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4 Year OId Shot and Killed. Where is Sharpton Now? Marches Have Not Stop the Shootings

Question the Media Will Not As the Mayoral Candidates: Why Not Ask Every NYC Elected Official If They Agree With Stevenson?
Assemblyman Stevenson: "There is a 4-year-old dead. Now we should really consider not stopping stop-and-frisk."
Was A Black Mayor Dinkins Treated Differently By the Press On Crime Than White Pols?(True News)

Transit Crime Crackdown

Unemployment is Not An Issue in the Mayoral Race?
Why Don't Reporters As Pols If the States High Taxes is the Reason Why NYC Employment Rate Has Hit 10% 
 New York by the numbersNew York by the numbers(NYP ED) A devastating new report by a task force of major fiscal experts has confirmed what should be no secret: New York is at the top of the tax-and-spend heap. Which probably explains why a separate ranking of America’s best states for business puts New York just 26th out of 50. The Post blames New York’s “dysfunctional” legislature, high taxes, and “corrupt” unions for the state’s poor economic ratings * The Decline of the Middle Class(NYT)

We Know What the Ass Hole Pols Think of Fireworks on the Hudson 1m Excited that & getting to return July 4th Fireworks to the East River

Flashback to the 2009 Mayoral Debate
A Broken Debate Caused by a Clueless Gang of Reporters
A Spinning Fight on Talking Points, Absent A Serious Debate on the City's Economic Crisis and How it will effect its Future and the Life of Every New Yorker

The reporters failed because the voters do not know anything more about Bloomberg and Thompson or about the fiscal dangers ahead than they did before the debate. We do know that the candidates like to throw punches. The Post deems the debate "an all-out war." However, the well rehearsed answers and the weak questioning did not interfere with either candidate’s campaign spinning operations. 
Words were dropped that New Yorkers hate, like parking tickets, control of the Board of Education and pay to play instead of real problems discussed. The most serious fault of the debate was that not one question about the city’s fiscal condition was asked to the city’s two top fiscal officers. In a stunning example of clueless journalism the four reporters who question the candidate did not talk about what must be done to balance the city books in what is sure to be (after the election) the largest cuts to city services since the great depression. The MTA fare hikes and red ink budget not discussed. Do these reporters ride the subways? It gets worse.

Dumb Reporters Did Not Asked the Questions they Were Given
Not one used question suggested in NYT was asked in the debate  Soaring pension costs, $5 billion budget deficit, what tax proposals do you favor, what would they do to reduce spending and how will you reduce the city 11% unemployment rate were all ignored by the clueless reporters, Cuts in services and increase taxes are where all New Yorkers will live the next 4 years.

Thanks to Michael Scotto and the other reporters conducting this debate we will be clueless to what the winning candidate will do once in office on these critical issues to every New Yorker. Brian Lehrer and the other reporters added to the dysfunctional campaign that allows candidate to promise more services to the public, special interests and the unions when the reality of the falling city and state tax revenues mean once elected the mayor will close firehouse, people will die waiting ambulances service that will be cut and children will learn less because of crowded class rooms.

Retrial in Corruption Case of Councilman Nears End(NYT) A lawyer says City Councilman Larry B. Seabrook did not betray his constituents, but was himself betrayed.

Latest From Albany
Klein Won't Back GOPer for Majority Leader(NYDN)State Senate GOP Hires Tea Party-Linked Ad Firm | New York Daily News(NYDN)State Republicans are using a television ad firm, Strategy Group for Media, that helps Rep. Michelle Bachman and other national Tea Party leaders, the Daily News’ Ken Lovett learns: * Which lobbyist is the best golfer on the political fundraising circuit? Who's the worst? The answers:  * Cuomo has raised $365,00 from a total of 22 Buffalo-area residents, including three Buffalo power brokers who handed over $50,000 each for the governor, the Buffalo News reports: * A slew of Albany pols are raising campaign cash despite having no opposition in the coming election.

Cuomo Secrets
A shift in AG paper trail Cuomo control of information includes screening, removing records at State Archives. Cuomo spox: "Sending records to the Archives is about preservation for future generations, not access for today."* Top aides to Gov. Andrew Cuomo pre-screened papers from his days as AG before they were released from the Archives * After the Times Union filed a FOIL request to look at archived records from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tenure as attorney general, top Cuomo aides personally reviewed the files before they were released. Cuomo spokesman Richard Bamberger told the paper, “Sending records to the Archives is about preservation for future generations, not access for today.” *Top Cuomo aides pre-screened his AG papers at the state Archives and pulled documents before the Times Union was allowed – thanks to a FOIL request – to view the files.* New York got a D on the State Integrity Investigation’s “Corruption Risk Report Card,” and ranks 37th among the 50 states.

