Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NYP Believes Some Dead People Signing Petitions Are More Inportant Than Others

Why Does the NYP Think A Dead Petition Signer for Storobin is News, While A Dead Signer for Toby Stavisky is Not? Could it be that Simcha Felder legal team head by Lawrence Mandelker is a bigger player in placing stories than Stroboin?

Caught dead to rightsCaught dead to rights(NYP) The signature of a woman who died two years ago has turned up on nominating petitions of state Sen. David Storobin (R-Brooklyn), who is seeking re-election. Storobin witnessing the signature of the dead person so is if it is proven he could be knocked off the ballot for candidate fraud. *S

The Connected Toby Stavisky Stays Out of the NYP and Other Old Media

Messer's Campaign Says a Dead Woman Signed Toby Ann Stavisky's(C&S)A Queens man named Jesus Palomino recently swore in an affidavit that his mother could not have signed a petition form for two dozen candidates, including State Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky, on June 14th. The reason? The woman, Ana Rita Palomino, had been dead since February 5th, 2011. Update The BOE ruled that her petitions are good and and she is on the ballot.  If Messer want to go to the court in Queens which is controlled by the machine we suggest he save his time and money or as for a change of Venue to Cuba where the courts are fairer than her home borough.

Campaign 2012
The NYP Call Quinn Opposition to Chick-fill-A Business Silly the NYT Call it Just Wrong

Chris Quinn, silly person(NYP)  Quinn joined hands with Mayors Thomas Menino of Boston, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago and Edwin Lee of San Francisco — each having promised to cast the Chick-fil-A fast-food chain into the darkness.  The fact that she needs remedial instruction on something so basic as the First Amendment at this stage of the game suggests that there was little more than vapor there in the first place.* The Chick-fil-A Business (NYT)Antigay remarks like those made by the president of the fast-food chain are offensive, but they are not a reason to kick the company out of town. As a gay woman who recently got married, Ms. Quinn’s anger about Mr. Cathy’s comments is understandable. And she stressed on Monday that the letter was “solely my own opinion.” But, as a powerful city leader and a leading candidate for mayor, she and others in city governments should take care not to be seen muscling aside businesses whose owners don’t agree with their views. That won’t work, especially in a city as big, diverse and opinionated as New York.

More Political News
Restler gains key endorsements in state committeeman race vs. Lopez crony(NYP) * Ragin’ Pagan: Dan Halloran Aims to Take Passionate, Unorthodox Approach to Washington D.C.(NYO) * John Liu hired a consulting firm specializing in data cleanup two weeks before his treasurer’s arrest. * Ruben Diaz, Jr. recently took a campaign donation from Donald Trump.* On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn ‘Diva’ Mindy(NYO) Meyer [Video]  * State Senate Dems: Leave Chuck Schumer Alone!(YNN) * Bloomberg Dismisses de Blasio’s Fine Lawsuit(NYO) * Stringer Opposes Sale of City Buildings He Finally Has the Power to Stop—If Big Name Developers Don’t Get In the Way(NYO) * From the Desk Of...Peter King(C&S) * Kremer: Independents Tip The Scales On Long Island (C&S) * The primary Election Day is on Thursday Sept. 13(Amasterdam News)* Joe Crowley, secure in Queens, may have a race in Washington(Capital) * Joe Crowley has a potential challenger for his leadership position in the House Democratic caucus. * Tish James endorsed Walter Mosley. * Meanwhile, the County Democrats successfully kicked Elizabeth Crowley off the ballot for district leader. *  Mindy Meyer Won't Appear On GOP Or IP Lines | New York Daily News  * Another video of over-the-top state Senate candidate Mindy Meyer working her magic on the campaign trail.* NY1 Online: Offers * I met Mindy before she got famous, I don't remember the pink iPhone cover, pink lipstick, or pink suit


““People think that I’m a crook and a thief, and I’m absolutely not . . .  I Might Run for Mayor” - Malcolm Smith

MALCOLM ON THE MUDDLE: In an exclusive interview with City & State former State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith weighs in on the rumors he's considering a bid for mayor, and for the first time tells his side of the story about the coup that toppled him from power, the AEG Aqueduct bid, and the New Directions Development Corporation, the nonprofit he co-founded with Rep. Greg Meeks that has been dogged by allegations of wrongdoing:(City and State)

