Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yesterday True News Said Where Are the Investigators?

Target Booty Member Item Assemblywoman

DA, AG investigate pol's 'jobs for lovers'(NYP) Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is being investigated by both the state Attorney General’s Office and the Bronx district attorney after she allegedly looted her nonprofit and hired two lovers for cushy taxpayer-funded jobs.
A test for Cuomo’s JCOPE(NYP Ed)The Post calls on the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics to step up and investigate Rivera’s “ethical lapses” in hiring her ex-boyfriends on her legislative staff and at her nonprofit * New York Post Goes to War Against Naomi Rivera; Winning So Far(NYO)


Yesterday's True News:  Is Someone Listening to Us?

The Teflon Booty Assemblywoman: To Connect and Powerful to Be Prosecuted
Where is the DA?  JCOPE?  Where is the Call By Good Government Groups for An Investigation? Where are the DN and NYT?


How Come Local TV News Never Covers Political Corruption Before the Indictment?

 Where is the NYT & DN on the NYP's Naomi Rivera Booty Corruption, which uncovers how the Bronx is rally run by two families. Where is the NY1 is one of their consultant corners bull shiters, consultant's firm has been linked to the Bronx Council nonprofit the reason they have ran from the story?

Does Thompson have a Bronx Council Problem His Campaign Manager?
The board of the Bronx Council nonprofit is stocked with political allies of Ramirez and the Riveras.  In 2006, political strategist Luis Miranda, who runs a consulting firm with Ramirez, sat on the board. Serafin Mariel, a politically connected business man, replaced him on the board when he left that year. Angel Cruz, an attorney, served as board secretary while his wife, Lumarie Maldanado, worked as Naomi River’s counsel part time in 2008, records show.  Since 2006, Naomi has steered hundreds of thousand of dollars in capital grants and member items to the group, according to records.

Bloomberg Lies to Protect His Bitch's Corrupt Deal . . .  Where Are the Editorials? 
Mike’s Tavern on the Green-lightMike’s Tavern on the Green-light (NYP) The winning bidder on the Tavern on the Green franchise did “exactly the right thing” by not disclosing his relationship to one of Mayor Bloomberg’s top confidants, Hizzoner said yesterday. “If they had proactively disclosed it, you would be asking me why they tried to get special treatment by name-dropping,” Bloomberg said. Comptroller John Liu, who gets to vote on whether to approve the deal as a member of the city’s Franchise & Concession Review Committee, has promised an investigation.

Newspaper Publishers Vs the People
Good Grade for Mayor; Regret Over His 3rd Term(NYT) After 10 years, more New Yorkers approve of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s job performance than disapprove, a New York Times poll found. Three-quarters of New Yorkers say Mayor Michael Bloomberg shouldn’t have been allowed to run for a third term, and 48 percent of approve and 39 percent disapprove of his performance * Mayor’s Khan-do attitude(NYP) * With less than 18 months to go in Bloomberg’s unexpectedly long tenure, nearly three-quarters of NYC voters said he should not have been allowed to run for a third term, according to the latest poll by The New York Times. *** Bloomberg's Term Limits Scheme - Page 1 ... - Village Voice

THE ONLY PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR third TERM IS Good Grade for Mayor; Regret Over His 3rd Term

TMI Mike
Mayor Bloomberg jokes he has never skinny-dipped in Sea(NYDN)

Liu Goes After Mike Again
Liu rips Bloomy over privatized parking(NYDN)

Bloomberg threatened layoffs and cuts to the city’s $68.5 billion budget after a state judge’s decision striking down his taxi expansion plan that would eliminate $1 billion in new revenue
Taxi ruling a jobs killer: BloombergTaxi ruling a jobs killer: Bloomberg(NYP) * Mayor: Taxi Stop Sign Means Cuts(WSJ) * Mayor: City Budget Hole From Stalled Taxi Program Could Result In Layoffs(NY1) * Layoffs after cab plan KO? (NYDN)

City Council Works For the Taxi Lobbyists, That is Why the Mayor Did An End Round  to Albany
New York City’s Taxi Plan(NYT Ed) A judge nullified an important plan to increase taxi service in the outer boroughs. It is now up to the City Council to fix this problem. TAXI LOBBYIST STOP ALL REFORMS AT THE COUNCIL * Taxi Industry Opens Wallet for de Blasio, a - The New York Times * Bloomberg Move Exploits Taxi Industry's Short Reach - NYTimes.com

Quinn's Layoffs

A Taxi Budget Problem for Quinn  
Will Quinn's Pal Giske Cause Layoffs?

