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c ‘Testy’ judge sacked after beer blunder‘Testy’ judge sacked after beer blunder(NYP) Judge Noach Dear has been booted from Brooklyn Criminal Court a month after his bizarre ruling barred police from ticketing public drinkers unless cops lab-tested their booze.  The ouster comes amid outrage over his June 14 decision, which dismissed a case against a Brooklyn man, Julio Figueroa, who admitted he was sipping a beer on the street. * Above It All, With Beer and Snacks(NYT)

  Story is wrong about how he become Judge.Lopez had nothing to do with it.He won contested Primary via 

Get Used to the Small and the Trucks Upper East Side
Final Green Light Issued For Upper East Side Waste Transfer Station(NYP)

Daily News Attacks Liu Optimistic Pension Projections

Controller John Liu looks at pension numbers through rose-colored glasses (NYDN Ed) His growth projections are far more optimistic than realistic

Now the Cameras Will Cost More Because of Delays
Camera cost controversy at New York City housing projec …4 hrs agoThe price tag for putting security cameras in the city’s most dangerous housing projects has gone up — even as housing officials sat on the money for their installation.

Where were the council hears Mr. Koo When They Were Not Putting in Your Cameras? Why you wait until the Daily News did the story?

NYP Buries Rising Unemployment Story
NYP Focuses Their Editorial this Morning on Disability Claim Increases And buries the Lead of the Cities Rising Unemployment Rate   7,300 New yorkers claim disability(NYP) Job number shockers
Wolfson The City Hall Chief Paid Spinner Working Hard With the Media to Down Play the City's  Rising Unemployment Rate 10%
As the Council Slush Fund Cover Up Continues As More and More New Yorkers Lose Jobs

From the Daily News

More Money for Nothing 

Friday was Lulu Day at the City Council, the twice-a-year doling out of extra taxpayer cash to favored members.  In theory, the money is spread around to those who take on leadership responsibilities. In reality, it’s Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s way of rewarding friends and allies — and penalizing those who stray.  The sums range from the $28,500 annually that Quinn takes for herself down to $4,000 a year, all on top of members’ $112,500 base salary (which, by the way, is for part-time work). But there is hope — because many Council members, 24 of 51, have said they object. Three of these have lived by their word, flatly refusing the money.They are Brad Lander of Brooklyn and Daniel Garodnick and Ydanis Rodriguez of Manhattan.  Good for them.

On the other end, five in the supposed anti-lulu crowd are blatant hypocrites and pocketed their bonuses: Margaret Chin of Manhattan, Danny Dromm of Queens, Helen Foster of the Bronx and Diana Reyna and Sara Gonzalez of Brooklyn.  Another 14 accept the payments but say they donate it to charity: Mathieu Eugene, David Greenfield, Letitia James, Steve Levin and Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn, Gale Brewer and Rosie Mendez of Manhattan, Julissa Ferreras, Karen Koslowitz, Eric Ulrich, Jimmy Van Bramer and Ruben Wills of Queens, Debby Rose of Staten Island and Fernando Cabrera of the Bronx. How about this? Lose the lulus once and for all, and put an end to the charade. Councilmembers Ply Vito Lopez With Pork | New York Daily News

What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

As the Council Robs Member Item $$$ They Do Noting for the 10% of New Yorkers Who Are Out of Work
With City, State Unemployment Rising, Debate Over Economy Continues(NY1) *Bad News For NYC Economy(Huff Post) * Jobbed in New York(NYDN Ed) *   New York is not creating jobs as quickly as it is losing them, and has a flood of new claimants filing for disability benefits. . .  Officials say there’s a strange twist: The expansion of the labor force is the reason unemployment crept up to 10 percent in New York City from 9.7 percent in May.

 Cuomo Sends A Message to NYRA: Goodby
Coming for the horse’s head(NYP Ed) After some 55 years, it looks like the long-disgraced New York Racing Association is about to be put out of business — for good.

