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Organize Crime Political Party Machines Spin Backing One Of Their Own For Mayor

Only In NYC Can A Man Under Federal Investigation Be Considered As A Mayor Candidate (Not Liu). . .   Only in NYC can the NYP which for two years banged an elected official as a crook write a story that the same guy is being considered for mayor without being outraged . . . Only in NYC can the media be so passive they do not ask the crooks in the GOP and Independent Party thief Frank MacKey how they can back a fellow crook for mayor

Born Again Smith is For Stop-And-Frisk and the Establishment Loves Him

Controversial Dem Smith talks of ’13 run(NYT)

Smith has ties to a shady Queens nonprofit, the New Direction Local Development Corp., that The Post found misused charitable funds intended for Hurricane Katrina victims. And his allies and associates were involved in an embarrassing Aqueduct casino bid-rigging scandal. 
Senator Malcolm Smith received $5.7M in grants ... - New York Post * Links Between Charity and State Senator's Staff - The New York Times * Feds Investigating Link Between State Senator Malcolm Smith And Charity Group  * Sen. Smith says he knows nothing on missing ... - New York Post * Katrina families: We "never got a dime" from charity ... - New York Post  * Malcolm's secret 500G land deals -  * Smith ripped for saying ye$ to yuppies - * New York City Eye: Sen. Malcolm Smith's 2nd life: self-serving crook *Norm's Notes: Senator Malcolm Smith's Mentor Wins Aqueduct ... * Norm's Notes: Senator Malcolm Smith's Mentor Wins Aqueduct ...Aqueduct gaming report rips Paterson, Senate leadership - Times ...Subpoena Seeks Senator Malcolm A. Smith's Records - * Future Charges For Smith? | | Wave of Long ... * Smith To Meet With Investigators | | Wave of ... * Sen. Malcolm Smith's door: Home-building firm failed, now buyers ...

No Matter Who They Choose the City's Establishment Believe the Voters Will Follow Like Sheep No Matter Who They Pick for Mayor
Another GOP insider said: “Malcolm can be a real friend to the New York business community. He would find support from the business community.”  MacKay, the Independence Party leader, said he’s a fan of Smith. “Senator Smith would be a viable mayoral candidate. I happen to think he’s a great guy,” MacKay said. * Unless Malcolm Smith changes his registration to Republican, he might not be able to make the Republican ballot for mayor.

Estelle Cooper Treasure and Co-Leader Ragusa Did Nothing to Embarrassment the GOP?
“One of the questions we ask candidates is, ‘Have you ever done anything that would be an embarrassment to you or the Republican Party?’” Queens GOP Chairman Phil Ragusa said of Smith’s bid. “I don’t think he could pass that test.” * Cooper Indicted On Grand Larceny Charges - Queens Tribune ...

Maybe After Malcolm Smith Does So Time He Can Make A Political Comeback Like Gordon
Crooked politicians of New York City, rejoice! Ex-Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Gordon, who in 2008 was convicted on eight counts of receiving bribes and official misconduct, has shown that a return to politics after prison is possible. Gordon, after two years in lock-up, is now running for district leader against Assemblywoman Inez Barron. But Gordon had her petitions challenged on the grounds that a felony conviction precluded Gordon from being on the ballot, and there were some legal questions about whether she would be eligible for a comeback. At a hearing yesterday, though, New York City Board of Elections general counsel Steve Richman issued an opinion stating that Gordon would be allowed on the ballot – because her parole had ended in late May. Let the speculation about Carl Kruger’s return to politics begin! (City and State)

Meeks' A Partner In Crime With Smith Blames It All On the NYP
Rep. Gregory Meeks is firing back at a report in the New York Post this weekend claiming that he is under federal investigation related to millions of dollars in earmarks he helped secure for the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation. In an interview with City & State yesterday Meeks dismissed the story as “absolute garbage” and unequivocally denied that he has been subpoenaed or contacted by the authorities in connection with the probe. “They put a headline saying Meeks being probed, and nobody probed me! I mean, I’m flabbergasted at that!” exclaimed the congressman. Meeks said he did know where the Post got its information, but he conjectured that the source was the National Legal and Policy Center, a right-leaning nonprofit that monitors the ethics of public officials and has been known to target prominent Democratic leaders in the past, including Rep. Charlie Rangel, Rev. Al Sharpton and former U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton(City and State)