NYT Continues to Bang the Gov
Cuomo Said to Dissuade Lawyer Use by Witnesses(NYT) A former State Police official said Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, when investigating the agency as attorney general of New York, discouraged officials there from obtaining legal representationl, because it looked like a presumption of guilt.  Felton: Cuomo's '09 report on political interference at State Police "essentially just a memorandum" & "ridiculous."* Why the Cuomo archives matter, pt. 1: reports he warned witness in state police probe from using laywer. (The administration rejects this claim).* Two former top State Police officials say testimony detailing assertions of political interference with the force never made it into Cuomo’s final investigative report that was intended to expose such inappropriate activities.* Said former Acting State Police Superintendent Preston Felton: “I also think a year-and-a-half investigation should have yielded much more than an 11-page report that is essentially just a memorandum. The only word I can use is ‘ridiculous.’” * Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer responds to the accusations of his nemesis, (or one of them), Ken Langone.* Is the Martin Act In Danger? (C&S) The act, which grants the State’s Attorney General broad subpoena power and doesn’t require proof of intent to commit fraud in order to convict on fraud charges, is being challenged on grounds that it is preempted by narrower federal securities statutes *

What probe didn't say (TU) 2009 inquiry by AG Cuomo found evidence of tampering with state cops * Libous Gets ‘Close’ To Cuomo(YNN)

Paterson Tried to Make His Security Detail Look Like Him
Paterson Aides Said to Have Sought Race-Based Changes to Security Detail in ’08(NYT)According to testimony, aides to former Gov. David A. Paterson of New York requested in 2008 that the State Police replace at least 10 white troopers assigned to protect him with black or Latino officers. Aides to former Gov. David Paterson requested that State Police replace 10 to 15 white troopers in his security detail with black and Latino officers because they wanted an entourage that looked like their boss. * Paterson Administration Accused of Trying to Replace Troopers Owing to Their Race(NY Mag) * Paterson on life after being in charge: “It’s an instant enjoyment in the morning. I wake up and everything is not my fault.” *
Incidentally: Wonder who leaked to Dicker back when that Paterson aides sought to transfer white troopers off his gov detail? Who knew?

If Your Got $$$ See What Your Can Buy

Mayor Hires A New Salesperson
Mayor Names New Press Aide(NYT) Marc La Vorgna, 33, will take over as Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s press secretary next month, after Stu Loeser leaves the position, which he has held since January 2006. * Longtime Bloomberg Press Secretary Steps Down; Successor Named(NY1)

The NY Sicking Economy
NY staring at sea of red ink(NYP) The deficits figure to exceed expectations thanks in large part to slightly lower sales-tax collections on a smaller tax base combined with higher workers’-compensation costs. * The costs of Libor rigging(NYDN) The state may have lost up to $136 million in the scandal involving banks rigging a global interest rate benchmark known as Libor to conceal their troubles

New York’s combined state and local sales tax rate is the seventh highest in the nation, according to a new report from the Tax Foundation. (Via Ej McMahon’s The Torch).* Out-Of-Towners Filling Up City Homeless Shelters(NY1)

 What about the Elected Officials Who Fought Against the NY Olympics

Mayor Bloomberg indulged in a bit of Olympic “what might have been.”

Fight the Scum
Mission One: To Fight Scum(WSJ)Martin Woess is locked in an endless battle against some of Brooklyn's most implacable scum -- the unsightly stuff that covers the lake in Prospect Park.



NYPD Partners With Community Leader For Communication Program (NY1)

Brooklyn Heights residents aren’t so sure about the velodrome coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

A $40 Million Gift, a Proposed Bike Arena, and Now Skepticism in Brooklyn(NYT) A $40 million gift to build a field house in Brooklyn Bridge Park — along with a velodrome — has drawn criticism from some residents who say the donation is inappropriate for the area.

A Bike Wreck
Bicycle ‘pump’: Pedal-share firm pushes for quick $$Bicycle ‘pump’: Pedal-share firm pushes for quick $$(NYP) The bike share company expected to install 10,000 renal bikes on city streets today is asking Citibank to shell out payments of $3.5 million in case the program is delayed until next spring and runs out of cash

Designs For Final High Line Phase Revealed(NY1)

Where Projects Go to Die
The News slams the city’s public housing authority for failing to renovate three Brooklyn towers for low-income residents, even though it got a $21 million federal grant and $100 million to finance the work: 

Education News: Good Teachers Getting Away and Columbia Tech Expansion
NYC warned: Top teachers getting away(NYP)* Columbia Gets $15 Million to Expand a School(NYT) Columbia administrators say that assistance from the city, and $80 million from the university, will help raise the engineering school’s national profile.Columbia University will receive $15 million in financial help from New York City to help double its engineering school by 2030, a consolation prize for losing a competition to build a tech campus at Roosevelt Island, * Mike gives Columbia $15M for genius school(NYDN) * City Pledges $15M In Funds To Boost Columbia Tech Program (NY1)* Columbia Sets Tech Expansion, Third in City(WSJ) * Cuomo Plans to Veto Special-Education Bill(WSJ) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday will veto a bill requiring school officials to consider religion and other family beliefs when approving taxpayer-funded tuition for special-education students at private schools, an administration official said. * Good and bad teachers leave at same rate, study shows(NYDN)

