Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Where Are the 2013 Mayoral Candidates on Kelly's Charges of Pols Ignoring Shootings?

Why does the media allow the candidates and their consultants choose the issues reported in the media?

Have the Occasional Community Rallies and Gun Buy Back Efforts Worked to Stop the Violence?
Local Leaders Rally For Safety As Kelly Continues Criticism(NY1) The Post calls reaction from public officials to Commissioner Kelly’s frustration over their opposition to stop-and-frisk “defensive and self-serving” Speaking truth to nonsense(NYP Ed) * Bed-Stuy Residents Rally To Stop Gun Violence After Shooting (WCBS)* BK Rallies Against Violence After Tot Shot(NBC)

Kelly and the Post Stick To Their GUNS
NYPD Commissioner Kelly counters pol's criticism, discusses city violence(NYP) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly brushed back an invitation from state Sen. and borough president hopeful Eric Adams to visit his neighborhood, saying he “walked a lot of streets” as a beat cop, “The fact of the matter is that 96 percent of shooting victims are people of color, yet the community leaders are not speaking out about this. We’d like to hear from them,” Kelly said. Kelly Discusses Recent Violence, Defends Stop-And-Frisk On ICH *NY1 Online: Police Commissioner Responds to Recent Violence  * State Sen. Eric Adams challenged Ray Kelly to walk the streets of his neighborhood without a gun or security detail; the police chief dismissed the challenge.
*Ray Kelly Would Rather Not Walk the Streets Without a Gun, Thank You(NY Mag)

Cuomo Gets Involved 


Lawyer Shooting A Child is Not Important
Att’y for thug accused in shooting 3-year-old sneers at tot's wound (NYP) The lawyer for a thug accused in the shooting of a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy said yesterday that the kid’s bullet wound to the leg isn’t exactly the crime of the century.

More CFB Fines

Campaign Finance Board Sets $17.5K In Fines(NYDN)

Campaign 2012/13 Some Candidates Get Early Start on Fund-Raising for 2013(NYP) Several candidates for public office have maxed out on campaign contributions more than a year before their primaries, including council hopefuls Corey Johnson and Ken Biberaj * Beaten Senator Turns to Old Turf(WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg pledges to help Assemblyman Guillermo Linares raise $100G for his Democratic primary challenge to state Sen. Adriano Espaillat (NYDN) * With Congressional Primary Over, Espaillat Launches State Senate Bid(NY1) * Newsday cheers Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's efforts to probe political contributions to nonprofit groups and their spending: * When State Sen. Adriano Espaillat told supporters last night he’ll be running for re-election after losing his primary challenge to Rep. Charles Rangel, one person who showed up to endorse him was Mark Levine, a local Democratic district leader who had planned to run for Espaillat’s Senate seat if it had come open. Now Levine will have to look elsewhere, and he’s indicated before that he will run for a New York City Council seat. * A closer look at the election results reveals that Grace Meng bested her three white opponents in even the white neighborhoods of her congressional district.* The Espaillat vs. Linares race puts the powerful MirRam consulting group in an awkward spot, but it looks like it might go with Linares.* “School Choice Party” Backs 20-Year-Old Tischler Over Hikind (C&S)

* THE PEREZ NOTES: MirRam to Decide between Espaillat & Linares El Diario NY
shared a link.* Adriano Espaillat running for re-election in Senate(WABC) * Republican operative John Haggerty, who faces jail time for swindling Mike Bloomberg’s campaign out of $750,000, is now working for State Senate candidate Eric Ulrich.

NY's Political Gang of Bloggers Not Only Kiss Sheinkopf ASS

The political gang bloggers plant stories for consultant's clients all in exchange for news tips form them. But writing the RH expansion story about within a half of hour, show how shameless and clueless the blogger gang is and how they stick together copying the same stories with the same spin. Do they every worry they are copying lies wrote by one of their gang members or fed to them by a consultant to help his client . The gang should get a cut of Red Horse profits because today's clueless candidates hire consultants because they are talked about on the blogs. That is the Sheinkopf Act.  Every year he loses races this year Lancman and every year the reporters use his sound bites. and every year Hank gets new victims.  Red Horse Staffs Up(NYO) * Red Horse Adds Field And PR Staff(YNN) * Red Horse Staffs Up Big(City and State) * Red Horse Strategies Adds Four To Its Team(NYDN)

The Battle for the State Senate
Mike Gianaris is unfazed by Andrew Cuomo’s declarationthat he will support the  best candidate for State Senate seats, regardless of party. 