Do You Think We Need the Jobs Now?
Some of the Same Pols Who Killed the NYC Olympics Are Running For Mayor
Greg David: What we lost when London won Olympics | Crain's NY) The Games themselves would have been a spectacular advertisement for the city's accomplishment.  When the Games are over, New Yorkers should pay attention to the stories about the impact on London and ask themselves what New York really lost.  Without Olympics incentive, redevelopment plans for twin lakes in Queens evaporate(New York World)  * The NYC Olympic Village was going to be located at the East River Waterfront of Queens across the United Nations Headquarters.
During the Olympics and Paralympics, it would have housed more than 16,000 athletes and coaches. Costing an estimate of $1.5 billion, the Village would include plazas and shoppes, restaurants, acres of green landscape, training centers and fields, a private dining hall, religious centers, and ferry and train service. Post-Olympic plans would provide world-class residential housing for up to 18,000 New York residents. The area would have designed by Morphosis Architects as the heart and crossroad of New York's Olympic X Plan.* Silver Refuses To Support Stadium, Putting Olympic Bid In Jeopardy(NY1) * Joseph L. Bruno, the Senate majority leader, also declined to support the project, saying he had not been given enough information about it. *Joe Bruno golf outing with Cablevision's Jim Dolan may have derailed West Side Stadium plan (NYDN) * Cablevision Ad Plays Stadium Mind Games - New York Daily News  The proposed stadium, which would be the new home of the Jets and a part of the city's expanded Javits Convention Center, is the centerpiece of New York's bid for the 2012 Olympic Games. Cablevision, the owner of nearby Madison Square Garden and the chief opponent of the stadium, has spent roughly $30 million in an aggressive campaign to scuttle the project.

Campaign 2012  Christine Quinn’s Risk-Averse 2013 Strategy(NY MAG) * Assembly big ‘rai$es’ voice*   Anti-Simcha Felder sites popping up. Pictures place Felder next to Charles Barron and Bloomberg:

Media Blackout 
Seabrook's Second Trial Heads to the Jury Monday

Software Flattens Bikes (WSJ) The company behind New York City's delayed bike-share program has been struggling to get a similar service off the ground in Tennessee, where software and equipment still isn't ready months after a scheduled launch. *City's bike share partner hits snag, but that's how they(NYDN)

Fury at Hasidic biz dress codesFury at Hasidic biz dress codes(NYP)

Failure of Bloomberg's new schools  (NYDN)

Former Crane Inspector Is Found Guilty of Filing False Records(NYT) * Mixed Verdict for Inspector in Crane Case(WSJ) * DOB Official Convicted Of Falsifying Inspections On Six Cranes(NY1)

MTA Crimped Free Speech, Judge Rules(WSJ) A federal judge ruled Friday that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority violated the First Amendment when it rejected advertisements on city buses describing enemies of Israel as "savages." * M.T.A. Violated Rights of Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says(NYDN)


 The Making of A President 2012
Liberal Donors Finding a Home in Massachusetts Race(NYT) * Political Campaigns Pause After Shooting(WSJ) *Democratic Convention Benefits From Corporate Cash(NPR)

In the Old Days Banging On the Gun Control Issue

Schumer Calls For Action As Whooping Cough Cases Increase Sen. Charles Schumer believes the government needs to take action as the number of whooping cough cases has tripled in New York State from last year. * Chuck: Let’s whoop cough(NYDN) * Sen Schumer Calls For Free Whooping Cough Vaccinations As(WCBS) * Schumer: New Yorkers should get free vaccinations(WCBS)

New York marks one year of gay marriage(WABC) 

Darkest Night Sunday Update  Accused theater gunman Holmes will plead insanity - and fail: law experts(NYP)

Largest Mass Shooting in US History And Not One Member of Congress Calls To Stop the High Power Gun Madness

'He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards,' a just-released inmate told the Daily News. 'He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy.'
NYPD cops visit all 40 city theaters showing 'Dark Knight' to prevent copycat crimes(NYP) * Gun violence, again(NYP Ed) * Colorado Gun Laws Remain Lax, Despite Some Changes(NYT) * Place of Escape Becomes a Trap as 12 Killed in Colorado(NYT) * Mourning and Mulling(NYT) As America heals from the tragedy in Aurora, Colo., we will be called to question our values and laws, especially our gun laws. * As Bullets Flew, Some Thought It Was a Stunt(WSJ) * Film Studio Faces a Delicate Balance(WSJ) * Survivor: 'He Just Wanted to Kill'(WSJ) * NYPD Steps Up Security at 'Dark Knight' Theaters (WSJ) * Colorado Massacre Leads To Extra Security At NYC Theaters(NY1) 

