Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is the Manhattan Liberal Extinct? Talk the Talk, But No Longer Walk the Walk

Manhattan: Welcoming the Homeless NOT
East Side Does Not Want Trash Transfer Station, Now the West Side Does Not Want the Homeless
The last mayor not to come from Manhattan was Abe Beame elected in 1974Liberals No More Seem Manhattan Just Like to Talk Liberal Not Act By Its Principals. NY. Manhattan once the center of NY liberalism has had every state office filled by party leaders in special elections during the last decade.  A Manhattan Surrogate with no talk of reforming the court. How Senator Kennedy tried to reform the Manhattan Surrogate Court
City’s ex-‘homeless’ honcho in new stormCity’s ex-‘homeless’ honcho in new storm(NYP) It’s back to the future for Robert Hess. Six years ago, while serving as the city’s homeless- services commissioner, Hess sparked an uproar when he placed homeless families in a single room occupancy building on West 94th Street leased by...  

While Manhattan Hates the Homeless It Loves Its Dogs
Hotel is kibbles and ritzHotel is kibbles and ritz(NYP) Bow-WOW! A posh hotel catering solely to pampered pups is set to open in Chelsea later this summer — complete with a fitness spa, gourmet meals prepared by a private chef, and suites with full-size beds and flat-screen TVs. “

Quinn Campaign HQ, Campaign Manger  Metro Editor, Carolyn Ryan
NYT never ask why Quinn Never Tried to Expand the City's Business With Minorities and Woman During Her Sick Years As Speak, Why She Waited Until Her Campaign
Quinn Seeks to Expand City Program Benefiting Companies Owned by Minorities and Women(NYT)

Now Quinn Wants To Change the Restaurant Grading System That She Helped Put In Place 
Report: Quinn Wants City To Ease Up On Restaurant Grading Fines(NY1)

Election 2012/3  Ryan pick shakes NY races(NYP) * Dem Smith gets chummy with GOP(NYP) * Congressional Candidate Meng Comments On Her Father's Bribe Charges(NY1) * Commission Holds First Hearing On How To Redraw City Council District Lines(NY1) * State Sen. Malcolm Smith made his four-hour mayoral pitch on Monday night to Republican Party chairmen, who had favorable things to say about him, the New York Observer reports:* Dem Smith gets chummy with GOP(NYP) * A former Metropolitan Museum curator pitches a “mayors party” led by Bloomberg, and keeps the “Bloomberg-for-President” dream alive.  * DSCC Chairman Mike Gianaris insists the Democrats’ $1.4 million debt is “inside baseball” that voters don’t care about.* Albany County DA David Soares believes a change in his stance on drunk driving cases is the reason he’s facing a primary challenge from attorney Lee Kindlon.* Steakhouse Stake-Out: Smith Huddles With GOP for Four Hours to Plot 2013 Campaign(NYO) * George McDonald, Eying Republican Run For Mayor, Is A Big Democratic Donor * The curious case of a Ydanis Rodriguez staffer who couldn’t vote in the congressional primary. * Morse Has Espada Ally On Payroll(YNN) * Dara Adams Officially Throws Her Hat Into Race to Replace Garodnick(NYO) * A Democratic challenger is accusing the incumbent of being too close to the Cuomo-friendly Committee to Save New York. * Rhoda Jacobs may be kicked off the ballot. * Grace Meng said she’s received even more support since her father’s arrest * Simcha Felder invested heavily in trying to throw David Storobin off the ballot. * NARAL endorsed every single Democrat running for Congress in New York. * Robert Cornegy, running for reelection against Ed Towns’ Chief of Staff, rolled out a slew of endorsements. * Chelsea Clinton refused to rule out a future political run: “So if there were to be a point where it was something I felt called to do and I didn’t think there was someone who was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more equitable, more productive world? Then that would be a question I’d have to ask and answer.” * Stanley Schlein Working For Two State Senate Insurgents(C&S) *
Bob Turner endorses Wendy Long for Senate, criticizes Gillibrand(City and State)

Naomi Rivera A Bronx Weiner? All in the Family
The Post calls for an investigation into Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, who appears to have given a man she is dating a no-show job with her office in 2010
All in the Rivera family(NYP Ed) Her father is fellow Assemblyman Jose Rivera, the ex-Bronx Democratic boss (who lost control of the party machine over charges of, what else, nepotism). And her brother is City Councilman Joel Rivera.  Naomi Rivera is clearly taken with her gym-rat hunk. Indeed, she started posting dozens of photos of him on her “other” Facebook page in 2009 — before she hired him and before she’d finalized her divorce. But the real problem here is whether, as it seems, she gave her squeeze a no-show job and sent taxpayers the bill. And that has everything to do with her professional life.$1,100 a week job on her legislative staff.

