampson, the Senate Democratic leader, is optimistic about his party's chances to take over the Senate in November, even though the Republicans have considerably more cash to spend on statewide races. "I think we have some great candidates and we have a great message," he said after a press conference in Brooklyn yesterday. "It's not about party affiliation. We're pushing forward on issues including raising the minimum wage. You're going to have the middle class rise up and that's going to be an integral part of the campaign. We don't have Super PAC money, but we have a moral compass." Still, some more cash would help his cause. The Senate Democrats only have $718,910 on hand, compared with about $4.5 million for Republicans, according to the July state campaign filings. (City and State)

JCOPE Joins Orgy Of Investigators After Naomi Rivera
Bronx Assemblywoman Suspected Of Employing Boyfriends On Taxpayers' Dime Faces Uncertain Future(NY1) * The State Joint Commission on Public Ethics is now investigating embattled Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera for misusing taxpayer funds at her Bronx nonprofit, joining the FBI and other agencies, the Post reports

Murder Mystery:
NYP Says Accusing Quinn of Causing A Death Is Sick
The Post stands behind Council Speaker Christine Quinn who absorbed attacks from paid sick leave activists accusing her of being responsible for the death of a grocery worker
A truly sick stunt(NYP Ed)  The New York Paid Sick Days Campaign — a gaggle of left-wing groups spearheaded by labor’s cats-paw, the Working Families Party.  The group rallied before City Hall Wednesday, essentially blaming Quinn for the stomach-cancer death of 34-year-old grocery clerk Felix Trinidad.  His supermarket, you see, provides no paid sick leave. There’s no evidence whatsoever that paid sick days would have altered the outcome of what turned out to be Trinidad’s final illness — and plenty to suggest that the bill Quinn is resisting would do a lot of damage to the employment prospects of thousands of other New Yorkers.* The News calls paid sick leave backers “out of line” for their “reprehensible” attack on Quinn during a prayer vigil for a worker who died from stomach cancer:

Campaign 2012  Small Election Race Causes a Stir(WSJ) The Journal’s Sumathi Reddy ponders why a state committee leader race in Greenpoint is getting so much attention from the press * Grace Meng did not appreciate Dan Halloran incorrectly referring to her as a Chinese citizen and implying that would cloud her judgment.* BK Dem County Ldr Lopez calls Lincoln Restler "poor little Lincoln" & "legend in his own mind" * Grace Meng did not appreciate Dan Halloran incorrectly referring to her as a Chinese citizen and implying that would cloud her judgment. * Dan Halloran: Grace Meng Running A Congressional Campaign Of "Ethnocentrism"(NYDN) * Political money: Reform is fleeting, debate is forever  * David Storobin is confident he will win. 

10% Unemployment and Cuts in Federal and State Funding Cause More Homelessness . . .  and the press covers a mayor obsessed with media coverage and a non profit looking for government $$$.  Meanwhile storage companies business exploding as New Yorkers get evicted from their homes.
Mayor: Apple's shelters are so luxe, people don't want to leave(NYP) * Mayor Offers Ideas for Why Homeless Numbers Are Up(NYT) * Mayor's Shelters Remark Rebuked(WSJ)  The mayor attributed the dramatically longer length of stay at homeless shelters to the demise of the city's rent-subsidy program, called Advantage. The city canceled the program last year after the state and federal government cut back support. * Bloomberg: Homeless Shelters 'More Pleasurable' Than Before(WSJ) * Mayor Pins Rise Of City Homeless On "Pleasurable" Shelter System(NY1) * DHS Head Defends Agency Amid Growing Number Of City Homeless(NY1) * Bloomberg's homeless remark criticized(Fox 5)

Advocates for the homeless quickly criticized the mayor
"The mayor's assertion that homeless New Yorkers are staying in shelters longer because they are 'much more pleasurable' is shocking and offensive," said Mary Brosnahan, executive director of the Coalition for the Homelessness, via email. "Mayor Bloomberg systematically closed every single path to affordable housing once available to homeless families with vulnerable children. His failed policies are the major factor leading to the record shelter population this summer."

A New Housing Program for New Yorkers
As homeless people flock to city shelters, private storage companies are booming and naming themselves after government agencies in order to get their client’s attention, the New York World learns


Call to Stiffen Laws Worries Town Built by Guns(NYT) Residents of Illion, NY – the “town that Remington built” – are worried talk of tougher gun laws will cause the iconic firearms manufacturer to pull up stakes. * Jumaane Williams is happy that some NYPD officers will face discipline for racially charged Facebook posts, but is worried about the overall police culture.

Bloomberg Embarrassing Outsourcing Cover Up
The Bloomberg administration is outsourcing operation of its technology projects to a quasi-governmental entity that will operate free of the city’s procurement rules and legislative oversight, the Times reports: * Beset by embarrassing scandals and cost overruns, the Bloomberg administration is outsourcing oversight of its tech projects to a quasi-govenrment entity that will operation outside procurement rules and oversight.