Campaign 2012 Rabbi Shmuley Gets Boost From Big GOP Donor Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson,(WSJ) * An FBI probe into Rep. Michael Grimm and supporters led investigators to learn details of an incident on his 2011 trip to Israel where another lawmaker went skinny dipping in the Sea of Galilee, the Wall Street Journal reports:  * Rep. Grimm Distances Himself From His Legally Troubled Former Campaign(NY1) Fundraiser * Senator Gillibrand Avoids Open Campaigning During Busy City Day (NY1) *  Campaign Notebook(NYDN) * 
Diva state Senate candidate Mindy Meyer ditched the pink in favor of a $19K red dress (and much, much more) for a NY Post fashion shoot.* Poll: NYers double down on casinos, public campaign financing(NYP) New Yorkers are warming to the idea of casinos — and of giving their tax money to political candidates.* Grimm distanced himself from Ofer Biton. * Hakeem Jeffries joined with Kirsten Gillibrand to push for a federal minimum wage increase.* “Up until my opponent started running, I never heard about her before,” Jerry Iannece said about Nily Rozic.* Tony Avella’s Republican opponent complained that he is getting free press out of an issue.* Sen. Mark Grisanti is running against…Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver? * Storobin Assists Holocaust Survivor Hit With Illegal Pension Tax From Germany(Sheephead Bites) * Concannon Criticizes Avella for "Grandstanding" Over Tennis Tickets(C&S) * Hoylman distances himself from Partnership for NYC (C&S) *New Candidate Emerges For Upper West Side Council Seat  * Huntley touts endorsements in race against Sanders (C&S)* Bill de Blasio will also decline StudentsFirstNY contributions. * The Times of Israel profiled Dan Halloran at length.* Dov Hikind and David Greenfield endorsed rival candidates in a heated judicial primary. * An IDF spokesman said David Storobin was not asked to hold a uniform and wield a gun. * The Teamsters said they would reconsider their Naomi Rivera endorsement if the allegations against her are proven. * Dov Hikind touted his “Community First” line, while Moshe Tischler touted his “School Choice” signature-gathering. * Who might step in if Akin were to miraculously step aside? * Scott Brown would like the GOP to be “more inclusive” on abortion. * 

Queens Councilman James Sanders landed a key endorsement in his challenge against state Sen. Shirley Huntley a few weeks ago when Rev. Floyd Flake decided to back him, but Huntley’s campaign is aggressively pushing back by touting its large and growing list of supporters, including endorsements from a long list of elected officials, including Reps. Joseph Crowley and Greg Meeks, a number of unions, including 1199 SEIU, the United Federation of Teachers and District Council 37, as well as 30 pastors, reverends and other religious leaders. “Senator Huntley has been a community activist long before she was an elected official,” said Adrienne Felton, a Huntley spokeswoman. “She loves her constituents and works very hard for them.  Her work speaks for itself. It is because of this I am not surprised that she has secured the endorsements and support that she has.” Flake’s Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral in Jamaica boasts 23,000 members, but Felton also sought to downplay the significance of Flake’s endorsement. “People hear that Rev. Flake endorsed another candidate and that's fine,” she said. “I can confirm that the members of Allen are supporting Senator Huntley in large numbers.  I know this because I am a member.”  (City and State)

‘Machine Gun’ Kelly: buyback takes 509 firearms off streets‘Machine Gun’ Kelly: buyback takes 509 firearms off streets(NYP)

Majority in City See Police as Favoring Whites, Poll Finds(NYT) * Criminal Prosecutions at a Low Rate in the Bronx, a Report Finds(NYT) * Teen fatally shot at B'klyn birthday party

MTA's Signalgate
MTA chain gang: 10 busted in signal-inspect fraudMTA chain gang: 10 busted in signal-inspect fraud(NYP) * 8 Subway Inspectors Charged With Filing False Reports(NYT) * 10 MTA Workers Charged For Alleged False Reports (WSJ) * Ten MTA Employees Charged With Falsifying Subway Signal Inspections(NY1) * 8 workers charged in Signalgate (NYDN)

Most New Yorkers Say Bike Lanes Are a Good Idea(NYT)


NY1 Online: Teamsters Union President Greg Floyd Criticizes NYCHA ManagementTeamsters President Greg Floyd critiqued the management process of NYCHA and said they should look internally for advice instead of using $10 million outside consultant.

 New, tough penalties for attacks on city workers(NYDN)

Day care workers not paid for a month(NYDN)

Towering’ shame: Mike’s Midtown mess Manhattan’s premier office district is increasingly obsolete. Manhattan’s premier office district is increasingly obsolete — its buildings frozen in time by half-century-old zoning rules. But Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to finally up-zone the Grand Central area looks less like a fix than a way to set up a piggy bank to pay for future mayors’ “street improvement” follies.

Explosion blows out building windows during work on new train line(NYP)

With Cuts Coming After Election Fed Bridge Funding is DOA
Cuomo made a second request for a federal loan to fund the Tappan Zee Bridge replacement project after an authorizing vote from a regional transportation planning committee. * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos traveled from Long Island to Rockland County to introduce Cuomo at his triumphant Tappan Zee press conference.

A vet and a biologist explain why the state’s yogurt industry and fracking “don’t mix.”