Expansion Giant NYU Who Has A Chick-A-Fil Location On Campus Shut Quinn Down Fast
One Of Quinn Advisers Informed Her of Her Of the Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech. The News lambasts Quinn for “overstepping” her authority when she urged NYU to evict Chick-fil-A because its founder vocally opposes same-sex marriage:Quinn goes off the dial(NYDN Ed) * Quinn ‘Chick’ chuck put on back burner(NYP)Council Speaker Christine Quinn won’t use her political clout to pressure New York University to evict a Chick-fil-A restaurant from its building, despite its company CEO’s anti-gay remarks * Thompson Sides With Bloomberg Over Quinn on Important Chick-fil-A Issue(NYO) * NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn opposes the “discriminatory” views of Chick-fil-A’U.s CEO, but won’t use her political clout to try to get restaurant booted from its only NYC location at NY

Campaign 2012/3 In 2013 Races, New York Prepares for ‘Super PAC’ Effect * NY1 Online: Bill Thompson Offers Plans for NYC * . to brooklyn courier: "what’s unorthodox about pink?" * NYC campaign finance officials girding for Super PAC influx in #2013. UFT ha * in today's NYT, my story on NYC bracing for 2013 super PACs from business, labor, lesbians and everyone elseManhattan Borough President Expands Time Spent Outside Borough(NY1) As Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer contemplates a run for mayor next year, he's also been spending more time outside of his own borough. * Scott Stringer said that if he is elected mayor, his seven-and -a-half month old son will become “the First Baby of New York.” * Bill de Blasio courted the business community with a speech at NYU, in which he ripped the city’s land use process and praised the Atlantic Yards development. * Steve Pigeon appears to be back in the Democratic fold. * Juan Gonzalez writes that the Board of Elections failed to count 500 votes in the Rangel/Espaillat race.  * LGBT supporters are upset that the Stonewall Democratic Club endorsed Luis Sepulveda for State Assembly, even though he opposes same-sex marriage.* The NYC Campaign Finance Board is girding for an onslaught of Super PAC money in 2013.*  A Super PAC is now supporting Mindy Meyer. * engaged in a lengthy discussion about the meaning of Meyer’s candidacy. * Salon: = "1st nationally noticed candidate to truly represent Web culture. Proudly cheap, unserious" *   NYC Board of Elections removed John Sampson opponent from ballot for submitting multiple xerox copies of petitions. They sent it to DA* Meyer says she has nothing to do with the “Friendz of Mindy Meyer” Super PAC.* A Colorado congressman plans to challenge Rep. Joe Crowley for the post of of vice-chair in the House Democratic caucus. * I met Mindy before she got famous, I don't remember the pink iPhone cover, pink lipstick, or pink suit * Mindy Meyer has come to be understood as the Snooki candidate.” *“Recklessly implicating and attacking an independent woman with a sterling reputation in an attempt to score cheap political points is distasteful and sad,” Grace Meng’s spokesman said about Dan Halloran’s charge against their campaign “Voters don’t want to be bothered with distractions and whining politicians” * Just over a month after 32BJ celebrated Charlie Rangel’s close win in the June 26 congressional primary, the union has endorsed one of Rangel’s failed challengers, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, in his re-election bid.* GOP consultant Susan Del Percio thinks the Republicans might pick up House seats in New York this fall, even as the delegation shrinks from 29 seats to 27.* Meng Campaign Slams "Whining" Halloran, Won't Release Bundler Info(City and State)

Is Huntley Going to Jail? 
James Sanders landed the notable endorsement of Rev. Floyd Flake in his campaign to unseat Shirley Huntley. Charlie Rangel’s campaign manager said Adriano Espaillat lost Puerto Rican support due to his Dominican branding.

Latinos in the Bronx have a disproportionately high number of political families, and Assemblyman Jose Rivera, father of two legislators, said that’s not his fault. *

New Alliance Party Cult Member Lenora B. Fulani Still is Useful to the Establishment 
In Harlem, a Surprising Pair, Allied Against Violence(NYT) An unusual pairing, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and the political activist Lenora B. Fulani, stood next to one another during a news conference.* NYPD Partners With Community Leader For Communication Program(NT1)

A Deep Look At Fulani's New Alliance Party 

Airport Security In Harlem Well Beyond Stop and Frisk and Not A Protest From A Pol  

Video Shows Car In Brooklyn Drive-By Shooting(NY1) * Private Viewing Held For 4-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Bronx(NY1) * Shooting of Kemar Brooks is part of surge in city park violence(NYDN) * Held hostage in Brownsville: Residents too afraid to leave(NYDN) * Video of car in Brooklyn shooting that felled six (NYDN)* Man arrested in shootings at Harlem's Rucker Park(WABC) * Police seek car in Brownsville drive-by shooting(WABC)* More Shooting Today 2 Men Shot Dead in Brooklyn(NBC) * Brownsville Residents Say Gun Violence Is All Too Common(NYT) * Man Arraigned In Rucker Park Shooting (NY1) * A map of where New York’s seized guns come from.

