Tuesday, July 10, 2012

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HAGGERTY SHOWS UP AT B.O.E. FOR ULRICH: John Haggerty, who was convicted of stealing campaign funds from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, showed up at the New York City Board of Elections on behalf of Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich, a state Senate candidate

Espada’s got nada for lawyer (NYDN) Ex-Sen Maj Leader Espada Jr. accused of stealing $500K from Soundview, pleads poverty, seeks taxpayer funded attorney.

State Sen. Adriano Espaillat dropped his lawsuit challenging Rep. Charlie Rangel’s congressional victory, conceding “the math just doesn’t work” and hinting he will seek re-election
Rangel’s Opponent Gives Up And Will Halt Court Challenge(NYT) * Rangel Emerges Victorious, Again(WSJ) * Espaillat Ends Bid For Rep. Rangel's Seat(NY1)* Sen. Adriano Espaillat conceded the June 26 primary for a second time to Rep. Charlie Rangel, in part blaming the fact that he lacks the funds to fight on in court.* Rangel issued a statement congratulating Espaillat on his “ambitious” run and seeking to start the fence-mending process. 

Brooklyn ADA red-faced over blackface(NYP) * New York City may require abuse and molestation insurance from contractors for youth programs since pedophilia and sexual predators have dominated the headlines, the Daily News learns:* A Brooklyn Assistant DA apologized for appearing in blackface in a Facebook photo.

Green Party candidates will have an easier time getting on the ballot than in previous years, thanks to changes in the state’s election laws, the Albany Times-Union writes:

Understanding the Bronx Economy(NYT)

"The Big Apple just kept getting bloodier yesterday..."16 Dead 5 Days

NYP Needles Cuomo for Bashing Connection
The Post needles Gov. Andrew Cuomo for bashing its recent editorial raising possible connections between the city’s spate of shootings, Albany drug reform laws, and recent appellate court decisions:
* 2 Arrested After 3-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Shot In The Leg (NYDN)* . said crime spike in NYC is an "aberration" strongly disagrees.


 Business advocates debated if New York is as “open for business” as Cuomo says.



 Taxi Boss
New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is poised to vote on Thursday a 17 percent fare increase, but taxi drivers are worried owners would seek to raise the costs of leasing their vehicles Cabby boo$t in the cards(NYP) * Taxi Commission to Vote on 17% Increase in Fares(NYT) * Fee Break Proposed for Taxi Drivers(WSJ) * Taxi Drivers Applaud Rate Hike But Fleet Owners Cry Foul(Ny1)
* . took a taxi home to Brooklyn and discovered he and the driver are neighbors.\* New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission is poised to vote Thursday to raise fares 17 percent on average though a system that would introduce particular strain to those inclined to take longer rides. 


 Stuy Student Everyone Cheats We Got Caught
Stuyvesant’s wrist-slaps(NYP Ed) The Post chides the Department of Education for only suspending Stuyvesant students involved in a burgeoning cheating scandal, but expelling none of them * At Top School, Cheating Voids 70 Pupils’ Tests(NYT) * Test Cheating Fallout Spreads(WSJ)New York City education officials have thrown out year-end exam results for Stuyvesant High School as an investigation into the school’s cheating scandal widens * Stuy High Students Involved In Cheating Scandal Offered Second Chance(NY1)* 71 Stuyvesant students to retake tests in cheat scandal(NYDN) * Stuyvesant Students Say Everyone Cheats, They Just Got Caught(NY Mag) * Seventy students were involved in a pattern of smartphone-enabled cheating last month at Stuyvesant High School, one of NYC’s most prestigious public schools.

Donation May Heal Stuyvesant Rift(WSJ)


The Daily News blames teacher union contracts for an arbitration decision that blocked the city from reforming 24 troubled schools: http://nydn.us/tj0HSO

The DN says the arbitrator who sided with the teachers union and blocked Bloomberg’s plan to close 24 consistently poor performing schools “got it wrong.”


NYC Comptroller John Liu’s former campaign treasurer, Jia (Jenny) Hou, who has been charged with campaign finance violations and pleaded not guilty, is scheduled to appear at a hearing in Manhattan Federal Court at 10 a.m.

Amtrak announced a $151 billion improvement plan that includes 37-minute trips from New York to Philadelphia at speeds approaching 220 miles per hour by 2040, Reuters reports:



The Post’s Steve Cuozzo slams Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation for pushing a plan to ban cars near Grand Central Station: http://nyp.st/MdgydR

Mayor Finds "Big Gulp" Protest Hard To Swallow(NY1) NYC Councilman/congressional hopeful Dan Halloran spoke at the “Million Big Gulp March” held to protest Bloomberg’s proposed ban on the sale of large sugary drinks.

Mayor's Apartment 40 Times the Size of These Proposed Apts

Bronx Landlord Tops List Of City's Worst(NY1)

Flatbush Gardens tenants, long angered by shoddy property …(NYDN)Tenants at Flatbush Gardens who’ve complained for years about leaks, mold, rats and roaches have banded together for the first time to sue for repairs.* Tenants go on rent strike over building conditions(WABC)

'Caddyshack' moment at McCarren pool! (NYDN)

Federal officials will euthanize 700 geese near the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in hopes of reducing strikes with passenger jets that have made emergency landings at the region’s airports, the Post reports: http://nyp.st/Ndbic0

Catskills Now Accepting Rebranding Suggestions(NY Mag) * The Catskills is seeking a rebranding to attract more vacationers.

Parties’ Tactics Eroding Unity Left and Right(NYT)* ConEd Tackles Union Tasks(WSJ)Con Ed is deploying about 5,000 managers to replace nearly 8,500 unionized workers locked out since contract talks dissolved, but already three replacements have been injured * Utility Worker Charged With Assault On Con Ed Manager(NY1)

The Making of A President 2012
Pres Obama won Iowa in '08 54-44%. Polls now show him neck&neck with Romney at 45-44%(We Ask America), 46-47%(Rasmussen), 44-44%(NBC/Marist) * President Obama and Mitt Romney are deadlocked at 47 percent in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, but 58 percent of respondents still think the president will eventually win re-election.

Rate Scandal Turns Spotlight From Banks to Regulators(NYT)


Law and Order

Horror find on Bx. tracks(NYP)*  Hunts Point leaders decry latest violence outside strip (NYDN)* Rapper-brawl club reopening (NYDN)