Newest CUNY Community College Hopes Structure Can Get More Students To Graduate(NY1)

City College of New York will launch a business incubator for student and faculty engineers in Harlem, thanks to grants from philanthropist Irwin Zahn and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer * New CUNY college has park place(NYDN)

Regents Asked to Exempt More Schools(WSJ) The Board of Regents is being asked to consider adding another 19 New York City high schools to a group known as the New York Performance Standards Consortium. The Board of Regents and state education commissioner are being asked to consider adding 19 more New York City high schools to a consortium that exempts them from having to take state regents exams

Williamsburg Set For Site Cleanup(WSJ) A company that specializes in the elite design of globally competitive auto-racing engines plans to open shop on a former brownfield site in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn

Aboard a Tug, All Is Quiet but the Churn of the Motor(NYT) For weeks at a time, the men — and a few women — of a tugboat business live in constant sight of the flashing red light atop the Empire State Building, but they rarely, if ever, set foot in Manhattan.




 Spitzer Bad Girl Gets A Congratulations From Black Socks
“I just don’t respond to that stuff, except to [say to] anybody who is pregnant, congratulations and good luck,” Eliot Spitzer said when asked about Ashley Dupre’s pregnancy. “Having kids is the best thing in the world. So whomever it may be, that’s always my attitude.”

City's $70 million plan to alleviate flooding(NYDN)

With Rule Shift, Restroom Hunt May Get Tougher Amendments to New York City codes now require small restaurants and cafes to have just one bathroom, not two.



'From Farm to City: Staten Island' Exhibit At Museum Of The City of New York Traces Borough's Evolution (PHOTOS)(Huff Post)

Frank Rich on Maddow: Todd Akin Just Part of GOP Cycle(N Y Mag) * Romney Campaign Spent $500 on Anti-Gay Chicken(NY Mag) * Romney Widens Cash Advantage, Now Has $62 Million More Than Obama (NY Mag) * AKIN'S APOLOGY AD:(Politico)‘Healthy’ dose of Mitt and Paul‘Healthy’ dose of Mitt and Paul(NYP) * The moron from Missouri(NYP Ed) * G.O.P. Presses Akin to Quit Race Over Rape Remark(NYT) * Romney Gains Huge Cash Advantage Over Obama Camp(NYT) *
 New Frontiers of Extremism(NYT) The comment about rape made by Representative Todd Akin of Missouri shows that he and fellow primary winners are moving ever rightward with the Republican Part* Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate isn’t helping him in New York, where President Obama still has a nearly 30-point lead, according to a new Siena College poll: http://bit.ly/SiiJEz * Pres Obama has rallies today in Columbus and Reno. Tomorrow in Las Vegas and 2 evening fundraisers in NYC - including his basketball event.* Romney Targets Obama's Greatest Strength: His Likability(US News) * Todd Akin vows to remain in Senate race despite GOP criticism of 'legitimate rape' comment(Wash Post) *Piers Morgan Deems Rep. Akin ‘Gutless Little Twerp’ For Skipping Scheduled Interview * RNC Chair Denounces Akin’s ‘Biologically Stupid’ Comments, Asks Him To Skip GOP Convention * GOP Platform To Call For Constitutional Ban On Abortion(Huff Post) * Group targets Koch brothers on cable ads(CNN) * Report: Rep. Paul Ryan phoned Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin on Monday -- * Israel TV: Netanyahu 'determined to attack Iran' BEFORE US elections... * Akin Says He Is Staying in Senate Race, Defying G.O.P.(NYT) * G.O.P. Approves Strict Anti-Abortion Plank in Platform(NYT) * President Obama Finally Fuses With TelePrompTer(NY MaG) * Jake Tapper Tells Ingraham ‘Media Helped Tip The Scales’ In 2008 * Pat Robertson On Akin: He 'Screwed Up' But GOP Must Stop 'Circular Firing Squad' * Rush Limbaugh On Akin's Rape Comments: 'That's Just Absurd, It's Not Intelligent.'  * DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is preparing to go behind enemy lines in Tampa. * VP Joe Biden will be there, too.* How Paul Ryan Explains Mitt Romney - John Cassidy, The New Yorker * Why Ryan Might Be Right - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post * For Romney, Road to Victory Leads to Iowa - Byron York, DC Examiner * Akin to Stay in Mo. Senate Race -- for Now - Conroy & Huey-Burns, RCP * Presidential Debates Need a New Format - Cal Thomas, DC Examiner * NBC News/Wall St. Journal: Obama 48, Romney 44 | RCP Electoral Map

Law and Order
17-Year-Old Shot and Killed in Brooklyn(NBC)
Lobster crooks in $$ pinch(NYP)* No Link in Brooklyn Shootings(WSJ) * Raw Bacon Found At Site For S.I. Muslim Event Investigated As Hate Crime(NY1) * In the Bronx, Victims Get 24 Hours to Talk – Or the DA Lets the Accused Walk
Wiseguy car salesman sent to jail(NYDN) * Police: Robbery Suspect Targeting ‘A’ Train Commuters In (WCBS) * Court documents: no leads from NYPD Muslim spying * Court documents: no leads from NYPD Muslim spying(Fox 5) * Police Seek Suspect in Armed Subway Robberies(NBC)
* Ice pick-wielding attacker stabs two men in the Bron (NYDN)* U.S. Open Referee, 70, Arrested In NYC For Alleged Murder (NYP) * 3 stabbed in Bronx2(NYP) * Robber Sought in Violent Sex Assault: Cops(NBC)

Armed Robber Targeting A Train Riders, Police Say(NY1)