  Gov. Cuomo strongly supports yur right to see his (scrubbed, vetted, censored by aides) records as AG:

Bad Girl Liz
How upset is Rep. Joseph Crowley with his cousin, Liz? Apparently upset enough to try and kick her off the ballot as Liz Crowley runs for re-election as a Queens Democratic district leader – even though she is running unopposed. Joseph Crowley, who heads the Queens Democratic Party, was not happy that Liz Crowley ran in the NY-6 Democratic congressional primary against the party’s pick for the seat, Assemblywoman Grace Meng. Crowley finished third in the race, which Meng won. Since then, the Queens Democratic Party declined to help 
Liz Crowley petition onto the ballot for a party district leader spot – and now is escalating things further. On Monday night, election lawyer Frank Bolz submitted a slew of objections against candidates at the New York City Board of Elections. Most of them were insurgents running against candidates backed by the Queens Democratic Party. The exception was Liz Crowley, who is not running against anyone. In a statement, a spokesman for Liz Crowley, Eric Yun, expressed optimism that she would make the ballot. “Elizabeth Crowley has enough signatures to be on the ballot, and as district leader she is looking forward to advancing Democratic ideals and helping to elect Democrats as she has always done,” Yun said.  

Campaign 2012 Bring Eligible Latino Voters Onto Rolls, Political Map Changes Dramatically(Huff Post) * State Sens. Michael Nozzolio, Joseph Robach and Patrick Gallivan, and Assemblymen Brian Kolb, Bill Reilich, Joseph Morelle and Stephen Hawley all have active campaign coffers – and are raising political cash – despite a lack of opposition. * Meng Wants American-Made American Flags(NYO)  * Facing a Latino Challenger, Mike Miller Highlights His Latino Support(NYO) * Con Ed, de Blasio, Continue to Spar(NYO)  * State Senate Candidate Mindy Meyer Proclaims Herself ‘DIVA OF THE DISTRICT’(NYO) * Brooklyn Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, who is facing tough primary and general election challenges this year, has brought on disgraced ex-Sen. Carl Kruger’s chief-of-staff, Jason Koppel, as a campaign consultant* Ruben Diaz announced his support for stop-and-frisk.

Bill Thompson failed to disclose finance doc info(NYP)  The candidate — who is running citywide for the fourth time — reported spending $19,112.68 in credit card bills in 2012, but failed to report the individual expenditures with the city Campaign Finance Board, according to public records. Thompson reported six credit card payments this year, ranging from $4,794.41 on Jan. 17 to $2,600 on June 4, records show.

NYP Peyser Kisses Developer's Ratner Ass

Absurdist Post columnist Peyser: "Almost single-handedly, [Ratner]'’ll have brought the Borough of Kings... back to buzzworthy health"(Atlantic Yards Report) Giddy, fact-challenged New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser, having completely forgotten the 10,000 Atlantic Yards jobs she once promoted, but maintaining her dada take from 12/1/09, writes a valentine today to Bruce Ratner, headlined B’klyn revival’s ringmaster.  So, Ratner gets credit for Brooklyn's revival? Puh-leeze.

Ignorant is more to pt in this case : Absurdist Post columnist Peyser: "Almost single-handedly," Ratner brought back

Moribund Williamsburg?
Andrea Peyser says that the new Nets arena in downtown Brooklyn will “breathe air” back into the apparently moribund borough. 

In Brooklyn, Greenpoint Ready to Follow in Williamsburg's Footsteps ...(NYT)


The city’s Board of Health will hear public arguments about Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban the sale of sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces and a proposal requiring parental consent for a circumcision ritual, the Journal writes. Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman, who makes 16.9 ounce drinks, challenges Bloomberg’s soda ban in an op-ed for the Journal: * Bloomberg: Winning Public’s Heart on Soda Restrictions Will Be Easy(NYO) * A Rally for Sweet-Drink Rights Comes Soaked in Patriotism(NYT) * In advance of tomorrow’s Dept of Health hearing on Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban, about 100 protesters gathered on the steps of City Hall, some holding signs that said, “My Body, My Choice.” * They could take away our hot dogs,” one protester declared. “They could take away our steaks, our calzones!” * New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is out with radio ads mocking “Nanny Bloomberg.” * Group Blasts Sugary Drink Ban On Steps Of City Hall (NY1)

On the one-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York, the law’s impacts are noticeable, but hard to measure.* One year after the first same-sex nuptials occurred in New York, there have not been as many of them as first predicted.

