Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's Fairy Tale: The BOE Will Fix Itself

 BOE in Wonderland

 A Tammany Hall Corruption Creation Will Clean itself Up?
City Board of Elections Says Criticism Was Unfair(NYT) After one commissioner called the handling of the Rangel-Espaillat race a “fiasco,” the much-maligned Board of Elections sought improvements in time for September. Problems could occur again this fall. Mayor Bloomberg slammed the Board of Elections, calling them “worse than The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.” * New York City Elections Commissioner J.C. Polanco thinks September will be “a public-relations nightmare” unless changes are made to the vote counting procedure on election night.* * A Board of Elections commissioner penned a bold apology letter on Adriano Espaillat’s behalf.

Another BOE Counting FU Flashback 2008
Hillary Obama BOE Miscount
Official Tallies Released For Clinton-Obama Primary(NY Sun) The board was criticized after unofficial vote tallies undercounted Mr. Obama's performance in New York, showing him winning zero votes in about 80 election districts. The undercount prompted Mayor Bloomberg to allege vote "fraud." *
Rangel Election Still Under A Cloud?
 Until allegations of voter suppression are investigated
  The News’ Juan Gonzalez believes the results of the Rangel-Espaillat congressional race “remain under a cloud,” even after state Sen. Adriano Espaillat conceded for a second time: *Juan Gonzalez said that NY13 revealed just how wide the divide is between black and Latino voters.*Adriano Espaillat's Lawyer Explains Why They Dropped Their Suit: (NYO)* Bloomberg really doesn't like the new voting machines. [Dana Rubinstein]

NYP & Kelly Says the Pol Silence is Killing
Kelly yesterday ripped into leaders of the predominantly minority communities where shootings are soaring, accusing them of being “shockingly silent” to the rising body count....  local leaders called his remarks inflammatory
NYPD boss raps leaders in violent nabes, as shot kid's kin back stop-and-frisk(NYP) * Windy City stop-and-beg(NYP Ed) The Post compares New York policing with Chicago, where the murder rate is higher, and argues that the NYPD must continue to rely on stop-and-frisk policies* Rahm begs gang thugs(NYP) 

NYT Says Court Questions: Did Kelly and Bloomberg  Sidestep the Constitution
Courts Putting Stop-and-Frisk Policy on Trial(NYT) Federal and state rulings have cast judges as the most potent critics of the police tactic, raising questions about whether New York City has sidestepped the Constitution.

Fat Councilman Comrie is Silent on Cut In Gym Classes





Team Liu Fights Back
Aide: Feds seek bogus Liu rap(NYP) An indicted fund-raiser for city Comptroller John Liu says the feds wanted him to help “manufacture” charges against the mayoral hopeful. * Lawyer Alleges U.S. Misconduct in Effort to Charge City Comptroller(NYT) A lawyer for Xing Wu Pan, a former top fund-raiser for John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, said he would seek to have the charges against his client dismissed. * Misconduct Alleged in Liu Funding Case(WSJ) A lawyer for City Comptroller John Liu’s former fundraiser said the federal government pressured his client to “manufacture” a case against Liu and sought to dismiss charges  * Lawyers: Former Liu Campaign Workers Pressured By Feds(NY1)


Campaign 2012  Tony Avella’s Republican challenger might not even make the ballot. * Did Simcha Felder really choose to forgo the Independence Party line? * Felder filed 13,000 signatures to get onto the ballot.* Ed Koch backed Mark Thompson to replace Dan Garodnick. * Cuomo’s next big thing: Campaign finance reform. Will he use legislators’ desire for a pay raise as a bargaining chip? * THE PEREZ NOTES: In Northern Manhattan Peace is not a remote possibility El Diario NY:  * For An Open Council Seat, WFP and Queens Democrats Find Rare Agreement(Cityand State) * Adriano Espaillat Faces Battle to Retain Senate Seat After Loss to Rangel (DNA INFO) * Working Families Party Begins to Weigh in on City Council Races: * Weprin Says Certified NY-6 Results Show Meng Will Roll In November(C&S) * A senior aide to Dean Skelos attended a fundraiser for David Storobin, possibly signaling support.

Senate Dems Under the Bus Already
Gov. Andrew Cuomo refused to answer “political” questions about whether he would support his party’s efforts to retake the state Senate in the fall, the Buffalo News reports: * Andrew Cuomo refused to rule out backing Republican State Senators. * More bad news for the Dems: the IDC is considering supporting Guillermo Linares over Adriano Espaillat in order to take a seat away from John Sampson. * Cuomo Asked Why Campaign Finance Reform Is Not A Top Agenda Priority(NY1)
* Cuomo’s Commission on education reform got an earful at a public hearing in Albany yesterday, as speaker after speaker complained about a statewide school system that they say is in disarray. * Andrew Cuomo on whether or not he would prefer to see a Republican or Democratic state senate: “I want to see the best people in the state Senate that we can attract.”

Cuomo Should Not Unilaterally Disarm

Cuomo criticized for refusing to unilaterally disarm. Why should he?

After Benjamin Writes

Do As I Say…(YNN) 

Benjamin Response to Shurnick

i didn't say he should. i believe the problem is that he goes off at length publicly about the need to reduce the power of money in politics and then immediately goes and raises a ton of it. it was a $20,000 a head event for god's sake.

Mario's Dream
Mario Cuomo talking about Andrew’s presidential aspects was just “a father talking about his son,” according to Andrew.* Making his NY1 “Wise Guys” debut, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer said Cuomo should encourage – not quash – talk of his presidential ambitions as “a way to build and accentuate power,” and called the governor’s father a “a good co-conspirator in this game.”

