Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nobody Comes to the NYP's Party

NYP's Mayor Malcolm Smith Was A Fairy Tale
Before the NYP said Smith might run as a GOP fusion candidate don't you think their reporters should ask the city's GOP if they were on board? All they went with was the fantasy of a failed state senate majority leader who know they is future will most likely be corruption trials and jail, no matter how he tires to kiss up to the establishment buy being pro business and changing his mind to now be pro stop and frisk.

Party poops on MalcolmParty poops on Malcolm(NYP)
Former state Democratic Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith’s potential bid to run for mayor on the Republican line provoked swift resistance and outright opposition from the city’s stunned GOP leaders yesterday.  “I didn’t know today was April Fools,” quipped Manhattan Republican Party Chairman Dan Isaac.  Smith, a Queens state senator who expects to remain a Democrat, would need the support of at least three of the city’s five county Republican leaders to run on the GOP line for mayor next year. But he got a thumbs down from the GOP boss in his home borough.  “One of the things we ask candidates is, ‘Have you ever done anything that would embarrass yourself or the Republican Party?’ I don’t think Senator Smith can pass that test,” Phil Ragusa said. Sen.

Malcolm Should Bring Cash Like Bloomberg for the Lines
Malcolm Smith, a Queens Democrat, is undaunted by the cool reception he received from NYC GOP leaders in response to him running for mayor in 2013 on their ballot line. He hopes to meet each one personally to convince them.True News (The Bund): New York's Corrupt Political Parties

Campaign 2012 * Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long criticized Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for “pandering” to court women voters by supporting the president’s health care reforms, the Buffalo News * Corey Johnson rolled out a list of 500 endorsements.* Shirley Huntley did not get the backing of 32 BJ in her race with James Sanders. * There are petition challenges galore in Toby Stavisky’s state senate race.  * Mindy Meyer Claims 'Very Big Gay Following ... From the Streets'(NYO) *CAMPAIGN NOTEBOOK: Petition challenges move to the courtroom (NYDN) * Candidates Jostle Over Who Opposes Cuomo’s Special Education Veto More(NYO)* Catsimatidas tells he'll "probably start an exploratory committee in the near future." * Asian, Latino Groups Huddle With Common Cause Before Redistricting Meet .. *Myungsuk Lee Won’t Sue the New York Post After All(NYO) * HTC Going With Golden(NYO) *Evergreen Chou, the Green Party candidate in NY-6, hasn’t raised much money so far.* Eric Ulrich criticized Joe Addabbo for walking out before the redistricting vote. * NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hosted an anti-bullying panel.

Hailing one of their own(NY World)Ahmadou Diallo is raising money from dozens of taxi drivers in a quest to become the New York City Council's first African member. He chooses not to dwell on the legacy of that other Amadou Diallo, a cousin by marriage. "I have no choice, it is my name, and I have to deal with it.”


Halloran Charges Indicted Jimmy Meng Bundled 25% of His Daughters Campaign $$
In a video posted yesterday on the Politicker blog, Queens Councilman Dan Halloran claimed that the recently arrested Jimmy Meng had bundled 25 percent of his daughter Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s congressional campaign contributions. Halloran, a Republican, is running against Meng, a Democrat, in a northeast Queens congressional district. Jimmy Meng, Grace’s father, was arrested recently for allegedly soliciting an $80,000 bride to fix a court case. Meng spokesman Austin Finan provided this stinging response to City & State:

Grace Meng's Mouthpiece Bull Shits Nonsense

“Recklessly implicating and attacking an independent woman with a sterling reputation in an attempt to score cheap political points is distasteful and sad,” Finan said. “Voters don’t want to be bothered with distractions and whining politicians who aren’t focused on the issues. They want representation in Washington that is focused on protecting the middle class, creating jobs and getting our economy on the right track.” The accuracy of Halloran’s claim that Jimmy Meng bundled 25 percent of his daughter’s congressional contributions is highly questionable; congressional candidates do not have to disclose their bundlers, unless the bundlers are registered lobbyists. In other words, there’s no way Halloran would actually know how much Jimmy Meng had raised.

Lawyers for Liu's 25 Year Old Treasurer Demand Proof of Her Scheme
Liu aide’s ‘spam’ slam (NYP) Embattled city Comptroller John Liu’s former campaign treasurer says spam e-mails aren’t proof of her alleged scheme to funnel illegal donations into his political war chest. Jia “Jenny” Hou is demanding a “bill of particulars” detailing the allegations against her so she can whittle down the mountain of evidence turned over by prosecutors.


