Friday, August 3, 2012

True News Update 24/7

Ground Zero of the Cultural War is Chicken

“Bullying” Free Enterprise and Freedom of Speech
The Post cheers Chick-fil-A fans for flooding their franchises in a show of support to the fast-food company despite its CEO’s anti-gay views, and grills Council Speaker Christine Quinn for “bullying” the enterpriseThe Post think that the national day of support for Chick-Fil-A was a rebuke to Christine Quinn. * Bloomberg says critics of fast food chain are undermining Constitution(NYP) * From Boston Tea Party to Chick-fil-A, It's About Freedom - Globe & Mail* The Chick-fil-A kiss-in is hit-or-missin', reports Tomer Ovadia:(Politico) * Same-sex marriage supporters staged a “kiss-in” demonstration at Chick-Fil-A.

Jon Stewart Mocks Mayors Trying To Ban Chick-fil-A And The ‘Million Mouth March’

Asians Which Did Very Well With State Redistricting Are Well Ahead on City Council Redistricting

Campaign 2012 Cuomo Picks Democrats' State Director(WSJ) * Andrew Cuomo is set to name Rodney Capel as the next executive director of the state party.  * Mayor Michael Bloomberg has contributed $230,000 to Republican county committees in the city over the past six months, the Post reports:  * Sartorial Charlie(NYP)Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel won another election yesterday — on style points. Esquire magazine yesterday named New York’s “Dapper Dean” one of DC’s fashion plates. * Staten Island City Council seat generates some heat(SI Advance) * Michael Benjamin thinks that for all the Malcolm Smith for mayor talk, it does show that there is a “a route to the mayoralty outside the Democratic political clubhouse” on that “would combine Republican voters, the Orthodox Jewish bloc, outer-borough ‘Koch Democrats’ and minority voters.” * Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin thinks there is an opening for a “fusion candidate” in the 2013 NYC mayor’s race – just not Sen. Malcolm Smith.* Hotel Trades Council Backing Joe Addabbo * Senate Republicans Using Democrats’ Redistricting Walkout Against Them [UPDATED] *Bloomberg: Next Mayor ‘Will Have to Earn the Respect of the Business Community’(NYO)  * Juan Reyes knocked the mayoral prospects of Malcolm Smith.* DCCC Knocks August Recess(YNN) * Ed Towns To Endorse Jason Otano (City and State) * Dov Hikind will lose the Republican line, but that won’t affect his Democratic primary. * Errol Cockfield is leaving the Senate Democrats while Dan Halloran’s spokesman Steve Stites is moving over to David Storobin. Eric Ulrich also poached Bob Turner staffer Bob Capano to run his own campaign.


Bloomberg Buy Support With $$$ No Reform
Mayor Mike Bloomberg continues to almost single-handedly fund the city’s five Republican county organizations after they let him run on their line in 2009, giving $230,000 this year alone.
Cuomo: Transparent Enough
Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office has an interesting way of responding to FOIL requests.* Cuomo: “From the press in Albany, I don’t know that you could have an administration that is transparent enough.”

Cover Up Continues of CityTime Scandal: Key Play Under House Arrest
A key figure in the CityTime scandal landed under house arrest yesterday — after prosecutors said he’d been communicating with two fugitive co-defendants and may have been planning to flee the country, Bruce Golding reports. * Interesting Gerard Denault -- house arrest and yet TechnoDyne owners flew the coop and the USA....(Artist)

NY1 Online: Business Columnist Explains City’s Jobless RateCrain's New York Business columnist Greg David why the unemployment rate in the city is more than 10 percent and rising * The Holes In The Salary Ceiling (C&S) Laura Nahmias reports: It has been a year since Gov. Andrew Cuomo set out to reform nonprofit exe

Has the Reduction of Stop and Frisk Caused An Increase in Shootings
NYPD less ‘frisk’y(NYP) The number of stop-and-frisks conducted by cops plummeted by an astonishing 34 percent between the first and second quarters of the year * After a public outcry, the number of stop-and-frisks in New York City plummeted by a third.  * An activist who recorded a cop body-slamming a suspect wants everyone to start videotaping the NYPD. * Sources: Number Of NYPD Stop-And-Frisks Plummets(NY1) *After Complaints, Number of Frisk Arrests Drops 34%(NYT) * Police stop-and-frisk numbers on the decline(NYP) * NYPD: stop-and-frisk searches decline(Fox 5) * Number Of NYPD Stop-And-Frisks Plummets, Stats Show(NY1) * Street Stops in New York Fall as Unease Over Tactic Grows(NYT)


