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What is that About Appointed Judges NYT

Here the NYT Says State Judges Should Be Appointed to Stop Corruption of the Court
The Times argues that judges at the state level should be appointed and not elected because the need to raise money to finance their political campaigns can make them vulnerable to corruption:

Does the NYT Think the County Leaders Who Control Most State Elections Will Allow Albany to Eliminate Judicial Elections? With Every Mayoral Candidate Courting the County Leaders Does the NYT Think They Will Have No Say on Who is Appointed
Here the NYT Says Surrogate Court Is Really Appointed By Queens County Leader in Fake Elections and Is Corrupted As Could Be

How Many Case Has the Former Appointed Chief Judge Judith Kaye Fixed
More details on ex-Gov. David Paterson’s new gig as majority owner of Icon Compliance Services, an integrity monitoring firm for the construction industry.  * Judith Kaye's decision to punt Paterson perjury charges to DA's office has experts puzzled(NYDN) * David Paterson Gets an All-Clear from Judith Kaye. David Johnson ...

The Teflon Booty Assemblywoman: To Connect and Powerful to Be Prosecuted
Where is the DA?  JCOPE?  Where is the Call By Good Government Groups for An Investigation? Where are the DN and NYT?
Ex says Bx. pol Naomi Rivera 'squeezed' him out of nonprofit after he dumped her(NYP) The ex-lover of Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and former head of her nonprofit, said that she placed staffers in his office to “act as moles,” delayed payments, and eventually fired him, but she called the charges “untrue,”

Campaign 2012  Better late? B’klyn park finally opening(NYP) “The park looks great, but the city messed up,” said 50th Assembly District Committeeman Lincoln Restler. We’ve been staring through a fence for six months at a park that looks complete, and now “We’ve already lost most of this summer to use it.”* Supporters of state Sen. Joe Addabbo trashed his rival, Councilman Eric Ulrich, for his votes against gun control and opposition to state gun laws, but Ulrich criticized Addabbo for opposing DNA database, the News’s Ken Lovett reports:   * Civil Service Employees Association Scaling Back Endorsements: Sources  * * Bill Thompson is the only mayoral candidate with a clear path to the runoff.  * Two Republicans are vying to take on Alec Brook-Krasny. * After Biton Arrest, Murphy Calls On Grimm to Return $500,000  * Marty Markowitz Endorses Walter Mosley(NYO) * AFL-CIO Dumps Golden For Gounardes, Sides With Dems In Other Key Races (Updatedx2) *Disputing Bill de Blasio’s opinion of Janette Sadik-Khan, Mayor Bloomberg said she’s a “superstar.” * Marty Golden continued pushing his tough-on-guns message.

 "Grimm’s spokeswoman said Sunday night that the congressman was not naked when he jumped in the water" * Congressional Republicans Called Out for Skinny Dipping in Holy Land(NY Mag)

Bloomberg: City Agencies To Feel Pinch From Taxi Plan Halt(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg stressed the court’s decision to shut down his outer borough tax plan will hurt the city’s budget.* Mayor: Lost Taxi Revenue Could Lead To Further City Budget Cuts(NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg warns of layoffs after judge shoots down outer borough taxi plan (NYDN) Judge's decision creates $1.46 billion hole in the budget, including $635 million for this fiscal year

Pols fire away over gun laws in crucial race (NYDN) New York’s growing gun control debate promises to be a dominant issue in a city race that has become important in the battle for the state Senate.

The Fightback Against Guns Has Begun
On a Corner Plagued by Violence, Rallying to Say Enough Is Enough(NYT) Community residents plan on occupying nine violence-plagued corners in the five boroughs of New York on weekend nights. * Teen Arrested in Shooting in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Activists "Occupy Corners" In Brooklyn To Confront Gun Violence Where It Starts(NY1)

 64% of New Yorkers in Poll Say Police Favor Whites
Village Voice Says Fat Chance On Queens Pols Gun Plan But Does Not Explain Why They Don't Think It Will Work

 NY Magazine Headline Rattner Won, It Should Have Been:
Ratner Robbed 3/4 Billion in Government $$$, Some Pols Like Kurger Jailed and He Lobbyist Who Won Him the Political Power Like Bruce Bender Move On Untouched, 
Commenter on article on "there is still public outrage, u just didn't bother to ? anyone who has 2 live next to this"
NY Mag on Barclays Center: battle is over, Ratner won (um, what about "Jobs, Housing, and Hoops"?) The headline on the major New York magazine feature on the new Brooklyn arena is this: Game Time: The fighting is over; Bruce Ratner’s Barclays Center is here. Now that he’s built it, will they come? Oh.  Now it's surely legitimate to ask how well the arena might sell tickets, which is the ultimate question in the subheading--though, curiously enough, one big variable is missing: the (cramped) potential for pro hockey.  But to mostly dismiss the history, the ongoing controversy, and the current challenge of operating the arena is just a little myopic. (Hint: even arena-goers might care that the Barclays Center lost its general manager and that operators will have mere weeks, rather than months, to test the building. Or that the parking doesn't quite work.)