The NYP says the Fulani Kelly alliance shows Kelly willing to cross any bridge to engage sometimes-hostile communities
NYC’s oddest couple(NYP Ed) Yet there was New York’s longest serving police commissioner on Tuesday applauding — with a quick smooch — the “anti-violence” initiative of the long-time radical and borderline anti-Semite. Actually, Kelly’s decision to endorse Fulani’s six-year-old “Operation Conversation” — which encourages cops to volunteer with kids in their precincts — says a lot about his priorities, particularly during 2012’s Summer of Shooting.* Silence the guns (NYP) * Dinkins: Stop-And-Frisk Sometimes "Improperly Used"(NY1)

Stop-and-frisk should start at home"--relative of 4-year-old shot and killed in NYC
Burying tots has to stop(NYP) She was very gracious to us,” Sharpton told mourners at the Mount Neboh Baptist Church. “She should have gotten up from here and cussed y’all out.” That’s because, he said, we’ve learned to adapt to the violence that chokes the life out of our communities.  “Just because they bring the guns in here,” Sharpton said, “you don’t have to be dumb enough to pick them up and shoot each other.” * At Funeral of Boy Who Was Shot, Outrage and Despair(NYT) * Funeral Held For 4-Year-Old Bronx Boy Shot On Playground(NY1) * Teen busted with loaded handgun on B'klyn subway: Cops
Shot baby’s homecomingShot baby’s homecoming(NYP) * 2-year-old shooting victim released from hospital(WABC) * Toddler Released from Hospital After Shooting(NBC)

 A Leap for Real Reform in A Very Dark Village From An Unexpected Messenger, That is Politics

NY Lobbying Bd's Ravi Batra says the bd improperly limited disclosure of donors to groups like Committee to Save NY * Pushing For Changes To Disclosure, Batra Threatens Resignation
*The state’s most expensive lobbying campaign, the Committee to Save New York, a coalition of business interests and private-sector unions aligned with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has so far refused to release its donor list, having raised more than $17 million from 74 individual contributors.

Batra says the narrow look-back period and delay in reporting will essentially have the “… net effect of a delayed 6-month stealthy cloaking worthy of a Klingon warship in Star Trek.” * State Lieutenant Governor Defends New Contribution Laws(NY1) Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy is defending new reporting guidelines for the state's Joint Commission on Public Ethics, or JCOPE. The new rules require lobbying organizations to disclose single-source contributions.Ravi Batra threatened to quit the state’s ethics board, saying the delay in reporting critical information had the “net effect of a delayed 6-month stealthy cloaking worthy of a Klingon warship in Star Trek.”

‘Leak’ cop gets booted off tix-fix probe‘Leak’ cop gets booted off tix-fix probe(NYT) The troubled Internal Affairs detective who headed the investigation of the massive Bronx ticket-fixing scandal has been ordered off the case and transferred amid fears that his alleged leaks may have tainted evidence

Blankfein Should Fix Wall Street Recidivism Rate First
Goldman to Invest in New York City Jail Program(NYT) The plan would allow Goldman Sachs to profit if the program significantly reducing recidivism.The city will allow Goldman Sachs to invest nearly $10 million into a penal program using “social impact bonds” that allow the firm to profit if recidivism rates drop significantly. The program is the first of its kind, and has worried some policy makers.

Walmart Just Gave the Willis Point Business A Lot of Help

Report: Walmart Takes Swing At Possible Spot Near Citi Field Report: Walmart Takes Swing At Possible Spot Near Citi Field(NY1)Big box retailer Walmart is said to be lobbying lawmakers to set up shop in the retail and entertainment complex being planned for Willets Point, Queens. * WalMart has been lobbying behind the scenes to build a store at the Willets Point development project, but local pols are not supportive.

Still awaiting word of Cuomo’s decision on drilling in the Marcellus, anti-fracking opponents are stepping up the pressure on the governor.  * The Journal News warns the Cuomo administration that it must stick to the air quality, environmental impact and noise mitigation pledges made in a report released yesterday.