School Closing Retreat
City Retreats on School Closure Plan(WSJ) After a six-month legal battle to purge teachers and administrators at 24 low-performing schools, the Bloomberg administration said the schools should plan for the return of the same employees in the fall.

Boardwalk Advocates File Suit to Block Concrete(NYT)

Prosecutors are expected to ask that two people charged in the state pension fund scandal that nabbed ex-Controller Alan Hevesi be given lenient sentences because their cooperation was crucial to busting the crooked fiscal watchdog (NYDN)  David Loglisci and Elliot Broidy, along with two others, will appear in court Friday; all four pleaded guilty more than two years ago but have still not been sentenced

Steve Rattner Morris' Partner In the Pension Crimes Not Only Walked With A Fine But is Not A TV Pendit


Manhattan rent prices rising -- with smaller apts. seeing the biggest hikes(NYP)



As Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo push to have more of a say over the 9/11 Memorial, Mike Bloomberg has barred all politicos from speaking at the anniversary this year.
9/11 Memorial Bars Elected Officials From Speaking at Ceremony(NYT) * Politicians Silenced at 9/11 Event(WSJ) Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to exclude politicians from speaking at this year’s 9/11 anniversary ceremony amid a power struggle with New York and New Jersey's governors  * The News celebrates the mayor’s decision to prevent politicians from speaking at Ground Zero during the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks: * In the midst of a power struggle over Ground Zero, Bloomberg has decided no elected officials will speak at this year’s ceremony marking the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Said a Cuomo spokesman: “ ”The decision is the memorial’s to make, and we are supportive of it.”


City Maps Midtown Rezoning(WSJ) City planning officials unveiled a detailed proposal to build new skyscrapers in an 80-block radius in Midtown East


City Begins Wi-Fi Pilot Program in 10 Phone Booths(NYT) The city has converted 10 public pay phones into free wireless Internet hot spots that can power smart phones





 Hot Town For Farming
To Find Fields to Farm in New York City, Just Look Up(NYT) * Tending, Defiantly, to the Garden of West 105th Street(NYT) New York City is becoming a national leader in urban farming, thanks to zoning regulation changes, and will soon be home to the largest rooftop farm in the country



The Making of A President 2012
WATCH: Mitt booed by NAACP during O critique(NYP)* Romney Faces Conservatives’ Calls to Deliver Counterpunch(NYT) * Michele Bachmann warned that top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is a secret mole for the Muslim Brotherhood. * John Dickerson says that never mind the boos, Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP “offered a chance for a candidate criticized for his malleability to look principled in the face of opposition.” * Romney himself seemed to validate this interpretation, telling a Montana fundraising audience “I don’t give different speeches to different audiences alright? I gave them the same speech.” * National Journal called the speech a “Romneyfied Sister Souljah moment.”  *It appears as if Mitt Romney left Bain Capital later than when he said.  *  One in five voters said that Romney’s wealth make them less likely to support him. * Mitt Romney may have been booed at the NAACP meeting yesterday, but the NY Post liked his speech, and noted the audience clapped when he pledged to “defend traditional marriage.”* Romney: You Lie! Report: No, YOU Lie!(NY Mag) * Team Romney Uses Hillary And Schumer In Outsourcing Fight(NYO) * Biden Says It, So Obama Doesn't Have To

Regulators’ Shake- Up Seen as Missed Bid to Police a Bank(NYT)

ROLLING STONES Mark 50th Anniversary...




 Law and Order

Cyclists targeted in Central Park tack attack(NYP)* Sister of missing Queens woman fears murder -- but cops aren't convinced (NYP) * City Settles Lawsuit Over Death of Inmate(NYT) * Killer ma tried electrocution first, say cops (NYDN)
* Ex-cop hit  with 7 yrs. in gal shoot (NYDN) * YPD looking for man wanted for raping woman in Bronx(NYP) * Woman followed, raped in Bronx hotel room(Fox 5) * Rape Suspect Follows Woman from Subway: Cops(NBC) * Thieves swipe 2 quads from man's garage in New Dorp section SI Advance) * Witness speaks out on McCarren Park beating(WABC) * After second mobster acquitted in as many months, Feds should rethink prosecuting decades-old gangland killings * NYPD looking for man wanted for raping woman in Bronx(NYP)

DNA Match Tying Protest to 2004 Killing Is Doubted(NYT) * Cold-case slay DNA match the result of lab contamination: sources (NYP) * DNA Link Questioned(WSJ) * Report: DNA Match In 2004 Murder Of Juilliard Student Was Lab Error(NY1)