Abolished 22 Years Ago: 
City Board of Estimate Lives On

Years After It Was Abolished, a City Board Lives On (NYT)The city’s Board of Estimate, an omnipotent body composed of the five borough presidents and three citywide elected officials, was gaveled to order for the last time on Aug. 27, 1990. But anybody who spends time delving into the city’s administrative code — there are people like this — knows that the board lives on in scores of references in the directory.

New York's congressmembers passed 59 tariff-relief laws to help state companies in lieu of a federal earmarks ban, including $200,000 in relief to a Melville manufacturer, but Rep. Steve Israel defended the practice, the Post writes: 

SUNY's No Show B-Job
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is said to be probing the State University of New York Research Foundation for approving a no-show job for former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s daughter, the Albany Times Union learns:  * AG Eric Schneiderman’s office is reportedly investigating former SUNY Research Foundation President John J. O’Connor in connection with ex-Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s daughter Susan’s no-show job.

The New York Times praised Judge Noach Dear, a former City Councilman in Boro Park.

To Survive, a Catholic School Retools for a Wealthier Market(NYT)

The Post chides New York’s teachers unions for likening school reforms to the corporate decisions of Mitt Romney’s former company, Bain Capital, through their group, New Yorkers for Great Public Schools
TeachersFirstNY(NYP Ed)You’ve really got to marvel at just how far New York’s teachers unions will go to block meaningful school reform. Their latest effort: yet another new front group meant to distort debate and gin up opposition to any measure that would subject union members to more accountability. 

Ten MTA employees were charged with falsifying signal inspections. * Ten MTA Employees Charged With Falsifying Subway Signal Inspections(NY1)


Assault On Sanitation Workers Is Now A State FelonyAssault On Sanitation Workers Is Now A State Felony(NY1)A new state law is making it a felony to assault a city sanitation worker, giving local garbage haulers the same protection from harassment and assaults during their shifts as police officers and firefighters.* New state laws will make it a felony to assault a city sanitation worker and allow the city to designate bus stops for cheap, intercity buses, regulate their parking, and the number of passengers, the Associated Press writes:

Meet Stu Loeser’s replacement Marc LaVorgna, who “is now the mouthpiece for a man running to be mayor of the world.” * A list of the state’s influential political, policy and media movers and shakers.

City seeks developer to finance parks on Greenpoint wat(NYDN)

Charter school/affordable housing complex to rise in South (NYDN)

In Affordable Housing Program, City Oversight of Builders Is Found Wanting(NYT) Unions and owners of subsidized homes who complain of shoddy workmanship support a bill, opposed by the Bloomberg administration, to require more disclosure about contractors. 

More details on ex-Gov. David Paterson’s new gig as majority owner of Icon Compliance Services, an integrity monitoring firm for the construction industry. 

The News opposes a constitutional amendment to legalize gambling in New York because it would lead to more New York City gamblers: * DN: Easy access to a casino "opened the way for nongambling NYers to open their wallets and kiss their money goodbye"

Planned hotel sparks concern for RockawayNYDN)

Decoding Traffic In a Jammed City(WSJ) The city's slowest and fastest traffic days and a trove of other data were measured by the Department of Transportation using Global Positioning System data from the city's fleet of more than 13,000 taxi cabs. * City transportation officials credit measures including street lanes for bicycles and buses with improving the flow of traffic, which has increased by only one percent in the past year according to new data, the Journal reports:

City Forcing Food Delivery Bicyclists to Slow Down(NY Mag)

WTC Victims' Families Continue Fight For 9/11 Memorial To Keep Remains Above Ground(NYT)

Report: Prepare for Some Serious Fracking, New York(NY Mag) * CBS News reports the DEC will issue fracking guidelines after Labor Day.

A Plan for Seward Park(WSJ) After more than four decades of bitter arguing, community groups and city officials have struck a tentative agreement to transform lots near Delancey and Essex streets into a huge new development.

Getting a Ryde (NYP) Gov aides working to bring cup to LI Top aides to Gov. Cuomo, already close to arranging a deal for a world-class soccer stadium in Queens, are hoping to bring the famous international Ryder Cup golf tournament to the Black Course at Bethpage State Park on Long Island in 2020.

Merits of a Power Line From Quebec Are Debated(NYT)Companies that currently supply power to New York City are urging rejection of the proposal, arguing that it would saddle consumers with runaway costs while sending jobs and tax revenue to Canada.