NYPD's Bullets On Re-Sale Online
Mike’s bike boondoggle(NYP) Amid Bloomberg’s attacks on the gun industry, New York City sold more than 28,000 pounds of the Police Department’s spent shell casings to a Georgia ammunition store in June, which reloads them with bullets and resells them to the public online.* New York’s Used Police Shells, Reloaded for Sale(NYT) * Mayor Bloomberg is an outspoken gun control advocate, but in June, New York City sold more than 28,000 pounds of the Police Department’s spent shell casings – not to a scrap metal company, as it has in the past – but to a Georgia ammunition store.

The state’s Public Integrity Commission fined former Gov. David Paterson $62,000 for taking free World Series tickets last year from the Yankees, the Post reports
More Fake Lobbying Reform In Albany
State will look into lobbie$(NYP) * New York City’s Campaign Finance Board will require disclosure of independent spending not coordinated with a campaign, including an archive of advertisements run by SuperPAC groups and their backers, the Times notes: * Pro-Cuomo Lobby Allowed to Hide Donor Names(NYT) A decision by ethics regulators will keep secret the identities of a vast majority of millionaire donors who financed a business lobbying group that promotes Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo.  The state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics will keep the identities of wealthy donors, who financed the Cuomo-friendly business lobbying group * The identities of deep-pocket donors the pro-Cuomo Committee to Save New York, will remain secret under new donor disclosure regulations approved by JCOPE. * Long Island contributed nearly 14 percent of the $5.8 million that Cuomo’s campaign war chest received in the first half of 2012, according to filings with the state Board of Elections. * In a Democrat and Chronicle OpEd, Terry O’Neill says Cuomo’s “attitude on public safety needs an overhaul.”* New lobbying guidelines issues

TLC promise on street hails?(NYDN) Commuter van drivers and lawmakers are urging the TLC to keep what they say was a pledge to let the vans pick up street hails. Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky promised to grandfather commuter

A Bike Wreck
Bicycle ‘pump’: Pedal-share firm pushes for quick $$Mike’s bike boondoggle(NYP) The Post pans Bloomberg’s bike share plan, which has been beset with untimely delays, as a “dumb idea from the git-go” and a “boondoggle”

Cartoon: Andrew Cuomo's open government plans(Newsday)

The News urges Bloomberg to fire the top leadership of the city’s public housing authority on the grounds of “rank and harmful incompetence”
The New York City Housing Authority board has been hoarding $1 billion in federal funds since 2009, which it is supposed to spend on building renovations and improvements for 400,000 low-income residents, the Daily News discovers: * Angry Housing Authority residents offer suggestions  NYDN) * Do you duty, Mayor Bloomberg must fire the entire top leadership of the New York City Housing Authority on grounds of rank and harmful incompetence. Chairman John Rhea and board members Emily Youssouf, Margarita Lopez and Victor Gonzalez have utterly failed to rescue tens of thousands of New Yorkers from substandard and even dangerous conditions — while sitting on almost $1 billion targeted for critically needed maintenance and renovations. *
  I sympathize with , NYCHA hasn’t answered our questions yet either

Why Not Camp Out At the Housing Authority?
Housing advocates are planning a week-long campout in Washington Square Park.

Cuomo Vetoes Bill on Placement of Special Education Students(NYT) Cuomo said a bill he vetoed would create a mandate to send special education students to private schools but the bill’s sponsor, Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein * Cuomo Vetoes Special-Education Bill (WSJ) * Cuomo Vetoes Special Ed Funding Bill(NY1)New York State Comptroller Says Special Education Provider Bilked City of Millions(NYT) * Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein vowed to “continue the fight” for a special education bill vetoed by Cuomo and lamented a lot of “misunderstanding” about what the measure would do. She didn’t rule out an override attempt, which would be the first of Cuomo’s tenure to date.

