Friday, July 20, 2012

New Yorkers Are Suffering And Nobody Notices (Including the Press . . .  NYT Says Employers Continued Hiring At A Healthy Pace.  What?  Orwellian Speak . . . The Rest of the Media Ignores 

NYC Unemployment At 10% Returns to Recession Level and Pols Are Mute 

Where is the Outrage?

Job gains for the city were not enough to prevent the unemployment ratefrom hitting double digits, according to state data released Thursday.(CrainNY)

Every Elected City Officials Including Those Running for Mayor Should Be Thrown Out
Is lack of Public Outrage Caused By Media Ignore?

City's Unemployment Rate Reaches 10 Percent(NYT)The city's jobless rate, jumping 0.3 percentage points, was equal its high in the last recession. * "New York's unemployment rate rose again in June to its highest level in more than two years, continuing a puzzling trend: As the nation's jobless numbers have declined in the past year, the city and state's have turned sharply upward." [Anjali Athavalley and Jacob Gershman]

The Stupid Press Asks this of the Mayor Candidate while 10% of New Yorkers are Out of Work Bill de Blasio’s likes his outerborough website traffic, Christine Quinn likes her Twitter followers, while Tom Allon enjoys his “Talk to Tom” events. The other campaigns had no comment.

No Respect for New Yorkers 
How Dare These Bums Who Put Us Out of Work Run for Mayor
"City officials make almost daily pronouncements about how impressively the city's economy has rebounded from the long recession."

Campaign 2012 Brooklyn federal grand jury probes campaign fundraising (NYDN)
* Assemblyman Joel Rivera might get knocked off the September primary ballot line and state Senator Jeff Klein could wind up the “de facto” leader of the Senate, The Bronx Times’s Bob Kappstatter writes:  * Manhattan BP and likely 2013 NYC mayoral contender Scott Stringer has taken a political risk by opposing the Chelsea Market expansion plan.* Democrat Grace Meng has a financial and voter registration advantage over Republican Dan Halloran, who is trying to make an issue out of the number of times Meng will debate him on television. [Michael Gannon] * Anybody not running for the Assembly seat being vacated by Grace Meng? [Joe Anuta] * Scott Stringer Asks the Impossible, Wants Chelsea Market Expansion to Move, Developer Says It Can’t  * POLITICO's new 2012 Swing State map: Obama has advantage in 9 of 10 states.* The September Ballot(NYS BOE) * Lesson for Queens Democrats: Don’t cross Joe Crowley. He’s currently working to kick Elizabeth Crowley off the unopposed ballot for district leader. * Brooklyn legislators jockeyed to claim credit for restoring bus services.* Yassky eyeing runs for comptroller, D.A.(Crains) * Christine Quinn’s Risk-Averse 2013 Strategy (NY MAG) Being a city council speaker running for mayor can be a blessing and a curse. more »

At the Ridgewood Bushwick annual summer picnic on the north shore of Long Island yesterday, Brooklyn Democratic State Sen. Martin Dilan fretted that the Independent Democratic Conference would hurt the Democrats' chances of retaking the majority this fall. "I believe the presidential election will increase the number of Democratic voters, but challenges from the independent conference could hurt out chances," said Dilan, flipping steaks at the event. In recent days, reports have surfaced that the IDC could step into a couple primary races, including throwing support to Guillermo Linares in Manhattan and Manny Tavarez in the Bronx. Already, the IDC is lending financial support to Shawn Morse, who is taking on State Sen. Neil Breslin. Meanwhile, Dilan was more confident of his own re-election chances in a race against Jason Otano -- especially since he believes the Zalmanite faction of Brooklyn's Satmar Hasidic community will come out strongly for him. "Parts of the community are in my district and I believe I will do as well as (my son) Erik [Dilan], who got over 6,000 votes," the elder Dilan said. (City and State)

All Hail, Julius Bloomberg!(Queens Crap)

 From NY Civic:  He is scrupulously honest, of course. He never takes a dime. But while he does good, he has many powerful and rich friends who do well under City policies. He uses his wealth with no more caution than Julius Caesar used his armies. He gets done what needs to get done, using money. When it was necessary to have “popular” support for his term-limits repeal in 2009, the word was passed to certain churches that receive Michael Bloomberg’s personal philanthropy, and their parishioners showed up at City Hall to support the arcane law change.