Italian-Americans outraged over Mayor's plans for Columbus Circle art projectItalian-Americans outraged over Mayor's plans for Columbus Circle art project(NYP)

The Making of A President 2012
Republicans blast Biden for 'chains' remark(NYP) * A Careful Effort Seeks to Reveal a Real Romney at Convention(NYT) * Cautious Moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama(NYT) * GOP Seeks to Repackage Romney(Daily Beast) * NYT:"GOP to Reveal Warm Romney" WP:"not designed to make Americans fall in love"   *  * Monday newspaper political ledes. * Romney campaign criticizes Akin comments on rape, abortion (The Hill) * Romney Keeps Up Welfare Attacks On Obama (TPM) * New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will serve as state delegation spokesman at Democratic Nat'l Convention. * Pres Obama today reaches out to voters in battleground states Florida and Virginia - and also California by way of some local TV interviews. * Without leaving the WH, Pres Obama sits for interviews with local news anchors from Jacksonville, FL, Norfolk, VA & San Diego.* An entire team of people – many of whom have never worked a political convention before – are scrambling to create a setting and program designed to over come perceptions Mitt Romney is stiff, aloof and distant.* The infamous no-drama Obama campaign team of ’08 has devolved into a collection of personal rivalries and political disagreements, according to POLITCO’s first e-book of the campign (by Glenn Thrush).* The Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC could prove a little awkward for labor union leaders rubbing shoulders with officials who sought to curb their pay and benefits, Dan Janison says.* Rudy Giuliani refused to back down from his criticism of the VP, calling him a “joke,” and insisting: “Sarah Palin is actually operating at a level quite bit above Joe Biden.” * Campbell Brown Defends Careers Of Political Pundits With Personal Links To Campaign Professionals * With Romney-Ryan, GOP Becomes Grand Old Private-Equity Party | The Nation * Broadcasters Plan Web Streams of the Conventions * Romney plans to use convention it to overcome his image of being stiff and aloof. * The Washington Post profiled his rise through the ranks of Boston’s Mormon Church. * Romney: Akin's rape comments 'insulting, inexcusable' (NBC) * Todd Akin Fallout Spreads From Missouri To White House Race(NPR) *Republicans Deplore Akin’s Rape Remarks(NYT) * Cautious Moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama(NYT) * A Tightening Race in New Hampshire - Thomas Edsall, New York Times *  Election Starting to Feel More Like 2010? - Michael Goodwin, New York Post *  Obama's Attacks on Paul Ryan Escalate - Greg Sargent, Washington Post * Romney-Ryan's New Healthcare Distortion - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic *  Questions About Obama's Non-Recovery - Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh TR * Swing-State Voters Say Not Better Off Than in '08 - Jeffrey Jones, Gallup * Can Todd Akin Survive in Missouri? - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones * The Spinal Tap Presidency - John Hinderaker, Power Line * Romney's Race-Based Initiative - Patrick Caldwell, American Prospect * How Obama Can Fix His Welfare Problem - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller * The Pitiful Tragedy of Our "Strategy" in Afghanistan - Mark Steyn, NRO * Eugene Robinson: Todd Akin comment brings ‘war on women’ back to prominence - The Washington Post* Why We Can't Shrink Federal Spending - Larry Summers, Washington Post * In 2012, Both Campaigns Focus on Turnout - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg * Romney & Ryan Turn the Tables on Obama - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *  Draft Hillary, Obama Needs a Bounce - Laura Washington, Chicago ST * * Draft Hillary, Obama Needs a Bounce - Laura Washington, Chicago ST * G.O.P. Tries to Drive Akin From Race Over Rape Remarks(NYT) * Presidential Trash Talk(NY Mag) * President Obama suddenly held a press conference today, where he condemned Akin’s remarks.* Mitt Romney said Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments were “inexcusable,” and suggested he drop out. * The Onion had their fun with Akin too.* Scott Brown called on him to withdraw from his race, as did his Tea Party colleague Ron Johnson. Even Sean Hannity wants Akin out of the picture.* Piers Morgan Deems Rep. Akin 'Gutless Little Twerp' For Skipping Scheduled Interview (VIDEO)
Mainstream media's secret plot discredit the opposition to Obama works like a charm.


Law and Order
Black market for iPhones, iPads fuels city Apple theft wave(NYP)

Cops looking into bias incident after bacon is left at SI park ahead of Ramadan celebrationCops looking into bias incident after bacon is left at SI park ahead of Ramadan celebration(NYP) * Hate Crime Suspected After Bacon Found at Staten Island Ramadan Event(DNA)

Ex-official sues city in West Indian Day Parade poundin (NYDN)

Supected livery cab shooting gunman's father: My son was My son was too drunk to commit the crime(NYDN)

Surveillance Video Shows Pair Of Brooklyn Thieves(NY1)

Livery vic’s kin enragedLivery vic’s kin enraged(NYP)* Man Charged In Connection With Shooting Of Livery Cab P (NYDN)

Stabbed to death in McDonald’s parking lot(NYDN) * Men Stabbed to Death in Brooklyn and Bronx(NBC) * Experts say making bath salts illegal will cut down the number of abuse cases reported, but won’t end use of the substances completely.* Police: Newborn Abandoned On Grounds Of Queens Housing Complex (NY1) * Surveillance Video Shows Pair Of Brooklyn Thieves(NY1) * Marine Park, Mill Basin Shooting Spree Injures Four And Leaves One Braindead(Sheephead Bites)
Abandoned baby found in Qns.Abandoned baby found in Qns.(NYP) * Newborn girl found at Queens housing complex(Fox News)