The News’s Denis Hamill slams the city’s public housing board for its lack of professionalism, including showing up late to its own public hearing

City housing resident Carol Demech tells NYCHA board: ‘The next murder is on you guys!’ (NYDN) Being NYCHA Chairman John Rhea and members Emily Youssouf and Margarita Lopez means never having to say you're sorry for strolling in late to meetings or sitting on a billion bucks and fiddling while city housing residents live with high crime and squalor


WILLIAMSBURG AND GREENPOINT TENANTS TAKE ON LANDLORDS WHO intentionally damaging their own buildings in order to obtain vacate orders to kick out residents

Orthodox Jews Celebrate Cycle of Talmudic Study(NYT) * Orthodox Jews Pack Met Life Stadium For Prayer And Cele(WCBS)

Latest Addition to the 'Yogurt Capital': A Bar in SoHo(NYT) * Upstate Yogurt Co. Brings Culture To SoHo(NY1)


Peyser's Act is So Played Out
The NY Post’s Andrea Peyser is aghast that Mayor Bloomberg, who “as far as I know has never latched an infant onto his bare chest,” is pushing breast feeding on NYC moms.* The story behind the effort to tie Huma Abedin to the Muslim brotherhood. 

Derided as Dirty and Ugly by Subway Travelers, C Trains Earn Yet Another ‘F’(NYT) A yearly analysis by the Straphangers Campaign again rated the line as the worst in New York City; the Q took top honors for the first time since 2001. * C Train Comes in Last, Again(WSJ) * Subway scorecard gives C line failing grades(NYDN)


Harlem Bowling Alley Will Not Be Spared, Owners Say
Harlem Bowling Alley Will Not Be Spared, Owners Say Citing the high cost of rent, the owners of Harlem Lanes say they will be closing their doors for good at the end of the week.

The Post demands the city institute merit pay for public school teachers to prevent the system’s best instructors from jumping ship every year:

Needles, Threads and New York History(NYT Ed) The garment district, even after the last fabric store has closed shop, should keep its name and inspire New Yorkers for years to come.

BAM's History Goes Digital(WSJ) It was March 1864 and the Civil War was under way. Women stood behind the counter of a mock post office at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn Heights, selling special stamps to raise money for Union Army medical supplies.

 Black Knee Pad Scandal?


The Wore Black Knee Pads

Olympic badminton scandal claims China's rising star(CNN)

Food Truck Festival Season In Full Swing In NYC(WCBS)* Seinfeld food truck tour hits New York with muffin tops And Soup Nazi (Video).


Comptroller “Perfect Storm of Financial Pressures"
Local Governments Face Fiscal Peril, State Comptroller Warns(NYT) Local governments are collecting less taxes, burning through their cash reserves, and running through deficits, casting doubt on the fiscal health of state municipalities, according to a state comptroller report * Benefits Scam Is Blocked(WSJ) The state comptroller’s office blocked $90,000 in unemployment checks sent in June and July to New Yorkers vacationing abroad and to foreign-based scammers, after fixing a computer glitch

Property Tax Evasion in City Is Widespread, Report Suggests(NYT) A grand jury report suggests property tax evasion in the city is widespread after an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, and recommends stiffer penalties for landlords who evade payment* Grand Jury Cites Tax-Rule Flaws(WSJ)

The Making of A President 2012
Inquiry Into Security Leaks Is Casting Chill Over Coverage(NYT) * Tea Party Aims to Apply Its Touch to the Senate G.O.P.(NYT) * Adviser Draws Attention to Romney Mideast Policy(NYT) Remarks by Mitt Romney that enraged Palestinians were based on the writings of a top adviser, Dan Senor. * Obama has secretly authorized the CIA and other U.S. agencies to support the rebels in Syria -(Politico)* Obama leads Romney in NJ poll(NYP) * McCain To Hannity: Pro-Obama Media Bias Is Just ‘Something We Have To Accept’ * House Republicans Vote To Extend Bush Tax Cuts(Huff Post) * Media Goes Wild For Campaign Gaffes(Huff Post) * Romney Decides To Get On Top Of This Bain Story(NY Mag) * Harry Reid Insists Dude Who Told Him Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes Isn’t Imaginary(NY Mag) * Gillibrand, along with Carolyn Maloney and Christine Quinn, backed the three New Jersey teens who started a petition calling on of the presidential debates to be moderated by a woman. * Bill Owens was one of the few Democrats who broke with the party to not raise taxes on upper income earners yesterday.  * Mitt Romney faces substantial problems with women voters.   * A new Obama ad keeps up the heat on Mitt Romney’s tax plan and his failure to disclose his own tax returns.  * How to Get Serious About Ending Cronyism - Peter Schweizer, Daily Beast  * Fear and Loathing in the Romney Campaign - Joe Conason, Truthdig
The Obama Ad Blitz Isn't Working - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *  The Great Voter Suppression of 2012 - Charles Blow, New York Times * The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery - Glenn Hubbard, Wall St. Journal * Prediction Models Look Dismal for Obama - Jeff Greenfield, Yahoo! News * Mountain West Could Decide Election - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal * Obama Is Not a Fan of America's Suburbs - Stanley Kurtz, National Review * Romney, Bush & Newsweek's Wimp Factor - Carl Cannon, RealClearPolitics * . on why he's not running for president: "Well, I’m not a loser and couldn’t win." * Virginia is top source for guns recovered in New York.  * Chris Christie, who is pro-life, thinks that Romney should pick a pro-life vice-president.  *  Voters will be heading to the polls tonight in Tennessee. * Total political spending on the presidential and congressional elections this cycle is estimated to reach nearly $6 billion, making it the most expensive political year in history, according to an analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics. * President Obama’s campaign will host a basketball themed fund-raiser at Chelsea Piers later this month. * Filmmaker Michael Moore on Obama: “I wouldn’t say I support him. I would say I will vote for him.”