Gov Letter Accuses Times of Trying to Manufacturing A Scandal
Governor Cuomo’s office finally released a 2,200 word letter — on the Friday evening after a national tragedy — criticizing a New York Times story on his lobbying efforts, long after the FOIL deadline. The letter concludes, “We understand The Time’s desire to win awards for breaking scandals, but that is different than trying to manufacture them.” * Cuomo Administration Releases CSNY Letter To NYT(YNN)

 A Pool Has Become A Symbol of Out of Control Crime and the Way Pols Reaction


NYP Asks Why the Pols Are Mute About the Violence at McCarren Park Pool
Pool party(NYP Ed) Pool, and in an assault yesterday, one girl suffered a broken nose — the latest in a series of violent incidents there that, happily, have produced no serious injuries. But the continuing turmoil hasn’t earned a discernible word of disapproval from the borough’s elected leaders — who appear willing to let things escalate, unremarked upon, until somebody does get shot. The Post picks on Flatbush councilman Jumaane Williams for not speaking out against a rash of violent incidents in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park Pool * Mayor Bloomberg 'Will Not Tolerate' McCarren Pool Violence

Crime Spike Continues NYPD Reacts Pols Do Nothing
Four people shot in six hours in the 43rd Precinct(NYDN)

NYPD in crime shuffle(NYP)Detectives shuffled The NYPD is so overwhelmed by the spike in murders and gun violence — including the unsolved shooting of a housing cop — that the brass has created “Summer Investigative Teams” to bolster manpower in Manhattan, The Post has learned. * Mom: Tragic teen respected stop-&-frisk(NYP) * End ‘turnstile justice,’ pol fumes (NYP) * Bloomberg: ‘It’s Got To Stop’(YNN)

Does Holding A Press Conference Fix Anything?
Councilman James Sanders said he was holding a press conference in Queens right when Kelly was condemning public officials for not speaking out against violence. [Rich Bockman]

Police Dept. Is Sending Officers to 'Dark Knight' TheatersPotential link between 'Dark Knight' film and theater massacre(NYP)
* NRA Magazine Deletes Offensive Tweet Following Shooting in Colorado [Update](NYO) * In the wake of the shooting, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg again called for stricter gun laws and challenged Obama and Romney to make the issue a key part of their campaign. * Bloomberg: Aurora shows need for gun control(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg Calls Out Obama, Romney On Gun Control (WABC)
* Kelly: Suspected Shooter In Colorado Theater Massacre Claimed to Be the Joker(WABC)
* Brooklyn man wounded in Colorado movie theater shooting(WABC) * Bloomberg: Obama, Romney should address gun issue(WABC) * Analysis: Leaders Need to Stand Against Guns(NBC)

The New DOE Rubber Room

The Metropolitan Transit will delay its proposed fare increases while adding new bus lines in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, and restoring some services cut in 2009
MTA on slow track to 2013 fare hikes(NYP) * Some Subway, Train and Bus Services to Be Restored or Expanded(NYT) * MTA Readies Bus Revival(WSJ) * MTA To Improve Bus Service In All Five Boroughs, Keep G Train Extension(NY1) * NY1 Online: MTA Chairman Discusses Agency’s Financial Boost * MTA getting buses rolling to underserved areas, adding rail (NYDN)\* MTA to partially restore Q79 bus(NYDN) * MTA delays January fare hike to March(NYDN) * Hey Red Hook bus riders: Your sardine days on the B61 are(NYDN) * MTA To Boost Bus, Subway & Rail Service As Ridership Nears(WCBS) * The News lauds MTA Chairman Joe Lhota for announcing service improvements and a break on fares for riders: * The Metropolitan Transportation Authority will add service on almost 40 bus, subway and commuter rail lines in the coming months to accommodate significant growth in ridership.

M.T.A. Violated First Amendment Rights of Pro-Israel Group, Judge Says(NYT)


Biker asks cops to move out of bike lane, gets ticket(NYDN)

Twitter Fights Order to Share Protester's Data(WSJ)  Twitter will fight a court order forcing the company to turn over an Occupy Wall Street activist’s tweets after he was arrested on criminal charges * Twitter to appeal NYC Occupy ruling(Fox5)

A new front has opened in the battle between the Cuomo administration and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office. The topic: The planned 45 percent Thruway toll hike for trucks. * DiNapoli and the Village of Green Island are blaming one another for a pension snafu. * The comptroller has taken in just $323,315 in contributions since January, with a cash balance of $280,699.* Most of the 155 bill signed into law by Cuomo this week related to local issues.