Mayor says "one of the hardest things" he had to adjust to as a politician was "you march in a parade and you wave at total strangers."  (WOR)

Former aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Steve Cohen, criticized press coverage of Albany, including that of the New York Times and the Albany Times Union as “scandal driven” and a “race to the bottom” the Times writes:

“Without the services that the MTA provides, New York would choke on its own traffic,” said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota, who believes loss of the payroll tax would be a “catastrophe” for the entire region. * Fare Beaters: MTA and Allies Speak Out Against Payroll Tax Ruling(NYO)

Fat Lady Sings for Times Square's Colony Music Store
Famed Colony Music store in Times Square to close after 64 yearsFamed Colony Music store in Times Square to close after 64 years(NYP) * Music Shop Recognizes Somber Tune: Its Final Coda(NYT) * Fat Lady Sings for Sheet-Music Store(WSJ) * NYC's Colony Music record shop closing after 64 years(NYDN) * Times Square music store closing(Fox 5)

City Sets Up a Corporation to Oversee Its Tech Projects(NYT)

Ice Center With 9 Rinks Is Proposed for Bronx Armory(NYT) * Bronx BP Shows Support For Armory Ice Rink Plan(NY1) * City urged to approve  plan to turn Kingsbridge Armory into (NYDN)

New Midtown East Towers Opposed(WSJ)

 Parks commish considering options to slow down cycling(NYDN)

New York Marathoners Are Left Holding Their Bags(NYT)

The Making of A President 2012
Cardinal sin: Bam blew off DNC blessingCardinal sin: Bam blew off DNC blessing(NYP)
Romney Plan Would Give States Control Over Drilling(NYT) * For the Ryans, a Union Across Political Lines(NYT)  Janna Ryan, who came from a prominent Democratic family, is one of the faces of the Republican ticket as the wife of Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin.  * Ryan’s Biggest Mistake(NYT) If the Simpson-Bowles plan had been approved, we would have had national action on debt reduction. But Paul Ryan voted against it.  * Ann Romney speech may move to Tuesday(Politico) * Romney uses secretive data-mining, exec says(NBC) * Charlie Rangel weighed in on the Akin debate too. *  Mitt Romney penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “What I Learned at Bain Capital.” * Paul Ryan is learning how to cope with the ravenous press following him.* Mitt Romney penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, “What I Learned at Bain Capital.” * Paul Ryan is learning how to cope with the ravenous press following him. * Ryan said he disagrees with Romney on abortion, but Romney’s views are a “vast improvement” over the status quo. * Anderson Cooper Tears Into Wasserman Schultz For ‘Misquoting’ Article In Fundraising Email
* David Letterman: Hurricane Heading Towards GOP Convention Is Further Proof That God Is A Woman * Romney Nomination Moved to Avoid Storm, Angry Ron Paul Supporters(NY Mag) * Bloomberg Defends Obama on ‘You Didn’t Build That’(NYO) * Different Conventions, Different Goals - Philip Elliott, Associated Press * Romney on the Rise Heading Into Tampa - John Podhoretz, New York Post * Romney's Weakness Creating a Close Race - Charlie Cook, National Journal* Mitt's "Mad Men" Strive for Pitch-Perfect Ads - Philip Rucker, Wash Post * Obama's Silent Second-Term Agenda - Kimberley Strassel, Wall St. Journal * What Liberals Don't Understand About Ayn Rand - Cathy Young, Reason * Obama's Not the Right Kind of Snob - Edward McClelland, Ward Room * The Biggest Myth of 2012 - Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon * Romney's Tech-Centric Energy Plan Will Create Jobs - Mark Mills, Forbes * Staring Into the Void of Mitt Romney - Steve Erickson, American Prospect * A Case Study in Wall Street Getting Its Way in Washington - Bloomberg * To Win, Romney Must Reinvent Himself Again - The Economist * Obama's Latest Whopper: He Created More Jobs Than Reagan! - IBD * A Slim Recovery for Housing - New York Times * RNC officials accidentally posted a draft copy of their draft 2012 platform on the convention website.* Election a Stark Choice on America's Future - David Gergen, CNN * The GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama's Stimulus - Michael Grunwald, Time * Five Myths About Ryan's Budget - Peter Orszag, Washington Post * Obama's 2012 Campaign Is a Joyless Slog - Toby Harnden, Daily Mail *Fear of a Black President - Ta-Nehisi Coates, The Atlantic * America Meets Mr. Romney - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal * Obama Asks EU to Keep Greece Until Election - Oliver Wright, Independent * Abortion: Beyond Akin's Outlandishness - Lou Cannon, RealClearPolitics * Romney Edges Toward Banking Reform - Fred Bauer, A Certain Enthusiasm * Latest Polls: CNN: Obama +2 | FOX: Romney +1 | RCP Average: Obama +1

It's perks galore at bailed-out AIG (NYDN)

17 cops punished for racist Facebook comments17 cops punished for racist Facebook comments(NYP)

Graveyard Vandals
Vandals desecrate historic B'klyn cemetery, do $100G worth of damageVandals desecrate historic B'klyn cemetery, do $100G worth of damage(NYP) * Dozens Of Markers In Historical Brooklyn Cemetery Are Vandalized(NY1) * Vandals Desecrate More Than 50 Memorials, Monuments At Historic (WCBS)

Woman Sought For Questioning In Connection With Abandoned Queens Infant(NY1)

Law and Order

Aspiring actor accused in Weinstein plot has history of threats, money obsessions -- and stealing toilets: ex-roomie(NYP) * New Sentence in ’96 Death of Homecoming Queen(NYT) * Livery Cab Rider Shot in Robbery Attempt Is Dead(NYT) * Queens Little League Coach Pleads Guilty To Teen Players' Sex Abuse(NY1)* DA intern in drug and gun bust(NYDN) * Queens Grandmother Refuses To Be Victim After Supermarket(WCBS) * Cops nab remorseful repeat felon in Staten Island nightclub (SI Advance) * Sex Assault Suspect Beat Victim Unconscious(NBC) * Qns Grandma Hunts Purse-Snatching Thief(NBC)

Security Video Captures Menorah Thief in BK(NBC)