You Can Take Down The Entire Queens GOP With Cooper . . . And A Few Democrats Also
Questions Linger on Parks Advocate(NYT) Estelle Cooper, once the city administrator of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and the head of a nonprofit group that raised money for its improvement, is under indictment.

NYT Joins Daily News In Demands For Housing Authority Reform
Repair New York City’s Housing Issues(NYT) A consultant’s analysis of the New York City Housing Authority says the authority is not organized to spend federal dollars wisely or efficiently. It needs to be fixed as much as leaky plumbing does.* Assemblyman Calls For Federal Investigation Of NYCHA Spending(NY1) * Bloomberg delays release of Housing Authority report(NYDN) * Bloomberg vowed to release a taxpayer-funded $10 million report on the city Housing Authority that the agency has so far kept secret.* Show NYCHA report, says Speaker Quinn  (NYDN)

NY1 Exclusive: DOE Finds Almost 70 Percent Of City Students Live In Poor Households

Ex-Queens Assemblyman Jimmy Meng hires hotshot lawyer Abbe Lowell (NYDN)Lowell has represented former President Bill Clinton and disgraced Sen. John Edwards


Love to Know What Kelly Thinks of Bratton's Meeting With Mayoral Candidates To Take Over His Crime Reduction Legacy
Bratton Makes Rounds(WSJ) Former New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is signaling his interest in succeeding Commissioner Raymond Kelly, holding private meetings with potential mayoral candidates during which he's discussing public-safety strategies and his desire to return to service.* Lethal Force Is Defended in Shooting(WSJ) * Bill Bratton would consider NYC top cop job again(Fox 5)* Ex-NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton is reportedly interested in getting his old job back and has held meetings with several likely 2013 mayoral candidates (although not Council Speaker Christine Quinn) “discussing public-safety strategies and his desire to return to service.”* A second coming for William Bratton as NYPD commissione(NYDN)

Another Look at the Quite Possibly Insane Midtown Skyline of the Future(NYO)

Queens judge accuses DA of whitewashing probe (NYDN)

I’m my own menace, sez Dennis (NYDN) * Audit Alleges Faulty Expenses at Two High Schools(NYT) * City Breaks Ground On New Beacon HS Facility(NYT) * Building a new $chool(NYP)

Grim prognosis: More than 1,000 workers at SUNY Downstate(NYDN) * Layoff warnings at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center prompted by the hospital’s financial crisis are a factor in negotiations between the Cuomo administration and the United University Professions, the Times Union writes: * A layoff threat at SUNY Downstate Medical Center has upped the tension in contract talks between the Cuomo administration and UUP.

A Tourist Spot Rubbed Out
Gore tour scrubbed: Times Sq. thug’s blood spot finally cleansedGore tour scrubbed: Times Sq. thug’s blood spot finally cleansed(NYP)

Vallone urges emergency lanes on Queens BoulevardVallone urges emergency lanes on Queens Boulevard(NYP)

Coney Island in running for new casino site  (NYDN)

Brooklyn Heights residents protest Bossert Hotel’s  plan (NYDN)
Tracey Towers tenants mull legal action to halt 65% rent (NYDN)
Fitness clubs scramble to open new gyms in the Bronx(NYDN)

Just days before young, undocumented immigrants can begin to apply for work permits under a new Obama administration policy, state officials announced $450,000 in grants to groups that can help them out.* As he prepares to participate in a pair of forums on immigration laws, Bloomberg said, “Cities like New York that have been very open to immigrants have done better this last recessions than cities that don’t have immigrants.”

Analysis: The Tragedy of Raymond Harding(NBC)

Murdoch Companies Gets Scraps
Education Data Companies Chosen(WSJ) *City gives Rupe’s fone firm scraps (NYDN) * New York state education officials chose four companies to build an education database that will host student test scores and curriculum materials paid for by up to $50 million in federal funds * Joel Klein Touts News Corp. Tablet Computer Ed Venture(Huff Post)

Superfund Cleanup Stirs Troubled Waters(NYT)

Times Square Has Always Had Its NUTS
In the New Times Square, Still a Mix of Characters(NYT)

Helen Gurley Brown | 1922 - 2012: Gave ‘Single Girl’ a Life in Full (Sex, Sex, Sex)