A Pension Crook Tells Us Not To Break Up the Big Banks . . .  While His Pension Partner Hank Morris Sits In Jail
Regulate, Don't Split Up, the Huge Banks - Steven Rattner, New York Times 

Quiet Role for Cuomo At Democratic Convention
Ceding to Shelly Silver the job of announcing the New York delegation’s vote
Gov. Andrew Cuomo will have a low-key role in the Democratic National Convention, won’t speak, and expects to attend only one night of festivities, even though he’s a presidential contender in 2016, the Journal reports * Quiet Role For Cuomo at Party's Convention  * Public Employee Federation president Susan Kent, head of the state’s second largest state worker union, says she won’t fight the governor and wants to work to improve the economy, the Albany Times Union reports: * An aide to Cuomo confirms the governor will not arrive at the Democratic national convention in North Carolina until the very last day – Sept. 6 – when President Obama accepts the party’s nomination. Unlike at past conventions, Cuomo has no speaking role. * Fracking opponents are putting pressure on Cuomo’s top donors. (AP) * Why exactly is Barack Obama holding a baseball bat when he is on the phone with the prime minister of Turkey? * Did Cuomo implicitly thumb his nose at soda-hating Mayor Bloomberg by lauding and welcoming PepsiCo’s yogurt-making operation to upstate?

"Andrew Cuomo to Attend Democratic Convention Wearing Fedora, Sunglasses, Fake Mustache"

Jon Stewart: ‘You, Harry Reid, Are Really, Really Terrible’

Law and Order
Plea: Boro Park Butcher to Die in Jail
Leiby’s butcher to rot(NYP)* Guilty Plea Is Expected in the Killing of Brooklyn Boy, 8(NYT) * Plea Deal Said Reached in Boy's Murder(WSJ) * Sources: Man Charged In Leiby Kletzky Death Agrees To Plea Deal(NY1) * Leiby Kletzky’s killer to plead guilty (NYDN) * Sources: Levi Aron, Accused Killer Of Leiby Kletzky, To(WCBS) * Aron to plead guilty in Leiby Kletzky murder(WABC)

Cops hunt serial mugger(NYDN)

SI cop busted in rape of gal pal(NYP)* Beach wail from mob suspect (NYP) * Kid-coke stash dad arrested(NYP) * Man Who Killed Father In 2009 Bronx Hit-And-Run Sentenced * Georgia Ammo Store Rounds Up Spent NYPD Shells(NY1) * Killer teen may be free in less than a year (NYDN) * NYPD agrees to turn over 911 tape in Yankee  GM stalker (NYDN) * NYPD officer arrested on rape charge(Fox 5)* NYC Cop Arrested on Rape, Assault Charges(NBC) * Overdressed Staten Island bank bandit who uses bicycle as get-away vehicle pulled 2 more heists in Brooklyn(SI Advanced) * Off-Duty Brooklyn Officer Arrested For Allegedly Raping Woman(NY1) * Urologist Charged With Shooting Video Up Skirt in Subway(NYT) * : Cuomo says fake pot "a problem that is literally exploding."* Perv doc busted for using pen cam to look up women's skirts(NYP)
* Mayor Bloomberg wants to control crime, not guns. * He said current gun laws are “just preposterous.” * Nearly two weeks after the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo., Mayor Bloomberg is frustrated with the lack of response from national leaders to his calls for more gun control.

Police: Man Exposed Self To Woman On Queens StreetPolice: Man Exposed Self To Woman On Queens Street Police are looking for a man who exposed himself to a woman near 60th Street and 43rd Avenue in Woodside, Queens Tuesday.

Top official admits FBI had terrorist al-Awlaki in custody in 2002 * New FBI slap at NYPD spying Surveillance of Muslims a 'waste of money'