After Dark Knight shooting; NYPD presence at theaters reassures(NYDN) * Two Injured In Colorado Movie Massacre Have Tri-State T(WSJ) * Ex-Finest in charge at Aurora(NYP) * Colorado police to meet with victims' families(Fox 5) * Brooklyn man wounded in Colorado movie theater shooting(WABC) *NYPD presence allays fears at Staten Island theaters showing (SI Advance) * Brooklyn Man Reportedly Wounded in Colorado(NBC) * Heartbreaking And Inspirational: Tearful Witness Begs Viewers To Remember ‘Life Can Be A Beautiful Thing’ * Criminal Profiler On MSNBC Compares Colorado Massacre To ‘How A Girl Plans For Her Wedding’ * The 'Batman Massacre': Telling Ourselves Stories In Order to Pretend (NY Mag) * Police Search For Alleged Bus Thief(NY1) * More 'Dark Knight Rises' shooting victims identified, including Navy sailor and 6-year-old girl(NYP) * Victims killed in Batman movie massacre identified(NYP) *Despite Theater Massacre, Tri-State Moviegoers Come Out (WCBS) * Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes jailed in solitary: ‘All the inmates were talking about killing him’ (NYDN) * Before and After Massacre, Puzzles Line a Suspect’s Path (NYT) * In a Dark Theater, Protection and Loss(NYT)

Daily News: The police chief said he is confident Holmes acted alone. The police chief was dead wrong

Blood on hands of Obama, Mitt and NRA!  (NYDN Ed) Condolences are empty words - what actions are you gonna take?

New York Mayor Bloomberg Calls for Tougher Gun Policy(WSJ)* Bloomberg: Aurora shows need for gun control(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg Calls Out Obama, Romney On Gun Control(WABC) * Analysis: Leaders Need to Stand Against Guns(NBC) *Piers Morgan Clashes With Guest Over Whether It Is Appropriate Time To Discuss Gun Control * Post Aurora: Don’t expect new gun laws (Politico) * The gun control caucus in Congress is increasingly urban, liberal and shrinking:(Politico) * Guns and the Push for Sensible Laws - Gail Collins, New York Times * Senate Polls: Florida: Mack +6 | Ohio: Brown +4 | Nevada: Heller +3

Sunday Update July 21: Polls Show Forward Movement for Obama in Florida(NYT) * Obama to meet Colorado shooting victims on Sunday(NYDN)*

Murdoch is Still In Charge But Off Boards

Rupert Murdoch Has Resigned from News Corp.'s British Publishing Boards(NY Mag) * Murdoch Resigns From British Newspaper Boards (NYT)* Murdoch Tweets Support For Gun Control(Huff Post)

Alexander Cockburn, seen in 1977, critiqued the news media in a column for The Village Voice.Alexander Cockburn, Left-Wing Writer, Is Dead at 71(NYT)Mr. Cockburn took pleasure in condemning what he saw as the outrages of the right and what he often considered the tepidness and timidity of the American

Feds indict ex-BofA exec(NYP) * Prosecutors Reportedly Close To Making Libor Arrests(Huff Post)


Law and Order 
Sex-crime victim could be jailed for tweeting her attackers' namesSex-crime victim could be jailed for tweeting her attackers' names(NYP)

Men who robbed eccentric ‘Linen King’ George Bardwil arrested: sources(NYP) * Disgraced B'klyn smuggler cop William Masso sentenced to 4+ Years in prison(NYP) *Ex-Police Officer Is Sentenced in Gun-Running Scheme(NYT) * Chinatown murder suspect Song Fei Li prevented from fleeing to Hong Kong (NYP) * Ex-con busted after trying to hock stolen $8,000 French horn: sources(NYP) * NYPD needs help naming woman found on Bronx street(WSJ) * Man Stabbed To Death, Alleged Suspect In Custody(NY1)* Pastor gets two years in jail for stealing dead teacher's  

Pension(NYDN)* Fordham bigshot resigns amid sex abuse claim(NYDN) * Robbed in Queens by Men With a Weapon at the End of a L (NYDN)* Man Stabbed At Upper West Side Transitional Housing Fac(NYDN) * Chinatown murder suspect Song Fei Li prevented from fleeing (NYP)* Perv’ is back in NY(NYP) * At least 2 with NY ties wounded in Colo. shooting(Fox 5) * Police Seek Public Help In Tracking Down Two Armed Robbery …(WCBS) * Man arrested after stabbing HIV-shelter manager to death:(NYP) * Police search for pair of armed robbers in the Bronx(NYP) * Man critically injured in East Side stabbing3(WABC) * Suspect steals women's wallets as they board bus(WCBS) * Arrest Made in Manhattan Stabbing Death(NBC) * Man stabbed to death on Upper West Side(Fox5) * Police officer shoots and kills his adult son, mistaking (NYDN) * Three Injured, One Charged Following Stabbing At Family(WCBS)

Community Groups Hold Peace Protest In Bed-Stuy(NY1)


Authorities Bust Alleged Cigarette-Trafficking Ring  New Yorkers Can Adopt Buildings In Queens Museum's Miniature City(NY1)