Daily News KeepPounding NYC Housing Authority Leaders 
Letter to Mayor Bloomberg last year warned of NYCHA’s failures(NYDN) City leaders turned blind eye to complaints as wasted funds, delayed repairs and health risks added up. The News calls out Bloomberg for ignoring a civic group’s letter warning of the city’s public housing authority’s “incompetence and sloth”* NYC housing officials, in addition to sitting on nearly $1 billion in federal funds, were too inept to collect another $600 million in available revenue, a civic improvement group charged last year.* : DailyNews subjecting NYCHA head to "character assassination."* Bloomberg continues to defend NYCHA chief John  Rhea  (NYDN)

Using Cameras to Bust Gangs While Backing Off Installing More Cameras in Housing Authority Projects  Promise
New York City Housing Authority Chairman John Rhea praised the use of security cameras in a Harlem drug bust, one day after backing off a promise to install new cameras in 80 housing projects  NYCHA boss' double-talk on security cameras John Rhea backs off promise as he praises takedown of drug gang * City public housing officials, in addition to sitting on $1 billion in federal funds, did not collect another $600 million in revenue, the Metro Industrial Areas Foundation charged last year in a letter to Bloomberg, the News writes: * 19 charged in crack-dealing sweep in Manhattan(WABC) * Cy Vance’s office said they broke up two well-known gangs in Harlem with a score of arrests. 

DA Johnson Confused He Got the Wrong Guy
 US inquiry: 5 convicted in NYC killing not guilty(NYDN) *   US Atty investigates DA's case and concludes DA convicted wrong guys. Feds also report the Bronx DA's misconduct on using same witness on 2 cases.  Guys spent 16 years in prison and notice DA Johnsons response.  He's confused. Pathetic  Shocker in 1995 cab slay(NYP) 5 cons ‘innocent’* 5 Jailed in ’95 Killing of Cabby Didn’t Do It, U.S. Inquiry Says * Manhattan Borough President Demands Changes In NYCHA Structure(NY1)

NYPD Pepper Spray Cop is On His Own
City Declines to Defend Sued Officer(WSJ) New York City has distanced itself from a high-ranking police official accused of firing pepper spray at Occupy Wall Street protesters, taking the unusual step of declining to defend him in a civil lawsuit over the incident. * Officer Is Accused of Rape(WSJ) * The city has declined to defend Anthony Bologna, the high ranking NYPD officer videotaped pepper spraying Occupy activists in the face last year, in a civil lawsuit.* City won't defend NYPD officer in Occupy pepper-spray s …(NYP) * City To Not Back Officer In OWS Pepper Spray Suit(NY1)

Yogurt May the Schwartz Always Be With You
Andrew Cuomo will convene a yogurt summit in Albany this month to help the state’s diary industry better compete for the booming Greek yogurt market. * Cuomo will convene a “yogurt summit” in Albany on Aug. 15.


Big Daddy's owner guilty . . . of trying to keep his business (NYDN)

Davy Crockett Ravi Batra
Ethics Panel Criticized(WSJ) A New York state ethics commissioner threatened to resign Thursday, saying the agency was illegally shielding the identity of donors to lobbying groups, including one allied with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. * Ravi Batra threatened to quit the state’s new ethics panel unless they reversed a decision to allow some donors to keep their names shielded from the public.* Andrew Cuomo defended the panel, saying “We tend to frown on retroactive laws because people operated under one set of laws and one set of expectations, and then you change the rules…to do that retroactively, we frown upon as a state and a society and I understand why.” * Cuomo defended JCOPE’s new donor disclosure rules for lobbying organizations against criticism from commissioner Ravi Batra, saying: “We tend to frown on retroactive laws because people operated under one set of laws and one set of expectations, and then you change the rules.”* A Classic Batra-ism(YNN)

No Walmart for Willets Point(NYDN)