The Making of A President 
Why Sarah Palin’s Reputation Has Plummeted as Bill Clinton’s Has Grown(Daily Beast) * Mr. Romney Stumps in Israel(NYT) The Republican presidential candidate delivered a lot of bellicose rhetoric to please right-wing Israelis and the deep-pocketed donors traveling with him * Obama Rakes In More Campaign Cash At Manhattan Dinner(WSJ) * The booming business of being Rubio(Politico) *Israeli Defense Minister Praises Obama: Doing ‘More’ For Israeli Security Than Previous Presidents * O’Reilly And Bernie Goldberg Blast CNN For Playing ‘Stupid Girls’ During Palin Segment * Poland’s Lech Walesa Endorses Romney, Says He Lacks Charisma(NY Mag) * Elizabeth Warren Pegged to Speak Before Clinton at Democratic National Convention(NY Mag) * Romney Aide Curses Off Reporter(Huff Post) * Mitt Romney’s overseas jaunt v. Obama’s 2008 voyage: What a difference staffing makes (WashPost) * Anne Hathaway, Aaron Sorkin and Joanne Woodwood have come aboard to co-host Harvey Weinstein’s Aug. 6 fund-raising dinner for President Obama.* Obama raised more than $2 million during his brief trip to NYC yesterday.* Although this is a good one, too: A Mitt Romney aide to members of the traveling press corps covering the candidate in Poland: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”* Mitt Romney praised Poland for embracing a model of small government after years of Soviet rule.* Will John Boehner snub conservatives in order to avoid a government shutdown? * Why Obama Needs Bill Clinton - Chris Cillizza, Washington Post * That's Mitticulous! - Matt Miller, Washington Post * Has Obama's Support Peaked? - J.T. Young, The American Spectator * Mitt Romney's Racist Comments - Cenk Uygur, Huffington Post * Romney Finds Solidarity in Poland - Alana Goodman, Commentary * Why Democrats Backed Gay Marriage - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * Latest Polls: Missouri (RasRpts): Romney +6 | Florida (PPP): Obama +1

Romney slams Obama's economic policies during Poland trip*  San Antonio mayor Julian Castro will give the keynote address at the DNC.  * Romney camp releases ‘Mitt’s VP’ mobile app (Wash Post) * RT : Romney campgn says people who download app will hear VP choice "before press." / press cant use apps?  * Bill Clinton Seizing Spotlight, Again - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast * Romney Stumbles on Tour - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post * Palestinian Mess: Romney's Inconvenient Truth - John Podhoretz, NY Post *  Dems to Embrace Gay Marriage in Platform - Steve Kornacki, Salon * Obama's Last Hundred Days - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal * The Mysteries of Romney's Finances - Michael Graetz, New York Times * Dullest Campaign Ever - David Brooks, New York Times * Romney Trips, Infuriates Palestinian Leaders - San Francisco Chronicle * Obama-Romney: A Stark Contrast in Treatment of U.S. Allies - NY Post * Remember when Obama promised to fire people who did research on foes' personal lives? * Yes, politicians really are psychopaths(The Atlantic) * White House Breaks With Netanyahu: Sanctions Are Working *  Meet the Democrats' secret weapon: San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro    * The Romney campaign will undertake a two week bus tour in the weeks before the Republican convention in Tampa.  *Regulator Rebuffs Obama on Plan to Ease Housing Debt(NYT) * Harry Reid’s Bombshell Allegation: Bain Investor Told Him Romney ‘Didn’t Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years’ * Romney plans bus tour two weeks before GOP convention:(Politico) * Mitt Romney said that the press was focused on overseas stumbles because they wanted to help Obama. * Iowa Republicans aren’t pleased with Mitt Romney’s stance on wind energy. *The Fix makes the case for Rob Portman. * Texas and Georgia are holding primary elections tonight, here’s watch to watch.* Former Bronx BP Freddt Ferrer endorsed Sen. Toby An  Stavisky for re-election.* Assemblywoman and congressional hopeful Grace Meng is staying out of the race to replace her in Albany – for now. * A new Pew Research Center poll shows that the partisan gap over same-sex marriage continues to widen, with 65 percent of Democrats now supporting it compared to 24 percent of Republicans.* Partisan Rifts Hinder Efforts to Improve U.S. Voting System(NYT)

TV And Film Personalities Who Became Politicians (And Vice Versa)


Twitter Apologizes For Encouraging NBC To File Complaint Against British Journalist’s Account

Seems Jon Missed the Empty Seats
Jon Stewart Tears Apart NBC’s Olympic Edit And Romney For His London Criticisms

Law and Order
A day after two children were injured in a drive-by shooting, Mayor Bloomberg said city officials are “worried” about an upswing in gun violence.