Witness goes flirtless(NYP)A prosecution witness who shamelessly flirted with a defense lawyer during City Councilman Larry Seabrook’s first trial didn’t get a chance to repeat  the performance yesterday.

Candidate Shows Early Fundraising Success(WSJ) Julie Menin is the first candidate for Manhattan borough president to raise all the money she is legally entitled to spend in the 2013 primary, a milestone that gives her an edge in what will be a competitive race.Raising more than $930,000 since last November and putting her far ahead of a crowded field of aspirants

Report finds that 1 in 5 New Yorkers between 18 and 24 are neither going to school nor employed.

A Dead OWS Movement Just Got Buried

Teens No Summer Jobs
[image]Teens See Summer Jobs Vanish Younger New Yorkers plying the city's difficult job market face a particularly dismal combination this summer: a labor pool flooded with unemployed adults and cuts to public programs.

City Councilman Peter Vallone wants to ban naming property after someone who is still alive, but former Mayor Ed Koch, whose name graces the Queensboro Bridge, said Vallone should “lighten up,” the News reports

DOE's Overhauls Of Failing Public Schools Halted Once Again By Judge A judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order that the city was seeking to move ahead with a plan to close 24 city schools * DOE's Overhauls Of Failing Public Schools Halted Once Again By Judge(NY1)

Educator fired over sick Facebook posts faces suspension instead(NYP) * Brooklyn teacher fired over Facebook post to be suspended without pay instead(NBC).* HS duo’s pedophile blog suit(NYP) * Fired NYC teacher faces suspension instead(WSJ)

Amtrak released its first renderings of the future Moynihan Station, a $267 million project that will complete its first phase next to Penn Station in 2016(NYP)

The federal government has opened an investigation into a $10 million secret consultant report for the New York City Housing Authority, the News writes:

Cabs Set To Get Even More Expensive(Huff Post)

Safety forced! Speeds recede(NYP) * City Expands 20 M.P.H. Zones Across More Neighborhoods(NYT) * "Slow Zones" Come To 13 Additional City Neighborhoods(NY1)

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t like having to ask Albany for permission to install more red light cameras. “The city should be in charge of its own destiny, he fumed. “That’s why we had the revolution in 1776.”

In a Hot Dog Cart, Prime Real Estate on Fifth Avenue(NYT)


Lots of Individual Businesses in the Bronx
Understanding the Bronx Economy(NYT)

No Smoking Signs Illegal?

Smoking Signs Snuffed(WSJ) A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt a blow to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's campaign to curb smoking, ruling that the city can't force stores selling tobacco to post graphic images of rotting lungs and teeth.* Appeals Court: City Stores Not Required To Post Anti-Smoking Images(NY1)


Report: Famed City Diner Fails To Shine Out West(NY1)

DreamWorks Animation Announces Plans for Meadowlands Amusement Park(NYT)

The Making of A President 2012
GOP convention: 47 days Countdown to Dem convention: 54 days Countdown to Election Day: 118 days
Obama and Romney Trade Shots on Outsourcing of Jobs(NYT) * President’s Policy on Immigration Faces Challenge in Chicago(NYT) * Mr. Romney’s Financial Black Hole(NYT Ed) * Eric Schneiderman’s office went undercover to nail bath salt sellers.* Mitt Romney can’t parry tax dodging accusations like Mayor Bloomberg. * New polls show Barack Obama tied in North Carolina and up in Virginia.  * Nationally Romney-Obama is a dead heat.* Quinnipiac poll finds Obama leading Romney 46-43 (The Hill) *Sarah Palin Blames Media ‘Manipulation’ For Romney’s Polling, Warns Voters Are ‘Wiser’ This Time * Poll In Key States Show Bain Attacks On Romney Are Working(Huff Post) * Biden Paints Bleak Picture Of Romney Presidency For Latinos * Obama seems to have a head start in defining Mitt Romney.  *The Forward has a lengthy interview with Ed Koch, who went from Obama critic to Obama surrogate. [Josh Nathan-Kazis]* Romney to NAACP: I'll be better for black Americans than Obama(TPM) * Obama the Socialist? Not Even Close - Milos Forman, New York Times * Why Won't Obama Sell the Health Law? - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast * GOP to the Uninsured: Drop Dead - Matt Miller, Washington Post  * No Supreme Court Bounce for Obama - Douglas Schoen, The Daily Beast * Romney's Summer Reading Assignments - Ross Douthat, New York Times * Obama Hopes Iowa Still Loves Him in '12 - Gardner & Balz, Washington Post * The Best Case for Obama's Tax Plan - Joan Walsh, Salon * In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase Out High Earners - Robert Frank, CNBC * The Achilles Heels of Obama: Part II - Pat Caddell, Big Government * A Very Mitt Romney Vacation - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg * Latest 2012 Polls: Quinnipiac: Obama +3 | RCP Average: Obama +1.6 *Romney Faces a Tough Sell and a Few Boos at N.A.A.C.P.(NYT)* NAACP chair: 'They absolutely booed' Romney -  * Romney is making gains on Obama among Latino voters.

Law and Order

900G heist in triple slay(NYP)* Ma begs mercy for slay son(NYP) * Wrist slap for hotel gun nut(NYP) * Queens Woman Charged With Alleged Fatal Assault Of Husband(NY1)

Mayor Bloomberg has no idea how many terrorist plots the NYPD's foiled (The Atlantic) * Report: Claims Of 14 Terror Plots Thwarted By NYPD "Overstated"(NY1) * Responding to ProPublica's story, the mayor said it's impossible to make a definitive calculation about the number of failed terror plots in New York. [Azi Paybarah]