It’s better gradu-late than never(NYP) The city will held a special graduation ceremony to those students wrongly denied the right to graduate 8th grade due to test scoring error.* Students Urge Teachers to Embrace Digital Tools(NYT)

How Did Brooklyn Elected Officials Allow Hospitals In Their Borough to Fail So Badly
A Brooklyn Hospital, Low on Cash, Says It May Need a State Bailout(NYT) The board chairman of Interfaith Medical Center blames Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, another ailing hospital, for delaying a rescue plan. * The Times questions a jury’s verdict that a woman’s death at Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn five years ago was unavoidable, and suggests the hospital was negligent in its care: * Interfaith Medical Center in Bed-Stuy is running out of money and may seek a state bailout. Hospital officials blame say a merger with two nearby hospitals that fell through is to blame.


Final Beam With Presidential Message Installed On WTC Skyscraper(NY1)

Wide Differences Found in Buildings’ Power Use(NYT) If the worst-performing large buildings in the city improved their efficiency to just average, the city’s energy consumption could decline by at least 18 percent.The city’s largest buildings are “power hogs” that use up five times as much energy as others of comparable size, according to an Office of Long-Term Planning and Stability report

Federal prosecutors argued the city and the police department are illegally calculating pension benefits for officers who served in the military and shortchanging them, according to a class-action lawsuit, the Journal writes:

'Yellow Trees' Growing(WSJ) The black netting that typically drapes buildings under construction around New York City can look like shrouds, each of them etching a forlorn negative space into the skyline. The netting going up on a Manhattan site next week will look more like a celebration.

Sunset Park tenants use their own photos of shoddy conditions (NYDN)

The Making of A President 2012
Pile of Bills Is Left Behind as Congress Goes to Campaign(NYT) * Washington Beat: Cybersecurity, Farm Bill Among Measures Waiting Through Congressional Recess(NY1) * Mitt Romney Responds To Harry Reid: Time To ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ * Sen. Harry Reid Has No Intention Of Backing Down On Romney Tax Accusations * Mitt Romney To Harry Reid On Tax Dodge: 'Put Up Or Shut Up' (UPDATE: Reid Responds)* Romney Aide Who Freaked Out at Press Is ‘Taking Some Time Off the Trail’(NY Mag)* Spending in the presidential race is approaching half-a-billion dollars. *Barack Obama talked about his plans to reduce the national debt in Florida.  *  Michelle Obama is set to attend a series of fundraisers in western Massachusetts.  * The Romney camp just made an $8.7 ad buy, with the ads targeted for different messages in different states. * POLITCO’s guide to the upcoming 2012 presidential nominating conventions is on-line. A feature on 2016 contenders includes both Cuomo and Hillary Clinton.  * Schumer: Senate In Danger Of Turning Tea Party * Can Obama Overcome Job Numbers & History? - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Obama's Challenge: Keep The White Vote Down - John Ellis, BuzzFeed * Mitt on Taxes: Deny, Distract, Dissemble - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic * Obama's Mission Failure: Economy Was Job One - John Podhoretz, NY Post * Blame Republicans for the Depressed Economy - Paul Krugman, NY Times * The Obama Jobs Sequester - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal * What Romney's Gaffes Tell Us - Ruth Conniff, The Progressive * Mitt's Trip a Substantive Success - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Pos * Heitkamp Puts N. Dakota in Play for Democrats - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP * Is Julian Castro the Next Obama? - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * The Most Famous Words of Obama's Presidency - Peggy Noonan, WSJ * Inside Obama's Swing State Charm Tour - Alex Altman, Time * Latest Polls: RasRpts: Romney +4 | Pew: Obama +10 | RCP: Obama +2.7 * Obama Revises Economic History In New Ad - Investor's Business Daily * Obama Long Gone, Newport Still Waiting - Orange County Register* Romney Pounces On Jobs Report, While Dems Turn Attention To GOP Recovery Plans(NYO) * In Tight Iowa Race, Romney Struggles to Excite G.O.P. Base(NYT) * Google will now let political advertisers target by congressional district.* Rep. Peter King doesn’t see “any way” Congress will reach an agreement before November to extend some or all of the Bush-era tax rates, and he blames both parties for that.* In Reid’s Taunting of Romney, Taxes Are Just a New Opening(NYT) * Why Romney-Ryan Is the Right Match - S.E. Cupp, New York Daily News * Jobs Report: Not That Bad! - Andrew Leonard, Salon * Searching for the Undecided Voter - Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker * Unlike Obama, Bill Clinton Was a Centrist - David Harsanyi, Reason * Hosting the Most Open Convention - Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Politico