Councilwoman Rosie Mendez, whose district is next door to N.Y.U., said voting against the school's expansion plan would be the "easy thing to do," as she voted for it. [Lincoln Anderson]

Is He Going to Run, Is He Going to Run, Abedin is Running . . .  The Only Thing Missing From the Story is What He Did and Said that Got Him in Trouble
GOP to Huma’s defenseGOP to Huma’s defense(NYP)Top Republicans leapt to defend Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Rep. Anthony Weiner’s wife, after several congressmembers said she was a mole plotting to destroy the government
*Weiner trashes here but is quoted talking to them here cc: * Queens Tribune front page wonders if Weiner is a 'Comeback Kid?' // who else was called that? * The People magazine feature on ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, was reportedly not about helping him, but rather part of a Clinton-crafted plan to boost her career after she leaves the State Department.* Anthony Weiner: "As with everything else the New York Post has written about me and my family, the stories of the last [week] are pure fiction." [Ross Barkan] * "[Y]ou have a candidacy that all of a sudden seems more fact than fiction." [City and State] * Translating George W. Bush’s Decision to Skip the GOP Convention(NY MAG)

Jon Stewart Slams Bachmann’s Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy By Creating His Own Conspiracy

New York City is very loud

Controversy Continues To Surround Memorial At World Trade Center Site(NY1) * NY1 Online: Family Members of September 11th Victims Debate Control of Memorial

Brooklyn Week: Retracing The Transformation Of Williamsburg(NY1)





Sugar Hill Affordable Housing Complex To Include Museum, Educational Center(NY1)


“Software problems” have delayed NYC’s bike share program, according to Bloomberg.

 USTA wants parking garage in Flushing Meadows*NYDN)

Coney Island, Renewed but Recognizable(NYT)

43 years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. We may be fucked up, but we can do amazing things.

Horse’s-ass Dems(NYP)* Mike has Romney’s back(NYP) Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his tax returns on the campaign trail even though he releases his own taxes but redacts some information * In a Tight Virginia Senate Race, Seeking Split-Ticket Voters * O’Reilly Downplays Bad Blood Between Romney And Palin: ‘She Should Have A Platform’ At Convention * The Presidential Race in Graphs, Part III(NY Mag) * "More and more this election year, campaign ads include footage from television news programs, further blurring the fading lines separating modern journalism and politics." [John Hardwood] * Total Fundraising For Presidential Campaign Passes $1,000,000,000 Mark  * President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both released statements on the shooting that left 12 people dead in Colorado. * Mitt Romney isn’t the first wealthy political candidate who was shy about showing their tax returns.* During his time as Massachusetts governor, Romney was more active on gun control than President Barack Obama has been. * George W. Bush ”respectfully declined” his invitation to the Republican National Convention. * Marty Golden scored the endorsement of some police unions. * The LIBOR scandal may turn Mitt Romney’s London fundraisers into a “public relations headache.”* A Remedial Communication Class - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Jon Stewart Makes Up Hilariously Fake Tax Returns In Response To Romney’s Refusal To Release

Libor Scandal Shows Numerous Flaws in Rate-Setting Process(NYT)

Law and Order

Feds eyeing top banana’s role in fatal sexcapade(NYP)* Stabbed gal’s fear(NYP) * Meth-ed man was toast (NYP) * Shot FBI suspect ‘made a motion’(NYP) * Thug faces ‘life’ in Bx. rob spree(NYP) * Heated hearing in iPhone ‘slay’ (NYP) * ‘Hit-run drunk’ busted in slay(NYP) * Half-Off Tacos for Officers: Prohibited, but Part of Job(NYT) * NYC arrest made in 25-year-old cold case(WSJ) * Man Arrested, Charged With Murder In 25-Year-Old Cold Case(NY1)
* FBI investigates its own G-man for shooting an alleged car (NYDN)
* Retired cop busted for selling cocaine (NYDN)* She’ll get up to 9 yrs. for $1M church theft (NYDN) * Money just showed up in our account, say four on trial in(NYDN)* Insider trading turncoat Kumar spared prison(NYDN) * Edwin Alcaide Arrested In Cold Case Killing Of Lisette Torres (NYDN)* Arrest made in 1987 murder of Brooklyn teen(WABC) * Principal in trouble after meth found in car(WABC) * Suspected Arrested in '87 Killing of NYC Woman(NBC) * EXCLUSIVE: Victim Of Violent Brick Attack In The Bronx ‘Absolutely(WABC) * Ex-hospital worker brought back to Queens to face charges (NYP) * Man Stabbed To Death, Alleged Suspect In Custody(NY1) * DOB Official Convicted Of Falsifying Inspections On Six (NBC)

Terrorism  NYPD Protects Jewish Temples, Neighborhoods Following Bulgarian Bus Attack(NY1) * Sacha in ‘terror’ suit deal(NYP)