Toll-hike plan may be Thru(NYP)  Gov. Cuomo might roll back or eliminate a proposed massive hike in New York State Thruway commercial tolls as the leaders of the Legislature, for the for the first time, have come out against the plan. Cuomo may roll back or eliminate the New York State Thruway’s plan to increase tolls on commercial vehicles after legislators including Speaker Shelly Silver, have railed against the massive hike, the New York Post’s Fred Dicker learns

East River Trash Project Receives Federal Permit(NYT) The Bloomberg administration received regulatory approval to build a garbage transfer station the Upper East Side but Assemblyman Micah Kellner is suing to block the East 91st Street project * Waste Center in Manhattan Clears Hurdle(WSJ)Final Green Light Issued For Upper East Side Waste Transfer Station(NY1) * Councilwoman Jessica Lappin said she's "disappointed" the plans are moving ahead: "This facility will obviously harm marine life in the East River, our air quality, and our densely populated residential neighborhoods." [Anjali Athavaley

MetroCards for Sale(NYT)

  Bronx schools not giving students a full education during summer schoolBronx schools not giving students a full education during summer school(NYP) Students are getting ripped off at public summer schools that cut corners to save money — including one program that ended Friday after just 10 days of classes.  Public summer school programs are cutting corners to save money by not hiring certified instructors and ending some classes early, depriving students of much-needed credits. * Teachers weigh in  on ratings (NYDN)

Landmark publication Weekly Reader to shut down(NYP)

Pyscho Colorado 'gunman' planned getaway by using booby traps, SWAT gear(NYP) * Bam on hand ‘as a dad’ to console victims & kin of theater shooting (NYP) * A miracle amid the grief: shot mom loses daughter, but unborn baby OK(NYP)

So our intelligence agencies can scour web & purchase orders for fertilizer/chemical purchases, but buying 6000 ammo rounds legal protected?

Woman matched for date with theater 'gunman' on romance website(NYP) * Suspect Bought Large Stockpile of Rounds Online(NYT) * Bloomberg to Obama and Romney: Step up on gun control (TPM) * Police Find Batman Mask in Colorado Shooter’s Apartment(NY Mag)
* Gretchen Carlson On ABC Reporting Shooter Was Tea Party Member: 'Bigger Than Just Making A Mistake' [VIDEO] * BREAKING: Shooting suspect accused of killing 12 and wounding 58 will be formally charged next Monday. * Suspect in Colorado Theater Shooting Appears in Court(NYT)

Bloomberg Keeps Pressure On As Colo. Shooting Suspect Appears In Court(NY1)

Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, gets police protection after being threatened.Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, gets police protection after being threatened * State Senator Diane Savino said it's "too soon" for Weiner to return to public office and that "It must be killing him." [Tom Wrobleski] * Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood ties are news to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Effort to Save Harlem's Murals From a Grittier Time(NYT) Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.'s law requiring solid roll-down gates be replaced with ones that are more transparent has an unintended consequence: murals in Harlem are vanishing. A petition will be sent to the Council. [Kia Gregory]

The Malling of Bronx

In the Bronx, Plans for an Outlet Mall Offering High Fashion at a Discount(NYT)


Protest Gets a Pedestal Among Baseball’s Greats(NYT)

The Making of A President 2012
another Weinstein & Wintour fund-raiser for Obama, on 8/6 in Greenwich, CT. * * White House Releases Photo Of President Obama Visiting Aurora Shooting Victim * Romney Shares Insult From Australian Leader With American People(NY Mag) * The Hidden Mitt(NY Mag) * The president, along with his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, suspended all campaigning for the weekend. Mr. Romney, speaking at a fund-raiser in San Fransisco Sunday night, praised Mr. Obama’s decision to travel to Aurora." [John Eligon, Serge F. Kovaleski and Marc Santora] * The Obama administration's push to restrict a Guantanamo Bay detainee's access to a lawyer is "spiteful." [New York Times]* The City of Tampa is making efforts to clamp down on protests ahead of the Republican National Convention. *The Washington Post took a look at Mitt Romney’s “international past.” * Barack Obama’s victory is dependent upon tamping down voting among the white working class. * The shootings put the increasingly vitriolic Obama/Romney campaign on hold.  * Bill Daley hopes that the Obama campaign is ready for recounts across several states.   * Bloomberg LP is planning to go all-out for the conventions, publishing a daily magazine. * POLITICO announced their convention plans as well. * The Reality of "Chicago-Style Politics" - Jacob Weisberg, Slate * Why Does Obama Dislike the Private Sector? - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post * Voters Blame Obama for Bad Economy - Sheldon Alberts, The Hill * Do Presidential Polls Break Toward Challengers? - Nate Silver, NY Times * Are the Polls Skewed Toward Obama? - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard

Mayberry R.I.P. Declinist panic. Hysterical nostalgia. America may not be over, but it is certainly in thrall to the idea.

Eliot Spitzer: "The fed has been, to use the vernacular, in bed with Wall Street." ["Up Close with Diana Williams"]

Law and Order
Arrest in fatal hit-run in Brooklyn(WSJ) * Five Dead, Three Others Injured After SUV Flips In Jamaica(NY1)
* B'klyn man arrested in hit-run that killed 88-year-old (NYP) * First Trial in Army Pvt. Danny Chen's Alleged Bullying Death Set to Begin(DNA Info) * Ex-headmistress of Montessori school sentenced for having sex with student
* M.T.A. to Increase Security on Buses and Subways(NYT)