City parents in dark at 3 ‘danger’ schoolsCity parents in dark at 3 ‘danger’ schools(NYP) * $1.7M Ed. thief plays ‘cougar’ card(NYP) * "Turnaround Schools" Will Keep Names, Too(NY1) * Report: 3 schools added to most dangerous list(Fox 5)

Deep Below Second Avenue(NYT)

The late Judge Bruce McM. Wright, nicknamed “Turn ‘em Loose Bruce” for his loose bail decisions, was honored by a street-renaming up in Harlem, something that seemed unimaginable when he was a lightning rod in the 1970′s.
For Once-Criticized Judge, Tribute at a Harlem Corner(NYT) * Harlem street named for once-criticized judge(WSJ)

 Judge Bruce M. Wright denounced what he called racism in the criminal justice system and created a furor in the 1970s by setting low bail for many poor and minority suspects. He earned the nickname "Turn 'em loose Bruce" because of his low bail practices. In a lecture at Columbia University law school, in 1979, he said that a more appropriate name for him would have been "Civil" Wright.*

50 Years Ago, Sharply Dressed Protesters Stood Up for a Train Station They Revered(NYT)

After Sunset, a Whole New Beach as Rockaway Gets Its Second Wind(NYT)

The Making of A President 2012
Tea Party Favorite Wins Heated G.O.P. Runoff in Texas(NYT) * Romney Strikes a Different Tune on a Different Continent(NYT) * Obama has "19-point lead among Hispanics" in Florida. More from Q/CBS/NYT poll * A study found that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would mean cuts for the wealthiest and higher rates for everyone else.* New polls give Obama an edge in three key battleground states. 
* For the first time, President Obama has contributed to his own campaign, “maxing out” (sort of) at $5,000 in a move meant as a symbolic gesture. *  A new Q poll found Obama has hit the “magic” 50 percent mark in three key swing states: Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.* Priorities USA made a $30 million ad buy in six swing states.  * Mitt's Foreign Trip Ends, But Will Memories Linger? - Scott Conroy, RCP *  Romney Panders to the Right in Israel - Thomas Friedman, New York Times * nMitt Romney's Truth-Telling - Rich Lowry, National Review * Does Mitt Have a Problem Being Wealthy? - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * Obama Is Starting to Beat Himself - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal* Obama's Elizabeth Warren Gamble - Josh Kraushaar, National Journal * CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac: OH: Obama +6 | FL: Obama +6 | PA: Obama +11 * Romney: Pandering on the World Stage - Los Angeles Times * Self-Righteous Press Embarrasses Itself in Poland - New York Post * Republicans Renew War on Women - Sen. Harry Reid, Huffington Post * Obama Desperate to Divert Attention - Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun-Times * Battleground State Trouble for Mitt - Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post *  Propaganda Poll Shows Obama Ahead - Richard Baehr, American Thinker* Romney's Inglorious Overseas Trip - Maureen Dowd, New York Times * There Was No Romney Gaffe in Israel - Marc Thiessen, Washington Post * President Obama personally congratulated the five members of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team that took home the gold at the Olympics yesterday. He also called swimmer Michael Phelps, who is now the winningest Olympian in history.

Jon Stewart Mocks Romney Campaign For Gaffes In Poland And Israel

When Vidal Was Asked How He Finds the Truth From the Media, He Said:  "I Read All the Papers From Left to the Right and Find the Truth Somewhere in Between"
Gore Vidal, 1925-2012
Prolific, Elegant, Acerbic Writer(NYT) * Iconoclastic Author Gore Vidal Dies(Huff Post) * Michele Bachmann said that Gore Vidal’s “snotty, mocking attitude” made her into a conservative.

Law and Order
‘Rent scam’ rabbi in plea deal(NYP) Rabbi Leib Glanz and Menashe Glanz have “reached an agreement in principle” to settle charges they scammed more than $220,000 in rent subsidies


It was kingpin or meIt was kingpin or me(NYP)

Hammer nut’s blows(NYP) *Charges Filed in Hammer Attack * City Hall Park attacker held without bail(NYDN)* Police Are Seeking Man in Series of Robberies(NYT) * 3 Sue Over Pepper-Spraying by Police at Fall Occupy Wall St. Protest(NYT) * Police Seek Manhattan Robbery Suspect Wanted In 16 Inci (WCBS) * Pimp’ is guilty in cell theft(NYP) * Police searching for East Harlem robbery, shooting susp WABC)* Police Search for Serial Robber in Manhattan(NBC) * Cuomo announced the law expanding New York’s DNA database by requiring anyone convicted of any felony or Penal Law misdemeanor to provide a DNA sample is effective as of today. * Queens aunt gets wristslap at sentencing for shaking 21-month-old nephew(NYP)
Terrorism New FBI slap at NYPD spying(NYDN)The FBI is so opposed to the NYPD’s Muslim spying program its top officials have barred agents from dealing with the police department’s intelligence division, according to a new book * Terrorism Down After Bin Laden's Death(Daily Beast)