Law and Order
19 Indicted in East Harlem Drug-Dealing Operation WSJ) Authorities broke up “an open-air drug market” operating throughout an East Harlem housing project with the indictments of 19 alleged members of two drug gangs * Brooklyn dad dead in store(NYP) * B’klyn kidnap nightmare(NYP) * Bust in 4 muggings(NYP) * B’klyn ‘Bin’ drug bust(NYP) * Floyd Mayweather released from jail after two months (NYP) *Cuomo: Say cheese, sleaze!(NYP) * Good cuz gunned down with drug thug(NYP) * 2 Harlem Gangs Broken by Arrests, Officials Say(NYT) * Man Held Woman and Tortured Her, Police Say(NYT) * Goldman to Invest in Rikers Program(WSJ) * Apparent Fetus Discovered Near Children's Playground In Brooklyn(NY1) * Police Bust 19 Gang Members In East Harlem Drug Op(NY1) * ASPCA arrests Bronx woman for abandoning dog(NYDN) * Imprisoned, tortured woman in his apartment for a month:(NYDN) * Shopkeeper found dead in store by customer(NYTDN) * Park Slope Woman Refuses To Back Down When Confronted By (WCBS) * ‘Rob’ jerk in cab nab(NYP) * What’s this suspect been smoking?(NYP) * BK Shopkeeper Found Dead in 99 Cent Store(NBC) * NYC Cop Pleads Not Guilty to Rape(NBC) * The governor said the synthetic drug problem is “literally exploding,” and he’s talking to the Legislature about possible solutions. He offered no specific solutions to the problem. * Brooklyn Store Owner Found Dead; ME To Determine Cause(NY1) *Juror's audition for 'Law and Order' delays B'klyn attempted murder trial(NYP) * A federal appeals court upheld a lower court decision upholding the arrest of two protesters who refused to leave a no-demonstration zone across from Madison Square Garden during the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC.* Mob guy (Mike the Butcher) takes final cut (NYDN) * No lower bail for wife of alleged tix-fix cop(NYP) * Massachusetts man sentenced for fatal Queens stabbing(NYP) * Surveillance of iPhone robbery in Chinatown(WABC) * Man accused of holding, torturing ex-girlfriend(WABC) * Lower Manhattan mugging suspect arrested(WABC) * UES Stabbing Victim Recounts Random Attack(NBC) *Subway Employee Charged With Bathroom Voyeurism(NBC) * Medical Examiner Rules Death Of Brooklyn Store Owner A (NY1) * Bed-Stuy Man Accused Of Torturing Woman In His Apartmen(NY1)

Serial mugger suspect nabbed by cops(NYDN) * NYPD Makes Arrest In Troubling Lower East Side Mugging(NYDN)

Police: Man Found Dead Inside Brooklyn Store(NY1)

S.I. District Attorney: Off-Duty Officer Raped Woman At Gunpoint, Knifepoint(NY1)* Cop accused of raping ex-girlfriend out on bail(NYDN) * Cop accused of rape released on bail(WABC)

Dr. Upskirt
Top doc ‘sicko’ arrestTop doc ‘sicko’ arrest(NYP) An award-winning Mount Sinai Hospital urologist who teaches robotic surgery was busted for allegedly video-recording up women’s skirts in the Union Square subway station, law-enforcement sources said yesterday. * Urologist Charged With Shooting Video Up Skirt in Subway (NYT)* Mt. Sinai Urologist Arrested for Taking Videos up Woman's Skirt(WSJ) * Urologist Accused Of Peeping Up Women’s Skirts In The S (WCBS) * Criminally Stupid? S.I. Family Outsmarts Robbery Suspects (WCBS) * Doctor accused of taking video up skirts on subway(WABC)
Terrorism Peter King wants the FBI to expand its leak probe after news broke that the U.S. was stepping up its involvement in Syria.