Kid shootings tied to gangsKid shootings tied to gangs(NYP) * Living With Gunfire in the Background(NYT) * Toddler Among Six Wounded In Brooklyn Drive-By Shooting(NY1)

Stray bullet eyed in kid slayStray bullet eyed in kid slay(NYP)* No link between tennis player slay and other shooting, police (NYDN) * Community remembers boy, 14, killed in Bronx park(WABC)

Teen charged in killing of tot (NYDN) * Teen Indicted in Boy's Playground Death(NBC)

Basketball Tournament Halted By Fatal Shooting Remains Stalled By NYPD(NY1) * Man, 24, Arrested in Rucker Park Shootings(NBC) * Rucker Park Tournament Returns Following Last Week's Shooting (NY1)

What’s so funny?! Girl gang ‘laughed’ at Vietnam vet stabWhat’s so funny?! Girl gang ‘laughed’ at Vietnam vet stab(NYP) * Aiding lover, 6 train stab suspect sez (NYDN)

As Guns Flood Into the City Serious Questions Of What is Effect to Stop the Shootings
A new report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms showed that despite NY’s tough gun laws, illegal guns still flow into the state. 
NY thugs’ guns flood in from all over USNY thugs’ guns flood in from all over US(NYP) New York’s tough gun laws are not preventing more than 7,000 illegal guns purchased from other states from winding up on city streets of them, according to a federal analysis released yesterday * Mayor 'Worried' About Gun Crime(WSJ) * Violence In City, Colorado Spur On Mayor To Demand Gun Control(NY1) * New York-area politicians taking aim at online sales of (NYDN)* Assemblyman Steve Katz sent out a fundraising invitation headlined by Senate Majority leader Dean Skellos with “pistol and rifle shooting,” receiving criticism from gun advocates and Skellos’s cancellation, the Journal News reports: 
New York must fight a lone battle against illegal guns(NYDN Ed)  Assault weapons ban and background checks have support but are going nowhere in Washington * New York’s tough gun laws don’t appear to be working. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives traced 8,793 guns seized in the state last year and found that just 1,595 were bought here.* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has decided not to headline Assemblyman Steve Katz’s shooting-themed fun-raiser.*
Mayor Bloomberg rejected a proposal yesterday by Eric Adams and Karim Camara to add $50 million to community groups in neighborhoods beset by gun violence, saying that stop-and-frisk works better.  “You know, feel-good organizations are great and do some good. That’s not our problem. Our problem is guns on the streets, people that those kinds of programs would probably never reach.” * New York's Tough Gun Laws Are Pretty Worthless: Report (Village Voice)

12 years for a stolen lifetime12 years for a stolen lifetime(NYP) * Kidnapping of Baby Draws 12-Year Term(NYT) * 12 Years for Baby Kidnapping(WSJ) * Woman Behind Harlem Baby's Kidnapping Gets 12 Years(NY1)* Sentencing for Ann Pettway can only begin to heal wound(NYDN) * Ann Pettway Gets 12 Years For Snatching Baby From Harlem(WCBS)

Sergeant Acquitted of Driving a Suicide(NYT) * Acquitted of top charge in Chen case(NYDN) * Soldier found not guilty in death of Danny Chen(WABC) *Jury Recommends 30-Day Sentence for Sergeant in Army Hazing Case(NYT)

Man sentenced in cold-case slaying(NYDN)

DWI-slay vic blamed(NYP) * ‘Thief’ in 9G spree at hotel(NYP) * Hammer attack on tourist(NYP) * DNA ‘nails’ 1986 slayer(NYP) * Terrifying hammer attack in Manhattan park(NYDN)* Dennis Kharitonov accused of going on Bensonhurst crime(NYDN) * Large marijuana bust in Bronx apartment building(WABC) * Mother's defender says he pulled his punch in altercation (SI Advance) * Hammer-Wielding Man in Suit Attacks Tourist(NBC) * Police: Brooklyn Man Attacked Spanish Tourist With Hammer(NY!)