 The Making of A President 2012
Ryan Has Kept Close Ties to Wealthy Donors on the Right(NYT) * Medicare Rises as Voters’ Issue in G.O.P. Gamble(NYT) * FiveThirtyEight: Polls Have Middling Reviews for Ryan(NYT) * Christie to Be Named G.O.P. Keynote Speaker(NYT) * For Five Minutes, You Can Be President(NYT) * The Bold to Mitt’s Bland(NYT) What Paul Ryan can give Mitt Romney is a tutorial in political myth-making. * Presidential Race Snaps Into Gear(WSJ)
Have Obama and Romney Forgotten Afghanistan? (New Yorker) * NY1 Online: State GOP Chairman Defends Romney’s Veep Choice * Actor Rob Lowe Defends Ayn Rand In Wake Of Paul Ryan’s Admiration For The Philosopher * O’Reilly, Bernie Goldberg Slam Andrea Mitchell’s Treatment Of Paul Ryan * Wolf Blitzer Challenges Wasserman-Schultz Over Claims That Ryan Will ‘End Medicare As We Know It’ 

* Michelle Obama on Leno: It’s Fun to Watch the Secret Service Manage Kids(NY Mag) * Chris Christie to Deliver Keynote Speech at Republican Convention(NY Mag) * The Romney-Ryan Medicare shuffle (NYDN) * After he called the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s career with Bain Capital “nauseating,” Newark Mayor Cory Booker hasn’t “appeared once on national television as a surrogate for President Barack Obama” and isn’t scheduled to have a “headlining speaking role” at the Democratic National Convention. * They didn’t get picked to be Romney’s running mate, but Florida Senator Marco Rubio will be introducing Romney at the Republican National Convention and Chris Christie is delivering the keynote speech.
Christie tapped to give keynote at Republican convention in Tampa(NYP)* Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna, hunts deer with him and once enjoyed a “skyrocketing career as a lobbyist.” * The RNC accused Obama of “ducking and dodging” the White House press corps.* Christie to Be G.O.P. Convention Keynote Speaker * Bloomberg, in Chicago, Urges Campaigns to Discuss Immigration Reform(NYT) * Stephanie Cutter: ‘We’re Fine With’ Biden Saying Republicans Want People ‘Back In Chains’ * O’Brien And Sununu’s Epic Shouting Match: ‘Put An Obama Bumper Sticker On Your Forehead When You Do This!’ * Paul Ryan’s Brother Is a Private Equity Executive(NY Mag) * What the Hell Did Joe Biden’s ‘Chain’ Remark Mean?(NY Mag) * Nadler: It Ain’t All About Simpson-Bowles(NYO) * Obama went there with the Romney dog on roof story. * Ryan’s Catholic faith could provide a big boon.    * There are elections tonight in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida.* A Big Win Now More Likely for Obama - Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect *
The ObamaCare Quagmire - Richard Epstein, Defining Ideas * Why Reaganomics Terrifies Obama - Jeffrey Lord, The American Spectator * In Iowa, Obama Tries to Summon Spirit of '08 - Alexis Simendinger, RCP * Saving Private Romney - Roger Cohen, New York Times * How Obama Is Robbing Suburbs to Pay for Cities - Stanley Kurtz, Forbes * Will Ryan's Plan Be Big Factor in Florida? - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics * Paul Ryan Makes the U.S. a Better Investment - Amity Shlaes, Bloomberg * Ryan's Got a Big Problem With Progressivism - John Nichols, The Nation * Mitt's 'Damn-the-Torpedoes!' Decision - Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh T-R * The Right's Hostile Takeover of Romney - Michael Hirsh, National Journal * Ohio (Rasmussen): Obama 45%, Romney 45% | RCP Electoral Map * Ryan Brings Much-Needed Focus to Race - Des Moines Register * Democrats' Unhinged Reaction to Paul Ryan - New York Post * The Romney-Ryan Miser Ticket - Detroit Free Press* Obama Returns to Iowa in Bid to Reignite the Fervor(NYT) * A Fiery Introduction for Romney in Ohio Coal Country(NYT) * Ex-Wrestling Executive Wins G.O.P. Primary(NYT) * FIRST STRIKE: ROMNEY AD ATTACKS ON MEDICARE(Huff Post)
* Ryan Meets Casino Mogul and Major G.O.P. Donor(NYT)

Jon Stewart Mocks Empty Media Analysis Of 


A Question of Improper Money Flows(NYT)
New York’s bank regulator takes the lead in investigating the practices of a British bank. * Why Goldman Sachs Isn't Being Prosecuted - Peter Schweizer, Daily Beast

Law and Order
NYP and DN Support Cops On the Times Square Shooting

Another Shooting
4 teens shot in broad daylight at Brooklyn basketball (NYDN)* Four Teenagers Injured in Brooklyn Shooting(NYT) * Groups Of Teens Shot Near Brownsville Playground(WCBS) * Gunman on Bike Shoots 4 Teens at BK Park(NBC)

Terrorism Port Authority Probes JFK Security Breach By Jet Skier(WCBS)